What do men wear to a Bohemian wedding?

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    These days, bohemian weddings are where it's at. Weddings that veer from convention are all the rage this now, and this design trend reflects that. One cannot get more chic and relaxed than with such a nuptial ceremony. Both the bride and groom at a Boho wedding would likely forego shoes in favour of sandals and flower garlands or other forms of headwear. The groom's attire is important at any ceremony, but it is more so for Boho weddings. Grooming is seen by some as a simple task that needs little cognitive load. However, it doesn't quite work in the real world; a groom also requires attention so that he would looking and feeling his ideal on his big day.

    Here are some suggestions for the groom and his groomsmen to follow the current trend of boho weddings while still being able to exhibit their own sense of style and personal flair on the big day.

    What do men wear to a Bohemian wedding?

    How to create a Boho style for Men?

    The no Jacket Look

    There may be times when the groom refuses to don a jacket, such as when the weather is particularly warm. Also, he can dress stylishly in a variety of various ways. One of the most stylish looks is a man with suspenders who is also wearing a shirt. White or any light-colored shirt with dark jeans is fine. The same may be said for a chambray shirt. If the shirt is simple, you can pair it with jeans or any dark, complementary colour. Pants in a neutral colour, like grey or beige, look great with a chambray shirt. The Boho groom's ensemble would be complete with a bow tie.


    A waistcoat can serve as an acceptable alternative to a jacket. It's a stylish and novel addition to your wardrobe. You can wear the same slacks with a variety of shirts when you wear a waistcoat. You can finish off the outfit with any tie that features plants or flowers from a vintage aesthetic. With these waistcoats, your best bet is a chequered shirt. A flower pin on the groom's vest is another option. The majority of guests at Boho weddings go for black or dark-colored waistcoats and pants because of the modern and hipster vibes they project.

    Waistcoats are the ideal retro accessory, suitable for any time of year or setting. They look sharp under a jacket of the same or contrasting fabric and provide welcome warmth for a wedding in the fall or winter. They can also be worn to dress up a plain blouse while still being more relaxed and appropriate for a Spring or Summer wedding than a jacket would be.

    Braces (or suspenders)

    Braces/suspensions, whether for support or decoration, are a staple of the laid-back, country-chic wardrobe wedding (Ryan Reynolds even had custom leather suspenders made for his wedding with Blake Lively) You can get a timeless, subtle look by coordinating them with your shirt and suit, you can make a bold fashion statement by wearing a suit of either a contrast hue and matching your accessories to that. And if he wears patterned pants, his shirt should be simple.

    With Jacket Look

    You won't often see coats included with Boho groom ensembles. However, if you want to dress up your outfit, a jacket is a must. Try a new pair of slacks with a fashionable jacket that stands out against them. When dressing in this manner, experimentation with jacket textures is key. Fabrics like knit, tweed, velvet, and crochet can be used to create a dapper outfit for the groom. A botanical or flower-print tie is essential for this ensemble. The Boho groom needs only a striking boutonniere, a fashionable waistcoat, and a stylish vintage tie to complete his wedding day ensemble. Flower-print shirts are a great way to offer the groom a daring new style. As an alternative to wearing a tie, a bow tie can be worn instead. It is common to wear a cardigan or waistcoat underneath a jacket during the winter.


    Boho grooms utilise a wide variety of ornaments. Instead of a tie or bow tie, a cravat might be worn. A nice alternative, and it can provide an appearance that's really distinct from the standard garb. Cravats are the greatest option if you want your groom to stand out in a crowd while still looking sharp. These were commonplace in the 20th century, and they haven't gone out of style yet.

    The grooms can complete their badass ensemble with the addition of a hat. It is essential for the groom to wear a hat if he wants to make a fashion statement. Pocket watches are another great accessory for any outfit that calls for a retro touch. Though seemingly inconsequential, it works wonders in elevating the overall style. Many families treasure and pass down their pocket watches through the years.

    Portable Timepieces - Regardless of the theme of your wedding or the style of your groom, a classic pocket watch is an essential item. A touch of classic style that elevates even the most cutting-edge clothes. Also, if your husband doesn't already have a priceless artefact in the family, they make a fantastic wedding present.


    Shoes are an essential part of the Boho groom's ensemble. Shoes, as everyone knows, can completely transform an outfit. Brogues are the shoes that go with everything, and they offer a touch of class and style to the groom's outfit.

    No matter what kind of wedding the couple is having, brogues are always a dapper choice for the groom. Every woman knows that a man's shoes can make or break an ensemble, and the same holds true for the groom. The brogue is the quintessential footwear type for those looking to exude a sense of refined traditionalism. Though they were first worn as a casual, everyday shoe in the early 20th century, spectator shoes—which were all the rage in the 1920s and 1930s—have forever tied these shoes to that era.


    The cravat was around long before the tie and bow tie. Though it wasn't the norm at the turn of the century, a vintage groom searching for a twist on traditional formalwear might now look his best in this style.

    Patterns, Fabric and Color

    The foundation of Boho style is the free use of colour, pattern, and fabric. Your performance on the big day will reflect how well you play. Making your own unique, fashionable, and up-to-date look by experimenting with these components is a formidable challenge. If you're going for a rural appearance house wedding Look no further than tweeds if you're going for a gentry vibe or traditional British style. Velvet may make your Bohemian wedding look both elegant and sophisticated.

    Tweed, houndstooth, and plaid are fun and beautiful materials for a daring groom trying to embrace his inner country gentleman, but they are also a statement style that isn't for everyone. Despite being the prefered fabric of the aristocracy (at least according to Downton Abbey), these textured textiles have a tendency for making even a suit look more rustic and casual than official.

    The success of your Boho-inspired design also depends on your colour palette. If you want to get seen in a crowded room, bright colours are your best bet. Boho wedding colours typically include blues, greys, browns, and greens. Similarly, you can express your individuality through the combination of different colours, fabrics, and patterns.

    Different Boho Style for Men

    Winter in Bohemian Style

    Choosing the proper dress for a bohemian winter look can make what can sound complicated and difficult to pull off to many men. Pair khaki pants with a pullover in a faded blue or other light colour. It's also a great accessory for those with shoulder-length hair who want to stand out from the crowd.

    Rustic Bohemian Look for Work

    Rustic fashion looks great on men of medium skin tone. This calls for a khaki suit, which entails wearing a vest or waistcoat under three shirts. You should wear the shirt with a waistcoat of a contrasting colour and a jacket that complements the colour of the shirt. You may complete the appearance by wearing your hair down or in a messy man bun.

    The Ripped Denim Swag

    The most tried-and-true method of looking boho yet feeling completely secure is to wear ripped denim. To amp up the allure, pair it with a long coat and a printed scarf. This style works well for both young boys and middle-aged men. This is a great way to subtly express your sense of humour without drawing too much attention to yourself.

    The Old Age Boho Look

    To assume that only young or middle-aged males can pull off the Bohemian look is ludicrous. Permit us to disprove your assumptions by bringing the best and brightest bohemian style to the elderly. The ideal uniform consists of a denim jacket over a white shirt, black pants, and several stone embellishments. You can complete the style with a big, long beard and a man bun.

    Go, Fancy,

    You don't feel like donning a lot of layers today, do you? In any case, if you're a dude and you want to project an air of laid-back coolness, take a cue from this simple suggestion.  Wear a fancy and different textured shirt which will compliment your event as well as give you the right bohemian look that can be carried to the beach or just a relaxed picnic with pals.

    Bohemian Pants

    If you're not in the mood to wear bright colours, but still want to channel a boho aesthetic, sticking to neutral tones might be just as effective. The right look can be achieved by wearing ripped jeans with a white vest, grey scarf, and black jacket.

    If you're looking for something more authentically bohemian, though, you should opt for a pair of hip, boho harem pants for your next beach excursion.

    The Artistic Boho Style

    Why not express that creative side of yourself through the clothes you wear? If you want to combine the artistic freedom of the bohemian aesthetic with the practicality of streetwear, all you have to do is throw on a multicoloured and patterned jacket or waistcoat over your tee shirt and slacks.

    Tattoo it Up!

    Younger men, especially those in their twenties and thirties, need to regularly update their appearance; they are also open to trying new things to get the look that works best for them. We say that those with such daring spirits should have an arm tattoo. It will go well with your rough, boho style and your shoulder-length hair. This is a simple technique to walk around without having to worry about how to carry various clothes.

    Go Formal in Bohemian

    When it comes to Bohemian attire, most guys are hesitant to dress casually. Most males don't know what to wear, so they end up looking both formal and bohemian. Quick fixes include throwing on a pair of black skinny jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket. To finish the look, just add a bonnet and a scarf in a coordinating colour perfect bohemian and formal look!

    Colourful Bohemian Party Outfit

    Patterns, colours, and combinations of clothing are just few of the many ways that one can express one's individuality through bohemian style. Wearing a colourful printed coat over a formal dress is a great way to achieve a boho appearance that is appropriate for a wedding. You will stand out from the crowd while yet looking stylish with this.

    Footwear with Bohemian Outfits

    The appropriate pair of shoes is also essential for achieving the boho appearance. Put on a pair of sandals, a tee shirt, and some shorts, and take it easy on a Sunday. Sandals are not only stylish, but also very practical.

    What do men wear to a Bohemian wedding?

    The Floral Boho Print

    Wearing a floral-print tshirt is another effortless yet lovely approach to channel your inner bohemian style. This can be worn with shorts, ripped jeans, or even a pair of dress pants.

    How to Dress Like The Bohemian Gentleman

    Putting together a dapper bohemian outfit is a breeze. You can get by with just a jacket and a scarf over a simple button-down shirt. That's the ultimate gentlemanly look, and it's incredibly scary.

    What Accessories Should Men Wear for Boho Look

    Dressing appropriately is not essential to achieving a bohemian appearance. In certain cases, this can be accomplished simply by donning the proper accessories. Accessorize with a colourful scarf and a long necklace to complete the ensemble.

    The Printed Scarf

    Wearing an abstract printed scarf as a neck covering with any type of clothing is the simplest way to inject some bohemian spirit into your look. This method will give you a beautiful, boho vibe no matter the event or time of day.

    At last, you can round out the ensemble of your Boho groom with a classic set of wheels. You can hire it or borrow it to achieve a genuine vintage effect. If he takes this advice to heart, the Boho groom will be the hit of the wedding. But most importantly, the groom needs to feel and look good with his outfit and accessories.


    Dressing the part of the groom is essential for any wedding, but especially so for a Boho-inspired ceremony. The wedding is a time for friends and family of the groom to show off their individuality and sense of style. The waistcoat is the perfect piece of vintage clothing for any occasion. Shirts with floral prints are a terrific approach to give the groom a fresh new look. A cravat can serve as an alternative to a tie or bow tie.

    Boho fashion is built on an unrestrained approach to colour, pattern, and fabric. If you're going for a vintage look, you can't forget to include a traditional pocket watch to your ensemble. One of the most classic shoe styles for individuals who want to project an air of polished traditionalism. A groom who isn't afraid to channel his inner country gentleman can have a lot of fun with fabrics like tweed, houndstooth, and plaid. Men with medium skin tones might seem very dapper in rustic clothing.

    Ripped denim is the most reliable way to look boho while still feeling safe and protected. Dressing in a bohemian manner is a great way to give off an appearance of carefree coolness. Ripped jeans, a white vest, a grey scarf, and a black jacket are all you need to pull off this ensemble. Alternately, you might go with a pair of trendy, boho harem pants for your next trip to the beach. Another simple and wonderful way to express your inner bohemian is to don a t-shirt with a floral motif.

    You can match this with everything from shorts to ripped jeans to a pair of dress pants. The proper footwear is also crucial for finishing off your bohemian outfit.

    Content Summary

    • Nontraditional nuptial ceremonies are all the rage at the moment, and this design style reflects that.
    • When planning a Boho wedding, the groom's outfit is just as crucial as it is for any other type of event.
    • In keeping with the current trend of boho weddings, here are some suggestions for the groom and his groomsmen to follow while also allowing them to express their individuality on the big day.
    • On the other hand, a jacket is required if you are aiming for a more formal appearance.
    • In place of a regular tie or bow tie, a cravat could be worn.
    • A hat is the final piece to the badass outfit for the grooms.
    • Grooms that care about their style must always be seen sporting a stylish hat.
    • Wristwatches - A traditional pocket watch is a must-have for each wedding, regardless of the groom's personal taste or the event's aesthetic.
    • Shoes
    • To complete his look, the Boho groom needs a good pair of shoes.
    • Your choice of colours is also crucial to the success of your Boho-style design. Get the ideal boho style for the beach or a laid-back picnic with friends by donning a sophisticated and unique-textured shirt that will complement your occasion.
    • It's the perfect complement to your edgy, boho vibe and shoulder-length hair.
    • Dress Up in Bohemian Attire
    • Most men are reluctant to wear too casually when it comes to Bohemian clothing.
    • Wearing a colourful printed coat over a formal dress is a great way to achieve a boho appearance that is appropriate for a wedding.
    • Finally, a timeless pair of wheels that complement the look of your Boho groom.
    • The groom's attire and accessories should make him feel comfortable and confident.

    FAQs About Bohemian Attire

    Choose loose shorts and trousers. Jeans are acceptable, so long as they're a relaxed fit and look a little worn in. Bohemian shirts often feature intricate patterns and florals in all kinds of vibrant colors, while outerwear like jackets are more casual and loose, such as cardigans and vests.

    You can go for knit, tweed, velvet or crochet fabrics to give the groom a cooler look. A floral or botanical tie is a must in this look. Take an eye-catching boutonniere along with a trendy waistcoat paired with a cool vintage tie and the Boho groom is ready for the wedding.

    Boho style is characterized by long flowing or tiered skirts and dresses, peasant blouses, ethnic touches like tunics or wood jewelry, embroidery or embellishment with beading, fringed handbags, and jeweled or embellished flat sandals (or flat ankle boots). The look is often layered and colorful.

    Bohemian style is a fashion style strongly related to hippie fashion, in which natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals and warm shades merge with 70s style accents and a flair for statement accessories. Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend.

    Bohemianism started out as a counterculture by French artists, writers, and creatives that encouraged creativity, artistic expression and rejected the accepted fashions and suffocating social rules of the 18th century.

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