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100+ Best Cosmetic Clinics in Melbourne [2022]

Located in Melbourne and planning to visit a cosmetic clinic? When you are planning to have cosmetic surgery done in a clinic, of course, you want the best in town. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed is to select the best cosmetic clinic. This way, you are confident that the result you want will be achieved. 

Selecting a cosmetic clinician skilled in facial aesthetic assessment and injectable treatments can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to cosmetic enhancements. The cosmetic industry has seen exciting growth in recent times, but with so many options to choose from, how do you know where to go for a refreshed, natural look? Hopefully this guide will help make your decision a lot easier.

Your decision to have cosmetic or plastic surgery is one you will live with for the rest of your life, so it’s important to select an experienced surgeon who understands your goals.

Luckily, Melbourne is a hub for high-end skincare clinics promising to deliver the kind of year-round radiance we always crave.

If there's one thing that anti-wrinkle injections, laser treatments, tattoo removal and chemical peels have in common, it's that you wouldn't want to put your faith in the wrong hands. We've searched the city to bring you the most reputable and bang-for-buck cosmetics clinics in Melbourne – now all you have to do is make an appointment.

We created a list of the best cosmetic clinic around Melbourne, for you to check. 

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    Ultimate List of Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne

    Tightskinco Laser And Cosmetic Clinic- Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Tightskinco Laser and Cosmetic Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

    (03) 9787 6286

    Delivering Results Through Technology For A Youthful, Healthy-Looking Skin

    Tightskinco is an aesthetic cosmetic clinic providing state of the art laser, radiofrequency, hifu treatments, cosmetic injectables and advanced cosmetic peels.

    Tightskinco focuses on the skin for rejuvenation, acne scars, active acne, scar revision, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and skin tightening. We offer industry-leading skincare with active ingredients to deliver results.

    Tightskinco offers an exceptional clinic experience with a professional and relaxing atmosphere in our stunning premises. Our highly skilled team reflects our high standards, the treatment and products offered, and our wealth of knowledge.

    We believe in enhancing and retaining youthful, natural-looking skin and conserving the integrity of the skin and its underlying structure.

    Permanent Reduction In Hair For Silky Smooth Skin

    Tightskinco provides safe, affordable permanent reduction of your unwanted hair on all parts of the body and on all skin colours Fitzpatrick I-VI. We use one of the most advanced and innovative dual Nd: YAG & Alexandrite medical grade laser.

    This technology emits a wavelength of light 1064nm and 755nm by selectively concentrating heat only on the melanin pigment with properties of high absorption of melanin. It specifically targets and destroys hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue of the skin.

    The procedure is virtually painless and one of the fastest treatments for hair removal. It is operated by experienced certified laser technicians ensuring high-quality results in a professional and friendly clinic environment.

    Most Clients see results within 4 to 8 treatments.

    Pink Laser Clinic - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne 

    Pink Laser Clinic - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne

    1300 549 008


    Our goal is to bring out the most exquisite version of you, by working with your natural beauty to enhance, correct and provide you with proven anti-ageing and skincare solutions that are backed by science and performed by experienced Dermal Clinicians, Doctors and renowned Professionals. Every treatment we offer is carefully selected to be the least invasive yet the true gold standard.



    Targets sun-damaged skin. The result is a more even tone and brighter skin.

    • Breaks down superficial pigmentation
    • Improves skin imperfections
    • New collagen formation
    • Improve skin texture
    • Overall colour correction
    • Brightens skin
    • Reduce pore size
    • Reduce fine lines
    • Gentle with no downtime

    Indications: Sun Damaged Skin, Age-Related Pigmentation

    Recommended: Min. 3 Treatment Sessions, Recommended 6-10 Treatment Sessions

    Suitable for: All Skin Types

    Laser: Fotona StarWalker Q-switched Nd:YAG

    FROM 213.30

    40% OFF Packages of 6+ 

    Break down superficial pigmentation, improve skin imperfections with the added benefit of new collagen formation. Safe for all body areas.

    Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    Improves tone and pigmentation with rejuvenating benefits

    • Breaks down deep and superficial brown pigment spots
    • Improve skin texture, tone and luminosity
    • Reduce redness
    • Manage melasma
    • Gentle with no downtime

    Indications: Sun damaged skin, open pores, skin laxity, aged skin, age-related pigmentation

    Recommended: 3-4 Treatments

    Suitable for: All Skin Types

    Laser: Dual Wavelengths, Fotona StarWalker Q-switched Nd:YAG & Q-switched KTP

    FROM 468.00

    40% off Packages 6+

    Advanced pigmentation removal that breaks down deep and superficial brown pigment spots while improving skin texture, tone and luminosity. Safe for all body areas.


    Advanced whitening treatment that targets melanin deposit to lighten skin and deliver a more even tone effectively.

    • Targets multi-layered, dark pigmentation
    • Dramatically lightens & brightens skin
    • Evens skin tone
    • Reduces the appearance of pores
    • Gentle with no downtime

    Indications: Dark circles under eyes, pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles, multi-layered pigmentation, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma.

    Recommended: 4-6 Treatments

    Suitable for: Dark circles under eyes, pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles, multi-layered pigmentation, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma.

    Laser: Fotona StarWalker Q-switched Nd:YAG

    FROM 675.00

    40% off Packages of 6+

    Advanced skin whitening treatment that targets melanin deposit to lighten skin and deliver a more even tone. An excellent solution to treat dark under-eye circles. Safe for all body areas.

    Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne


    Lasers are a simple, fast, effective and safe tool for removing a wide variety of benign pigmented lesions, such as freckles, age spots, birthmarks, moles, specific vascular lesions, ephelides, melasma, seborrheic and actinic keratoses.


    Laser removal of pigmented lesions works by destroying the pigment in the skin without the need for excision. This process is completed in 3 simple steps:

    Step 1 - LIGHT ABSORPTION: The laser produces short nanosecond pulses of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin to be selectively absorbed by the melanin pigment in the lesion.

    Step 2 – PIGMENT BREAK-UP: The laser light is transformed into photoacoustic waves which mechanically break up the melanin pigment into smaller particles.

    Step 3 – PIGMENT REMOVAL: These particles are then removed by the body's own immune system, as the skin's macrophages clear the excess pigment from the area.


    The laser wavelength is what determines which chromophore will be predominantly targeted by the laser to be selectively removed. Clinical studies show that superficial lesions can be treated most effectively with the KTP 532 nm wavelength, while the Nd:YAG 1064 nm wavelength can be used to target deeper-lying chromophores. Additionally, Q-switched light, available with Fotona's QX MAX laser system, is especially effective due to its high peak powers and selective nature, enabling it to break apart pigments only and not cells. This means that pigment destruction can take place without ablating the skin.


    It is widely recognised in the medical community that Q-Switched lasers are the ideal tool for effectively removing benign pigmented lesions. Combining 4 laser modalities in an advanced, high-powered solution, Fotona's QX MAX laser system effectively removes all common pigmented lesions. Fotona's innovative R-HX handpiece produces a completely flat laser beam profile that is hexagonal in shape to allow for more precise and uniform coverage. Homogeneity of the laser beam profile is important in pigment removal treatments and skin whitening. It ensures safety during treatment since laser energy is evenly distributed across the treated area. The system's OPTOflex articulated arm increases precision and safety. OPTOflex generates absolute uniform beam profiles. Its ergonomic design allows easy and natural hand movement during procedures.


    Laser treatment of pigmented lesions is quick, sutureless, has a rapid healing time and produces excellent results. It is suitable for all ethnic skin types. For example, Asian skin is highly sensitive to heat, and often hyper-pigmentation can result from using the wrong laser sources or as a result of poor administration of the laser treatment. The Nd:YAG or KTP Nd:YAG laser sources, on the other hand, have been generating desirable treatment results to all ethnic skin types.


    Since its introduction, Fotona's QX MAX has been globally recognised as an ultra-performance Q-Switched laser system. The StarWalker represents the next important evolutionary step forward and takes the system to an even higher level.

    ASP: Third Generation Technology

    StarWalker® and its groundbreaking ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse) technology represent a cosmic shift forward for the medical and aesthetic laser industry.

    This third-generation technology combines the unsurpassed range of pulse duration modes of Fotona's VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology with the revolutionary capability of ASP technology to adapt the temporal structure of laser pulses to the bio-photonic dynamics of laser-tissue interaction.

    Power of a Pico Laser with the Energy of a Q-Switched Laser

    StarWalker's unique TMD (Transverse Mode Discrimination) laser oscillator technology combined with the ASP pulse control delivers very short (5 nsec) Q-switched pulses consisting of a high energy train of ultra-short bursts of energy in trillionths of a second, enabling photomechanical impact to shatter tiny skin targets without injury to the surrounding skin. StarWalker's technology thus combines the high energy capabilities of nanosecond lasers with the ultrashort pulse peak powers of traditional picosecond lasers.

    Modulated Acoustics Q-Switched (MaQX) Laser System - Unmatched Q-Switched Pulse Energy

    Fotona's StarWalker laser system features the entire range of super-short pulse technologies in a single, high-performance solution. StarWalker's patented MaQX pulse modalities produce powerful bursts of laser energy that photoically break apart skin pigmentations into smaller, more easily eliminated particles.

    Based on revolutionary ASP technology, the StarWalker is capable of delivering up to an unprecedented 10 J of Q-switched energy in one giant structured MaQX pulse. The unique MaQX high energy capability of StarWalker enables the generation of a higher energy photoacoustic effect at the treatment site, leading to more effective and faster treatments. Additionally, with high MaQX energies, larger spot sizes can be used, resulting in more homogeneous treatments of even deeper lying skin pigments, and therefore with reduced risk of unwanted side effects.


    • Third-generation ASP technology for ultimate precision, efficacy and safety of treatments
    • Widest range of procedure modes, including unique MaQX, VERDE, FRAC3 and VERSA3 modes for pigment, vascular and collagen treatments
    • An impressive line of advanced smart control handpieces
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use parameter selection
    • Minimally invasive, safe treatments with little downtime
    • Excellent patient comfort and satisfaction

    MySkin Clinics - Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne

    Trusted for over a decade, MySkin Clinics are the leading skin health, cosmetic injectables and laser hair removal experts in Melbourne. With 11 clinics across Victoria and a nomination for the Australian Business Champion Awards, we have performed over 1.3 million treatments and have an ever-expanding client list across Australia.
    Every MySkin Clinic is unique and fitted out with luxury amenities and world-class technology. With an outcome-focused expert team of Doctors, Cosmetic Nurses, Skin Experts, Dermal and Laser Therapists, each client receives a personalised treatment plan tailored to their skin concerns within a relaxed, friendly and safe environment.

    At MySkin Clinics, we are highly invested in every step of our clients’ skincare journey. Unlike other chains, MySkin Clinics is a boutique, family-run and owned business and with no franchise agreements in place. This point of difference has made us synonymous with care.
    All our treatments are tailored to our clients' needs and we are honoured to be trusted with your skin health.

    Glow Anti-Aging Aesthetics Cosmetic Clinics Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne



    Located in the Waverley Park estate, right between the Goodlife Health Club and Blades of Glory Barbers; Glow is a warm and inviting space where Vanessa hopes her clients will feel safe and confident to have their treatment needs to be met. 

    With a dedicated nursing background spanning 12 years and postgraduate qualifications in mental health, Vanessa has more recently graduated from Deakin University in 2018, following the completion of her Master of Nursing Practice (Nurse Practitioner) course.

    More specifically, over the last six years, Nurse Practitioner Vanessa has specialised in the delivery of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler anti-aging treatments. These treatments are geared at refreshing, revitalising, restoring and enhancing her clients' natural individual characteristics. 

    Ultimately, Vanessa hopes that her education, advanced training and clinical practice together with excellent product pricing, will provide her clients with special treatment and experience at Glow.

    Injectable Aesthetic Solutions

    Anti-Wrinkle Injections

    Anti-wrinkle injections improve the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the muscle responsible for folding the surface of the skin, otherwise causing the crease. The relaxed muscle loses its contraction ability, which then provides your skin with a smoother texture, preventing and reducing the forming of wrinkles.

    The most common areas for Anti-Wrinkle Injections are:

      • Frown lines
      • Horizontal forehead  
      • Eye area 
      • Nose area 
      • Jawline 
      • Lip lines
      • Neck area

    Dermal Filler

    Made out of hyaluronic acid (basically a sugar gel), much the same as our own internal natural hyaluronic acid; dermal fillers act to mimic anatomical structures of the face that may need enhancement, restoration or correction. They are primarily used to shape, contour and proportion the face. Dermal Fillers are also commonly used for replacing volume on the front that occurs with ageing or weight loss.

    The most common areas for Dermal Filler treatments are:

      • Lips
      • Cheeks
      • Tear Troughs
      • Noses
      • Chins
      • Jawlines
      • Foreheads
      • Temples

    The Victorian Cosmetics Institute - Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Victorian Cosmetic Institute was founded in 2005 and is Victoria's premier clinic for both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures. Our team consists of cosmetic doctors, nurses and skin therapists.

    Our vision

    To redefine cosmetic excellence through education, innovation, knowledge, and experience and as a result, raise the standards for cosmetic treatments in the community.

    Our mission

    Creating positive improvements to appearances and lives whilst exceeding the expectations of the patient concerning their customer experience and cosmetic outcomes, developing lifelong relationships.

    Core Values

    • Every patient is a VIP
    • To deliver reliability through consistency
    • To earn trust through integrity, respect, and confidentiality.

    SZ Beauty Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Saving You Time

    We know how busy you are and how important keeping your appointments up to date is to you. That's why we've created our mobile beauty business. Bringing the salon to you for a more convenient beauty experience.

    All Services

    If you're after a massage, waxing, manicure or most beauty services, for yourself or a pamper party. SZ Beauty is here to help you feel your best self, without the inconvenience of having to travel. Discover our full range of services and see what suits you best.

    SZ Beauty is the home place for all things beauty.

    We operate as a mobile beauty service that conveniently comes to you, our expert beauticians are available at your convenience and can service all of your beauty needs, we also provide service for home spa retreats & special occasions including hens parties, corporate work events, baby showers, birthdays and more.

    SZ Beauty is owned and operated by Shirin Zanjani, who has a wealth of experience within the Beauty industry. Having studied beauty and worked in the industry for many years, she's a friendly and experienced professional who is passionate about making you look and feel your best.

    She created SZ Beauty to help those with busy lives not have to suffer from the inconvenience of visiting traditional beauty salons, creating a beautiful experience for her clients.

    Results Laser Clinic Cosmetic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Anti-Wrinkle Injections

    Say bye. Bye to wrinkles! Anti-wrinkle injections are a safe cosmetic procedure that relaxes and softens fine lines, creases, and expression lines, giving you a more refreshed appearance. Enhance your smile and feel confident as we soften your wrinkles, scowl lines and crows feet almost immediately.

    The injections create a barrier between the overactive muscle and the nerve ending, minimising movement and improving the appearance of lines.

    Cosmetic Injectables

    We all want to look and feel our best.Without our perceived defects to hold us back,who knows what we may achieve?

    What are Cosmetic Injectables?

    Cosmetic Injectables are the safest non-surgical treatment used to enhance, rejuvenate and help to maintain a natural, youthful complexion.

    Comprising of Cosmetic Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Cosmetic Injectables are an effective and affordable way to fight the visible signs of aging.

    Tailored Cosmetic Treatments

    Whether you want to enhance your cheekbones, plump up your lips or simply smooth out wrinkles and scowl lines, using our treatments in conjunction with each other is often the perfect way to help you achieve your desired appearance.

    The Skin Bar Laser Clinic Cosmetic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    At the Skin Bar, we are the experts in skin health! We strongly believe in the power of wellness and a holistic approach to the skin and mind. Our passion is in making women & men feel unique about themselves, to make you feel more confident, vibrant, healthy and full of self-love. As a result, all of our treatments are designed to be customised to suit you and only you, to achieve the results you desire.

    We have created a luxurious space where your experience will be nurturing, meditative and relaxing, that you will drift off into a different world and wake up with new skin. In our sanctuary, it is all about you!

    We also offer a variety of different services such as DMK Enzyme therapy treatment, IPL Hair Removal/Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Epiblading, to name a few. Our highly trained skin therapists will guide you through the correct course of treatments during each part of your skin journey, think of us as your skin coach.

    Our Mission

    To make people feel beautiful and confident, inside and out.

    Our Vision

    To transform, educate and impact you and your skin and to be the 'Destination Clinic' in Berwick, Clyde, Officer, Narre Warren, Pakenham and Cranbourne.

    Our Values

    Consistent, supportive, innovative, knowledgeable, passionate, advanced and respectful.

    Skin analysis. 

    Discover the path to beautiful skin with a professional skin assessment.

    Do you know what your skin looks like? And do you know if it is as healthy, radiant and flawless as it could be? If you're yet to have a professional skin analysis with the Observ 520, the answer is probably no.

    Your skin is much more complicated than what can be seen with the naked eye – and little problems that don't seem like such a big deal such as blemishes, fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone could be an indication that there is something more serious going on that could be prevented.

    But you need to get up close to find out!

    At The Skin Bar, we use the state-of-the-art Observ 520 skin analyser to get the most comprehensive assessment of your skin possible, allowing us to diagnose any critical areas of concern that need treating clearly.

    Why get a Skin Analysis?

    Our skin analysis is the expert-recommended first step when looking into which skincare and treatments are right for your individual skin concerns – because everybody is different!

    Suppose you are looking to get the absolute best results for your skin and understand your skin concerns on a deeper level. In that case, a consultation with the Observ 520 is your start to a beautiful, radiant complexion.

    Why Choose The Skin Bar Berwick?

    You deserve a beauty experience compared to no other.

    At The Skin Bar, we pride ourselves on delivering high end, advanced aesthetic treatments. We have a variety of different services on offer such as DMK Enzyme therapy treatment, IPL Hair Removal/Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Epiblading, and to name a few more. Our highly trained skin therapists will guide you through the correct course of treatments during each part of your journey.

    Let trained therapists at our Berwick clinic help you achieve your goals.

    Unlike home kits and treatments, skin and laser treatments at The Skin Bar Laser Clinic are more effective. You will not need to worry about hurting your skin; all our treatments are performed by skilled skin therapists who have undergone training and are qualified. Regardless of which treatment you are interested in, some techniques and precautions should be adhered to avoid skin damage.

    Are you interested in more than one treatment? Speak to our experienced therapists to learn more about the skin and laser treatments we offer.

    Our beauty clinic services customers around Berwick, Clyde & Cranbourne

    We understand the highs and lows of your skin concerns; which is why our aim at The Skin Bar Berwick is to make sure you leave each treatment feeling more confident, happy and beautiful.

    Visit us at our Berwick clinic in Eden Rise Village Shopping Centre, a convenient location for Clyde and Cranbourne customers who live in the vicinity. Contact us at (03) 9702 6939 or send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

    We look forward to working with you!

    Derma Care Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Welcome to DermaCare – Cosmetic & Laser Skin Clinic – Melbourne

    We are Melbourne's leading non-invasive laser & aesthetic skin treatment clinic.

    At DermaCare Cosmetic & Laser, we have thoroughly and carefully selected the safest, most effective cosmetic aesthetic treatments, laser skin and laser hair removal technology for every procedure.

    Based just north of the Melbourne city centre, our Moonee Ponds clinic offers the most effective solutions for all skin concerns, including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, laser hair removal, laser hair reduction, acne, acne scarring, facial or leg spider veins, rosacea, pigmentation brown spots, sun damage and more.

    We are here to listen to your needs, advise and support you every step of the way. We know that even the smallest change can make the most significant difference. Why not book a complimentary laser and skincare analysis with our experienced team today.


    At DermaCare Cosmetic and Laser, your well-being is our main priority, especially when it comes to the results of your treatment.

    We understand that even the smallest change can make a big difference to the way you feel & it is, therefore, essential to know you can rely on every detail being taken into account. This is why we are here to listen to your needs, advise and support you every step of the way.

    Skintech Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Over 35 Years of Experience in Cosmetic Injections and Skin Treatments

    Skintech provides advanced solutions to help you achieve healthy-looking skin. We are experts in facial rejuvenation, anti-aging, pigmentation, acne and much more. We pride ourselves in offering tailored and effective treatments backed by the latest medical cosmetic technology.

    How Are We Different From The Rest?

    Led by Medical Director Dr Ben Chan, our team has helped thousands of Australians with their skin concerns for over 35 years.

    You will have access to our team of 10 registered doctors, 7 registered nurses, and 9 skin therapists who undergo comprehensive training and ongoing evaluation.

    We offer clinically-proven treatments that are supported by science in a clinic environment that follows strict safety and sanitation guidelines.

    Our broad medical expertise means that we can provide advice and treatment on a wide range of aesthetics and skin concerns.

    Melbourne's Leading Medical Aesthetics & Skin Clinics

    • Over 35 years of experience with thousands of clients
    • Medical experts in helping you achieve healthy skin
    • 10 Registered Doctors, 7 Nurses and 9 Skin Therapists
    • Results-driven and clinically-proven treatment solutions

    Experience the Skintech difference

    Our cosmetic injections are safe, effective, non-surgical methods that enhance your features to create an even better you. Our highly qualified medical team of doctors and nurses are skilled to recommend and perform suitable cosmetic injections that will help achieve natural-looking results.

    Platinum Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Platinum Cosmetics is the collaboration of 20 years of experience in aesthetic medicine and 40 years of nursing experience.

    It seemed fitting to create Platinum back in Port Melbourne where it all began in the exact same location 10 years ago for one of us.

    With years of injecting thousands of clients throughout Victoria and South Australia, we decided to bring our skills together, along with other highly experienced team members, to give our clients a new clinic to come home to.

    We are so proud of our team, and of the treatment results, we can offer our clients across all areas of our business. Our Doctors and nurse injectors specialise in cosmetic injectables only, and our Dermal Clinicians know the skin inside and out.

    We have all tried so many skincare brands and products over the years, some have been amazing, and others have been absolute rubbish. We have chosen a range of skincare products for Platinum Cosmetics that we all use at home, and contribute to our skin journey – Prevent – Repair – Restore – Maintain. We also want to have some organic options available for those who have sensitive skin, and those who like to be a little closer to nature.

    Adding proven fat reduction technology to our treatment menu seemed the logical way for us to complement our facial aesthetic treatments. Coolsculpting can help both the facial and body aesthetic get to the place you want it to be just that bit fast than diet and exercise alone.

    We love what we do. It's that simple.

    We look forward to sharing our passion with you.


    In Australia we are prohibited from mentioning the brand name of medical products; therefore the generic terms' anti-wrinkle injections' and 'dermal fillers' are often used to describe these products that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and add volume to specific areas of the face. Some of these products have been used for cosmetic purposes since 1987, with an increasing list of possible ways they can be used to enhance a person's appearance. These treatments should only ever be administered by a suitably trained, experienced and qualified clinician. The aesthetic result you are looking for can often vary significantly from the actual result of treatment, so make sure you put yourself in the hands of a clinician you trust to give you the best outcome.

    Erase Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Erase Aesthetic Services offers premium cosmetic medical, laser and skin cancer services.

    In 1997, when we first opened our doors at 188 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, there were no other retail, medical aesthetic providers in Melbourne.

    Since then, laser and injectable services clinics have sprung up everywhere, in every shopping centre and in every suburb.

    We are the same owners, same medical and clinical experts, and many of the same team who have been taking care of our patients and clients since we opened. Each patient is assessed individually, and risks are fully explained.

    Call in and see our expanded and rebuilt premises. We have additional services to offer, so Erase can really be your one-stop location.

    While we have a fresh new look, you will see some very familiar faces. At Erase, we take pride in our excellent and long-standing team who each day try to ensure your consultation and treatment is of the highest possible standard.


    At Erase, we are clear that cosmetic injectables such as dermal fillers and wrinkle-reducing agents are medical procedures. There are risks associated with such procedures, and the outcomes are not always as beneficial or risk-free as the marketing hype would have consumers believe.

    Our injectors are all experienced specialist doctors.


    We are not believers in a 2-dimensional video consultation, which is not an adequate alternative for a person to person consultation.

    We don't list prices on our website, as we believe it gives patients an unrealistic expectation as to cost.

    When prices are listed, there is no indication of the dilution ratio and usually no information on the expertise of the injector.

    An experienced injector will understand that less is often more.

    We believe it's more appropriate to give an expected cost for treatment following personal consultation with the doctor who will carry out or direct the treatment.

    Hands-On Beauty Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Welcome To Hands-On Laser Cosmetic Clinic, Yarraville

    You have found us! We are your Hands-On Laser Cosmetic Clinic, Yarraville's hidden gem.

    We are a team of Dermal Laser Therapists and Doctors with Laser Safety Certification. Every day, we combine our years of experience with a strong passion for our work, and every visit, we bring you an outstanding experience that will leave you feeling renewed and confident.

    Priding ourselves on our welcoming and professional approach, we are here to take you through every step of your treatment, from your personalised assessment to the amazing results we achieve for you, time and again.

    Our clinic facilities have been carefully selected and designed to give you nothing but the best - our medical grade equipment is FDA and TGA approved to provide quality and professional results across a range of treatments, from laser treatment and IPL to non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

    Laser Skin Treatments

    We use a Dual Platform Laser Long Pulsed Alexandrite & Nd: YAG laser system, the latest and most advanced technology from Korea with a patented New Generation skin whitening Genesis method fractional hand-piece.

    A stable square pulse high powered fast treatment system that delivers outstanding patient results for Skin treatments. The RCS Gas Cooling method rapidly cools down the epidermis pre and post-treatment for a comfortable, less painful safe treatment. We can successfully treat most skin conditions, including Melasma.

    Melasma Skin Treatment

    Melasma is an acquired pigmentary disorder characterised by irregular brown musculus and patches on the face, and it is a frequent cosmetic concern. We can offer a fractional Alexandrite 755nm treatment with special parameters to deliver bright skin texture. Cosmetic skincare with lightening properties and sun protection can deliver improved results.

    Vascular Lesion Treatment

    Vascular lesions can be treated with our cooled LP Nd-YAG laser to offer a powerful solution to treat both vascular lesions and deep veins. The laser energy is delivered deep into the tissue. It is attracted to the blood in the vessel, which thickens the vessel reducing the appearance of vascular lesions, producing excellent results.

    Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation Treatment

    Facial skin laxity is generally connected with ageing and loss of tissue volume. The long-pulsed Nd-YAG laser is an excellent treatment for skin tightening with a reduction of deeper wrinkles. It stimulates the formation of new collagen deep in the dermis resulting in a tighter and more youthful appearance. The laser also improves the texture of the skin as the pigment in the skin absorbs the energy resulting in mild inflammation which stimulates the collagen production, delivering fresh new skin cells. Treatment is suitable for all clients who are concerned with firming the skin and refining the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Pigmentation Treatment

    The long-pulsed Alexandrite laser is effectively used to treat seborrheic keratosis, congenital melanocytic nevus, freckles and lentiginous. This laser utilises a specific wavelength of energy to safely target the dark pigmented spots while not effecting lighter, normal skin. The laser light heats the melanin in the pigmented lesion causing the lesion to darken then slough off over a few days.

    Whitening Treatment

    We are excited to offer you this proven Genesis Method of Fractional Laser with special parameters to lighten and brighten skin. Extremely popular with Asian skin types to reduce discolouration produced from UV rays. A treatment course is recommended together with our brightening cream and physical sunscreen to enhance further and prolong the results.

    Acne Treatments

    Acne is a concern not only for teenagers but can also erupt at any time during adulthood. The long-pulsed Alexandrite 755nm Laser uses a specific parameter together with a pass over of our 755nm Fractional laser to gently target pimples and acne lesions. Skin becomes clearer whilst reducing the excess flow of sebum. Also, gut health is an integral part of the acne healing process, and it is recommended that both are addressed to ensure the best results.

    Why do I need Sunscreen after Laser?

    Sunscreen is mandatory after any laser treatment. Skin areas treated can be sensitive to the sun and can therefore burn easily for a while after the treatment, leaving damage. We recommend our SPF Physical Block to reflect UV Rays. This must be applied regularly throughout the day.

    How many treatments do I need?

    Depending on the severity of your skin condition and what is being treated, more than 1 treatment is often required for the best results. Your Skin Therapist will advise you and guide you to achieve maximum possible results.

    Why are skincare products needed if I have a Laser treatment?

    Skin Care products for home use will speed the treatment cycle and can give you up to a 40% better result. We have sourced the best products to deliver you the results that our lasers can not produce alone. Laser alone will not protect, hydrate, clean, heal or support the complex skin structure needed to promote healthy, radiant skin. Your Skin Therapist will advise products to enhance your treatment.

     Sparadise Medical & Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Sparadise Medical & Cosmetic Clinic - Welcome To Our Beauty World

    Why Choose Sparadise Clinic?

    Sparadise Medical & Cosmetic Clinic is one of Victoria's leading medical & cosmetic clinics. We provide comprehensive medical & cosmetic services to the culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Melbourne. Working with top cosmetic surgeons, general practitioners, Chinese doctors, registered nurses, beauty therapists, and massage therapists, within our professional environment, we aim to deliver the best non-surgical beauty solutions and the most satisfying medical treatments.

    We ensure the high quality of all products provided by top cosmetics providers. Each product is a genuine concentrate of effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and ultimate sensory experience to offer Professional Excellence to every woman in the world. 

    Sparadise Medical & Cosmetic Clinic is one of Victoria's leading medical & cosmetic clinics. We provide comprehensive medical & cosmetic services to the culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Melbourne. Working with top cosmetic surgeons, general practitioners, Chinese doctors, registered nurses, beauty therapists, and massage therapists, within our professional environment, we aim to deliver the best non-surgical beauty solutions and the most satisfying medical treatments.

    We ensure the high quality of all products provided by top cosmetics providers. Each product is a genuine concentrate of effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and ultimate sensory experience to offer Professional Excellence to every woman in the world.

    • Vision: To be the leading of medical & cosmetic clinic with the best-qualified beauty solutions
    • Values: We are passionate and responsible for the quality provided to satisfy all the customer expectations
    • Mission: We provide you high qualified products and services to your highest self-confidence and happines

    GP consultation is Bulk Billing with a valid Medicare card.

    Dr. Jodie Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne



    Is it Time to Refresh your Natural Look with Dr. Jodie in her Melbourne Cosmetic Clinic?

    Welcome to the Dr. Jodie clinic, a boutique cosmetic clinic in Melbourne that focuses on personalised care and anti-ageing services tailored just for you.

    Dr. Jodie can help you discover a refreshed, natural look by delivering subtle, natural enhancements that leave you looking and feeling your best.

    Leading Anti-Ageing Solutions in Melbourne's Preferred Cosmetic Clinic

    From the comfort and privacy of her Melbourne cosmetic clinic, Dr. Jodie will use a combination of the highest quality cosmetic products, Anti Wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers, to undo the consequences of time. She will soften lines and wrinkles, lift and shape your natural contours and enhance your signature features.

    To further compliment your fresh new look, Dr. Jodie will introduce Skin Boosters, Skin Peels and active Skin Care to improve your skin quality and leave you glowing. Let's face it … good skin is always in.

    And that profile you have always desired?Fat Dissolving injections form part of Dr. Jodie's anti-ageing solutions so you can say goodbye to your double chin.



    At the Dr. Jodie clinic, you can feel confident that your treatment outcome will always be subtle yet significant.

    Dr. Jodie is committed to delivering natural looking results, that bring out your best 'you', without the tell-tale signs of cosmetic intervention.

    All cosmetic treatment plans and processes are tailored to your unique face and individual needs.

    You will always leave her Melbourne cosmetic clinic looking just like you, only fresher.


    Dr. Jodie is a leading cosmetic doctor in Melbourne with over a decade of experience and extensive training in facial aesthetic assessment, injectable treatments, skin care and rejuvenation.

    She is a national clinical trainer of other doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Melbourne and interstate.

    For over ten years, Dr. Jodie has worked alongside leading Cosmetic Dermatologists in Melbourne.

    She has a background in family medicine as a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) and is a member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA).


    At her welcoming anti-ageing clinic, Dr. Jodie provides warm, personalised, high quality care with a holistic approach that prioritises your health as much as your outcome.

    Your treatments will be personally conducted by Dr. Jodie herself, where you will benefit one-on-one from her knowledge, expertise and skills.

    She prides herself on developing long term relationships with her clients and has established a loyal base over the last ten years.

    Me Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    online consultations available

    fast | convenient | secure

    We are now open for appointments. However, we're still here to help with our online consultations at a time that suits you from the comfort of your home.

    We are proud to be part of the international Me Clinic group with Cosmetic Surgery clinics in Australia and formerly the United States.

    The Me Clinic was established to ensure patients receive the best advice and guidance with their surgical procedures from the best Cosmetic Surgeons in the world. It aims to educate and guide patients from the first consultation through to surgery and treatment, recovery and life post-surgery.

    The Me Clinic features some of Australia's and the United States' most experienced Cosmetic Surgeons who share the same ideals and beliefs to ensure that each patient's experience is positive and nurturing. This approach helps patient get the most out of their surgery and achieve the desired results.

    In over 35 years the Me Clinic has developed a reputation for excellence in Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine. We are acknowledged as a world-class Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine clinic that offers a wide variety of Cosmetic Surgical procedures and Non-Surgical treatments.

    We were also one of the first clinics to perform Liposuction in Australia in the early 1980s, and we have developed and pioneered our own surgical techniques over many years.

    Our team features some of Australia's most experienced and renowned Cosmetic Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians with over 35 years of Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments experience in:


    • Anti-Ageing Procedures
    • Cosmetic Ear Surgery
    • Cosmetic Nose Surgery
    • Eye Area Surgery
    • Face Lifts
    • Laser Cosmetic Surgery


    • Breast Surgery
    • Liposuction
    • Male Breast Surgery
    • Tummy Tuck Surgery
    • Vaginal Surgery


    • Mole Removal


    • Anti-Wrinkle Treatments
    • Dermal Fillers
    • Facial Hair Removal
    • Facial Veins
    • Laser Skin Rejuvenation


    • Body Hair Removal
    • Vaginal Enhancement
    • Vein Treatments


    • Skin Conditions
    • Skin Rejuvenation & Treatments

    We are a MEDICINE first practise where our patients' needs and requirements come first. We have performed surgery to more than 25,000 satisfied patients, and as well we have performed over 60,000 medical treatments. There is no substitute for our 35 years of experience, which is evidenced by our unparalleled safety, patient aftercare and patient satisfaction record.

    The experience and empathy of our Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians combined with our precision state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, allows us to assist patients with any problem areas they may have.

    Our team of highly trained and experienced Surgeons, Cosmetic Physicians, Nurses, Aestheticians and Consultants and support staff take the time to listen to your needs and explain the treatment options available to you. Our caring, understanding and experienced staff members outline the treatment advantages and any potential disadvantages and are committed to helping you achieve the results you desire.

    Medicine is not just a business to us. It is our way of life. Our reputation rests on the happiness of every individual patient we see, and your privacy is absolutely assured. We are confident that you will experience our warmth and support from the moment you walk through our door. We develop strong bonds with many of our patients and gain great satisfaction from seeing their happiness.

    Our reputation attracts clients from interstate and overseas, and as a result, we have an interstate and overseas program available.

    Why the Me Clinic?

    Our 35 years of experience: We have the experience, the expertise and the reputation for ensuring the best results for all our patients. Our Surgeons have over 100 years of combined Surgery Experience.

    Our Principles: Our policy is medicine first to ensure patients of the highest level of skill and care with the level of information we provide to you, and our follow up systems provide informed information for the surgery you will undertake.

    Our Honesty: If it can't be done, we'll tell you. If it can, we'll explain the options and help you make the right decision.

    Our Reputation: After 35 years of surgical and non-surgical procedures, our reputation for quality cosmetic surgery and medicine is unmatched.

    We Listen:To your requirements and your expectations and then we provide you with the best-unbiased advice available. The key to getting the best results is listening to our patients.

    Our latest equipment: Cosmetic Surgery technology is constantly advancing, and we continually update to offer you the best.

    Our experienced Medical staff: Our Surgeons, Cosmetic Physicians and Nurses have trained extensively in Australia, and even overseas in the United States and Europe and have performed thousands of procedures.

    Our strong emphasis on aftercare: What you do after the procedure is as important as the procedure itself. We guide you through this period and constantly monitor your progress. We enjoy making a difference in people's lives.

    Patient photographs on this web site are genuine and unretouched.

    Our Surgeons & Doctors belong to the following Associations and Colleges:

    • Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery
    • Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia
    • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
    • European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
    • International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons
    • Australian and New Zealand Society of Phlebology
    • American College of Phlebology
    • Australian College of Phlebology
    • Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
    • Australasian Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons

    How do I find out more about The Me Clinic?

    Please contact any of our Me Clinic locations to experience the Me Clinic difference. We have over 35 years of Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine experience to share with you.

    We ensure you will be fully informed and understand your options before commencing any treatment.

    Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    It's time for cosmetic medicine to Evolve.

    At Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, we believe that confidence is beautiful.

    Beauty comes in many types, shapes and sizes, and at Evolve, we understand that one size does not fit all. Just as everyone's beliefs, body type, racial identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and physical abilities are unique, so too is their perception of beauty.

    At Evolve ACM, a skin clinic in Melbourne, we tailor individualised treatment plans for every patient, based on their personal goals. We aim to give them a unique, natural beauty and confidence.

    The Evolve philosophy is simple: highly trained doctors, nurses and dermal therapists providing the highest quality skincare & anti-ageing treatments in a comfortable, discrete environment.

    Anti-Wrinkle Injections

    Anti-Wrinkle Injections works by injecting a small amount of a prescription-only medication into specific facial muscles. This leads to relaxation of the muscles, which cause facial wrinkles. Commonly treated areas include crows feet, forehead and frown lines. Anti-wrinkle injections may also prevent migraines. See the anti-wrinkle treatments before and after photo gallery below, showing Evolve ACM's patient results.

    Melbourne's Premium Cosmetic Clinic

    Cosmetic medicine is evolving, and the qualified doctors, nurses and dermal therapists at Evolve ACM are experienced in delivering the most cutting-edge treatments in our beautiful Melbourne-based skin clinic.

    Always at the forefront of the aesthetics industry, our experienced medical team undergo strict, ongoing training so we can continue to surpass the expectations of our clients. Through our expert development of tailored treatment plans for each individual, our patients can achieve new heights of confidence - whatever their definition of beauty.

    For the highest quality skincare and anti-aging treatments within a comfortable, discrete environment, browse our cosmetic treatments below and book your complimentary consultation with an Evolve ACM therapist.

    City Skin Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Cityskin offers anti-wrinkle injections, double chin, thread lift and dermal filler treatments in Melbourne & Sydney with experienced Doctors and Specialist Nurses. Cosmetic treatments are not only about how you look but how you feel, and we take time to understand both. With no consultation fee, anti-wrinkle treatments from $4 per unit and 5-star patient reviews book to see a Cityskin specialist today!

    Cityskin clinicians have, on average, over 8 years experience of injectable cosmetic experience so you can be reassured that you are in safe hands with your anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin treatments.

    Fresh, not fake

    We believe that cosmetic treatments should help you look and feel fresh, not fake. We take time to understand you and your needs to get to the best result.

    Cosmetic treatments are personal to you, and we can tailor your results to be as subtle as you need.

    Anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne

    Cityskin offers anti-wrinkle treatment in Melbourne and Sydney. Anti-wrinkle injections can give you a refreshed look by treating frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines. Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used for facial slimming and tooth grinding treatments. We charge from $4 per unit depending on the product used – read about anti-wrinkle costs or have a look at our before/after photos.

    Dermal fillers in Melbourne

    We offer dermal filler treatment for a whole range of areas including lip volumising, cheek enhancement, for reduction of nasolabial folds, jowls and marionette lines. Click here to read all about dermal filler treatments in Melbourne and Sydney with Cityskin. At Cityskin we charge from $650 for 1ml of dermal filler, depending on the filler used. Have a read of our dermal filler cost page to find out more about all treatment prices.

    We do not charge for consultations at Cityskin clinics even if you decide not to have treatment with us. Treatments cost from $4 per unit. 

    Double chin injections in Melbourne

    Cityskin clinic offers double chin injections to remove double chin fat permanently. This treatment is a great alternative to surgery and liposuction and can provide permanent removal of fullness under the chin. We have a comprehensive guide to treatment where you can see Cityskin patients having treatment. Treatment costs from $600 per vial. 

    Thread lifts

    Thread lifts are a great way to reduce sagging skin in the jowls, cheeks and lower face without surgery. Treatment costs from $3000 depending on the number of threads used.

    Bra fat injections

    Dr Brown now performs injections to dissolve bra fat. The treatment uses the same product used to treat double chins and dissolves the annoying fat pouch in front of the bra. Bra fat dissolving injections cost $999 per treatment with most patients needing 2 or 3 treatments to see results. 

    Full facial rejuvenation

    Using a combination of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers an incredible full facial rejuvenation can be achieved. We talk about 'decade dosing' when we are treating the full face, and this means using at least 3ml of dermal filler in your 30s, 4mls in your 40s and 5mls in your 50s. Read our article on facial rejuvenation – an alternative to a surgical face-lift.

    Melbourne Skin and Cosmetic Clinic

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Dr. Braham Goldberg has been practising in Melbourne as a Cosmetic Physician since 1997.

    He has over 20 years experience in using fillers, lasers and muscle relaxing injectables for anti-aging, restoring volume and enhancing contours, and wrinkle and line treatments.

    Besides photorejuvenation, he uses lasers for treating veins, redness, flushing, brown marks freckles and pigmentation as well as Tattoo Removal.

    Dr Goldberg is also available to perform skin checks and skin cancer surgery as well as medically treating excessive sweating, acne, flushing, rosacea, pigmentation, and injecting leg veins.

    At Melbourne Skin and Cosmetic Clinic, we aim to treat YOU the person in order to achieve the best result for your individual needs. We like to take time to assess.


    We aim to treat YOU the person in order to achieve the best result for your individual needs. We like to take time to assess the whole person, not the wrinkle or spot, and prefer to gradually treat and prevent the signs of ageing with minimal downtime.

    Medical Aesthetic Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Time to upgrade your skincare?

    Our clinics are currently closed, but you can still shop online.

    Book a Zoom Consultation to find your regime. All prepaid services will be extended.

    Established in 1984 by Nurses

    Medical Aesthetic was founded in 1984 by Nurses to bridge the gap between Medical and Beauty treatments. Offering results-driven treatments without the expected price tag, we are a customer-focused company that strives to exceed our client's expectations at every touchpoint. 

    We specialise in advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser facials, peels and LED therapy. Our mission is to empower our clients with the knowledge and tailor-made solutions to deliver long term results without breaking the bank.

    The team consists of Senior cosmetic nurses, Dermal clinicians, beauty therapists as well our highly trained customer service team and clinic co-ordinators. Our focus is on customer service at all times, thus ensuring not only will your treatment results be outstanding, but your experience will be too. 

    Derma Life Cosmetic Clinics Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Derma life Cosmetic Clinics are part of Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics. The medical director of Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics, Dr Albert Ho, established his first cosmetic clinic in 1992.

    Throughout the years, Dr Ho has been involved in the management and training of several cosmetic clinics including The Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery, Keturah Vein and Face Place, Perth Laser Clinic, Scientific SkinCare, Australian Clinic of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery, New Ageing and Dermatique. He later established Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics, which has become a national organisation over the past nine years. From small beginnings, Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics has grown to now incorporate a network of around 40 injectors in 35 locations across Australia. Around 80% of the services offered at Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics are cosmetic injectables, making this the focus and speciality of the company.


    All of our cosmetic treatments are performed by a fully trained and qualified healthcare professional. We have a team of more than 20 cosmetic doctors and registered nurses, all of whom undergo advanced training both in Australia and internationally. Our doctors are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to any aspects of the procedures and product details. please feel free to contact the doctors on

    Lusi Sheehan is a registered pharmacist in Australia. She has worked with community pharmacies, where she provides comprehensive advice and education on medications and conditions to improve health. She has worked with cosmetic and beauty therapists to provide services that enhance the well-being of our clients. If you have any questions related to pharmaceuticals, please feel free to contact her on

    Lisa Yu is a Registered Nurse. She is a graduate of the University of Canberra. She has been granted Certificates of Completion for Cosmetic Theoretical and Practical Injecting, with several of the largest pharmaceutical suppliers in the medical aesthetics industry, including with BELKYRA© and JUVEDERM©. She currently works at Dermalife Cosmetic Clinics, under the umbrella company of Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics to deliver advanced and high-quality cosmetic treatment services to her patients.

    In addition to her Bachelor of Nursing degree, she has trained extensively in Medical Ultrasound. For over two decades, she has been teaching and working as a Sonographer and a Registered Nurse within a variety of health settings including private and public hospital settings as well as in Sydney and Melbourne-based Ultrasound practices in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

    Lisa has received extensive training in cosmetic procedures in Australia. She regularly attends conferences and seminars with industry-leading medical aesthetics companies to evaluate new products and deliver the most advanced treatment options for her clients. She has dedicated her work to understanding her client-orientated cosmetic procedures. She maintains an ongoing relationship with the leading providers in the medical aesthetics industry to update her techniques and product range continually.

    Her passion for ongoing education and training in this field has resulted in delivering the highest quality patient care and natural looking results. Lisa has a very caring and friendly nature and is known for her high attention to detail in her work. Her willingness to create a unique personalised treatment service adapted to the needs of every patient. If you have any questions related to cosmetic treatments with Lisa, please feel free to contact her on


    Ageing skin is an inevitable aspect of life. Improvement is easier than you may think! If you're searching for reliable anti-wrinkle injections that can deliver fantastic results, you've come to the right place. Derma life is a clinic filled with passionate staff who assist clients throughout Melbourne looking for a more youthful-looking appearance. If you're after anti-wrinkle injections, don't wait — make an appointment at Dermalife today!


    Anti-wrinkle injections are drugs, which consist of a purified protein produced by bacteria. There are two brands in Australia.

    Due to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) laws about advertising trade names in Australia over the internet, we are unable to use the brand names of products. For more information, please contact us.


    Anti-wrinkle injections are used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralysing muscles.

    By weakening the muscles, we can soften and prevent lines and wrinkles caused by expressions like smiling, frowning and laughing, with the end result being a more youthful look for our patients.


    There are over 100 medical uses for these injections, and much larger doses are usually required for medical treatments than what is used in cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatments.


    Your cosmetic consultant will advise the prices based on patient assessment, your needs and procedure designs. (minimum charge per visit $90) 


    Aside from anti-wrinkle injections, Dermalife staff can provide a range of other cosmetic injections in Melbourne to suit your requirements. Whether you're after dermal fillers, lip enhancements, neck rejuvenation, nose lifting, face slimming or anything else, we have you covered. With a team of highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the industry, rest assured that you are in good hands when you choose Dermalife.

    Aesthetics by Aria Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    We at Aesthetics by Aria provide a range of premium non-surgical treatments, dedicated to using the highest quality products and technology that delivers targeted results most efficiently. We believe working together we will address your unique skin concerns, so we recommend a professional skin consultation for all of our clients. During this private appointment, we take the time to talk with you about your skin history and skin objectives. We will discuss your goals with you to evaluate the condition to ensure we are recommending the best solution for you.

    Anti-Wrinkle Injections

    What are anti-wrinkle injections? Over time, the movement of your facial muscles causes wrinkles to form and deepen. Anti-wrinkle injections contain a substance that blocks the signals from nerves to particular muscles, resulting in less movement and the reduction or smoothing out of existing wrinkles.

    Due to restrictions of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, the brand of anti-wrinkle injections used cannot be advertised. In Australia, there are three brands currently available. They are made of natural purified protein. This protein is not animal-based and is extracted from a natural bacterium.

    Waverley Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne 

    Cosmetic Clinic Melbourne


    Waverley Cosmetic Clinic

    • Ample on-site parking
    • Kids friendly modern facilities
    • Clean, hygienic, professional services.
    • All equipment is either once use or cleaned or sterilised according to RACGP standards.
    • Owned and operated by Doctors.

    Waverley Cosmetic Clinic - Featured Services

    • Non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging treatments.
    • Administered by trained cosmetic physician.
    • Professionalism and care are balancing aesthetic needs with safety.

    Tips for Choosing the Best Cosmetic Clinic For You

    Start with a broad search.

    You may have seen a clinic advertising about their aesthetic treatments on Instagram or Facebook, but booking an appointment based on flashy advertising only is not advisable. Many countries have national registers of licensed aesthetic treatment specialists, such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and so forth. This could be a good start for you when you look for a clinic. Here you can find relevant information and find clinics in your area. Another alternative to start with could be to listen to recommendations from friends who have been satisfied with their aesthetic treatments.

    Make sure that the clinic strives for the highest standard.

    Once you have found one or a few clinics that have the aesthetic treatments that you are looking for, take a closer look. Go to their website to find out what they are specialised in and their qualifications. Make sure that the clinic strives for the highest standard by evaluating:

    • The level of education and qualifications at the clinic
    • The clinic's focus on safety for the patients
    • That the products the clinic works with are of a high quality

    The clinic should also offer you a consultation before any type of treatment.


    • The ASPS can give you advice and provide you with a list of members who are accredited.
    • All ASPS members are fully qualified in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery with a record of accomplishment in this field and a commitment to ethical standards.
    • Most Surgeons at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery are members of ASPS and receives many referrals each year.

    You can check their website here Australian Society Of Plastic Surgeons (Asps)


    • Before making any decision, you must check a surgeon's qualifications, experience and credentials.
    • Credentials can't guarantee a positive outcome, but they may significantly reduce your risk if you're choosing between a non-credentialed, less experienced surgeon and a bonafide Plastic Surgeon.
    • At Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, our team of plastic surgeons training and accreditation tend to exceed all national benchmarks for training and expertise.
    • Our Surgeon also commits to continued education, and you regularly see them attend globally renowned Plastic Surgery Conferences in Australia and across the globe.
    • You are in safe hands – we look after sterilisation, safety and comfort as you move through your procedure (but be sure you do YOUR role, too, as what you do DOES matter in terms of getting a good result).
    • Be honest, too, with your chosen Surgeon.


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