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20+ Best Wedding Photographers Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Such a special and intimately personal time of your life; if you don’t capture it properly you may regret this forever.

There are few bigger regrets than not choosing the right wedding photographer in Melbourne and losing forever those magical and irreplaceable moments from that one day.

These people need to be trusted with such an important story; how do you know which one is the right one? You want to remember every laugh, kiss, secret smile and all the tiny details, and you also want to see all of the ones you miss the first time around.

It is a big job and an important responsibility.

Look through galleries for a style that you love, but it pays to also meet with your photographer and get a feel for how they work and how they will fit in on your wedding day.

You want someone that puts your guests at ease and listens to what you want, but also guides you when needed and solves problems on their feet, because little hiccups always arise during a wedding.

We have put together our list of the best wedding photographers in Melbourne , based on their reviews from clients and those all-important recommendations from their peers in the industry.

Check out our list below and prepare to fall in love all over again.


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    In 2020, for a two-hour wedding photoshoot in Sydney, the average price you can expect to pay the photographer is approximately $1,343. On average a one-hour wedding shoot will cost $839 and a four-hour shoot will cost $2,350. Sydney's wedding photographer prices are 12% above the AU national average.


    If you plan ahead to have the bride & groom get ready at different times and within a reasonable proximity of each other, one photographer can capture both partner's perspectives. Expense. Hiring one talented photographer will be less expensive than hiring two.


    Most wedding photography packages include a combination of the following elements:
    1. Photography coverage on the day. 
    2. A second photographer. 
    3. A pre-wedding photo session. 
    4. A USB stick. 
    5. A certain number of digital photographs. 
    6. A certain number of prints. 
    7. An online Gallery. 
    8. A wedding album.


    While one photographer should do a great job at a regular wedding, two photographers can capture more angles, and they also can be at two different places at the same time. Like one is shooting ladies getting ready while the other one is with guys. Or one can shoot details of the ballroom while another shots portraits.


    Traditionally, the bride and her family are responsible for paying for all wedding planning expenses, the bride's attire, all floral arrangements, transportation on the wedding day, photo and video fees, travel and lodgings for the officiant if he comes from out of town, lodging for the bridesmaids.


    Here is our list of the Top Wedding Photographers in Sydney

    Wild Romantic Wedding Photography Melbourne

    wedding photography melbourne

    Call Elle today on 0434 484 811 or on

    Of earth and salt, petal and pearl, of sweeping horizons that sing forever, we bring to life the passion and authenticity of true romance and capture moments that you will cherish forevermore...

    We are passionate about telling the story of your wedding day with original and romantic photography that’s made to last a lifetime.

    Wild Romantic Photography Melbourne_1

    Our creative collective specialises in documentary-style images that express love, joy, community and connection.

    Our wedding photos look beautiful, but they’re raw and genuine, too – with timeless landscapes, divine portraits, colourful fashion shots and dreamy reportage.

    We’re all artists, and our clients are our muses. Based in Melbourne, we can find the beauty in locations across the world, as well as those closer to home. We’ve shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads.

    Wild Romantic offers bespoke photography packages that perfectly match your needs.

    luxury wedding photographer melburne

    From quaint weddings in Sydney to lavish weddings in Melbourne – our professional wedding photographers are trained to capture those priceless candid moments of love, laughter and joy. We even offer pre wedding photography should you wish to proudly display your love through photos on the special day.

    Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of inspired artists, photographers and dreamers who are passionate about capturing precious moments that will speak to your heart forever. Our creative documentary style photography packages are meticulously tailored to the unique elements of your special day and include beautiful retouching of the memories we photograph to instil blissful nostalgia.

    melbourne cbd wedding photo

    At Wild Romantic Photography, we understand what is required to capture a wedding in complete detail. A Wedding can last all day, and for most of it we will be there by your side. Building a relationship where we understand and feel comfortable with each other is key for us in ensuring we deliver your heart’s desire.

    We love getting to know our couples in order to tailor our creative documentary-style photography and film packages to the details the day. We know that each event and romance is unique and we strive to understand your story in order to deliver the masterpiece it deserves.

    Call Elle today on 0434 484 811 or on


    ATEIA Photography and Video - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Melbourne Professional Photographer


    Melbourne’s Most Trusted Wedding Photographers

    Our talented team of professional wedding photographers and videographers bring a level of artistic creativity to storytelling by catering to every couple’s individual wants and needs. With 500+ incredible reviews online, you’ll soon discover why we’re at the forefront of the Melbourne wedding photography industry. Offering premium photography at affordable prices, we’re listed as the recommended supplier for the majority of Melbourne’s finest wedding reception venues. We also offer a ‘Book Now & Pay Later’ service, listing all of our prices clearly on our website without any hidden costs.

    Best wedding photographers in Melbourne

    Allow the team at ATEIA Photography & Video to tell your love story through stylistic and elegant photography at your Melbourne wedding celebration. Combining elements of creative flair with a classic style, our team of wedding photographers will guide you through your special day. ATEIA Photography & Video is made up of a talented team of Melbourne’s best wedding photographers, who know exactly where to be at just the right time.

    With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, we focus on capturing the most special of interactions between loved ones, ensuring that couples get what they’ve always dreamed of. For the best wedding photography in Melbourne, choose the team that see the beauty in every wedding; from different cultures, backgrounds and sizes, we would love to capture your wedding.

    Browse through our range of wedding videography packages to find the perfect package for your special day. Our friendly and professional team will interact with you and your guests throughout the wedding day with both charm and ease. We’re proud of the stunning Melbourne wedding photos that we produce at each and every wedding, which is why so many couples put their faith in ATEIA, and trust that we’ll go above and beyond in every way.


    DUÜET Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Professional Photographers for weddings Melbourne


    DUÜET – Capture the Real Beauty and Emotion of your Life!

    Welcome to DUÜET. We are a Melbourne based Wedding photography and videography studio. Our expert team of photographers, videographers and artists take a unique documentary approach to enhancing and capturing your special day.

    Specialising in natural, photo-journalistic and ambient keepsakes, our professional candid wedding photography and videography teams pride themselves on their experience and discretion.Our brand is inspired by the coupling of the client and the artist. Your collaboration during the photo-shoot, along with the creative direction of our team will produce both stunning photographs and a truly unforgettable experience.The presentation of a DUÜET Wedding Package leads the way in style using state of the art technology.


    OnThree Photography & Cinematic -Wedding Photogrpaher Melbourne

    Creative Photos Melbourne Weddings


    Capture the essence of your special day through the lenses of On Three’s Top Wedding Photographer Melbourne. Best value and breathtaking candid images.


    Tapping into their wealth of experience, Melbourne’s Best Wedding Photography services On Three Photography & Cinematic will perfectly capture the essence of your big day.

    Providing the ultimate experience, our exemplary professionalism and keen eye for detail will ensure you have high quality wedding photos to fondly look back on your special day. We also offer wedding videography services so that you can relive the emotional experience of tying the knot well after the big day has passed.

    Why Choose us for Melbourne Wedding Photography?

    Our dedicated Australian Photography and videography team strive to offer a superior service that will put you at ease, so much so that you might just forget we are even there! Our team will capture your day in its truest form so that your photos and video are an accurate representation of just how beautiful and unique your day was.

    We use advanced equipment and post-production facilities to ensure we continue to produce outstanding work, because we know the importance of what we do and that we are capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Our affordable video and Best Wedding Photography Melbourne packages are designed to suit every budget so that you can have the very best snaps for your special day no matter what your budget. Our HD cinematic videos are available to all at an affordable rate.

    When it comes to documenting your big day, your wedding theme is important to us and we will work to maintain your style in everything that we capture and produce.

    Our highly experienced team will ensure that no special moments from your day are missed. While our relaxed nature will ensure you and your bridal party feel comfortable in front of the camera so that we achieve remarkable photos depicting the personalities of each and every bridal party member including that of the bride and groom! We know that every wedding is different and so is each and every bridal couple so we want to capture in our photographs who you are and what makes your union so special.

    We offer Candid wedding photography Melbourne and Natural wedding photography at Very Affordable Prices. Check our Packages Here!



    Our Melbourne Best wedding photographer and videography team capture timeless photos


    ARLA Productions - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Melbourne Professional Photographer



    Do you recall the moment you fell in love?

    No, not the day, month, or occasion–but moment. The second your heart finally gave in? The second you no longer wanted to turn back? The second a spark ignited the flame; the moment time stopped, because true love finally came?

    Remember that moment, with all its details surrounding you. And, stop. (Click.) That is what we, the Arla Productions family, are here to do.​

    ​So let’s have fun, and be excited, so much out there awaits. Let our photographs be your time machines,

    trust us, this will be great.


    We are storytellers; visual poets. Wide-eyed believers of romance, lovestruck for each story that comes our way. We record not only your valued moments, but also all the in-between. The giggle you make when you realized you’re hugging each other rather awkwardly. The whispers you share, uttering inner jokes that make you laugh, that takes you way, way back, and reminds you of what made you fall in love.

    ​Films are the time capsules of romance; once you open them, you do not just reminisce about your love. You relive it. With our films, we aim to create timeless clips that showcase the best, most genuine parts of you, for you to keep in the years ahead. We hope you show it to your children, we hope they see what your journey entailed. And we hope they smile, and then embark to become wide-eyed believers of love, themselves.


    In the Flow Photography Melbourne

    Melbourne Weddings Flowers Wedding Photographer Melbourne




    Meet Britt - Photographer & Magic Maker

    I’m truly so excited that you have found yourself here - thank you.

    I have worked hard  to build something that reflects the deepest parts of me -

    a brand built on relationships, trust and creativity.

    My greatest drive is to deliver an amazing and relaxed photography experience, while also delivering simply beautiful photographs that you will use and treasure. When inspiration meets passion, it becomes an obsession, and I have an undeniable obsession for creating art, capturing the human spirit and telling stories through imagery.

    What’s it like to work with me?

    My closest friends say I’m warm, passionate, enthusiastic and down to earth - I also reckon I’m pretty funny 🙂

    I’m a mummy & a wife. Family is my highest value, closely followed by strong work ethic, integrity & fun.

    I will help you feel at ease, relaxed, beautiful and capable. I am here to help you shine and bring out your most inner beauty and personality - and I will absolutely find it!

    I’m directive but also know the best moments are found in a natural state of flow - I have a knack for capturing the candid & I love bringing emotion to life.

    I can’t wait to meet you X


    Kas Richards Wedding Photographer  Melbourne

    Photo studios for weddings Melbourne


    Hey, I'm Kassi,

    I am a mother and wife, a lover of beautiful things and a lover of love. When I am not behind the camera, you can find me chasing around my two beautiful children Charlie and Cooper with my husband Sean. If we are not on the beach, at sporting events, concerts or camping, downtime for myself involves watching infinite amounts of movies.

    My passion for photography started from an early age, I grew up documenting milestones in my life surrounded by family and friends. I’ve always been inspired by the intimate interactions that happen between people - and I believe this lends itself naturally to wedding photography. I find the magic lies in capturing those fleeting moments - whether that be a quick glance or a small hand squeeze.

    A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring all of your family and friends together to celebrate this crazy, wild love you’ve found within one another. Weddings are reflective of the couples life, which makes them all so unique and special. I love seeing how two people curate all of their favourite things - food, music, rituals to share them with their nearest and dearest. I said earlier that I am a lover of love and I can’t think of another occasion where there is more ‘love in the air’. I’ve always said that if I am going to spend time away from my family it’s to be for something I love.

    I find weddings to be a big beautiful day made up of smaller stories. My style is to blend into the background and capture these narratives. I like to observe the interactions around me and naturally capture them without interfering. Each couple spends so much time planning their perfect day and I love seeing their visions come to life, it’s my job then to document these details to ensure they never forget how perfectly ‘them’ the day was.

    The 3 things I have always in my mind while photographing a wedding is to capture; the joy of the day, the romance and the overall story. I love seeing the reactions of my couples when they see each other for the first time whether it be down the aisle or a first look. I love family reactions during the ceremony and when it comes to romance nothing beats the portrait session - usually the only alone time the couples get together. I often witness the couples walk down the aisle and it seems a big wave of love washes away all of the nerves and it’s dreamy bliss from this point on.

    Wedding Photography

    My images deliver a contemporary and boutique style for you and your loved one to treasure for a lifetime. I frequently receive compliments for the authentic connection I am able to capture, reflecting my ability to expose genuine emotion and intimacy that you and your guests will experience on your wedding day. I am drawn to the romance and unique bond you share with your future lifetime partner and will provide a collection of images that tell your story of light, love and passion.

    My best work is produced when I have prior opportunities with the couple. Meeting on site or my studio allows me to observe what makes your connection so authentic and this supports me to make you both relax in front of the camera on the day. This is also a time for you to view any previous work and discuss aspects that you and your partner are drawn to.

    Once you feel clearer on what you require on your day, I will be able to support you in selecting a package that best suited to your needs.

    Pricing starting at $3,900.


    Dansk Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Amazing Wedding Photographers Melbourne


    Wedding Photography

    We are one of the top ten wedding photographers in Melbourne, providing you with great service, great photos and no stress.

    Your wedding is a special day that can only be captured once, so don?t let just anyone capture it for you.

    Dansk Photography captures everything about your day in an unobtrusive manner. We know your day is a special one that should have an atmosphere of fun and celebration.

    Our Wedding photography will capture you being you and make you look the best you?ve ever looked. Brides will look breathtaking and beautiful while grooms look handsome.

    Dansk will help to make your day easier with our relaxed approach and award winning service.

    Don’t trust your wedding photography to just anyone, see why we’re are one of the best and why you’ll have the best wedding day


    Voted as one of the top ten best wedding photographers in Melbourne, Dansk Photography’s team provides creative, fun, down to earth and professional service.

    Your wedding photographs stay with you for a lifetime… We know how special this day is.

    You want to look back in years to come and still be proud of what has been captured so you can remember, and share, the memories you have. Dansk Photography, award winning photographers for their imagery and service, captures the emotion, the spirit, the happiness and pride that shines through each bridal party, their family and friends.

    We capture everything about your special day in a discreet and unobtrusive manner. We will record for you the atmosphere, the fun, tears of happiness, and laughter. We photograph you being ‘you’ and make you look the best you’ve ever looked. There’s nothing quite like being able to share this exhilarating, magical and happy day with you, knowing we have caught all the special moments with our photography, for you. Forever.

    Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what other people have said. Wedding Testimonials


    Icon Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Beautiful captures Weddings Melbourne



    At Icon Photography, our wedding photographers & videographers are devoted to bringing you iconic, beautiful photos that you will adore forever.

    Our team will always go above and beyond to ensure your day is relaxed, enjoyable and fun. Our aim is to create photos that will make your friends envious and your family proud.  Most of our packages include a full days coverage and no limit on the amount of photos we take.

    We want all of your memories from your special day to last forever.

    Recently voted in the top 10 Melbourne Wedding photography studios by Easy weddings and in the Top 13 in Melbourne by Wedded Wonderland

    We’ve also been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vine of the Yarra Valley as one of Melbourne’s best Wedding Photographers .


    Our team will always go above and beyond to ensure your day is relaxed, enjoyable and fun. Our aim is to create photos that will make your friends envious and your family proud.  Most of our packages include a full days coverage and no limit on the amount of photos we take.


    Professional Commercial Photography and videography is something that every business requires to be taken seriously.  Quality, eye-catching photos of your businesses goods and/or services are essential for successful marketing.

    Whether it’s for new advertising, new web page photos or even head shots of your staff.


    We offer an extensive range of classic, sensual and sexy boudoir photographic packages that will leave you breathless. We cater to many different tastes and styles such as Bridal boudoir, semi nude boudoir, artistic nude, burlesque pin up and pregnancy boudoir. Contact us today for further information !


    Michael Briggs Pictures - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding edited Photo captures Melbourne


    Let me address the elephant in the room.

    As I write this opening paragraph here, at the start of June 2020, coronavirus ‘lockdown’ restrictions & rules are starting to ease.

    We’re now allowed to go out and sit down for a coffee or a beer. Guest numbers at weddings in Victoria are now allowed up to 20 people.

    In reality, though, it’s not until those guest numbers are lifted to 80 or 100 people, that I’ll genuinely feel ‘back in business’ and that I can start doing what I love doing, in some capacity again. Couples opting to elope during this time or have ‘micro’ weddings are certainly out there, but they’re few and far between.

    If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re possibly interested in pursuing and moving along further with your wedding plans. And for that, I thank you. The whole wedding industry thanks you, immensely.  Like many industries in Australia facing this time of uncertainty, small businesses have been struck hard.  All of our weddings from March 2020, for many months onwards, have now been cancelled or postponed, which means a complete loss of income for us, from weddings that would have been happening right now.  Therefore, our whole industry is currently very dependant on the optimism & tenacity of new couples booking and planning weddings.

    I remain optimistic about the future, and things are looking positive at this stage. I can’t bloody wait to see how pumped up, and emotional people are going to be at weddings, once we get through this. And I can’t wait to experience a whole brand new kind of joy with everyone.


    Hi there, I’m Michael, most call me Briggsy though. I’m a Yarra Valley wedding photographer, husband to my beautiful wife Kelly, ultra proud father to our little girl Quinn and our fur baby Ruby, the boxer dog.

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.

    I think it’s imperative you get to know your photographer, as you’re going to be working very closely with them during the planning & celebration of your wedding day. And I’m definitely not a ‘stand in the corner silently, awkwardly and zoom in’ kind of guy. One of my favourite indirect compliments that I can get from a wedding guest is when they ask me – ‘So, how do you know the couple’? It’s always awesome to be seen like another wedding guest and friend of the couple, and not just hired help.

    I was born and bred in The Yarra Valley & cannot imagine living anywhere else.

    It’s such an extraordinary part of the world. I love all the incredible venues & locations that are in my own backyard, and I love how the seasons change. It also still seems bloody crazy to me, that every year I get flown interstate a few times to photograph weddings. And recently I even had the privilege of travelling to Las Vegas to photograph one of the most fantastic wedding days of my career to date. I’m forever thankful that deciding to pick up a camera has opened so many doors for me, that I never thought would be possible. But it hasn’t just fallen in my lap. I’ve worked hard and continue to work hard for what comes my way.

    As soon as I started taking photos, I absolutely knew that 'this is what I want to do'. Being fortunate enough to be able to give up 'normal' 9-5 life is an incredibly fulfilling and fantastic feeling, to be supporting my family doing something that I love.

    I could never have dreamed that when I first started photographing weddings a few years ago that this would become my full-time job. I still pinch myself every day that this is actually real.

    It's a complete honour for people to let you in, and allow you to be a part of such an important day in their lives.

    My photography style is a direct reflection of my personality - creative, relaxed, fun & a little romantic. I believe your wedding day should be a big incredible celebration, where you are spending time with your nearest and dearest. It should never become a photoshoot, where you just so happen to be getting married.

    Music is the soundtrack to your own life.

    I am a huge music lover. I do honestly believe that it's the soundtrack to your own life.  I've grown up playing in bands and on a diet of punk/rock/emo music - Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, Dashboard Confessional and the likes.

    I still love these bands to death, but I also find myself listening to a lot of acoustic and folk-pop music these days - such as Twin Forks, The Head & The Heart - I think it sounds reminiscent of American road trips.




    My real favourite work is telling the entire story of a wedding day from start to finish, which you can click on a few below just here to see.

    I encourage you to check out a few of these, as I feel that they capture the real essence of my style and how I work on a wedding day. If these stories resonate with you, and having your wedding photographed this way is something you can envision, I’d love to hear from you.

    Lastly – it’s also important to note that all of the photos on my website are from real couples, at real weddings.  None of them are models. And none of the images on my site are from pretend ‘styled shoots’ – where everything, including the weather, is planned to perfection. These are all couples like you, who were probably just as nervous about having their photo taken as you might be. It’s my job to make the portrait session one of the best parts of a wedding day – not one of the worst.


    Love Journal Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Award winning photographs Melbourne


    Our pre wedding photographers Melbourne are truly blessed to experience such a number of diverse pre-weddings, being based in Melbourne we are fortunate to be right amongst the melting pot of multiculturalism in Australia. Our pre-wedding photography thrives on your love as a couple, the diversity of family traditions and the cultural nuances. Our couples are well aware of our passion and creativity, with every moment we strive to capture the very best. Our dedication is to you and we are rewarded by the emotions we get back, but more so the beautiful imagery, something we make sure you will hold dear for the rest of your lives.

    Our pre wedding photographers Melbourne are truly blessed to experience such a number of diverse pre-weddings, being based in Melbourne we are fortunate to be right amongst the melting pot of multiculturalism in Australia. Our pre-wedding photography thrives on your love as a couple, the diversity of family traditions and the cultural nuances. Our couples are well aware of our passion and creativity, with every moment we strive to capture the very best. Our dedication is to you and we are rewarded by the emotions we get back, but more so the beautiful imagery, something we make sure you will hold dear for the rest of your lives.

    Over the years we have developed a style that is creative fine art photography makes up our style of pre-wedding photography. This is the love and care we pour into your journey to husband and wife, which is LoveJournal Photography.

    Our studio is proud members of MPA (Master Photographers Association), AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International), ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) and Fearless Photographers.

    Wedding Photography

    Your wedding with LoveJournal is as exciting for us as it is for you. We see your wedding as an opportunity to be creative. It is a day of tradition and ceremony, but each wedding we photograph we set ourselves a challenge to make yours unique. Our backgrounds and experiences back our work, add artistic flare never the same as the next, and hold fast a vision that will be cherished for a lifetime.

    We are also able to do SameDayEdit slideshow service. This is tailored for you and your guests at the reception dinner showcasing the best moments of the day. These very special moments are seldom seen by your guests, and from what we've seen its definitely something every couple loves to share with their friends and family. What's more these select photographs are ready for you to share yourself with friends and family right after the wedding.

    After all thats what your special day is all about, sharing your love with those closets to you, and we're there with you to capture it!

    Pre-Wedding Photography

    It is customary for couples that carry the traditions of Asian cultures to have a pre-wedding photography shoot. A pre-wedding photo shoot allows you to show case your stunning portraits for your friends and family to see on your wedding day, it also allows more time for you to enjoy your special day and gives you time to visit the locations that mean the most to you.

    Whether it is in the heart of Melbourne down city, or on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mornington, Lovejournal is very proud to offer this unique service. It allows us, and especially you, the chance to achieve perfection, whether that is through working together at an intimate level or a more relaxed approach. A pre-wedding is always the ultimate in wedding portraiture.


    Over the years we have developed a style that is creative fine art photography makes up our style of pre-wedding photography. This is the love and care we pour into your journey to husband and wife, which is LoveJournal Photography.

    Our studio is proud members of MPA (Master Photographers Association), AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International), ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) and Fearless Photographers.


    Rosa Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding Image creations Melbourne


    Award Winning Wedding Photography Melbourne.

    1050+ Weddings Experience.

    At Rosa Wedding Photography Melbourne, we believe in fairy tales and everlasting love. We strive to artistically capture those meaningful moments that eventually turn into a beautiful story of yours. Since the inception of ROSA, we have photographed over 1050+ weddings, our 8 years of valuable experience have made us one of the most trusted and talented wedding photography studio in Melbourne.

    Multi-Award Winning Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding Photographer Melbourne strive to retell your love story artistically.

    Truely Professional Photographer

    Our Award-Winning photographer Evan Liang was granted a Master of Art & Design with First- Class Honours. He is a professionally trained visual artist who collaborates with his team to provide exceptional service to our clients.

    Affordable Wedding Photography Packages

    As a wedding photographer, taking beautiful photos is our first priority. On the other had we also strive to offer the best possible package to our client – We offer a wide range of affordable packages that suit all budgets.

    Wedding Photography Loved by 6300+

    6300+ facebook fans and happy customers like Rosa Photography for many reasons. Beautiful Photographs, Unique Photo Albums, Consistency in Excellence, Friendly Customer Service, Affordable Packages, No Hidden Fees…

    Best Wedding Photography Melbourne – Top Rated Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Rosa photography is a boutique studio that is revolutionising the Melbourne wedding photography industry. Our highly professional team is enabling Rosa photography to creatively capture the most amazing wedding photography for your big day. Rosa was founded by our award-winning Melbourne wedding photographer Ivan Liang, who was granted a Master of Art & Design with First-Class Honours. He is a professionally trained visual artist who collaborates with his team to provide exceptional service to our clients. We are dedicated to demonstrate our best skill set to influence the Melbourne wedding photography industry.

    Make Your Occasion Special with Our Best Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding photography is an art that should seriously be carried out by professionals to make your wedding occasion pleasant and memorable. Our highly experienced Melbourne wedding photographers strive to provide affordable and advanced photography services with best wedding photo packages in Melbourne. By having our guidance & assistance, you will be having lovely pictures of each and every events of the wedding occasion, as our professionals are specialised in creating natural and beautiful looking photographs that will make you pleased and contented.

    Affordable Wedding Photographer Melbourne Provide Exceptional Packages at Affordable Prices.

    Wedding photography experts are not simply about recording the events of the occasion, but also capturing those unique expressions and special moments, clicked at the perfect place and time. Landing a reasonably priced wedding photographer in Melbourne is no longer a challenge at the present time. Rosa photography offers highly reliable wedding services with affordable wedding photo packages in Melbourne. Get the best photography services now!

    Top Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

    The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens wedding photography locations Melbourne

    Carlton Gardens and The Royal Exhibition Building is designed and built in 1880 for international exhibitions. It’s one of the most iconic landmarks in Melbourne. The classical building and the exquisite gardens provide stunning backdrops that are perfect for wedding photography. It’s also one of the most popular wedding photo locations in Melbourne.

    There are plenty to explore and capture in Carlton gardens. It features ornamental lakes, beautiful fountains, seasonal flowers and maple trees that changes colors based on the changing seasons. In spring and summer the gardens are cover with blooming flowers and mature green trees. In autumn and earlier winter, the gardens are dressed up in golden and orange colored leaves. It’s most suitable if you are looking for the romantic autumn look. Carlton gardens is one of the best wedding photo location in Melbourne all year round.

    Parliament House of Victoria wedding photos

    Parliament House of Victoria is one of the oldest and thoughtfully designed buildings in Australia. The western façade architecture features magnificent array of high columns and vast sweeping steps. It provides a breathtakingly amazing classical backdrop which is ideal for glamour wedding portraits.

    The large platform and oversized decorative front doors are also perfect for wedding photos. That is why it has always been one of the most popular wedding photography locations in Melbourne. It’s located conveniently on the corner of Spring street and Bourke street Melbourne. Mostly importantly it’s publicly available during weekends and holidays for wedding photography purposes.

    Flinders Street Station Wedding Photography – Best Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

    Since 1909, Flinders Street station has been the icon of Melbourne. “I will meet you under the Clocks of Flinders” is best known as the direction of your meeting place. Located at one of the busiest intersection of Melbourne, Flinders street provided a view of Melbourne’s city life. It can give a unique look for your wedding photography.

    Photos can be taken at the opposite of Flinders station which gives you a panoramic view of the building. If you are lucky enough, horse and carriage Ride is also available around the Conner. You can take them into the frame to add interest to your wedding photos. You can also have photos done right under the famous clocks which gives amazing perspective view of the dome and the arch of the building. A short walk from the station, you will find St Paul cathedral and Federation square, both are fantastic photo spots for your big day.

    Docklands Webb Bridge – Modern Melbourne wedding photo locations

    Being the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne city offers a ton of different locations which are great for photos. Webb Bridge is one of the best when it comes to modern and contemporary style wedding photography. Designed as an art project, the docklands Webb Bridge is a futuristic art piece that looks amazing from all angles. The design is inspired by fish men’s fish nets and cages. Many are playing with the idea romantically, where the bride and groom walking through the bridge like two love birds that lives happy ever after.

    Fitzroy Gardens wedding photo locations Melbourne

    With 150 years of rich history, Fitzroy gardens is one of the best options for your wedding. It’s conveniently location in Fitzroy which is minuets away from the Melbourne CBD. The famous Cook’s cottage is located in the heart of Fitzroy gardens. It provides a lovely rustic looking background for your wedding photos.

    Fitzroy gardens also provide countless photo worthy points. It includes the gorgeous Spanish style conservatory, variety of floral displays, Japanese inspired bridge and pond, scarred trees and amazing fountains. If you are looking for the ultimate garden style wedding photography locations in Melbourne, Fitzroy gardens is one of the great options for you.

    Old Treasury Building – Melbourne City Wedding Photography Locations

    Old Treasury Building is a popular Ceremony Venue for city wedding in Melbourne. It offers rooms in different sizes for all kinds of marriage ceremonies. The Margaret Craig Room suits medium sized ceremonies up to 55 Guests. And The Thomas Hyde Room suites smaller weddings up to 8 guests. These rooms are dedicated for weddings. And it can be booked as a wedding package which includes everything you need for a wedding ceremony.

    The Old treasury building is a classical building which provided a beautiful place for photography and celebrations with your bridal party. The sepia toned stones gives a unique look to your wedding photos that is unmatched by any other locations in Melbourne. It located right next the famous Winsor hotel and a beautiful fountain which can also be the points of interest for your wedding photography needs.

    Victoria Barracks – Top Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

    Victoria Barracks has long been one of the most preferred destination for wedding photographers. The gothic style building gives a striking look. The stylish columns and exteriors gives a charming background for lovely bridal portraits. Victoria Barracks offers dramatically different looks throughout the year. Whether you are having your wedding in spring, summer or autumn, the Barracks should be highly considered as one of your photo locations choices.

    The plants grow magically along the bluestone walls provided stunning colour. In Spring and Summer, the wall is dressed in vivid green which creates strong contrast to the gothic style walls, creating an unbelievablely beautiful scene. In Autumn, the leaves became golden & orange colour which gives a strong warm romantic tones. If you are looking for classical, romantic and glamour look with strong colour, then Victoria Barracks is without a doubt, the perfect place to go.

    Other Amazing wedding photo locations in Melbourne

    Living in Melbourne is a beautiful thing. As we have a lot of amazing locations to choose from when it comes with wedding photo locations. Places such as St Patrick’s Cathedral, Hosier Lane Graffiti Walls, South Gate by Yarra river, South Melbourne Town Hall, Fitzroy town hall, St Kilda Lagoon Pier, Brighton Beach boxes, Half moon Bay, Royal Botanic gardens and a 100 more. Contact Rosa wedding Photography Melbourne today to discover which are the best wedding photography spots for your wedding!


    Passion8 Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Memory Creations Weddings Melbourne


    About Us

    Andrew Harrison, established as a Professional Photographer in 2000.

    He has a keen artistic eye and allows your story to unfold naturally, letting quiet moments and connections happen. Andrew’s unique photographic style is developed on the day, capturing the distinct emotion and feeling as they truly happen. He and his wife Fiona, also a photographer are a fun couple. This shows in the photos Andrew takes.

    2005 AIPP Associate AAIPP

    2011 AIPP Master of Photography M.Photog

    2014 Victorian Top 5 Wedding Photographer

    2016 AIPP Master of Photography Gold Bar M.Photog I

    2017 Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year

    2018 Australian TOP 10 Wedding Photographer

    2019 Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year R/Up

    2019 Australian TOP 10 Wedding Photographer

    Wedding Photographer of the Year

    Australian Bridal Industry Awards

    ABIA Winners are determined solely on the ratings provided by the Past Brides & Grooms of Australia –each year the ABIA Awards Program receives 25,000+ Wedding registrations, which are invited to rate & review their wedding vendors in the Quality of Product, Quality of Service, Attitude of Staff and Value for Money. The ABIA, work every day to discuss ways of connecting engaged couples with trustworthy wedding businesses. As we all know, a wedding is a one-time event which cannot be repeated.

    Passion8 – Melbourne

    wedding photography

    Passion8 Photography run by Andrew Harrison is based on the creative talents of many years experience as a Melbourne wedding photographer. He approaches photography in a fresh, fun, professional way and takes pride in the friendly, professional service he provide to brides and grooms. It’s a testament to his outstanding service that he constantly receives referrals to friends and family members from his previous clients.


    Hillz Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Beautiful captures Weddings Melbourne


    Corey Hillery is a professional photographer based in Melbourne. Corey felt something was missing, and his heart was still searching for something that would inspire him. He set out to pursue his long time dream and became a professional photographer. Spending the past few years learning from creative master photographers and countless hours of practice. He found his inspiration after finding out he was having a baby girl (Ava). The opportunity came knocking one day when he shot his very first family shoot. From then on, Corey never looked back.


    NM Photographs - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Creative Photos Melbourne Weddings


    NM Photographs was established in 2011 and has captured many of life's important events including Weddings, Engagements, Christenings, Baby and Bridal Showers, Birthdays and Corporate Photo Shoots.

    Our team work to produce timeless images which are given to you to cherish and look back on for many years to come. Located in the heart of the Northern suburbs of Melbourne in Mill Park, however happy to travel to the comfort of your own home, for your very own Photo Shoot. The studio welcomes you to capture images ranging from, maternity, newborn, siblings and family photo sessions.

    ​"Whatever the request we strive to capture these memories."

    Wedding Pricing and Packages

    Enquire now for your very own consultation to view our products and work. At a very affordable price, you will receive a classic collection to cherish for a lifetime.

    We look forward with your interest let us help capture your story.

    Nmphotographs works to capture affordable and amazing quality, we listen to you at a consultation which can be organized, this will also allow you to view our range of keep sake products, We cater and achieve a perfect package which will help capture your special day with a customized budget friendly cost. We offer a main photographer as well as a complimentary second photographer, who will capture other important angles and special moments of your special day. On average our clients fit within an eight hour day which will allow you to have us from the morning of getting ready to the ceremony, choice of location photography and then reception. Included is a large 12x12" hard cover lay flat album in a complimentary hard cover box and a personalized keep sake usb digital file also in a box.

    ​What's included?

    • 8 hour coverage
    • 1x main photographer
    • 2nd complimentary photographer
    • All images taken from the day

    (basic edit - crop/colour correct/ crop)

    • 20x fully retouched images in colour and black and white
    • 12x12" large hard cover lay flat album (20x pages)Also comes in a hard cover black box
    • Images placed on a usb digital file in a keep sake box

    Interested in a highlight video reel?

    Your welcome to also add in your very own high light reel which captures the main parts of your special day. We also include your choice of back ground music for this reel. Duration depends on the length of coverage you wish to have us for, quoting for an 8 hour average day, for approx 15-30 mins reel. You will also be given all raw footage as well as the retouched highlight reel.

    ​Couples photography

    ​When booking in your special Wedding day with us, we will also offer you a half price couples photo shoot, this will be your choice of studio or location. (50% discount) Please view our photo session pricing for further details.


    Ali Bailey Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Capture the moment Photos Melbourne weddings


    Weddings are my thing. They really, really are. I truly love my job. Capturing days of joy, hopefully in a fresh and honest way, is what gets me up in the morning. It’s what excites me, turns my stomach to butterflies. It’s what puts a smile on my face.

    My approach to wedding photography means that, for the most part, you won’t even know I’m there. I don’t bark directions and orchestrate moments, and I don’t get in the way-- but I will be there as all the lovely moments unfold. I’ll be capturing all the detail that makes your wedding uniquely yours.

    Oh, and I’ll be smiling, like you.

    There’s something magical about holding printed images. I think what I do is a form of storytelling and a wedding album is the book that holds that story.

    There are so many ways to get things printed nowadays but I’m yet to see something that can top these beautiful books. They are hand-crafted works of art. The pages are beautifully thick and flex only slightly. Your images can span from edge to edge, and there is an almost invisible seam down the centre allowing double spread deliciousness.

    Below is a little peek at Lauren and Chris’ album.


    Mighty Vision Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding edited Photo captures Melbourne



    Natural。Creative。 Artistic

    Located in the lively Melbourne suburb of Northcote, Mighty Vision is an international award-winning studio that has more than 10 years experience in photography and videography. Our innovative team offers creative, contemporary and natural wedding photography & video, and will professionally capture all unforgettable moments with your personalities and the spirit of your celebration. All photos are delivered in high quality images and conducted in the most professional way. On your special day, treat yourself to our wonderful photography & video experience. You deserve it!


    He has extensive experience in the field and together with his enthusiasm will guarantee to produce extraordinary photography. With background in fine art and photojournalism, the photographs he creates at a wedding are unique and artistic. He is an accredited member of AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), and has been awarded numerous awards from both international & national photography competitions.

    The following are some of his recent achievements:

    • AWPA Photography Competition 2017 First-Half - 3rd Place
    • AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Photography Awards 2017 - Silver Award
    • WPPI 2016 First ½ Members Only Competition - Three Sliver Awards
    • AsiaWPA Photography Competition 2016 First-Half - Excellent Award
    • WPPI 2015 Second ½ Members Only Competition - Three Sliver Awards
    • WPPI 2015 First ½ Members Only Competition - Three Sliver Awards
    • Honorable Mention Winner of PX3 2015, Prix de la Photographie Paris
    • AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Photography Awards 2015 - Silver Award
    • Top 10 Best Photographers in Melbourne 2015 voted by The Knot Australia
    • International Loupe Awards Competition 2014 - Top 50 image of Wedding
    • International Loupe Awards Competition 2014 - Six Bronze Awards
    • WPPI 2014 First ½ Members Only Competition - Two Sliver Awards
    • MyWed 2014 (Worldwide Wedding Photographers’ Contest by Canon) - Finalist
    • Taiwan Top 20 Wedding photographers of the year 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015


    Crystal Clear Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne



    Hi all! I’m Crystal Wise and I’m thrilled you stopped by to meet me. I’m a fine art wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of one of the best cities ever, Fort Worth, Texas. I adore capturing love and joy in North Texas and beyond. Are you having a destination wedding? Because I’m interested!…I travel often domestic and international inquires are encouraged. It’s probably less expensive than you think!

    My Philosophy

    It means a great deal to me that you and your family feel comfortable around me while I work; therefore, I’m laid back and bonafide goofball. When we’re done with a photo session or a wedding and a couple turns to me and says, “That’s it? That was fun!!!” I hope to get that reaction each and every time.

    I’m inspired by natural light, lively energy, and candid moments.  My goal is capturing your priceless memories perfectly in time, and creating a visual story for years to come.

    I started Crystal Clear Photography back in 2009 it was the best decision I’ve ever made (first being marrying my husband).

    Fine Art Wedding Photography

    You want your wedding photos to reflect you:

    Creative, quirky, complex, full of layers, and worth a linger

    I won’t boss you around, force you to smile, when to fake kiss.  Just relax and be yourselves. I believe wedding photos should be unguarded, candid moments full of connections, humour and whatever moments and emotions spring up on the day.


    Haynello Photography - Wedding Photography Melbourne

    Gorgeous Photos Melbourne



    Hey you! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Haynello. We're Olivia and Nathan (the photo duo). Based in Melbourne, Australia.



    That would be us! We're Olivia and Nathan, two creative photographers who started Haynello. Why the Name Haynello? Simple, it's our last names combined. Hayden + Iannello = Haynello.

    We both have a journalistic approach to photography, meaning we capture all the little stories, the big moments and the tiny details. We document the excitement, love and all the warm feels and create these into visual and lasting memories that you can treasure for years to come.


    Joseph  Koprek Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Photo studios for weddings Melbourne



    With over 20 years in the industry, you could say I have some experience! I first started as an assistant for a reputable photographic studio; soon after which I started shooting on a more regular basis. I then started my own business in 2002, and have been going ever since.

    My philosophy on photographing weddings is to help my couples enjoy the experience. This is achieved by approaching the day in a natural, relaxed way - capturing the story as it unfolds. From the purely natural photo-journalistic moments, the details, and to the formal photographs with family (these are important!) - it's about you, and your loved ones.

    With this approach, I've been lucky enough to travel for weddings as far as the USA (Half Moon Bay as well as Austin, Texas), Austria, Germany, Thailand, and Bali.

    Head over to my 'work' section, and if you like what you see, get in touch via the contact form above, or via the 'say hello' button here.

    Hopefully we can arrange a time to meet to show you what I do.

    Speak soon!


    My philosophy on shooting (weddings), is to ultimately help my couples enjoy the experience. This is achieved by approaching the day in a natural, relaxed way - capturing the story as it unfolds. From the purely natural photo-journalistic moments, the details, and to the formal photographs with family (these are important!) - it's about you, and your loved ones.

    With this approach, I've been lucky enough to travel for weddings as far as the USA (Half Moon Bay as well as Austin, Texas), Austria, Germany, Thailand, and Bali.

    If you like what you see, feel free to touch base via the contact form.

    Speak soon!


    Twenty One  Studio - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Capture the moment Photos Melbourne weddings


    Twenty One Studio was founded in 2011 and to date, Tuan Nguyen and his team has captured hundred of weddings big and small around Melbourne and Interstate. They take extreme pride in their high quality imagery that perfectly portrait your wedding day in a beautiful and natural way while keeping the posing minimal. Their style is a mixture of creative storytelling and visual art.

    When you choose to work with Twenty One Studio, you’re not just booking someone who will just turn up and take pictures, but rather a wedding photographer who really understand and be with you every step of the way, even long after your wedding day has passed.

    For more information about their packages and availability, please visit their website at or email

    Studio 477 Photographic Art- Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding moment photos Melbourne



    Located in Brunswick West and just 6kms north from Melbourne's CBD, Studio 477 Photographic Art is a boutique photographic studio established in 1980.

    My name is Sam Vacirca and my photographic journey began at a very young age while assisting my father photographing weddings. From the moment my father handed me my first SLR film camera my passion for the art of photography was born and I would seize the opportunity to photograph the world around me.

    On completion of my secondary education I pursued higher education in photography at the Photographic Imaging College and was honoured to become an accredited professional photographer by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), the only recognised professional imaging membership body in Australia.

    Today I am surrounded by a team that aim to create a relaxed environment at every wedding in order to document the love and emotion that undoubtedly encapsulates one of the most important days of your life. Whilst no two love stories are the same you can rest assured we will document your love story with timeless images that will evoke emotion and inspire passion for the rest of your life.

    We look forward to hearing about your special day so please get in touch.

    Wedding Photography Studio in Brunswick, Melbourne

    Studio 477 Photographic Art is a wedding studio in Melbourne dedicated to delivering high-quality wedding images. Our bridal photographers work in a range of styles to complement the personalities of the bride and groom.

    When you book with Studio 477, you’ll have some of the best wedding photographers in Melbourne working for you. We’re known for our high-quality service and our timeless images. Our wedding photography packages in Melbourne will provide everything you need to document your unique love story. You’ll receive wedding photography that you will cherish for years to come.


    Love is Sweet Weddings- Wedding Photographer Melbourne Award winning photographs Melbourne

    Upon Request

    Wedding Photographers Melbourne : ABOUT US

    We love getting to know our couples, because after all we are spending a whole day together. By getting to know you, we become immersed in your story and your relationships with those you love. We are not there to just snap away on your big day. We are creating something that you will keep forever which means we take our job very seriously and we are very honoured and grateful to those that choose us to be a part of their day.

    All team members are personally chosen and guided by Love is Sweet’s owner Nada, to ensure consistency in style and aesthetic and to guarantee the highest standard of quality and professionalism.


    Hello I’m Nada. I’m the Studio Manager and Principal Photographer of Love is Sweet Weddings and Red Mango Media. When you meet me, you may find me down to earth, calm and genuine. I don’t have one of those huge outrageous bubbly personalities, although I do love a good laugh. I have a Bachelor of Design and have photographed over 200 weddings.

    Before starting Love is Sweet Weddings, I was a graphic designer in the corporate world. In my spare time, I dance like Elaine off Seinfeld (I won’t do that at your wedding I promise), I dream of playing keyboard in an 80’s cover band and I hope to one day own my own bookshop.


    We know that weddings come and in shapes and sizes. So we have a variety of packages to suit everyone. From the full shebang to elopements and everything in between.

    We also have a variety of beautiful printed albums and photobooks that you can show off to everyone, so they can see how amazing your wedding day was.  See below for more information.



    Photographic coverage starting from 4 hours (choose the amount of hours that suits you);

    A beautifully designed 20 page album;

    Final edited images;

    Web gallery to share with family and friends;

    USB with high and low res images.




    Photographic coverage starting from 4 hours (choose the amount of hours that suits you);

    A beautifully designed 20 page photobook;

    Final edited images;

    Web gallery to share with family and friends;

    USB with high and low res images.




    Photographic coverage starting from 4 hours (choose the amount of hours that suits you);

    Final edited images;

    Web gallery to share with family and friends;

    USB with high and low res images.




    Photographic coverage (1,2 or 3 hours);

    Final edited images;

    Web gallery to share with family and friends;



    Widfotografia Photography Melbourne

    Wedding Melbourne Photographer


    We are Melbourne based wedding and pre-wedding photographer.

    We won't make you do weird, contrived poses,

    but has the eye and skill to really capture the essence of the day.


    We are Melbourne-based photographer who specialised in Wedding and Prewedding. Our photographer Widi is professional yet easy going. He would make your experience fun and care free.

    We believe that, at the end of the day, it’s your special day and it’s about you two. So you just need to enjoy the day and we will make sure your memories captured flawlessly.

    Being a Wedding and Prewedding Photographer means we would do the extra miles to get great photos of you two. It’s always an honour being able to capture the special moments of a couple. Those smiles, laughters and tears of joy are the elements we love to capture.

    We love everything about Melbourne for its beautiful landscape and buildings, but we also travel Australia world-wide to your favourite wedding venue and prewedding locations.


    Our wedding photography style is natural, relaxed, crafted, non-traditional and documentary. Our Melbourne wedding photographer aims to capture your wedding moments and make your day relaxed. Check out some of our recent Melbourne wedding photography gallery below.


    Candid Captures Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding Photography Melbourne


    Hello, my name is Jeannine. I have been photographing weddings since 2012 in Melbourne and around Victoria, Australia. I have photographed countless of weddings solo, and I have not missed a moment (even the unexpected ones). I have been taking photos since I was around 5 years old and photography has always been a huge part of my life.

    I have a knack for photojournalism and that is how I will be photographing your wedding; capturing real and special moments. These pictures come out the best and most memorable, in my opinion. I am not an invasive photographer. I search for real moments from the sidelines, taking unlimited shots to ensure I get the best candid photos. I will also take as many (or as little) posed photos as you would like. I am flexible and can cater to your needs.

    After the wedding, I select the best photos and edit them individually to enhance the natural light and colours. My average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. My packages include personalised discs in a handmade cover or a USB. They will contain edited high resolution images and low resolution images so you can easily share your photos with family and friends. My packages are flexible and you can contact me for my price list or more information at


    Theodore & Co. - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Melbourne wedding images



    Theodore & Co. is a high-end wedding photography team based in Melbourne, Australia with roots in Greece. We believe that every couple deserves to have their unique story documented with excellence, beauty, and care.

    We are storytellers who photograph wedding days in an authentic and timeless way, from details to connections to emotion. We value capturing family stories and heritage through photographs, knowing that they will be cherished for generations to come.

    We have fifteen years of experience and are truly honored any time we are chosen to be a part of one of the most significant days of someone’s life. We will make sure to let the day unfold naturally so you can relax and fully enjoy every special moment.

    Theodore & Co. is available for bookings in Australia, Greece, and Europe.

    View Our Work



    Theodore & Co. is a high-end wedding photography team based in Melbourne, Australia with roots in Greece. We believe that every couple deserves to have their unique story documented with excellence, beauty, and care.

    We are storytellers who photograph wedding days in an authentic and timeless way, from details to connections to emotion. We value capturing family stories and heritage through photographs, knowing that they will be cherished for generations to come.

    Formerly Loco Photography.


    Emotion Wedding Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding Photographer Melbourne


    We are master photographers.

    We are industry pioneers.

    We are a national brand.


    EMOTION was founded by a team of pioneers and marketing

    tech experts who knew it was time to change the wedding

    photography game.

    Engaged couples today are different to those of

    yesterday – in a million and one ways. They’re beyond

    time poor. They expect convenience and speed above all.

    And they have no tolerance for murky or inflated price tags.

    How EMOTION is changing the game


    Our packages are clear, simple and affordable. Couples know what you’re up for from the get-go.


    Couples can share their photos within just two days of their wedding – and will own every single one forever.


    Say goodbye to big fat portfolios and boring paperwork. Couples book online – in just a few minutes.

    We capture ALL types of weddings

    Small, intimate weddings and grand affairs.

    Beach parties and backyard gatherings.

    Same-sex weddings and religious ceremonies.

    Registry weddings and cheeky elopements.

    Last-minute nuptial and weddings that’ve been in the works for years!

    You name it. We do it.


    WeddingFlix Studios - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Melbourne wedding images

    1800875506 / 0488807656

    WeddingFlix Studios

    With experienced teams all over Australia ready to film your wedding day celebrations, we’re Australia’s most booked Wedding Photography & Videography Studio.

    WeddingFlix Studios

    With experienced teams all over Australia ready to film your wedding day celebrations, we’re Australia’s most booked Wedding Photography & Videography Studio.

    Budget Packages

    Our Budget packages are perfect for couples wanting worry-free, quality wedding Photography and Videography at super affordable prices.

    Standard Packages

    Our Standard packages are idea for couples looking to cover their celebrations in more detail and have input into the way their photos & films are edited.

    Boutique Packages

    Our Boutique packages are individually created around you, capturing YOUR wedding day story in the most natural and authentic way possible.

    Experience The WeddingFlix Difference

    The most important element of our natural and authentic Wedding Photography and Videography is YOU!

    When you choose WeddingFlix to cover your day, you’ll never have to worry about your Wedding Photography or Wedding Videography. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your wedding celebrations will be captured in the most natural and authentic way, by Australia’s most booked wedding photographers and videographers. It’s not our style to stage a scene, get in the way, be the centre of attention or have you pose or pretend. We specialise in capturing every moment of your day as naturally as possible.

    Our expertise extends far beyond the camera. We have a whole team of professional editors working behind the scenes to individually edit your photos and videos to fit your preferred style. From the look and feel of your photos, to the music you use in your Highlight Film, you can have as much input into the editing process as you like. We’re here to create YOUR PERFECT wedding day memory – not ours.

    We know planning your Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography can be overwhelming. But stress not. Our team of planners are with you every step of the way, answering your questions, designing the best package for you and arranging timelines to capture all the best moments and make your budget stretch further.


    Your love story starts here. And ends happily ever after.

    Customised Packages

    This is your wedding!  Your photos, your films, your day, your memory, and we like to keep it that way. We’re here to create YOUR memory, not ours. All our packages are built around you. Simply start with your coverage, add all the things you want and leave out everything you don’t, to create YOUR perfect wedding Photography or Videography package.

    FAST 10 Day Delivery

    We’ve got Australia’s FASTEST Editing times!  We know you’re excited about receiving your photos and videos and we can’t wait to give them to you. As we have our own in-house production team, we’re able to have your Photos and Videos available for you in days, not months.

    For a limited time – our Priority 10 Day editing is included FREE with every package.

    RAW Footage FREE.

    You’ll ALWAYS get the RAW footage and it’s completely FREE. Once we’ve captured your day, you’ll receive all your unedited RAW Video and audio files so you have a complete untouched archive of everything we filmed during your day.


    Eyes On Me Photography and Cinematography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Melbourne Photographers for weddings



    Welcome to Eyesonme Melbourne Wedding Photography and Cinematography Studio. Together with our highly skilled team of professionally accredited photographers and cinematographers, we capture the moment you say “I do!” Each of our Melbourne wedding photography team members has over seven years of experience, and a combined portfolio of more than two hundred weddings. We offer Melbourne Wedding Photography and Videography in a candid style. We use a documentary style of filming, natural and nonstaged, mixed with a classic and vintage feeling.

    With our studio in South Melbourne, we use this as a base to visit happy couples across all of Victoria, capturing magical moments in the most popular wedding spots like the Yarra Valley, the Mornington Peninsula, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Melbourne CBD. We are the best Melbourne wedding photography team.

    We offer a range of packages and pricing, as well as custom solutions for bespoke occasions, to suit every budget. Within our packages, we offer physical prints, entire collections of digital prints on USB, and complete Melbourne wedding photography albums with your favourite snaps from the big day!

    At our South Melbourne Studio, we encourage you to come and meet with us, so we can greater explain how our packages work and tailor a wedding photography experience unique to you. We also want to get know you; being honoured to be a part of the biggest moment of your life means we want to know how we can make it as memorable as possible!


    Black Avenue Productions  - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding Photography Melbourne



    Black Avenue Productions is a team of Melbourne wedding photographers and Melbourne wedding videographers, a group of like-minded artists with a passion for delivering an intimate, friendly, professional and fun wedding photography / videography experience to couples in love.


    Our artistic and moody color tone is inspired by our journey through working with a diverse range of couples.

    Our clients have a desire for beautiful imagery, precision, and artistic authenticity.  We shoot, edit and creates a cohesive look throughout an entire event – no matter the shooting conditions.

    Black Avenue Productions team specializes in multi-day destination events and work with couples from start to finish to create a timeless product they will cherish for the rest of their lives.


    We enjoy getting to know our couples and what they really want.

    We like providing a friendly, efficient and flexible approach to capturing your natural emotions in an unobtrusive manner.

    As boutique photographers, we limit our number to 28 – 35 weddings per year, depending on the amount of destination weddings and multi-day coverage events per year.

    It’s incredibly important for us to focus on each individual couple.

    We value quality over quantity.

    We love giving back. Each year we select local Melbourne-based charities to donate a small portion of our profits to.

    Melbourne wedding photography company, Black Avenue Productions, is a collective of professional, passionate and talented photographers with a mission to tell your story’ exactly the way you want.

    It’s true what they say. A picture says a thousand words.

    At Black Avenue Productions we are dedicated to providing the highest quality photography products and services so that you have a memory to share and cherish.  Our photography packages range from just $3,388 and can be customised to suit your budget.  We believe in honest, open and transparent relationships, getting to know our couples and providing the best possible customer experience from start to finish


    Now and Forever Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Creative Photos Melbourne Weddings



    I was born and raised in the Yarra Valley and spent my childhood playing Super Mario and kicking the footy in the street. I still live in the Yarra Valley and I love spending time photographing areas in and around my hometown.

    I’m married to my wonderful wife Emily with whom I have two beautiful kids, Finn and Grace.

    I am very passionate about photography and love working together to capture the special moments in life.

    I do my best make being photographed a comfortable experience so that you have images to cherish for a lifetime. I love getting the chance to immerse myself in the romance and magic of a wedding and in doing so I will capture the story of the day in a relaxed, natural and fun way.









    Full wedding coverage from whenever you start getting ready to the end of the party. This includes the detail photos (rings, the flowers, the suit, the dress), getting ready portraits, pre-wedding family and bridal party portraits, full ceremony coverage, the family and bridal party portraits, the portrait session, full reception coverage, the entrance, the cake cut, the first dance, speeches and a sunset/night photoshoot.








    Full wedding coverage from whenever you start getting ready to the end of the party. This includes the detail photos (rings, the flowers, the suit, the dress), getting ready portraits, pre-wedding family and bridal party portraits, full ceremony coverage, the family and bridal party portraits, the portrait session, full reception coverage, the entrance, the cake cut, the first dance, speeches and a sunset/night photoshoot.








    Full daytime wedding coverage from whenever you start getting ready to the start of the reception. This includes the detail photos (rings, the flowers, the suit, the dress), getting ready portraits, pre-wedding family and bridal party portraits, full ceremony coverage, the family and bridal party portraits and the portrait session.









    Both our wedding packages cover the whole day of your wedding, from getting ready to the portrait session following the ceremony. Our Ceremony & Reception package also covers the duration of the reception from the big entrance to the first dance, speeches and cake cutting. We don’t have strict start or finishing times, we work closely with you to plan your big day with the photography in mind.




    You will have many photos taken of you on your wedding day, by us and also many of your guests. An engagement session is a little different, it’s all about just the two of you. As part of both of our packages we offer an engagement session where we head out to a location (a park or your home etc) and hang out for an hour or so. It’s a great opportunity to see what it feels like to be in front of the camera and shake off those pre wedding photo nerves.


    Getting ready is a big part of any wedding day and no story is complete without this part of the day. Generally the bride and groom may be a little nervous before the ceremony, at this stage we try to make both he bride and groom as comfortable as we can in front of the camera by taking unposed candid photos. It’s also a great opportunity to get detail photos of the rings and dress.


    It’s time for your ceremony. The moment where months, even years of planning all comes together. There’s the moment your Dad walks you down the aisle, the moment when you see your wife to be, the “I do’s”, the first kiss and many more, we’re there to capture it all whilst not getting in the way of your guests as they help you celebrate.


    It’s time for photos with all the important people in your life! We do this just after the ceremony and we love to take a full group photo of your wedding.


    Our favorite time of the day has got to be the portrait session. Depending on the day and time of the ceremony, we can take photos before or after the ceremony. We generally go for a walk at the chosen location and take candid, unposed photos while we have a laugh. We generally don’t pose you and your partner in front of the camera, instead we offer prompts and directions to ensure that you are comfortable and just being yourself, we find that these are the best moment to capture.


    Wedding Receptions are the afterparty that you have been planning for months! We’re there to capture all of the important moments, the entrance, the cake cut, the speeches, the dance and all the fun and silly moments that happen in between. It’s also a great time to get photos with the people that helped you celebrate your wedding day.


    Night portraits are some a little out of the ordinary! Once dinner has been served and you have had your first dance, we head outside into the dark to take some more moody photos.


    Carino Creative Wedding Photographer  Melbourne

    Wedding Photography Melbourne


    Who We Are

    We’re the Cariño family! Just a family that loves being creative. We specialize in photography and videography, always using the latest equipment to capture our client’s precious moments. Altogether, we have about 10 years of experience, but honestly, this is just the beginning! We don’t consider this our “job”, but more so an opportunity to do what we love. We care about you and what you want, and we will always tailor our service to you and your special day. We’d love to get to know you so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    What We Do

    We offer a variety of packages for both photo and/or video, but if you have specific hours or requirements, we can talk it through during your free consultation to cater our packages to your needs. We’re a team of 6 so there will be at least 2 shooters per session, but if you get a photo AND video package you might even meet all of us! We offer drone footage, documentary style coverage and have a couple of add-ons to make your photos that little bit more special (we can provide sparklers, bubbles, rose petals – you name it!). We’re always open to new ideas, so don’t be afraid to let us know what suggestions you may have. We shoot weddings, birthdays, portraits, maternity shoots, basically anything! We’re happy to meet you at no cost to iron out any concerns you might have and make sure you’re comfortable before we move forward.

    Send us a message, we’d love to capture your special moments!


    Uddhav Naik Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    wedding photographer melbourne


    Hi! Thank you for taking time to look at my work and learn a bit more about myself.

    You might have noticed up on top my initials. I’m a Wedding and Architecture Photographer. I also have Architecture and Project Management background in Construction.

    I got into photography seeing my sister take photos, and over time, my curiosity got the better of me.

    I love life and the things that it presents, which is why I enjoy taking photos of all the wonderful people and places. I am always looking forward to experiencing new adventures and enjoy story-telling the 'moments' by being part of it all!

    My photography is a part of who I am. I hope the images you have come across here made you feel emotionally "connected", were visually "beautiful" and intellectually "stimulating".

    If you like the way I see things, please get in touch. I would love yo hear from you. I would love to have an open discussion about what you want and how we can make it happen together.

    My focus is on storytelling; capturing those genuine raw emotions and your love for each other. As I will accompany you throughout your big day, it's important to get that chemistry right.

    I want to capture your special moments for eternity - full of emotions that you want to look back on - over and over again. Allow me to photograph you the way you are and how only your loved ones know you.

    After the big day is over, I will do all the editing of your wedding photos to bring the whole story together into an epic tale!

    It's about you, your big day and your love. Let's create something wonderful together!


    Alexander Shore Photography - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Capture the moment Photos Melbourne weddings


    About Me

    My main love is the Ocean, life comes second.

    ​As a passionate photographer and chatterbox, I aspire to meet people and am ready to commence new and exciting ventures with whoever happens to like my style.  I am always open to travel and hope to help other creative souls starting their journey like me.

    ​My goal for the future is to help the planet however I can, whether this be by helping enviro-conscious organisations and companies do what I can't, or simply removing plastic from our oceans one bottle lid at a time.


    Nicholas Deloitte Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Creative Photos Melbourne Weddings


    Welcome to Nicholas Deloitte Media. We are a Melbourne based Photography, Video and Editing business.

    To schedule a free appointment or to compare our various packages, please go to our pricing page or contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to create a customised package.

    With over 15 years of video production, editing, photography and graphic design experience we are able to offer a broad range of services:

    • Lifestyle photography: Professionally photographed and retouched family and baby portraits, parties, wedding ceremonies and receptions.
    • Corporate events and headshots: We travel to your workplace or selected location and capture products, demonstrations, web videos business events, right through to individual portraits and head shots.

    With a background in commercial and residential property management we also offer:

    • Real Estate Photography and Video: Creative and stylish property images, agent profile images, video profiles and headshots.
    • Video Production and Editing: Web videos, commercials, interviews, music videos, demonstration videos and showreels. All professionally filmed, edited and delivered in 1080p High Definition.

    We shoot on professional Canon DSLR cameras and lenses. We also carry portable lighting equipment, motorised video sliders and tripods which allow us to capture creatively while on location.

    Our completed work is delivered on USB stick or DVD and Digitally through our shareable and downloadable online galleries.

    As an add on we can organise to have your chosen images printed onto quality media, (hard cover photo books, canvas frames and photo paper) at an additional cost.

    To make a booking please visit our pricing page or contact us for more information.

    Wedding Photography

    With an easygoing approach and an eye for creative detail you can relax and enjoy your big day while we professionally capture all the memorable moments.

    With basic packages starting from as low as $1,395, we offer an affordable option for your wedding day. All our packages can be customised to suit your specific needs. We also offer discounted add-ons such as canvas prints and deluxe hard cover photo books which are collated and designed by us.

    To schedule a free appointment and discuss any of our packages and add-ons, please visit our pricing page or contact us for more information.


    Elsa Cairns Wedding Photography - Wedding Photographer  Melbourne

    Melbourne Photographers for weddings


    Capturing moments that define your life.


    Elsa Cairns Wedding Photography is Melbourne’s premium photojournalistic wedding photography service offering a personal, hassle-free and memorable experience. From consult to the first dance, Elsa Cairns’ wedding photography will leave you reliving your big day for generations to come.

    My love for photography blossomed from my first digital point and shoot camera, a gift from my father when I was 17. I’ve always loved capturing people at their most natural states, I find that this enables me to tell the story better, to freeze the essence of the subject and dayEngaging with personality.


    To be honest, I never saw myself as a wedding photographer, just somebody documenting a friend’s most important day, capturing their most important moments and details and hoping that I’ve made a friend out of that experience. I’m always up for a chat, so feel free to drop me a message.

    Packages simplified to meet your expectations

    Tailor services

    For tailor services for your wedding day please contact us directly to discuss how we can capture every angle of your magical day.

    Digital package

    Free consult

    Schedule planning

    5 H minimum photograph services

    No limit on images deliver

    Colour correction editing

    2-3weeks delivery

    Elsa Cairns Wedding photography services the Melbourne inner-city suburbs and beyond. To ensure we can deliver your precious memories as quickly as possible, we have tailored our service into three simple packages to suit every couple's needs. Digital Package, Album Package, and Tailored Package.

    Album package

    Free consult Schedule planning

    5 H minimum photograph services

    No limit on images delivery

    Basic colour correction editing

    Hand made boutique album

    Lining & material album selection

    14 x 11 album additions added

    5-6 weeks delivery



    Images for Life Photo & Video - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Beautiful captures Weddings Melbourne



    Originally from Spain, Dolors is a highly skilled photographer who has been involved in the fashion industry for over 10 years, capturing the beauty of hundreds of models across the world. With a keen love of photography she now photographs everything and everyone – and is particularly inspired by the emotion of wedding events.

    Her husband Piero’s passion lies in videography – and in editing imagery and wedding videos – highlighting those special moments that you’ll treasure forever. As he believes the key to achieving a fabulous wedding video involves being emotionally connected to the subjects, and as he says, “The connection must come from the heart…”

    Professional, highly accommodating, hospitable and enthusiastic – this passionate duo will create imagery that you will cherish forever – guaranteed.


    Melisa Savickas Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding edited Photo captures Melbourne


    I am passionate about people and have really focused on the human experience with weddings. I am  also available for special events, family portraits, corporate portraits and child portraiture as well as a range of other services, so if your photographic needs are specialised, ask me if I can help out. I have over 2 decades of experience in a range of photography roles, so can help you with many requests.

    I have a vast range of photographic experience, a calm demeanour and a lot of patience. I aim to capture the best possible images and keep your experience smooth and fulfilling. I will make suggestions and guide you in the process, giving you creative solutions. My style is realistic, with natural, documentary style images, and the addition of special effects on selected images. By working collaboratively we can achieve your vision beautifully. I take pride in my work and want you to be more than happy with the results.

    If you are looking for a photographic service that is personal, tailored to your needs and beyond your expectations, I can help  you.

    Your Wedding

    Are you planning your wedding? Together, we can make it an incredible experience.

    Let me capture all the true emotion and excitement of the day with sincerity.

    Your memories will be captured in  beautiful, honest images that you will treasure forever

    For the couple that wants a timeless, honest and creative perspective of their wedding day, I will provide a stress-free wedding photography experience. My photographs are beautiful, clear and tell your personal love story in stunning imagery.


    SO Studio Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding experiences photographer Melbourne


    We are a group of artistic pursuit of the young people, a Team only one day take a pair client. Don't take Datoutie, passport, and a camera can take photographs of various types.

    Our own requirements are: communication, truth, respect for individuality! We have enough patience,

    The most sincere communication, and professional skills to support your ideas.

    We are trying to convey is: every time not just shoot film, it is unforgettable spiritual experience ...

    Because we have taken in the process, is close to each other, a simple nature,between man and man

    Trust and communication, finally reached a tacit agreement on the film aesthetic. To most incisive shooting out of your expectation,

    It will also be about the significance of our work, certainly the greatest. Perhaps before us, there has never been such a position and attitude. We hope that our each customer is a friend, is the kind of fellowship with one another interactive willing to speak one's mind freely, without regard to friend.

    Our team refused to modeling shoot, shoot to planning for the characteristics, and the constant pursuit of high quality。

    For every choice of our customers are given the responsibility and respect!

    This is our commitment! Thank you for your trust and support!


    Monty Studio - Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Artistic photos Melbourne Weddings


    About Monty Studio

    A modern, welcoming and versatile home photo studio equipped with multiple non-flashing LED panels, multiple physical and digital backdrops and a homely environment which makes the smallest baby to the oldest relative feel relaxed right away.

    Situated in one of Banyule's oldest residential dwellings, Monty Studio is the creation of owner Marty who designed and created the multi-functional space which can fit large families, crying babies, domestic products, barking dogs and much more into the elegant space.

    With the 14 independent LED light panels, Marty can affect the mood, style and charisma of each photo session, displaying all images in real-time which gives the customer input and reassurance of the beautiful images that have been taken.


    Eerik Sandstrom Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Professional Photographers for weddings Melbourne


    That's me, with my wife Kasey on our wedding day. We were lucky to be surrounded by so many of our friends and family, many of whom travelled from overseas and interstate to celebrate with us. You don’t get to experience many days like this, where all of your favourite people come together in one place just for you and it’s a pretty special feeling.

    A little about me, I was born in Melbourne and I’ve lived here most of my life. My Dad is from Finland and my Mum is Australian, so the unusual spelling of my name (which is pronounced Eric) comes from the Finnish side of my family.

    In 2012, after battling through another cold Melbourne winter, I decided a sea change was in order. I moved to Perth and that’s where I met Kasey. After five years in Perth I managed to convince Kasey the coffee was better in Melbourne and the winters weren’t so bad, so we packed up and moved back. It didn’t take her long to work out I lied about the winters.

    Besides photographing weddings, I have a love for the outdoors, adventure and a good coffee. I have all the right equipment to ensure I can have a coffee wherever I am in the world - from snowboarding in the US, hiking in New Zealand or riding my mountain bike at the You Yangs here in Victoria - as long as I have my AeroPress any time is coffee time!

    Travelling is always at the top of my agenda so if you’re planning on getting married abroad, count me in!

    That’s enough about me, I’m keen to find out more about you and what you have planned for your special day.

    If you’re a chilled couple planning for a super fun day, then we’re going to get along really well. I like to keep things simple and fun. But don’t worry, I take the photo capturing thing very seriously.

    If you're looking for someone to capture the story of your wedding day, let's get a coffee.

    Photography Packages

    Hey! Thanks for checking out my work. The question i get asked the most is ‘Eerik, why two E’s?, Did you spell it wrong?’

    After a lengthy answer blaming my Scandinavian parents the next question usually is ‘what’s your style’?

    The answer to that is I am 100% in this for the laughter and good times! I want my images to show couples for the awesome people they are whilst capturing the laughs, happiness and thrills of the day.

    My work is candid, but by no means am I bystander - I’ll guide you (and your guests) throughout the day to insure we get awesome photos that are 100% you!

    You’ve planned a rad day, enjoy it. I’ll choreograph photos you will cherish.


    The Light Industry - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    Melbourne wedding images


    "A unique level of vision for your event."

    Luke Skilbeck (Director)

    ​Alongside a decade of work in the media industry, Luke (owner) has a wide scope of camera crane film credit, broadcast TV experience and a broad design portfolio. Having also lectured for three years at the University of Tennessee in binocular vision/optics, Luke brings a deep knowledge of science to the art of capturing your perfect event.

    Melbourne Wedding and Bridal Fashion Photography

    Melbourne // Victoria // East Coast // International

    our style and aesthetic of wedding photography is moody yet romantic, candid yet intentional, raw and emotional. we live and breathe the socal culture, and love taking advantage of the best weather, beaches, mountains, deserts, and of course, our urban concrete jungle that is the most liveable city in the world - Melbourne. on a good day, we can hike a mountain, catch happy hour at a microbrewery, and make it to the beach in time to chase an infamous west coast sunset with a couple of lovers.

    Are you looking for a few Melbourne wedding photographers & videographers to explore with? if so, you’re in the right place. we’d love to capture you and your lover, especially in melbourne or victoria, but we’d never turn down an adventure – domestic or worldwide.

    Wattle Studios Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Melbourne wedding images


    Wedding Information

    You can trust Wattle Studios and its team of photographers to capture the atmosphere and those special moments on your wedding day.

    Wedding Photography Melbourne

    • High quality wedding photography lets you convey your unique love story to family and friends worldwide, through an exquisite series of breathtaking stills, digitally recording the ambience and mood of you special day for life-long memories, with strikingly artistic photos. If you are looking for wedding coverage by a professional wedding photographer around Melbourne, then you have come to the right place.
    • We will always ensure your wedding photographs are of the highest quality. We can assist you in creating a personal portfolio at very reasonable rates.
    • We provide comprehensive post production services including natural looking digital enhancements that will give your photographs an engaging look.
    • Packages for wedding photography for both bride and bridegroom can be as simple and cost effective as several hundred copyright free photographs on DVD with options for beautiful hard cover, digital photo books, capturing the essence of your wedding day.

    At Wattle Studios, you will not only receive a professional wedding photographer with decades of expertise, but also our extensive knowledge of all aspects of the day.

    Consequently, we are the perfect choice as we are local and guarantee satisfaction. We understand that every couple is different and needs attention to specific requirements. Therefore we provide face to face consultations at our studios, to get to know you a little, in order to get the very best possible result from the day. We pride ourselves on an informal and unobtrusive approach which captures those precious, spontaneous, candid moments.

    Coverage on the wedding day is not limited to a time frame, but traditionally covers all aspects of the event from groom and bride preparations, through to the end of the reception if required.

    You are given all pictures copyright free, so that you can readily and cost effectively reproduce images for family and loved ones. Of course you are always able to come back to us for extra DVD’s of all photographs, or for professional, framed enlargements, since we offer a comprehensive framing service particularly for our own photography.

    Wedding Packages start from $1200 and can easily be tailored to individual needs, get in touch for best wedding coverage across Melbourne.

    If you want us to capture your special day, just call Ian on 9432 9790 or 0414 359 365 or email us at You can also send any queries online.

    We all love spending time with our loved ones and cherish the moments we spend with our family.  Our Family photography services capture those precious moments as a permanent record and fond memories of time spent with family. If you want photography for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family parties and other activities, then we are the right business to contact. Located in Melbourne’s North Eastern Suburbs, Wattle Studios offers professional family photography services to those who wish to celebrate the special bond they share with their families. We have provided many happy customers over several decades with beautifully framed portraits for their homes. Digital copyright files of all images purchased, are provided to share amongst family and friends. We can use our studio in the Diamond Valley or can come to you if you prefer, to photograph you in your favourite environment.

    Photographs that Spark New Passion

    Photos capture those precious moments of life, which have to be treasured forever. Therefore, it is important to choose the right photographer for your requirements. Focusing on Melbourne , at Wattle Studios, we offer professional photography services backed by over 25 years industry experience.

    Being adept in seizing the candid moments, we will surely spare you from the hassle of recurrent posing sessions. We capture images that reflect your personality and the emotion of the moment.

    We understand that many things keep you occupied on your wedding day or special event, so we focus on ensuring that your experience with us is a smooth one. For this reason, we focus on an approach that is, unobtrusive, considerate, friendly and warm. While this gives you the freedom to discuss your requirements with us, we will do our utmost to ensure a result which you will be proud to share with your friends and family.

    Well-Equipped for a Seamless Photographic experience

    Due to our extensive experience and ‘state of the art’ equipment we are flexible and come well prepared to ensure nothing spoils the fun and enjoyment. We will ensure that your photographs capture the mood, charm and excitement of your celebration.

    Our team has extensive experience in covering a variety of corporate and private functions with our photographic and video production services. Therefore, if you are looking for professional event photographers, glamour Photographers or wedding photographers in Melbourne, you have come to the right place.

    We are Just a Call Away

    All that you have to do to freeze those special moments in your life is to simply call us on 9432 9790 or 0414 359 365. We can then arrange a time to meet to get to know each other a little and discuss your event and a style of coverage to fits your needs and personality. You can also have any queries answered by emailing Ian at or by posting your queries online. We look forward to hearing from you.


    White River Photography & Videography-Wedding Photographer Melbourne Wedding Melbourne Photographer




    Welcome to White River Photography based in Melbourne. We are a highly experienced and talented team of passionate artists specializing in fine art wedding photography. Our signature style is creative and laidback, the perfect blend to complement any wedding style.

    ​Our specialization in fine art photography means that to us each photo is also a work of art. Creating art with soft, natural touches is what we love to do. We use natural lighting and candid photography to create beautiful vignettes which showcase the splendour of each and every moment.

    ​We believe that as a team of well-experienced and talented photographers, we can anticipate and provide for exactly what every bride wants: for the magic of her wedding to be captured in as beautiful a way as it was when it happened. With an eye towards the pastoral and the charming, the romantic and the elegant, we aim to create stunning works of art that document your love.

    ​We look forward to learning all about your heart-warming story. Let us immortalize your wedding by turning the photos into fine art, a true testament to your love’s beauty and grace.

    Please take a look at our photography and videography packages

    Special Offer


    • 8 hour photography coverage with
    • ​All images artistically edited
    • ​Personal gallery for online viewing
    • ​Handcrafted wooden USB box set
    • 12 X 12 inch 22 pages leather album​
    • 36X24inch (90X60cm) enlargement ready for framing
    • ​Extra coverage: $250/hour


    • ​6 hours coverage - $1500
    • ​One professional photographer
    • ​All images artistically edited
    • Personal gallery for online viewing
    • ​Handcrafted wooden USB
    • ​36X24inch (90X60cm) enlargement ready for framing
    • ​Extra coverage: $200/hour
    • Extra photographer: $150/hour


    • 6 hours coverage - $2000
    • two professional videographers
    • multicam setup throughout the day
    • handcrafted cinematic highlight reel (~3-5 mins)
    • edited full day footage (~1-2 hours)
    • Top of the Range Cameras and Lenses & Professional Audio Recording
    • Extra coverage: $250/hour


    Cue the Confetti Photography Melbourne

    Wedding Photos Melbourne



    Having grown up being mostly in front of the camera a lot of people were quite shocked to see me behind it. Starting photography was accidental. I had never dreamed of being a photographer and honestly I thought I wouldn’t be very good at it.

    From very early on it was just my son and I, and to pass time I bought myself a camera and started taking pictures of him. I posted a few on social media, when people started asking me for the photographer’s name. I wasn’t expecting that type of reception but started to realise that perhaps I am lot better than I thought.

    I am not the best people person or have a  ‘in your face’ salesperson type personality. I prefer to take the back seat and capture true self and raw emotion. I don’t want to interfere in your wedding, I am there to document it, not tell you how it should be. You’ve spent hours, months, maybe years planning your special day and then to have someone tell you at every second what to do would be disappointing.

    I do have two children who keep me on my feet. They both love being in front of the camera ( a lot like myself when I was a child) and I’ve just started letting my son take a few photos here and there.


    Family session $400

    • Photographic and styling session (90 mins) + Travel (within 38kms of Cranbourne North)
    • Full gallery of images via digital download


    Intimate Package $800

    • Up to 4 hours of Photography
    • 1 Photographer
    • Ceremony, Bridal party + Family, Bride and Groom location shoot, Cutting of the Cake and First dance.
    • Approximately 150 images digital file

    Love birds Package $2000

    • Up to 6 hours
    • 1 Photographer
    • Images delivered via online gallery

    Soulmate Package $3200

    • Two Photographers
    • Up to 9 hours of Photography
    • Images delivered via online gallery

    Unconditional Love Package $4600

    • Two Photographers
    • Up to 11 hours of Photography
    • Images delivered via online gallery
    • Includes Fine art Photo album

    Not sure we’re the right fit for your special day?

    Have an engagement shoot for 150 dollars which includes 10 digital images.

    Anyone that books their wedding with us, gets a free engagement shoot.

    Therefore, if you decide to book your wedding with us after your engagement shoot we will minus the 150 from your deposit.

    We are located in Melbourne, Australia. However, travel all over Australia. A travel fee will apply, but contact us to discuss.

    International enquiries are also welcome.

    Weddings require a non-refundable deposit of $500 payable within five days to secure your Wedding date. This comes off the total amount of your Wedding day photography.  Family bookings require a $150 non-refundable deposit, this comes off the total amount of your family photo shoot.


    Seun Nomolewa Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding Photographer Melbourne



    SOV was founded in 2016, and has been delivering stunning visuals to our clients ever since then. At SOV our core belief is that everything is beautiful once portrayed in the right light. We bring that same energy to every brand and client we work with.

    We will stop at nothing till we have portrayed you brand or event in the best light possible.

    Every brand needs stunning visuals to stand out from the rest and we have mastered the art of helping you stand out from the crowd.

    We tell everyday stories in a unique way that your ideal customer can relate to.


    Really Good Wedding Photographer Melbourne

    Wedding Image creations Melbourne


    Hey! It’s so good to meet you. I’m Lachy Scallion. And this is my life. Did you ever watch the show back in the 90’s? Anyway I’m a 90’s kid. I grew up on ‘the ninch’, Frankston way. Spent a lot of time on the beach and actually still do. It’s where I escape to when I need to think and I’ve always love to watch the way the light changes across the water.

    This is usually the part where I'm suppose to tell you how great am and list all my accolades. But I think that’s pretty boring. I don’t take photos for awards. I actually just love taking photos of people and celebrating love. Celebrating unique stories and making you feel comfortable in the process. Couple’s often say that I’m relaxed and that’s how I like to go about being part of your day. Have some fun, take some sweet photos and let you get on with enjoying your day too.

    My responsibility as your wedding photographer is to help you celebrate and have the best day possible. Not to take you away from the action but to join in with the festivities and capture whatever the heck unfolds, the tears, the laughter, the jokes, the dancing. I love that each wedding is a unique representation of the two lives coming together and my joy is seeing you have the best of times.

    Really good wedding photography Melbourne.

    life’s too short for awkward wedding photos. ain’t that the truth. really good wedding’s candid approach means less time posing more time celebrating with friends and family. it’s really simple, and really good.

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