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What is there to do at Bucks night?

Bucks party – throwing the ultimate bucks party

If your best mate is getting married, you might feel like you’re losing your partner in crime, but the good news is you get to be in charge of arranging his Bucks party. As the best man, you may have lots of questions about throwing the ultimate Bucks party; here are answers to three of the most common:

When should we hold the Bucks party?

Sadly the tradition of holding the Bucks party on the evening before the wedding has been vetoed by concerned brides who seem to think it’s essential that the groom can stand up on his wedding day. So if the night before the wedding is out, when can you hold Buck’s party? 

Arranging the Bucks party one or two weeks before the wedding will probably be a popular choice with the Buck because it will provide an escape from some of the last-minute wedding panic. It will also mean that evening events are still fresh in guests’ minds on the wedding day. If the guys aren’t available, you can get away with a month or even two months before the wedding.

If the Bucks party is a surprise for the groom, you can have it up to four months before the wedding when he really won’t be expecting it. If Buck’s mates are spread across the globe but will all be flying in for the wedding, see if you can arrange a Bucks party two nights before the big day. This will allow a full day for recovery, but be sure no one shaves his head once he’s passed out.

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What should we do at the Bucks party?

It has been said that all you need for a great Bucks party is beer, mates (to drink the beer), and food (to soak up the beer). However, more and more grooms are looking for Bucks parties involving some activity, such as quad biking, paintballing, golf, fishing or rally driving.

Whether you are having a one-day event or a whole Bucks weekend, the best Bucks parties are usually those that combine a fun activity, with an evening of drinking or maybe a barbeque. Stay sober and enjoy the activity; the evening is the perfect time for drinking games, strippers, and gags involving the unsuspecting Buck.

8 of the Best Bucks Party Ideas you HAVE to Check Out

Planning your mates Bucks party is both an honour and a privilege. The groom not only considers you one of his best mates, but he’s also chosen YOU like the most capable of delivering on one of the biggest nights of his life. 

Bucks day out at the track

It’s racy, cutting-edge, heart-pumping action from race start to race end. Treat the boys to an adrenaline-fuelled race day out. Exhilarating track demonstrations, jaw-dropping stunt displays, supercar showcases and jet reconnaissance flights are just a glimpse of the impressive sights you and the boys can experience at a well planned Bucks weekend. This Bucks activity idea is great for those looking for thrilling outdoor action with a backdrop of glamour and sophistication.

Survival style Bucks activities

So you’re eager to get the boys into the great outdoors testing out their survival skills with grit under their fingernails, sweat on their brows and adrenaline pumping in their veins! For outdoor bucks party ideas that will challenge the boys in strategy, grit, resilience and pure survival skills it doesn’t get more action-packed than survival style Bucks activities, including white water rafting and kayaking and rock climbing 4×4 quad biking, mud runs, scavenger hunts and more. 

Question is…do you have what it takes to survive under pressure?

Sniper School / Military Training

As a young, bright-eyed boy, did you ever dream about joining the SAS front line? Becoming an elite force commander fearlessly leading your troops into stealth missions, with cutting edge battle intelligence and military training designed to annihilate the enemy? Get the boys together and live out that dream for a day with professional sniper training at a military training academy. Learn about sniper weapon systems and tactics, perfect the art of long-range precision fire, and develop critical battlefield intelligence and camouflage skills.

It is a unique idea for a Bucks party but one that most of the boys will almost certainly never try before and will most definitely be remembered for years to come!

Blend Your Own Whisky Class and Roll A Signature Cuban Cigar

Were you looking for a more classy Bucks party idea for the more sophisticated groom? Don your tweed tailored dinner jackets and brogues, and channel your inner Don Corleone with a “Blend Your Own Whisky” class.

Learn about the delicate craft of making your whisky from the Masters of Malt, and sample a wide range of whisky nectars from single malts to more complex blends. Please create your unique blend of whisky and personalise the bottle to take home with you and the boys to enjoy on the big day as a symbol of his last night of freedom. Double the suave factor and joy to the senses by teaming up the whisky sampling with a taste of signature Cuban cigars.

I know… it sounds so good you can almost taste it.

Snowboarding / Ski Trip

There’s nothing more refreshing than carving up the slopes with your mates on a fresh winters day with an epic playlist streaming through your beats, and an ice-cold beer waiting for you at the local apres ski watering hole.

Just 5 or 6 hours drive from Sydney you can take the boys on an epic Bucks weekend to the snow at either Perisher ski resort in Jindabyne or Thredbo. One of the best things about the snow resorts in Australia is how well suited they are to a range of abilities, with black runs and challenging slopes for the more experienced riders, and learner slopes with lessons available for those boys needing a helping hand.

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there, after a piping hot shower you and the boys can enjoy the beers and live music in front of a warm fire at the local bars before getting some shut-eye for the next day of action on the slopes. Weekend packages at the snow vary from budget options with transfers and dorm rooms to all-inclusive luxury snow packages with chalets on the slopes, meals and all snow gear included.

A fun-filled, action-packed Bucks weekend idea!

Watch A Game / Rent A Box

Experience the thrill of the game and join the roar of the fans with a Bucks sporting day out at the AFL or NRL. If your groom is an avid AFL fan, get the action underway with a memorable matchday experience at the home of the Aussie Football League – the MCG. Or for the NRL fanatics, a corporate box at the ANZ stadium would be hard to beat!

Save the dollar with general entry tickets, or for the ultimate matchday experience, revel in a prime position in the stadium and one of the best views of the field by treating the Groom and his merry men to a stadium hospitality box. There are various stadium box packages (often known as “Corporate boxes”) available; most include private suites with glass sliding doors, air conditioning, comfortable seating, gourmet menu’s, fridges with premium beverages, dedicated stewards and event programmes as a minimum. In short – a private man cave for the lads with the backdrop of premier sporting action.

For the groom who loves his sport, there’s no better Bucks activity idea!

Day at the Races

Place ya bets, place ya bets! Get the boys together and soak up the excitement and glamour of a Bucks day out at the races! 

Don your best and dressed, debate over the latest odds, grab a beer, place your first flutter and head to the stands to get a good view of the racecourse action! Wave your betting slip in the air, holler and jeer as these primal, athletic horses speed around the track in a bid for victory! Once the weigh-ins been called and if your luck’s in, swagger to the kiosk to collect your winnings and let the bragging rights begin! Swank up this fun Bucks day out with a super stretch hummer to the races coupled with an all-inclusive Bucks race day package.

Question is….can you spot a winner?

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Hens Ideas

Bucks parties are an Aussie tradition. They’re a night, day or weekend out that men will remember for the rest of their soon-to-be wedded lives. They’re also, and let’s be honest here, a pain in the ass to organise. Something you’ll be aware of if you’re a best man or mate is attempting to arrange a bucks party right now.

Getting two dozen rowdy mates together, all in one place, at one time is surprisingly difficult. As is preventing Joshie, Jordy and Smithie from hitting the tequila slammers before the buck even arrives.

We get it. Arranging a killer bucks party is hard. But, luckily, we’re here to help with some great alternative bucks party ideas.

Here are the bucks party events you should (absolutely) avoid and what you should do instead.


Look. We all love Bali. It’s where Australians go to soak up the sun, drink cheap cocktails and generally make fools of themselves with other Aussie tourists. It’s the place for parties, fun with your mates, and regrettable 3 am tattoos.

As stated above, getting a group of blokes together for bucks is difficult enough without international travel. Throw in potentially expired passports, delayed flights, and visa issues, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. You’ll also blow all of your money on the airfares, leaving little for activities. So, while overseas bucks party events can seem like a good idea on paper, in reality, you’re probably better off doing something a little closer to home.


This isn’t exactly the most innovative of bucks party ideas, but it’s true none-the-less.

Melbourne is packed full of great things to do on your bucks night, and unlike with an overseas trip, all it’ll cost you to get there is the price of a taxi – and not even that if you hire a hotel room in the city. So, for your buck’s party, don’t travel further than your forefathers did in their entire lifetime. Grab the crew and do it properly, right here in your backyard. It’ll be cheaper, easier and, hell, more fun anyway.


This will be a controversial one. Paintball is a lot of fun. We do not deny that. A day out with mates and paintball can be an absolute blast. Just not for bucks party events.

Why may you ask?

Because at a bucks party, all the boys target the buck, for everything. And paintballs hurt. Which is funny at the time, but less funny when the buck rocks up to the big day, black and blue with bruises. That is if they make it to the wedding at all. 

It’s good to have a blanket rule: avoid bucks party ideas that put the groom (or his manhood) in mortal danger. This includes, but it not limited to, horse riding, motorbike racing, and parkour classes.


The good thing about zombies is that you can shoot them anywhere and everywhere without fear of them missing their wedding day due to swollen clangers.

While zombies don’t technically exist, Zero Latency in North Melbourne provides the next best thing. It’s a warehouse fitted out with the latest virtual reality technology. You and your mates strap on a VR headset, grab a super-accurate light-gun and blast away until your hearts are content.

It’s one of the best bucks party events and the most realistic zombie experiences you can get, short of an actual zombie apocalypse breaking out during your bucks party.


When it comes to bucks party ideas, go-karting is a time-honoured bucks tradition.

Unfortunately, racing go-karts inside is a bit like that other bucks party tradition, strippers, if the strippers removed only their socks and instead of dancing they read you stock prices from the Financial Review.

Sure, they’re still technically ‘strippers’, but it’s not very exciting. Well, that’s indoor go-karts for you.


Give your buck the ride of his life, before he commits to his ride for life.

Outdoor go-kart racing is fast, furious, exciting and adrenaline pumping. It’s also one of the best bucks party ideas for before you hit the town. You can’t drive if you’ve been drinking, so it’s a good way to keep the lads sensible, at least until the sun goes down.

Outdoor go-karts, such as Ace Karts, can hit speeds of up to 75 km/h, and the track they race on is wide and lengthy. So unlike on an indoor track, you won’t lap the thing in under 30 seconds.


There used to be a rule regarding bucks party events: what happens on a buck, stays on bucks. Unfortunately, that rule got lost somewhere between the advent of Facebook and Instagram.

So, we’ll say it here, once and for all.

Dressing up in a mankini and strutting your stuff to the song ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ out front a Maccas at 3 am is fine. It’s one of the all-time great bucks party ideas. Filming it, and posting the video to Facebook where family members, future employers and worst of all, the soon-to-be bride can see it is not okay.

Rule one for bucks party events should be, phones off, no photos, no evidence left behind.


Okay. The ‘what happens on a bucks night stays on a bucks night’ rule doesn’t apply to mates.

Of course, years later, when you’re at the pub with your oldest friends, you want to be able to bring up the time the buck got ridden around Dave’s lounge room by the dominatrix strip-o-gram. The best bucks stories last a lifetime. So, don’t be that guy who wakes up the day after a bucks with nothing but a vague grey blur to remind them. Have some drinks, but don’t turn the bucks party events into a mind blank.


Jokes. It’s a bucks party. Of course, you’re going to a strip club! 

Should we hire a stripper?

As the best man you probably already know how the Buck would feel about you hiring a stripper. Have the two of you been to Bucks parties with strippers before? How did he react? Hiring a stripper is a fun and traditional part of a Bucks party if it’s handled well, but if the bride to be has threatened to cancel the wedding if there are naked women involved in the event you should take her seriously.


If there’s one way to burn through your entire bucks party events budget in one hour, it’s by visiting the casino. Drinks, festivities and the boys are basically how casinos make their money. So, unless you want to wind up with no shirt and a grand in credit card debt, look elsewhere for bucks party ideas.

Some bucks even go to the trouble of flying to Las Vegas to celebrate ‘The Hangover’ style. If this is you, remember to leave your return flight ticket in the hotel room. You don’t want to wake up in the morning and discover you lost it on a bad hand of blackjack. Searching for the best hens party? Let Magic Men handle it.


When people think of bucks party ideas, something that rarely gets thought of is what to eat. And this shouldn’t be the case. Even at a bucks, ‘dinner’ shouldn’t be a questionable 3 am kebab.

If you’re heading out for a wild set of bucks party events, you need a good meal to get you started – and no ‘beer’ is not a healthy, sustaining meal. It would be best if you had something that would give you the strength to last the day, night, or weekend. 

So, instead of blowing your money at the casino, start the night out with a nice meal or a pub meal or even the humble barbecue. Something. Anything to line your stomach. Trust us. You’ll be thankful you did.

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