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What do you wear to a hens party?

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    Planning a hen do anytime soon? How do you choose a weekend outfit when you have no time to shop? We've got you covered on the stag do's attire questions as well.

    The key to choosing appropriate attire for the hen party is to avoid wearing anything too flashy or noticeable. Please respect the bride's weekend by not stealing any of the limelight from her. She may not be the kind to enjoy being the centre of attention, but that doesn't mean she'll welcome having her hen party spotlight stolen.

    Looking for hens ideas? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

    Going to the Hen Party

    In order to enjoy the hen party to the fullest, comfort is paramount, especially if you have a long journey ahead of you. No, you don't have to wear sweatpants and a hoodie. A good pair of pants and a pretty top would suffice. Nothing fancy, just something you can wear around town. If you've already decided on a theme or ordered custom hen party t-shirts, keep with that. Don't stress too much over this dress, ladies; you'll probably be changing for your activity or a big night out as soon as you get at your hen party venue.

    For The Activity

    You really must bring an appropriate change of clothes with you! Leggings or a tracksuit are the garments of choice when participating in an obstacle course or other physically demanding activity. What to wear to a hen party may be easy if the group's plans include activities like painting, going nude, or a wine tasting. The Father Ted Tour and the Lovely Ladies Fancy Dress are two examples of themed events. You can't go wrong with a roller disco outfit if you're going for a '80s look. Find out from the bridesmaids who are in charge of planning the weekend what is expected of you.

    For Dinner and Night on The Town

    As we've already mentioned, since it's the bride's weekend, you shouldn't do anything that will make you stick out too much on the big night out. There's no point in wearing white to a hen party if the bride hasn't ruled it out. Giving the group a designated colour is a fun and effective method to unite under a common theme. Get everyone else to dress black and the bride to wear white. Make her the centre of attention for once. Plus, black is universally flattering and universally wearable because everyone owns at least one black item of clothing.

    Going Home

    We recommend relaxing on the ride home from the hen party if no other plans were made. Wear whatever is most comfortable because you probably have a hurting head and an upset stomach after last night's antics. Of course, if you plan on keeping the celebration going after you get home, you should make a little more of an effort.

    The person planning the hen party, in particular, should be consulted about what the rest of the guests should wear.

    Must-Follow Bachelorette Party Style Rules

    Hens Ideas


    Since it's her party, you're not free to dress whatever you like. Dressing for a best friend's hen party is usually a matter of individual taste. In most cases, though, the maid of honour will enforce a clothing code for the bridal shower, including requiring everyone to wear the same t-shirt. We have the best range of Sydney hens party

    Avoid White

    Keep in mind that the bride is expected to wear white to her bachelorette party, so it would be nice if you didn't all show up in white, Janik suggests. On the other hand, a tiny black dress is always a good choice for a social event.

    Don't Try to Be Matchy-Matchy.

    Do not try to dress identically to anyone else at the party. This is the number one rule of bachelorette party fashion. Have the girls all wear something similar, like t-shirts or headbands, or even tote bags, and then let them express themselves through the remainder of their ensembles.

    Prioritize Comfort

    It can be a lot of fun to have everyone dress similarly, or to get the same shirt for the bach that features the couple's wedding hashtag, but it's important to remember that there may be restrictions on the number of guests. Size and style preferences vary greatly from person to person. Since she knows her girls best and you might not, the person in charge of party planning should consult the bride to find out what she would feel most comfortable wearing and what she thinks everyone would feel most comfortable wearing.

    Go With the Flow

    It's important for guests at a bachelorette party to roll with the punches and not complain about having to wear a funny hat or a shirt with the theme printed on it. Now, feel free to speak up to the host if you have serious concerns about the "dress code" or are otherwise uneasy about it.

    Keep It Classy

    There's no rule that says you have to wear your skinniest, tightest outfit to a bachelorette party. Given the wedding's significance, the bride's parents and other relatives are likely to pay especially closer attention to this gathering wedding attendees on social media. Despite how much you want to flaunt that again skirt, think long and hard before stepping out in an ensemble you might come to regret next day or in photographs.

    Dress Code, Chic: 10 Classy Hen Party Themes

    If the bride-to-be isn't into coordinating slogan tees, pink feather boas, and thigh-high nurses' costumes for her hen party, this advice is for you. Though most contemporary brides have moved on from the more conventional (and often gaudy!) hen party themes, we wholeheartedly believe that having a dress code, theme, or element of uniformity is fun for everyone. In addition to getting everyone in the party spirit and making them feel like they belong to the group, a hen party with a creative dress code also makes it easier to locate your other hens in the crowd, which could prove useful in a pinch. In addition, a well-enforced dress code makes for a photogenic team (#squadgoals)!

    Sex and the City

    Get ready to launch the Cosmos! Outfit yourself in midi-length tutus à la Carrie Bradshaw, matched with basic tops and adorable heels. Put on some jewellery to make it more glamorous. You may also have the visitors dress up like their favourite characters from the show.

    Great Gatsby

    The guests should pretend to be Daisy Buchanan. Draw inspiration from the Flapper era by donning beaded gowns and 1920s-style hair and makeup. To complete your art deco ensemble, don't forget the headpieces and jewellery.

    Sleepover Chic

    A spa weekend, a sleep party, or a hen party at home would all benefit from this. Don a pair of cosy pyjamas and some cosy slippers.

    Little Black Dress

    This is a basic yet chic motif in which all guests and the bride wear black and white, respectively. A little black dress, a black top, and a jumpsuit are staples in any woman's closet. Make it extra glamorous by dressing in pearls, gloves, and sunglasses in the style of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    Beautiful Boho

    This is the most popular choice for hen parties right now, especially among festival-goers and bohemian brides. Wearing flowy maxi skirts, plenty of fringe, or floral kimonos is encouraged, and guests can accessorise with flower crowns, head chains, and temporary tattoos for an extra festive feel.


    The bride's "final sail before the veil" should be celebrated with a nautical hen party. Simple striped tees and jeans, or a blue dress with a cute little sailors hat, are appropriate attire for the party.

    Tuxedo Hen Party

    This is such a stylish proposal, and it's something that everyone can have some fun with—especially if the bride isn't the dress-type. Instead of spending a fortune on a tux, you and your guests can get away with wearing black pants, a white shirt, and a bow tie, and the bride can wear white.

    Polka Dots and Petticoats

    And here's one for the bride who adores all things retro! Invite everyone to wear a swing dress or petticoat and polka dots reminiscent of the 1950s. Scarves for the hair, pearls, and crimson lipstick are required.

    Pretty in Pink or Sweet Pastels

    If the bride is a fan of feminine hues, an afternoon tea hen party is the perfect excuse to have everyone dress in pastels or wear pink. Put on your best princess outfit, or not.

    All White

    Requesting that guests wear white in honour of the bride is a simple yet stylish gesture. Alternative bridal attire options include white with a little veil or the bride's favourite colour.

    Our Top Tips for Choosing a Hen Party Theme

    You should inform your hens well in advance if you intend to enforce a dress code and expect them to arrive in matching garb. So that the chickens are all on the same page, you could also make a Pinterest board and share it with them.

    Learn as much as you can about your future spouse. Make sure the theme is something the bride would enjoy. Is she the type to go all out for formal events, or is she more of a casual dresser? Maybe she has a thing for the past, perhaps she always wears a flower crown.

    Plan the location and events of the hen party carefully. A glamping hen party, for instance, wouldn't benefit from a glossy Gatsby theme, while a boho shindig would have trouble gaining entry to an exclusive nightclub.

    Prepare a spending plan. Some of your guests may be on a restricted budget, so it's a good idea to come up with a theme that makes use of things they already own, or to point them in the direction of a reasonably priced resource.

    What to Wear for Every Hen Do Eventuality

    A stag party has all the makings of a good time, so why not add a hen party to A night out with the gals, sans male companionship (unless you've hired a stripper, of course). However, getting everyone in the group to agree on a uniform look for the hen party's activities can be a real headache. Whatever your hen party's agenda, we've got you covered in terms of attire.


    The traditional hen party — how nostalgic. You get dolled up, put on your best crowns, and parade through town with various willy-shaped implements. Your usual attire for going out on the town at night should be hyped up for this occasion. A small bodycon dress is fail-safe, or you might attempt a playsuit if you're concerned about maintaining your pride if you do happen to trip and fall (flashing your knickers is not a good look). You'll be ready to go in no time if you top off your look with the tallest heels in your closet.


    There are times when you need a fast wardrobe that can take you from day to night, such as when you have plans until 5 p.m. but then cocktails at 6 p.m. Dressing down a T-shirt dress throughout the day is a cinch by adding an oversized blazer and sneakers. Put on a belt to define your waist, slip on some high heels, and you'll be ready to go out for drinks with the girls when you shed your coat. Simple steps are all it takes to look hot. Please pour me a very tall glass of wine.


    You're very fortunate to be taking your bachelorette party to a warmer environment for a pool party. When the sun comes out, moods improve. Also, a hen party in a foreign country will be unlike any other. Bring a pair of killer shades and some bridal swimwear that's on fire. Sun, sea, and cocktails by the pool; of course, you can't forget the factor 30. Please, if we have to, we can fit your suitcase in here.


    When you're the one doing all the mingling, who needs to go out? If you and your closest girlfriends would rather stay in, sip prosecco, and have a blast, a sleepover hen party is the way to go. Obviously, you will need to wear matching pyjamas to this event. Silk pyjamas for the bride and her attendants are not only an elegant touch, but also a practical keepsake from the bachelorette party. A good Instagram photo is like free advertising, so you want to make sure you look your best.


    Although a surprise hen party is always fun, it may be a major pain to pack for. If your surprise involves cocktails at a rooftop bar, you'll want to wear something that's practical for your planned activities without sacrificing style. Wearing pants is the most prudent course of action in this precarious circumstance. This season's most talked-about trends are wide-leg pants and culottes. If you really want to go all out on the fashion front, you could pair them with a co-ord top. In order to be prepared for anything that may come your way, bring both sneakers and heels.


    Even if you are the maid of honour, you are probably not giving much thought to what you will wear to the hen party. You're more concerned about planning the perfect party for your BFF. In order to have a successful party, it is crucial to pay close attention to every last detail, including the decorations and party favours. A hen party centred on the trending colour rose gold could be just the thing for all the ladies. Having banners, placards, sashes, and even some novelty glasses on hand is a must for throwing the best party ever.

    Can I Dictate a Dress Code for My Bachelorette Party?

    You've probably spent months arranging your wedding, so the idea of spending a day (or more!) with your closest female family and friends celebrating your approaching marriage is exciting. You and your maid of honour and bridesmaids will be planning a party or girls' weekend away, and you may have some questions along the road. What's the big one? What kind of attire is appropriate for the party, if any at all.

    Pick Your Battles

    Nothing you do on your bachelorette party should make you feel guilty, because it's all about you. You shouldn't go crazy, though. Dress for the bachelorette party is something the bride and her pals should decide on together. You should choose your battles wisely because, no matter how entertaining you think it is, you might cause some others to roll their eyes. If you wouldn't wear it to one of their events, it's probably not appropriate for them to wear it to yours. Dedicated to a coordinated look? When establishing a clothing code for your loved ones, it's considerate to make sure they can comply without going out and buying anything new.

    Think About What's Planned Already

    Find what the bachelor party will include before settling on a clothing. The degree to which the dress code is enforced should also be determined with consideration of the scheduled events. The Bride's Tribe! sashes and matching T-shirts are more appropriate for a raucous evening on the town than like a spa day then wine tour. Want to have the best melbourne hens party? Magic Men has you covered.

    Spread the Word Early

    Spread the word early if you want everyone in your group to dress similarly. Everyone should be given adequate time to select and pack an appropriate attire; nobody likes to be the lone one who doesn't coordinate with the rest of the party. To ease the burden of organisation on your loved ones, consider offering bespoke t-shirts or modest accessories like sunglasses, caps, or sashes as gifts from you and your maid of honour.


    What not to wear to a hen party is anything that draws undue attention to the wearer. Don't steal the spotlight away from the bride during her big weekend! Learn your role in the weekend's festivities from the bridesmaids who are in charge of preparations. You don't want to steal the spotlight from the bride on her special weekend. Wearing white at a hen party is pointless if the bride has not specifically forbidden it.

    Since nearly everyone has at least one black garment in their closet, this colour is both universally flattering and wearable. Limits on how many people can attend a hen party are possible. There is a wide range of variation in what people want in terms of size and appearance. Ask the bride-to-be what she prefers to wear on her special day. In an emergency, you can find your other hens faster if you establish a dress code.

    This list contains suggestions for hen parties in honour of the soon-to-be-wed bride. We have you covered for everything from '20s-themed hen parties with beaded dresses and bobbed hair to nautically stylish affairs with polka dots and everything in between. If you intend to enforce a dress code, you should let your hens know in advance. For instance, a glamorous Great Gatsby theme wouldn't work for a camping stag party. It's a good idea to come up with a theme because some of your visitors may be on a tight budget.

    Having a quick change of clothes that can take you from day to night is a need sometimes. Adding an oversized blazer and sneakers to a T-shirt dress is an easy way to transition it from day to night. You want to look your best in your Instagram photos because people will be seeing them for free. What to wear to the bride's bachelorette party is something she and her best girls should discuss and decide on together. Banners, signs, placards, sashes, and novelty glasses should all be ready and waiting.

    They might find the perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be with a hen party themed around the trendy colour rose gold. Be thoughtful and make sure everyone can follow the rules without having to acquire anything new. Everyone should be given plenty of time to plan their outfits and prepare their bags. Consider giving personalised t-shirts or low-key accessories to loved ones to lighten their load of planning.

    Content Summary

    • Avoid wearing anything overly flamboyant or visible while deciding what to wear to the hen party.
    • Don't deviate from the plan if you've already made plans for a specific theme or purchased personalised t-shirts for the hen party.
    • Have everyone wear black except the bride, who should wear white.
    • We are firm believers that a hen party with a set theme, attire requirements, or other aspect of uniformity is more fun for everyone involved.
    • Everybody play Daisy Buchanan for the evening.
    • Everyone should dress in 1950s-style polka dots and swing dresses.
    • Soft pastels or a blushing pink colour scheme
    • If the bride loves pastels or pink, the hen party's afternoon tea theme is a great opportunity to show it.
    • It's important that the bride likes the theme you choose.
    • Think carefully about where to have the hen party and what to do.
    • You're planning an excellent bachelorette party if you're going to a warmer climate for the pool party.
    • A overnight hen party is the best option if you and your best gal pals would rather stay in, drink prosecco, and have a great time than travel anywhere.
    • You probably haven't given much thought to what you'll wear to the hen party, even if you're the maid of honour.
    • The perfect party for your best friend is more important to you.
    • As a courtesy, it's wise to make sure your loved ones can follow your dress code without having to go out and buy anything new.
    • It is also important to think about the events that will be happening and how strictly the dress code will be enforced.
    • The Earlier the Information Is Disseminated, the Better
    • Get the word out early if you want everyone to dress the same.

    FAQs About Hens Party

    The reason behind most hen parties is to give the bride a final night of freedom with her friends. To let her hair down without a care, before wedding nerves and stresses kick in.

    With plenty of planning going towards the party, a date and venue is chosen. The bride's friends are invited usually by the Maid of Honour. Traditionally the hen party is supposed to come after the stag party

    With most hen nights, the bride is usually consulted on the basics – the date, time, invite list, and where it will start. But saying that, a surprise party can be a fun idea, depending on the bride's personality.

    If you are opting for a spa day or perhaps afternoon tea or a dance class, the maximum amount of hens can usually range between 20-25 which can indeed cause a lot of complications when sorting out who to invite!

    4-6 weeks in advance of the big day is ideal, it gives the guests time in between to be comfortable in the money department to cover both events. Also of course, the bride needs time to recover before the big day!

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