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    We do our best to take care of the brides, but there are certain other ladies who are just as important, and they are the bridesmaids. As the bride, you can always count on your bridesmaids to be there for you through the ups and downs of wedding planning. However, most of us haven't been in a wedding before, and unless you're Jane from "27 Dresses," you may need some pointers to make sure everything goes smoothly. Check out a range of Magic Men’s hens party ideas to help in your upcoming party.

    Hen Party Guide: Best Tips to Plan A Perfect Party.

    Planning my sister's Hen Party has made me question whether or not I should have majored in Event Management in college. You could say I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all the decisions that need to be made, such as where to hold the party, how long to have it, how far to go, what activities to include, how to accommodate the bride's friends and family, and how to make sure everyone has the greatest time possible. It may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but if you follow these three easy steps, you'll be jiving with your BFF in no time.

    Getting Started

    When, oh, when?

    Setting a date with the bride is the first order of business. The best time to send out invitations is four to six weeks before the big day, giving guests plenty of time to save up for the wedding and the honeymoon. The bride, of course, also needs some rest and relaxation before to the wedding.

    Give Plenty of Notice

    Send out "Save the Date" cards to guests once the bride has finalised the guest list so they may make necessary plans. Plan ahead of time if you want to prevent scheduling issues with other hen parties or weddings.

    Bride Knows Best

    See if the bride wants to help arrange the Hen Party; some women enjoy being hands-on in this way, but in my experience the Hen Party is a time for the bride to relax and allow her closest friend (or friends) take the reins. After all, she did pick you, so she has to believe that you can throw a good party. Instead of guessing what she might like, you should ask her what she likes and dislikes about other chickens. The last thing you need is a sour bride on her wedding day.

    Know Your Audience

    Keep in mind that the guests at the bride's hen party may come from all various stages of her life and all different generations. Don't do anything that would leave the older guests out or any guests feeling uncomfortable. Don't organise a three-hour hike for the bride's 70-year-old grandma unless the rest of the company is up for it; you'll get a sense of the attendees at the celebration as you go.

    Channel your inner Monica from Friends

    Plan your schedule and events accordingly. It's nice to have a full schedule, but remember to leave some breathing room so that people can get ready in between events. Guests are likely to be dissatisfied if they are only given 15 minutes to get ready after participating in aquatic activities. You should plan beforehand and account for travel time. People are looking forwards to a day with less stress.

    Sorting out the Sponds

    Keep an Eye on Costs

    You should think about how much it will cost whether you want to stay in town and do some activities, eat out, and have some beverages, or go somewhere far away for the weekend. Nowadays, not everyone has a lot of disposable income; weddings are extremely expensive, and those of us who attend more than seven a year are in danger of going bankrupt from all the weddings we have to pay for.

    Offer Flexibility

    It's not uncommon for a hen party to include women of varying ages, marital statuses, and socioeconomic statuses. There will be a plethora of friends who are carrying, new parents, and frugal females. It's a good idea to suggest some alternate plans in case the initial ones don't work out, such as an another stay with restaurant instead of a two-night retreat, or just dinner instead of an afternoon activity, beers, dinner, and dancing.

    Sort the Trains, Buses and Taxis

    If you're planning a trip, it's a good idea to arrange transportation to get people to and from various destinations. If possible, include the cost of this service in the overall budget so that it is paid for in advance This will help you keep the group together and lessen the likelihood that anyone will get separated.

    Build-in some Contingency 

    Put aside a little extra cash for each person's expenses, and if it's not used up, you can always use the excess cash to buy a round of drinks.

    Be Transparent

    Once you've settled on a strategy, send an email to everyone on the guest list with the specifics, including a price estimate. There's no need to reveal all your secrets just yet, but if consumers are willing to part with additional cash, they'll naturally be curious in how it's being put to use.

    Hen's Honour - Be Prepared

    Hens Ideas

    Build Email Excitement, but Don't Overdo it!

    Make the most of your emails and limit the amount you send; you don't want the guests to dread checking their inboxes for fear of finding thousands of hen-party-related correspondence, but it's important to keep the email communication lines open and transparent and they'll love to be informed of the goings-on.

    Swimsuits or Sparkly Dresses?

    Send out a reminder email reminding guests what to bring a few weeks before the party. If you plan on doing any sort of outside activities, you'll need things like sneakers, swimwear, warm clothes, etc. The element of surprise on the actual day should be preserved, but people still need to be ready for it.

    A Bit of Bridal Bonding

    Many of the bride's friends may not know each other before the party, so it's a good idea to have them send you a photo of themselves with the bride to include in a memory book. This will help everyone understand how they became friends, and it's often the real tear-jerker that brings everyone together.

    How to Plan A Hen Party in 8 Simple Steps

    Believe us, we understand. If this is your first time in the role of bridesmaid, you may feel overwhelmed by the task of organising the bachelorette party. You've stumbled onto the proper place, thankfully.

    We'll walk you through the timeline of events, what has to be done, how much money you'll need, and the benefits and drawbacks of various vacation options. Along with providing you with THE BEST Mr. & Mrs. Quiz questions, we will also provide you with original ideas for hen party themes.

    You don’t need to look any further to find perfect Sydney hens ideas, Magic Men is the answer.

    On help you get started, we've compiled a comprehensive guide to throwing the perfect hen party. Let us guide you in making the first crucial choices as a group of bridesmaids over a bottle of Prosecco and a stack of hen planning notebooks.

    When the challenging parts are over, the enjoyment really begins. Keep in mind that you and the bride will get what you put into her big night.

    Step-By-Step Hen Party Planning

    Numbers and nights

    Do not invite anyone who is not on the bride's official invitation list. You'll be able to find that long-lost second cousin great grand or forgotten high school friend. You can decide whether to organize the stag night over the duration of one night or two nights after you have a firm number. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so think carefully about this one and involve the bride. She will probably have a preference.

    Set your budget

    Before diving into research on activities and locales, deciding on a budget is THE most crucial thing to accomplish. The cost of the hen will determine every aspect of the party. Two-night stays, triple occupancy, and a lot of do-it-yourself can save a lot of money. It's not uncommon for larger quantities to result in substantial price reductions.

    Pick a hen party theme.

    Incorporate the party setting and planned activities by settling on a theme in advance. A hen party with just a festival theme may enjoy glamping and then a flower crown class, while a hen party with such a vintage theme would appreciate a quirk hotel and a 1960s makeover. You may imagine anything, from the Amazing Gatsby to today's most extravagant events. A hen party could benefit greatly from a central theme.

    Choose a hen party location.

    There is a plethora of options, whether you're looking to stay close to home, explore other parts of Australia, or travel the world. Think about the guests of the hen party, including those who may be expecting, working, or bringing children along. It's romantic to celebrate in a faraway place, but how would the bride feel if she can't invite some key guests?

    Pick suitable accommodation

    There are a wide variety of lodging options available, from hotels and B&Bs to renting a large property in the country, glamping, and conventional camping. Though staying at a hotel has its benefits, having the flexibility to provide your own food and drink can make for a more memorable and homey celebration.

    Start researching hen party activities.

    Be mindful of your target demographic when making plans. Once again, there is a plethora of options, ranging from low-key activities like arts and crafts or dance classes to high-octane thrills like skydiving or even just fun photo sessions in costume.

    Factor in food

    This is quite vital if you plan on imbibing tonight. First-draft plans for a hen party should include meals (lunch or snacks upon arrival, main course later) and activities. If you want to prevent any awkwardness or hungry hens on the big night, make sure to ask your guests ahead of time if anyone has any dietary restrictions.

    Don’t forget the extras.

    Congratulations, you have almost reached your goal! Little details like this may really make a hen party special, but this area will rely on how much money you have left over after everything else. Get creative with your hen party decorations by using sashes, tattoos, scrapbooks, party bags, badges, bunting, and balloons to set your event apart.

    Last but not least, make sure there are hen party games planned! This helps get the hen party going and keeps everyone feeling like they're at a party.

    Planning A Hen Party Is Tough

    It's not easy to throw a shindig for the bride-to-be. So many factors need to be taken into account! The whole thing can be really stressful.

    Let’s Make Hen Party Planning Easy

    You want to give your future wife a memorable experience as she says farewell to her single days. You want your hen party to go off without a hitch, but you also want to organise it. To put it simply, that's why we're gathered here. The organising of your hen party should be fun and stress-free, and that's our goal. For this reason, we have put together this helpful stag do checklist.

    The Hen Party Checklist

    Use our handy hen party checklist to organise everything for the big day. This was made for the brides-to-be who would rather handle the hen party's logistics themselves than pay a booking service. This is a guide to helping you organise your hen party.

    • Don't forget to get in touch with the future Mrs.
    • Compile a Guest List
    • Construct a Spending Plan for the Hen Do
    • Hold a Meeting of the Hen Party Organizers to Deci on Important Details.
    • Send an Email to the Bachelorette Party Guest List
    • Solicit Donations From Your Company's Visitors
    • Get the hen party started by making reservations and planning activities.
    • Purchase Hen Party Decorations and Supplies
    • Make your hen party unique by doing some DIY projects.
    • Establish the Party Games for the Hen Do
    • Construct a Playlist
    • Do One Last Email
    • A Bachelorette Party is in Order!

    The Hen Party Checklist Explained

    We've given you a high-level look at the hen party checklist; now it's time to dig in. Follow the instructions in the sequence they are given for the best results. However, keep in mind that every stag do is unique. Not every procedure must be carried out by you. You can learn the steps you need to take by reading them in order.

    Contact The Bride To Be!

    The most important thing you can do to get your hen party planning off to a solid start is to ask the bride a few basic questions. The type of hen party she wants can be determined by asking her questions. Estimates can be made for both the total cost of the hen party and the available time slots. And lastly, you can find out if she wants a theme and if the hen party ideas should be kept under wraps.

    Plan The Guest List

    You should now know who is invited to the hen party if you followed the first stage. Once you have a list of invited guests, you can ask the bride for their contact information. Make a tally of everyone will be attending your party and their contact information in a spreadsheet. If you don't recognise anyone at the wedding, you could ask the bride how she is related to them. As you organise the details of the hen party, you can add new information on the guests to the spreadsheet. To keep track of things like visitor payments and availability, for instance.

    Establish The Hen Party Budget

    This is where the bride comes in handy. Assuming you followed the first step and asked the right questions, you should now have an individual spending limit in mind. Multiply the number of attendees by the allotted amount for each participant to get your final bill.

    You may begin figuring out what you can afford once you have the complete budget. Think about where everyone will stay, what they will do, what they will eat and drink, and how they will get there and back for the hen party. Please keep in mind that the items we've included here are just the tip of the iceberg, and that your hen party may require further planning.

    Make a new spreadsheet to help you keep tabs on your finances. Make a list of all the things you know you'll need money for. When you have an idea of what kind of arrangements you need to make, you may begin contacting hen party providers. You should immediately enter into your spreadsheet any price information you get. After gathering prices, you may make an informed reservation decision.

    Think about whether the bride will be footing the bill herself or if the rest of the hens will chip in. The cost of your hen party may increase significantly as a result of this. Learn this ahead of time to keep your finances from going awry.

    Have A Meeting To Make The Big Decisions

    It's important to talk things over with the bride's sister and bridesmaids as you arrange the hen party. Not having a face-to-face meeting is OK. You can arrange to talk over the phone or exchange electronic mail.

    Determine if the bride prefers appointing a single decision maker. Once you have this information, you can start talking about how everyone can pitch in. Everyone is good at something.

    Make sure to delegate after you've determined everyone's specialities. Involving more people in the preparations for the hen party will reduce the stress involved. Do not attempt to take on the task on your alone, since it may prove to be quite a massive one. Set up scheduled get-togethers at which you can provide updates on your progress.

    Email The Hen Party Guest List

    At this point, you can start communicating with your guests via email. In your first message, mention a few dates for the hen party and how much money you anticipate each guest will need to spend. Make your guests aware of the situation if you think the budget may alter slightly after you've gotten all the quotations.

    It's also important to let everyone know what sort of hen party the bride is hoping for. Inform your guests, for instance, if the bride would want to spend the weekend alone. After all, people should know roughly what they're agreeing to before they do so.

    After receiving everyone's responses, you can settle on a date for the hen do and final headcount.

    Collect Money From Your Guests

    At this time, you should begin accumulating funds in preparation for making deposits and initial payments to your vendors. You may wish to request partial payments from your visitors depending on your per-person budget. Maybe you'd rather have it all paid out at once.

    If you decide to request payments in instalments, be sure to make it clear to your guests that you want them to honour their word and pay up in full if they've committed to coming to the hen party. You don't want to be out of cash for a hen party activity because five people cancelled at the last minute. And remember to give your guests plenty of notice so they may set aside money to send you!

    Start Planning And Booking The Hen Party

    Starting the hen party planning process is much easier now that you have a firm date in mind and an accurate headcount of expected guests. Get together with the other hen party organisers to discuss what you all need to reserve. Make sure you have everything on your list booked ahead of time. What the bride envisions for her stag do should not be a mystery. If not, go back and try steps 1 and 3.

    Create a schedule and plan out your activities. You can avoid overbooking by doing so.

    The search for the ideal hen party planners may now begin. Get in touch with the hen party planners you like best to request price estimates. Keep track of the prices you are quoted on your hen party budget spreadsheet. As soon as you've located a company that meets your financial and functional needs, hire them!

    Planning your hen weekend without first securing lodgings is a recipe for disaster. Locations for hen parties can be difficult to arrange in advance and can eat up a sizable chunk of your budget.

    Booking your hen party could be a continuous procedure. Make careful to keep track of your bookings, payments, and arrival/departure times to avoid any confusion. Once you've made all your arrangements, it's time to finalise the schedule with your visitors. Inform them if it is necessary for them to arrange transportation. And if the hen party is a surprise for the bride, make sure everyone knows not to tell.

    Buy Hen Party Accessories And Decorations

    After the hen party date has been set, it's time to start thinking about buying all the exciting hen party accessories and décor. This procedure might not be necessary. Before you drop a tonne of cash on wedding décor and extras, be sure you know what the bride wants.

    Ask the bride if she wants to be fully accessorised before purchasing any. And if she wants to go all out, or if she just wants to wear a few understated pieces.

    Color scheme and overall concept should also be considered. Is the bride into throwback stag dos? Or perhaps she prefers more traditional hues like cream and gold. Is a floral crown something she'd like to wear? Or you could just dress in all pink. The best thing to do before decorating a hotel room or an activity centre for a hen party is to make sure you have authorisation to do so.

    Personalise Your Hen Party

    If you really want to push yourself, do this. If you want your hen do to be truly unique, you can make some of the decorations and props yourself. Alternately, you can find unique personalised hen party accessories at many stores today.

    Decide Which Hen Party Games You Will Play

    There's a chance the bride won't want to participate in any of the planned hen party activities. Discover before you begin carrying out this procedure. The hen party games are the best! They're great for starting conversations and making people feel comfortable around one another.

    Consider the amount of time you have available and the personalities of your guests while deciding on hen party games. The'sillier' activities can wait till after the bride's mother and grandmother have left the party. When it comes to hen parties, no two are same. If you need help figuring this out, just ask the bride.

    Make A Playlist

    Play your closest friend's prefered music to get the celebration started. You should definitely have your guests suggest songs for the party. It's a safe bet that everyone at your party will like some of the tunes you play. If possible, make the playlist a week before the hen do. Remember, and it may take more time to make than you anticipate, so be sure to schedule accordingly.

    Send Out The Final Email

    Guests have presumably already received your back-and-forth emails by now. You should have received payment in full from your guests, and everyone should be aware of the hen party's whereabouts and whatnot.

    Due to the sheer volume of material, we advise sending a final email to all of your invitees. This email is meant to serve as a reminder of the event's date and time, as well as a reminder of any required materials. You can also refresh their memories on the location and any other pertinent details.

    Give your hen party guests your contact number so they can get in touch with you if they have any problems. Create some anticipation by letting your guests know how thrilled you are to meet them. Make sure they know the hen party is a secret. There should be no last-minute clues that could spoil the surprise.

    To help you plan a perfect hens party, check out our packages for ladies night at Magic Men.

    It’s Hen Party Time!

    Hurrah! There is nothing left to do but enjoy the fruits of one's labour. Everything is set up according to your plan. The next step is to put your plans into action.

    Keep all the receipts and confirmations for the hen party's lodging and activities in one place. Keep track of any and all phone numbers you may need for excursions and lodging. You should have your schedule handy so that you can plan accordingly. When the hen party finally arrives, there shouldn't be too much to do. Make sure you have a good time. The bride is sure to have a fantastic day, so enjoy yourself as much as possible.


    Your bridesmaids are the women who will support you no matter what happens as you organise your wedding. Check out several of the Magic Men's suggestions for hens parties. Make sure there won't be any conflicts with other weddings or hen parties by planning early. Remember that the guests at the hen party may represent the bride at any number of different points in her life. Avoid doing anything that could make any of your guests uncomfortable, especially the older ones.

    Keep in mind that people will need some time to prepare in between activities. An Easy 8-Step Plan for a Stag or Hen Do. The team at Magic Men has put together a detailed manual on how to host the ideal hen party. We'll go over the steps that need to be taken, what's already been completed, how much money you'll need, and the pros and cons of various vacation plans. You must decide on a hen party theme, venue, and DIY projects.

    Prior to making any financial decisions, it is essential to complete a budget. A hen party, whether it's staying close to home or travelling around Australia, can benefit significantly from having a unifying theme. There is a lot of work that goes into organising a hen party for the bride-to-be. There are a lot of moving parts, and putting together an event may be a lot of pressure. For your convenience, we have compiled a Hen Party Checklist to assist you in planning the festivities.

    Inquire about the bride's prefered hen party theme and budget. Make sure that the hen party is well-planned out in terms of both guest list and spending limit. Complete a spreadsheet with the names and contact details of everyone expected to attend. Get creative and make your own hen party activities. Plan beforehand for where everyone will sleep, what they will eat and drink, and how they will get there and back again.

    Once you have the full budget, you can start determining what is feasible. The burden of planning the hen party can be mitigated by getting more people involved. Now is a good time to start looking for hen party organisers. Notifying everyone of the bride's hen party wishes is essential. For example, if the bride prefers to have a quiet weekend, you should let your guests know.

    Assuming you've heard back from everyone, you may now decide when to hold the hen party. Reserving activities for your hen party may be an ongoing process. Take special care to record all of your plans, including arrival and departure timings, payments, and bookings. Don't forget to let them know if transportation is something they'll need to organise. Get the word out that the hen party is a surprise, but nobody should let on to the fact that it is a surprise.

    Get your best friend's party began by playing his or her favourite tunes. Create the playlist at least a week before the hen party. If any of the guests at your hen do have any issues, have them contact you via your phone number, which you should provide to them. Don't forget to jot down any and all excursion-related contact information.

    Content Summary

    • Throughout the highs and lows of wedding preparation, the bride can always count on the support of her bridesmaids.
    • Check out several of the Magic Men's suggestions for hens parties.
    • To avoid clashing with any other hen parties or weddings, it's important to plan beforehand.
    • Remember that the attendees at the bride's hen party may be present from a wide range of ages and stages in her life.
    • Make sure everything goes according to plan.
    • Once you've decided on a course of action, it's best to let your invitees know by email so they can begin making financial preparations.
    • Guests should be emailed a few weeks before the party with a reminder of what they should bring.
    • A hen party needs a theme.
    • Decide on a theme ahead of time to tie together the event's venue and activities.
    • Our aim is to make planning your hen party a joyful and carefree experience.
    • Bachelorette Party Planning Guide
    • Get everything in order for the big day with the help of our hen party checklist.
    • Buy Decorations for a Bachelorette Party Do some do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts to set your hen party apart.
    • If you already know who the bride plans to invite, you can simply ask her for their contact details.
    • Add guest information to the spreadsheet as you plan the stag do.
    • Get organised with your money by creating a new spreadsheet.
    • Write out all the expenses you anticipate incurring.
    • Email We now present the guest list for the Hen Do! Now that your guests have been invited, you can begin corresponding with them via email.
    • For example, if the bride prefers to have a quiet weekend, you should let your guests know.
    • Here You Can Shop For Hen Party Supplies
    • The next step after deciding on a hen party date is to plan on purchasing all the fun hen party decorations and décor.
    • Those are the most fun games I've ever played at a hen do.
    • Distribute Your Last Email
    • You can assume that guests have seen your email exchanges with them by now.
    • Since there is so much information to share, a farewell email to all of your invitees is recommended.
    • We have everything set up exactly as you wanted.
    • Be sure to enjoy yourself.

    FAQs About Hens Party

    A hen party is a pre-wedding celebration where the bride and her closest friends go away for a long weekend to celebrate her upcoming marriage.
    The average hen party or weekend will have 12 girls expecting a good time and some may have never met before. They may all love the bride-to-be but it can sometimes take a really good icebreaker to get the group gelling.

    Although a hen's night is a woman's last night of “freedom”, it should not be held the night before the wedding. Nobody wants to walk down the aisle hung over so many women opt to hold their hen's night a week or two before the big event.

    If you are opting for a spa day or perhaps afternoon tea or a dance class, the maximum amount of hens can usually range between 20-25 which can indeed cause a lot of complications when sorting out who to invite!
    Traditionally, the hen's night was mainly for female family members and possibly a few family friends. Still, as hen's parties get more raunchy and raucous, fewer brides-to-be are inviting their mothers or mothers-in-law, and just partying with their mates.
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