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Things to Consider in Planning a Wedding

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    Getting married in Australia can easily cost you fifty thousand dollars. It's understandable that the thought of such a colossal expense would make you want to cancel the whole event, which is why we've put together some suggestions to help you stay within your means while still having the wedding of your dreams.

    To Do List

    As wonderful as it is to start arranging your wedding, resist the urge to invite everyone you've ever met. It's important to consider this through and do the arithmetic before sending out invitations because you'll be responsible for covering the costs incurred by your guests. Your celebration should begin with the folks you simply can't miss and expand outward from there.


    Choosing to upgrade from simple white card to anything more elaborate can increase the cost of professional invitations significantly. Go to art supply stores or office supply stores to stock up on materials and then make your own!

    Looking for the ultimate Wedding Reception Venue in Melbourne? Look no further, Cosmopolitan events are here.


    To get the most bang for your buck, invest in some artificial flowers rather than fresh ones. However, if you're set on using real flowers, try haggling with your florist for a discount. They may be ready to do so if they're handling all of the arrangements for your wedding. Select flowers that are in season to save money, and if that's not possible, try arranging them yourself.

    That Gown

    Save money by renting a dress instead of buying one or shopping for one on the high street. The price of that dream dress just went way down.


    Although they're diminutive in size, the price they exact may be quite high. Compare prices to find the best one, or sell off any unused jewellery you have lying around. You might start a new tradition by purchasing an antique or repurposing an existing family ring.


    If you have a friend who is skilled with a camera, you may not need to invest in a professional. But if you want really great photos, you may always hire a photographer for the ceremony only and have guests snap shots during the reception. Costs will go down as a result of this. Get in touch with a local university that offers a photography school and ask if any of the students would be interested in photographing your wedding for a little price.

    It takes a lot of money to throw a wedding. A recent study found that Australian brides spend just over $23,000 on their big day, so it's no surprise that many are looking for creative ways to cut costs.


    Hire a suit and save some cash. It's always worth asking around, as many businesses offer discounts for multiple hires. Ask the best man for money towards the cost of his tuxedo if you're extremely strapped for cash.

    Fashioning One's Hair and Face

    Ask a friend with hairstyling skills to help you out, or see if your regular hairstylist can cut you a deal. You can get a free makeover at most department stores, so you can go there to get some pointers on how to put together a look and then practise it at home before the big day.


    To cut down on venue costs, think about having a buffet or barbeque instead of a sit-down meal, and get as much of the food as you can from wholesale suppliers.


    To avoid spending money on a rented car, ask a friend or relative who owns a luxury vehicle to take you to the wedding. If not, you may ask a friend to give you a ride in a regular car, or you could have the wedding and reception at the same location.


    You should hold off on booking one until after the wedding costs have been paid in full. In lieu of wedding presents, have guests chip in for your honeymoon expenses or consider a quick trip to Australia.

    The wedding of your dreams is within your financial reach, and all it takes is a handful of these recommendations plus our ingenious budget planning tool.

    If you want your wedding photos to feature the beautiful surroundings of your destination, but inclement weather is a possibility, be prepared. Don't completely rule out outdoor shots if it rains.

    Even the promise of magnificent wedding photos may not be enough to entice you to venture out into the vineyard at your winery wedding if it is raining outside, so always prepare a back-up... just in case.

    If the wedding location you've chosen is extremely beautiful or plays a significant role in the concept of the event, have the photographer take some beautiful images of the space before the ceremony, when there won't be any guests there.

    We’ve come up with a huge budget boosting guide, filled with 50 different ideas to save money in every area of your wedding!

    They might snap photos of the beautiful superhero cake you made before you cut into it, or any other unique elements, such arches, doorways, or windows. Take your wedding album to the next level by including before and after photographs of your reception space, or as part of a series of shots documenting the decorating process.

    Seven) Before booking your wedding venue, make sure you know whether there are any restrictions on photography. You wouldn't want to spend an hour capturing stunning pictures for your wedding album only to find out that the artworks, statues, etc. depicted in the background are protected by copyright. You bet it can and does occur!

    The Place

    Wedding blog Melbourne

    Booking your wedding on a weekday might significantly reduce your venue costs.

    If a Saturday wedding is a must, consider having it in the winter instead of the more expensive summer months.

    If you don't mind sharing your wedding day with another wedding party, you can save money by choosing a venue that charges for exclusive usage.

    The initial offer is almost never the best. Take a look around, do some research, and haggle over rates! The Venues part of our site has several options for comparison and exploration.

    On their special day, most brides see themselves in a stunning, elaborate gown by a renowned designer. Due of their high prices, these outfits may remain just that—a fantasy. When it comes to wedding planning, this is especially important to keep in mind. Cosmopolitan events has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne. Book today so you don’t miss out.

    Nonetheless, there are ways to ensure that every woman feels and looks like a princess on her wedding day without going into debt.

    Given that the wedding dress is only worn once, many brides opt to rent rather than buy. There are now more options than ever before to rent a magnificent designer gown and feel like a million dollars without breaking the bank. Is it sensible to spend thousands on a dress that will be put away after the wedding instead of renting it?

    You can save money by shopping for a wedding dress at a thrift store. Your dream outfit could be found, and at a price you could afford. It could be considerably more cost-effective to have the dress dry cleaned or repaired than than purchasing a new one. Many thrift stores don't accept returns, so make sure you inspect it carefully and are sure the repairs can be completed before you buy it.

    Try a sample sale or a discount department store if you'd rather not buy a pre-owned outfit. You should plan ahead because many bridal stores only have these bargains once a year. Sign up for newsletters and mailing lists to receive information about discounts and deals as they become available.

    It's preferable to go to a sample sale in a group of people, as the environment may get quite chaotic. If you give them an idea of what you're searching for in a dress, they can go dress shopping with you separately.

    Finally, if you're looking for a specific dress and want to avoid buying a knockoff, shop around and be flexible with your budget. One shop can have a greater offer than another, or be willing to cut their pricing to beat out the competition.

    Organizing who sits at the top (or head) wedding table is one of the lesser-known struggles of wedding planning.

    Politically charged, as more than one bride has discovered to her dismay after the fact, the decision of who to include (or exclude) from the coveted spot at the wedding's head table can elicit strong reactions.

    Furthermore, some guests may be insulted if they are situated too far back from the head table, especially if their view of the head table is impeded, since they may interpret this as a sign that they are not considered an important guest.

    While it may be difficult, it is in everyone's best interest to sit at tables that are roughly the same distance from you and your new spouse.

    Next steps then? Have a special, elevated table set up so all eyes will be on you? Or would they like to avoid the limelight and join the rest of their guests at a standard low table?

    Before making such a life-altering choice, consider the following questions.

    • Who should sit at the head table?

    The top table at a wedding reception typically includes the newlyweds, the best man, the maid of honour, and the parents of the couple. However, this can vary depending on the size of the tables at your reception venue, the closeness of the bride and groom's families, the size of the bridal party, and other factors.

    Of course, you are free to seat anyone you like at the head table, not only the wedding party.

    A reception line, if held, should comprise the same persons and be positioned roughly in the same order as the head table.

    When they sit down, what order should they be in?

    In the event that you only have the eight main members of the wedding party indicated above, the top table should be arranged as follows: mother of the groom, father of the bride, maid of honour, groom, bride, best man, mother of the bride, father of the groom.

    However, many couples opt to switch the genders of the bridal party seating arrangements, having the maid of honour sit with the best man, the bridesmaids with their matching groomsmen, and each set of parents to sit with their partner rather than individually.

    • What is a parents' table?

    It is typical to have a second substantial table for both sets of parents and, sometimes, step-parents, especially if your top table isn't particularly large or if you want a large number of bridesmaids and ushers to sit with you.

    It's wonderful to give your parents some independence by letting them host their own tables during the reception. However, it's customary to seat your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents' closest friends (and maybe even the celebrant) at these tables.

    • What is a sweetheart table?

    A sweetheart table could be the solution to the argument in your family over who gets to sit at the head table. Just have everyone else seat at the usual tables and claim the head table for you and your new spouse.

    It's not a good plan because, while you might appreciate some quiet time together at the wedding reception, you probably won't want to spend the whole event isolated far above the party below. Perhaps you thrive on your own company! To everyone his own; the choice is yours.

    While all of your guests will be able to see the top table during your wedding, you and your new spouse can enjoy some private time together at the sweetheart table.

    Because you will likely spend the majority of your wedding day mingling with guests and catching up with those closest to you, a sweetheart table may not only spare you the politics of arranging seating at the head table, but also provide you with much-needed moments of privacy on a day when you are unlikely to have any.

    The atmosphere and setting of your wedding photos will be greatly affected by the location you choose.

    It's crucial to think about how the style, architecture, and appearance of the venue will effect the whole feel of your wedding photographs, from the background of group shots to the overall mood of the day. Saying “I do” at Cosmopolitan events is an elegant and luxurious affair.

    However, you should also keep an eye out for opportunities to include the wedding venue's most eye-catching aspects into your photos.

    Melbourne Wedding blog

    The following are suggestions for doing so:

    1. Hire a photographer who is familiar with the wedding location. They will be familiar with the venue's layout and setup, as well as the direction and quality of the available light at different times of day and the optimal locations for taking various types of photographs.
    2. Additionally, students will have a solid understanding of the tools they will need to bring on the day of the event. Make sure you enquire about the photographer's previous work at the location you've chosen.
    3. The second step is to have a conversation with your photographer about the type of venue you've selected and the type of photos you're hoping to get. If you want dreamy sepia photos, a country home is great, but if you want dazzling Hollywood photos, a trendy downtown hotel is your best chance.
    4. Third, every time you visit your wedding venue, keep an eye out for great spots for photos and make a list to show your wedding photographer. Don't be scared to try something a little bit different when taking pictures at the venue; the coordinator may show you the most popular areas and give you some ideas. Maybe they always take the group shots in the foyer, but you think they would look better in front of their enormous fireplace.
    5. Scope out a spectacular viewpoint within or outside the venue from which you might capture everyone who attended. Maybe there's a grand staircase at your location that would provide for the perfect setting for a group photo. Or, perhaps there is a balcony or a tall window from which the photographer can get an aerial picture of the party below. Guests can also gather on the balcony and throw confetti down on the happy couple as they pose below.

    The Hotel as the Wedding Location

    Hotels are a great wedding venue not only because of their refined aesthetic but also because they have likely already perfected the logistics of hosting such an event.

    Staff members are usually accustomed to working professionally and swiftly, and as a result, they are able to be adaptable and accommodating to a wide variety of client requirements.

    An upscale hotel in the heart of a city makes for a wonderful wedding venue because of its proximity to several modes of public transportation, which is helpful for those who cannot drive, as well as its parking facilities and available rooms for out-of-town visitors and the happy couple.

    One major drawback to choosing a hotel as your wedding site is that you may not have the venue to yourself. This means that it's possible that in addition to your event, there will be others taking place at the same location. There may be an increase in the cost of food and drink, and the party may be cut short due to noise ordinances.

    An Ancient Residence

    A wedding in a grand old house or mansion has all the charm and elegance necessary for a fairytale ceremony. Its period interior design and accompanying furnishings will, often, add an air of old world charm and ambience that you simply won't be able to achieve with temporary decorations; and its setting in often pretty stunning scenery makes it the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and a wedding reception.

    Many of these stately manors have huge fireplaces and chandeliers, both of which add a touch of romance to the chill of a winter wedding.

    You may be able to utilise your own caterers if the venue provides the necessary space and services.

    Usually, distance is the main drawback. Unless the venue provides lodging, many of these grand ancient houses are located outside of town, necessitating a vehicle ride for guests. If not, a lot of people will have to book rooms in hotels in the area.

    When compared to hotels, stately homes may not be able to accommodate as many people and may have more stringent policies regarding photography, confetti, and other celebratory activities.

    Last but not least, many historic residences are subject to different heritage listing restrictions, which prevents them from being easily modified with modern conveniences like air conditioning or elevators for guests who may be unable to traverse their winding stairs.


    An Australian wedding can easily set you back fifty thousand dollars. For guidance on spending less, read on. It would be a good idea to get some silk flowers and create your own invitations. Instead than buying a dress from a store, try renting one instead. A recent survey revealed that on average, Australian brides spend $23.3k on their weddings.

    Many people are trying to come up with original strategies to lower their wedding expenses. If money is really tight, you may hire a personal shopper or ask the best man to chip in for his tuxedo.

    Think about flying or driving with a companion to the wedding, or maybe taking a honeymoon afterwards. Planning a wedding during the week may help you save a lot of money on the venue. Finding a wedding dress in a secondhand store will help you save money.

    Having the dress dry cleaned or repaired can be a more economical option than buying a new one.

    Content Summary

    • While it's exciting to begin planning your wedding, it's not necessary to invite everyone you've ever met.
    • Before you send out invitations, it's crucial to think this through and do the math, as you'll be on the hook for your guests' expenses.
    • Costs for formal invites can skyrocket if you decide to go with something fancier than a plain white card.
    • Start by stocking up on materials from art supply or office supply stores, and then start making your own!
    • To get the most value out of your flower purchase, consider faux blooms rather than real ones.
    • You can save money by purchasing fake flowers instead, but if you're bent on using genuine ones, you can try bargaining with your florist.
    • Choose in-season blooms and save money, or make your own flower arrangement.
    • Dress rentals are a great alternative to buying or shopping for a dress on the high street because they are more cost-effective. What was once an unattainable dream dress is now well within reach.
    • Find the greatest deal by shopping around, or get some cash out of your old jewellery by selling it.
    • You might not have to shell out the cash for a professional if you know someone who is good with a camera.
    • You might hire a professional photographer for the ceremony and have your guests take pictures for the rest of the event.
    • Reach out to a nearby college or university's photography programme and see if any of the students there are interested in shooting your wedding for a low fee.
    • An extravagant wedding reception requires a substantial financial investment.
    • Spend less on a suit rental if you're the groom.
    • If you are in dire straits financially, you may always ask the best man to chip in for his tuxedo.
    • Think about having a buffet or barbeque instead of a sit-down lunch to save money on the location, and try to get as much of the food as possible in bulk to save money.
    • Instead of renting a car, have a relative or close friend drive you to the wedding in style.
    • If not, you may hitch a ride in a conventional car from a friend or host both the ceremony and the reception at the same venue.
    • Invite guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund, or suggest a trip to Australia as a last-minute alternative to traditional wedding gifts.
    • If you're having a destination wedding and want pictures of the scenic local area, but there's a chance of rain, bring an umbrella.
    • Taking pictures outside in the rain shouldn't be completely ruled out.
    • Have the photographer take some stunning pictures of the wedding venue before the ceremony, when there won't be any guests there, if the venue is particularly stunning or plays a major role in the theme of the event.
    • Upgrade your wedding album with before and after images of your reception venue, or use them as part of a sequence of shots chronicling the decorating process.
    • You should find out if there are any photography limitations at the wedding venue before making a reservation.
    • Planning a wedding during the week may help you save a lot of money on the venue.
    • You can cut costs by selecting a venue that charges for exclusive usage if you are okay with sharing your wedding day with another couple.
    • Many brides today choose to rent rather than buy their wedding gowns because they will only be worn once.
    • Finding a wedding dress in a secondhand store will help you save money.


    Experts say about one year. “I would say the general consensus is one year in advance is enough time to plan your standard, local wedding," says award-winning planner Nicole-Natassha Goulding. This timeframe gives couples an ample window to book a venue, hire necessary vendors, find a wedding dress, and more.
    The tradition is based on an Old English rhyme that dates back to 19th-century Lancashire. It describes the items a bride should have on her wedding day: "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe."
    You might be aware that the bride's family is expected to cover the majority of the wedding day costs, while the groom's family pays for a variety of extra activities, like the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon.
    As a general rule, plan to budget at least $100 per guest. If you're planning a wedding on a budget, one of the easiest ways to reduce costs is to invite fewer people and have a more intimate celebration.
    It is surprising how many brides forget to bring a bra, slip, stockings or garter belt along for their pre-wedding overnight stay or even with them to the destination where they will be getting ready.
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