10+ Best Indian Catering Companies in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Your big day is a big deal, and so it’s only natural you’d want all aspects of your wedding to be special. Food surely tops the list to make the celebration memorable for you as well as your guests. The new normal of nuptials, however, means truncating your guest list. And so, hiring a caterer can be even more complicated, knowing that not all specialists might be willing to work for close-knit affairs in confined home kitchens or curate menus at small venues. 

On the hunt of the Indian Catering suppliers in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right Indian catering company can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many stores, options, and prices out there to consider.

So, finding an Indian catering company that offers supreme service, the most delicious food, crafts your ideal wedding day and a curated selection of menu is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your catering supplier hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Indian catering companies from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Read on to discover where to start your search.

Ultimate List of Indian Caterers in Melbourne

Fitz Curry Cafe Indian Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


 +61 3 9495 6114

For discerning palates, a variety of tantalising vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available. Raj's days in colonial Punjab are recalled by the tandoori mushrooms, which are marinated in yoghurt and spices and cooked in tandoor ovens. Lamb Vindaloo, made of dainty lamb slices cooked in a hot gravy with an appetising vinegar flavour, transports you to the leisurely days of opulent India. Chicken Korma made with boneless tandoori chicken that has been soaked in spices and cooked in cashew nuts and gravy will satisfy you like never before. These and other delectable treats await you in our food court.

Customers from North Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Richmond, Abbotsford Convent, Carlton, Carlton North, Near Brunswick East, Northcote, Richmond enjoy the flavours of Best Indian Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Restaurant in Fitzroy, Melbourne.


We'll look after your guests and make sure they get their meals on time. Indian cuisine will appeal to them. As an Indian wedding caterer, we understand that Indian weddings are not like weddings in Australia; they are a reflection of the host family's social and financial standing.

Are you or a family member getting married soon? Employ us as the caterer. Patterson Lakes's leading provider of Indian wedding catering services is us.

Bhoj - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


03 9600 0885

Bhoj is a Melbourne institution when it comes to Indian food. Over 12 years of those years were spent at the current Docklands location, where Chef Rajesh Mehta has been serving the same highly regarded Indian cuisine for over 20 years. In addition to several years as Melbourne's Best Indian Restaurant and a highly coveted Chefs Hat from The Age Good Food Guide, Bhoj has won a plethora of honours and awards over the years.

Our philosophy is straightforward. To serve delectable traditional Indian fare that celebrates the diverse ingredients, flavours, and authenticity of Indian cuisine, all prepared with high-quality and fresh ingredients. Our menu also includes many signature dishes as well as lesser-known items that demonstrate the diversity and versatility of Indian cooking.

Bhoj is located in the heart of Docklands' New Quay promenade and offers unobstructed views of the Melbourne city skyline, Victoria Harbour, Etihad Stadium, and the Bolte Bridge. What better way to enjoy the pleasures of waterfront dining than with our expansive outdoor and indoor seating areas?

The Big Indian Chef - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


469 706 933

The Big Indian Chef is an Indian restaurant that believes there is no shortcut to great food. We employ traditional Indian techniques to create truly authentic dishes that will leave you wanting more.

We invite you to join us on a culinary adventure! Discover and enjoy a classic meal with contemporary fresh flavours from various parts of India. For every mood and occasion, indulge in our signature vegetables, curries, and bread.

Do you want to have an Indian-style meeting, seminar, lunchbox, or boardroom food? Or are you planning a personal party, get-together, or event? The Big Indian Chef has everything you need.

Frequently Asked Question About Indian Foods

If you're going to an Indian restaurant for the first time, I recommend you order the following.
  • Samosas
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Butter Chicken or 'Murgh Makhani' 
  • Channa Masala or 'Chole'
  • Basmati Rice
  • Naan (Indian bread) 
  • Raita

Indian dishes are known for being a little too spicy, often getting people's noses runny and leaving them grappling with the hot flavours. There are several states in the country known exclusively for the large doses of chillies used in their dishes.

Biryani is one of the most popular Indian cuisines that is served in all parts of the world. Experts say, this is a classic concoction of rice and chicken and has more variants than any other dish in the world.

Indian food can cost 45% more than similar-priced dishes at comparable Chinese and Thai restaurants. Indian food has a lot of ingredients, expensive spices, long cooking times, and less competition so it can drive the prices higher than other types of food.

Indian food is generally known for its spiciness and every single spice used in Indian dishes carries some or other nutritional as well as medical properties which not only makes it unique in taste but also very healthy. 

Shalimar Indian Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 9596-3426

Melbourne’s Oldest Indian Restaurant est. 1981

Our menu, which specialises in authentic North Indian cuisine, was meticulously designed by the Oberoi Hotel Chain's Senior Chef, and it offers healthy, delectable dishes of the highest quality. We are proud to cater to everyone's taste buds, including Vegans, Vegetarians, Meat Eaters, Spice Lovers, and those who prefer milder flavours.

The eatery, which specialised in North Indian cuisine, was Melbourne's first Tandoori and Kashmiri Indian Restaurant. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted by Mr. Jeff Kennett, a former minister of immigration and the former premier of Victoria.

Shalimar is a family-owned and operated establishment. We emphasise high quality and fresh ingredients to deliver the best food possible. To make your experience more enjoyable, all curries can be made MILD, MEDIUM, or HOT to your preference.

Muskan Indian Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


0393 646 268

When families in St Albans are looking for an exotic Indian meal, they go to Muskan Tandoori Indian Restaurant on East Esplanade. There are even more reasons to enjoy our delectable Indian offerings now that we offer delivery and takeaway.

Muskan Indian Restaurant is your one-stop shop for reputable Indian catering service infused with a variety of dishes from all over India. We create several speciality menus using authentic Indian recipes.

Muskan Indian Restaurant is devoted to bringing finesse to the Indian catering experience. The emphasis is solely on serving fresh food prepared according to meticulously crafted Indian recipes.

Our Indian Catering Services in Melbourne is dedicated to providing delicious food for your special occasions. We cater for all types of small and large events, such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and corporate events. We will give you good advice on any questions you have about the menu items and beverages for your events. On birthday parties, our experienced team will take complete responsibility to ensure that your memorable event runs smoothly and that guests have a great time while eating delectable Indian food.

Shavan’s - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 9773 0637

Shavan’s Indian Restaurant Patterson Lakes Melbourne takes great pleasure in welcoming you to our Restaurant

We take pride in serving the finest food in the most welcoming atmosphere as an award-winning Indian restaurant. With the best chefs on board, we offer a wide range of delicious Indian cuisine to all types of food lovers. We are a popular destination for healthy, authentic Indian food, having been in business for sixteen years.

We gladly accommodate our customers' special dietary needs and provide them with highly nutritious food, takeaways, and beverages. We are an unrivalled host for parties, weddings, birthdays, and special events, with a banquet hall, function room, and other amenities. Our venue is ideal for traditional parties, celebrations, and trendy events.

Shavan’s Indian wedding catering services in Melbourne

When it comes to Indian weddings, the word "extravagant" comes to mind immediately. The Sanskrit word vivaah, which means "special dedication," represents the magnificence, tradition, colours, and extravagant celebrations associated with the sacred event. It represents not only the formation of a bond between two people, but also the joining of two families. Depending on the scope and style of the wedding, festivities may last up to 4-5 days.

A lavish wedding necessitates a great deal of planning and attention to detail over the course of a week of festivities. Furthermore, it is critical for the host's family to ensure that the guests have a good time. That means they must feed them well in addition to entertaining them. Feeding a large group of people three times a day for a week is demanding, especially when you already have a lot on your plate.

Kasturi Indian Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 9770 5501

Have delectable Flavours in the Indian Restaurant Frankston Melbourne

Kasturi Indian Restaurant Melbourne is a story painted on a canvas of hospitality. It is spice-colored and takes you through India's narrow food lanes. We invite you to a culinary pilgrimage across India right here in Frankston Melbourne, thanks to our unpretentious affinity for authentic flavours.

Best fine dining place in Melbourne

Traditional north and south Indian cuisine is served at the informal, contemporary Indian fusion restaurant Kasturi. This restaurant is without a doubt one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne, drawing Indian food lovers from all over the city with its collection of the finest Indian cuisines, handpicked from every region of The Subcontinent.

Have Delightful Wedding Catering Service with Kasturi Melbourne

Indians are traditionally vegetarians. Although the majority of them do not mind a mixed diet, purists adhere to a strictly vegetarian diet. Vegetarian food served alongside regular food is a common sight at Indian weddings in order to cater to all types of guests attending the event. As a leading provider of Indian wedding catering in Melbourne, we will make the necessary food arrangements if requested.

Junoon Indian Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


+61 3 9822 5626

Our culinary team has created an exceptional menu that combines Junoon's signature dishes - mouthwatering entrées, a variety of hearty mixed platters, authentic curries, and side dishes to complement them all. In addition, our menu features an expensive selection of wines from around the world.

A 'dinner out' experience is transformed into an exclusive 'dining' experience at Junoon. It is at this point that one realises that Indian food does not lack any of the subtleties that elevate a country's cuisine from " to fine food.

Junoon is the ideal venue for any type of celebration, with a massive seating area and exceptional service. We are located in the Armadale area, just off High St., and have plenty of parking. You can always contact us to discuss the package deals.

Ghazal Indian Buffet & Bar - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 9742 4483

Ghazal Indian Restaurant welcomes visitors to sample our truly exotic Indian cuisine. Our menu has been carefully curated, drawing inspiration from India's many diverse regions. Most dishes at Ghazal are available in mild, medium, or hot strength, allowing you to experience India with whatever level of bravery you desire! This expands the menu's already extensive selection of dishes.

Indian Catering Melbourne

The stomach is the gateway to the heart. This old adage holds true even today. We help you win the hearts of your invited guests by providing Indian food catering services in Melbourne. We can prepare and serve gourmet delicacies for any occasion, whether it's a corporate gathering, a birthday party, a family gathering, or a formal event.

Our Indian Catering Services in Melbourne are extremely popular among both residents and corporate executives. This can be attributed to the variety of tastes available in Indian cuisine. There is no shortage of delectable options to spruce up your event. Dainties prepared in traditional Indian gastronomic ways blend seamlessly with modern flavour tweaking. Every dish is enhanced by authentic Indian spices and flavours. The aroma that wafts to your nose would be energising to the guests.

Indian Food Catering Melbourne

Our ace offerings have given corporate catering services a new lease on life in Melbourne. Indian food has long been regarded as the pinnacle of flavour that no gourmet could resist. With our Indian food catering services, we've taken this to the next level. We can prepare any delicacy you specify for your guests' enjoyment. Our catering services employ ace professionals who are well-versed in top-tier hospitality intricacies and would serve your guests discreetly. Our catering team's etiquette would win you over.

Simply Indian - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


+61 3 9484 9789

Are you looking for a Melton or Preston Indian restaurant that serves delicious meals in a modern setting and provides memorable dining experiences? We are passionate about preparing traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine for people to enjoy at Simply Indian. We can provide delicious foods backed by excellent service for your satisfaction, whether you want to try something new for the first time or you want to enjoy a meal that reminds you of home.

Our Indian restaurant near Reservoir provides professional catering services for corporate events, private parties, and family gatherings that call for delectable foods and refreshments. We can provide delicious Indian food in Melton and beyond, whether you're planning a small team party or a birthday party with close friends and family.

Indian Food Catering in Melbourne

Are you planning an event or a special occasion and want to serve traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine with authentic flavours to your guests? Fortunately, the Simply Indian team is proud to provide Indian catering services for events of all sizes and types. There are plenty of menu options for you to choose from. Whether you need Indian food catering for a birthday party with loved ones or an awards night with colleagues and business partners, we can help.

Ideal for Special Occasions and Events

Our Indian restaurant catering service can accommodate a wide range of events and special occasions. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we have a team of highly trained and experienced caterers who work closely with event organisers. You can rest assured that there will be plenty of food and refreshments to keep your guests satisfied.

Kesar Catering Services - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 84053111

Kesar Catering offers dietary food that is both delicious and nutritious. We host family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. We only use the best ingredients to make your food delicious.

Spicy Affair Bar and Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


03 9682 7268

Dining Experience Melbourne

We think that every aspect of their stay should be customized, from the way we serve them to the menu options. The Spicy Affair Bar & Restaurant, which we think will soon be the best restaurant in south Melbourne, offers fine dining.

Corporate Catering South Melbourne

Affair with a Kick Indian cuisine is well-known for its high quality and aromatic flavour. Chaat Counter, Indo-Chinese, Tandoor, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available on the Indian menu. You will find the ideal combination of cuisines to please your visitor.

What Makes Indian Cuisine So unique?

Could it be the fresh spices, the intoxicating aromas, or the rich ingredients that attract so many people to Indian cuisine? The appeal of Indian food’s unique style is not restricted to the Indian people; it is enjoyed by millions every day around the world. So what is it that is sets Indian food apart from the rest?

Indian food is tasty, healthy, and always contains the nicest spices.

Indian food is just something out of this world. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s just say that Indian food definitely stands out of the crowd. It is definitely popular all over the globe, be it any country. From piping hot Idlis and dosas to the very rich Butter Chicken, you can find something for every occasion in Indian cuisine. Apart from that, it is extremely versatile. Indian food is not only a wonderful combination of delicate flavours and spices, it is also a symphony of different nutrients which make it healthy. Food aficionados across the globe would find something that they absolutely love in Indian cuisine. Having a good, hearty meal from Indian cuisine can be an experience like no other.

Here are some factors which make Indian food special and unique:


The spices used in Indian cooking are not powdered. Instead, several dishes such as Biryani require you to add whole spices which add a lovely aroma to it. These spices, when mixed, give a distinct and unique flavour to it. The complicated combination of spices and herbs in Indian cuisine makes the dishes stand out. Unlike several other countries, Indians don’t use the simple procedure of using pre-mixed spices. In fact, most restaurants prefer to make their own spice mixes by powdering them. This rich knowledge of spices and herbs definitely works in their favour and adds a subtle taste in every dish.


In all fairness, Indian dishes are not simple and require a long time to prepare. Some Indian dishes, even require hours of preparation beforehand which is what makes them unique. Take Nihari, for example, it is a dish that is cooked overnight in a bunch of spices. It involves very complicated procedures such as slow-cooking the gravy to ensure that the meat is tender and juicy and pulls apart instantly. Perfecting these techniques is also an art in itself.


Well, of course. India is a country with diverse cultures and a rich history which are both evident in Indian cuisine. The country is so unique and offers so many flavours that every 100kms you move in any direction in India, you’d find a completely different cultural background from the previous location. It represents a colourful blend of different cultures and traditions. You can find Idlis, Dosas, flavorful Sambhar and Rasam in the South and Nihari and Butter Chicken towards the North, along with a plethora of varieties of dishes which come in between.


Indian food definitely tastes different everywhere. Whether you order something at a restaurant in south Indian restaurants elsewhere, you’d find a different flavour and different tastes every single time. Indian dishes don’t require you to follow strict measurements, but rather, the cuisine is quite versatile. This inconsistency is what makes it extremely unique and special.

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