What equipment do I need to DJ a wedding?

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    You need the correct mindset and constitution for the job, as late hours and the occasional catastrophic technical blunder can be draining. We believe that the benefits of being a wedding DJ outweigh the effort involved in starting this career. The wonderful part about becoming a wedding DJ is that there is always a need for them.

    But before you go looking for your first wedding DJ gig, you need to answer this question: what is your ideal DJ setup for weddings?

    It's a lot to take in at first, so we'll provide you with a basic equipment list to help. Well, as simple as we can make it since you will need a few "small" things.

    Deck / Controller / Mixer

    Explain the meaning of a DJ deck. I think we need to clarify something. They go by several different names, including DJ decks, DJ controllers, and DJ mixers.

    In the context of the built-in music player, these terms all relate to the same thing. Now that DJ technology has advanced, wedding DJs no longer need to haul around bulky travel cases containing turntables and a mixer. Keep it simple and light; you won't be engaging in any serious scratching competition at the nuptials. Also, if you're a throwback to the good ol' days and would rather push your equipment around on wheels of steel, we've got you covered there, too. There are several high-quality DJ controllers available for the rest of us. These controllers work with Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ, among others, and are suggested if you're a professional DJ who gets paid to be trustworthy. Pioneer's most recent top-of-the-line controller is the DDJ-SX3.


    When it comes to DJ equipment, CDJs are another option. CDJs were first designed to play compact discs, functioning as the digital equivalent of a record player or turntable.

    Most cutting-edge CDJs now also have USB drive reading capabilities. In this approach, you can play around with your digital recordings the way you would with different vinyl records on a turntable. These puppies have a beautiful tactile display and a high-quality sound card so you can feel -and hear- your favourite songs from your collection. works perfectly!

    To elevate your DJ set to the next level, the 2000NXS2 provides a wide variety of options. They may function as DJ controllers and play SD cards, CDs, and flash drives.

    Thanks to its astounding 96kHz sampling rate, your digital audio quality will reach new heights, allowing you to hold an audience in the palm of your hand.

    It's important to note that you can forego purchasing separate CDJ decks and mixers at this time; I'll get into discussing DJ mixers for wedding DJs further down the page. As a purist, this is the arrangement I like, but you may also consider investing in a DJ setup that has everything built in.

    You won't need any more equipment because DJ systems already include a mixer. To this day, Pioneer's Pro DJ XDJ-RX DJ System remains the one I consider to be the best available. Having to lug around as much equipment isn't ideal for a wedding DJ, and being able to set them up on a table with no extra cabling and be ready to go right away is a big plus.

    Software and controllers – Cheap and easy DJ setup

    Since many weddings are now held at scenic outdoor venues or in far-flung urban centres, guests often have to travel considerable distances to reach the ceremony and reception beach At a farm, you need to make sure that your tools and supplies don't get mangled during transport. Since DJ controllers are lightweight, DJs no longer have to lug around bulky equipment like a turntable or mixer.

    You can get by with just a DJ controller and some DJ software on your laptop. Serato, RekordBox, and Traktor are just a few examples of the many DJ software programmes out now.

    The happy couple puts their faith in you, thus it only makes sense to use trained controllers from your company. The Pioneer DDJSX3 and similar models are examples. It is also recommended that you invest in a professional laptop that is compatible with all DJ software if you intend to DJ at weddings on a regular basis.

    Despite the complaints of "old school" DJs, computers have become standard issue for many modern DJs.

    A software-running laptop is also more convenient to transport during a wedding than a large number of CDs or records. Specialized DJ software and a controller (equivalent to a DJ joystick) are required in order to use a laptop as a DJ setup for wedding receptions.

    One advantage of software DJing is that you may perform the mixing process within the programme itself, eliminating the need for an external mixer.

    Nowadays, DJs can choose from a wide variety of software programmes. Traktor and Serato are the two pioneering programmes, but there have been dozens of others to enter the fray since their introduction.

    Vinyl Turntables for Wedding DJs

    I can't remember a single wedding when there wasn't a DJ spinning old standards. It's possible that not all of this music is available digitally, and if you've been a DJ for a while, you probably have a tonne of records that you haven't yet digitised or converted to CD.

    Also, who doesn't enjoy watching a wedding DJ spin some records on a vintage turntable setup?

    The original Technics 1210s are the pinnacle of audio quality. These have been the norm for a long time now. If you get a pair of 1210s, you may never need to upgrade again, regardless of what else is released.

    They are a staple of any professional wedding DJ's setup and have become a cultural icon in their own right.

    In recent years, a number of new manufacturers have entered the market, providing consumers with a wider selection of high-quality, low-cost vinyl turntables. Brands like Numark, Reloop, Audio Technica, Stanton, and Gemini rank among my favourites. Your level of commitment as a wedding DJ is proportional to the resources you are willing to invest.

    Some sick vinyl turntables are one option, but they do need lugging over heavy crates of vinyl, because vinyl is experiencing something of a renaissance of its own, the option to play it at weddings is becoming increasingly popular. The perception of vinyl has shifted in recent years from one of being retro to one of being forward-looking and modern.

    To be clear, transporting a vinyl turntable to your next wedding DJ gig does not entail tearing grandma's old record player out of the wall and dumping it in the van.

    These new record players may look sick, but that doesn't mean they can't play your old jazz records or hip hop albums just as well.

    Also, the obvious audiophiles at the wedding will be impressed by your choice of vinyl as a medium for playing music. Whether or not the other listeners appreciate it, it will improve the quality of their sound.


    It's an industry standard, thus it works with a wide variety of DJ controllers, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities for DJing by allowing for instantaneous remixing. The STEMS show that Traktor is a fantastic programme that advances the business, but getting started with wedding gigs, you may want to keep it simple.

    You can rest assured that you'll be using a professional-grade piece of software if you decide to use Traktor for your wedding gigs.


    Serato is another time-tested DJ programme with deep ties to the scratch culture of hip hop. It was the first device to allow a vinyl turntable to be used as a controller for digitally recorded music.

    Serato's reliability is a major selling factor, and its users are devoted to the programme because of this feature, until the organisation is confident that stability will not be compromised, new features are typically not added, making the software a "rearguard."

    Korg Kaoss DJ

    Korg is well-known for its extraordinarily effective and inexpensive products. Inexpensive and portable DJ controller that works with Traktor or Serato is the Korg Kaoss DJ. Immediately add effects to your DJ set with the help of the integrated kaoss pad, a traditional tactile interface from Korg.

    The hardware inputs and audio interface on the Kaoss DJ make it ideal for a DJ setup that can be taken anywhere.

    PA Speakers

    With the right PA speakers, you or your mix can really stand out. Given that some couples choose to have their nuptials in imposing churches and their celebrations in sprawling banquet halls, you need to make sure that you have powerful speakers. You can turn up the volume sans worrying about the quality suffering.

    In a typical banquet hall, two or four 15-inch loudspeakers or subwoofers will do the trick. The nicest aspect about having subwoofers is that you won't have to lug along bulky amplifiers. JBL PRX, QSC K-Series, and PioneerDJ are just a few examples of high-quality speaker and subwoofer manufacturers.

    The public address system is, arguably, the most crucial part of your setup. To claim the title of "greatest DJ in town" is a bit of a stretch if the music being played is coming from speakers you found at a garage sale. Getting good sound into the vast spaces of many banquet halls and ballrooms might take a lot of power. You should always be ready to turn up the volume without sacrificing sound quality, even while performing in a smaller venue.

    It's recommended that your PA system include at least two 15" powered speakers and a subwoofer to accompany them. Powered speakers are great since they eliminate the need to lug around heavy power amplifiers and other rack gear designed for passive systems.

    Although a full public address system is preferable, quality speakers will suffice for the time being.

    It's possible they'll offer to provide a public address system, but you shouldn't count on it; ultimately, it's up to you and your company to deliver everything that's needed.

    Then again, if you have a good PA system, it will include speakers, and many of them will also have a mixer and a microphone built in.

    The whole PA setup is kind of important, even if you aren't expected to perform any MC'ing, because someone will want to use a microphone at some time.

    When you've nailed down a gig and have a sense of the people you'll be working with, it's not a terrible idea to enquire as to whether or not there is any equipment you specifically shouldn't bring; nonetheless, you should be prepared to bring whatever is required at a moment's notice.

    Although there is an entire industry dedicated to the reproduction of live music, a simple public address (PA) system like the Peavy audio performer pack or Behringer Europort EPS500MP3 should be more than adequate for smaller events like birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations without breaking the bank.

    Speakers are one of those essential pieces of equipment that you can't go without, although larger venues may already have their own systems, and you can always hire or upgrade if your current system isn't cutting it.

    Wireless Microphones

    Wireless microphones should also be an integral part of your setup. A master of ceremonies (MC) is typically present at formal events like weddings and other celebrations to make announcements, give speeches, and keep the event running well. A 30-foot microphone cable can easily cause a trip and fall, which could result in broken equipment or, worse, an injury to a guest. Companies like Shure, Sennheiser, and AKG produce high-quality wireless microphone systems. Don't forget to bring the proper cables for connecting the receivers to the public address system. In addition, always bring along a spare set of batteries to any function.

    Speeches, toasts, and other forms of public address are common at weddings. To be fully prepared, bring long-range wireless microphones. This eliminates the potential for speakers and attendees to trip over the cords. Shure, AKG, and Sennheiser are three dependable manufacturers. Battery and cable checks are highly suggested. Additionally, make sure the microphone is turned on and working before you start.


    A good wedding DJ set needs to possess a sizable and interesting variety of musical works. Each and every DJ has the responsibility of keeping the crowd entertained by selecting appropriate music for the event.

    Try to keep in mind that this isn't your chance to assert your superior taste at the gathering. The more effort you put into gauging their musical tastes, the more work you'll get from them.

    Any DJ for a wedding will tell you that catering to guests with widely varying musical tastes is a major task. You're a wedding DJ, and you know that each couple has their own taste in music. Because of this, you need to be prepared to accommodate a wide range of musical tastes by stocking up on iPods, iPhones, hard disks, vinyl, and more before accepting any wedding DJ gigs.

    And then other people will come to you expecting you to know everything there is to know about music, even though they themselves have no idea what they want. So be ready!

    Music from the 1980s, 1990s, and current top 40 should be your primary focus, along with some disco and standard dance tracks for when the atmosphere gets rowdy.


    The DJ setup isn't complete without proper lighting, especially for the reception. Stage lighting should be bright enough to attract the audience's eye while also enhancing the atmosphere of the venue as a whole.

    There will likely be a dance floor at the reception, and everyone will be happy to move to your mixes. If you want to make the experience even better, use strobe lights and lasers in conjunction with the music. The lights should flash in time with the music, so we suggest getting some of those. There will be a greater impact because of this.

    Think about light and some music if you want to truly fire folks up and need them in the party spirit special effects

    Although each of these points is worthy of its own article, suffice to say that you will likely be expected to carry around at least one mirror ball in your rig. DJs must decide whether to play it cool at a formal wedding or turn up the volume and get the party started at a more casual celebration.

    In any case, here are a few suggestions for neat lights to keep around just in case.

    There is no way a DJ can play a set without proper lighting. Lighting has a significant role in creating the desired mood, ambience, and setting. It's vital to have a wide variety of lighting in your rig. Washes, strobe lights, and lasers are all examples of powerful lighting effects. With proper lighting, you can increase the value of your services and potentially charge more for them. Event DJs should put in the effort to study and master lighting.

    Without a spectacular light show, a party just isn't a party. Professional and even amateur lighting rigs are remotely operated using DMX control. It's also important to think about DMX compatibility for future expansion, even if remote control of your lights isn't something you need or want right now. Using DMX, you can programme elaborate light shows with synchronised effects that span multiple rooms.

    A Backup

    It may not be your fault if the machinery breaks down. It's still possible to ruin someone's big day, no matter what the circumstances. You do not really want to be the one person responsible for a wedding not going as planned, believe us. In case anything happens to your machinery, you should always be prepared with a backup. Cables, speakers, microphones, and a backup laptop computer are all essential. Bringing along an iPod or iPad ensures that you can keep jamming no matter what happens to your other musical apparatus.

    One of the most satisfying pastimes or careers is that of a wedding DJ. By making people's evenings special, you can make a lasting impact on their lives.

    The type of equipment that you use depends on so many factors. These include budget, long-term plans, and how often you plan to perform.


    What kind of DJ equipment would you recommend for a wedding if this is your first time working as a DJ? DJ equipment has come a long way and no longer necessitates cumbersome road cases. The DDJ-SX3 is Pioneer's most recent flagship controller. These knobs and buttons can be used with Serato, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ. As of right now, my pick for greatest DJ system is Pione's Pro DJ XDJ-RX.

    DJs no longer need to carry heavy mixers and effects pedals because to the portability of DJ controllers. One piece of advice is to have a high-quality laptop that is compatible with many DJ programmes. DJs now have access to a vast library of digital music production tools. There are several other pioneering programmes besides Traktor and Serato. More affordable and high-quality vinyl turntables are now available thanks to the entry of several new manufacturers.

    DJ controllers like the Korg Kaoss DJ and Serato that are both affordable and easy to transport are great additions to a wedding DJ setup. It may take a lot of energy to effectively distribute sound throughout the huge areas of many banquet halls and ballrooms. Two 15-inch powered speakers and a subwoofer are suggested for your public address system. With powered speakers, you can forget about carrying around bulky amplifiers. You should also include wireless microphones in your setup.

    Because of its length, a 30-foot microphone wire poses a significant tripping hazard that could result in damaged or even broken equipment or even injury to a visitor. The reception area, in particular, ought to be well-lit. In order to achieve a particular atmosphere, the lighting plays a crucial role. Intense lighting effects include washes, strobes, and lasers. Having multiple types of lighting in your rig is essential for creating the best possible effect.

    A celebration isn't a celebration without a magnificent light show. The quality of your services, and hence your ability to charge more for them, can be improved by investing in good lighting. DMX control is used for remote operation of lighting sets in both professional and amateur settings. Accessories such as cables, speakers, microphones, and a spare laptop computer are required.

    Content Summary

    • But before you start applying for wedding DJ jobs, you need to address this question: what kind of DJ setup do you prefer to use at weddings? It's a lot to take in at once, so we'll give you a short list of the essential tools you'll need.
    • Simply using a DJ controller and DJ software on your laptop would suffice.
    • The usage of a laptop as a DJ setup for wedding celebrations requires both specialised DJ software and a controller (the equivalent of a DJ joystick).
    • I can't think of a single wedding when a DJ wasn't playing a mix of classic hits.
    • These days, shoppers may choose from a greater range of high-quality, low-price vinyl turntables thanks to the emergence of several new producers in the market in recent years.
    • The wedding's audiophile guests will also appreciate that you went with vinyl.
    • The Korg Kaoss DJ is a cheap and portable DJ controller compatible with Traktor and Serato.
    • The correct PA speakers may make you or your mix sound incredible.
    • The PA system is probably the single most important element of your setup.
    • Two 15" powered speakers and a subwoofer are suggested for your public address system.
    • A competent public address system, however, will not only feature speakers, but will typically also feature a mixer and a microphone.
    • Long-range wireless microphones should be brought to ensure optimal preparation.
    • Put strobe lights and lasers to the music if you want to take it to the next level.
    • Having a wide range of lighting options in your rig is crucial.
    • DMX control is used for remote operation of lighting rigs in both professional and amateur settings.
    • Even if you don't need or want remote control of your lights right now, it's important to consider DMX compatibility for future expansion.
    • Always have a backup machine ready in case the primary one breaks down.

    FAQs About Wedding DJ

    A great wedding DJ will also act as your Master of Ceremonies, introducing the wedding party, the toasts, your first dance and everything of importance. They will keep the reception moving along and your guests informed of all of the important happenings.

    The DJ will arrive at a time to suit you (usually around 6pm) and set up their equipment where required. To unload and set up takes around 45 - 60 minutes depending on how much equipment the DJ has. They will then need to get changed.

    The most common booking for us is a 5 hour DJ set and is usually 7pm-midnight, but the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you want a DJ to start early and play background music during dinner, or maybe you'll have a string quartet for most of the day and only need a DJ for a 2 hour blast at the end!

    DJs typically perform for a live audience in a nightclub or dance club or a TV, radio broadcast audience, or an online radio audience. DJs also create mixes, remixes and tracks that are recorded for later sale and distribution.

    Your DJ will plan with you, play the seating music, play all songs during the ceremony, run microphones for the officiant and your vows, help with audio for other live performers or musicians, and make announcements.

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