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Selecting & Planning the Right Wedding Venue

Selecting & Planning the Right Wedding Venue

What more could you ask for than 4,000 square feet of pure California beauty? The Harvest Patio serves up just that, overlooking the golf course and nearby creek. As if your guests weren’t already in awe of this venue space, just wait until the sun begins to set, and the romantic string lights illuminate overhead! The Harvest Patio accommodates up to 250 guests for a wedding reception that includes a dance floor for partying the night away! Cosmopolitan events is your perfect wedding venue in Melbourne delivering fairytale weddings for the bride and groom.

Before the cake, the dress, or even the date, comes the venue. Take a tour through some of our favourite wedding venues before ordering that croquembouche or pulling the trigger on the Bianca Jagger-inspired suit you’ve been eyeing. The vibe of the place sets the stage for all of the details yet to come. Find one that fits your style and count yourself halfway to hitched.

Whether you’re a professional planner or want to organize a successful corporate event to wow your attendees, consider these expert tips.

If you’re planning a wedding, then the search to find wedding locations may seem like an overwhelming choice when there are so many options available. There are wedding reception venues that could match every kind of dream wedding. So where to begin when you’re wondering how to find a wedding venue?

So many brides often wonder where to start when it comes to wedding planning. Many get caught up in the smaller details without considering the most significant aspect- the venue! The venue you choose becomes a key aspect in dictating when your wedding will be, how many guests you can invite, and what all you may need to include in rentals. 

Wow, your guests with the incredible views seen from the Harvest Lawn. Located on the canyon floor just above the 9th fairway, your lush ceremony backdrop will be truly unforgettable (and requires little decoration!). The Harvest Lawn accommodates up to 250 for a ceremony or cocktail reception or is perfect for an intimate seated dinner of up to 80 guests.

Consider a library wedding if you fell in love at first sight of your fiancé’s bookshelf. Start the ceremony in the stacks, then lean into your love of literature by naming each table after your favourite fictitious couples. We’re partial to Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy.

So you’re interested in organizing a corporate event… congratulations on taking the first step towards a fun and rewarding process.

Whether you’re looking to break into a career as a member of an event team down the line or just looking to help your company excel, a business event is a great choice.

We always like to tell our brides to start here first, and then let the other pieces fall into place. Below we cover the top 5 things to look for, consider, and ask while you are touring possible locations.

There is something so charming about a wedding right on the fairway. The Ranch at Laguna Beach’s 1st and 9th fairways provide the loveliest meadow setting atop the purest green grass while having some of the most stellar views, including Aliso Creek, the uniquely beautiful canyon walls, and rows of stone pine trees. Got a long guest list? The 1st and 9th fairways accommodate up to 350 guests for your ceremony, cocktails, and reception.

Keep it contemporary with a day at the museum. Surround yourself with modern masters like Alexander Calder and Richard Serra at an outdoor sculpture park.

Every fantastic event has a killer staff behind it that exhausts all of the time and resources that they’re given.

If you’re just starting from scratch, it can be hard to decide where to get things rolling.

Here are several steps to consider as you piece together the corporate event that you’re envisioning.

Create a Wedding guest list

Next, you’ll want to look at the guest list. You’re creating an experience not just for yourself and your soon-to-be spouse but also for the guests who will share the day with you. Find the maximum number of guests for your wedding but also find the potential low amount for your guest list. Can you trim the list if you find the perfect wedding venue that’s smaller than you had initially been hoped?

It’s All About Timing – Set Your Wedding Date

The first major decision for any engaged couple is the wedding date. Some couples arrive at the time by planning for their favourite season; other couples choose a time that has personal significance, such as an anniversary or another important milestone. Whatever the inspiration maybe, have a range of possible years in mind so that you can work with the venue to book your appointment.

Determine your Wedding budget. 

 It is essential to sit down with your fiance and family members to decide on a wedding budget. Once you have a substantial budget in place, you can begin to look at venues that fall within what you’re comfortable paying.

We’ve never met a campground venue we didn’t like. However, The Ranch at Laguna Beach’s Scout Camp manages to combine a sense of adventurous nostalgia with the sophistication you’ve come to expect from the venue. 

Of-the-moment architecture and oversized installations keep family portraits chic. Get a similar look at a minimal warehouse venue using geometric prints, clean type, and sculptural materials like brass and marble for table settings and signage.

Create a Budget

First things first, you need to know what the monetary restrictions are for the event that you’ve been tasked with.

Not to worry, every amazing event has finite resources. It’s not the budget amount that makes it great; it’s how you maximize the money that you’re given!

Define a budget

You should have a number in mind, whether it’s a ballpark guess or an exact figure, of how much you’re going to spend. Add up all the necessary expenses, and then see where you stand for the venue hire. If your guest list includes many out-of-town guests who’ll need overnight accommodations for the wedding, then you might need to adjust your target venue hire budget accordingly.

Melbourne Wedding Venue

Look at Wedding pictures.

We recommend looking through various blogs, or social media accounts, from photographers that have worked at the venue you are considering. Since they are the real deal, you will get a better idea of what things can and do look like.

If it’s an enchanting wedding among the trees you envision, The Grove couldn’t be a perfect spot for you to tie the knot! With a canopy of 50-year-old stone pine trees, this canyon bed of The Ranch at Laguna Beach is dreamy and full of fairy tale charm. Located between the 1st and 9th fairways, this space accommodates up to 200 seated for both your ceremony and family-style dinner reception. Need help planning your wedding? Check out our list of Wedding Event Planners here. 

Let’s head outside for a bit. Back-to-the-landers and city mice alike can find plenty to love at a wedding held in the beauty of nature. Swap masterpieces on the wall for natural vistas and bowers built by nature. End the night with a toddy by the bonfire.

It’s important to note that not all of your ideas will be well-received during the initial budget meeting. Don’t take offence to it; it’s all part of the event planning process!

There is always room for negotiations with the venues you’re looking into, so having your boss/client that’s funding the event set a budget will help give you a fixed amount to stick to.

Find the Purpose

What are you and your team ultimately trying to achieve with this corporate event?

Maybe you’re trying to boost morale among your company’s employees and clientele.

If so, attending a local sports game or organizing a bowling party can be a great way to go. Renting out an event venue for a holiday party would also be a home run among all of your attendees.

Determine your wedding style.

The venue will play a massive role in shaping the ambiance for your wedding, so it is essential to have a vision of what you want to portray for your big day, all the details will tie together with your venue. 

Nature lovers will revel in the manicured eucalyptus grove, which has been revitalized and environmentally preserved from the historic YMCA Girl Scout camp. Host your elegant or rustic affair of up to 150 guests until sundown, perfect for daytime weddings and post-wedding brunch at one of Laguna’s most sought after reception spaces.

Go moody with a dark and stormy colour palette: pair navy and black hues with the subtle sparkle of moon motifs, twinkly lights, or a zodiac seating chart. Send guests home with a midnight snack of astronaut ice cream.

To start, you’ll want to present a few of your ideas to whoever is fronting the money for the corporate event that you’re trying to throw. Do your research ahead of time to find potential venues for that specific event.

Hotels are always an option, but using a unique event venue will add legitimacy to your event the day of.

Set priorities for the wedding celebration

What do you want your wedding to look like? How should the event flow? How big does the dance floor need to be? All these possibilities should be considered ahead of time so that you find a wedding venue that allows you to achieve your vision.

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Email or call prospective venues to schedule walk-throughs. 

If possible, try to visit the site when it is set up for a wedding and in the same season that you will be getting married in. This way, you’ll be able to visualize the big picture. As well as the size of your reception area once all the tables, DJ, and any other components are set up. 

You’ll get the beauty of the vineyards, excellent wine-country cuisine, and of course, a lot of great glasses to try. Just make sure not to have too many before they walk down the aisle.

Do you have the ceremony and reception at the same location?

Make sure that you ask the potential reception venue if they can accommodate both the ceremony and reception. The answer might change depending on the time of year, so it never hurts to ask. Venue capacities can vary depending on how these moments are accommodated.

Visiting Your Top Picks

Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to see all the venues you might like. Narrow down the final list to a manageable number, 5-7 is our recommendation. Visiting every site in a single day isn’t wise because the details of each venue may start to blur together.


It may seem like a primary consideration, but depending on the size of your guest list, this could become a critical factor. The cleanliness and style of a bathroom can be telling. If this room is a pleasant experience, the other details will likely be polished and elegant as well.

Ask questions!

Write down anything you want to ask while at the venue. Important things to ask maybe when you, or your vendors, will have access to the property the day of, what precisely the site will do in terms of setting up and clean up, and if renting the park also gives you time before the wedding to host a rehearsal. It’s also great to find out what other “extras” are included.

A barn setting, acres from the closest neighbour, can be an intimate and down-to-earth place to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. 

Perhaps you’re looking to build partnerships with local businesses. If that’s your priority, then setting up an expo or a Gala can be a fantastic avenue for gathering local companies under one roof.

Whatever your event’s purpose is, it’s essential to have that at the front of your mind while planning. Having that well-defined by your boss will help set the tone for what’s in store.

Also, don’t leap at the first wedding venue you see. Get multiple quotes, weigh the individual aspects of each place, rank the attributes that you like and don’t like, and once you’ve sorted it all out, THEN make your decision on which one best suits your vision.

Venues that provide tables and chairs could be helpful to brides on a slightly tighter budget, as those will be one less thing that needs to be rented. Taking the time to find out this information early on will save you the headache of trying to recruit friends and family to fill in holes with setup and cleanup.

Balance the bucolic backdrop with more polished additions, like lush greenery and a farm-to-table meal. Use branches, ferns, and foliage that feel like they’ve been foraged from the property in centrepieces or hung from the rafters.

Compile a Guest List

Melbourne Wedding Venue

The cost of almost any event that you’re trying to organize will depend on the number of guests that you’re interested in having.

That number will tell you the size of the venue that you need to fit everyone inside comfortably.

Keep Your Guests’ Experience in Mind While You Find a Wedding Venue

Beyond the venue’s availability for your date, you’ll want to keep a couple of other requirements in mind.
Looking for a Wedding Event Planner? Look no further, Cosmopolitan events have you covered.

All in all, we encourage you to spend time looking at wedding venues. Don’t just book the first venue you see, even if it all seems perfect, without finding out all the nitty-gritty involved and don’t forget to try and enjoy the process.

Start with a morning hike and end the night with a jump into the pool. It’s all possible with a weekend in the desert.

The trick is not to invite any more people than you have to. Of course, you’ll want to encourage everyone, but that’s not the goal here. The goal is to have everyone that is attending have a great time.

Everything from the food to the giveaways at your event will be decided based on the number of your guests that will be attending. So needless to say, this is a significant part of the process!

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