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The Best Man Duties

The Best Man Duties

It’s your wedding. If you want to wear a bright red outfit, go for it! If you dream of dining on pizza and ice cream sundaes at the reception, do it! And, if you have your heart set on asking a favourite gal pal to stand in as your best man, don’t think twice. You’re customizing every aspect of your big day, so you should do precisely what you want. Cosmopolitan events is your ultimate Wedding Reception Venue to create your dream wedding. 

The history of the best man is typically male. Gothic tribes used to have to marry within their communities wherever possible. However, when the supply of available women ran out, the men would have to raid neighbouring tribes to steal a wife. The man never went alone and had a faithful friend to help.

You weren’t surprised when he asked you to be his best man. What did surprise you was how little you know about the role, except that you had to plan an incredible bachelor party. Have no fear—there are only a few other vital duties you’ve got to fulfil. Here’s what they are and how to do a fantastic job of them.

Finally, what if both the bride and the groom have someone special in mind to serve as the best man or best woman? You can have two people stand up for the groom in the ‘best’ position. If you do, consider having two maids of honor to balance the flow of the bridal party. It’s not uncommon for couples who have several siblings to have multiple honourable attendees in their bridal party. If you want to give more than one person a prestigious title at your wedding, do it! That’s the bonus of it being your day.

The Best Man Wedding Speech

Need some best man speech ideas or a few tips and pointers? Making the wedding toast may seem like a tricky thing, but take a deep breath and relax because it’s not that bad! Whether you are a great public speaker short on ideas, or a great best friend short on general speaking skills, these best man speech ideas are sure to help!

You don’t need to be a professional speechwriter to come up with a reception toast that hits a home run. It should be equal parts informational, sentimental, and funny. Don’t talk for more than two minutes, or you’ll lose the audience.

At the wedding itself, the role of the best man is to ensure the groom’s side of proceedings goes as well as can be expected. He will have to provide the groom is ready on time, that ushers are all present and correct, ensure any buttonholes look the part, collect all mail and wishes prepared for the reception, ensure that everyone arrives at the Venue on time and that any last-minute hiccups are managed.

Ready, set, write! Here are some things to keep in mind when setting out to write your speech.

  • The best man speech should be brief, but not too brief
  • It should sound spontaneous, not as a formal speech
  • First, get everyone’s attention (a microphone works great)
  • Introduce yourself as the best man, and say you are going to toast the couple
  • Thank the bride’s parents for putting on the celebration

Helping the Groom Prepare

When it comes to preparing the bride and groom prepare for their blissful wedding day, both the best man and the maid of honour have their specific responsibilities and tasks. From selecting tuxedos and dresses to planning the pre-wedding parties, both roles are equally important. Wedding planners at The Manor break down the full range of wedding planning duties that both the best man and the maid of honour must devotedly uphold.

When your best man is a woman — or more appropriately — your best woman, there are a few extra considerations you’ll want to take when choosing formalwear for the bridal party, drafting titles in your ceremony programs and deciding how to conduct your professional. Here’s a handy guide to personalize your wedding and make the day run smooth.

The bride has the reputation of being the one who needs emotional support during the engagement period—especially in the hectic days before the wedding—but plenty of grooms feel stressed out, too. 

Don’t Assume Your Best Woman Wants to Tag Along With the Girls

Chances are, the best woman is best friends with the groom. There’s no reason to ask her to hang out with the bridal party if she isn’t already friends with them. Dress fittings, bridal showers and hair appointments with strangers might make her feel out of place. If she’s more comfortable hanging with the guys, that’s fine.

Best Man Tips Melbourne

Wrangle the groomsmen.

Yep, someone’s got to manage the guys, and it’s you. You’ll want to remind them to make an appointment to get their tuxedoes fitted, or suits ordered, get new shoes if needed, make any travel plans for the bachelor party, and whatever else they need to do on their own. Organising your best mate’s bucks? Check out our exclusive list of Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne.

Modern best men have it much more comfortable. They just have to help with organization, help the groom make good choices and be there for him on the day. Next time your best man complains you’re giving him too much to do, remind him what was once expected of him!

Think you’re done writing the best man speech? Be sure to have a friend (not the bride or groom!) review it and suggest changes. Read the statement aloud a few times, and change any phrases where you find yourself stumbling over your words. Once the speech is finalized, transfer it onto a notecard and practice, practice, method!

Organizing the Fittings

Contrary to popular belief, the best man is more than just a glorified groomsman. Before the weddings, the best man organizes the tuxedo fittings in addition to any other pre-wedding outfits and accessories including choosing each groomsman’s custom cufflinks.

As you prepare for the big day, take a moment to browse Jim’s Formal Wear online. Sit back, relax and put together the perfect tuxedos for the groom, groomsmen, and if she loves the tailored look of a tux, your best woman too!

Carrying the Rings

Put the bride’s and groom’s wedding rings in your jacket pocket, not your pants pocket. Once the rings are secure, pat down occasionally to make sure they’re still there. You’ll hand them off to the groom at vow time.

The role of the best man is whatever the wedding couple want it to be. Much depends on how much you have handled already, how reliable the best man is, and how much you trust him to get the job done.

The Bachelor Party

The best man is in charge of planning the bachelor party, which includes creating a guest list, sending out invitations, arranging all activities, transportation, housing, and delegating payment methods and costs.

The Witness

Alongside the maid of honour, the best man must act as a witness for the couple’s marriage license. Overall, the best man is there to help the groom with any tasks on the wedding day to ease his stress.

During the wedding ceremony, the best man will walk in with the chief bridesmaid, stand by the groom and hold the rings. He will work with the bridesmaids to ensure everyone is where they should be, witness the signing of the register and be on hand to help organize everyone for wedding photographs.

I genuinely believe that he will show the same love, dedication and protection for his new wife as he has in serving his country for six years in the armed forces. It takes a great man to serve his country, and it takes a greater man to help his wife. 

 It is customary for the best man to first toast to the bride and groom during the reception. The Best Man is also responsible for helping the newlyweds get to their honeymoon safely by either driving the couple to their hotel or airport (in a decorated car) or arranging for a limo service.

Once it’s over, the best man should then organise the couple’s departure from the ceremony and be on hand to ensure the rest of the wedding party can get to the reception venue. Depending on how everything has been organized, it can be the role of the best man to pay the church, caterers and anyone providing a service on the day.
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Acting as both a moral compass and logistical helping hand, the best man, and maid of honour are considered honourable and responsible roles to fill. To ensure the bride and groom enjoy their wedding, The Manor can help prioritize wedding day tasks and accommodate a beautiful reception and happily ever after.

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