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Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

How to Choose and What to Avoid

There is plenty of to-do's on your wedding list, but your wedding shoes can make or break your day. If you pick a pair of wedding shoes, that's uncomfortable, unflattering, or downright painful, and you'll be sorry you did. But, if you take a few of these wedding shoe tips to heart, you'll keep your feet happy, accentuate your style, and you'll be able to dance the night away.
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Read on to find out which seven wedding shoe mistakes you should avoid PLUS find out which three must-have shoe accessories you'll want and need for your wedding.

Chances are your hunt for wedding shoes is going to fall into one of two camps. You're either a self-professed shoe lover and see your chosen footwear as an integral part of your wedding day style and overall enjoyment. Or, you haven't given a whole heap of thought to your wedding day shoes, but you know it's likely you'll want to wear some, so you had better decide what they are.

When it comes to shoes, I've been that girl at the party. I'm the one in the sexy red-soled stilettos who has to take breaks from dancing after only two songs, grinning through gritted teeth, just one step away from face planting (my fiancé's always there to catch me). At only five-foot-two-inches tall, I've come to accept that beauty involves a little sacrifice.

You might have spent months searching for the wedding dress of your dreams. And then, finally, félicitations! You found it. But your ensemble is not complete without the perfect wedding shoes to round out your look. When it comes to finding pumped up (or flat) kicks for the big day, there are quite a few factors to consider.

But after one too many nights limping home, I swore that my wedding would be different. I want to float down the aisle, dance my heart out, and kiss guests goodbye with sure-footedness. True to my promise, I took the newest shoe styles for a whirl around the BG office to see which ones could stand up to the big day. I wore each one for a full workday from eight-fifteen to five o'clock. (As you can imagine, I was quite the sight with my business-casual attire and twinkle toes!)

Not sure where to start? If your top criteria are comfort, we've got some suggestions for which types of shoes you should focus on. But if you're open to everything from flip flops to stilettos, read on for Zola's five tips for picking the perfect wedding shoes.

White wedding shoes, while lovely, are not a requirement. You don't have to wear white shoes just because you're the bride!

Bright pops of colour are also in for shoes – and I give them bonus points for being re-wearable after the wedding day.


Match Your Theme And Dress

The most important tip we can provide to help you narrow down your search is to consider your wedding theme and dress style. For example, cowboy boots likely won't lend themselves well to a black-tie affair, just as donning sky-high heels won't bode well for an outdoor wedding. Other factors to consider include texture, material, contrast, and color. Many brides choose to make their shoes their "something blue," while others would somewhat match the texture and colour of their wedding dress.

You should always pick the kind of heels you'll want to wear — not based on what you think you're supposed to wear. I mean, just look at these (*jaw drops*):


Think about what you want to achieve with your wedding shoes. Do you have a simple dress and want to make a statement with your shoes? Are you matching shoes with your partner? Or do you want your dress to do the talking and reserve your shoes only for, well, walking? Sure, it's a silly thought, but once you nail down the purpose of your shoes, you'll be able to focus more on style.

Have you ever seen something so sparkly? They're also available in yellow gold and rose gold. They're by Badgley Mishka.

Besides colour and sparkle, the type of wedding shoe you wear is also up for debate. Many brides think they have to wear heels, and You don't have to do anything when it comes to your wedding. Flats, wedges, pumps, closed-toe, open-toe, sneakers… it's totally up to you.

Does Kate Spade kiss lip Keds? Yes, please! I love everything Kate Spade, like all of these.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a stylish pair of shoes then, in the exact colour you wanted – but that fit your feet perfectly? Enter the lovely Faber Novella. A fresh new concept when it comes to owning a pair of beautiful bespoke shoes. Offering several styles, heel heights and colourways, you really can build your pair of dream shoes for your wedding day and beyond. And because they are handcrafted from the finest materials, you'll be dancing the night away with ease. I'll hand you over to founder Victoria to introduce her beautiful shoes…

Can't decide between a sandal and a peep-toe? This shoe combines the best of both worlds: The mesh sides allow air to circulate while still maintaining the look of a traditional bridal shoe. The top of my heels was just a little chafed.

Height and Measurements

Consider the length of your dress. If your dress requires alterations, ensure that you purchase shoes beforehand so it can be altered accordingly. You don't want ankles showing where they shouldn't be just as you don't want to have to worry about tripping over a long hemline.

Also… you can be comfy (and your feet can still look cute!) with these ultra-comfy rollable flats. They roll up and fit right in your clutch. How genius is that?!

by cinderollies

Skip Heels If You Want To

If you don't like heels or never wear them, skip them — and here's why.

1. You don't want to trip in them.

2. You won't feel comfortable in them if you're not used to the added height.

3. You should stay true to your style.


In case of inclement weather, have a plan B at hander, foot. Rain boots make for a perfect soggy day solution, while (monogrammed!) winter boots make for fun snow pictures.

A particular style of shoe isn't set in stone: it's more important to be yourself and wear the most comfortable wedding shoes you can find. Would you rather wear sandals, cowboy boots, or sneakers?

Or what about wedding TOMS? Get comfy! You can even go barefoot for a beach wedding (or wear these, the next best thing) if that makes you happy! There are no rules.

Wedding Shoes Melbourne


Lastly, consider whether the shoe will be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day (and most of the night, too). If you're going with high heels, practice wearing them a few times to break them in before your wedding. Try tactics like applying "liquid Band-aid" in sensitive areas or taping your third and fourth toes together (trust us, it works!). Lastly, have flats or even cute sneakers on hold just in case your arches need to take it easy after a few hours.

Wedding Shoe Mistakes: #3 – Not having these three essential shoe accessories.

Three things I'd recommend for your shoes on the wedding day: 1) these for the backs of your feet, 2) these to keep your heels from slipping, and 3) these to keep your soles from slipping. You may also want to pick up a pair of these (they fold and fit in your purse!) for the ride home. Looking for a Wedding Stylist? Look no further, Cosmopolitan events have you covered.

A pedicure is always a must.

If you're doing your pedicure, I recommend polish here from Julep. I used to swear by ONLY Essie. And Essie is still high, but my mom gifted me with some Julep polish at Christmas, and I swear, it feels like it makes my nails even stronger. And the polish lasts for days. I love it.

And because the RMW team likes to give you what you want, we have searched the United Kingdom far and wide for the prettiest soled fancy available. You lovelies have been asking and asking for this particular inspiration, so we hope there is at least one pair here that makes your heart skip a beat ( and your Bank Manager does not have an actual heart attack)

Usually, I like to finish these style-savvy pieces with my favourite, this time, however, I'm going to start with the one I love the most – variety being the spice of life and all that.

Many brides I know have been singing the praises of Nina shoes for years. The straps made it a little easier to carry off such a high heel, but I had to be mindful of my posture in these. The shoe has a glam gold tinge in person, and the mother of pearl detailing is soft and pretty.


The 18 Best Wedding Shoes

Stilettos, wedges, block heels. Metallic, velvety, bejewelled. Frilly, fluffy, feathered. The possibilities when it comes to what to wear on your feet for that all-important walk down the aisle (and almost-as-important sashay onto the dancefloor!) are endless. I've rounded up some of the loveliest footwear we've ever featured on the blog, and some of the most stunning wedding shoes available on the high street now. Prepare to be inspired.

It was worth the sheepishness: The ten pairs below passed the test of a full day's wear, including jumping, dancing and sitting. (Important note: Nothing will ever be as comfy as these flats, so I went into this with the realistic expectation that my knees would be a little sore by the end of this experiment.)

Thank you to my lovely colleague Kristen O'Gorman Klein for shooting all of the photos below!

Bespoke Wedding Shoes With Style {Faber Novella}

When it comes to wedding shoes, we know that you love to opt for a designer pair of heels, with the style and colour being the most important thing. We rarely feature a bride in classic ivory kitten heels and that's because our readers use their wedding as an excuse to invest in a beautiful pair of shoes that, more often than not, they plan on wearing for occasions long into the future.

Catherine by Benjamin Adams London

Can you tell that Kate Middleton inspired this shoe? I fell head-over-heels for this limited-edition pair, just like I did with its muse. The mesh inserts help balance the sparkle factor and make it more wearable to boot. Comfort Level: 10 out of 10

New Finds

One of my recent new finds is Glamorous Sole, which we spotted at the National Wedding Show last year. The designs are simple with minimal detail and might be perfect if you don't want to detract from your dress. Who could forget Benjamin Adams? Best known for his crystal-embellished peep toes, I spied these more contemporary heels for a bit of variation on the theme.

I'll take diamonds over pearls any day, but there's something about this design that I found charming. The heel was just high enough to make me feel leaner and more elegant.

by cinderollies

High Street Heaven

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but we'll always keep saying it: Don't forget the high street! Particularly with the abundance of paler fashions on the catwalks this summer, there are lots of matching shoes, and while white stilettos used to scream Essex, no-one can accuse you of being behind the times now! It's also definitely the place to stop off if you're looking for flats, if you're not a heel wearer, or just want to dance!

L'Amour by Angela Nuran

An ex-ballroom dancer, Angela, created this line of shoes after getting frustrated by having to compete in uncomfortable heels. I knew the back-story and had high expectations for these glitzy little ladies (the crystals are customized and applied by hand). I wore them at a fashion shoot, and the extra-thick padding throughout the heel, arch, and ball of the foot helped me run around with ease.

Whether you go to a spa or DIY at home, get a pedicure (or do it yourself at home with one of these — they're fantastic). I think a pedicure is not only a luxury you deserve for your wedding day, but a must if you're going barefoot, wearing sandals, wearing peep-toe heels or wedges, or even if you're wearing closed-toe (you'll still want your feet to look nice for the beach on your honeymoon).

If The Shoe Fits.

So then.

Let's talk about one of the woman kinds most delectable obsessions. Because let's face it, folks, what was it that led Prince Charming to the most beautiful bride in all of storybook fiction?

Her flowing golden locks? Her pouffy swishy ballgown? Her ability to cook a mean Sunday roast?

No, Nope and triple Nada.

What lured his royal handsomeness to our favourite fairytale heroine was, in fact, the most perfectly fitted high-heeled SHOE.

When I met with this lovely British designer—a favourite with celebrity brides—passerby stopped in their tracks to pick these heels up off the café table (permission bedamned). "Cerise" is the tallest (and what I like to think of as the sassiest) in the bunch, but the platform and thicker heel make it cushier than any other designer shoes I've ever worn.


If you want a colour pop but are concerned about a potential W-day frock clash, then you can't go wrong with soft greys and muted neutrals, they work with both bright white and ivory.

Dune has come up trumps with this season's glitzy toe-detail selection that could just as easily be worn to the office Christmas party ( if you even need "another wear occasion" to justify a purchase that is)

Shoes that fit the following criteria will be the easiest to wear: Thick heels that are two inches or less, a broader and deeper toe shape and materials that allow your foot to "breathe" (leather is said to be best). The steeper the curve is between the heel and toe box, the more pressure you're putting on your foot.

Wedding Shoes Melbourne

If you plan to wear heels, you'll want to make sure your dress is lengthened to allow for the extra height, so it's not too short; and, the same goes for wearing flats. You don't want your dress to drag on the floor.

If I were to take a good guess as to what shoes Madam' Rella wore to dance the night away with her ultimate fantasy man, then I would simply say this: Crystal Encrusted.

Because seriously – if you were allocated a fairy godmother that could deliver ANYTHING you desired, you just wouldn't you?
Our top list of Wedding Stylists will help ease the stress of organising your magical day.

And if you want a similar look for the Big Day, then I suggest you check out Benjamin Adams; they offer closed toe, peep toe and sexy sling-back Swarovski ladened styles.

Top 3 Wedding Shoe Mistakes

Forgetting to break in your shoes before the wedding.

The last thing you want is to wobble down the aisle or deal with blisters on the best day of your life. Once you buy your wedding shoes, break them in. Do shoes feel a little tight? Try this and wear your shoes under your desk at work to break them in before the big day.

Regardless of which side you fall on (or even bang in the middle somewhere like me), there are tons of styles you can choose from (we've listed them at the bottom of this post – everything from white satin to boots and beyond). But before you go shopping, avoid any mishaps by reading our tips for choosing the perfect pair.

Forgetting a spare pair.

Stuff happens: heels break, your shoes can make your feet hurt, or you may want heels for photos but sandals for dancing. In any case, bring a spare pair of shoes just in case. These are worth it and super cheap; you can even fit them in your clutch or tote!

Wearing the wrong wedding shoes for your dress.

One of the BIGGEST wedding shoe mistakes you can make is to forget to bring your wedding shoes to your dress fittings. The shoes you choose will play a large part in your overall look.

If you want to wear flip flops, wedding sandals, or go barefoot, you'll want your dress to be long enough to cover your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the sizes run out, the lead time can be long, especially if it's handmade. So it's always a good idea to get the shoe early rather than later. If you get it before your wedding dress fitting, you'll be able to wear it to ensure that it matches your dress and the hem is right.

And wedding shoes don't always have to be white or even ivory. More and more brides are opting to wear more colorful, unique shoes that will fit their style way beyond their wedding day.

High heels may be expected for brides, but they are not required! Once the dress is selected, it's time to decide on a veil or other hair accessories, jewelry, and finally, the wedding shoes. Read these tips for selecting heels or flats!

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