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What is the maid of honour supposed to pay for?

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    The most uncomfortable and crucial element of being the maid of honour is talking about money. While there are certain costs that you are responsible for, it is ultimately up to you to determine how much money you are willing to spend each month. But first, you need to address the elephant in the room: what does the maid of honour foot the bill for?

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    Maid of Honour Financial Etiquette

    Don't hide your financial situation. Whether it's a bachelorette party in Las Vegas or a destination wedding Both of these things in Fiji are fantastic, but you should check your budget to make sure you can afford to do them all.

    If financial constraints prevent you from attending the wedding, it's time to have a serious talk with the bride.

    In some cases, you simply can't say "no" to a best friend. For the wedding to be more affordable, most brides would ask their closest friends to stand with them down the aisle. Confronting the other members of the bridal party with your feelings may be awkward, but it's necessary. It is now common practise for members of a group to divide up the planning and budgeting responsibilities.

    Bride Financial Etiquette

    Inviting a friend or relative to be your maid of honour is both an honour and a responsibility. To be a kind and considerate friend and bride, honesty is essential. You and your soon-to-be-husband should sit down and figure up a reasonable cost estimate before contacting any wedding party prospects, even if it may take some of the joy out of the occasion. If you're still uncertain about a lot of stuff, it would be wise to put a cap on the total cost that you won't go above.

    Never put your best buddy through anything that might even somewhat be considered difficult. Let's pretend your maid of honour can't afford to attend your wedding. If that's the case, you can ease her financial burden by offering to pay for her wedding dress or hotel stay. You could also consider reducing your spending on luxuries. Twenty years from now, having her there with you will likely mean more than the luxury bridesmaid dresses you wore.


    Expenses Maids of Honour Should Expect to Pay For

    If you want to keep your job as the bride's right-hand "wing woman" (and avoid being fired), read on for a rundown of all the duties that will fall to you. Below is your first glimpse at the adventure of a lifetime.

    Wedding Attire

    Bridal party members, including the maid of honour, are responsible for paying for all of their own wedding clothes. Dress (with any necessary modifications), shoes, and accessories for the big day. On rare occasions, the bride will give her attendants jewellery or other accoutrements that she specifically requests.

    Bridal Shower

    It is customary for the maid of honour to organise the bridal shower and divide the costs among the other members of the bridal party. All of the party's trimmings—from tableware to snacks to games to drinks—are included in this total. However, it is appropriate to request financial support from the bride's mother and the groom's mother, as well as other relatives.


    It is customary for the maid of honour to present the bride with a gift at both the bridal shower and the wedding. Don't feel compelled to go beyond or over budget because you're already shelling out a lot of cash on other things. Choose one or two items from the couple's registry for the bridal shower, then give them money in lieu of favours for the wedding.

    Maid of Honour Responsibilities

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    Before the Wedding

    Be There for the Bride

    The maid of honour must strike a balance between being reassuring and dominating. A maid of honour should know the bride as well as she knows her best friend. The maid of honour should approach the bride and enquire as to how she may be of assistance throughout the wedding preparations. Be honest about the different personalities involved, and decide if the bride will delegate and ask for help, or if the maid of honour should check in and offer support on her own own at regular intervals.

    Consider the bride's potential family dynamics while discussing the desired level of involvement and support.

    Don't Forget to Have Fun.

    While helping the bride is your top priority, you should also make time to have a good time. The bride is your best friend, and you should treat her as such throughout the entire planning process, from a relaxing afternoon of mani-pedis to an all-out girls' night out. First and foremost, as maid of honour, you must always be there for your best friend and show her nothing but the utmost love and support.

    Review the Budget

    First, you should consult with your bridesmaids to find out how much money they have to spend on the bachelorette party and bridal shower. Once you've planned a girls' trip to Cancun and asked everyone to chip in, don't assume that everyone will be able to afford it.

    Go Wedding Dress Shopping

    Ah, the hunt for the perfect wedding dress, a ritual almost as exciting as the wedding itself. To increase the likelihood that the bride would say "yes" to the dress, you should go with her to the fittings and give her your honest assessment. If you see her making her way from dressing room to dressing room, offer to help her re-zip her clothes and return her hanging garments to the rack.

    Order Your Dress on Time

    You definitely don't want to find out though that the dress won't be delivered on the wedding day. If you want to have plenty of time for alterations and to enjoy having it in your closet, place your order as soon as possible.

    Serve as the Point of Contact

    The other bridesmaids, the bride's family, and even the guests will look to you as a resource, so it's important that you learn as much as possible about the wedding. This will relieve the bride of the burden of constantly checking her phone and inbox for updates on event times and locations.

    Ask the bride for a list of dates she is available, and then send out an online survey to the bridal party to see when the most people are free to attend the shower and the bachelorette party.

    Send a "Getting to Know You" Email

    Send an email icebreaker to the other bridesmaids introducing yourself and giving them your contact information. That way, everyone will have a chance to meet one another before the bachelorette party.

    Mediate Conflict Among the Bridal Party

    You, as the maid of honour, are responsible for keeping the peace in the bride's inner circle. In addition, you'll be in charge of delegating responsibilities for any events leading up to the wedding and addressing the bridesmaid's queries about the schedule for the big day. Make it clear to the bridesmaids that they can come to you with any questions, worries, or suggestions; you can then note them down, address the ones you can, and bring the remainder to the bride when she is less busy.

    Lend a Hand With DIY Projects

    Is the bride able to handle the addressing of invitations and the making of her own centrepieces and party favours on her own? Organize a wedding DIY craft night and include her favourite sparkling wine as a way to pitch in and show your support.

    Plan the Bachelorette Party

    Get ready to take charge as the event planner for the bride's shower and stag do. If you reach out to family and bridesmaids, get everyone involved, and keep everyone on track financially, you will become the unofficial party planner. You need to throw the bride an unforgettable bachelorette party. Avoid making plans for something solely so it can be shared on social media. If you're looking for ideal, you needn't look any further. Sydney hens ideas; Magic Men is the answer. 

    Prepare a Wedding Survival Kit

    Keep a kit of common bridesmaid necessities like pain relievers, bandages, hair ties, and safety pins on hand at all times.

    Keep Track of Gifts Received

    If the bride chooses to have a gift opening at her shower, make a list of who gave her what. One duty that is sometimes ignored but much appreciated by the bride is keeping track of who contributed to the bridal shower so that short thank-you emails can be written.

    Prepare a Speech for the Reception

    The bride may choose to have only close relatives give speeches at the reception. Some people choose not to make any sort of presentation at all. You, as maid of honor, are expected to be confident public speakers who will not embarrass the bride. Get started writing ideas months before the wedding spend the final weeks leading up to the big day refining and putting the finishing touches on everything.

    Choose the Tunes

    The reception playlist will likely be one of the last things on the bride's to-do list. Make it a pleasant girls' night in by turning up the tunes, opening a bottle of wine, and letting your hair down.

    Keep Everything Moving

    In spite of the fact that a planner or organiser will be in charge of the schedule for the wedding and its associated festivities, you should still take the time to write down your own plans. The maid of honour, on the other hand, should remember to include honour tasks in her own organisation systems. If you're using Google Calendar, for instance, you can schedule times to check in with the bride and the rest of the wedding party while you organise the bachelorette party.

    Day of the Wedding

    Savour Every Moment

    You should focus first and foremost on calming down the bride and making her feel comfortable. A wedding is a very touching and emotional occasion. The maid or matron of honour is the person the bride chooses to be her closest confidante throughout the entire wedding process. You might possibly assist her in taking pleasure in the occasion on its own terms. Pop a bottle of Champagne and have a toast with the bridesmaids before the ceremony to keep the excitement level high as she gets dressed.

    Make Sure the Bride Remembers to Eat

    Check in on the bride every so often to see if she needs a snack throughout the day, and especially before she leaves the bridal suite. Even if she is too giddy to eat, a protein-rich snack will keep her from passing out from hunger.

    The bride may not eat again until the reception, so a light breakfast will go a long way in keeping her going throughout the long day. You should pack the bridal suite with all of her favourite goodies, so ask her to share some of her favourites with you.

    Be on Drunk Patrol

    In the event that the bridesmaids and the bride want to imbibe in some bubbly while they prepare for the big day, it is the responsibility of the maid of honour to ensure that everyone has a good time without getting drunk. Put some snacks and water within easy reach.

    Be There to Assist the Mother of the Bride

    The mother of the bride should not be overlooked. The mother of the bride will also want assistance with her preparations on the big day, such as having someone bring her champagne, food, and water. Have a plan B ready to keep her occupied if you or the bride think she might, ahem, interfere. In this period, she may do things like go around the venue one more time to make sure everything is in place, relax with her pals over a drink before the ceremony, and welcome the guests as they arrive.

    Pitch in With Social Media

    The bride will likely opt for a low-key, stress-free morning for her wedding. Unless she specifically forbids it, now is a great time to photograph the bride putting on her wedding dress, the toasting guests, and the happy tears that follow. When the maid of honour uses social media to post and tag guests in celebratory photos, she helps keep the party going social media. On her wedding day, the bride typically does not have access to a camera.

    Don't Let the Bride and Her Partner Cross Paths. 

    If you know where the bride's future husband or wife might be, you can help out the bride a lot. It's considered bad luck if the best man sees the bride before she walks down the aisle. Get in touch with the wedding planner or coordinator to make sure you won't be running into each other before the big moment. Facilitate a quick and easy gift exchange for the bride and groom if they choose to do so before the wedding.

    Help the Bride Get Dressed

    Helping the bride into what is likely to be the most intricate and expensive dress she will ever wear is no easy chore. You should have everything from your bra and underwear to your shoes and jewellery out the night before, so that you don't have to rummage around in the morning trying to find something to wear.

    Provide Assistance in the Ladies Room

    Even though this isn't exactly a thrilling task, the bride will appreciate your assistance. Help her into the ladies room for a final check of her costume, heels, and hair as the ceremony begins. Even though it will be a hilarious moment full of witty manoeuvres, it will forever alter the nature of best friends.

    Serve as the Bride's Personal Stylist

    If the bride doesn't have a planner or stylist, you shouldn't be shy about pitching in and helping out with the preparations. There is a plethora of last-minute things to take care of, from steaming out any creases to ensuring the veil is in the right spot.


    Have Your Hair and Makeup Plan Ready

    Bring the bride's approval on your beauty style and some images to show the stylists on the big day. That way, you'll be able to direct the other members of the wedding party as to how they can best look to facilitate the proceedings.

    Keep Her Partner's Ring Safe

    It is customary for a best man to be in charge of keeping the wedding bands while the ceremony is going on until the time comes to exchange vows. However, it is highly likely that at some point during the wedding ceremony, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of protecting one of the engagement rings.

    Take Care of the Bouquet

    As the bride makes her way down the aisle, you can aid by holding her bouquet. Give the bouquet back to her after she says "I do" so she can carry it with her down the aisle.

    Keep the Bride Hydrated

    It is your responsibility as maid of honour to make sure the bride drinks plenty of water throughout the entire day, from preparations through the reception. Be sure to ask the bride if she would like sparkling or still water and encourage her to drink frequently throughout the ceremony and reception. This will prevent her from getting a hangover and keep her energised for the brunch the day after.

    Round-Up Friends and Family for the Wedding Photos

    Attempting to round up relatives for posed photos before or after the wedding might cause a lot of stress. Propose to lend a helping hand to speed things up.

    Keep Tabs on the Wedding Gifts

    As the evening winds down, please assist the bride by seeing that her bridal presents, checks, and cards are delivered to her vehicle or hotel room.

    Dance With the Bride

    Your hard graft in preparation has finally paid off now that you've made it to the reception. Prepare to rock out on the dance floor to some of your favourite tunes with your newfound dancing partner, the bride. Feel free to snap a photo of yourself. To help you plan a perfect hens party, check out our packages for ladies night at Magic Men.


    It's both a privilege and an obligation to ask a close friend or family member to be your maid of honour on your wedding day. You'll have to pay for some things, but it's up to you how much. The role of the maid of honour is to serve as the bride's closest confidante and assistant. Her wedding gown, jewellery, and accessories are all on the tab of her parents. At both the bridal shower and the wedding, it is traditional for guests to give her a gift.

    As the maid of honour, it is your duty to support your best friend at all times. Find out from your maids of honour how much they can contribute to the bachelorette and wedding celebrations. If you want to have fun with your wedding dress after the big day, order it online. Your role as maid of honour includes ensuring harmony among the bride's closest friends and family. All tasks related to the wedding's preparations will fall under your purview.

    Be sure your attendants know they can come to you with any concerns, ideas, or questions they may have about the wedding. Whoever the bride chooses to be her closest confidante is her maid or matron of honour. The maid of honour must keep the festivities lively without allowing anyone to get too tipsy. The maid of honour can find plenty to do with this list of suggestions for the wedding itself. The bride's mum will also need some help getting ready for the big day.

    To be of great assistance, find out the whereabouts of the bride's potential future spouse. The maid of honour will use social media to share and tag partygoers in photos of the festivities. Never be afraid to lend a hand if the bride doesn't have a planner or stylist. There are a lot of little things to fix at the last minute, like steaming out the creases and making sure the veil is in the right place.

    Content Summary

    • Your monthly budget is a function of your priorities and how much you are willing to spend despite the fixed costs for which you are responsible.
    • Financial Customs for the Maid of Honor
    • You shouldn't try to hide the fact that you're struggling financially.
    • Let's say for the sake of argument that your maid of honour cannot afford to pay for her own travel and accommodations to attend your wedding.
    • Read on for a rundown of all the responsibilities that will fall to you as the bride's right-hand "wing woman" if you want to keep your job (and not get fired).
    • GiftsThe maid of honour traditionally gives the bride a gift at both the bridal shower and the wedding.
    • Although assisting the bride is obviously important, you should also take some time to celebrate.
    • Act as the Primary Communicator
    • Knowing as much as possible about the wedding will make you a valuable resource for the bride, the bridesmaids, the bride's family, and the guests.
    • As the maid of honor, it is your job to ensure that the bride's inner circle remains harmonious at all times.
    • Arrange a bachelorette bash.
    • Prepare to lead the charge as coordinator of the bride's shower and the stag party.
    • You should take the time to write down your plans, even if a planner or organiser will be in charge of scheduling the wedding and related festivities.
    • On the other hand, the maid of honour needs to develop her own systems for keeping track of honour duties.
    • The bride's mum should not be forgotten.
    • The maid of honour can help keep the party going on social media by posting and tagging guests in celebratory photos.
    • As the ceremony begins, accompany her into the ladies' room for a last-minute dress and hair check.
    • Don't be hesitant to lend a hand with the wedding planning if the bride hasn't hired a planner or stylist.
    • Be sure the Bride is Well Hydrated!
    • From getting ready to the reception, it is your duty as maid of honour to keep the bride hydrated.

    FAQs About Maid Of Honor

    Traditionally, these costs are inflated for the maid of honor. Convention dictates that she's financially responsible for hosting the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, which can amount to several hundred (possibly even thousand) dollars, depending on the location and events planned.

    Who Pays for the Bachelorette Party Traditionally? Typically, the maid of honor and bridesmaids split the cost of the bachelorette party. The bride's expenses (including her drinks, meals, and transportation) are split evenly between the bridal party.

    Generally speaking, bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dresses and accessories, as well as potentially hair and makeup appointments and transportation to the wedding. According to Gottsman, bridesmaids should be prepared to cover the costs for these expenses once they accept the offer.

    Maid of honor duties include planning the bachelorette party, making sure the bridesmaids dresses are ordered in a timely fashion, serving as the point person on the wedding day, giving a speech at the reception, being a model wedding guest.

    The maid of honor can be married, although they are instead commonly referred to as the matron of honor. Traditionally, the matron of honor was considered to be a role model for the bride; symbolizing fidelity and serving as an appropriate example for the imminent marriage.

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