How to Write Wedding Thank-You Cards

Wedding thank-you cards are a tradition that many couples have yet to adopt. If you’re one of the lucky few who has been spared this time consuming and expensive endeavour, congratulations!

However, if you’re not someone who’s currently in a long-distance relationship or is planning on getting married sometime soon (congratulations!), then it might be worth your while to read this blog post.

Have you ever had the experience of finishing up your wedding and then realizing that there are still thank-you cards to write? It’s easy to put them off, but it’s important to remember that these people were such a big part of your day. They helped make it happen! And they deserve a little recognition.

The wedding is over, the honeymoon is complete, and you are back at home with your new spouse. So, of course, the first thing on your list should be writing thank-you cards for all of the gifts and money you received as a newlywed! However, writing these cards can seem daunting because it takes time and effort to find addresses to send them out.

It’s not often that people get the chance to say thank you for all of the help and support they received during their wedding. Wedding thank-you cards are a great way to do this. They’re also an excellent opportunity to reiterate how much fun everyone had, which is something your guests might have forgotten once they got home from the big day!

As you are working on your thank-you cards, this article will be here to help.  It offers helpful tips and advice as well as some templates for how to write wedding thank-you cards.  The first tip addresses the card: there are two styles of writing out a name in a formal way, “Mr.” or “Mrs.”, followed by their last name.

Whichever formality you choose, make sure it’s consistent throughout all of your cards. Next, we’ll cover what to say inside the card: an intro paragraph that mentions why they’re receiving the card and then a few lines about why you’re grateful for them being such an important part of your life (or words with similar meaning).

It will be helpful if you read our tips on how to send the perfect thank-you note.

We’ll start by discussing the tone of your card and what not to do when writing one. After that, we’ll move onto etiquette: things like who should sign it and when it’s appropriate to send them out.

We hope these tips help!

How to Write a Wedding Thank-You Card

Before you pull out your fanciest pens and glossy stationery, brush up on how to write a wedding thank-you card. Of course, a note of gratitude for a wedding gift is similar to any other message you’d write. But, if you’re wondering exactly how to write wedding thank you cards, we’ve got you covered.

1. Handwrite Your Notes

Wedding thank-you notes should always be handwritten because they show you took the time to write a thoughtful message personally. Plus, typing or emailing your thank-you notes can seem impersonal, and in some cases, recipients may even find it rude.

Since handwriting wedding thank-you messages will take a significant amount of time, writing a novel for each guest is unnecessary. In fact, there are no specific rules about the length of your wedding gift thank-you note.

However long it takes you to express your gratitude is sufficient, but don’t feel like you have to fill up pages upon pages to express your appreciation. A short and simple message can go a long way.

2. Invest in a Great Pen

Working on wedding thank-you cards can be fun, especially if you buy good tools that get you excited to write. But, first, invest in stationery that represents you as a couple. (You can browse plenty of designs—including styles that match your wedding invitation suite.)

Then, treat yourself to a high-quality pen. Believe it or not, a good rollerball or fountain pen will do wonders for penmanship. Stick with blue or black ink and ensure it won’t smear or bleed through your note cards.

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on plenty of stamps, so you’re not hunting down postage every time you lick an envelope.


3. Use Discretion When Addressing Cash Gifts

You might wonder what the proper wedding thank-you card wording is for a cash gift. In the past, it was deemed inappropriate to mention the amount of money you received in a thank-you card for a cash gift, but that isn’t the case today.

Some etiquette experts say that writing the number confirms that you received the correct amount in full. Use your judgment to determine what feels right based on your relationship with the guest when writing your thank-you message.

One thing you should include in a wedding thank-you card for a cash gift, though, is exactly how the money will be used. Of course, guests want to know that their gift will be appreciated, so explain if the cash donation will go to a home renovation project, a puppy fund or date night experiences.

If you’ve specifically registered for honeymoon funds, share what kind of activities you will (or did) put the money toward.

4. Work in Batches

When it comes to sending thank-yous, earlier is always better. It’s recommended to send thank-you notes within two weeks of receiving the gift before the wedding. Then, for items received after the big day, aim to send thank-yous within three months.

Since writing wedding thank-you messages can be time-consuming, don’t try to get them all done in one sitting. Instead, set aside 30 minutes or so every night to tackle your wedding thank-you card list.

The best way to finish this task efficiently is to divide and conquer. Some couples separate the list down the middle, while others prefer to write thank-you cards to their extended family who may not know their S.O. as well. (No matter how you divvy up the responsibility, though, it is important to sign both of your names at the end of the card.)

Do whatever works best for you and your partner, but send thank-yous as you receive gifts to cut down on your post-wedding to-do list.

5. Address Them Properly

Not sure how to address wedding thank-you notes? The interior of the card can be informal.

If you’re sending the card to an entire family or a couple, address each member who attended your wedding (and signed the gift’s card) by name. It’s perfectly fine to address the guests by their first name, but do what feels right based on your relationship with them.

On the exterior of the wedding thank-you card envelope, address guests the same way you did on your formal invitations. It’s best to handwrite the addresses, though you can use pre-printed return address labels on the back flap to save some time as you seal up each card.

Etiquette tips for writing easy (and thoughtful!) thank-you notes.

1. Why do I have to write wedding thank-you cards in the first place?

Your guests are likely shelling out a good chunk of cash to pay for your wedding gift—on average, over $100.

A wedding thank-you card is a tangible way to show your appreciation—not only for the gift itself but also for your guests’ attendance at your wedding or pre-wedding event. It may seem like a dated tradition, but it’s quite important.

2. How soon after receiving a gift should I write thank-you notes? 

Thank-you notes should be written as soon as possible. If a gift is received before the wedding, you have two to three weeks to send the note.

For gifts received at or after the wedding, up to three months is acceptable but try not to wait that long! Be sure you have your guests’ mailing addresses on hand to make the process go even more smoothly.

3. Do I have to handwrite thank-you notes? Is email okay? 

We’ve already talked about why thank-you notes are necessary; now, we’ll dive into how to write wedding thank-you cards. Yes, it would be best if you handwrote these thank-you notes.

Email may be okay for sending out casual communication, but tradition rules when it comes to wedding thank-yous. Be sure to purchase some thank-you note stationery soon after you get engaged so you’ll have something pretty to write on the right from the start. You don’t want to get behind because you don’t have note cards yet!


4. From engagement parties to showers to the actual wedding, I’m going to receive multiple gifts from many guests. Do I have to write a separate thank-you note for each gift? 

Each and every gift deserves its own thank-you card—yes, even if you’re not a fan of the present itself. So, if someone gets you both a shower and wedding gift, you have to write two notes.

That’s why it’s so important to stay on schedule with writing thank-you notes—you want to make sure that each gift is recognized in a timely fashion so you won’t get too backlogged.

5. Are there any ways to make writing thank-you notes less painful?

If you’re wondering how to write thank-you cards with your busy schedule, try writing a few notes each day to make it part of your routine. You can even keep a few notecards in your purse so that you can write them during your downtime.

And remember—when it comes to writing wedding thank-you cards, this is a task you should share with your spouse. If you’re having trouble keeping up, services like Postable can help you “handwrite” cards online.

6. I’m having a thank-you note writer’s block. Any suggestions on figuring out what to say?

If you’re struggling to figure out how to write wedding thank-you cards, remember the following formula when it comes to the content of the note:

Thank the recipient for the gift + Say something specific about the gift and how you’ll use it + Thank them again for coming to the wedding (or event, if it’s a shower or engagement party gift) or express regret if they couldn’t make it. To make things even easier, check out these fill-in-the-blank thank-you note templates.

Wedding Thank-You Card Writing Tips

1. Keep track of your gifts

Amid all the excitement of receiving your first wedding gifts, you may forget an essential task—keeping track of each and every gift and who sent it.

While some online wedding registries organize this information for you, we recommend having your own list using a tracker like the Guest List tool.

2. Gather your guests’ addresses

Right after creating your guest list, you’ll want to ask each and every one of your guests for their current address. The Guest List tool does this legwork for you, reaching out to your guests to collect their addresses. By having all of your guests’ addresses at the ready early on, you won’t be scrambling during the thank-you card writing process.

3. Handwrite them

Sorry, email thank-you notes are a no-no. Thank-you notes should be handwritten, no matter how terrible your handwriting may be.

Electronic or pre-printed thank-you notes feel too impersonal—your guests spent time and money selecting your gift, so It’s important to take the time to write them a thoughtful note.

4. Buy new stationery—and a new pen

One of your first post-engagement purchases should be new stationery that can be used to write your thank-you notes.

For those who are changing their names after marriage, you may actually need two sets of stationery—one with your maiden name and one with your married name or monogram, especially if you’re opting for more formal stationery.

An easy way to avoid this is by keeping your stationery informal and including your and your partner’s first names. Don’t forget to buy some new, easy-to-write-with pens, as well—writing thank-you notes with a poor-quality pen can be a real drag.

5. Include a personal note

As you will see in the wedding gift thank-you note templates, it’s important to add a personal touch to each note.

Whether you say something specific about the gift received or add a brief detail about your relationship with the card recipient, making each thank-you card unique is pretty essential.

6. Split the task with your partner

Writing thank-you notes should be a shared task between you and your partner. Before getting started, talk to your future spouse about how you’ll divvy up the workload—perhaps you’ll write thank-you notes for your side, and your partner will handle his or hers.

Or maybe you’ll write thank-you cards for family members, and your partner will handle those for friends. Again, however, you share the responsibility; make sure that expectations are managed on both sides. And, no writing thank-you notes is not a task you can delegate to wedding party members!

7. Pace yourself

While it might seem like a good idea to write all of your thank-you notes in one night, you’re going to get burned out pretty quickly.

Instead, try to tackle a few thank-you notes at a time, trying to write them as soon after receiving the gifts as possible. And yes, it’s totally okay to write thank-you cards while watching Netflix.

8. Don’t forget the stamps

This is a biggie—make sure you have plenty of stamps handy at all times. You don’t want to be ready to send a bunch of completed thank-you cards only to find out you’re all out of stamps!


Wedding Thank-You Card Wording Templates

If you’re wondering what to write in wedding thank-you cards, look no further. We’ve outlined wedding thank-you card templates for every kind of gift and guest below.

Go ahead and copy these wedding thank-you messages word-for-word in your cards—be sure to add your own personal touch to make your salutations feel thoughtfully tailored to each recipient.

1. Wedding thank-you card template for a gift from your registry received before the wedding

This is among the most classic wedding thank-you notes and probably the one you’ll write most often. The goal here is to add a personal detail about each gift into the wedding thank-you card wording so that your friend/family member will feel that the gift is truly being used and appreciated.

This is also a good template to follow for covid wedding thank you card wording if you had to postpone or reschedule your big day due to the pandemic.

Dear [Name of Guest],

Thank you so much for the [name the gift]! [Talk about how you have used or will use it. For example, “We already used the slow cooker to make beef stew last night—yum!”] We are looking forward to seeing you at the wedding and can’t wait to celebrate together.

Thank you for thinking of us!


[Your names]

2. Thank-You Card Wording for a Honeymoon Fund Donation

If you registered for honeymoon funds, use your thank-you card to share how guests’ contributions were used (or will be used) on your post-wedding getaway.

Dear [guest names],

We are so grateful for your generous contribution to our honeymoon. We’ll think of you as we enjoy our zip-lining excursion in Aruba! We can’t wait to see you at our wedding—we’re looking forward to celebrating our big day together. 

All the best,

[Your names] 

3. Wedding thank-you card template for a gift off your registry from a guest who couldn’t attend the wedding

This can also be a good template to follow for covid wedding thank you card wording, as many guests are unable to attend due to the pandemic.

Again, use your wedding thank-you card wording to thank the person for the gift in specific terms—answering the question, “What are you planning on doing with this gift?”

Then, express your regret at not seeing the person at the wedding and your hope that you’ll be able to see them soon (even if they live across the country and you have no idea if or when you’ll see them again).

Dear [Name of Guest],

Thank you so much for the [name the gift]! [Talk about how you will use it. For example, “We’re so excited to use the gorgeous platter when we host Thanksgiving this fall.”] We missed you at the wedding, but are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you for thinking of us!


[Your names] 

4. Thank-You Card Wording for a Charity Donation

If you want your wedding day to make a positive impact, there are a few ways to give back through your registry. If you choose to set up a separate charity registry, here’s how to thank guests for their monetary contributions.

Dear [guest name],

We are so thankful for your generous contribution to [charity name]. This organization has such a special place in our hearts, and we’re so grateful our wedding day can give back in a meaningful way. We can’t wait to celebrate with you soon! 

All the love,

[Your names]

5. Wedding thank-you card wording for cash gift from a guest who attended the wedding

Figuring out how to write wedding thank-you notes for cash as a wedding gift can be a little tricky, but you can still make a cash gift feel personal by adding a little detail about how you plan on spending the money within the wedding thank-you note.

You don’t have to discuss your financial history at length but perhaps allude to a major purchase you’re aiming toward—a house, new furniture, a dog, etc. Your guests will love knowing that their financial contribution is being put to good use.

Dear [Name of Guest],

Thank you so much for your generous gift! We’ve been saving up for [a major purchase, like a house, a car, a dog, etc.], and we truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and support. Also, it was so wonderful to see you at the wedding—thank you for making the trip to celebrate with us! Looking forward to seeing you at [a specific place where you’ll see the guest].


[Your names] 

6. Thank-You Card Wording for a Group Gift

Some guests may band together and invest in a high-ticket registry item as a group gift. If you receive one, send each person who contributed their own individual thank-you note.

Dear [guest name],

Thank you for the awesome backyard fire pit. We were counting down the days until our wedding; now we can count down until summer! We’re so lucky to have such thoughtful friends. S’mores soon? Thank you again for thinking of us and helping us celebrate this happy time in our lives.

Much love,

[Your names]

7. Wedding thank-you card template for a bridal shower gift you didn’t register for and don’t like

Okay, so this is a tough one. If you receive random gifts that you really don’t like (a weird set of figurines, a strange piece of artwork, etc.), you, of course, still need to write wedding thank-you notes, but you can be a little less specific with this one.

Simply thank the guests for their generosity and tell them you’re looking forward to seeing them soon. No need to mention the fact that you returned their gift (or perhaps are planning on re-gifting it to your unsuspecting cousin).

Dear [Name of Guest],

Thank you so much for the [name the item]. What a unique and creative gift—we appreciate your generosity. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the wedding.

Thank you for thinking of us!


[Your names] 

8. Thank-You Card Wording for Vendors

Your team of wedding pros deserve love too. You may want to consider sending them a vendor thank-you gift, especially if they went above and beyond on your big day. But at the very least, it’s recommended to give your vendors a thank-you card.

You can prep these ahead of time and bring them to the wedding or plan to send them after the big day (that way, you can reference specific moments from the wedding in your note). Here’s how to thank them for their part in your wedding.

Dear [vendor name],

Thank you so much for playing such an integral role in our wedding day. Our floral arrangements turned out beautifully, and we’ve received so many compliments on the design and the colour scheme. It was such a pleasure working together, and we can’t thank you enough for making our big day so special. 

All the best,

[Your names] 

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