Top 20 Google Ads Agencies in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Oacdigital Melbourne

1300 188 088

As a leading digital marketing agency, our initial consultation is thorough and helps our digital experts understand your business, your target market and the challenges you are facing. We then build an effective digital marketing solution to drive more leads.

We are an endorsed google premier partner with the world's leading brands, so you can rest assured when we deploy your digital marketing strategy that your business will be engaging with your chosen target market, which focuses on winning more clients.

Our 24/7 Live Campaign Reporting is Transparent, showing exactly how your campaigns are performing, with detailed insights on how your customers are engaging with your business so you can close more sales.

Digital Autopilot Melbourne

1300 741 145

Expert Google Ads Management In Melbourne

Google Ads (previously AdWords) is Google's pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system that enables you to bid on certain keywords for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results. You can set a campaign budget and only pay when people click on your ads. It also includes Google Shopping, Remarketing & Display Ads.

Google Ads is hands-down the single fastest strategy to get your site to the top of Google. That's because Google Ads dominates the top positions on each search results page. It means that if your campaign targets traffic that's relevant and ready-to-buy, high-quality leads will be coming in thick and fast.

Ppc Campaign Management That's Profitable & Results Driven

Unlike other marketing channels, Google Ads gives you full data access and detailed conversion analytics data. It means you can continuously optimise your campaigns to bring you more targeted traffic. But we also go further: we help you analyse your website and landing pages to maximise the chances of converting the traffic we bring you into leads and sales. And that means more profit for you.

More information can be found on our Principles page. But, in a nutshell, we're brutally honest, serious about ROI, and experts at what we do.

Multiply Digital Melbourne

1300 856 745

Better Google Ads management means better results immediately. Choose a Google Ads agency invested and incentivised by your success that focuses on the metrics that matter.

The Shortest Path To Leads And Sales

Google Ads is so useful, capturing attention from users showing intent to buy, that user is going to take any action - it's just whether it's with you or not.

However, it is costly, and the vast majority of businesses using Google Ads are wasting a lot of money. So, let us look under the hood of your account and show you how to increase your ROI.

Performance Google Advertising Agency

Are you looking for a Google Ads agency that can combine brand strategy with exceptional media buying?

We think the agency business model is flawed because fees pay for time spent, not results, and because in the realm of digital marketing, input does not always equal output.

The performance nature and partnership model we have evolved into here at Multiply was born out of wanting a better way to serve clients and achieve the best possible outcomes for them and us. We also wanted a model to invest more time into clients' campaigns, achieve amazing results, and be rewarded.

We do offer standard monthly campaigns. However, incentivised agreements, revenue share agreements, and assistance with the overall marketing strategy are how we operate with the majority of our client base, resulting in us only agreeing to work with clients we truly believe we can smash out of the park for.

Traffic Radius Melbourne

1300 870 901

We are a group of knowledgeable, imaginative, and skilled marketers and SEO specialists that were founded in 2006 and who are deeply committed to assisting our clients in achieving their objectives in digital marketing.

We are the company that companies all around Australia rely on to increase their online presence, from developing gorgeous websites and producing wonderful content to building trustworthy links and creating stylish social media campaigns.

Our roots in search combined with our deep expertise enable us to develop unique and creative digital campaigns to improve your visibility in the search engines. We helped to grow businesses across Australia with our proven digital marketing strategies.

We get fantastic results. While we increase revenue, many search marketing firms display stunning portfolios. Our approach works, as evidenced by over __ satisfied clients who have doubled their sales using our tried-and-true digital marketing strategies.

Blackbox Digital Melbourne

1300 8893 677

Blackbox Design and Digital were formed in 2005. We create bespoke digital strategies that help businesses grow in today's economy, a digital marketing agency with a difference. 

We create digital marketing campaigns that encourage change and create an impact. We work with businesses as their marketing partners and provide a strategy and implementation roadmap duly supported by our team of strategic digital marketers, campaign managers, graphic designers, and web designers.

Blackbox Digital is a collaborative team of Digital and Web Design specialists. We have decades of collective experience in SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, and Email and Content Marketing. 

Our combination of applied digital marketing intelligence, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads Management, Web development, and Email and Content Marketing, creates cut-through outcomes that achieve practical and measurable results.

Paid Media Strategies That Generate Leads

Google Ads or PPC can help build your online presence and generate new and exciting leads for your business.  If you want to be seen in Google for the keywords that matter most to your business and your industry, then Google Ads is the fastest way to do it. However, PPC will get you in the top three for customers looking for products and services just like yours.

It's been estimated that a staggering 64.6% of customers looking for products and services click on the paid ads featured in Google search results. That means it's more important than ever that your business appears in this crucial online advertising real estate. 

Advisable Melbourne

1300 812 447

We are a group of enthusiastic digital experts who sincerely care about our clients' success. Being your business partners, we assist you in capturing the online market and expanding your company there.

We help you engage with your customers at every stage of the journey, from the moment they search for your product or service to discovery, checkout, and beyond, using our industry knowledge and creative prowess. We never cut corners and are completely dedicated to achieving results.

Ignite Sales With A Google Ads Campaign

Want to reach more customers online? Google Ads is the way to do it. With billions of searches conducted every day, it's no surprise that Google is the place to advertise if you want to drive traffic to your website and turn those visitors into revenue.

Google AdWords is a true force multiplier for business expansion, but only if you partner with the proper agency. We can help you outperform the competition and increase your online sales thanks to our enthusiastic team of digital marketing specialists and more than a decade of experience managing AdWords.

Predikkta Melbourne

03 9388 0008

We sit at the intersection of business and digital technology to help clients improve their online performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

We make decisions based on what is best for our clients and their digital future. Adopting a data-driven analytical approach, we test the foundations of your current methodology and identify short term and long term opportunities. Our methodology uses proprietary software founded in Discrete Choice Modelling.

Google Ads Certified Partner

 For them, a successful PPC campaign helps your business stand above your competition, expanding market reach with a lower cost per click.

They're gentle enough to sensitively work with new clients taking their first cautious steps into the world of paid search, but rugged enough not to wilt when taking over existing campaigns that require intense work to improve lacklustre performance and an unhealthy ROI.

They will spend time studying your business values, demographics, and unique challenges, which will allow them to craft a pay-per-click campaign that matches your business objectives and identity.

Sixgun Melbourne

1300 127 361

 We have a solid reputation for providing excellent client service, results, and knowledge. SIXGUN focuses on developing strong website foundations for powerful digital marketing results since it is driven by the goal to offer a better digital marketing experience than what was already on the market. We strive for the best outcomes without sacrificing your consumers' experience, and marketing may be seamless.

Your Success Is Our Success

An agency that isn't stuck in the past is necessary given the dynamic nature of the digital world. The search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics that were effective in 2008 are no longer effective. SIXGUN doesn't just strive to trick Google for quick results; it also focuses on developing your brand. SIXGUN meticulously designs programmes that steadily expand your company and website while delivering long-term results for companies in almost every sector of business.

Our approach focuses on building relationships with our clients. We take the time to learn about your industry and your ambitions for the future to plan the perfect strategy. No two businesses are the same, so we don't follow a template and ensure that everything we do is unique to your website. It means high-quality content, comprehensive website audits and technical improvements, social media strategies, and Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram marketing campaigns.

Emote Melbourne

03 9855 2304

Emote's driving force is our team. We're a close-knit group of talented people who have a strong passion for our specialities and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Each of us brings our own set of skills and passion for what we do. Because, in the end, what distinguishes us is how much we care.

To emote is to communicate. Our clientele respond profoundly to all we do. Joy, passion, wonder, satisfaction, and excitement. The outcomes go beyond simple numbers. They have feelings. These responses help retain our clients' attention and influence their decision to work with us repeatedly.

Live Reporting Dashboard

With clean statistics based on your goals and metrics and no filler, you can monitor the progress of your marketing and outcomes in real time. All of our clients have access to 24/7 Live Reporting thanks to the strength of Google Data Studio's dashboards. They offer accurate data and a real-time view of your success from all of your reporting and analytics sources. In addition, our experts and account managers add monthly commentary and insights to keep you across the data you need to know about. Speak to us today if you would like a dashboard set up for your marketing team.

First Move Melbourne

First Move Digital is an Australian digital marketing agency founded by two eCommerce enthusiasts. In just four years, the team has grown to over seventy members. As an agency, we take pride in collaborating to figure out how to give your brand the best possible advantage. We're a tight-knit group that genuinely cares about the companies we work with. We're inspired by their outcomes and want to help you achieve yours.


We're on a mission to change the way agencies collaborate with brands by bringing honesty, integrity, dependability, and respect into the digital space. We're a down-to-earth full-service digital marketing agency where you can talk to someone in person or even come into the office to observe how we operate. Since our inception in 2018, we've turned countless businesses into success stories thanks to our personalised approach. In our experience, our talented team can make any dream a reality.

BSO Digital Melbourne

1300 884 865

Discovery & Onboarding

The first step in our Google AdWords management process is a one-hour virtual or in-person meeting. Conversion points, target audiences, competitors, locations, keywords, budgets, and channels are all determined during this time. BSO Digital will need access to your website and any other connected platforms in order to ingest shopping feeds, track conversions, and give the greatest Advertising experience possible.

During this meeting, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager. It means you won't need to run around, chasing after different departments. Instead, our project manager will handle all your needs and requests. Finally, we will establish a timeline and delivery date based on your requirements.

Salt and Fuessel Melbourne

1300 745 796

We are your digital partner, bringing you more customers at the lowest possible cost by combining exceptional user experience with the best marketing channels.

Sem Agency Melbourne

We provide our clients with an average ROI of over 10x through result-driven AdWords advertising. Where your customers are will be where our adverts appear. Convert your ideal customers with the help of skilled ad targeting. not only browsers, but buyers Each click has a cost. 

Reload Media Melbourne

1300 714 146

We Focus On What Matters To You

At Reload Media, we believe that our company values allow us to deliver an unrivalled level of service to your business. For us, it's about building long-lasting working partnerships that see us become an extension of your team.

Helping Businesses In Melbourne

Working side by side with our clients, the Reload team will ensure you're across the success of your campaign and provide you with ongoing recommendations that will help you achieve the results that matter to you.

Pixelstorm Melbourne

03 9069 2631


You're in it for the long haul with your business. We will be, too. We are strong advocates of community, shown through our digital education programs.

We strongly support the local community in Richmond and the local council. Often seen giving education seminars or sponsorship to local businesses, we give back as much as possible, assisting three charities per year.

Am I Tired Of Not Being #1 On Google?

SEO is great, but it takes time, and you don't have direct control over where and how your website appears in results. Think of pay-per-click advertising as your fast-pass ticket to the top. The only trouble is, it's not the easiest vehicle to manage.

Local Web Solutions Melbourne

1300 853 704

Why Google Adwords?

Google earned approximately $80 billion in advertising revenue in 2016; this fact alone indicates that many people use Google Advertising and that Adwords is highly effective.

If you're like most people, it will take you some time to remember the last time you used anything other than Google to look up a product or a service you wanted. Right? Well, that's also the case with most of your customers. So when looking for a product or a service, they look up Google. And the first thing they see there are Google Ads.

Because Google Adwords provides your company with unmatched visibility, it is well understood that investing in it will pay dividends. Imagine getting more leads than you can handle without needing any "lead generator" – that's Google Adwords for you.

Platinum Digital Melbourne

1300 621 683

Platinum SEO is a search engine optimisation company that sets the standard for innovation and excellence. We live and breathe SEO, and we have a core team of six people dedicated to providing you with the best possible SEO results for your company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a better brand through our digital expertise. We will work together with you from the very beginning of the SEO process to the end to ensure your website ranks highly in all the most important search engines.

We're passionate about your success and will use our considerable expertise and SEO techniques to deliver you a top ranking. Your success is our passion at Platinum SEO.

Adwords Management Agency Melbourne

You'll probably have noticed that when searching for something on Google, a list of sponsored searches and ads come up on the top 3 lists, attracting almost half of the total clicks on the page. Through Google AdWords Management, a business can profit $3.10 for every $1.70 spent on Google Ads. If you have done the right job for Google Ads, your business will get an exceptional result of what you have spent. It is one of the fastest ways to generate more leads and sales for any business through online marketing.

  • Use keywords strategically. Keyword choice and placement are slightly different with Google Ads than with a blog post or web copy. 
  • Keep your copy concise and specific. Users who click on ads are looking for something very specific. 
  • Always include a call to action.

Headline. People are most likely to notice your headline text, so consider including words people may have entered in their Google search. Your text ad consists of three headlines to enter up to 30 characters each to promote your product or service.

  • Include Keywords. 
  • Ask Questions. 
  • Solve Prospects' Problems. 
  • Add a Little Humor.
  • Include Numbers or Statistics. 
  • Think Carefully About User Intent. 
  • Use Empathy. 
  • Use Simple Language.

The paid ads are those that appear at the top of your screen. They are premium, after all. The block of text in these ads is the Ad Copy. An example of Google Ads Ad Copy. Many professional PPC campaign managers often advise their clients to write three copy versions.

The "Converted clicks" column shows you the number of Google Ads ad clicks resulting in one or more conversions within your chosen conversion window.

Are you looking to hire an agency to help you run your Google Ads campaign? Check out our list of the top 20 agencies in Melbourne, Victoria! We've curated this list based on factors such as experience, client feedback, and awards won. It is a great place to start searching for the perfect partner to help you reach your business goals. Happy hunting!

Ultimate List of Google Ads Agencies in Melbourne, Victoria

The Compilator Melbourne

03 8580 2444

Fast-growing, creative-first agency The Compilator specialises in paid media (Google Ads, Social Media & Programmatic Media). We build programmes that will increase your revenue by combining all of your paid media platforms.

Aussies Who Go Above And Beyond To Deliver Results For You.

In Melbourne, we have a team of videographers, copywriters, designers, analytic specialists, and account managers. We provide a wide range of services and complex solutions due to our diverse skill set and up-to-date knowledge.

Generate More Leads

Reaching the top spot of search results is no great mystery, but it doesn't come easy. However, with razor-sharp Google Ads management, all businesses can take the lead faster than you might expect, and ultimately the wrong choice of agency can not only stall your growth but cost you a fortune. For instant cut through and results you can see, choose an SEM agency that knows its way around Google.

With PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, you only pay for the clicks you want from the customers searching for you. After all, why should you pay for a lead that won't convert?

Webmasters Group Melbourne

1300 8574 75

The Webmasters Group has a highly experienced and creative crew of professionals. The Webmasters Group digital agency is a company based in Melbourne. The quality of the work is never compromised, and the work offered by Webmasters Group is one of the most cost-effective in the market. The Webmasters Group is devoted to providing the customers with standard products and the latest technologies that can keep in line with the ever-increasing requirements of the market. In addition, we provide an attractive and most convincing website to enhance customers marketing goals.

We specialise in all the fields equally and provide excellent output. We fully conceptualise client vision and transform them into a compelling website with future-focused creative thinking.

 Our remarkable, talented and passionate team is committed to creating excellent interactive experiences while designing executing any work. 

The Webmasters Group all-around technocrats are involved in development and design, E-Commerce Solutions, App development, SEO, SEM, video production, social media marketing, graphic and multimedia solutions and many more. We have extended our hands across the world to provide World Class solutions to clients in diverse fields.

Veritas Digital Melbourne

03 9917 4398

Veritas was founded in 2017 by a group of digital marketers fed up with the status quo. They recognised a massive gap in the market among digital marketing agencies after working both agency and client-side and building a portfolio of their businesses.

The effects of overselling and underdelivering agencies forcing clients to sign 3, 6, and 12-month contracts with little assurance of progress or results were felt directly, and enough was enough. The start of Veritas Digital.

We believe a change is coming in terms of how agencies conduct themselves. Clients don't want vague guarantees, Account Managers that you can't reach, and evasive descriptions of what their agency has done with their money each month. 

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