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How to accessorise the suit of the groom?

When we talk about wedding-day accessories, we’re usually referencing the bride-to-be. There’s a lot of work that goes into finalising a bride’s look—after finding the wedding dress, and she typically starts to think about shoes, all types of jewellery, nail polish, makeup, and hair. Simply put, it’s a big undertaking. Because there are so many decisions to be made in relation to the bride’s look, it’s easy to forget that the groom’s attire deserves a little extra love, too. There are plenty of ways he can upgrade his classic suit or tuxedo.

Let’s start with the accessories every groom needs to get in order: Dress shoes, socks, ties, and cuff links are among the most common details he’ll need, but they’re really just the basics. There are so many more ways he can personalise his look, including thoughtful boutonnières and on-palette bow ties or even family heirlooms and hats (how cool is this groom’s?). Ultimately, he should spend as much time (okay, nearly as much) curating his big-day ensemble as the bride should. The only difference is that all eyes will be on the bride when the big day arrives.

Even if his big-day attire probably won’t get as much attention as the bride’s, the groom’s accessories shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. To help him to find a few cool, thoughtful add-ons, we went ahead and rounded up some of the best ideas we’ve ever seen worn by grooms on their wedding days. Click through to discover the coolest accessories your groom never knew he needed.

Saying “I do” at Cosmopolitan events is an elegant and luxurious affair.

Here’s how to take your groom’s attire to the next level

Tack on a tie

Unless you’re going for a trendier, more casual take on groom attire, you’re probably planning on sporting a tie on your wedding day. Well, you don’t have to go with the classic windsor knot – there are plenty of funkier options out there! Skinny ties, standard bow ties, western bow ties and even neckerchiefs can be made wedding-worthy. These come in pretty much every colour and print under the sun, so don’t be afraid to try something a little bolder than plain ‘ol black.

Silk, satin, wool or knit. Necktie or bow tie. Whatever look the groom’s going for, from black tie formal to city hall casual, there’s a tie to match. And lots of them: The 60-plus choices from The Black Tux range from summary seersucker to sleek navy silk and everything in between. We’re partial to the bow tie with a fun sunglasses motif. (Pro tip: Carry the theme over to the groomsmen gifts by giving each one a pair of shades.)

The choice of patterns, materials and knots means that the right necktie will fit any wedding you’re planning – from the traditional to the casual.

The knot you tie on the day you ‘tie the knot’ should fit the formality of the event. “A classic go-to is the Windsor knot. Sure, you can get creative and try something like a Truelove Knot, but there’s a reason why the Windsor survived decades of trends. It always looks fantastic.”

Necktie Know-how

“Your wedding is meant to reflect you and your partner’s personality. It should tell your story through dress and decor, food and drinks and even the entertainment you choose all without you having to say a word. This doesn’t mean an outgoing personality should have crazy colours.

It’s not about being matchy-matchy but rather finding colours and patterns that coordinate with the ceremony. Purchase your tie, and those of your groomsmen, in advance and check with your partner to see if the colour matches with her ideas.

Just because the bridal party is wearing blush pink doesn’t mean you need a solid-colour blush pink tie. Instead, wear a darker shade in the same colour story but not an exact match. If you’re after a more casual look, opt for a patterned tie with shades of pink that coordinate and join you with the bridal party.”

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A Blue Silk Tie

Having a vintage-inspired wedding? Ted Baker London’s jacquard silk tie will give your groom a bit of retro flair. We love the blue pattern featured here, but it also comes in a just-as-adorable deep red. Suffice it to say, and both will look awesome for a summer wedding.

Add a pocket square

The right pocket square can take any jacket to a new level of dapper, be that a tuxedo or a crushed velvet blazer. Remember to choose a handkerchief that matches the colour scheme of your big day and the rest of your ensemble (you want everything to mesh well). If you want yours to make a splash, try going for a bright colour or fun pattern – that’ll draw everyone’s eyes to you and set you apart from your groomsmen and other guests.

Besides his tie, the easiest way for grooms to get a little colour with their wedding day ensembles is with a crisp, smart pocket square. Go light, dark, or all-out quirky—the only rule for this must-have accessory is that it be expertly folded (here’s your how-to). We’re especially loving the fun banana leaf and champagne bottle versions from the Ovadia & Sons collaboration.

Gitman Bro.’s paisley neat pocket square will make a subtle wedding-day statement. It would look amazing with a classic black suit—after all, that whole not mixing black and the navy rule is so passé. If you’re throwing a more casual wedding, however, your groom can go for a little colour blocking and pair this pocket square with a colourful green or light blue suit.

Pin a buttonhole to your lapel

A buttonhole, also known as a boutonniere, is an itty bitty floral arrangement that is tacked onto the lapel of a suit jacket. Typically, the same style of a buttonhole is worn by the groom and his groomsmen, so you may want to make yours stand out a little with an extra accessory. From family heirlooms to origami cranes, just about anything can be worked into your boutonniere, so get creative. Find something sentimental and stylish – like this one inspired by Lord of the Rings – and go with it.

Find some cool cufflinks

Cufflinks may be the smallest accessory of the bunch, but the right ones can pack quite a punch. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from simple bejewelled circles to Stormtroopers, so you can really express yourself with them. Because they’re such a tiny addition, your ensemble will look still sleek and smart even if you’ve got a pair of Star Wars characters fastened to your wrists.

For such a small accessory, cufflinks and button studs can pack a big punch. Is your guy an audiophile? Turn him on to dance-floor-ready vinyl record cufflinks. Or go for refined simplicity with dazzling gold or silver squares. And for those guys who haven’t yet tired of hearing the phrase “tie the knot,” a pair of knotted metal links should do the trick.

Buckle on a belt (or strap on suspenders)

If you’re getting your suit handcrafted, you probably won’t need a belt, but you may want one, anyway. Why? Because a sleek leather belt or a pair of suspenders could be that extra somethin’ that takes your look from meh to hell yes. If you don’t want to go for an exaggerated buckle or wild print, you can always make it a touch more sentimental by having your wedding date or a short message stitched onto the inside.

A Quality Leather Belt: Your marriage will last forever, and so will this belt. Made of saddle-grade leather in the USA, this piece will last the groom long past the wedding. An investment worth making!

Put on some fancy footwear

Speaking of shoes, you’ll want to look like you’re ready for the runway from your head right down to your toes, so don’t forget to find a killer pair of kicks to finish off your look. Yes, you could go for oxfords or brogues, but those are definitely aren’t the only options open to you. Sneakers, chelsea boots even Doc Martens could work – it all depends on your wedding theme, venue and personality.

Barefoot weddings might be a thing, but unless you’re getting married with your toes in the sand, we’ll stick with shoes, thank you very much. Pick from classic brown and black lace-ups or even elegant patent-and-calf-leather oxfords. And if the groom is really fashion-forward, he can kick back in these velvet slip-ons (smoking jacket not required).

Hunt down a pair of stylish socks

Yes, you could just slip on a pair of plain black or white socks and call it a day, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, we suggest playing around with colours and patterns. Remember, your socks will probably be hidden by your trousers and shoes, so nothing is off-limits.

Printed Socks

These top hat and monocle socks from Soxfords are perfect for the dapper groom and groomsmen. How cute would they look for your groom’s obligatory patterned-sock photo? They’re just the right amount of fun, and at $24, they’re probably the least expensive purchase he’ll make for the wedding!

How To Choose Your Bow Tie?

Are you the guy who wears a tie to work every day? Maybe a bow tie will give you an extra boost of confidence and style on your wedding day.

  • The more casual a wedding – the more creative your bowtie can be.
  • “Letting groomsmen wear bow ties that showcase their individuality is a popular trend. Make sure you (and the bride) approve their choices before anyone purchases anything. You chose your guys because of their personality, why not let them express what makes them special?”
  • “Don’t forget options as wooden bow ties exist. The texture and natural colour of the wood add another dimension to your final look and work well for more laid-back events.”
  • The end of the bow tie should not extend past your ears, and should not be narrower than the outer point of your eyes.
  •  Pre-tied or a self-tying bow tie. The choice is yours. Just remember to practice before the day if you opt to self-tie.

Bow Ties

Bow ties are less common than neckties and set you apart from the crowd. “Pulling in a fun bow tie with similar but not matchy-matchy colours to those of the bridal party is a unique way to elevate your look and still maintain cohesion.”

There are also some situations where a bow tie is mandatory. “If you’re in a pleated shirt – wear a bow tie. Pleated shirts are reserved for formal situations and designed to be worn with button studs. A necktie would hide the studs and defeat the point of the shirt.”

Another situation is if you’re in a tuxedo. You do have options with a tux, but typically wearing one means the event is formal and may even have a dress code. Black tie means a black bow tie is required. “If you do forgo tradition and wear a tie with your tuxedo, choose a solid-coloured black silk tie.”

A Reversible Bow Tie

Regardless of what side he’ll wear for the big day, this double-duty bow tie is cool from all angles. He’ll get two-times the wear, and it’s practical for all times of the year! Show off the blue cotton gingham in the spring and summer, and go classic in red silk polka dot in the fall and winter.

Pocket Watches & Watches

If the ceremony is taking a bit too long, you can’t pull out your phone and check the time or play a quick game of Candy Crush. The same is true for the groomsmen. If you’re not already wearing a watch, your wedding is the ideal time to invest in one.

“A gentleman’s watch is practical and makes a stunning addition to the groom’s look.” For a more dapper option, consider a pocket watch. “Pocket watches are another fun way to inject personality, style and a bit of old-world charm into the wedding party. Gifting matching ones to your groomsmen isn’t a bad idea either.”

Finding The Right Watch

“It’s important that any jewellery you wear coordinates with the bride. Think of this as the first step you will make toward coordination and compromise as a married couple. And it’s something you’ll be glad you took the time to do when you see the wedding photos.”

Wear a silver-tone timepiece if the bride is wearing silver or white gold and wear a gold-tone watch if she’s wearing gold. “Also consider the style of her jewellery. Is she going for a classic look with simple pearls, perhaps? If so, make sure the watch you choose is equally understated.”

Your Face

Okay, we know that ‘face’ isn’t the first thing you’d expect to see on a list of suit accessories, but let’s be honest… it’s important. “Your wedding is not the time to try something new or go for a wild, unkempt look. The goal is to look like an elevated version of yourself.

Taking the time to look after your skin is key to feeling your best. Tidying up the edges of your beard or having a fresh shave will do more than just look good… you’ll feel better too.”

What to do?

Whether it’s a beard to make every lumberjack jealous, a dapper moustache or a clean shave, the key is to make a plan. “Don’t use your trimmer for the first time on the morning of your wedding or attempt a new style you saw on social media. If you’re going to try something by yourself, make sure you’ve practised, and your partner likes the result! The last thing you want is to have your bride not recognise the man at the altar.”

The same goes for a good shave. While you don’t have to practice in advance (hopefully it isn’t your first shave), you do have to properly prepare your skin with a warm shower and make sure your products are ready for the task.

Whether you’re standing alone at the altar or you’ve got your best mates next to you, the guidelines for looking your best still apply. You want to make sure they look as good as you do or at least pretty close.

Details, Details

Beyond the essentials, also offer all odds and ends needed to round out the groom’s outfit: leather belts, stylish suspenders, elegant tie clips and more. Add one, or add all. Then just sit back and relax, because the groom’s entire look—suit, shoes and accessories—will be shipped to his door faster than either of you can say “I do.”

“It’s always easier if a groom and his groomsmen use the same company to buy their tailored suits from, this alleviates the problem of ‘matching’ and allows you to be cohesive. The same is true with the extra touches – find a company you like and shop amongst their selection.”

And lastly, “Your bride has a lot to do – help her out by dressing yourself.” You’ve now got the know-how and confidence to do just that.

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