How Your Venue Choice Can Influence The Look Of Your Wedding Day?

So how do you know if your style is more Glam-tastic or new age boho-chic? Great question; well, if you are looking for an easy way to eliminate several of those dream wedding themes you've been pinning, we recommend taking a cue from this next couple; they let their wedding venue inform the laid-back, rustic wedding day vibe. Genius!

All couples want their wedding day to be perfect, but some may not realise that the type of venue they choose can greatly impact how their day looks. So whether you're dreaming of an elegant ballroom or a rustic outdoor setting, this guide will help you choose the right venue to create the wedding day look you've always imagined.

FAQs About Wedding Venue

Once the couple has settled on an elegant wedding venue, every other detail should fall in places, such as decor and colour. But unfortunately, a common mistake couples make when choosing a venue is falling for the location's aesthetic.

A wedding ceremony's prime function is to provide the bride and groom an opportunity to make promises to each other. Those promises form the basis of their marriage and give the officiating clergy the right to pronounce them man and wife.

Mason considers 75 to 150 guests an "average" size wedding and anything over 150 as a "large" wedding. For weddings under 75, she breaks them down into three categories: Intimate weddings: Between 50 and 75 guests. Small wedding: Less than 50 guests.

Your wedding day vibe, or wedding aesthetic, is simply the style of your wedding. It's the overall feeling and looks you want to generate on your big day.

Location is an important concern because it can influence who attends your event (attendees and speakers). For example, if your venue is in an undesirable location or too far from transport systems (like airports), you'll limit the number of people who show up.

Tips That Will Change The Way You Pick A Wedding Venue

Create A Budget First

Before making any venue decisions, come up with a draft budget. You might feel the urge to jump at signing a contract with a venue that seems to have a good price and is miraculously not booked on your dream date, but wait! You don't want to realise down the line that you can't afford a different wedding necessity.

Decide If You're A Venue Or Date First Couple

Like the chicken or the egg question, what comes first — the venue or the date? It all depends on preference. Would you rather get married during a particular time of year or snag the venue of your dreams? If you select the venue first, their availability will usually impact your date decision. Great venues typically get booked up 12-18 months in advance, so the sooner you get started, the more likely you will have dibs on your first choices that fit your ideal schedule.

Make A Comparison Chart

Trying to keep multiple wedding venue details straight can get confusing, so make it easier on yourself and create a chart or spreadsheet for quick comparison. A spreadsheet will help you see which venue fits your bigger priorities when deciding between your venue options.

Your comparison chart should include:

  • Venue name
  • Location
  • Capacity
  • Type (Hotel, ballroom, country club, outdoor, historical, restaurant, etc.)
  • Layout (Can it accommodate aspects like the ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing?)
  • Rates
  • Availability
  • Time restrictions
  • Parking and transportation (Is there enough space for your guests, how far will they have to trek to and from their cars, etc.)
  • Facility extras (A/V equipment, chairs, tables, linens, etc.)
  • Catering restrictions (In-house caterer or a preferred list of caterers)
  • The website link (To easily remind yourself with photos on the venue's site)

Know What Style You're Going For

Venues direct the ambience of your wedding day narrative, so having a style you want to portray in mind can help you select a venue.

If you're more of a classic bride, you might want to choose an indoor setting like a grand ballroom.

If you want something more rustic, a venue like a barn, ranch, garden, or winery might suit your style better.

If your style is more modern, you might gravitate towards industrial warehouses, city lofts, and art galleries.

If you're more bohemian, you might want an outdoor venue with a beautiful natural landscape backdrop, reducing how much you'll need to spend on decor details.

Pay attention to what you are (and aren't) envisioning; that might be what determines your venue.

Read Up On Reviews

You'll want to get a clear picture of your potential venue, so look at reviews on multiple platforms. Consider taking your friends' recommendations with a grain of salt — they could have vastly different tastes or budgets than you, so do your research. Do this before visiting the venues to help you come up with questions to ask or know the warning signs to be wary of.

Check The Vendor Restrictions

Just because a wedding venue is great, that doesn't always mean its small list of vendors is. Sometimes venues will charge an additional fee if you stray from the preferred list or do not allow you to stray from the list. So make sure you know what you're dealing with. Look into the vendors, read their reviews, meet with them, and test the catering before signing on with the venue.

For exceptional catering services and a selection of menus perfect for weddings of all sizes, contact The Christy!

When You Want Two Venues

If you're scouting two different venues, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, try to make the transition seamless from point A to point B. Note the travel time between locations to plan a day-of schedule with realistic start times. Also, keep in mind which location you'll be using for photos.

Think Of Out-Of-Towners

Accessibility is an important element of a wedding, especially for out-of-town guests unfamiliar with the area.

Will guests be able to find accommodations nearby?

Will they be able to make sense of the directions on how to get to the venue?

Can they find transportation easily?

All of these factors should be considered when deciding on a wedding venue. No one wants to deal with a complicated mess, so err on the side of ease and practicality.

Know Your Venue’s Curfew

If your idea of a perfect wedding is dancing the night away to loud music, pay attention to the ending time the venue requires. Venues may have to obey noise ordinance restrictions that they do not set themselves. Maybe your reception isn't a loud party, but it still doesn't feel like it's over. Be sure to look into overtime fees before signing the dotted line.

Don't Choose A Space That Is Too Big.

You can't cram 300 people into a venue that can only fit 150, but it is just as important not to choose a too-large space for your event. You want enough space that your guests will feel intimate and comfortable, but not too much space that makes it feel empty and awkward.

What's The Backup Plan?

When choosing a venue, you'll want to know how they'll handle the event if something out of your control affects Plan A. If you're tying the knot at a location that may experience natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, or blizzards, will the venue provide a a a solution in an emergency? For less severe inclement weather issues, you'll want to confirm a venue's ability to execute a rain plan successfully. Make sure you are also happy with Plan B's space.

Ask About Renovations

When visiting wedding venues, ask if any scheduled renovations or large projects are planned near your date or the year you are considering. The last thing you want is to distract construction noise or obstruct your gorgeous view. However, even if there are none planned, that doesn't mean something won't come up. In the end, choose a wedding venue you feel confident in.

The Venue's Availability 

The venue's availability on your wedding date should be your primary concern. After all, there is no point in falling in love with a venue only to be disappointed with its unavailability. Ideally, you should book your venue at least six months before your event. However, big and popular venues might get booked even sooner as these places tend to get fully booked even a year prior.

To save yourself from the disappointment of falling for a venue you cannot have, call up the venue before you schedule a visit and ask for its availability. There is no point in wasting time and effort in checking out venues that are occupied on your wedding dates. 

The Venue's Size And Seating Capacity 

Before choosing prospective wedding venues, you and your partner should estimate how big or small you want your wedding to be. You should already have a rough approximation of how many wedding guests will be attending your event. You should pick a venue just the right size for your event with that in mind. Pay extra attention to a venue's capacity as you need to make space allowances. Just because a venue can seat 300 guests does not mean you should go as far as to invite 300 guests.

Take Note: You need room for your wedding decor and the dance floor. Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal is a sizable venue enough to accommodate a whole party of wedding guests. But, more importantly, you can play with your wedding theme and decorate the venue accordingly. 

The Venue's Price Tag 

With so many wedding venues in the Philippines, it would almost be quite impossible not to find one for your wedding event. Falling in love with more than one venue is a certainty in your search. However, while these venues might look appealing, not all of them will be within your budget. Remember, the wedding venue might be the most important wedding aspect to consider, but it is not the only wedding aspect you will be paying for.

Please determine what you can afford, come up with a budget, and stick to it before starting the search. Doing this will prevent you from the unnecessary disappointment and frustration of finding the perfect venue only to be disappointed with its exorbitant price tag. 

The Service Packages 

Event venues usually come in two kinds: Full service or venue only. The former typically offers everything you will ever need for your big day, leaving you a little more time to plan your wedding. Full-service venues usually provide the venue, the styling, and the catering, leaving you little else to book. However, if you have the time and desire, you can opt for a venue-only option that offers you the space and leaves you to do the rest. Both options have their respective pros and cons. Full-service venues offer you convenience, whereas venue only options offer limitless customisation. Determine what you want and whether or not you have the time and desire.

If you wish to leverage your venue's look better, go for the venue-only option. Otherwise, choose the full-service option. For example, Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal has many wedding packages for prospective couples who wish to tie the knot. These wedding packages come in many forms and are flexible according to the needs and wants of the client. In this regard, couples who wish to tie the knot at the resort can have the wedding of their dreams without compromising their budget.  

The Venue's Location 

Be a little meticulous in choosing a wedding venue as this is one of the important aspects that can affect guest attendance. Ideally, your wedding venue should be accessible and convenient to reach to ensure a maximum attendance from your guests. If your ceremony and reception are held in two different areas, be sure that the two are close to each other. Choosing two hours apart sites can put your guests off from attending both.

Located just an hour and a half away from Metro Manila, Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal is one of the premier options for a destination wedding that is not too far off and already has everything you might need for your dream wedding. 

The Venue's Parking Space 

While the venue might be big enough to hold your guests, you need to factor in the parking space. Is there sufficient space for parking? If parking is lacking, you need to find a nearby parking lot available for your wedding date where you can organise a shuttle service going to your venue. Otherwise, choose a venue with more than enough parking for your guests. Thunderbird Resort in Rizal ensures that there is enough parking space for your wedding guests so that they need not worry about their cars.

The Venue's Corkage Policy 

Unless you opt for a venue-only option, full-service venues typically provide the food and drinks. In this regard, serving anything else, such as alcoholic beverages, will come at an extra charge or with a corkage coffee. Before finalising your booking, ask the venue coordinator about their corkage policies first. Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal already has an inclusive wedding package, so couples need not worry about contacting their suppliers. Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal's wedding packages already come with a feast to serve to your guests, a personalised menu, a three-layer fondant cake, floral arrangements, place cards and many more. In this regard, couples need not look for other suppliers. However, the venue charges a minimal corkage fee if couples outsource suppliers.  

Selecting your wedding venue is ideally the first decision you will ever make as an engaged couple. Not only is it the biggest wedding aspect you have to consider, but it tends to dictate how the rest of your wedding will look. It will influence your budget, decor, suppliers, and attire. So sit down, do not rush and take ample time to review your options with your partner. Remember, for every couple and wedding theme, there is always a corresponding garden, beach area, and banquet hall that will address the wedding of their dreams. They need to have the perfect wedding reception area. 


Choosing the right wedding venue is essential to creating the look and feel of your big day. But, if you're not sure where to start, we can help! Our experts have years of experience helping couples find the perfect spot for their weddings. We'll work with you to consider all of your needs and wants, from the style of the venue to its location. So get in touch today to start planning your dream wedding!

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