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Wedding Guest Bomboniere – The History and Boxing Ideas

For those who have already got their 2020 weddings on their brain, we are now offering a first look into next year’s top 10 trends for wedding invitations. Our prediction for 2018 wedding invitations will be simple, natural, creative and playful, from easy calligraphy invites to playful watercolour styles. What are you waiting for? Read on for unique wedding inspiration.

Every bride dreams to prepare a wedding correctly, and that is why she tries to think carefully about each detail. Of course, a bride pays a lot of attention to choosing her dress, style of the wedding, wedding flowers. However, it is also important to remember small things too, as preparing a wedding is like writing a novel, each little detail matters. Let Cosmopolitan events Wedding Venue help you create the most magical day of your life.

The history of the Bomboniere, better known as the Jordan almond wedding favour.

When it comes to your wedding day, every little detail counts. That includes the favours. To give you some ideas, we sat down with one of our vendors to get some inspiration. We talked with Maria from Bomboniere by Maria to find out more about her business and the beautiful favours and Bomboniere she creates.

I think it’s safe to say that 2018 is going to be an excellent year for simple greenery weddings, and illustrated green leaves invites is expected to become a huge trend.

Have you ever thought about also getting small presents for your guests on your wedding day?

The Bomboniere of years ago was well known as Jordan Almonds. They were wrapped in either tulle or satin cloth and collected either as a little bundle on a person’s place setting or in a wine glass or a small crystal bowl or glass.

I am Maria, owner and designer of bespoke wedding favour at Bomboniere By Maria. At Bomboniere By Maria, we create beautiful handmade Italian Bomboniere, favours and gifts.

Confetti is sugar-coated almonds, also known as Jordan almonds. These candies represent the bittersweet life of a married couple. The sugar coating is added to the bitter almonds in the hope that the newlyweds will have more sweet times than pain during their lifetime together. When confetti come in boxes or bags, they are called Bomboniere and serve as place settings or favours.

A small sweet present for guests is a great way to express your gratitude and to share your happiness on this special day. Such today can be “Bomboniere”(traditional Italian wedding gifts for guests that consist of candy-coated almonds, given out in small bags, in odd numbers, most often 3s and 5s.

These sugared almonds also are known as “dragged” we well known as wedding favour gifts around the world but in particular, places like Italy, Greece and the Middle East they were particularly an expected item at a wedding celebration.

It all started when I gave up my full-time office job to have my first child, and I made his favours when he was born, it is very traditional in Italy to give support to celebrate a child’s birth and for all other occasions after that. I enjoyed it so much; I decided to make it a business.

The candy is given out in odd numbers, most often 3s and 5s. Three almonds symbolize the bride, the groom and their future child, and five almonds represent five wishes for the sposi: health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity. Confetti is not only used in Italian weddings but also Greek and Middle Eastern wedding ceremonies.

Three almonds symbolize the bride, the groom and their future child, and five almonds are the symbol of five wishes for the new leads: health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity. Historically, such sweet gifts are not only used in Italian weddings but also Greek and Middle Eastern wedding ceremonies.

Melbourne Wedding Bomboniere

Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle and tied with the wedding theme colours 

Good Jordan almonds are covered in an outer sugar shell while the inside is a roasted almond. The importance of putting together the bitter almond with the sugary coating is to represent the bitterness and sweetness of marriage.

If possible, I like to arrange a meeting with them if they live locally so we can sit down and discuss ideas together. Based on their style and theme, I create favours to compliment. I also work with a lot of couples via email or phone and adopt the same process; I make up a mock-up and email a picture or offer to send a sample.

This tradition most likely dates back to the ancient Romans. The term comes from the Latin confected meaning “prepared or wrapped”. 

These sweets can be in different tastes and colours, and the bags for them can be in different shapes and sizes.

In Rome, many agencies can offer you a wide range of Bomboniere that will be in harmony with the whole style of your wedding. Stuck for the perfect gift for your guests? Check out our extensive list of Bomboniere Ideas here. 

Five almonds are distributed (and they should always be distributed in uneven numbers so that it shows the unbreakable bond of the couple for life). The five almonds represent all that a couple should have in marriage: Health, Happiness, Longevity, Fertility and Wealth. Now see before I got into the wedding business I didn’t think much about the significance of the Jordan almond. 

A wedding at the Dorchester Hotel in London. This had to be very stylish, simple with diamante sparkle. I designed hand wrapped favour boxes in the ivory pearlized paper (inside was a white scented candle) tied with ivory satin ribbon and a diamante ribbon buckle. I also designed invitations to match.

Once-upon-a-time only white organza bags held the white confetti and were tied with a white ribbon. Today, Bomboniere come in all different colours and flavours, and containers are all shapes and sizes.

Here are some places where you can get beautiful, personalized Bomboniere if you are organizing a wedding

I came from a family of Italian and French, and they all made a big deal about having Jordan almonds at weddings. Only recently have I had couples come in asking me how to incorporate the tradition of Jordan almonds back into their wedding favours. Don’t get me wrong they want to give something else, but due to heritage, the moms in European families ask my ideas on what to do to bring these sweet/bitter little treats back into the fold.

The design, I love to play around with colours and ribbons and feel a great sense of satisfaction of bringing an idea to life for my client.

FOR HIS PROPOSAL, Rosario faked meeting clients for a wedding consultation and set up his chosen location with roses, candles and fireworks that read ‘Marry Me?’. “She had no idea the setup was for her until I knelt and proposed,” said Rosario. “

Conti Cnfetteria offers many different flavours and colours of confetti for Bomboniere, and they sell hand-painted porcelain boxes for them. You can request even designs with the colours of your wedding.

Bomboniere Box Ideas

Just a few ideas on boxes that we have given clients wanting to preserve the tradition of Jordan almonds as favours I happen to like things shown in excellent packaging. I have never been to find of these almonds just sitting in a tulle bag. With boxes, it can be so much more elegant. We use boxes all the time with chocolate. So it would seem perfect sense to use with Jordan Almonds as well.

Although planning a wedding is stressful, try to enjoy every moment and choose trusted suppliers to take away the stress of selecting and deciding on all the details, from the dress to the finishing touches.

The couple confirmed their love in a traditional ceremony at their parish St Marks Catholic Church, Drummoyne. Graziella looked exquisite in her fit and flare, lace Berta Bridal gown from Brides By Francesca.

From both Conti Confetteria and Con-Bon Arenula you also have the option to purchase the confetti of your choice in bulk and serve them in a large dish or tray to guests without making them part of the wedding favour.

The “mini” champagne glass with almonds 

Now the mini champagne glass is cute, but I happen to like when the idea is taken to having a real size champagne glass. At least the couple can get used out of it later.

Then there are also Il Fiocco Bomboniere and Curiosità which make exclusive handmade Bomboniere which can include confetti. Otherwise, you can order kind various personalized favours to decorate the tables.

Wedding Bomboniere Melbourne

The multi-colour candy bar  

The candy tables have been all the rage at weddings and here is a cute kind of country-themed Jordan almond “candy bar” where guests can take what they would like to try in the various flavours.

To get in touch or to find out more about Bomboniere by Maria, click here and check out some of the beautiful things she’s created while you’re there!

I had set the tone with our invitations, gold quilted boxes with embossed, foiled logo motifs, inside acrylic panel invitations etched with gold and black text.” Bomboniere Ideas are sometimes hard to come by. Check out our top 35 Bomboniere Ideas here. 

Curiosità, for example, sells small ceramic pots from Deruta, Umbria, which can be hand-painted with the couple’s initials and wedding date. These treasures filled with confetti can give an international wedding a twist of the authentic

Now if you have a very sparkly wedding, you could always add Jordan almonds that are wrapped in gold or silver foil. They will make for a great added humph of sparkly colour and can play up your wedding colours.

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