Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne

88+ Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Melbourne [2022]

Laser hair removal means “Treating” the hair in a way that prevents it from growing back for an extended period. It doesn’t convey the exact meaning of the word “removal”, and the entire process is treating the hair to make it dry and fall (after one week of the treatment) and never grow back for a very long period.

There are dozens of laser clinics in Australia, and especially in Melbourne. Moreover, unlike the US and CA, clinics in Melbourne are cheap yet professionals. Also, you will find some leading laser clinics that give excellent results with professional dermatologists.

Located in Melbourne and planning to visit a laser hair removal clinic? When you are planning to have a laser hair removal treatment done in a clinic, of course, you want the best in town. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed is to select the best cosmetic clinic. This way, you are confident that the result you want will be achieved. 

Your decision to have laser hair removal treatment is one you will live with for the rest of your life, so it’s important to select an experienced clinic who understands your goals.

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    List of Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Melbourne

    Tightskinco Laser And Cosmetic Clinic- Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne

    Tightskinco Laser and Cosmetic Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

    (03) 9787 6286

    Delivering Results Through Technology For A Youthful, Healthy-Looking Skin

    Tightskinco is an aesthetic cosmetic clinic providing state of the art laser, radiofrequency, hifu treatments, cosmetic injectables and advanced cosmetic peels.

    Tightskinco focuses on the skin for rejuvenation, acne scars, active acne, scar revision, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and skin tightening. We offer industry-leading skincare with active ingredients to deliver results.

    Tightskinco offers an exceptional clinic experience with a professional and relaxing atmosphere in our stunning premises. Our highly skilled team reflects our high standards, the treatment and products offered, and our wealth of knowledge.

    We believe in enhancing and retaining youthful, natural-looking skin and conserving the integrity of the skin and its underlying structure.

    Permanent Reduction In Hair For Silky Smooth Skin

    Tightskinco provides safe, affordable permanent reduction of your unwanted hair on all parts of the body and on all skin colours Fitzpatrick I-VI. We use one of the most advanced and innovative dual Nd: YAG & Alexandrite medical grade laser.

    This technology emits a wavelength of light 1064nm and 755nm by selectively concentrating heat only on the melanin pigment with properties of high absorption of melanin. It specifically targets and destroys hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue of the skin.

    The procedure is virtually painless and one of the fastest treatments for hair removal. It is operated by experienced certified laser technicians ensuring high-quality results in a professional and friendly clinic environment.

    Most Clients see results within 4 to 8 treatments.

    Pink Laser Clinic - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Pink Laser Clinic - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne

    1300 549 008


    Our goal is to bring out the most exquisite version of you, by working with your natural beauty to enhance, correct and provide you with proven anti-ageing and skincare solutions that are backed by science and performed by experienced Dermal Clinicians, Doctors and renowned Professionals. Every treatment we offer is carefully selected to be the least invasive yet the true gold standard.



    Targets sun-damaged skin. The result is a more even tone and brighter skin.

    • Breaks down superficial pigmentation
    • Improves skin imperfections
    • New collagen formation
    • Improve skin texture
    • Overall colour correction
    • Brightens skin
    • Reduce pore size
    • Reduce fine lines
    • Gentle with no downtime

    Indications: Sun Damaged Skin, Age-Related Pigmentation

    Recommended: Min. 3 Treatment Sessions, Recommended 6-10 Treatment Sessions

    Suitable for: All Skin Types

    Laser: Fotona StarWalker Q-switched Nd:YAG

    FROM 213.30

    40% OFF Packages of 6+ 

    Break down superficial pigmentation, improve skin imperfections with the added benefit of new collagen formation. Safe for all body areas.

    Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    Improves tone and pigmentation with rejuvenating benefits

    • Breaks down deep and superficial brown pigment spots
    • Improve skin texture, tone and luminosity
    • Reduce redness
    • Manage melasma
    • Gentle with no downtime

    Indications: Sun damaged skin, open pores, skin laxity, aged skin, age-related pigmentation

    Recommended: 3-4 Treatments

    Suitable for: All Skin Types

    Laser: Dual Wavelengths, Fotona StarWalker Q-switched Nd:YAG & Q-switched KTP

    FROM 468.00

    40% off Packages 6+

    Advanced pigmentation removal that breaks down deep and superficial brown pigment spots while improving skin texture, tone and luminosity. Safe for all body areas.


    Advanced whitening treatment that targets melanin deposit to lighten skin and deliver a more even tone effectively.

    • Targets multi-layered, dark pigmentation
    • Dramatically lightens & brightens skin
    • Evens skin tone
    • Reduces the appearance of pores
    • Gentle with no downtime

    Indications: Dark circles under eyes, pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles, multi-layered pigmentation, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma.

    Recommended: 4-6 Treatments

    Suitable for: Dark circles under eyes, pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles, multi-layered pigmentation, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma.

    Laser: Fotona StarWalker Q-switched Nd:YAG

    FROM 675.00

    40% off Packages of 6+

    Advanced skin whitening treatment that targets melanin deposit to lighten skin and deliver a more even tone. An excellent solution to treat dark under-eye circles. Safe for all body areas.

    Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    Lasers are a simple, fast, effective and safe tool for removing a wide variety of benign pigmented lesions, such as freckles, age spots, birthmarks, moles, specific vascular lesions, ephelides, melasma, seborrheic and actinic keratoses.


    Laser removal of pigmented lesions works by destroying the pigment in the skin without the need for excision. This process is completed in 3 simple steps:

    Step 1 - LIGHT ABSORPTION: The laser produces short nanosecond pulses of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin to be selectively absorbed by the melanin pigment in the lesion.

    Step 2 – PIGMENT BREAK-UP: The laser light is transformed into photoacoustic waves which mechanically break up the melanin pigment into smaller particles.

    Step 3 – PIGMENT REMOVAL: These particles are then removed by the body's own immune system, as the skin's macrophages clear the excess pigment from the area.


    The laser wavelength is what determines which chromophore will be predominantly targeted by the laser to be selectively removed. Clinical studies show that superficial lesions can be treated most effectively with the KTP 532 nm wavelength, while the Nd:YAG 1064 nm wavelength can be used to target deeper-lying chromophores. Additionally, Q-switched light, available with Fotona's QX MAX laser system, is especially effective due to its high peak powers and selective nature, enabling it to break apart pigments only and not cells. This means that pigment destruction can take place without ablating the skin.


    It is widely recognised in the medical community that Q-Switched lasers are the ideal tool for effectively removing benign pigmented lesions. Combining 4 laser modalities in an advanced, high-powered solution, Fotona's QX MAX laser system effectively removes all common pigmented lesions. Fotona's innovative R-HX handpiece produces a completely flat laser beam profile that is hexagonal in shape to allow for more precise and uniform coverage. Homogeneity of the laser beam profile is important in pigment removal treatments and skin whitening. It ensures safety during treatment since laser energy is evenly distributed across the treated area. The system's OPTOflex articulated arm increases precision and safety. OPTOflex generates absolute uniform beam profiles. Its ergonomic design allows easy and natural hand movement during procedures.


    Laser treatment of pigmented lesions is quick, sutureless, has a rapid healing time and produces excellent results. It is suitable for all ethnic skin types. For example, Asian skin is highly sensitive to heat, and often hyper-pigmentation can result from using the wrong laser sources or as a result of poor administration of the laser treatment. The Nd:YAG or KTP Nd:YAG laser sources, on the other hand, have been generating desirable treatment results to all ethnic skin types.


    Since its introduction, Fotona's QX MAX has been globally recognised as an ultra-performance Q-Switched laser system. The StarWalker represents the next important evolutionary step forward and takes the system to an even higher level.

    ASP: Third Generation Technology

    StarWalker® and its groundbreaking ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse) technology represent a cosmic shift forward for the medical and aesthetic laser industry.

    This third-generation technology combines the unsurpassed range of pulse duration modes of Fotona's VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology with the revolutionary capability of ASP technology to adapt the temporal structure of laser pulses to the bio-photonic dynamics of laser-tissue interaction.

    Power of a Pico Laser with the Energy of a Q-Switched Laser

    StarWalker's unique TMD (Transverse Mode Discrimination) laser oscillator technology combined with the ASP pulse control delivers very short (5 nsec) Q-switched pulses consisting of a high energy train of ultra-short bursts of energy in trillionths of a second, enabling photomechanical impact to shatter tiny skin targets without injury to the surrounding skin. StarWalker's technology thus combines the high energy capabilities of nanosecond lasers with the ultrashort pulse peak powers of traditional picosecond lasers.

    Modulated Acoustics Q-Switched (MaQX) Laser System - Unmatched Q-Switched Pulse Energy

    Fotona's StarWalker laser system features the entire range of super-short pulse technologies in a single, high-performance solution. StarWalker's patented MaQX pulse modalities produce powerful bursts of laser energy that photoically break apart skin pigmentations into smaller, more easily eliminated particles.

    Based on revolutionary ASP technology, the StarWalker is capable of delivering up to an unprecedented 10 J of Q-switched energy in one giant structured MaQX pulse. The unique MaQX high energy capability of StarWalker enables the generation of a higher energy photoacoustic effect at the treatment site, leading to more effective and faster treatments. Additionally, with high MaQX energies, larger spot sizes can be used, resulting in more homogeneous treatments of even deeper lying skin pigments, and therefore with reduced risk of unwanted side effects.


    • Third-generation ASP technology for ultimate precision, efficacy and safety of treatments
    • Widest range of procedure modes, including unique MaQX, VERDE, FRAC3 and VERSA3 modes for pigment, vascular and collagen treatments
    • An impressive line of advanced smart control handpieces
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use parameter selection
    • Minimally invasive, safe treatments with little downtime
    • Excellent patient comfort and satisfaction

    My Skin Clinic - Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Laser Hair Removal Specialists

    MySkin Clinics have several clinics located across Melbourne. Our hair removal clinics provide a safe, affordable, permanent reduction in unwanted hair. MySkin Clinics use high tech medical-grade lasers operated by nurses formally qualified in laser technology and application and certified aestheticians treating all skin tones and hair colours.

    Complimentary Consultation

    At MySkin Clinics, we commence every new treatment with a complimentary, personalized consultation providing expert advice.

    MySkin Clinics provide optimum, permanent hair removal solutions for women.

    We provide:

    • Free, no-obligation laser hair removal consultation
    • State of the art medical grade lasers
    • Fully qualified laser therapists

    Areas Treated

    We specialize in removing hair from all unwanted areas of your body.

    • Face & Lips
    • Upper and lower arms and underarms
    • Legs including full, upper or lower, feet and toes
    • Bikini and Brazilian

    World Leading Technology

    MySkin Clinics' staff use world-leading, medical-grade laser technology to apply a long pulse light to unwanted hair. The light is attracted to the melanin in the hair, travels down the hair shaft damaging the follicle and inhibiting future hair growth. The variety of laser technology employed allows our technicians to meet clients' individual needs regardless of skin tone for both women and men.

    Male Laser Hair Removal

    Hale and Hearty. Not Hairy.

    If you are embarrassed to take your shirt off at the beach - or in the bedroom or if you have painful, unsightly, ingrown hairs along your neck and jawline, MySkin Clinics can resolve these issues using Laser Hair Removal Technology.

    • Save time and money
    • Eliminate painful waxing or shaving
    • Feel and look your best with improved self-confidence

    Areas Treated

    We remove hair from all unwanted areas of your body

    • Back & Shoulders
    • Chest & Stomach
    • Face, Ears, Eyebrows, Neck & Head

    World Leading Technology

    MySkin Clinics' staff use world-leading, medical-grade laser technology to apply a long pulse light to unwanted hair. The light is attracted to the melanin in the hair, travels down the hair shaft damaging the follicle and inhibiting future hair growth. The variety of laser technology employed allows our technicians to meet clients' individual needs regardless of skin tone for both women and men.

    Australian Skin Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    You deserve Australian Skin Clinics! Whether you’re looking for laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, fat reduction or just great skincare, we have you covered. We aim to provide you with affordable and effective non-surgical treatments that work. That’s why we offer the latest and most advanced aesthetic treatments and products available. Best of all, we guarantee our highest priority is always you. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation – go on, you deserve it!

    Our Mission

    To make people look and feel fantastic about themselves by proving leading edge, credible and medically-researched cosmetic treatments in a professional, ethical and service orientated environment, where our highest priority is always the client’s best interests.

    Why us?

    Australian Skin Clinics is widely recognised as a leading authority in cosmetic and aesthetic services. All our services are all provided in a professional, ethical and service-orientated environment, and we take great pride in providing extensive and ongoing training to all staff. All our laser technicians hold a Laser Safety Certificate as we adhere to strict laser training and protocols to provide maximum benefit to clients. All our injectable cosmetic treatments are performed by medically trained professionals, too. This ensures your results are always delivered with experience and care.

    Laser hair removal

    No more painful wax appointments or rushing with razors!

    Waxing and shaving are a thing of the past. Laser hair removal offers you the luxury of silky-smooth and ready-for-anything skin all year round. Treatments are tailored to eradicate hair from the chosen face and body areas, and the sessions are fast, effective, affordable –,, and the reduction is permanent! Although laser is fast, it can only treat your hair during the ‘growth’ phase, so a series of 6-12 treatment sessions will be required for those silky-smooth results.

    How it works

    Permanent hair reduction with the laser.

    Our fully-trained laser technicians can treat any skin tone from dark to fair using our medical-grade Candela Gentle YAG and Gentle PRO lasers.

    The laser aims a concentrated beam of light at your hair follicles. With darker skin types, the laser is attracted to the blood supply to the hair follicle. The pigment in your hair follicle will absorb the light and heat, damaging the follicle enough to discourage further growth, with the hair eventually falling out.

    Optimising your results

    Preparation is important when it comes to laser hair removal.

    Ensure you shave the area to be treated roughly 12 hours prior to your laser hair removal session. Make sure you avoid wax/depilatory cream, fake tan and getting sunburnt up to two weeks before your session. This is important, as the treatment uses a cosmetic laser that shoots a concentrated beam of light directly at the pigment in your hair follicles and will also sizzle any pigment on your skin, including tanning products.

    Melbourne Laser and Skin - Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


     Our Treatments

    We provide an initial, free thorough consultation to each client, allowing us to understand their concerns.

    Treatments are tailored for each individual need to suit their budget and lifestyle.

    Feel good about yourself


    At Melbourne Laser & Skin Clinic, we offer customer care like no other. This is the place to come to be relaxed, indulged and get the results you’ve been looking for. Our mission is to create a friendly local beauty clinic that has a welcoming environment that is catered to all ages females and males. We are result driven and encourages our client to feel comfortable and confident their skin. Share your experiences and refer us to your family, friends and people alike.


    Melbourne Laser & Skin Clinic were founded in 2010. Our clinic provides cutting edge laser and skin services using FDA & TGA lasers appropriate for both males and females and skincare products for all skin types. Melbourne Laser & Skin Clinic offers individual client services, utilising in the most advanced technology within a relaxed, friendly environment. Our goal is to work together to achieve your desired result.

    No More Shaving, No More Waxing, No More Pain

    Unwanted hair can be a problem for both males and females. Do you want to get rid of that unwanted hair? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

    Let’s face it; excess body and facial hair can be unsightly and embarrassing. Shaving, waxing, plucking and depilatory creams are inconvenient, messy and only temporary.

    Super Hair Removal (SHR) is faster and safer than any other permanent hair reduction method and can treat large areas at each session. Here at Melbourne Laser & Skin Clinic, we use the worlds most advanced technology for laser hair removal called Alma Soprano ICE. It provides safe and effective permanent hair reduction treatments customised for each individual hair. Soprano Ice is a medical-grade laser, FDA & TGA cleared for all skin types (Fitz I-VI) and tanned skin. Safe to treat all year round. Virtually No Pain, No Side Effects.

    Feel Good Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Welcome to Feel Good Laser & Skin

    Embark on a journey with Feel Good Laser & Skin, exploring the new you. Our commitment is to deliver optimal results by using only the latest, cutting edge medical grade technology. Our highly qualified and skilled professionals administer all treatments. Feel confident that our trusted and experienced staff will provide you with an unparalleled standard of care.

    Experience the Change. Experience the New You.


    We are dedicated to using the highest quality products and breakthrough technology. Feel Good Laser & Skin uses world-renowned brands endorsed by the professionals, to bring you the best beauty solutions.

    We differentiate ourselves from others, by only using leading and proven technology that delivers targeted results in the most efficient manner. All of our treatments are non-surgical with little to no downtime, and optimal comfort is our priority.

    We are the first clinic in Australia to use Syneron-Candela's newest non-surgical liposuction technology, the UltraShape Power. If you are considering surgical liposuction, but you're put off by the high cost and long recovery time, visit Feel Good to see what is possible with the non-invasive, effective and efficient solutions we have available for you.

    For all our skin solutions, we use Medik8 skincare products, which are made with the best active ingredients at the right strengths that are tailored for the specific skin solutions. We especially love Medik8 products because they are 100% paraben-free, and their green-based chemistry delivers ‘skin safe’, non-irritating active ingredients to your skin.


    Are you frustrated with feeling like you are constantly shaving, tweezing, waxing, and plucking? Do you feel like it takes up more of your time than any other personal maintenance activity? Laser hair removal may be for you! This treatment may be able to save you the pain and hassle associated with regular shaving or waxing. Start your journey to smoother skin in the Melbourne area by contacting Feel Good Laser and Skin Clinic and scheduling your consultation with our team in Richmond, VIC.

    What Is Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser hair removal is a treatment option that uses light to alter how hair grows. Regular treatments may be able to reduce how hair grows, and the hair that grows back may grow back thinner and lighter than before.

    DermaCare Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Welcome to DermaCare – Cosmetic & Laser Skin Clinic – Melbourne

    We are Melbourne’s leading non-invasive laser & aesthetic skin treatment clinic.

    At DermaCare Cosmetic & Laser, we have thoroughly and carefully selected the safest, most effective cosmetic aesthetic treatments, laser skin and laser hair removal technology for every procedure.

    Based just north of the Melbourne city centre, our Moonee Ponds clinic offers the most effective solutions for all skin concerns, including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, laser hair removal, laser hair reduction, acne, acne scarring, facial or leg spider veins, rosacea, pigmentation brown spots, sun damage and more.

    We are here to listen to your needs, advise and support you every step of the way. We know that even the smallest change can make the biggest difference. Why not book a complimentary laser and skincare analysis with our experienced team today.


    In the past, the usual remedies for unwanted hair were plucking, shaving, waxing, or chemical depilatories. Some are painful, some are messy, and all are only temporary.

    The aim of laser hair removal is to reduce the quantity and density of hair growth, delay the regrowth period, and to minimise the occurrence of conditions such as folliculitis and ingrown hairs.

    Unlike other treatments, the medical laser hair removal process is easy! It requires no creams or gels, no pre-treatment waxing, and no needles. In fact, laser hair removal is a medical breakthrough. During the hair removal treatment, the laser beam penetrates your skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle, which is just under the surface of the skin. The laser energy destroys the follicle with the heat that it generates. Because the laser beam is large in diameter, it affects a large number of hairs simultaneously.

    Laser hair removal treatments are comfortable, treating hair follicles in a fraction of the time of other methods, using only the power of laser light. Some patients may feel a slight discomfort with the laser pulse, sometimes described as the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. Our laser hair removal cooling mechanism minimizes this discomfort. For some patients, a topical anaesthetic may be used prior to treatment.

    All your laser hair removal treatment comfort options will be discussed with our medical practitioners prior to treatment.

    Our Laser hair removal treatments offer effective results while maintaining the normal appearance of the skin. It uses the best technology currently available for laser hair removal, offering outstanding results.

    Before undergoing a laser hair removal treatment, you will require an initial complimentary consultation at our Melbourne based clinic and a test patch will be treated to assess your suitability to undergo Laser hair removal. Our medical staff will design a programme of treatment for you and will monitor your progress carefully throughout.

    PureMed Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    You’ve come to the right place.

    At PureMed Laser Clinic, we deliver a broad range of laser treatments, utilising one of the most advanced laser technologies available today—the unique dual-wavelength MultiPlexTM laser platform.

    At our clinic you will receive an obligation-free skin assessment and consultation backed by our expert knowledge, a tailored treatment plan developed especially for you and most importantly — effective and defined results, delivered by a registered nurse quickly, painlessly and for the best price.

    Laser Hair Removal

    The most advanced, safe and highly effective treatment for best-looking results.

    At PureMed Clinic, we use the most advanced laser technology to remove unwanted hair growth. This is scientifically proven, effective and completely safe technology which targets hair at its core by stopping the re-growth process of each hair follicle and not affecting the surrounding skin.

    By applying both the gold standard 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm Nd:YAG lasers and a unique, integrated, ZimmerSmart Cool TM cooling system, we can quickly and effectively address a broad range of hair colours and types on your body and face, whilst tailoring the procedure precisely to suit your skin type.

    Smart Skin Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Smart Skin Clinics is more than just your average laser and skin treatment clinic. We go above and beyond and are dedicated to providing our clients with a wide range of high-quality and safe cosmetic procedures using the latest equipment and technology that deliver results to make you feel rejuvenated, fresh and confident.

    Our advanced cosmetic skin treatments and procedures are gentle yet provide fast visual results. Furthermore, together with our safe and reliable services, our professionally trained and qualified therapists and our professional clinic setup contribute to a comfortable and pleasant experience.

    Our trained and qualified team can assist you with a variety of services, using the most current approach with our skin treatments that achieve exceptional results, while you feel relaxed and at ease.

    At Smart Skin Clinics, we offer the most effective laser, skin, and cosmetic treatments available, specialising in Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal, Cosmetic Tattoo, Skin Care, Teeth Whitening and more.

    Speak to us about how we can help you look and feel your best today.

    Free No-Obligation Consultation

    We provide free, no-obligation consultations for all of our skin services in all of our Melbourne clinics. Our professionally trained therapists will assess your skin and help you understand the most suitable ways to achieve the glowing, healthy and radiant skin that you want.

    Alternatively, you can contact us here. Our team would love to help you.

    Employment Opportunities

    If you would like to join our team, openings will be posted here.

    Beauty and Laser Therapist


    Due to continual growth, we are seeking an enthusiastic and passionate beauty & laser therapist to join our team. We believe in fostering a supportive environment where career and personal growth is paramount, and as such, we offer ongoing training & development and a generous bonus structure.


    • Certificate III in beauty therapy or higher
    • Customer service experience
    • Experienced with skin treatments
    • Experienced with laser hair removal (preferred


    Medical Grade Hair Reduction

    We have all tried and tested a variety of body hair removal methods at one time or another – methods such as plucking, waxing, shaving, electrolysis and depilatory creams only provide a short term solution from stubborn hair growth. With laser hair removal, you can achieve the smoother, longer-lasting result you’ve been waiting for.

    Our team of therapists are Laser Safety, and Candela Laser Practitioner certified and are dedicated to providing outstanding long term results with our Laser Hair Removal services.

    By using only Candela GentleLase Laser technology, the gold standard in laser medical-grade hair removal, we deliver dramatic hair removal results with the utmost effectivity, ease, and comfort.


    Need a more permanent hair removal method?

    See outstanding long term results with our Laser Hair Removal services. When we administer our medical-grade hair reduction services, we only use TGA and FDA approved equipment, with the hair removal process conducted professionally by our Laser Safety and Candela Laser Practitioner Certified qualified therapists.

    By using only Candela GentleLase Laser technology, the gold standard in laser medical-grade hair removal, we deliver dramatic hair removal results with the utmost effectivity, ease, and comfort. Visit our clinics in South Morang, Moonee Ponds, Brunswick and Roxburgh Park for the most effective and safe laser hair removal.

    Aesthet Studio Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Professional anti-aging, non-surgical cosmetic and skincare treatments, and beauty and wellness services, for Surrey Hills / Mont Albert and surrounding areas in Melbourne

    Aesthet Studio, a boutique aesthetic solutions centre, is more than a skin clinic, beauty salon and wellness spa. Our services menu is extensive and covers a vast range of conditions and goals for anti-aging and skin care needs, but our focus within our relaxing environment is always a dedicated personal approach to you.


    Aesthet Studio is owned and managed by Inna, a professional aesthetician who is absolutely passionate about aesthetics solutions that are proven to work so that clients truly look and feel amazing. Without a doubt client’s leave impressed with the results Inna achieves for them. Inna brings years of clinical experience and knowledge for the benefit of her clientele. She is attentive and has developed a uniquely personalised approach for clients to achieve real results for them.

    Why select us?

    • Effective solutions with visible results using advanced technologies and a uniquely complete approach to anti-aging and skin improvement
    • Appropriately trained and qualified operators only perform industry best practices with detailed care and contraindication information, and all treatments
    • A relaxing boutique-style environment providing a positive, personalised experience
    • Professional clinic-only and proven products, with a large range available for retail purchase in-studio
    • Multiple treatment options and services to suit all client needs and goals
    • Solutions for all skin types, with both female and male clients welcome for all treatments, and special discounts for students and seniors
    • Treatments are delivered with personalised, attentive service, by a qualified and experienced aesthetician, who is passionate about getting dramatic results - no matter your age or condition

    Nourish Spa - Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Quality Spa and Skin Clinic

    Nourish offers a tranquil space with experienced massage therapists. You can select from four massages, and best of all you can upgrade your experience with add-on extras to your massage including aromatic body scrubs, dry body brushing, a spa foot treatment or a hair conditioning treatment.


    Nourish offers a tranquil space with experienced massage therapists. You can select from four massages, and best of all you can upgrade your experience with add-on extras to your massage including aromatic body scrubs, dry body brushing, a spa foot treatment or a hair conditioning treatment.


    Take some time out to enjoy some self-care. Nothing says me time more than a facial. The team at Nourish uses premium serums and creams in their treatments, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Gift Voucher

    Choosing a Gift Voucher from Nourish is the perfect gift to show someone you care. Choose from one of our best selling Pamper Packages or simply choose your own value. At Nourish, we love to ensure the recipients of our gift vouchers are left feeling carefree and floating on cloud nine.

    I.P.L. Permanent Hair Reduction

    I.P.L. Permanent Hair Reduction is a pain-free, ultra-fast alternative to hair removal. Our equipment is German Technology, and all of our I.P.L therapists have their SIB70110 Graduate Certificate in I.P.L and laser.

    Our pulsed light system offers a lasting solution for unwanted hair.

    • Concentrated pulses of light loosen the hair and disable the cells responsible for new hair growth.
    • Small areas, such as the underarms or upper lip can be treated in under 10 minutes. Larger areas like the back or legs can be treated in under 30 minutes.
    • Various cooling methods keep the light pulses mild and skin safe.
    • Unlike waxing, there is no need to let the hair grow out between treatments. You can remain hair free all of the time.

    Waxed - Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    smooth sailing

    We specialise in waxing, tanning, laser hair removal and lash extensions, and we’re confident in our ability to provide our customers with the best in Melbourne in a friendly and professional environment. Across all five of our salons, our skilled aestheticians are trained to wax, tint, tan and apply lashes quickly and professionally.

    Our certified laser hair removal staff can not only provide you with a hair-free solution but skin advice too. We’re proud to offer our services to people of all ages and genders, from those getting their first treatment to those who are seasoned. All our staff are passionate about making sure that you leave our salon happy and satisfied!

    Hello IPL goodbye HAIR

    We welcome the latest breakthrough innovation in IPL technology called SHR. SHR combines Laser and IPL, which gently heats the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle to prevent regrowth while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

    Most conventional laser hair removal technologies utilise massive amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles. SHR is a unique technology that delivers low heat levels at a fast delivery. By using low heat, SHR decreases the pain and minimises the risk of side effects.

    Most people need at least 6 treatments (check out our great package deals) in 4-4-4-6-8-12 week intervals. Remember, there is no such thing as definitive hair removal, only a reduction of up to 90% or more. The body’s hormones are always producing hair and with just repeating the treatment once or twice a year (after your 6+ initial treatment plan); your results can be sustained. You will be required to shave (only) between treatments and the day prior to your treatment, ideally have no or little sun/UV exposure and use SPF 30+, and always let us know if your medical condition or medication (topical or oral) has changed.

    A thorough consultation will be performed before any treatment begins. Throughout your treatment, you will be continually assessed to ensure we are providing you with the safest most effective treatment possible. All of our staff are trained and certified and only want what’s best for your body.

    Vivallure Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Established in 2017, vivAllure is an advanced aesthetic clinic providing non-invasive facial and body treatments to improve physical appearance. At vivAllure, our fundamental objective is to help clients feel happy, comfortable and confident in their own skin. Using state-of-the-art technology, we perform precisely tailored treatment techniques to meet specific client needs. Our treatment practices are centered on vivAllure’s core values of safety, client care, and optimal results. At vivAllure, we recognize aesthetic treatment as art to highlight your beauty while preserving your essence.

    Hair Laser Removal in Melbourne

    Looking for a reliable laser clinic in Melbourne for laser hair removal?

    The process of laser hair removal makes use of laser light pulses to destroy hair follicles and prevent them from growing again. A popular hair removal technique, laser removal can enable you to permanently reduce unwanted hair. The perfect long-term solution to unwanted or excess hair, laser hair removal is a popular and effective technique.


    Laser hair removal offers a practical, durable and cost-effective treatment solution for both men and women.

    While laser hair removal is most popular among women, the demand for treatment among men is ever-increasing. Laser hair removal continues to be the number one requested energy-based aesthetic treatment.


    Motif hair removal achieves permanent hair reduction of pigmented and minimally pigmented hair on all skin types. Hair follicles are precisely targeted and destroyed while protecting the surrounding tissue using the revolutionary elōs combination of bipolar radiofrequency (RF) and laser energies.

    Vanish Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne



    The first step to achieving beautiful skin is by listening, rather than simply treating a skin concern or condition.

    At Vanish laser & skin we specialise in laser, skin and beauty we are a clinic servicing Surrey Hills and the surrounding suburbs, Our team of cosmetic nurses, dermal clinicians and specialist therapists, are dedicated and passionate professionals who are committed to providing affordable, accessible and professional cosmetic and beauty treatments that are tailored to your individual goals and concerns. The clinic offers results-driven skin care treatments and a range of corrective therapies. 

    Our Non-Surgical skin clinic is equipped with carefully selected medical-grade, internationally recognised technology that’s TGA approved to ensure excellence, our wide array of world-class aesthetic treatments offers a revolutionary and results orientated experience.


    At Vanish, we specialise in hair removal including Brazilian laser, advanced Dermal Therapies, Cosmetic injectables, Beauty therapies, Specialist waxing and Master brow styling we are here to listen and provide you on expert advice whilst offering a service where you’ll feel safe and comfortable.

    Our passion is Skin health which is an immensely personal journey that can affect the essence of who you are, and the way you may feel.

    Over the last 20 years combined, our highly educated and qualified team at Vanish Laser & Skin, have dedicated their career to restoring the skin health of our beautiful clients, whilst also encouraging their sense of confidence.


    Instead of specialising in just one type of treatment, we specialise in a variety of different treatments! Including pigmentation, anti-ageing, skin resurfacing, laser hair removal and fractional laser treatments.

    By combining a vast amount of knowledge in skin science and technological advancements, we can treat the most difficult type of skin concerns.

    Laser Hair Removal

    You’re probably sick and tired of having hair growth in places it shouldn’t be! It’s irritating, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. In addition to the appearance, problems such as ingrown hairs, folliculitis and skin rashes can be the after-effects of frequent plucking, waxing or shaving!

    Laser hair removal may be for you!

    World Leading Technology

    At Vanish Laser & Skin after extensive research and working with numerous IPL and Laser devices, we discovered that we wanted to work with a high-quality Medical grade device that was not only safe on most skin types but offered a great result!! After many years of performing Laser hair removal, we couldn’t go past the LightSheer Diode Hair removal system.

    The LightSheer Diode Laser is a medically developed clinically tested high-speed laser for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair, helping to significantly slow and refine the regrowth of facial and body hair for both our female and male clients.

    A1 Skin Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    A1skin offers result in driven skin and body treatments. In this modern Skin Clinic, experienced therapist offer skin and body treatments including basic and clinical facials, body treatments and all waxing South Melbourne. We are the DMK Skin Clinic South Melbourne.

    Our mission at a1skin is to provide our clients with the best skin care products and treatments and the very best in personalised service during their journey with us. We are committed to achieving and maintaining ongoing results through our passionate and dedicated team. We believe everyone deserves beautiful skin.

    What is Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser Hair Removal is the removal of hair by means of repetitive exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle for permanent reduction. Treatments are suitable for a wide range of skin types and hairs colours. It is always recommended to consult a specialist clinician who can discuss your expected results and set a program for you to achieve optimal results.

    How Long Does A SHR Laser Hair Removal Take?

    How long treatment takes depends on the area of treatment but on average, it takes approximately 15 – 30 minutes for most of our treatments. How many treatments will you need depends on skin type and hair colour and most clients require 8-10 sessions to achieve optimal results and more often than not a maintenance treatment will be required yearly after this point? Treatments must be conducted at regular intervals, and they vary depending on the area being treated. For example, the face may be treated at 2-4 week intervals whilst the chest, back and legs every 8 weeks.

    Why Choose Us For SHR Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne?

    At A1skin we provide each client with a thorough consultation before your treatment, ensuring that you understand the benefits and outcome you are likely to receive should you wish to go ahead. We work with our clients to provide the most cost-effective method for them and guarantee our commitment to achieving optimal results for them. All consultations include a test patch and take home pre and post-treatment instructions. Book in for your free consultation today.

    We service the following South Melbourne regions: Albert Park, Middle Park, Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Prahran, Docklands, Brighton and surrounding areas in and around Melbourne. Please contact us or call (03) 9699 3090 for more information.

    Medix Skincare - Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Being an independent skincare and laser clinic, Medix is not controlled by brands, franchisors or influenced by supply networks. We are experts in providing tailored skincare treatments and cosmeceuticals products and always put our clients’ needs and concerns first. We aim to boost self-esteem, enhance people’s lives and deliver result-driven treatments in a professional and caring environment. We do so by living these values:

    Honest & Responsible

    As skin therapists, it is our responsibility to ensure that clients are given the best advice for treating their skin. Our approach is always honest and ethical, ensuring that client safety is at the utmost importance. With every recommendation given, treatment advised, or program and product offered, our clients will always be well-informed about the procedures, what they can expect and possible complications that may arise.

    Pursue of Excellence

    At Medix, investment in our facilities is an absolute must. With the best available equipment, we offer the highest quality treatments and results for our clients. Besides, our expert therapists have a thorough knowledge of skincare and always keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Our clients can be sure they are in the best possible hands.

    Competitive Pricing for the Highest Quality Service

    We believe that no one should be priced out of quality skincare which is why at Medix we offer competitive pricing and will always stand by that. We take pride in having a pivotal role in enhancing our customers’ lives by making our treatments accessible to a broader range of clients.

    For years Medix has relied and thrived on word of mouth, and we hope to continue expanding our family of valued clients for many more years ahead.

    Laser hair removal Melbourne

    Everyone wants silky, smooth skin, but waxing and shaving can be messy and are only short-term measures. To keep your skin looking great all the time, you’ll need a hair removal treatment that provides more long-lasting results. At Medix Skincare & Laser Clinic, we use our state-of-the-art variable pulsed light (UltraPlus VPL™) laser hair removal process to remove unwanted hair from almost any part of the body. Suitable for both men and women, VPL™ laser hair removal is a safe and highly effective method for laser hair removal in Melbourne.

    What is variable pulsed light laser hair removal?

    The UltraPlus VPL™ is the most advanced medical-grade professional skin treatment and laser hair removal system in Melbourne available today for both males and females. Unlike older laser hair removal treatments like IPL, which uses intense pulsed light, treatments with variable pulsed light are far less painful. The variable pulsed light laser uses different colours (wavelengths) of light to heat the hair through light absorption selectively. This heat is transferred by conduction to nearby cells, with the temperature rise causing the surrounding cells to die. Destroying the cells prevents the follicle from producing further hair growth, removing the hair-growing potential of the follicle.

    What happens during VPL laser hair removal treatment?

    Firstly, the hair in the area to be treated by laser hair removal in Melbourne is shaved, and a cool gel is applied to the area to ensure the required optical coupling, and also to cool the skin being treated. Next, the laser hair removal handpiece is placed on the skin and is passed over the treatment area using little pressure. The device emits high-intensity flashes of light of many different wavelengths. This light will be absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle and is transformed to heat, which destroys the ability of the hair to regrow – all without damaging the surrounding skin or blood vessels. The treatment may last from several minutes to several hours, depending on the area of the body being treated.

    Kiora Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne



    All potential hair removal patients at Kiora are first consulted by one of our two principle Cosmetic Specialists - Dr Neville Lee See or Dr Grace Lin. They are experts in the use of cosmetic lasers and specialise in safely reducing the hair of all skin types. Kiora's Doctors achieve their excellent success rate by carefully customising the patient treatment plan for the correct laser type. In our experience, this individualised approach reduces the number of required sessions - minimising the total cost. Kiora only uses "true laser" systems to achieve safer, faster and more effective results. Our laser systems are available for use two evenings a week (till 8 pm) and all day Saturday so even our busiest patients can find a suitable appointment time.


    Kiora's success rate is outstanding, and we achieve a 90% long term thinning of the hair in almost all of our patients. The new "true laser" system has been considerably more effective than our older laser and IPL systems in thinning the hair. Recent Split face comparison studies show Kiora's Soprano XL "True Laser" system gives superior results compared to the "diode laser" systems [click here to read study]. This is a major breakthrough as historically "diode laser" systems were considered the gold standard in laser hair removal.


    Since 2008 in Melbourne Kiora has been exclusively using "True Laser" technology to offer dramatically less painful hair reduction. This more advanced system has been far more effective, and we no longer offer hair removal with our older laser and IPL systems. Consequently, Kiora's waiting times are slightly longer, but the hair reduction procedure is far less painful! Older systems fired a single high energy pulse every 2 seconds and felt like the flick of a rubber band. Kiora's "true laser" system fires a more gentle series of pulses ten times a second - allowing us to heat up the follicle more gradually, and most importantly, more safely.


    Permanent Hair Removal relies on the principle of selective absorption. A specific wavelength of light is tuned to precisely target your hair leaving you skin intact and safe. Kiora's true lasers emit a pulse of coherent light of 810nm wavelength. This is the wavelength of light absorbed by the pigment of your hair follicle. The dark hair follicle absorbs the light and is selectively heated and destroyed. Only hairs in the growing phase (about 25% of all hairs) will be affected - meaning most people will require a minimum of 6-8 treatments to achieve good hair reduction.


    Laser hair removal is not completely risk-free. The most relevant risk is the possibility of long term pigmentation changes to the skin in reaction to inappropriate lasers or energy levels. Kiora has had no reported permanent adverse effects since changing to "true laser" technology in early 2008. We average about 1000 laser procedures per year. This is impressive as Kiora is one of the few Melbourne Laser Centres that commonly treat high-risk patients. More trivial side effects include temporary redness, tenderness, blistering and burns to the skin. With the correct patient selection, skilled clinicians and appropriate laser technologies, even these more trivial risks are extremely rare at Kiora.


    "True lasers" have far greater clinical proof of both their efficacy and safety than IPL or SPL systems. They offer more selective heating of the hair follicles resulting in a significantly safer and more comfortable treatment for a greater range of skin types. Intense Pulse Light (IPL and SPL) sources are systems popular in day spas and franchises for hair reduction. They are not true lasers and emit a broad range of incoherent light. They are cheaper and simpler to maintain systems. True lasers are larger, more powerful and more specific - they emit a focused wavelength of coherent light and offer a trained physician more options in achieving good hair removal in more patient types.


    All areas and parts of the body can be treated with our lasers to achieve a long term 90% thinning of the hair follicles. It is a less painful alternative to waxing and has the added benefit of reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and folliculitis. Kiora's advanced lasers are particularly well suited to treating large areas (e.g. torso and full legs) and difficult skin types such as Asians and Indians. Removal of hair from private areas is popular. A female practitioner treats female private areas, and a male doctor treats males.


    Dark-skinned people are traditionally considered to be unsuitable for hair reduction treatments; however, Kiora has access to advanced laser systems that enables us to treat the broadest possible range of patients. We specialise in treating the more difficult skin types such as darker Asian and Indian skin types. Our "true laser" technology is approved for use in Australia to treat all dark skin types. For three years, we have been one of only a handful of Melbourne Laser Centres which can safely treat this high-risk group of patients. People with blonde hair can be difficult to treat. They have little melanin in their hair for the laser to target. Redheads do not respond to laser hair reduction - they have no melanin in their hair.


    The laser energy destroys the follicles in the growing phase (typically 20-30%). However, the body can repair and heal itself. Over the years the skin may regrow brand new follicles. Meaning, after the initial course of 5-8 treatment a single maintenance session every 1-3 years will be needed to maintain the hair reduction result.


    Studies show laser sessions are best scheduled eight weeks apart to achieve the best possible hair result. In any hair reduction procedure, only the hairs in the growing phase can be destroyed - usually, this comprises 15-25% of the hairs on a person's body. The hairs grow at a fixed rate in the human body. Waiting a full 8 weeks between sessions means as many hairs as possible are in the "growing phase" and can be permanently destroyed.


    Our fully qualified Cosmetic Doctors supervise all Laser Hair Reduction at Kiora. They carefully select the wavelength, duration of pulse and fluence (power) of the Harmony Laser to optimise your results - whilst also ensuring the risk of side effects is kept to an absolute minimum. The occurrence of side effects is very rare, but if they should occur, please do not hesitate to contact Kiora directly for advice. The major risks are:

    • Lightening of freckles and uneven pigmentation can occur. In general, this results in a more even complexion. In fact, many clients use a variation of our Laser Hair Reduction procedure to “photo-rejuvenate” their skin.
    • Folliculitis. In very rare cases the hair follicle might become infected. If the care plan is strictly followed the risk of this is very low.
    • Rarely the epidermis of the skin may be burnt.
    • Permanent hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation of the skin. This results in an area of the skin which is either darker or lighter than the surrounding skin. This is dependent on the skin type of the client.

    Your Cosmetic Doctor carefully selects all potential patients to minimise this possibility. It is also more common in patients who are exposed to UV light post-treatment. Consequently, we strictly recommend the avoidance of strong sunlight and use of 15-30+ sunscreen for 4-6 weeks following treatment.

    Complete Skin Specialist - Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Led by Dr Belinda Welsh and Dr Cara McDonald, our expert team of dermatologists, nurses and dermal therapists are committed to helping you restore your confidence and improve the health and wellbeing of your skin. Our team take a unique approach to understand your needs and provide expert advice and a variety of safe, reliable and effective treatment options suited to your skins profile. Whether it’s through our renowned dermatology clinic, or our specialist cosmetic and laser clinic, our team advise the best treatment options and make sure you walk away feeling your best.


    Our highly trained skin professionals provide safe and effective laser hair removal treatments for unwanted hair using the highest quality lasers. At the Complete Skin Specialists, we understand that successful laser hair removal treatments require operator experience. Your treatments will be performed by either a Senior Dermal Therapist or Cosmetic Nurse who hold a valid Laser Safety Certificate.

    Hair Free Plus Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Hairfree is Pain-free

    Hairfree treatments are the only painless hair removal treatments around. This is one of the reasons we have thousands of happy clients who have done nearly two million sessions with us over the last decade. So whether you’re doing your arms, legs or the most sensitive of areas, you won’t feel any pain. If you’re new to permanent hair reduction and Hairfree, we invite you to come and try our pain-free treatments and decide for yourself. Book online here.

    How does it work?

    Most permanent hair reduction treatments use either a laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) to disable hair follicles and prevent the growth of hair. At Hairfree, we use specially-designed IPL machines which emit short pulses of light that penetrate the skin and create heat which in turn destroys the hair-producing follicle. Throughout several sessions, as most follicles in the treatment area (e.g. underarms) are destroyed, you’re left with only hair-free skin. This is the basis of all permanent hair reduction treatments, and virtually all areas of the body can be treated.

    Unique Laser Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne



    Welcome to the Unique Laser clinic! We are a Business Excellence Award Winner proud to offer the most advanced laser treatments with the latest technology and most experienced medical and skin professionals. Unlike other laser clinics which use the same laser for different treatments, we use the optimal laser for each treatment in order to provide optimum results. Our clinics in Ballarat, Westfield Doncaster, Melbourne, Geelong or Waurn Ponds will provide you with great results.

    Services at our Unique Laser clinics:

    Our services include the newest and most effective laser hair removal, dermal fillers & anti-wrinkle injections, the amazing dual yellow laser for pigmentation and rejuvenation, fat loss cavitation and much more, all combining a wealth of experience and the best laser technology for each treatment. Come to visit us at any of our Unique Laser clinics in Ballarat, Westfield Doncaster, Melbourne, Westfield Geelong or Waurn Ponds, and we would love to show you how we provide exceptional results.

    The Unique Laser Story

    At Unique Laser clinics, it is our mission to provide exceptional quality, affordable laser hair removal and medical skin treatments. Our clinics are staffed by skilled medical and aesthetic professionals, passionate and dedicated to achieving amazing results for you. You can find us in metropolitan and regional Melbourne:

    • Doncaster
    • Geelong
    • Waurn Ponds
    • Ballarat


    The Most Effective Laser Hair Removal Treatment with the Newest and Fastest Laser in the World. More effective, more savings.

    Not all lasers are the same! The more effective and faster, the more savings in the long run. Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal technologies are not all the same and are continuously evolving, just like any other technology. What was the best laser technology a couple of years ago may now be outdated, and many clinics are still using older lasers in order to amortise their investment on them, and some other low-cost franchises are using second-hand lasers in order to reduce their costs.

    Our laser technology is the newest and used by the largest laser clinics in Europe and worldwide, and now is available exclusively at UNIQUE LASER clinics. Not all lasers and treatments are the same; more effective and faster treatments means you will save money and time overall.

    The effectiveness of a laser for hair removal depends on two main parameters:

    • The Wavelength 
    • The Fluence of energy to eliminate the hair.
    • The Diode laser wavelength is the gold standard in laser hair removal as it has been scientifically proven to be optimal for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin, unlike other wavelengths such as Candela Alexandrite that can’t treat tanned or dark skin; or the ND:Yag which is good for dark skin but less effective in white skin.
    • In terms of Fluence of energy, our lasers are unbeatable. 

    Facts: our lasers can provide up to 30 Joules in a large 21mm spot size, whereas others such as Candela alexandrite lasers can only provide 20 Joules in an 18mm spot size (over 33% less).

    Why we provide the Fastest Treatments:

    Our lasers are the fastest in the world. Facts: our lasers deliver 4 pulses per second of 30 Joules in a large 21mm spot size, whereas others such as Candela alexandrite can only provide 2 pulses per second of 20 Joules in a 18mm spot size (50% fewer pulses, 33% less energy and smaller spot). This means that our treatments are faster and more effective as they provide the double of laser pulses in the same amount of time and with larger spot size.

    We provide a Free patch test prior to your first treatment:

    As every person is different, our laser experts include a previous free patch test with your treatments in order to optimise your settings for your first session and get the best results –not just apply the same settings for everyone, as many other clinics do. If they don’t offer you a free patch test prior to your first treatment, how can they know your best settings for the first treatment? They can’t know and therefore use less effective and very low settings, costing you more money in the long run.

    We are an award-winning laser clinic:

    Thousands have trusted our team of laser experts and superior technology because we provide the best results – see why clients keep on referring us. Getting the best results means that you will save money and time overall with our treatments, and this is our commitment to our clients. Don’t make the mistake of just looking at single session prices.

    Book a free consultation at any of our Unique Laser clinics in Melbourne, Doncaster, Geelong, Waurn Ponds or Ballarat.


    Standard – Female Brazilian & Underarms


    Premium – Half Legs, Brazilian & Underarms


    Deluxe – Full Leg, Brazilian & Underarms


    Upfront – Male Chest & Stomach


    OutBack – Full Back & Shoulders


    ADD-ONS: Perianal or Snailtrail or Areola


    *Min. 6 sessions. T&C’s Apply.

    zipPay – BUY NOW PAY LATER.

    Free Patch Test before personalising your settings before the first treatment.


    These photographs were taken using the chemiluminescence method where it is possible to see the hair follicles even when they are not on the surface of the skin.

    Little Luxuries Melbourne - Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne 

    Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne


    Born and raised in Melbourne, Tara has felt that despite there being a plethora of massage and nail bars that have cropped up over the last ten years, there is a need for a “back to basics” approach to beauty treatment.

    With diplomas in Remedial Massage and Beauty and Spa Therapy, as well as a qualification in Nail Technology, Tara has a wide variety of treatment offerings for both men and women looking to treat themselves to little luxuries in life.

    With a strong focus on customer service, Tara is very personable and offers a holistic, professional and friendly service to complement her five years of experience in the beauty industry. 

    Tara aims to educate her customers on proper skin care, remedial treatment plans for life’s little aches and pains, as well as a wide variety of luxurious treatments to help you feel fabulous.


    We're Always Customer First 

    The moment you step into our beauty therapy salon from High Street, you will be immersed in our peaceful ambiance and have your every need attended to by our highly professional, friendly and trained skin care expert.

    We provide services that help with all your beauty needs with a full range of day spa options, waxing, manicure and pedicure, facials, and tanning.  

    Treat Yourself to the Little Luxuries in Life

    If you’re looking for a day of pure relaxation and luxury in Melbourne, book your perfect day escape at Little Luxuries Day Spa in Northcote. Our luxurious day spa guarantees to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and is the perfect antidote to the stresses of working and family life.

    Here at Little Luxuries in Fitzroy North, we understand that your relaxation is very important and we are here to help you escape from everyday stress for a calm and relaxing experience. From some alone time to indulgent spa packages and pampering sessions that include pedicure & manicure, our wonderful facial treatments are created to meet your relaxation, rejuvenation and skin care needs.

    Whether you’re looking to improve the glow of your skin or want to feel re-energised, we can tailor all our affordable facial & tanning treatments and packages to suit you. 

    Why Little Luxuries Day Spa Melbourne?

    Little Luxuries is one on the best day spa in Melbourne. With calm and pleasant ambience you will love the atmosphere and the way you get treated to luxury! Our staff is highly trained and professional making sure you are always at the top of our pampering list. Our day spa packages are designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and re-energise.

    How to Choose a Laser Hair Removal Clinic

    The last decade has seen an explosion of clinics offering laser hair removal. It’s proven to be a great way to get effective hair removal for most hair and skin types.

    But we’ve also seen a string of bad publicity in which skin has been scarred or permanently discoloured as a result of misuse of hair removal lasers.

    Hair removal lasers are effective when a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration are combined to obtain optimal effect on a target tissue with minimal effect on surrounding tissue.


    You want your technician to be experienced, educated, 100% confident and professional in their interaction with you.

    When I got my hair removal done in Calgary, the owner/technician was an older woman named Janet who had clearly been doing this for years and years. She had literally every degree in the book when it came to hair removal.

    Clarity MedSPA is owned by two sisters who have 20+ years experience in this field. Chantal is a registered nurse and worked as a consultant to Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Nurses and Alternative Practitioners. They have one staff member who also has years of experience working in this industry and continues to learn about new technologies

    When looking for a clinic, search for a smaller practice. One where you will see the same people every time you walk in the door – where they know your NAME, your medical history, your skin type, and are truly vested in your progress.

    A selection of lasers available

    Different skin types and hair colours mean finding the right combination of wavelength, pulse duration and risk for each person is paramount. The more lasers you have to choose from, the more customised and effective your treatment will be. Avoid clinics with a one-size-fits-all approach and always enquire about whether there is more than one hair removal laser available for consideration by your treating therapist.

    Adequate pain relief

    For some people, hair removal lasers are not painful at all, but for others, they can be very hard to tolerate. Pain relief can be delivered in various forms, from cooling ice packs, through oral analgesics, to anaesthetic cream. A clinic with a full range of pain relief available will ensure your experience of the laser will be as comfortable as possible. And keep in mind that registered medical professionals can legally administer some forms of pain relief.

    Discreet surroundings

    With the increase in cheap or discount hair removal clinics, we’re seeing corners cut in many ways. We believe that hair removal is no less personal and private than any other medical procedure and patients should be afforded the utmost privacy and confidentiality before, during and after treatment. If your clinic does not offer quality in this area, it may represent poor customer respect in others also.

    Guaranteed follow up in case of problems

    Short term side effects of hair removal laser treatment, such as redness on the skin, can last for some time after the treatment but should disappear without residual signs of treatment. If something has gone wrong, it may not become apparent for a day or two, perhaps longer. In this case, you want to ensure your clinic has a high quality, patient-focused follow-up protocol to ensure you get the very best treatment in the case of any problems with your lasered skin.


    Arguably the quickest sign of an untrustworthy clinic is whether they have an honest approach to risks and side effects and a realistic evaluation of how much hair removal can be achieved. If your clinic does not tell you there are risks and side effects, there are. If they tell you they can deliver total and permanent hair removal, they can’t. An honest and informed choice should always be given to a patient before treatment is delivered.

    At Neutral Bay Laser and Dermatology Clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality hair removal, from our selection of hair removal lasers, with full disclosure about what patients can expect from their treatment. All our staff are medically trained, and we offer a full suite of pain relief. If you’d like to talk further about hair removal, we’d love to see if our clinic is right for you. Call us today for an appointment.


    When choosing a clinic, it should be clear from the beginning that YOU are in their best interests – not how much they can SELL you over your customer lifetime.

    One of my favourite things about Clarity Medspa was they didn’t crush me to buy a big package (i.e. ten laser sessions for $1,000 at 50% off). Instead, they talk to me about the number of visits I would most likely need to achieve the desired result, and from there gave me a single visit pricing that was extremely fair. The message here is: don’t be fooled by crazy deals, as often they are created to sell you a pile of stuff you don’t need.

    Compare that to my time at Bellair – every time I made a new appointment, the receptionist would ask me if I wanted to book an appointment for something else. Upper lip, arms, whatever? How can the RECEPTIONIST ask that? She has no idea what my hair removal history is, and if I even have hair that needs to be removed from that area. It honestly cheapened the experience so much more, knowing they were just looking to upsell EVERY single time.


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