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Hiring a Wedding Stylist and Planner.

Before setting up Secret Wedding Blog, I didn’t know much about weddings and the whole wedding planning process. It was the standard elements that first came to mind when mentioning marriages. The dress, the bridesmaids, photography and so on. 

With all of the heartfelt, emotional posts I’ve been sharing lately, I figured it was time for something a little more academic. Today I want to define some industry terms that often leave many confused and scratching their heads.

You may have heard the phrase “wedding brand” tossed around since you put the ring on your finger – sounds pretty corporate, right? When it comes down to it, this phrase simply means the art of curating your wedding style to the point where every little detail is cohesive, intentional and one-of-a-kind. No Pinterest copycats here!

Have you ever heard of a wedding stylist? Perhaps you have, maybe you haven’t! It’s a relatively new term in the wedding industry, but it’s one that is becoming more relevant in industry jargon. 

However, after exploring the wedding industry and the real weddings featured on the blog, you will notice that weddings are so much more than this. Not everyone has the knack of making their wedding look so pretty. A lot of hard work and creativity goes into this process, which I strongly admire. When it comes to your special day, Cosmopolitan events has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne

Ever wondered why there seem to be so many different titles for the people you’ve always thought to be “wedding coordinators”? Well, let me pull the wool back a little and let’s chat about what these terms mean. 

An event or wedding planner is responsible for – you guessed it – planning the wedding or event. Planning implies a full logistical process of careful preparation over some time and encompasses much more than merely directing a ceremony or orchestrating details on the day of the wedding. 

So when it comes down to it, your wedding should encompass a feeling, rather than only looking pretty. And above all, it should tell the story of you.

Read the post here! Because our website stats tell us that hundreds of people stumble upon that post each month, I know that people are actively searching for clarification about different roles.

Why should couples hire a wedding stylist? Do you think this gets overlooked?

I think hiring stylists is a helping hand in making sure you achieve the pinned wedding you always dreamt of rather than agonizing over eBay bids and DIY centrepieces. They cut out the faff, and source or make it for you. I wouldn’t say they’re something being over-looked as it’s a living thing right now. 

What was the inspiration for setting up your business?

I used to work for a bridal designed where day in and day out I’d spend hours with the Bride, hearing her daily musings on adding that extra personality to their wedding day to her worries about any planning issues.

If you’re someone looking into event day management for your wedding, then you shouldn’t be looking into wedding planners, as their services as much more comprehensive than what you seek. 

Imagine the feeling you want to have: This goes for the guests too! Nailing down the ambiance you want to create is the first step in determining your wedding style. Beyond the formal vs. casual question, ask yourself how much time you want to spend with each guest, what kind of dining experience you envision, what type of entertainment you’re drawn to, what kind of language you wish to speak (i.e. are puns in order?) 

The term stylist refers to many different roles, such as a wardrobe stylist, personal stylist, hairstylist, etc. About weddings and aesthetics, the term stylist should be defined as someone who styles the wedding, meaning he or she is responsible for creating/implementing a cohesive aesthetic.

It was incredible having such a close relationship with such a wide variety of women going through the robust time planning and deciding on what would be best for them and their groom. It inspired me to set up a creative business where I help them build their dreams from the ground up and achieve those “pin board” days that they hope for as I pride myself in hand-making many of my styled elements.

An event or wedding coordinator is not held responsible for planning the wedding. Instead, they’re merely accountable for coordinating details. This person is someone you might hire to oversee the wedding day or provide “month-of coordination services” to help execute features that have already been previously planned. 

Stylists will often ask you to create a Pinterest mood board that encompasses the feeling you want to capture rather than just wedding decor, colours or flowers you like. They’ll ask you to add destinations, clothing, couple shots… truly, anything under the sun! So our pro tip is to elevate what’s familiar (and what you love), rather than mimicking a day you’ve been told is the “right way” only for the sake of having a wedding that people expect. This is all about you, honey!

This is often similar to (or the same as) an event designer. More specifically, a stylist often approaches his/her work with the same eye and attention to detail used in an editorial process.

What has been the highlight of running your business?

The definite highlight has been meeting and working with other beautiful suppliers in the industry. There is a beautiful community I’ve been able to join and feel inspired to keep doing my best and have lots of fun making life long friends. 

Melbourne Wedding Blog Planner Ideas

What are the wedding trends in terms of styling?

I’m not a huge trend follower as I believe couples should follow their style rather than what’s “in style” right now. So, therefore, a massive trend for styling in my work are those personal touches or desires, whether it’s a wholly laid back reception with a notable plan or home-brewed beer with two flavours to represent both halves of the couple.

More often than not, however, we see a misuse of the term “event design” to describe a planning process that relies solely on other designers (a floral designer, a rental company, a graphic designer, etc.) to develop a creative vision. An event designer or event design team is the person or company that is actively growing or creating the aesthetic design and image for the wedding. 

Incorporate the five senses: One of the best ways to create a cohesive wedding style, while simultaneously elevating your guest experience is to incorporate all the reasons. Think about the textures you want them to feel as they sit down at their place setting. Leather, tartan, acrylic, rattan… get creative, and don’t be afraid to mix and match to create more depth. 

In my role as a stylist, I’m focused on making sure each piece of paper, each ink colour, each piece of ribbon, each textile, each floral element, and each little bit of everything are all working together in harmony to produce a cohesive aesthetic vision.

 I love it when couples want to do something unique and create an atmosphere and not just cherry-topping details. (SWB says – I agree, I don’t like the idea of wedding trends!).

Wedding Event Planner Roles:


A wedding director performs the simple task of directing the ceremony and logistics on the wedding day. They have no role before the wedding day other than to learn the details that have been planned/coordinated for them to execute. A ceremony director at a church fits this title perfectly. 

 Work with your venue, not against it: Booking your site will be one of your very first steps after the engagement is on. One of the most prominent mistakes planners see couples make is trying to transform their venue space into something so opposite of what already exists, that it racks up cost, creates a mountain of stress and frankly, doesn’t always look/feel natural.

That’s a rapid explanation, but today I want to share a bit more. Here are two compelling reasons why I believe a wedding stylist is a valuable addition to the team of creative partners and vendors you hire to serve you throughout your wedding planning process: 

Another highlight is being able to create spaces that reflect a couple of brands, coming from an Architectural background I have a deep interest in creating spaces and experiences so with my business I’ve had the chance to help people achieve those incredible moments of their own finally. Need help planning your wedding? Check out our list of Wedding Event Planners here.


An event designer’s role has very little to do with planning, coordination, or direction. This is a popular title (dare I even say it is trendy?!) in the industry, and many young planners use it to describe themselves. Some planners are also designers – our company certainly provides an excellent example of this hybrid approach.

So choose a wedding venue that you love for space itself, and let the visuals you dream up for the day complement rather than a mask.

This isn’t to say that others on your vendor team aren’t also paying attention to details. A planner or coordinator is highly focused on aspects, as are photographers. But there is a difference between the high-level oversight of logistical information that your planner brings to the equation and the scrutiny of small details that a stylist is most heavily focused on.


The term stylist refers to many different roles, such as a wardrobe stylist, personal stylist, hairstylist, etc. About weddings and aesthetics, the term stylist should be defined as someone who styles the wedding, meaning he or she is responsible for creating/implementing a cohesive aesthetic. This is often similar to (or the same as) an event designer. More specifically, a stylist often approaches his/her work with the same eye and attention to detail used in an editorial process. 

Consider the music + mood you want to set as they enter the ceremony space. Do you have a favourite travel destination with your SO? Let that scent waft through the air at the cocktail hour by placing native blooms about. The tiniest details, with the thoughtful purpose behind them, will make all the difference.

Don’t ever assume that every event planner, coordinator, or designer, will take responsibility for all of these things. It isn’t their job, and it’s not fair to place those expectations on them! 

Melbourne Wedding stylist


This is the title I’ve chosen to most adequately describe my role in our company. I am an event designer and stylist and actively work with flowers, linens, and different materials to design products, props, and installations – but more than that – before any of those details come into play, I work with our clients to develop a vision. Looking for a Wedding Event Planner? Look no further, Cosmopolitan events have you covered.

Less Is More: That being said, there’s no need to overpack your wedding with decor, entertainment and a timeline that’s booked solid. It was Don Draper that said, “simple, but significant,” and this is a mantra we will continue to live by forever. 

Once the wedding setup and design installation are complete, a stylist often stays onsite to work closely with or ahead of the photography team. Many photographers are talented at styling flat lays of paper details or other elements to capture them on a wedding day, but not all claim that to be a strong suit.

 I’ve always felt that in the UK people are more unique, they don’t always follow trends, and they want to be true to themselves, with the growth of stylists it’s allowing people to have the chance to do this for their wedding and not only their wardrobe!

 I’m responsible for developing or overseeing the development of all creative content and the entire creative process itself. 

Is it possible for one person to hold more than one of these titles? Yes. Absolutely.

I hope this post has been helpful! 

So whether your focal point at the reception is your centrepiece or your table linens (hey, a little cloth goes a long way!), make sure you’re selecting pieces that create an air of lightness + openness.

And truthfully, even photographers who do feel comfortable in that role, feel a sense of relief when there is an experienced stylist on hand to take that workload off of them. You want your photographer(s) to be free to shoot, shoot, shoot.

I always begin with the two halves of the couple. What can represent her and what can serve him and draw the “theme” (if you want to call it) from that. I think you can bring so much from couples’ tastes. Start there, and you can begin to build a story by finding the right venue, followed by the style elements.

Choose a Fresh Color Palette: Planners will often ask you to think about what colours they would see the most of it. They looked in your closet. Or what the general style of your home is. Sure, they want to get to know you! But it’s also the right way of finding out what hues you’re most drawn to.

To be entirely focused on capturing you, your fiancé, your loved ones, and the atmosphere in both portrait and candid capacities. If they have to spend 10 minutes styling an invitation suite (yes – it really can take that long, or longer!), that’s 10 minutes they’re not able to be operating their camera. 

I offer styling to small businesses for look books, workshops & events along with a service I called The Insta-shoot, where I do an Instagram photo shoot to help small businesses boost their brand through their visual blogging on Instagram, promote their products and help gain a more substantial following.

Pinterest can have a tricky way of putting these ideas into our heads about what a wedding should look like (cue the blush+gold brigade!), but we encourage you to look past what you’ve seen done before and think about what shades are most inviting for you. Often, designers will select one primary focal colour and a couple of complimentary shades to accent.

As a stylist, I work in a collaborative capacity with our photography partners. I aim to be a few steps ahead of them, seeking good light, setting up detail shots, and pulling together all of the elements we’ll need to create beautiful artistic photographs for you precisely so that they don’t have to do so. They bring their expertise to the table, and so do I.

These colours will be used in everything from your invitations to your flowers to your cake, and it’s because the most significant way to create cohesivity in your style is in the visuals. Our top list of Wedding Stylists in Melbourne will help take the stress away from finding someone who can style your wedding exactly as you want.

 Together, we’re able to ensure you have photographs of details that are truly important to you. Even better, those photographs help round out a collection of aesthetically cohesive images. Simply put, I employ the same standards and practices on a wedding day that I do for an editorial process. 

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