65+ Best Laser Pigmentation Removal Clinics in Melbourne [2022]

You may have started noticing its appearance recently, or perhaps it has always been there. Yes, we're talking about those brown or dark spots on your face.

Having pigmentation spots is pretty standard, and although they are usually not in any way detrimental to health, some people may be bothered by their appearance. As a result, many people with irregular pigmentation on their faces try all means and ways to lighten and remove these patches.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, planning to have pigmentation removal and looking for the best laser pigmentation removal clinic? When you are planning to have cosmetic surgery, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed is to choose the best clinic personally. This way, you can choose the best among the rest of the clinics for your treatment. 

We've created an ultimate list of Best Laser Pigmentation Removal Clinic in Melbourne to save you time and money.

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    List of Best Laser Pigmentation Removal Clinic

    Tightskinco Laser And Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne

    Tightskinco Laser and Cosmetic Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington


    (03) 9787 6286

    Delivering Results Through Technology For A Youthful, Healthy-Looking Skin

    Tightskinco is an aesthetic cosmetic clinic providing state of the art laser, radiofrequency, hifu treatments, cosmetic injectables and advanced cosmetic peels.

    Tightskinco focuses on the skin for rejuvenation, acne scars, active acne, scar revision, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and skin tightening. We offer industry-leading skincare with active ingredients to deliver results.

    Tightskinco provides an amazing clinic experience in a professional and pleasant environment in our gorgeous facilities. Our highly qualified team represents our high standards, the services and products we provide, and our breadth of experience.

    We believe in enhancing and retaining youthful, natural-looking skin and conserving the integrity of the skin and its underlying structure.

    Permanent Reduction In Hair For Silky Smooth Skin

    Tightskinco provides safe, affordable permanent reduction of your unwanted hair on all parts of the body and on all skin colours Fitzpatrick I-VI. We use one of the most advanced and innovative dual Nd: YAG & Alexandrite medical grade laser.

    This technology emits a wavelength of light 1064nm and 755nm by selectively concentrating heat only on the melanin pigment with properties of high absorption of melanin. It specifically targets and destroys hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue of the skin.

    Pink Laser Clinic - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Pink Laser Clinic - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    1300 549 008


    Our goal is to bring out the most exquisite version of you, by working with your natural beauty to enhance, correct and provide you with proven anti-ageing and skincare solutions that are backed by science and performed by experienced Dermal Clinicians, Doctors and renowned Professionals. Every treatment we offer is carefully selected to be the least invasive yet the true gold standard.

    Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne

    Indications: Dark circles under eyes, pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles, multi-layered pigmentation, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma.


    Lasers are a simple, fast, effective and safe tool for removing a wide variety of benign pigmented lesions, such as freckles, age spots, birthmarks, moles, certain vascular lesions, ephelides, melasma, seborrheic and actinic keratoses.

    Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    The laser wavelength is what determines which chromophore will be predominantly targeted by the laser to be selectively removed. Clinical studies show that superficial lesions can be treated most effectively with the KTP 532 nm wavelength, while the Nd:YAG 1064 nm wavelength can be used to target deeper-lying chromophores. Additionally, Q-switched light, available with Fotona's QX MAX laser system, is especially effective due to its high peak powers and selective nature, enabling it to break apart pigments only and not cells. This means that pigment destruction can take place without ablating the skin.


    It is widely recognised in the medical community that Q-Switched lasers are the ideal tool for effectively removing benign pigmented lesions. Combining 4 laser modalities in an advanced, high-powered solution, Fotona's QX MAX laser system effectively removes all common pigmented lesions. Fotona's innovative R-HX handpiece produces a completely flat laser beam profile that is hexagonal in shape to allow for more precise and uniform coverage. Homogeneity of the laser beam profile is important in pigment removal treatments and skin whitening. It ensures safety during treatment since laser energy is evenly distributed across the treated area. The system's OPTOflex articulated arm increases precision and safety. OPTOflex generates absolute uniform beam profiles. Its ergonomic design allows easy and natural hand movement during procedures.

    Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    Laser treatment of pigmented lesions is quick, sutureless, has a rapid healing time and produces excellent results. It is suitable for all ethnic skin types. For example, Asian skin is highly sensitive to heat, and often hyper-pigmentation can result from using the wrong laser sources or as a result of poor administration of the laser treatment. The Nd:YAG or KTP Nd:YAG laser sources, on the other hand, have been generating desirable treatment results to all ethnic skin types.


    Since its introduction, Fotona's QX MAX has been globally recognised as an ultra-performance Q-Switched laser system. The StarWalker represents the next important evolutionary step forward and takes the system to an even higher level.

    Beauty and Bronze Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Beauty and Bronze Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    0472 510 141

    Skin Treatments by Dermalogica

    Dermalogica facials will give you the finest skin you've ever had!

    Dermalogica Facials are one of Beauty & Bronze's favourite treatments. Our customised skin treatments, ProSkin30 and ProSkin60, produce a noticeable impact in your skin. We have the whole Dermalogica skin care line, allowing you to continue your Dermalogica skin care treatment at home.

    NEW! OBSERV 520

    Introducing our newest technology, the OBSERV 520, our most powerful tool for detecting underlying issues invisible to the naked eye. The OBSERV 520 has the ability to detect and photograph excessive oil flow, dry skin, fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

    This supplementary technology is only accessible with our Pro Power Peel and PRO SKIN 60 treatments. We will photograph your skin at each session and discuss with you which compounds in your skincare and treatment will assist your concerns.
    After each treatment, your Skin Specialist will then provide a treatment plan and prescribe the correct products designed specifically for you.

    If your skin goals are long term, we can also give you a progress report to track your skin results.

    Laser Melbourne - Pigmentation Removal 

    Laser Melbourne - Pigmentation Removal


    03 8686 5786

    Tania Caputo and Tania Fognini, the owners of Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre, have spent the last 15 years specialising in scar remodelling and reduction as a field of practise.

    Australian Laser Clinic - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 


    03 9530 6311


    In our Laser Resurfacing treatments at Australia Laser & Skin Clinics, we only employ the most advanced, non-invasive, and up-to-date medical-grade technology. The Q-Switched laser is a versatile, premium-engineered aesthetic machine that can treat a wide range of skin diseases and concerns.

    Q-Switched lasers are known for their photomechanical effects, featuring a combination of high power and extremely short pulse widths (less than 20 nanoseconds – one nanosecond is equivalent to one billionth of a second). The laser energy's effects are caused by shockwaves generated at the target rather than extreme heat. This one-of-a-kind method securely degrades and shatters microscopic particles of ink or pigmentation, which are then eliminated by the body's immune system.

    Medix Skincare Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Medix Skincare - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    03 9686 0003

    Medix is an independent skincare and laser clinic that is not governed by supplier networks, franchisors, or brands. We are specialists in offering individualised skincare treatments and cosmeceuticals products, and we always put the requirements and concerns of our customers first.
    We aim to boost self-esteem, enhance people's lives and deliver result-driven treatments in a professional and caring environment. We do so by living these values:

    Honest & Responsible

    It is our duty as skin therapists to make sure that clients receive the best guidance for caring for their skin. We constantly take an honest and morally upright approach, making sure that the safety of our customers comes first.
    With every recommendation given, treatment advised, or program and product offered, our clients will always be well-informed about the procedures, what they can expect and possible complications that may arise.

    Pursue of Excellence

    At Medix, we absolutely must make investments in our facilities. We provide our clients with the highest calibre services and outcomes using the greatest tools available. Additionally, our knowledgeable therapists are well-versed in skincare and always stay current with the most recent developments in the field. Our customers may rest assured knowing they are in capable hands.

    What is the purpose of VPL laser pigment/freckle removal?

    Each light pulse produced by the VPL laser used to remove pigmentation is made up of a series of quick, shorter pulses. These varied pulses ensure that the melanin in the skin absorbs laser light in a controlled manner while the surrounding skin stays cool.
    The excess melanin in the hyper-pigmented area is broken down and cleared away by the waste disposal system of the body.

    VPL laser treatment produces excellent results on the face, hands, and décolleté. Our sun damage treatment not only removes pigmentation and thread veins, but it also removes freckles and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    The increase in blood flow to the area causes the skin to enter "repair mode," which accelerates the formation of collagen and brings in fresh supplies of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

    Blossomed Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Blossomed Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne



    IPL Skin Rejuvenation Melbourne

    From our 30 convenient locations across Melbourne, Blossomed IPL Laser Hair Removal delivers a fantastic photo rejuvenation service. Our qualified staff can help you feel and look your best, using the most effective modern techniques.

    What is IPL skin rejuvenation?

    We all want clear skin, but nature has a way of sabotaging us with frustrating imperfections, especially as we age. Fortunately, skin rejuvenation has advanced beyond the painful procedures of the past. The Palomar Rejuvelux process used by Blossomed IPL offers comfortable and effective photofacials for the treatment of sun damage and visible facial veins.

    How does Palomar Pulsed Light work?

    During the photorejuvenation process, the Palomar Rejuvelux handpieces emit pulses of light into the skin. The light is absorbed by the pigment in sunspots and the blood in visible vessels and is then converted to heat. The heat dissolves the cells that create the pigment and shrinks the vessels.

    AK Skin Clinics - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne

    AK Skin Clinics - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    03 9333 0607

    In a search for fairer, and healthier skin, we can help you know more about your skin, with a professional deep skin analysis

    We offer a wide range of Aesthetic and corrective treatments range for skin rejuvenation. We aim to provide subtle enhancements and tweaks using only the best products over a number of sessions; this allows time for you to enjoy steady and natural-looking results and encourages longevity. Every procedure is bespoke and tailored entirely to your features. We believe in boosting your natural beauty, instilling confidence and most importantly enjoying every step of your treatment journey.

    All of our therapists are certified to use our FDA – TGA approved, medical-grade lasers.

    Our Candela lasers have had to undergo clinical trials to scientifically prove they reduce hair in order to obtain approval for their lasers. We operate under strict safety protocols and will never take risks with your skin. We take hygiene very seriously and use a fresh pair of gloves for each and every treatment we perform and sanitise our lasers between each treatment with the hospital-grade solution.

    We're qualified and experienced professionals.

    All of our therapists are certified laser hair removal specialists, and they have been trained to the highest standard to use our FDA – TGA approved medical-grade lasers. Our friendly and professional team will be sure to put you at ease, ensuring not to make you nervous about treatment. They will give you the time you need and guide you through every aspect of your treatment, so you know what to expect.

    Distinctive Features Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Distinctive Features Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    410 171 438

    The treatment works by directing a powerful burst of light at the pigmented lesions, which causes the upper dermis to recover. Following treatment, new collagen is formed, and the pigmentation lightens and fades over time.

    The technology allows us to target specific pigment without damaging any surrounding tissue. 

    Cosmetic tattooing is important to our business. We have built our company and reputation on cosmetic tattooing.

    For cosmetic tattooing, we employ two distinct techniques. The first method is called "Hair Stroke Brows" and is known as Microblading. The skin is delicately scraped into hair strokes using a small disposable tool with a row of tiny needles that is applied by hand.
    The most natural method to achieve the greatest natural-looking brows pushes the colour into the strokes to make them darker.

    City Laser Clinic Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    City Laser Clinic Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    02 9232 8090

    Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) causes skin darkening and discolouration that show up as spots, or as large patches on a person's body. This is because cells that normally produce brown pigment evenly across your skin go into overproduction and produce too much melanin.

    Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

    This is due to an inflammatory reaction in, or to an injury to, the skin. If the excess melanin is produced in the upper layer of skin (epidermis), the pigmentation colour is a darker shade of brown. If the excess melanin is produced in the lower layer of skin (the dermis), a grey or blue discolouration becomes visible.

    Ordinary conditions such as acne or pimples are a very common cause of PIH in individuals with brown skin. PIH can also be caused by injury to the skin resulting from sunburns, surgery or cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, lasers and cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen treatments).


    Usually, hyperpigmentation will gradually lessen over time, and normal skin colour will return. However, this is a long process that may take up to 12 -24 months or longer. But for those clients who wish to remove PIH faster, the Medlite Q-switch laser method has proven to be one of the best treatments for such condition.

    Clients should be advised to use a good broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to reduce further darkening.

    Melbourne Laser Derm - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Melbourne Laser Derm - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    0466 112 641

    When you have any laser treatment, you need to know that you're in safe, experienced hands. Outcomes can vary, not only because of the type of laser treatment but because of the skills and knowledge of the clinician delivering your treatment.

    Our Private Clinic offers Medical Grade Technology, led laser treatments for hair removal, tattoo removal, treating skin diseases and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and HIFU treatments. As mentioned previously, when we founded the practice, we were one of the first Clinics in Melbourne to use medical-grade Diode with gliding technology. Although hundreds of clinics have appeared in the capital over the past 20 years, we continue to be the clinic of choice for many people choosing high-quality laser treatments.

    We are committed to sourcing and offering the latest, safest and most effective treatments in our clinic. Advanced Technology is at the core of our offering, and it is what helps us deliver the superior results our clients have come to expect of us.

    Olaze Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Olaze Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    0439 181 075

    Quality is never an accident. It's always the result of intelligent effort.

    Any professional athlete who knows the value of giving 110% at every training session, or any musician who practises for hours, will tell you how important the hard effort that goes into getting the desired result is.
    The same applies to the provision of services here at O'Laze skin treatment clinic.

    For more information on each single procedure provided at our Melbourne tattoo removal and aesthetic skin clinic, visit our services page.

    Laser Treatment for Pigmentation that Gets Results

    Although you may be familiar with laser hair removal, you may not be familiar with laser pigmentation treatment. Sun-damaged and ageing skin are swiftly and efficiently treated with Cynosure's cutting-edge ICONTM pigmentation laser therapy.
    The expert technicians at O'Laze can send short, painless pulses of light to the problematic area using a precision hand-held instrument, eliminating the need for topical or numbing drugs.

    Laser freckle removal and open pores treatment are examples of procedures. The exact wavelength and pulse-width settings in O'Laze's cutting-edge laser technology sharply elevate the temperature in the highly concentrated melanin, causing the aberrant cells to shatter. The cells surrounding the target area are unaffected. The coagulated cells are then replaced by fresh, healthy cells produced by the surrounding untreated area.

    Skiin Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Skiin Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne



    1300 754 467

    Laser for Hyperpigmentation

    The term hyperpigmentation is used to describe the darkening of the skin due to increased production of melanin. This can take many forms, including age spots (sun spots), freckles, and patches of skin that have generally darkened over time.

    A common and harmless condition, hyperpigmentation can occur due to a variety of reasons. Most people start to see darker spots when they have been exposed to sunlight excessively, while others are genetically predisposed to skin hyperpigmentation. Hormone fluctuation and general ageing can also bring about the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

    Why Come to Skiin?

    Our clinic for hyperpigmentation laser treatment is made up of a group of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, aestheticians, dermal clinicians, and other support staff.
    We are dedicated to providing the best standard of patient care, putting your needs first while making sure you feel at ease when receiving laser treatment for hyperpigmentation. We welcome men and women of all ages.

    Our laser hyperpigmentation therapy targets the melanin in pigmentation and breaks down the particles to enable natural waste elimination from the body. It uses light energy to accelerate skin rejuvenation. You won't experience any discomfort or inconvenience as a result of our laser therapy for hyperpigmentation because it is non-invasive.

    Bay Medical Aesthetics - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Bay Medical Aesthetics - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    03 9589 0200

    At Bay Medical Aesthetics, our laser for hyperpigmentation treatments produce excellent results because to the use of medical-grade equipment including European machines that are routinely maintained.
    We offer the best care possible, from our initial in-depth skin consultations right through to every stage of the procedure for pigmentation removal in Melbourne. We even provide post-treatment skincare tips, with aftercare follow up call designed to check how you're doing and answer any questions you have. With our extra care regimes, you will experience minimal downtime after your treatment and a complexion that glows.

    Our skin pigmentation laser therapy may be the ideal choice if you're seeking for minimally invasive non-surgical treatments for skin disorders like rosacea, age spots, freckles, melasma, broken capillaries, birthmarks, and nevus of ota.

    What is KTP Laser & How Does it Work?

    Two of the body's inherent substances, melanin in the pigmented parts and haemoglobin in the red blood cells, absorb lasers with particular wavelengths. These two pigments both transform light energy into heat.
    The melanin-storing regions of the cells are destroyed, and the walls of the blood vessels supplying the places where vascular damage is visible are also damaged, using this heat.

    Hyperpigmentation is best treated with either pigment lasers or IPL. The clinician will examine the skin to identify the plane on which the pigment cluster lies. For instance, freckles are usually on the surface – thus called epidermal pigmentation. Melasma and sunspots, on the other hand, can be in the deeper skin layers – thus called dermal or mixed pigments. Once this relation is made, a suitable laser for hyperpigmentation with a specific wavelength can be chosen for pigmentation removal in Melbourne. With IPL, filters can be applied to choose a range of wavelengths to target multiple planes; however, they usually act more superficially in comparison to a laser.

    iSkin Clinics - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    iSkin Clinics - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    03 8597 8285

    We are professionals in improving the natural beauty of skin of all hues and ethnicities. We offer tailored therapeutic treatments backed by cutting-edge aesthetic medicine technology to help you uncover your most attractive self yet.

    In the heart of Melbourne, your boutique location for therapeutic skin and body treatments.

    Meet science and beauty. Our expert team of dermal therapists, nurses, and doctors believes that true beauty begins with healthy skin. All of our skin regimens are holistically tailored in consultation with you, backed by a wealth of medical experience, to provide you the beautiful, long-lasting results you deserve.

    Skin Consultation

    Your iSkin Journey starts with a consultation. Because we take a holistic approach to skin health, a consultation with us combines a thorough skin analysis with casual chat.
    This 30-minute session is a priceless resource for us and will provide you with fascinating information about your skin. We take our time to talk about significant issues that might be influencing your skin because we want to learn about your skin troubles, lifestyle, history, and background.

    The insights gained during our consults allow us to craft a sustainable skin management plan tailored to your unique needs. We believe this is the way to help you reach and maintain your desired results.

    Chic Skin And Laser Clinics - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Chic Skin And Laser Clinics - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    02 4732 2277

    Why do chic skin care procedures work?

    At Chic we offer a range of body treatments specifically suited to the individual need of each customer.

    Here at Chic, we pride ourselves on developing treatment regimens that are as unique as you are. There is no "one size fits all" mentality. We advise you to contact us for a free, individualised consultation so that we can address any of your worries and queries.

    Laser Treatment

    At City Laser Clinic we understand the distress and embarrassment that skin blemishes such as melasma can cause. City Laser Clinic laser therapists have established that the Q-Switch laser is the most effective resource for treatment of skin blemishes such as melasma, because of the functional ability to select and deliver the laser wavelength best suited to the depth of the discolouration.

    City Laser Clinic therapists have the experience, training and qualifications to provide safe and effective treatment of all types of skin pigmentations. The City Laser Clinic laser therapists do sometimes need to refer clients to their General Medical Practitioner for assessment and when in doubt will not treat until a Medical Clearance is provided. As with all Laser therapy treatments, the frequency and number of laser treatments will depend on your skin type, the area affected and the size of that area.

    Contact us to arrange a free laser consultation to discuss a laser treatment plan that suits your needs. Our experience shows that 8-10 treatments weekly will ensure significant improvement and in some cases complete fading of melasma. One maintenance laser treatment every 8 weeks is recommended to maintain achieved results.

    Derma Care Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Derma Care Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    1300 651 216

    Our Moonee Ponds clinic, located just north of Melbourne's downtown, provides the best treatments for all skin issues, including acne, acne scarring, leg or facial spider veins, rosacea, pigmentation brown spots, sun damage, and more. We also offer dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, laser hair removal, laser hair reduction, and other procedures.

    We are here to listen to your needs, offer advice, and provide assistance every step of the journey. We know that even the slightest modification can have a significant impact. Why not schedule a complimentary laser and skincare analysis with our knowledgeable staff today?

    Home Care

    At DermaCare, we believe in a holistic approach to skin health, which is why we support a daily home care regimen, provide medical skincare and mineral makeup, and offer a limited number of practitioner-only oral supplements. Your doctor will create a customised medical skincare prescription based on your skin condition and treatment goals.

    We must be actively protecting and caring for the skin on a daily basis if we are going to support the skin condition effectively, maintain clinical treatment results as well as prevent future damage.

    Victorian Dermal Group - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Victorian Dermal Group - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    03 9070 9958

    What does skin pigmentation mean?

    Pigmentation is the collective word for variations in skin tone resulting from a variety of factors. Though it can occur everywhere on the body, skin pigmentation usually shows up on the face.

    Our skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin. If your body produces too much melanin, your skin will get darker. And if your body doesn't create enough melanin, your skin gets lighter.

    What causes skin pigmentation?

    Sun exposure and UV damage are two of the largest causes of pigmentation. It's often the main cause of wrinkles, spots, and sags we consider a natural part of ageing. Over time, the sun's UV rays damage skin fibres called elastin.

    Other causes of skin pigmentation include thermal injuries, inflammation — even hormonal imbalances. Environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, air pollution, and chemicals can also damage the surface of your skin.

    What treatments are available?

    The Mesoestetic Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments brighten brown patches and skin discolourations by pausing the amount of melanin your skin produces for the duration of the application. Afterwards, melanin production begins once more. Clients will need to be vigilant about applying SPF 50 (or higher) sunscreen for 3-6 months after. We do recommend continuing sunscreen application daily, if you're worried about skin pigmentation, as UV damage is a major exacerbating factor.

    Our industry-leading laser technologies span from single wavelengths of 755 nanometres (nm) to the Fraxel dual laser and the RevLite laser (which uses four wavelengths). To learn more, schedule a consultation today.

    Aesthetic Lounge - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Aesthetic Lounge - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    3 9598 3451


    Years of soaking up the rays of the sun and tanning to obtain a healthy, glowing complexion have finally caught up with you. The pigment floodgates have opened, and it appears that every time you glance in the mirror, a fresh brown mark reveals your true age.


    Together with hormones, medications, and unhealthful lifestyle choices, the sun's damaging rays can have a devastating impact on our skin. These factors also contribute to the development of pigment.
    We all have pigment in our skin naturally, but what is visible on the outside is simply the tip of the iceberg. Damage to the pigment goes beyond the surface of the skin, making it challenging to treat and manage. as well as returning over time.


    Laser treatment cannot get rid of a scar. 

    Thanks to recent advancements in medicine, lasers are becoming a dermatologist's go-to treatment for many scars. Laser treatment can:

    • Prevent a raised scar from forming after surgery
    • Reduce scar pain and itch
    • Increase your range of motion if a scar limits movement

    Laser treatment can also make a scar less noticeable, but it cannot get rid of a scar. When you have laser scar treatment, you're replacing one scar with another less-noticeable spot.

    Your results depend primarily on the skills of the person performing the laser treatment. 

    Dermatologists are at the forefront of researching and treating scars with lasers.

    In the hands of a board-certified dermatologist, laser treatment can safely treat many types of scars.

    When the person performing your laser treatment lacks medical expertise and specialised knowledge of the skin, laser treatment may not give you the results you seek. It can even be dangerous.

    A medical consultation is crucial before any laser treatment.

     If someone promises to treat your scar before providing a medical consultation, walk away.

    Give your dermatologist a list of the medications and supplements you take. To heal well and prevent the laser from scarring your skin, you may need to stop taking something for a while.

    It's essential for the person performing your laser treatment to know about you. Everyone is unique. To treat a scar effectively, the person performing your laser treatment must consider your skin type, characteristics of your spot, and your overall health.

    During the medical consultation, tell your dermatologist if you:

    • Get cold sores
    • Have any medical condition, including diabetes
    • Smoke
    • Take any medications or supplements

    It's also essential for your dermatologist to know what results you expect from treatment. Be honest. 

    Sun protection is crucial before and after laser treatment.

     If you show up for laser treatment with a tan or sunburn, your dermatologist cannot treat you. Using a laser could cause a severe burn or discolor your skin.

    After having laser treatment, you'll need to protect your skin from the sun until your skin heals. If the sun's harmful rays hit your treated skin, you can develop another scar.

    You may need to make a few lifestyle changes before treatment. 

    To heal well and get the best results from laser treatment, dermatologists recommend that patients:

    • Quit smoking for at least 2 weeks before laser treatment.
    • Stop taking vitamin E, aspirin, and other medications and supplements that can delay healing.
    • Stop using skin care products that contain a retinoid or glycolic acid for 2 to 4 weeks.
    • Take medicine to prevent getting cold sores if you're prone to developing cold sores.
    • Avoid the sun, tanning bed, or sunlamp. You cannot be treated if you have a tan or sunburn.

    Your treatment plan may include more than laser treatment.

     To give patients the best results, dermatologists often use more than one treatment for scars. For example, if a patient has deep acne scars, a dermatologist may treat the wounds with a laser. The patient may also get a filler.

    You may need more than one laser treatment. 

    To give a patient long-lasting results and the most improvement, a dermatologist may schedule a series of laser treatments. This is often necessary when using a type of laser called a non-ablative laser. You won't have downtime with this laser, but to see the desired results, you may need a few laser treatments.

    After laser treatment, you'll need to care for the treated area at home. 

    Following your dermatologist's instructions for at-home care after laser treatment will help you see the best results and prevent possible side effects.

    Results take time to appear. 

    It can take months to see the results from laser scar treatment, and you may notice little improvement at first.

    Insurance may not cover the cost. 

    Laser scar treatment can ease the pain and itch that scars sometimes cause. If a scar limits movement, laser treatment can help you move more freely. Still, insurance providers consider laser treatments cosmetic treatments. Health insurance generally does not cover the cost of cosmetic treatments.

    If you're considering laser scar treatment, the best way to find out if it's right for you is to meet with a board-certified dermatologist. You can find one who specialises in laser procedures at, Find a dermatologist - Select the Specialty "laser procedures".

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