Top 20+ Places to Buy Engagement & Wedding Rings in Brisbane, Queensland [2022]

The exchanging of rings is one of the most traditional exercises in marriage and can be traced back to ancient times. When the tradition first began, wedding rings were made of materials such as hemp or leather, and only until much later did people start crafting rings out of precious metals like silver and gold.

Buying an engagement ring is a major milestone for the relationship and a serious financial commitment as well. You want the perfect ring...but you need it to be within budget. There are so many choices for engagement and wedding rings that the hunt may seem overwhelming. 

For those who are about to jump into the engagement or wedding ring, we’ve created the top places to buy engagement and wedding rings in Brisbane, Queensland


Ultimate list of places to buy Engagement and Wedding Rings in Brisbane

Temple & Grace - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

0414 500 999

Australia’s finest engagement and wedding rings

Planning for your big day is exciting, and Temple and Grace can ensure that your special day is celebrated in style with finely crafted engagement rings and wedding bands. Temple and Grace take pride in being trusted Sydney based engagement and wedding ring specialists. Being a master jewel-smiths themselves means that every piece of jewellery is handmade with careful attention to detail. If you’re planning for your big moment, you can visit Temple and Grace in Sydney or buy wedding rings online. Temple and Grace have over a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets to choose from. While the engagement ring and wedding ring look is important, it is recommended that you keep both your choice of precious metal and lifestyle in mind.

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, it is pivotal to note that when you buy engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding rings online from Temple and Grace, you will save over 40% compared to high-street jewellery retailers. So how do you save so much? It’s simple. All Temple and Grace jewellery is made in-house. Every diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding band that you see online is handcrafted directly at the Temple and Grace jewellery boutique in Sydney. We are renowned goldsmiths and loose diamond specialists. With an in-depth understanding of precious metal such as gold and platinum, we guarantee that we can make you the finest diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings. Visit us or shop online to experience finesse and high-quality wedding and engagement jewellery.

Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Bridal Jewellery

Experience brilliant design and fine craftsmanship in our collection of jewellery online. Shop directly from jewellery makers and save up to 40%. We also offer a complete ‘peace-of-mind’ money-back guarantee. Discover an exquisite assortment of men’s and women’s jewellery. At Temple & Grace, we stock Australia’s finest range of engagement rings and wedding jewellery including diamond rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. 

All our jewels are GIA certified, and we guarantee unparalleled craftsmanship to ensure that every piece of jewellery is nothing short of a masterpiece.

With over 20 years of experience in making brilliant jewellery, we take pride in being the only Australian jewellers who offer a 100% free returns guarantee. Visit our jewellery design studio in Edgecliff, Sydney or call us on 0414 500 999 for a personalised jewellery presentation.

Over the years, we have helped our customers save up to 40% on their diamond rings and jewellery by buying directly from us. Shop online, or if you are in Australia, you can call us to customise your masterpiece. We will also be happy to showcase our sparkling collection in the convenience of your home or office.

Australia’s most exquisite collection of fine jewellery online.

Temple and Grace are reputed Sydney based jewellers. Here we handcraft stunning jewellery, including the finest engagement rings for your special day. Being a master jeweller means that we design and make all our jewellery in-house. This is why every piece of jewellery we deliver is made to the highest Australian standards. Being jewellery makers also means that we can offer a plethora of jewellery styles. For example, our diamond engagement rings come in a variety of centre-stone settings. Some of the popular ring settings include solitaire engagement rings, pave engagement rings and halo engagement rings. If you’re looking for an antique style, you can browse our vintage engagement rings. All our engagement jewellery is made in 18K gold or platinum 950. Need a choice of precious metals? Shop from white gold engagement rings, yellow gold engagement rings or floor her with a gorgeous rose gold engagement ring. We also have a large range of gemstone engagement rings beautifully set with precious stones, including ruby, sapphires, emeralds and many more.

Temple and Grace also have Australia’s most exceptional selection of wedding rings online. If you’re looking for women’s wedding rings, you can choose from plain precious metal bands or opt for a diamond wedding ring. From traditional and classic wedding rings to modern and trendy styles, we have them all. If it’s your anniversary, you can browse from Australia’s widest range of anniversary rings and eternity rings online. We also stock and customise a wonderful collection of men’s wedding rings online. Need a wedding band customised for him or her? Call us, and we can have it designed and handcrafted for you.

Did you know that at Temple and Grace we stock some of Australia’s best-known wedding ring brands? With a stunning range of over 300 styles of PW Beck and Dora Wedding rings, we have grown to be known as a specialist store for wedding rings in Australia.

Temple and Grace are known for designing and handcrafting precious diamond jewellery for men and women. You can shop from a gorgeous range of diamond studs and diamond earrings online. Make her look glamorous with a beautiful diamond necklace or surprise her by gifting her a stunning diamond bracelet.

At Temple and Grace, we offer exceptional value on our collection of fine jewellery. Remember, when you buy jewellery online from us, you can save over 40%. That’s not all - every piece of Temple and Grace jewellery comes with a complete money-back satisfaction guarantee. Shopping for your diamond and gemstone jewellery is now quick, easy and convenient.

Sydney’s finest Jewellery Concierge - Need a piece of bespoke jewellery handcrafted to the highest standards? Our popular jewellery concierge service offers just that. At Temple and Grace, we are passionate about enhancing your jewellery buying experience. Shop online, visit us or give us a chance to visit you and understand your jewellery requirements. Over the years, we have designed and delivered hundreds of beautiful custom engagement rings and bespoke wedding bands to our customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. Our lovely clients from Townsville, Orange, Mudgee and Newcastle, love our bespoke jewellery design experience and often refer our jewellery concierge service to their family and friends. Schedule an appointment with us. Being jewellery makers ourselves means that we understand the design and science that goes into making custom jewellery. We also offer excellent personalised service and guarantee savings of up to 40% compared to high street jewellery retailers.

The story behind the making of Temple and Grace

The difference between high-end and classy fine jewellery and cheap looking jewellery is the finesse with which it is made. Temple and Grace’s jewellery is crafted with much-needed passion and precision. Trading in fine jewellery is very different from making fine jewellery. Being skilful jewel smiths, Temple and Grace understand how to make gold and diamond jewellery to exacting standards. When you open a Temple and Grace wedding ring box, you can see how beautifully the ring has been made. The smiles on the clients’ faces keep Temple and Grace in business day after day. A wedding is a special occasion, and choosing a reputed jeweller is vital. A perfect wedding ring cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Even if you like a certain ring style, it needs to be customised precisely to your finger size. A well-crafted platinum or gold wedding band looks extraordinary and feels ultra-comfortable. Since 2015, Temple and Grace have been passionate about handcrafting the finest gold rings, platinum rings and diamond rings for men and women. You will also find a fine selection of women’s jewellery, including gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings and gemstone rings.

Temple and Grace’s success is due to continually striving to design, handcraft and retail the most stunning wedding bands and engagement rings online. If you’re looking for cheap wedding rings, Temple and Grace have Australia’s largest range of titanium wedding rings, zirconium wedding rings and stainless steel wedding rings. No matter what metal and budget you have in mind, Temple and Grace are Australia’s finest online jewellers for a good reason.

The Temple and Grace team take immense pride in knowing that they are part of someone’s special moment every day. This joy of playing a role in a couples’ dreams and their commitment to a lifetime together makes the team at Temple and Grace come to work every day.

Designer wedding rings for men and women.

For your special day, the wedding band should be spectacular. Whether you’re looking for wedding rings for women or men’s wedding bands, Temple and Grace have the best collection. A well-finished gold wedding band can handmade in 9K as well as 18K gold. Some of the designer wedding bands we stock include PW Beck and Dora. Both of these brands have a wide selection of gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings and diamond wedding rings.

Choosing the perfect precious metal:

Selecting the right metal for your wedding ring is extremely important. Some of the popular metals used in making a wedding ring include Gold, Platinum, Silver and Platinum. Temple and Grace often use these precious metals in combination with each other to produce a unique wedding ring.

Gold wedding rings

Since generations, Gold has been hight sought after. It has grown to be known as a symbol of wealth. One of the reasons that Temple and Grace clients’ prefer having a gold wedding ring is because gold does not rust, corrode or tarnish. Alloyed gold comes in a choice of various colours including White, Yellow and Rose. The purity of the gold in the wedding band will depend on the carat you select online. You can identify the gold carat by reading the carat stamp on the wedding ring’s inner circle. Temple and Grace Gold wedding bands are made in 9K and 18K. It is important to note that the higher the carat selected, the higher the ring’s fine gold content.

White Gold wedding rings

White Gold is an alloy created from 24K Yellow Gold and other naturally white precious metals. Like other Gold alloys, White Gold comes in a range of carats and is often plated with Rhodium. This makes the White Gold ring look even whiter and shine brighter.

Rose Gold wedding bands

Rose gold or pink gold again is an alloy of 24K Yellow Gold. Copper is used in amalgamation with Yellow Gold to create a pinkish hue to create magical rose gold rings.

Platinum wedding rings

Platinum is the rarest and one of the most valuable precious metal. Only a small amount of platinum is produced each year, and this enhances its’ value. Platinum is hypoallergenic and does not lose it’s lustre or tarnish with time.

Titanium wedding rings

Titanium is a lightweight, hypoallergenic metal which is known for its high level of durability and strength.

Buy a loose diamond for your engagement ring at wholesale trade prices.

Looking for GIA certified loose diamonds at the lowest prices in Australia? Buying a loose diamond for your jewellery is now easy. Temple and Grace have a large selection of certified as well as non-certified diamonds in Sydney. No matter how big or small your budget is, Temple and Grace guarantee to beat any quote. Choosing the right diamond and setting for your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band is important. Temple and Grace have the reputation of providing incredible value for money for a loose diamond in Sydney.

The French Door Brisbane Jewellers

(07) 3720 0320

The French Door: An Elegant Boutique Jewellery Store in Brisbane

The soft drape of a pendant across your neck, the smooth feel of a ring on your finger, the sparkle of diamonds as they catch the light – perfect jewellery is a feast for the senses. Well-known for handcrafted jewellery, bespoke jewellery and repairs, The French Door exists to share the elegance and luxury that quality jewellery provides. Our master jeweller, Manuel, has over 30 years of experience.

Our family-run jewellery store in Brisbane has an in-store workshop for repairs and custom design. We offer an extensive range of jewellery services. Contact us or visit our Indooroopilly store for a free quote.

Custom Design Work

We are specialists in custom designed jewellery. Our handcrafted design, remakes, and remodelling service are one of Australia’s finest, backed by generations of experience and modern state-of-the-art equipment. Our creativity in design sets us apart from other Indooroopilly jewellery shops. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our skills as independent jewellers.

Our Story

The French Door is a Brisbane manufacturing and designing jewellery store located in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. In Brisbane, this family-owned and run business remains one of the few jewellery stores that have onsite jewellers available to repair, remodel, and custom design your items.

No repair, remodelling or custom design job is too big or too small for the French Door’s jewellers. Our Brisbane jewellery store, located on level 2 in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, allows you to see our jewellers at work as our workshop is on view. It was important that The French Door’s Brisbane jewellery store allowed customers to see the manufacturing process live.

The French Door don’t only work on repairs, remodelling or custom design. If you search for the perfect engagement ring or wedding band, The French Door will help you choose the right stone to the perfect design. Our Master Jeweller and Brisbane jewellery store owner, Manuel, has been in the industry for over 30 years to design engagement rings. Manuel and the team will work with you, to ensure you receive the highest quality engagement ring or wedding band you desire.

The French Door is boutique jewellery manufacturers and designers located in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, western Brisbane. We remain one of the few jewellery shops with onsite jewellers available to repair, remodel and redesign your items. No job is too big or too small for the independent jewellers at The French Door.

It is our greatest pleasure to connect a customer with their dream jewellery design. Whether that’s a bespoke item from our collections or an entirely custom design, we have a selection that rivals even Brisbane’s largest jewellery shops and brands. Browse our collections onsite for a preview of the beauty to be found in store.

The French Door Difference

The French Door is a owned and run by the Pereira family and is grounded on quality, passion and trust. With over 30 years of experience in the jewellery industry and international recognition, Manuel’s excellent craftsmanship will ensure the highest quality jewellery piece. Manuel has a passion for creating timeless, elegant and intricate pieces from engagement rings to dress rings, pendants and earrings.

The French Door’s service is more than just purchasing an engagement ring or custom design jewellery piece. We want you to be part of the process, from the design to the selection of stones, and we make sure that it is all within your budget. The French Door’s master jeweller, Manuel, takes a friendly approach to customer service because he believes that life is to short so everyone should enjoy wearing jewellery rather than keeping it their jewellery box.

Visit Our Boutique Jewellery Store

A taste of luxury awaits you at The French Door. Explore your creativity and personal style with our independent jewellers. Visit our Indooroopilly store or call (07) 3720 0329 for more information.

Monroe Yorke Diamonds - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

1800 766 568



We regard each custom design as a passionate endeavour; a journey that finds at its end, a piece of dazzlingly immaculate jewellery, that you will see and feel like an extension of your soul.


Forever and a day; if such a thing were measurable, then we would say that our diamonds could last that time, and beyond. Metaphors aside, Monroe Yorke diamonds are made to last, and more importantly; they are made to look stunning, through time…

Going beyond the conventions of carat, cut, colour, and clarity; all our diamonds exhibit incredible light performance, and as a result, are considered true rarities in the market. Our meticulous standards in grading have helped us set this benchmark, and our customers can be assured in the authenticity of our claim of superior quality, as every diamond sold by us, is a GIA certified piece.

Now, diamonds don’t make themselves into what they become. Taken from the rough, each diamond needs the patient, yet artful workings of a Master Jeweller. Monroe Yorke’s artisans hold over 25 years of jewellery-crafting experience and are true prodigies in combining exquisite design sense with a high-quality finish.

Quality and value are watchwords of the Monroe Yorke brand, and every single diamond product we offer to you has been made to reflect this promise. When you choose our diamonds, it will be because we have shown you; perfection in every facet…



When you are looking for well crafted, fabulous and uniquely designed diamond jewellery, you expect much more, and quite rightly so. This quality and design innovation are the standards you will find on the Monroe Yorke Diamonds Online Showroom.

We are one of the few remaining diamond merchants who have qualified Australian artisan master craftsmen, working exclusively for us. All of our exquisite pieces are painstakingly made in our workshops, and we guarantee that each piece of pre-designed jewellery or custom made designs will:

  • be entirely crafted in Australia by our artisan jewellers 
  • contain only conflict-free diamonds 
  • last the test of time just as you expect, and 
  • represent excellent value for money 


The investment in diamond jewellery, perhaps a ring for your engagement, or a diamond wedding band, is often made at a life-changing moment. Because of this, the decisions that you make with regard to the quality and design of your unique piece will be with you forever.

At Monroe Yorke Diamonds, we understand this concept. We have complete confidence in our master jewellers and professional diamond specialists to guide you to the perfect engagement or wedding ring. Only a master jeweller can design a unique piece that truly reflects you...and your life-changing celebration.


Our headmaster jeweller has delighted discerning jewellery lovers the world over and regularly provides exquisite hand made jewellery for clients on The world over. You and your partner will have an unbreakable emotional bond with your engagement ring and wedding ring. It requires a headmaster jeweller to take those emotions and create jewellery that reflects it.

Our esteemed master jeweller is a graduate of the highly regarded Brussels and Antwerp College of Fine Arts, Jewellery Design and Manufacture and has personally trained our team of fine jewellery makers. A bespoke jewellery designer for over 28 years, his craftsmanship and eye for detail have earned Monroe Yorke Diamonds a reputation that others can only aspire to.

John Stone Designer Jeweller Brisbane

(07) 3229 2780

antique jewellery

Return to the luxury & opulence of a bygone era. We are now selling an exceptional range of authentic Antique jewellery in our store on the historic Brisbane Arcade gallery level.

Custom Designed Jewellery

Jewellery should be as individual as you are.

Nothing says “special” quite like a handcrafted piece of jewellery made especially for you by someone you love, or for someone you love.  

At John Stone Designer Jewellers, we custom make rings & jewellery and our craftsman John Stone will work with you to create your dream piece, designed especially for you or your loved one.

About John Stone Designer Jeweller

Owned and operated by John Stone, a jewellery craftsman with over 30 years’ experience in the trade. Located on the heritage-listed Brisbane Arcade’s Gallery level, we create the highest quality, traditional and contemporary jewellery. We offer an extensive range of custom-designed jewellery, engagement and wedding rings, using only the highest quality gemstones.

John’s simple philosophy is to offer quality pieces, value for money and good honest service. If you’re looking at getting something made for any occasion, we would be pleased to help by custom sketching your design to make your vision a reality. Our jewellery is made onsite, so we’ll be here every step of the way to guide you through the design process. This ensures that you will only get exceptional service from your initial consultation right up to the moment you pick up your beautiful new masterpiece. 

Whether you’re celebrating a wonderful event or opening the next chapter of your life’s journey, we know it’s a beautiful and exciting time for you. When the occasion demands something special, something exceptional and unique, talk to us. John will be delighted to bring your dream piece of jewellery to life, just for you.

Crown Family Jewellers Brisbane

+61 7 3350 5390

Our pieces are innovative and set on traditional values. Together with the continued support of our dedicated jewellers, team members and managers, we look forward to welcoming you to.

They say home is where the heart is, which is probably why when you walk into a Crown Family Jewellers’ showroom, it feels as if you’ve walked into their humble home. Not that the store looks that way, but it’s hard not to be consumed by the atmosphere and warm welcome offered by their friendly and helpful staff.

Theirs is a story of the family passing down the tradition of fine Jewellery to a new generation. Their family culture fosters passion and dedication amongst the staff and lays the foundation for excellent customer service. With experience spanning more than 40 years, they cater to individuals seeking jewellery and engagement rings of exceptional design custom made exclusively by in-house master jewellers.

Since 1978, they had imported unique gifts and Italian jewellery when Maria and Giovanni Antonaglia OAM opened their first store, Maria’s Fine Gifts & Jewellery in Brisbane, a store operation today. From these humble beginnings saw the launch of Crown Family Jewellers in Indooroopilly, Westfield Chermside, Aspley and Westfield Carindale soon following suit, as did their family’s growth. Family is part of their company culture, and with that daughters, Angela, Luisa and Francesca, joined the company. Each is securing their credentials in commerce, business management, gemmology and arts, coupled with hardworking ethics, unsurpassed quality and exceptional customer service. Proudly their reputation was reaffirmed when awarded Australian Jeweller Retailer of the Year (2011) and with Francesca being titled Vice President of the Jewellers Association of Australia.

They travel the globe in search of the best—diamonds from Antwerp, gold from Italy, and precious gems from Brazil. Placing particular emphasis on the exceptional and unique, they are always seeking to create or find designs that are original, specifically tailored to radiate their client’s individuality. Within their cabinets lay a wide range of White Diamond, Australian Chocolate Diamond, Fancy Yellow Diamond and Argyle Pink Diamond engagement rings most with GIA certificates, in a variety of cuts and carat weights. Proudly boasting Australian exclusivity and stocking one of the world’s most beautiful and scintillating treasures, the Maple Leaf Diamond collection. These superb stones are among the highest quality found anywhere in the world.

Crown Family Jewellers are proud to be a major sponsor of Operation Smile. Supporting many non-profit organisations over the years has earned Giovanni an Order of Australia Medal.

The family’s life purpose has been to develop a solid reputation in business, offer superior service, and craftsmanship, with the aim of passing on the baton to the new generation. Theirs is a family legacy that is unfolding. So from their family to yours, Crown Family Jewellers will make your buying experience as memorable as the precious jewels they create.

At Crown Family Jewellers, we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. We are renowned for our family culture and exceptional customer service, so if you have a question, query, or would like to use our jewellery concierge service please visit one of our Brisbane stores. Alternatively, if you prefer an online query, please complete the form below, and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

Kimmison Jewellery Brisbane

07 3221 4121


The beauty of our custom-made engagement rings can only be surpassed by that special moment somebody receives it. 

Crafted with heart, explore our range of diamond engagement rings in solitaire, halo and trilogy settings.


Your wedding rings are made with love, so it’s only natural; they will embody the same characteristics as the journey you are about to begin together. 

Built with the finest materials, explore our range of Women’s/Mens commitment, eternity and stacker rings.

Crafting timeless jewellery with you for you.

Our family-owned business specialises in custom, handcrafted jewellery. While we endeavour to share as many of our pieces online, we only display a handful of products from our store emporium.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Kimmison family. Please join our mailing list for exclusive offers, new products and more.

Hardy Brothers Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

+61 7 3625 8009


Hardy Brothers’ long association with those at the vanguard of their craft is testament to our ongoing commitment to quality and innovation. 


As a conduit for creative expression, our bespoke services allows our clients to explore the bounds of their imagination. Underpinned by a commitment to creativity and personalised service, our suite of customisation and commissioning services provide direct access to our master craftsmen.

Welcome to our world. 

The Management and Associates of Hardy Brothers Jewellers are aware of the beautiful Australian landscape’s fragility and ecology. The company is also aware of the potential negative impact that non-regulated industrial activity may have on the earth’s environment and the lives of workers and their families engaged in the industry.


Founded in 1853, Hardy Brothers has remained faithful to the values of quality, craftsmanship and creativity that have defined our history but are the distinguishing precursors of our future. Distinguished by the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, Hardy Brothers has served all sovereigns since George V and continues to serve Australian leaders and families with excellence for a meaningful legacy.

As an Australian luxury jeweller, we accept responsibility to our respected clients in crafting the world’s most stunning jewellery and honour traditional craftsmanship and artisanship that conjures the quality pieces expected from Hardy Brothers.


These are some of the characteristics that have distinguished Hardy Brothers for more than 165 years and allowed our business to become one of the most revered luxury jewellery and timepiece destinations in the Asia Pacific.

Stones Diamonds - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

07 3221 3241

Custom makes

The name Stones Diamond Ring Specialists is synonymous with quality jewellery and has been for almost 50 years. We specialise in designing and creating bespoke diamond rings and jewellery. It’s a proud heritage that began with John and Del Stone and continues today under their son Paul’s direction.

When the occasion demands something very special, we will be delighted to design your dream piece, and our jewellers will bring it to life with meticulous workmanship.

Lifetime complimentary cleaning and inspection.

At Stones, we value our customers, and we’re passionate about delivering high levels of service. We invite you to regularly bring in your rings and jewellery so that we can inspect them and professionally clean and polish them to restore the beauty and original sparkle that you fell in love with. This lifetime service is always complimentary to our customers.

Repairs and remodelling

Our experienced craftsmen will meticulously repair, restore or redesign your most treasured jewellery pieces. In addition, we also offer:

• Ring resizing

• Rhodium plating

• Claw re-tipping

• Pearl restringing

• Valuation service

All of our Custom making, remodelling and repair work takes place in our workshop, right here in the historic Brisbane Arcade.

Insurance quotes

We know that having jewellery lost, stolen or damaged is a traumatic experience. At Stones, we have the expertise to work with you and your insurance company, to reduce the stress and make the whole process quick and effortless.

We will provide you with a replacement quote, and once your claim is authorised, one of our consultants will contact you to make an appointment to organise replacement jewellery.

In 1970, John and Dell Stone recognised a need for a more upmarket and prestigious jeweller in Brisbane. Unlike the many chain jewellers, John and Del’s desire was to specialise in manufacturing, creating individually handcrafted pieces for their clients. Their simple philosophy was to offer quality pieces, value for money and good honest service. Today, those simple values remain the core values of our business. In October of that same year, they opened their first store and began trading as Stones Diamond Ring Specialists.

Since then, we have been building a reputation based on service, quality and workmanship. Today, that reputation still stands, and we are very proud that our clients return to us regularly and refer us to their family and friends. Some of our clients are second and even third-generation family members. We offer a magnificent range of outstanding diamond-set jewellery, rings, and wedding bands for special occasions such as engagements and anniversaries when intrinsic quality should not be compromised. Most of the pieces we manufacture will become family heirlooms, and they are all manufactured by our craftsmen right here in the historic Brisbane Arcade.

As a Brisbane based family company, John and Del are still very much involved with the business, but the heritage that began with them continues to thrive and grow through their son Paul.

At Stones Jewellers, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The average length of service in this industry for each staff member is approximately 36 years each. We all consider it our greatest privilege to help you, and to participate in the special moments in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a wonderful event or opening the next chapter of your life’s journey, we know it’s a beautiful and exciting time for you. When the occasion demands something special, something exceptional and unique, talk to us. Our team of jewellers will be delighted to bring your dream piece of jewellery to life, just for you.

Starfire Diamond Jewellery - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

+61 7 3399 1171

Starfire Diamond Jewellery signifies the fiery brilliance of diamonds. A diamond is an ultimate symbol of true love as its everlasting qualities and its innate beauty capture not only your lover’s heart but also their soul. When you buy a Starfire Diamond, you can be assured it’s of quality and that it hasn’t only taken a billion years to make, but it has also been cut to perfection. Founder and director Shweta is a diamond specialist with over 25 years of specialised training, diamonds experience, and a diamond wholesale business. With this knowledge and experience, the Starfire team have the ability to source you conflict-free diamonds, and certified with GIA international grading.


Our Brisbane jeweller, Shweta, has a passion for beautiful and unique diamond jewellery that captures the essence of the 21st-century woman. Shweta’s fascination with jewellery and her desire to bring beautifully crafted designs to the market were the driving force behind her decision to start Starfire Diamond Jewellery.

Starfire Diamond Jewellery signifies the fiery brilliance of diamonds. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of true love as it’s everlasting qualities, and its innate Beauty captures not only your lover’s heart but also their soul. When you buy a Starfire Diamond, you can be assured it’s of quality and one that just hasn’t taken a billion years to make but also one which has been cut to perfection within its imperfections. Founder/ Director Shweta is a diamond specialist, and she has over 25 years of specialised training, experience in diamonds, and a diamond wholesale business. With this knowledge and experience, Starfire has the ability to source you diamonds that are conflict-free, and certified with the GIA international grading. Shweta and her Starfire and her jewellery design team will design and create unique and beautiful jewellery that resonates with you.

Her traditional yet modern values inspire Shweta’s designs. While Australia is her home, her origins are Indian. The collection reflects the rich and vibrant culture of India and the natural beauty of Australia. Her extensive worldwide travel experiences and natural flair for design and fashion are also incorporated in her creations.

With over 25 years of extensive diamond knowledge and more than twelve years in the diamond wholesaling business, Shweta is very selective of the diamonds used for her jewels. Her designs are brought to life by the finest artisans and are made to order.

If you have any questions about our Brisbane jeweller or our range of stunning designs, contact our dedicated team.


Gold River Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

07 3482 2188


Renowned for producing a high standard of workmanship and distinctive aesthetic appeal Gold River Jewellers are recognised as leaders in handmade, ready-to-wear and custom made jewellery. Located at North Lakes just 30 minutes from Brisbane, Gold River Jewellers have an onsite jeweller and workshop, as well as showroom and design team. Gold River Jewellers are passionate about creating the perfect jewellery; with pieces crafted by experienced jewellers and designs envisioned by innovative in-house designers. The Gold River Jewellers team delivers a real promise… a promise for perfection driven by engineered quality and individual design.

When you discover Gold River Jewellers, you discover perfection.

Real Quality

The Gold River Jewellers Real Quality Promise means that when you purchase a piece of jewellery, you can trust that it has been crafted with quality in mind. Each piece of jewellery passes a jewellers eye, ensuring the jewellery on offer by Gold River Jewellers meets a high standard of quality.

Real Jewellers

At Gold River Jewellers you can speak directly to a Real Jeweller which means that when you walk into a Gold River Jewellers store for a handmade piece or a repair you can trust that a real jeweller is working on it. Come in and talk to a real jeweller at Gold River Jewellers.

Real Service

Each team member is passionate about jewellery and passionate about creating the perfect piece for you; our jewellers treat each piece with the same detail and care as if it were their own. Discover why we are so passionate about jewellery… discover perfection.

Gold River Jewellers Heritage

In a small town on Brisbane’s outskirts, two young jewellers Bruce Hume and Darren Ryan had the vision to deliver high-quality handmade jewellery and onsite repairs. In 1995 the vision of these two young jewellers came to life when they started their own company based on high-quality handmade jewellery and onsite repairs and embraced a mission for the discovery of perfection built around a real promise… a promise for delivering real care, real quality by real jewellers. Soon enough, Bruce and Darren began to experience a large following of customers.

As their clientele grew so did their need for a larger workshop, and in 2006 Bruce Hume and Darren Ryan moved Gold River Jewellers to James St Fortitude Valley. The store continued its vision for creating high-quality jewellery and onsite repairs, and it began to attract an even greater following that included the likes of celebrities. After almost 10 years at James St and continuing to grow in clientele, both Bruce and Darren knew it was time to open yet again a bigger store.  

The North Lakes store opened in 2014, and Gold River Jewellers now has over 13 jewellers and two sides to the business being Trade and Retail. The trade store is separate to the North Lakes business services repairs for the industry, whilst the retail store located at Shop 110, 53 Endeavour Blvd features an onsite workshop, jeweller and design team with an extensive range of jewellery and services. To this day, Gold River Jewellers continues to deliver their promise for perfection, a real promise for real care, real quality and real jewellers.

Argyle Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

(07) 3156 5989

Here’s to the start of something magnificent! Over the years, we have helped countless brides, bridesmaids, grooms and wedding guests find the perfect jewellery to make their day extra special. Our extensive collection of wedding rings offers our clients a limitless opportunity to create a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime and represent the special bond they share with their partner.

Women’s Wedding Rings

We have an exquisite selection of diamond set wedding bands, and we also offer affordable custom design, because we know how important it is that your wedding jewellery is unique, individual and representative of your love story. We are masters of the “perfect fit,” and we pride ourselves on being able to design a wedding ring to suit any style of engagement ring.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Whether you want something simple and understated or intricate and bold, our range is sure to satisfy all tastes. We have rings in various metals, fits and styles, from leading brands including Infinity, Dora or ZiRO. If you have a particular design in mind, let us create it in-house.

Bridal Jewellery

Our range of bridal jewellery includes ladies earrings, pendants and bracelets, as well as cufflinks and watches for men. We have spent many years gathering beautiful wedding accessories to accent your wedding ensemble. We can also custom-create pieces to match your outfit, theme, hairstyle or other jewellery items!

Family Owned & Operated Brisbane Jewellers

Argyle Jewellers was established in 1987, and we have been committed to high-quality jewellery, exceptional value for money and outstanding customer service ever since. We take pride in every piece we create.

Our range includes the finest jewellery and watches that Brisbane has to offer. We also specialise in custom-creating beautiful one-off pieces, so if you have a dream item of jewellery in mind, we can make it a reality. We stock the industry’s leading men’s wedding bands, including Infinity, Dora and ZiRO. We showcase watches from Bering, Paul Hewitt, Olivia Burton and Adina.

Although we are best known for our stunning, high-quality diamond jewellery, our range also includes hand-selected natural gemstones and one of Brisbane’s largest collections of South Sea, Akoya, Tahitian and cultured freshwater pearls.

Whatever you desire in terms of style, budget and occasion, our experienced and passionate team are here to assist.

Nick Ireland Diamond Jewellery - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

(07) 3012 8869


Nick grew up in the picturesque countryside of the Cotswolds in England. Leaving school at 15, he headed to London and found a Jewellery apprenticeship with one of Hatton Gardens leading Jewellers. A few years later, working with a highly skilled Jewellers team, he was putting together extraordinary orders for the privileged few. One such client, A monarch and head of state who’s the love of falconry had the team making hand-engraved forged silver dagger blades with diamond-encrusted solid gold handles sculpted into falcons. 

“I recall one of the larger orders was for 40 individual hand made picture frames that could also be worn as pendants and/or brooches. 18ct gold with sprays of flowers adorned with diamonds, rubies and emeralds they were tremendously opulent and very expensive pieces. They were given to distinguished guests at the opening night of the clients recently renovated hotel in London! “

It wasn’t long before his love for Australia saw him settle in Brisbane opening up a Jewellery studio in Elizabeth street Brisbane, and offices by appointment in Australia’s capitals which see him travelling regularly meeting and greeting new and existing clients.

His passion for Argyle Pink diamonds has made him a frequent visitor to Western Australia, where his loose diamond purchases are transformed into amazing pieces of jewellery.

Nick’s trademarked brand of brilliant round diamonds, TripleEx H&A™, ‘The worlds most perfectly cut Hearts and Arrows Diamonds’™, are a cut above the modern ideal cut displaying sparkle and scintillation far superior to others. These diamonds are individually certified, numbered and presented in handcrafted timber boxes.

‘I love helping clients understand diamonds and then making an educated decision on what diamond and design are right for them. Seeing the delight on their faces when I show them a finished piece after hours of creating a unique item of jewellery for them is just fantastic.’


When it comes to custom engagement rings, Australia has no more experienced jewellers than The Diamond Jewellery Studio who have earned the reputation of being one of the best Australian engagement ring makers. We have decades of experience designing and handcrafting the highest quality jewellery, and via our physical locations in Brisbane, Brisbane & Brisbane, we can deliver custom-made engagement rings Australia wide. Using our expertise, we can help you get a lot more for your money than what you will receive at the average high street jewellers, and you may be surprised at how affordable a bespoke engagement ring is. Being one of the leading engagement rings designers Australia has available, we are confident that our workshop can create your dream engagement ring at an affordable price, leaving you feeling like a princess. 


The Diamond Jewellery Studio has some of the highest quality wholesale diamonds Australia has available, and as a reputable wholesale diamonds in Australia, we can source the best quality gemstones for your jewellery. In Australia, wholesale diamonds are plentiful, but you must know what you are purchasing and understand the different factors that can affect the price you pay for a diamond. 

Bakker Diamonds - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

(07) 3252 3251


Bakker Diamonds is a wholesale diamond merchant and award-winning boutique jeweller offering the best service for diamond rings and custom made jewellery, located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.


Bakker Diamonds & Gems are Brisbane’s premium jewellers diamond expert and a qualified person who will physically create your special piece.

So the time has come. You have found each other, and it only seems right to demonstrate your intentions with a dazzling diamond ring for your partner. Unfortunately, this process seems so daunting.

In this internet age, the options seem endless and fraught with pitfalls for the unsuspecting buyer. Prices vary dramatically, and it is difficult to make sense of this confusing landscape.

Luckily for you, that’s where Bakker Diamonds comes in. Our job is to guide you through the maze, so you understand your options, so you are in control of these very important decisions. You will not be dealing with a shop assistant. You will not be dealing with a middle man. Instead, you will be dealing with the diamond expert and the qualified person who will physically create your special piece.


Bakkers Diamonds are the jewellery makers for you whether you’re looking for diamond engagement rings or glimmering gold earrings and bracelets. We’ve custom made a range of pieces for clients throughout Brisbane City and surrounding areas. As diamond traders, you can always ensure that you’re getting the best quality in the city when you choose our custom jewellery.


By handling diamond buying directly from the cutting factories, importing, and top quality ring manufacturing in-house, Peter has eliminated three levels of middlemen from the typical jewellery store or shops in Brisbane. His philosophy is; your budget is your budget, and almost any ring can be made to fit any budget.

It’s Peter’s job to help you find the best quality and value for your money. With Peters’ guidance, you decide on your diamond’s size and quality and the karat of gold or platinum for your ring, and Peter will build the ring to those specifications. We are here to help you through every step of the process to create something you will truly treasure for years to come.


Our workshop & unique showroom concept allows our clients to relax and indulge in the experience of learning about diamonds and the creation of a one of a kind piece of jewellery made by Peter Bakker. With over 35 years’ experience, Peter’s expertise in finding the perfect stone, designing and manufacturing are second to none. Have a positive experience with us by contacting us today and seeing how we can help you.


My clients often tell me they enjoyed the journey because of the hands-on input they can have in the design process, the ease at which they achieved the goal, and the peace of mind about value for money, dealing with the actual manufacturer directly.


My goal as a qualified manufacturing jeweller and diamond expert with many years of experience has always been to make the journey of purchasing an engagement rings painless and relaxing as possible. My promise is to deliver a diamond, sapphire or ruby ring that will be far superior to your expectations.


Bakker Diamonds is a wholesale diamond merchant and award-winning boutique jeweller offering the best service for diamond rings and custom-made jewellery, located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Here you will find no shop assistants, no cabinet keys, no high-pressure sales and no flashy advertising.

Diamonds International - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

+61 7 3221 3674

Engagement Rings

Make your proposal truly special with a stunning white diamond engagement ring she will cherish and adore. She deserves the best and is bound to say yes when you present her with a sparkling engagement ring from Diamonds International.

When you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring, remember that there are no rules to limit your imagination. Our designer engagement rings include everything from traditional round brilliant diamond rings to contemporary diamond ring designs such as square, or princess cut diamond rings.

Wedding Rings

Your wedding symbolises the ultimate expression of love, affection, trust and commitment, so you deserve the best quality diamond ring that will stand the test of time.

A wedding ring should perfectly complement and enhance the beauty of your engagement ring. At Diamonds International, we have diamond wedding rings crafted with channel, claw and bead settings to hold your sparkling stones. We can help you choose a wedding band to suit your tastes and style – or to guarantee a matching pair, point your future hubby towards our range of stunning engagement ring sets.

Custom Diamond Rings

A diamond ring designed just for you is something truly memorable that will be treasured for the rest of your life, and what better way to symbolise your love and commitment than to create a custom engagement ring or custom wedding ring made just for her. But a custom diamond ring of exquisite beauty doesn’t need to be created for a special occasion. A diamond ring that reflects your style and personality is something every woman deserves to own and wear.

At Diamonds International, we’ve been creating custom made diamond rings for over 40 years. So, if you have a vision in mind of a spectacular diamond ring, we have the expertise and experience to help you design and craft a one-of-a-kind piece of diamond jewellery that’s uniquely yours.


“Dear Diamond Lovers,

My vision for Diamonds International has always been to establish a group of diamond jewellery stores in Brisbane that have the heart of a true diamond merchant. With every store stocking an extensive range of both designer rings and diamonds, where you our valued customers can sit down, be comfortable and enjoy one-on-one service.

We have tried to create an environment where you can see for yourself the quality and clarity that each diamond offers. Until you see the difference between an excellent diamond and an average one, you cannot truly appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship and uniqueness of a superior gem.

For the past 35 years, I have been driven to top-quality source stones. This has led me to travel to Australia and the world finding the most exclusive diamond jewellery. My reputation in the industry allows me priority viewing so I can buy the best at value prices and pass that value to you.

Our extensive range of diamond rings in stores lets you try on a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect diamond ring design. If you would prefer a diamond ring that is uniquely yours, we will custom make at no extra charge. All our stores have a great range of loose diamonds on hand to view and compare.

At Diamonds International, we invite you to sit down in comfort with one of our experienced Diamond Consultants as they guide you through the process of what is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you’ll make: the purchase of a piece of high-quality diamond jewellery. A decision you can make with confidence.

My staff and I are proud to pass on what we know about diamonds to you. I hope you enjoy the Diamonds International Collection. I believe it’s one of the finest you’ll see.”

What Makes Diamonds International Queensland’s No. 1 Choice?

1.Top Quality Diamonds

Diamonds International is proud to be the home of the white diamond. Hand-picked by Charles Bentley himself, only the most remarkable gems are included in our collection. You must see our exquisite collection for yourself to truly appreciate the beauty, clarity and craftsmanship of our superior diamonds.

2. Extensive Range of Designer Rings

Expertly designed and crafted for quality to sit beautifully on your finger and enhance the brilliance of your exquisite diamonds, every designer ring at Diamonds International exudes elegance and is handcrafted to the highest standard.

3. A Custom Ring That’s Uniquely Yours

Create a custom ring that’s truly one-of-a-kind at no extra charge. With over 40 years’ experience creating custom made engagement rings of superior quality, whatever diamond cut and setting you to desire, we will turn your dream ring into a reality.

4. Superior Customer Service

We want to help you find the perfect ring, which is why we go out of our way to make the process of choosing the ultimate diamond ring as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Visit us in-store and sit down in comfort as our expert jewellers share their knowledge about diamonds with you and guide you through the process of purchasing or designing your very own piece of diamond jewellery.

5. Locations Across Brisbane

We believe everyone deserves to own a brilliant, high-quality diamond ring, so wherever you’re located in Brisbane, you’ll find a Diamonds International jeweller near you. Along with our flagship Brisbane store in the heart of the city centre, Diamonds International is also located in Brisbane’s three biggest shopping centres at Chermside, Indooroopilly Carindale.

MJS Jewellery - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

0403 186 112

MJS jewellery is the creative jewellery studio of Australian award-winning master jewellery designer, goldsmith and qualified gemmologist (FGAA) Matthew Staff.

Inspired to showcase Australian made and designed jewellery, Matthew with his wife Simone stepped out in 2009, putting Matthew’s name to a place in the hub of James Street, Brisbane — MJS Jewellery, or Matthew John Staff Jewellery. Like Matthew’s bespoke creations, the James St studio is impressive, both in size and design, visibly celebrating the craftsmanship and artistry of fine jewellery – floor to ceiling glass windows surround the open gallery-like studio, allowing passers to be inspired and see Matthew in action.

With 25 years experience of handcrafting fine jewellery, 10 years within his Brisbane James Street jewellery studio; Matthew’s passion lays in crafting exceptional designs executed with expert hand craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. As a qualified gemmologist (FGGA) Matthew has travelled extensively from the gemstone cutting world centre of Idar-oberstein in Germany to the gem fields of Tanzania, Africa sourcing quality gemstones researching quality cutting techniques.

As a gemmologist, Matthew is immersed in a niche field, having gained the opportunity to understand gemstones by working with gem cutters and obtaining his FGGA qualification coupled with the technicality of making jewellery, and a trained eye for design. Matthew aims to showcase world-class design through his work whilst keeping the craftsmanship and artistry alive in jewellery. “I want to show people that we can still make beautiful things by hand and that it can last a lifetime. It is like leaving a legacy, a beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted piece that has stood the test of time; a good design is timeless.”

Specialising in designing and handcrafting fine bespoke jewellery for engagements and celebrating special occasions, clients are treated to personalised one on one couture service, where you can be involved in the design process as much as you would like to be. Every couture piece is beautifully hand-sketched, and gemstones personally sourced by Matthew.

Open Monday to Saturday, visit the James Street studio to immerse yourself in Matthew’s one-of-a-kind artisan designs, his signature collections or to discuss commissioning a couture piece.

Matthew Staff on Design

“For me, a perfect design comes from the heart and is as precious as the rare gems that make up the piece itself. A beautiful design is inspiring and provides a sense of wonder through its uniqueness and originality. You could say each design like its owner has its distinctive personality. An exceptional design is the marriage of a perfect design executed with expert hand craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail; it is this combination that truly makes a design exquisite.”

- Matthew Staff

Robert White Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

+61 7 3221 6793

At Robert White Jewellers, we pride ourselves on providing first-rate service, in-depth knowledge and unmatched craftsmanship. After all, we’ve been creating stunning handmade pieces for close to 140 years now. We’ve worked closely with our customers during that time, listening to their needs and what they’re looking for in their jewellery. And then we put all our passion and skill into every piece to not only match but exceed our customers’ expectations.

Whether it’s a special something for a special someone or restoring a family heirloom or antique, we take delight in every piece we create. We’ll get you involved, and make sure you’re happy with everything throughout the whole process. Even if your knowledge of jewellery is limited, we’ll guide and support your decision-making. Then, once you’ve given us an idea of what you’d like, our team designs with you and creates handmade pieces to complement any of the beautiful natural gemstones you’ve chosen.

Speaking of gemstones, we have access to some of the world’s finest diamonds and precious coloured stones imported from the best cutting houses. We pay particular attention to the cut, colour and clarity of all our gems, and our diamonds are certified by the internationally recognised and highly esteemed Gemological Institute of America. Additionally, we have a beautiful collection of Australian South Sea white pearls from Broome in Western Australia, as well as Tahitian black pearls and Japanese Akoya pearls. We’re also proud to have been selected by the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine in Western Australian to showcase a selection of the world’s rarest Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds.

So it’s safe to say that, at Robert White Jewellers, you’ll receive quality right across the board. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out with your new piece, you’ll enjoy service, knowledge and craftsmanship like nowhere else.

A proud history of superior service

As a family-owned and operated business, Robert White Jewellers is focused on offering every customer a personalised experience. A qualified goldsmith himself, Robert works together with his exceptionally talented staff, including his daughter Hannah, a Diamond Grader, and son James to create individual handmade jewellery. The business has been crafting classic handmade pieces since it was established by S. Knowles and Sons in 1878, and then later purchased by Robert in 1974.

As soon as you arrive at Robert White Jewellers, you’ll begin to experience the service we’re renowned for. You’ll be greeted with a warm simile and an offer of help. You’ll most likely be dazzled by the pieces on display and, while they’re stunning, we’ll explain the processes and methods behind each one, and then talk you through whatever it is that interests you to ensure we deliver a result that’s truly outstanding.

A passion for the craft

Just as no two customers’ needs are the same, no two pieces we create are identical. At Robert White Jewellers, we guarantee that each item of jewellery is individually drawn and designed just for you, before being handcrafted by Robert and our in house master jewellers.

There’s nothing we love more than collaborating with customers throughout the process – from the initial phase of working out designs and selecting stones, right through to seeing the look on the customer’s face when we reveal the finished product for the first time. It’s a memorable moment for everyone, and one we never tire of.

To ensure our skills are constantly improving, we travel the world gaining new experiences, techniques and gemstones, bringing back to Brisbane to offer to all our new and long-standing customers. So we’re always searching for unusual and interesting ways to bring our customers’ dreams to life.

We never settle for second best, and our passion for our craft shines through in everything we do.

Shiels Jewellery - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane


The right piece of jewellery is a celebration of everything that makes you, you. From cufflinks to earrings, jewellery lets you showcase every facet of your complex and wonderful personality.

Jewellery also connects us with the things that matter—the precious people, emotions, moments, and milestones that enrich our lives’ stories. Think of the engagement rings and wedding rings that mark a loving lifetime commitment. Remember the watches received as graduation gifts and the signet rings handed down from father to son.

Shiels’ range of beautiful and unique jewellery features pieces designed to suit every style and lifestyle. The latest collections inspire our range from leading.

Jewellery designers. You will find the perfect piece for every occasion with everything from classic gold bangles to gemstone earrings.

Select from rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. Choose from precious metals including gold, rose gold, white gold and sterling silver. Show your sparkle with beautiful gemstone and diamond jewellery.

Explore our wide range of jewellery online or in-store at Shiels - your most loved Australian jewellery store. Check out how you can effortlessly enhance any outfit today! Don’t forget to shop now and pay later with our range of finance options. We accept Afterpay, humm, Zip, LatitudePay and Laybuy.

About Shiels

Founded in 1945, Shiels is an innovative Australian jeweller with stores in - SA, QLD, WA and NSW (don’t sweat, everyone else can still access our amazing range online).

Founded by Jack Shiels, Mr Shiels and his wife ran the family-owned company from Adelaide, South Australia, for over 32 years. In 1977 his company was sold to Albert Bensimon (yes – no hoo-ha) and his wife, Nyra.

Originally, Mr Shiels sold jewellery and giftware, Albert and Nyra quickly expanded the selection to include more precious jewellery, including gold, silver and diamonds. Their dream was to establish a reputation for quality, value and range; especially in diamonds and with a lot of hard work they achieved it - and boy – did they achieve it.

From one store in Adelaide, Shiels has expanded into major shopping centres in metropolitan Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney, and has become a leading online jewellery retailer in Australia and beyond.

In 2011, we launched our online store to provide you with a more personalised service that also showcases our product innovation and flawlessly cut diamonds. Since then, Shiels has become a global brand with strong relationships across the world, including North America, Europe and parts of Asia whilst still maintaining a family-owned feel. 

We pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of jewellery that embodies passion, gratitude and commitment. Selecting only the best precious stones from around the world, each of our jewellery pieces is designed and created to express your individuality.

In 2013, Mr and Mrs HooHaa’s son, Toby, took over the reins as Managing Director and is committed to offering expertly crafted jewellery for the best price. Following on from his parents’ work, Toby aims for endless improvement to enrich our customers’ experience; this ensures you always receive the latest styles from around the world and the perfect diamonds for today, tomorrow and for the years to come.

Where to Buy My Engagement Ring for the Best Price?

In this day and age, the internet has become indispensable in all walks of life. And this is true of the engagement ring market as well.

While many people still balk at the idea of making such a massive purchase as an engagement ring over the internet, the truth is that the advantages of shopping online far outweigh that of shopping in-store.

You’ll have access to great prices, a wide range of choice and excellent after-sales and customer service as long as you purchase from a trustworthy vendor. Buying from a little-known or dodgy retailer is a recipe for disaster.

While shopping at the local store definitely has its benefits, we recommend taking your search online. Many online engagement ring retailers have fewer upkeep costs compared to physical stores, and different business models as well that allow them to cut back on costs which result in better prices for you as the consumer.

We recommend checking out Temple & Grace for high-quality diamonds, settings and ready-made engagement rings at reasonable prices. 

Independent/Local Jewelers

If buying a diamond online isn’t for you, check out your local jewellers. Although rings at these stores will be significantly more than rings online, you’ll get more bang for your buck than at chain jewellers, as well as better craftsmanship and, most likely, a ring that is more unique.

Although I purchased my fiancée’s engagement ring at a chain jeweller after being unable to find the style ring I wanted online, we’re having a local jeweller design a new ring for the diamond after my fiancée discovered the ring’s setting was too high and she was banging it around. We’ve got top-notch service from this jeweller, and his custom-designed setting will end up costing less than many of the generic settings available in the chain stores.

Diamond wholesalers

For the brave, the absolute cheapest way to buy a diamond engagement ring is to buy a loose stone from a diamond wholesaler. To do this, you’ll have to live in or travel to a major city like New York and visit the diamond district in person. You’ll need to know what you’re doing, because these dealers are used to dealing with professional jewellers, and may try to take advantage of a naïve buyer.

That said, if you negotiate correctly you can get your rock at wholesale prices and then have a jeweller design a setting. One final caution: Most of these dealers only accept cold hard cash. I had a colleague at SmartMoney magazine buy his fiancée’s diamond this way and I recall him recounting how strange it was to walk through Midtown Manhattan with thousands of dollars in his pocket.

So to wrap things up…

There is a trade-off regardless of the season you choose to purchase your engagement ring. Each season brings with it its pros and cons. There are deals from different retailers at various times around the year, be it peak or off-peak season but if you’re going with a reputable retailer, these don’t always translate into huge savings (as the diamonds are already competitively priced).

While looking for a lower costing ring is always a good idea, we don’t think that it should be the deciding factor when purchasing your engagement ring.

Spend enough time to research and find the right ring to suit your other half. At the end of the day, the most important factor is to opt for a ring that they will fall in love with.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of diamond engagement rings depends primarily on your choice of centre diamond. Because we specialise in custom made diamond rings, where you choose from a selection of loose stones, any of our diamond engagement ring designs can be made to a wide range of budgets. Our engagement ring prices range from as little as $3,000 to $100,000 and more.

A visit to our jewellery studios or a consultation via Zoom allows you to choose from a range of loose diamonds or coloured gemstones, and to discuss your engagement ring design preferences. One of our expert jewellers will explain the 4 C's of diamonds and answer any questions you may have, making choosing the perfect ring a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

September and October are often the best months to buy an Engagement Ring. These are often quieter times for the jewellery industry.

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