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What to Consider when choosing your wedding hairstyle?

While planning your wedding day down to the last detail before ever meeting your future beau may be going a step overboard (Monica Geller’s wedding binder, anyone?) it’s essential to begin planning not only the event itself but also, your wedding look with lots of time to spare before the big day.

We realize not everyone gets their hair professionally styled, so we want to be sure you’re savvy on the type of service we’re recommending and a few ways to keep things smooth afterwards.  Cosmopolitan events is your perfect wedding venue in Melbourne delivering fairytale weddings for the bride and groom.

Thanks to Pinterest, finding inspiration for your wedding hairstyle is as easy as ever, but what about those hidden wedding hair tips no one talks about? How many days before your wedding should you wash your hair? How do you choose the best wedding hair for your style? What hair care tips should you follow before the wedding and for how long? We connected with expert bridal hairstylists Heather Chapman, owner of online academy Heather Chapman Hair Online, as well as Kristina and Brittany from Fancy Face Inc for their wedding hair tips every bride must know to achieve the wedding hair of your dreams.

Picking the right wedding hairstyle

Do you want to have your hair up in an updo? Wear it down in soft waves? Maybe a half-up braided hairstyle? Wedding hair options are endless! Before you get too overwhelmed, take a deep breath and consider a few key factors first:

This gorgeous day at Gracewood estates planned by Shaw events was the perfect recipe for an outdoor summer wedding. It included just the right balance between fresh style and timeless design. The reception was full of English garden party vibes, featuring two long harvest tables set amongst the Orchard, vines and flowering gardens of the idyllic Niagara-on-the-lake. Where the guests enjoyed their dinner al fresco as the sunset.

Next, she secured the headpiece (I had bought this one from Ulyana’s site six months in advance). She wrapped it around my temple and wove it through the hairstyle, securing it with bobby pins along the way.

There are also Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments, which require additional products for chemically-created smooth strands and aren’t as focused on body and volume (which is what you’re going to need from a blowout.) These are not the services we’d recommend getting the day before your wedding (especially considering Keratin treatments remain on the hair for 2-3 days after you leave the salon!)

Here’s everything you need to know about blowouts:

First, there are a few different types of blowout options, and we want to be specific about the kind of blowout we recommend getting the day before your wedding.

A regular blowout includes a professional shampoo and wash, and as the stylist blows the hair dry, they use a round brush to create sleek, smooth hair. Hot tools are not always needed, but your stylist may use a straightener or curling iron to accentuate the body and texture.

This is why we recommend getting one:

Not only will you have a head start on texture and volume (think about your wedding day timeline!) by the time you get in our chair we’ll be able to style you as we usually would but be able to create a more secured foundation with voluminous curls and less frizz. Lets also not forget the fantastic TEXTURE!! We can get some of the best texture from a perfect blow out.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle

What’s Your Wedding Dress Like?

Your hair shouldn’t be competing with your dress—it should complement it. If your dress is simple, it’s safe to go with a more dramatic hairstyle. If your dress is an extravagant ball gown full of embellishment and sparkly details, consider a more subtle yet elegant updo. If your dress has a gorgeous, open-back design, choose a side ponytail or braid to show it off. It’s essential to choose a hairstyle that matches your dress and personal style. 

Celine’s bridal hair was kept efforts-less and playful with strict instructions from her Mother to create a “natural beauty” which made my job impossibly easy! The day was filled with well thought out details that perfectly complemented the gorgeous surroundings with Emily Jean photography, capturing all of these magical moments for us to share!

And THIS was the final product! I had more videos than pictures on my phone, if you guys want me to share them on Instastories or compile them into a YouTube video, let me know in the comments. The videos help to show the process of how Charlotte achieved this hairstyle. 

What’s the weather like?

If your wedding takes place inside or during colder climates, it’s safe to go for those gorgeous cascading curls or any other hairstyle of your choice. But if you’re getting married in a hot, humid climate, for instance, consider an updo, so you won’t need to worry about frizzy hair sticking to your back, or your curls falling out. An experienced stylist can help ensure your hairstyle holds up by using Luxy Hair extensions as they are much more resilient to heat and humidity and hold curl better than your natural hair. 

With endless accounts to follow on Instagram, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin the search to find inspiration for the perfect bridal hairstyle! Don’t worry, I have got you covered with my favourite influencers who create, inspire and set trends in the bridal + beauty industry. Not content with just being a bystander and scrolling through these accounts every day, I have travelled far and wide to learn from some of these influencers in person and can assure you they are the real deal! 

One piece of advice I have for future brides is to have a hair trial a few months before your wedding day! I had a different hairstyle picked out at first, and that’s the one I had done at my trial. My mom and I took a BUNCH of photos of the hairstyle so that I could see how it looked from all angles. During the moment, I thought I liked it, but once I looked back at pictures, I realized that I didn’t like it and wanted to change a lot about it! So please, please have a hair trial beforehand because you might end up changing your mind 

Here are a few tips for managing and preserving your style:

  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase
  • Put your hair in a shower cap when you shower (avoid moisture and humidity in general as much as you can)
  • Keep a good anti-humidity spray and dry shampoo handy (Caralee recommends Sexy Hair’s H2NO dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil in the hair)
  • Put your hair in a loose bun on the top of your head when you sleep to preserve volume and tame frizz
Wedding hairstyles Melbourne

What’s your hair length, volume and texture?

It’s easy to fall in love with an intricate Pinterest hairstyle, only to find out that your hair isn’t long or thick enough to pull it off. In this case, consider only looking for hairstyles that can be done on shorter hair. Otherwise, thankfully, you can wear hair extensions to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams.

Sophisticated bridal hair couture is Ulyana’s specialty although her styles are often infused with an undone and relaxed finish more than likely influenced by her Australian lifestyle. Also, take some time to browse her stunning hair accessory line, we are excited to be carrying some of her exclusive pieces for our brides this season. Looking for a wedding hair stylist? Look no further, Cosmopolitan events has you covered 
Overall, I am so so so happy with how my hair turned out! It was everything I had ever dreamed of, and on top of that, it stayed put the ENTIRE night! Even after a solid two hours of dancing, haha! If you’re getting married in the Charleston area, I highly recommend Charlotte Belk. AND if you’re looking to whip your hair into shape, I highly recommend Gliss products! I genuinely credit them for transforming my hair and making it healthier and shinier than it ever has been for my wedding day.

We recommend going to a professional Blow Dry Bar. We always suggest using a salon that specializes in the in this service. 

Also, it’s essential to keep in mind that the texture of your hair plays a part in the type of wedding hairstyle that will carry throughout the day, as well as hair accessories you may wear. “Heavy hair combs aren’t ideal for fine hair,” says Heather, so consider a small jewelled hairpin or soft vine to add to your hairstyle.

Cara is one of the newest accounts I started following last year but by far one of my favourites, so much so I attended a one-on-one workshop with her while I was in Australia earlier this year! Cara spent time training with Ulyana Aster, and Tonya hairstylist (another must-follow account) and their influence have lead Cara to create her effortless approach to hair for the modern bride. 

I think that’s about it. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! I’ll leave you with these two sneak peek wedding photos 

A top searched wedding hair topic on Google is ‘wedding hairstyles for long hair.” If you have long tresses, you’re in luck, because you’ll find you have the most options for styling. If you’re searching for long hair #inspo for your trial, or are still searching for ideas, we have plenty of knowledge to share. 

Veil or no veil?

Will you be wearing a veil on your wedding day? If so, keep in mind that “veils smash airy updos,” Heather warns. Opt for a more sturdy wedding hairstyle like a low bun instead of a soft, wispy, loose updo to preserve your wedding hairstyle while wearing a veil.

If you are looking for romantic and intricate hairstyles that are more like pieces of art, look no further than Elstile this Russian born brand has taken hairstyling to a whole new level. Elstile hairstyles are perfect for the bride looking to make a statement, make sure you allow your hairstylist plenty of time to recreate these masterpieces as you know Rome was not built in a day!

Brides, your beauty team wants you to have the best, most stress-free wedding morning getting pampered for your big day! Read these tips to ensure a smooth set up and well-prepared experience. 

Do a trial run ahead of time

Once you’ve decided on a hairstyle that you like, we can’t stress how important it is to do a trial run with your hairstylist. Only when recreating the style in real life do the little “oh no’s” come out. Is your hair long enough for it to be safely secured all day? Do you have enough hair to make the hairstyle look as voluminous and impressive as the photo you’ve seen? Does it even look good with your hair texture and face shape? It’s always better to address these last minute surprises ahead of time, instead of stressing out the week—or even worse—the day before your wedding!

The queen of beach waves, glamour ponytails and wearable hair her signature hairstyles are always on-trend and perfect for every occasion. Cue the effortlessly chic I just woke up like this vibe! Follow @natalieannehair 

And last but not least our account @bridalhaircollective where we infuse all of our inspirations and current trends to create minimalist bridal hairstyling that is uniquely our own.

You are wondering what the best ways to prep your hair for wedding day styling? Here are three simple, no-fail ways to get your hair ready for your bridal hairstyle.

Bring visual references to your hairstylist

Providing your hairstylist with photos of exactly what you’re looking for will help avoid any miscommunications and misunderstandings. After all, everyone’s idea of the perfect soft waves or updo is completely different. Be sure, however, to narrow the visuals down to 3-5 images, as too many inspiration photos may complicate the process and cause confusion. 

Ensuring you have the best possible hair outcomes on your wedding day is not all about the hair! These tips are an essential guide to starting your wedding day off right. Beginning from the moment you wake up, creating the right atmosphere and setup ahead of time will ensure you have a stress free morning full of bubbly and girly fun. Get ready to take notes brides-to-be.

We recently decided to add a Newsletter to our site! We did this to help keep you updated on future upcoming blogs and educational opportunities. We could not be more excited to kick this new adventure off with a recap of our last few blogs.

“The decision can be overwhelming for some! Your hairstylist can talk it out with you and usually show you an idea of what a few different styles will look like. By the end of your trial, you’re usually certain on which direction you want to go,” Brittany says.

Wedding hairstyles Melbourne

Time to whip out that Pinterest board you’ve spent countless hours creating! 

Having a wedding day timeline is crucial to how your day will run, and it all starts with getting ready.

Ask your photographer what time they require beauty services completed by to ensure there is no confusion with timelines on your wedding day morning. If your beauty vendor does not provide a schedule for the services, create your own and allocate a time slot for each bridal party member. When you put your day-off timeline together, keep these time frames in mind:

You are not going to want to miss this, especially if you are a future bride or if you have general questions on hair and makeup for special events. We want our blog to contain education for all of our amazing supporters.

If the only hairstyle you’ve perfected is a ponytail, then perhaps it’s a good idea to consider a professional hairstylist for your wedding hair. If you like playing with hair and have mastered a few techniques, you can undoubtedly create the most beautiful wedding hairstyles all by yourself. Check out our ultimate list of Wedding Hair Stylists here. 

The best rooms to get ready in are large enough for your bridesmaids, hair and makeup artists, photographers and anyone else who might stop by. Don’t overlook the importance of a room with great natural lighting, your beauty team and photographer will thank you. Try to prepare two separate areas for your beauty team, one close to a window for your makeup artist and the other close to a power outlet for hot tools. Clear tables and have chairs ready for your team so they can set up and get started straight away!

If you are like me and hate filling in your eyebrows every day and want them to be a flat shape, I highly recommend this service. It makes putting on the makeup process way more comfortable. Or, if you are anything like my mom and sisters who plucked their eyebrows a little to much and don’t have a ton of hair – this service is also a great option. It’s been just about a week since my procedure, and I want to share with you all what my experience has been like. 

Consult online tutorials and take some time to practice and perfect the hairstyle in the months leading up to your wedding so that you can style your hair with ease the day of. It’s also a good idea to have a close friend or family member (perhaps your maid of honour?) practice your wedding hairstyle with you, so she can lend a helping hand if needed on the big day.

The wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and veil should be removed from the bags to allow the fabric to settle and air first thing in the morning, This also makes for a cute photo opportunity!

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