Top 10+ Belly Dancers in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

There are so many factors that go into planning your dream wedding. From the venue to your choice of food and decorations, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the details.

But one detail you certainly can't afford to gloss over is your wedding entertainment. You can't forget that your wedding is, after all, a party. For many folks – yourself included – this will be their biggest party of the year!

A professional belly dancing show is elegant and vibrant. If you have never seen great belly dancers before, prepare to be captivated by the grace of the dance form, impressed by the control and intricacy of the movements, and swept away by the beauty of the costuming. It's fun and family-friendly.

Are you located in Melbourne, Victoria, planning a wedding and looking for Belly Dancers? When you are planning your big day, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed it to select every vendor yourself personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate location, the best entertainment and the most delicious food, and craft your ideal wedding day.

We've created an ultimate list of Best Belly Dancer Hire to save you time and money.

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    Best Wedding Belly Dancers in Melbourne

    Elisa Jade Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Elisa Jade Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Elisa is a prominent belly dancer in Melbourne, having studied and performed in both Egypt and Melbourne. She has performed at countless occasions both domestically and abroad. That much expertise is a lot to contribute to your celebration!

    Elisa enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for her field of art. No matter their skill level, from beginner to professional, Elisa's classes are structured to help all students develop their technique and expression. Join her future classes or schedule her for a workshop.


    Elisa offers free online tutorials where you may learn how to belly dance. Elisa provides a variety of tutorials to assist you in honing your skills. Keep in mind to posture correctly at all times.

    Join our Patreon community to get step-by-step instruction on stunning dance routines. Each dance is broken down into technique, steps, and timing before being performed to music and voice instructions. Repeat the lessons as often as necessary. This is ideal for anyone looking to advance their dancing or for performers looking for choreography for their performances.

    Get the belly dancing results you want with specially designed personalised sessions. Elisa is an expert in body extending and enhancing motions for belly dance, as well as proper technique. She is a skilled tutor for choreography and stage presence.

    Zabelle Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Zabelle Belly Dancer Melbourne


    Australian born to anglo-Mediterranean parents Zabelle has had a passionate commitment to this terpsichorean art. She has been sculptured by masters of various genres and styles of dance.

    In 1998, she experienced Middle Eastern dance for the first time. The skills and information she already possessed began to emerge during this journey. A capable and seasoned dance instructor received her training in Melbourne and other places. concentrating on the techniques that the top instructors and belly dance gurus have personally taught.

    Regarded as an expert in both classic and modern styles, Zabelle. Her original, graceful belly dance methods and interpretations. She is committed to teaching an encouraging lesson and fostering a friendly environment.

    Proudly, Zabelle has achieved ongoing education throughout her career in dance. Bellydance has been a dedicated style since 1998, searching for answers with continual training.

    This training can now be added to Zabelle's extensive experience in Ballroom and Latin American dance. Accredited teacher in all styles Dancesport, Australian Dance Society. Australian Sports Commission accredits fusion. Zabelle is a creative and original choreographer.

    Nadira Johara Bell Dancer Melbourne

    Nadira Johara Belly Dancer Melbourne

    About Nadirah Johara

    Nadirah Johara is a dancer who truly shines thanks to her alluring style, adaptable technique, and appealing stage presence! She has become a popular among audiences all around the world thanks to her engaging performances, natural musicality, and endearing personality.

    She works hard to conserve this live art form as a passionate teacher, dancer, and lifelong learner. In order to further her grasp of the socioeconomic and cultural linkages to Raks Sharqi, Nadirah Johara routinely travels to Egypt. She has studied with some of the best teachers in the world and has finished the Hadia's Belly Dance Teacher Training course. (Belly Dance). She is certified in Sahra Saeeda's "Journey through Egypt" series.

    In the Florida cities of Melbourne and Space Coast, Nadirah Johara is a featured dancer in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean eateries. Additionally, she frequently performs at business gatherings, stage concerts, and private parties all around Central Florida.

    Sarayi Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Sarayi Belly Dancer Melbourne


    The Dandenong/Dandenong North neighbourhood of Victoria is home to the Sarayi belly dancing school. In 2005, it initially started using. The instructors at Sarayi Belly Dance School are passionate about belly dance and go above and beyond to make sure that their students master the technique.

    Our yearly excursions to Egypt allow us to train with the most well-known male and female belly dancers in Cairo, keeping us up to date on the most recent techniques.

    The main annual event of the Sarayi belly dancing school is our charity concert. Children with Cancer, Agapi (children with special needs), The Salvation Army Bush Fire Appeal, Tyler Fishlock, Children with Impaired hearing, and The Anti Cancer foundation are a few causes we have previously helped.

    All students have the chance to participate in a range of events that take place during the school year. At festivals, school fairs, nursing homes, and hostels, Sarayi, John, and the students perform to amuse and make people smile.

    Dance Baladi Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Dance Baladi Belly Dancer Melbourne


    Book a Bellydancer Melbourne

    Eugenia has been performing and teaching Egyptian belly dance since a young age and has visited Egypt on many occasions to study the art of belly dance.

    Eugenia is passionate about this art, and her performances are lively and dynamic.

    Kaylah Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Kaylah Belly Dancer Melbourne


    Add Glamor to Your Event with a Belly Dancer!

    Kaylah is a pleasant and jovial performer with a gift for holding the audience's attention and making each show unforgettable.

    She continues to take classes and attend workshops with renowned Australian and international musicians and dancers because she is enthusiastic about her craft.

    Golden Sand Belly Dance Melbourne

    Golden Sand Belly Dance Melbourne

    61 402 433 435

    Add some flavour to your next event by hiring a belly dancer in Melbourne!

    Whether you want to hire one for a birthday party or want to learn how to do it for yourself, all it takes is one phone call to hire our belly dancers today!

    Weddings, hafla parties, kitchen tea parties, hen's evenings, festivals, and many other kinds of events or parties are among the usual events or parties we play. To bring an exotic atmosphere to your party or event that no other kind of entertainment can equal, you can hire dance troupes or lone dancers. Middle Eastern, European, Balkan, and Mediterranean dance styles are all sensual, exotic, and appropriate for any occasion, and belly dancers are competent in all of them.

    Amera's Palace Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Amera's Palace Belly Dancer Melbourne

    0411 387 188

    Our spacious dance studio offers a range of belly dance classes and is available for hire.

    For Sydney dance studio and venue rentals, The Palace Studio is quickly rising to the top. The studio offers 200 square metres of clear-span performance and rehearsal space and is located within the Amera's Palace Bellydance Boutique complex. 14 metres of full-height mirrors decorate this bright, contemporary, and spacious space.
    There are two lounge/meeting areas, two restrooms, and a kitchen in the space. The Palace Studio has on-site parking in the back and is close to all of Marrickville's cafés and amenities.

    Belly Dance Bohemia - Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Belly Dance Bohemia - Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Ekaterini has performed at festivals, weddings, corporate parties, and special occasions as a soloist, in a pair with Middle Eastern percussionist George El-Azar, and with the Bellydance Bohemia group. Ekaterini frequently travels and has trained for many years with accomplished teachers in Australia and overseas, all of whom have had a significant impact on the creation of her own distinctive belly dancing technique.


    Our entertainers are in high demand for their technical and performance talents, as well as their highly appealing presentation, and they don stunning haute couture belly dance costumes in a variety of hues.

    Traditional props such as multicoloured silk veils, Isis wings, zills (finger cymbals), saiidi canes, and scimitar swords are used! Our performances provide a visual feast that will leave an indelible impact. Our presentations may include audience participation when appropriate. For all ages, belly dancing is an exciting art form that will make your event more enjoyable than anything else.

    Azra Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Azra Belly Dancer Melbourne

    0415 257 948

    Azra is willing to deliver the greatest Middle Eastern entertainment in the area for any event that calls for a Middle Eastern flair. As a multifaceted performer, she offers Bollywood and Zumba courses that are exciting and upbeat in addition to belly dance performances and training. Azra also performs Butoh.

    Azra had started studying Hatha Yoga and various dance styles 10 years ago and fully committed to belly dance 7 years ago. Since 2004 Azra has actively explored: Bollywood Street Latin, Salsa, Contemporary, Flamenco, West African dance, healing through dance methods and Zen Zen Zo physical theatre and Butoh dance.

    Guide On How to Choose the Right Wedding Entertainment for Your Big Day

    Consider your Guests

    It might sound obvious but, when planning your wedding entertainment, it's important to think about what your guests will enjoy. After all, happy guests will result in a great party! If you're inviting children, plan some entertainment to suit them. This might include a treasure hunt in the gardens at Curradine Barns or even an evening facility. If many of your guests don't know each other, you might consider something like a ceilidh in the evening, a great way to get your guests mingling and dancing together. Equally, a band or DJ playing a range of music to suit most tastes is a good idea.

    Watch your entertainers perform elsewhere.

    Modern technology has made it possible for you to watch past performances of wedding DJs and bands from the comfort of your own home, thanks to YouTube.

    But nothing compares to seeing these entertainers live in action. If you have the time and ability, we strongly encourage you to check out your entertainment prospects at one of their events. That way, you can assess how well they do with the crowd, and if their entertainment value remains consistent throughout the evening.

    Don't take their word for it. Ask around!

    Wedding DJs and entertainers are just like any other business out there: they do well to talk themselves up to their customers and clients.

    Don't just believe everything these folks feed to you. Getting unbiased reviews and feedback from past clients should be a non-negotiable. If a band or DJ isn't willing to put you in contact with a previous client, that's your cue to move on to the next option.

    Be Practical

    As with all elements of your wedding, it's important to address a few practicalities when planning your wedding entertainment. The first consideration might be your budget. While it's a wonderful idea to have a live band or an incredible wedding singer, make sure you stay within your planned spend. Keep prices down by perhaps choosing a digital playlist instead of having live music for the entire day.

    It's also important to think about the size of your wedding and the entertainment that will work most effectively. A large band could overpower a smaller, more intimate wedding while a lavish celebration needs equally grand entertainment!

    Sign a contract. Always.

    Having a contract in place is a good idea for every single one of your wedding vendors, entertainment included.

    Your entertainment contract should include the performer's fee, arrival/finish times, and any other extras you want to include.

    For example, some performers bring their supplies, but others may wish to use existing speakers or cabling.

    You also want to outline cancellation fees, while establishing a fail-safe in case someone in the band falls ill.

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