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What Does a Modern Wedding Look Like?

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    A modern wedding theme is perfect for trendy couples who want to express their appreciation for cutting-edge aesthetics, you're a fan of cutting-edge culture, and it's only fitting that your wedding reflects that. How therefore does one organise a contemporary wedding?

    Even though few occasions are as steeped in custom as a wedding, you can still personalise your big day anyway you like. There are plenty of other people who would like to have a wedding that follows a traditional format but has just a touch of modern flair.

    Plenty of couples are looking for methods to bring their big days into the 21st century, whether it's to placate older generations of family members who have strong opinions on what a wedding looks like or to follow traditions they love while ditching others that don't work for them, any gathering can be transformed into a chic oasis with a few simple additions, such as sleek lines, Lucite accents, and an abundance of live plants.

    Make your invitations stand out with strong typography and a monochrome colour scheme, create a simple yet stunning background for your ceremony, and select only the most innovative cocktails for your reception.

    Discarding stuffy black-tie clothes in favour of something a bit more modern was one particularly noteworthy piece of guidance and you can still have a formal celebration, but feel free to lighten things up a bit.

    Swap out the black tuxes for navy blue ones and be more flexible with the dress code for the wedding guests ,an additional stroke of brilliance? When it comes to amusement, try to think beyond the box.

    Although a live band is the best way to get the celebration started, a hushed disco reception is a unique and unforgettable alternative.

    Don't forget about the meal you're offering, Almost everyone enjoys a lavish three-course meal, but if you expect your guests to be ready to let loose, discuss strategies to expedite the meal service with your caterer.

    Thereafter, think about some keywords that would be important during the planning process. Check out Cosmopolitan events Wedding Venue for your ultimate wedding reception.

    For more modern wedding ideas, We have compiled the most useful advice we could find from professionals in the field to help you organise a wedding that is both beautiful and cutting edge.

    Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel More Modern

    Use Ghost Chairs

    It is possible to give your event a more contemporary air by including unexpected elements, such as vellum, concrete, or acrylic as they are somewhat see-through, acrylic chairs highlight their surroundings.

    Using acrylic ghost seats, this structure gives the impression of a floating ceremony built on top of a garden fountain, lending it a decidedly contemporary aspect.

    Go for a Mismatched Bridal Party

    The practise of having your wedding party wear a variety of complementary (and stylish) bridesmaids dresses is likely to remain popular for the foreseeable future, it's a fun addition that will make your wedding and photographs memorable.

    The bridal party's attire will be delightfully sophisticated whether you let them choose their own outfits or suggest a particular colour, style, or design.

    Wear a Minimalist Wedding Dress

    The bride's wedding dress might also serve as a subtle homage to the understated elegance of the event itself.

    The bride's wedding photographs were centred on a minimalist table with clean lines. In search of a simple wedding gown, perhaps?

    Set the Tone With Stationary

    Invitations are a great opportunity to set the tone for your wedding's current aesthetic, your invites are a major part of your wedding's overall aesthetic because they provide guests their first glimpse of your wedding's design aesthetic.

    Stationery for a contemporary event will benefit from using bold writing against a basic design to convey a fresh, uncomplicated approach.

    Use a Simple Backdrop

    A modern ceremony setting relies on clean lines, a simple backdrop, and an elegant colour scheme to make a strong impression.

    Avoid distracting guests with too many decorations and draw attention to the happy couple, the beautiful setting, and the tasteful minimalist design.

    Use Greenery Instead of Florals

    Make your centrepieces out of an abundance of foliage for a literal take on the new reception theme, using arrangements stuffed with vines, leaves, and other lush, green greenery is a great way to set an example of a modern design for your reception.

    Flowers are optional, but if you insist on using them, try stacking several different height arrangements in the centre of the table.

    Eliminate Décor Entirely

    When it comes time to put the finishing touches on your contemporary ceremony, why not skip the decorations altogether?

    Keeping the focus of the ceremony squarely on the couple is one option for a more contemporary ceremony, photos taken against a beautiful natural setting don't need any additional props to be eye-catching.

    Follow a Monochrome Color Palette

    Using a combination of materials in a monochrome colour scheme is one of the easiest ways to emphasise a modern wedding. Put this colour scheme to use on everything from the tableware to the flowers.

    Focus on Interesting Flavors

    Improve the dining experience for today's picky diners by simulating the energy of a pop-up restaurant.

    Prepare a cocktail hour with precisely suited passing snacks and drinks, a dinner with carefully selected wine pairings, or a spread of seasonal, locally sourced fare. Make an impression with an elegant platter filled with delectable appetisers and treats.

    Go for All White Everything

    Keeping your wedding's floral arrangements, tablescape decorations, and reception and ceremony backdrops completely white is a cutting-edge and ever-popular trend.

    The usage of an all-white colour scheme throughout the day will allow the focus to be drawn to the finer points of the event's decor, such as the table linens, glassware, centrepieces, and other decorative elements.

    Colorful accents are always welcome, and fresh greenery is a fantastic year-round choice.

    Think About Your Venue

    One of the best ways to convey your wedding style is through your choice of venue. Find a location that screams "now" and can't be denied.

    If you select a location that has already been given a contemporary makeover, you won't have to make any additional design adjustments.

    The modern look of the wedding was well-suited to the venue's spare elegance and high ceiling.

    Try a Modern Cake Design

    Make sure you carry a modern element throughout every detail of your day—even in the cake! 

    This two-tier cake added a touch of sophistication to the reception with its intricate patterns and textures. We have the ultimate list of Wedding Cake Shops in Melbourne right here.

    The cake you bake can be the modern showpiece of your dessert spread if you strike the right mix between playfulness and elegance in its design.

    Give Your Planner a Set of Words to Live By

    Creating a list of design-related keywords is a great method to ensure that your work remains consistent with your chosen current aesthetic, We love using adjectives like "clean," "geometric," and "simple" to describe modern weddings.

    Sticking to these illustrative terms is a brilliant idea because they will never be incorrect in a contemporary lobby, more importantly, your wedding planner will have a firm grasp of the end result you're hoping to achieve.

    Add Personalisation

    Nowadays, personalising your big day goes way beyond the day itself. 

    Capture your wedding with a live artist who can capture on canvas the essence of your event in all its glory.

    Not only will having an artist perform during your cocktail hour keep your guests entertained, but they will also leave with a unique souvenir, today's designers really take care about the smallest of things.

    Pay Attention to Flatware

    You may want to consider your tablescape details when finalising a modern wedding style, trading traditional flatware and glassware is an unexpected and straightforward way to add a contemporary twist to your wedding reception

    Guests will definitely take note of the unusual touches, such as the black metal silverware and stemless glasses, because they are so different from the norm.

    Go Trendy With Cocktails

    Complement your trendy appetisers with equally cutting-edge drinks, a cocktail menu that can hold its own in a contemporary environment, whether through innovative infusions, daring flavours, or custom mixes, adds a touch of class to any gathering.

    Experiment with different glasses and garnishes to give your drinks a more contemporary feel.

    Don't Be Afraid of Negative Space.

    Use bold colours, simple shapes, and negative space to your advantage. Showcase a simple, modern tablescape with upscale, no-frills place settings.

    Keep the Tables Minimal

    This modern table setting is characterised by its slate-inspired colour scheme, the abundance of greenery in the centrepieces, and the variety of white flowers used.

    Pay Attention to Special Details

    The smallest things can be changed to meet the style of your contemporary wedding as an illustration, we modernised these place card templates by including a geometric pattern and bright colours.

    Adding a splash of colour to your wedding's place cards, invitations, or other stationery pieces is an easy way to give them a more contemporary feel.

    Use Black as an Accent

    A modern wedding calls for a colour palette that includes black. It comes across as classy in the most modern way possible, it's a staple in our arsenal for adding dimension and personality to our designs.

    Black is one colour that will always create drama, whether it's used to accentuate the border of a menu card or to decorate an entire Lucite placemat.

    Go Bold With Candlelight

    Start With Your Venue

    Select a wedding venue that uses a simple, neutral colour scheme. The stark white walls, polished concrete floors, and soaring ceilings of a modern venue can serve as a blank canvas for your personal touches to create a stunning and stylish setting for your wedding and reception.

    Ditch Traditional Bridesmaid Attire

    Instead of having your bridesmaids wear identical dresses, you may bring the whole bridal party together by providing them with a colour palette, this way, guests can show their unique styles without disrupting the wedding's overall colour scheme.

    Opt for the Unexpected

    An excellent technique to make your wedding both contemporary and timeless is to combine a natural backdrop with surprising décor elements.

    Say "yes" to White

    Incorporating a lot of white into your wedding's aesthetic is a surefire way to make a modern statement.

    Dress up Your Band

    We believe that using a band as a backdrop is the best approach to bring a sense of modernity and freshness to a wedding.

    Make Your Entrance Grand

    Make a bold statement with your reception's entryway. We associate the term "modern" with the characteristics of simplicity, stark contrast, and uncluttered design.

    It was using some sheer fabric, some wild flora, and some sleek, stylish lanterns to modernise a typical set of doors.

    Stray from a Black Tux

    Even though black tuxedos will never go out of style, the modern groom would look best in a tailored, brightly coloured tux.

    Play With Color

    Stick with a formal place setting to keep things classic but focus on clean lines if you're seeking to modernise your table décor without making guests feel uneasy.

    Rethink Your Ceremony Backdrop

    Try to raise your sights and imagine lofty thoughts. Hang a mandap or chuppah from the ceiling instead of using a freestanding structure."

    Tweak Your Bouquet

    For something truly unique, try an ombré bouquet or a cascading arrangement.

    Plan Interactive Entertainment

    A growing trend in the entertainment industry is interactive shows, modern elements, such as a confetti blast or ceiling drop at the end of the first dance or a well-orchestrated transition from the reception to an afterparty by Silent Disco DJs and headsets, bring a wedding to life.

    We find great joy in providing nonstop excitement and amusement for all of the party's attendees.

    Combine Metallics

    Metallics are always a great choice, as this style never goes out of style. Metals can be made to look more contemporary by being creative with their placement.

    In either gold or silver, depending on your preference light bulbs hanging over the reception tables are great conversation starters and can totally establish the tone for the room.

    Twist Your Place Settings

    Make an effort to add contemporary "twists" to tried-and-true formulas. There are many small details in a place setting that can be varied, such as the napkin and the place card.

    Instead of laying the napkin out flat with straight lines, try this easy variation for a more contemporary look that's still refined and elegant. Place cards don't have to be made of paper; you can get creative by using other materials like leather, marble, or capiz shells.

    Incorporate Your Personalities

    Couples can rapidly update their nuptials while paying homage to time-honored customs by including aspects that reflect their relationship and individuality.

    Look to Interior Design

    Create a chic hangout spot with the help of some home furnishings. We take our cues from the latest trends in interior decoration and enjoy blending old and new pieces of furniture to create a classic aesthetic, having a designated area for guests to rest their feet in between rounds of dancing will make them feel at ease.

    Design an Innovative Menu

    If you want your wedding to have a more contemporary feel, the cuisine you serve is a fantastic place to start. The days of the stuffy banquet hall have been replaced by modern catering.

    A sit-down meal need not take three hours, and it can still be enjoyable. Make sure the food served at your wedding is as unique as the two of you are by working with your caterer to design a menu that reflects both of your tastes.

    You may use shot glasses of gazpacho or demitasse mugs of bisque to entice your visitors to their seats.

    Select Modern Florals

    A modern aesthetic prioritises minimalism and clean lines, much like in architecture. You can get the look you want using flowers like calla lilies and orchids that have a lot of structure.

    Take Your Entertainment to a New Level

    Add some spice to the cocktail hour by having special acts in addition to the ceremony and reception music.

    Use Classic in a New Way

    You can have a highly contemporary day by using classical components in unconventional ways.

    For a more contemporary and uncluttered aesthetic, we opted not to utilise table linens or runners on these handcrafted marble tables.

    Have a Device-Free Ceremony

    The newest smartphones and other electronic devices will look antiquated in only a few short years, therefore include them in your wedding ceremony photographs will do more to date the images than any other factor.

    Thus, an unplugged ceremony is a wonderful compromise to keep your wedding modern if going fully 'device-free feels like too much.

    Modern Wedding Etiquette

    Even though weddings tend to be quite traditional events, regulations and customs do evolve with time. Wedding etiquette has evolved slightly in the modern era of hashtags and relationship status updates.

    Some arguably the most glaring deviations from classical wedding etiquette and traditional wedding etiquette:

    Who Pays the Wedding Bill?

    The bride's family would traditionally pay for the wedding and the honeymoon with a check, while the groom's family would cover the rest.

    Obviously, the world has evolved. Wedding expenses are typically shared these days between the happy couple, their family, and friends.

    An overwhelming number of couples (47.6%, to be exact) in Australia report having financial assistance from their parents in paying for their wedding. About half of all couples (42.5%) reported paying for their weddings without any financial assistance from family or friends.

    The remaining number of respondents responded that they were contributing to the cost of the wedding themselves.

    Who Is at the Wedding Party?

    Grooms traditionally choose close male friends or relatives as groomsmen, while brides select close female friends or relatives as bridesmaids, Modern weddings often have mixed-gender bridal parties for both the bride and groom.

    In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for the bride and groom to have guests of the opposing sex in their wedding party. Why? Simply said, today's couples don't feel obligated to follow customs for the sake of custom. Modern wedding parties can include whomever they like, regardless of their gender. One of the most welcome shifts in contemporary wedding customs.

    How Guests Will Rsvp

    Modern wedding etiquette hasn't changed much when it comes to RSVPing, save that there are more options for how to get in touch with the host. Following the directions on the RSVP card is the best course of action for a wedding invitation, If it says to give a call, give a call; if it says to send a text, send a text; if it says email RSVPs are permitted, send an email.

    The pair has devised a unique technique of determining who will and will not be attending the event, they've made it as simple as possible for their guests, some of whom may be content to simply respond to a Facebook message with a "RSVP"

    What About the Plus-Ones?

    Modern or traditional, asking for a plus-one at a wedding is not considered polite, there is, likely, a reason why your partner hasn't been invited to the wedding — or you've been invited along. 

    It could be that the couple only wants their closest friends in attendance, or they are on a budget and can't afford plus-ones. Need help planning your wedding? Check out our list of Wedding Event Planners here. 


    Couples that share a love of cutting-edge design will feel right at home with a modern wedding theme. Plenty of individuals share your desire for a wedding that keeps to the classic ceremony outline while adding a dash of contemporary style. To aid you in planning a wedding that is both stunning and modern, we have assembled the best information we could discover from experts in the area. Your wedding invitations will have a significant visual impact on your guests. For a more modern feel, contrast bold lettering with a clean background on your event's stationery.

    Clean lines, a basic backdrop, and an exquisite colour scheme are the hallmarks of a contemporary ceremony venue. One simple method to draw attention to a contemporary wedding is to choose a monochromatic colour palette. Every detail of the event's decor, from table settings to flowers, can shine with a white backdrop and white linens. Even the cake should have some sort of contemporary touch if you really want to pull off a cutting-edge celebration. Black is a necessary component of every modern wedding colour scheme.

    No matter if it's utilised to draw attention to the edge of a menu card or to cover an entire Lucite placemat, black never fails to make an impact. To give your cocktails a more modern vibe, try playing around with various cups and garnishes. White weddings are a guaranteed method to make a statement in the present day. For a wedding to feel more contemporary and up-to-date, consider having a band play in the background. Organize Silent Disco DJs for the afterparty and plan interactive entertainment like confetti cannons and ceiling drops.

    The wedding meal is a great place to start when trying to achieve a more modern vibe. Like contemporary architecture, modern aesthetics place an emphasis on uncluttered spaces and simple forms. The cocktail hour might use extra spice in addition to the ceremony and reception music, so consider hiring some special talents. In this day and age of social media and relationship hashtags, wedding customs have changed marginally. Typically, the bride's family pays for the ceremony and the honeymoon, while the groom's family pays for the reception and any other extras.

    Both the bride and groom's bridal parties in today's weddings are commonly comprised of members of both sexes. Modern couples don't feel bound by tradition simply for the sake of tradition. In today's egalitarian society, wedding parties can include members of either sex. Guests now have more ways to respond to a wedding invitation than ever before.

    Content Summary

    • Because you are a fan of cutting-edge culture, it is only right that your wedding have a modern theme, which is ideal for hip couples who want to show their enthusiasm for contemporary aesthetics.
    • Create a simple but stunning backdrop for your ceremony, and choose only the most original cocktails for your reception by using bold typography and a monochrome colour scheme on your invitations.
    • With an all-white colour scheme, guests may concentrate on the finer details of the event's setting, such as the table linens, glassware, centrepieces, and other ornamentation.
    • Exhibit an unfussy, contemporary tablescape with elegant, unadorned place settings.
    • Modernize your wedding's place cards, invitations, and other stationery items by adding a splash of colour.
    • Incorporate Black into Your Color SchemeBlack is a necessary component of any contemporary wedding colour scheme.
    • Choose the UnexpectedA natural setting combined with unexpected décor items is a great way to create a wedding that is both modern and classic.
    • To add a touch of contemporary and freshness to your wedding, we recommend dressing up your band as a backdrop.
    • Interior designers can help you turn your home into a comfortable and stylish hangout.
    • Think Outside the Box If you want your wedding to have a more modern vibe, the food you serve is a great place to start.
    • Perhaps the most egregious departures from traditional and classical wedding etiquette involve who pays for the wedding.
    • Traditionally, the bride's family would write a check for the wedding and honeymoon, and the groom's family would foot the bill for the rest.
    • The practise of inviting guests of the opposite sex to a wedding has gained popularity in recent years.
    • When it comes to RSVPing, modern wedding etiquette hasn't altered much, albeit guests do now have more ways to get in touch with the host.
    • The pair has come up with a novel method for tallying the number of visitors, and they've made it as easy as possible for their invitees to indicate whether or not they'll be attending the party.
    • Whether the wedding is more modern or more traditional in nature, it is considered rude to request a plus one to attend. There is probably a good reason why your partner was not invited to the wedding, or why you were invited to attend alone.

    FAQs About Modern Wedding

    Traditional Weddings generally take place in a church or the place of worship suited to your beliefs, and led by a religious head. This ceremony includes readings from the Bible or religious text, and traditional marriage vows. With modern or contemporary Weddings, you don't have any real restrictions or limitations.

    Modern weddings are sleek, sophisticated, and refined, typically using a monochromatic color palette, on-trend florals or foliage, geometric lines, and pared-down décor. Oftentimes the venue itself is the visual focus for a modern-style wedding, so other décor elements can be kept clean and simple.

    34% of couples choose the wedding reception as the most important part of their wedding day. This is the largest spend in a couple's budget and most likely the first supplier they will book. Couples are continuing to opt for quality over quantity when it comes to their guests and their venue spend.

    Delicate white florals, plenty of lush greenery, light linens, and minimal decor: These tried and true wedding details will never go out of style. And if you're a couple that prefers timelessness over trends, we suggest planning your ceremony and reception in a classic wedding style.

    Formal attire is definitely defined as a full-length gown, very fancy cocktail attire from dresses to a really glamorous pantsuit. When it comes to the men, formal wedding attire means a tuxedo. And definitely, a bow tie, which I love! The only time a tuxedo is not required is when it's black-tie optional.

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