30+ Best Business Accountants & Bookkeepers in Richmond, Melbourne [2022]

As a business owner, there are plenty of things demanding your time and money. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. Choosing where to invest your often-limited resources is a never-ending problem.

Individuals are not required by law to keep financial books and records (businesses are), but not doing this can be a costly mistake from a financial and tax perspective.

 Your bank account and credit card statements may be wrong, and you may not discover this until it’s too late to make corrections. You may forget to pay a bill and hurt your credit score. You may have no clue about allocating income to saving and investing. Or you may overlook expenses that could provide some tax benefits. So keeping track of your finances makes sense.

On the hunt of business accountants & bookkeepers in Melbourne? Finding the right accountants and bookkeepers can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many companies, options, and prices out there to consider.

So, finding accountants and bookkeepers that offers supreme service and a carefully curated selection of professionals is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your accountant and bookkeeper hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite business accountants & bookkeepers from right across Melbourne.

Ultimate List of Business Accountants & Bookkeepers in Richmond


Bookkept – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 8568 3606

Bookkept are CPA qualified accountants and business advisors that provide quality professional accounting & business advisory to small & medium business clients. 

We take care of small business compliance, bookkeeping & ATO issues. We’re specialists on Xero/MYOB & payroll on the accounting side and help with business process and systems to ensure you have the capacity to grow your revenue.

Tax & Business Accounting Services

Your end of year tax returns & financials is an undervalued part of your tax year. We make sure your financials are completed on time & correctly, and we are able to do this because of the focus we put on your books. We’re a small team of Chartered Accountants focused on giving you peace of mind. We offer a wide range of interrelated accounting and taxation services. With our end-to-end service you’ll never worry about things falling through the cracks between your bookkeeper and accountant.

Personal Tax Returns

Experienced & knowledgeable in income tax, we complete tax returns for individuals & business owners. Our returns start from $79 with the guarantee that we maximize your allowable deductions. Bookkept Bookkeepers & Tax Accountants look for ways to minimise your tax liability and maximise your deductions and will need certain information to help you with your tax return.

Bookkeeping & BAS Services

Bookkeeping is an essential element of every business and its importance is often overlooked. We are experts in Xero & MYOB who can train you, or take control so you can focus on what’s important. We are the “go-to” experts when you need Professional Bookkeepers in Victoria. Bookkept can handle all your Bookkeeping needs from payroll to BAS and everything in between. Expert BAS Agents, Bookkeepers & Accountants. Devising tailored strategies to help your business grow. Bookkept is a boutique accounting and bookkeeping firm in Melbourne that offers complete business solutions. We specialise in end to end accounting services, providing the services of our professional BAS agents and bookkeepers to ensure your finances are managed from start to finish. Our aim is to free your time to allow you to focus on running your business.

Bookkept is a cloud-based tax and business advisory firm located in Melbourne, servicing clients Australia wide. We offer a comprehensive range of accounting and business advisory services tailored to meet all accounting requirements across a wide range of industries.

We’re not just accountants, we’re business people too. We know what it takes to start a company and risk it all to build a successful business. Our experience navigating the business world began with our own involvement in respective family businesses and grew through over 15 years of combined experience in the tax and business services landscape.

Cliché as it may sound, we are not your typical accounting firm. After working in various accounting firms with clunky software, cubicles and excessive middle management Daniel and Brendan came together with a clear vision of what a progressive accounting firm should look like. We’ve thrown out all of the stereotypes; timesheets, charge out rates and silly overheads to deliver innovative and actual value to our clients. Your typical accounting firm has all these things and then inadvertently passes these costs on to their clients through inflated bills that increase every year. We provide complete transparency when it comes to our fees. We charge for delivering a service, rather than running a clock.

Bookkept helps clients manage their cash-flow and delivers continuous value by providing high-level visibility on business performance. Besides handling tax and bookkeeping matters, we provide true value to our clients by guiding them through their financial reports, enabling them to better understand how to control their growth and take opportunities further and higher. We keep in touch with our clients on a regular basis to ensure they are on top of their taxes rather than meeting with them once a year to discuss a big tax bill for a tax period that ended 9 months prior.

We walk our clients through the many accounting processes within their business structure and provide guidance and insights on tax planning and asset protection. We call this ‘future proofing’.

There is no greater thrill for us than when our clients hit and/or smash their goals out of the park! We are dedicated to creating innovative and bespoke accounting solutions for our clients using a suite of cloud-based products to achieve customised birds-eye view of their business and how it is performing. We practice what we preach too, our office is completely paperless and cloud-based – we don’t even have a printer!

Our ability to pivot and problem solve sets us apart from our competition and empowers our clients to unleash their full potential.

Hillyer Riches – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9571 5333

Based in Caulfield East, Hillyer Riches is a friendly dedicated team of qualified accountants, business advisers and mentors for family-owned businesses.

With over 30 years of experience we don’t just talk about theory, we give practical advice that helps you achieve real results.

Whether you’re a startup with an innovative concept, establishing a new company, growing or consolidating your business, maximising your superannuation, or seeking the right advice about how to protect your investments, Hillyer Riches gives you an advantage.

Our accountants are trained experts in cloud accounting solutions and are able to provide advice and guidance on the adoption of the right technology to suit your business. As a partner with MYOB, Quickbooks & XERO, Hillyer Riches is able to review your needs and select the system that suits you best.

About Hillyer Riches

Good Accounting Is A Game Changer Because It’s Not Just About The Numbers, It’s About Helping You Manage The Performance Of Your Business.

A team of highly specialised tax accountants within a firm established over 3 decades ago, we offer quality accounting consultation in the Melbourne area. Learn more about us.

We’re Great At The High-Level Conceptual Stuff As Well As The Detail.

If you want us to, we’ll help you turn your vision into a finely honed plan. We enjoy brainstorming with you, scribbling down notes and coming back to you with a practical concept map of how to get to your goal.

We Know How To Run Our Own Business So We Can Help You With Yours.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years. Our experience growing our business means we don’t just talk about theory, we give practical advice that helps you achieve real results.

We’re Accountants. We Get Finances And Numbers.

We can read a balance sheet and P&L like a conductor reads a musical score. We can spot the core health of a business, knowing where the cash has gone and how it should be used.

We Help You Get Your Business Model Right.

If you’re an early-stage investor, just starting your business from scratch or growing it to something great, our senior partners will learn what makes your business unique and help you manage cash flow and costs, learn business disciplines and avoid costly mistakes.

We’re Part Of Your Team.

We are a proactive accounting firm. We learn your needs and share your objectives. We’re dedicated to helping you grow and developing your business throughout the year. We’re always at the end of the phone and are happy to catch up over a coffee and a spreadsheet at any time.

We Help You Through The Tax And Regulatory Maze.

While tax and compliance may not be your highest day-to-day priority, neglecting them can create costly problems down the track. We find the right tax strategy (concessions and exemptions) so that your journey to business success is smooth and smart. Support from our specialists helps you start right and keep things right without the stress of uncertainty or burden of doing it all yourself.

Hillyer Riches is a team of specialists with a real interest in your business. If that sounds like the kind of accountants you need, it’s time to take us up on a free consultation.

EWM – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


03 9568 5444

As specialist taxation and advisory firm, we don’t force round pegs into square holes. We build our procedures to fit your firms with specific requirements. Like to receive files by Dropbox®? We can do that. Prefer to get old- fashioned correspondence by mail? Need bookkeeping or just payroll help in addition to accounting services? We can help. Need finance advice as well? Not a problem. We will develop a service process that’s appropriate for your needs.


EWM Accountants can deliver you the financial information you want, right when you need it.


EWM Accountants can ease tax issues because we understand it. We take pride in delivering relevant and valuable tax advice.


We provide a full range of bookkeeping services to give you more time to do the things you enjoy.


SMSFs are a very powerful retirement planning vehicle that allows you greater flexibility and control over savings and investments.


At EWM Accountants, we view Audits not as an overhead or a necessary evil but rather as a great opportunity to review your business.


We can find you the most affordable and effective finance and insurance options to suit your needs.


EWM Accountants offer a full suite of services to assist you in buying and selling businesses, or to just keep your business on track.


EWM Accountants is focused on helping you grow your wealth.


Assigning your payroll to EWM Accountants allows you to focus on what you do best by saving you time and money.


EWM Accountants can provide sensible advice on structuring your personal financial needs and requirements to meet your retirement plans.


Our Virtual Chief Financial Officer service can help your business succeed by freeing up yourself and your team to grow the business rather than get tied down in internal administration

EWM Accountants and Business Advisors are Chartered Accountants helping small business with their accounting, bookkeeping and taxation needs. Established more than 30 years ago, we are experts in helping small business and specialise in construction, investment, medical, dental and manufacturing industries. Based on busy Oakleigh in Melbourne, the firm is made up of a group of expert accountants who bring a wealth of experience to help fulfil our vision.

Our Vision

To be the only accounting and taxation small business advisory firm our clients need to help them recognise the potential in their present and to shape their future.

Our Mission

To help families turn their enterprises into new era businesses and succeed in the next decade and beyond. Every day we assist our clients on their path to success – they pick their path and we assist them on the way. Our clients define for themselves what success is and we partner with them on their journey and take immense pride in their achievements.

BYO Group – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


0402 100 422

Why BYO Group is the right choice for you

  • We’ve been in business for over a decade and have a wealth of experience to draw from
  • We have experienced industry leaders and career professionals
  • We build a close working relationship and get to know your business to help save you time and money
  • We tailor our services to your needs to ensure your business priorities are taken care of
  • You are assigned a dedicated account manager to look after your business
  • Dedicated account managers personally oversee all client work to ensure a close connection with your business
  • BYO Group is a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and is a registered BAS agent
  • We are a Xero Gold Champion partner

Bookkeeping Made Easy!

Businesses need bookkeeping services now more than ever with the advancements in new technology and automation, making it more complicated for owners and managers to do the books and everything else besides. Bookkeeping involves daily tasks that include sending invoices, making sure the company’s payroll data entry is accurate, and paying the bills on time. Bookkeepers also track and reconcile company expenses, and ensure essential legal and reporting protocol is not forgotten. Complying with the requirements of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is crucial, or your business could quickly end up in a fairly tight spot. A bookkeeper can make sure you are compliant with ATO and other statutory obligations and can handle all these hoops and hurdles with ease, so you can get on with growing your business.

How We Work

Online or outsourced bookkeeping services help small businesses manage their books, payroll, tax obligations and other legal requirements. A virtual or online bookkeeping arrangement or outsourcing can be beneficial to both the business and the bookkeeper in terms of flexibility and cost. At BYO group, we provide every bookkeeping service for different business needs, including the basics of accounts payable, EOFY reviews before completing your tax return, processing Superannuation Guarantee Contributions, setting up new employee data, bank account reconciliation, preparing accurate financial reports and much, much more.

At BYO, our experienced team of bookkeepers provide a full range of services, from basic payroll outsourcing and accounting to quarterly, half-yearly and yearly reviews of your business. We assist businesses with:

  • Analytics and consulting 
  • Integrations
  • Training
  • Conversions 

BYO Group is experienced, industry leaders and career professionals. We are actively involved in the bookkeeping industry and professional organisations and strive to keep abreast of the rapid technology developments so that we can best advise you the business owner. We are dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of our evolving industry.

BYO Group team sees building a great working relationship with you the business owner and your key staff as crucial to your success and our service to you. We pride ourselves on maintaining clear communication channels and connection to you while offering support in the ways you need it.

We provide effective services that are tailored to your needs. We work with you to assist with your business priorities and customise our services accordingly. You are assigned a dedicated account manager as your principal liaison with BYO Group. We also have a team of enthusiastic professionals to back you up. Diane McCaffrey, BYO Group founder, oversees all client work to maintain a connection with each business.

About BYO Group

BYO Books was originally established as a sole trader operation in 2006, expanded into a team operation in 2009 and now operates as a dynamic organisation throughout Australia and internationally.

BYO Group is committed to providing support and education to help the business owner do what they love doing and what they are best at. We aim to stay current and continually move forward as our industry and the needs of business evolve.

We offer a wide variety of services beyond the basics of bookkeeping. The team’s wealth of experience ensures that we bring depth and breadth of knowledge to your business. The BYO Group network is constantly expanding and changing and we are able to facilitate connections between business professionals.

BYO Group has a great working relationship with many accountants and tax agents and we are happy to communicate directly with these professionals when required.

BYO Group is a Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and is a registered BAS Agent (#25449710) and a Xero Gold Champion Partner.

BWA – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


+61 (03) 9510 2356


Preparation of financial statements provides clients with a key reporting tool to measure profit, net income and Investment return.

For businesses, professionals and investors our team can assist with the preparation of Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Financial Statements.

We can also assist with the preparation of Budgets & Cashflow planning.

BWA offers Directors a complete service to assist with all Corporate Secretarial requirements and ASIC compliance

BWA can deliver clear and insightful advice to clients to ensure their accounting is completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

BWA offers a tailored bookkeeping service based on your business or personal needs, ensuring efficiency, time effectiveness and accuracy.

Our bookkeepers are proficient in the latest cloud and desktop packages including Xero, MYOB and Quicken. We can provide these services at your premises or remotely from our office.

Bookkeeping services include:

  • Cashbook and chart of account set up
  • Transactional bookkeeping
  • Payroll services including superannuation guarantee obligations, Payroll Tax, Workcover and preparation of payment summaries
  • GST including Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and lodgement
  • Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable

Our team will provide you with up to date reporting so you can focus on running your business.

We have over 50 years of combined experience.

BWA is a leading boutique Accounting and Business Advisory firm based in inner-city Melbourne.

The dedicated BWA team aim to provide the highest quality Accounting & Taxation services to a diverse clientele including Businesses, Individuals and High Net Worth Family groups.

At BWA our mission is to work closely with our clients through their personal and business lifecycles assisting them in achieving their goals whilst acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

BWA has a select network of specialised providers that include mortgage brokers, lawyers, risk consultants and financial planners to ensure all of our clients’ business and personal needs are met.

HS Bookkeeping Service – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


1300 664 797

Is the ATO on your back for late lodgements?

Is your present bookkeeper missing in action?

Are you too busy working in your business to sort out your books?

Is your accountants bill too high as they spend a lot of time cleaning up your business books?

We specialise in fixing past bookkeeping problems and keeping you ATO compliant.

Managing your invoicing, bill payments and ATO obligations is easier when you have a professional bookkeeper working with your business.

At HS Bookkeeping Service Melbourne, we look after your books for you – leaving you to concentrate on building your business.

Call 1300 664 796 today. In just one FREE consultation, you’ll learn how we can work with you to increase your profits, improve your cash-flow and reduce your taxes.

For complete business success, your business needs your complete attention. So why waste valuable time trying to manage your bookkeeping?

At HS Bookkeeping Service Melbourne, we look after your books for you – leaving you to concentrate on building your business.

HS Bookkeeping Service is bookkeeping professionals, providing personalised bookkeeping services to clients across Melbourne.

No matter what industry you’re in, or what bookkeeping software you use, when you choose our experienced Melbourne bookkeeping specialists to work with you, we will help you grow your business.

Prompt response and on-time lodgement. Guaranteed. We’ll get you up-to-date fast and help you stay that way

Sunny Kaur and her team of local bookkeepers at HS Bookkeeping Service are more than just bookkeepers – they are the small business specialists you need to help take your business success to the next level.

Understanding, available

A team of skilled bookkeepers and registered BAS agents who understand your small business? Who are prepared to come to you on-or offsite, after hours and even on Saturdays? Who are never too busy to talk with you, answer your questions or respond to your emails?

Yes, because you and your business are the most important thing at HS Bookkeeping Service. We understand the specific pressures, small business owners, like your face. We can help find stress-free solutions to streamline your operational processes and help you find more time – and more profit. You are not an interruption to our work, you are our work.

Committed, experienced

That’s the point of difference Sunny Kaur is proud to highlight. As the co-owner of HS Bookkeeping Service, Sunny is committed to your small business success. Her partnership with husband Harry Singh is both personal and professional. They have been delivering quality bookkeeping solutions to clients all across Melbourne since 2006.

As Sunny moves closer to completion of her Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification, the wealth of knowledge she delivers to all her bookkeeping and accounting clients continues to expand – a valuable bonus to the business-building services already on offer at HS Bookkeeping Service.

Effective, efficient

From setting a budget and sticking to it; to tracking every possible business-related expense and ensuring all your receipts are in order – effective bookkeeping from HS Bookkeeping Service helps you understand the numbers in your business and takes the headaches out of your accounting.

360 Accounting Services – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


1300 360 740

Let us look after the books, you take care of your business..

We provide training on accounting software, do your bookkeeping, payroll, BAS statements, PAYG and plan for the future as a virtual CFO. 

Your business is your passion, and your day to day focus. Our clients have more time to make the perfect coffee or find the perfect stock for their customers.

An innovative, contemporary and highly effective accounting and bookkeeping solution for your business.

At 360 Accounting Services, we believe in forming strong relationships with our clients. In fact, we prefer to view the client/service provider relationship more along the lines of a partnership. 

A business alliance that provides mutual benefit, respects the legitimate interests and needs of both parties and commits to a long term association based around complete trust and confidence. This is the best way to support our clients as they manage their businesses and plan for growth:

Based in Melbourne with plans to expand nationally

360 began supporting small business and providing a broad range of accounting services in 2014. It is led by its founder and key associates both of whom recruit, lead and mentor a team of small business accounting and bookkeeping experts.

Unique to 360 is our approach to supporting and training small business owners and their employees in the use of popular accounting systems. We are a formally recognised Xero partner and our principal accountants hold Xero Certified Advisor accreditation.

We understand that your expertise in business is not necessarily in bookkeeping and accounting and we know that your time is better invested in working on your business, your service, your products and your customer relationships – so leave that complex, time-consuming and distracting functional requirement to 360 Accounting Services!

We would be privileged to have the opportunity to discuss your accounting support requirements and tailor a suite of services and a customised fee structure that meets your needs.

AGI Bookkeeping – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9088 0252

We are bookkeeping and accounts professionals and have been making sure that our clients’ accounts are perfect for over 15 years. We are Melbourne’s foremost bookkeeping experts and have helped hundreds of large and small businesses solve their all their accounts problems. Our local Melbourne bookkeepers are experts in XERO/MYOB/Quickbooks/Reckon and all other popular accounts and bookkeeping software.

We are a very well-respected, highly-trusted bookkeeping and accounts solution-provider servicing the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. AGI Bookkeeping places a great priority on building long-lasting relationship whilst providing excellent and affordable accounts and bookkeeping solutions tailored especially for your business.

Your Small Business Bookkeeping Solution in Melbourne

AGI Bookkeeping is the experts at ensuring that your accounts are balanced, accurate and comply with all current legislative requirements. We especially ensure that your records are stored in compliance with the current legislation and that they reflect an accurate position of your business’s financial activities. Accurate record-keeping is legislated by State and Federal bodies and it is essential that they are stored as mandated by the government to avoid costly penalties. Australian legislation states that all businesses, big or small, must keep up-to-date-financial records, in case they are audited to ensure that they have paid all necessary taxes and levies.

We are a family run bookkeeping business that has grown to include offices around Australia in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra. We have been helping our clients grow since 2001. Being one of the leading Bookkeepers in Melbourne, we are offering a free consultation to every new client.

Bookkeeping Central – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


1300 855 764


We make bookkeeping a breeze. Completely stress-free and simple so that you can focus on what you love doing. Your life is about to become far less stressful as we are now proudly providing bookkeeping services in Melbourne and Sydney.


Software Add-Ons like Xero give small business access to powerful tools they could never have afforded in the past and offer a boost to your productivity. It’s the perfect bookkeeping solution for any business.


At Bookkeeping Central we want to see every business grow, so even if you are not quite ready to use our bookkeeping services, we can still help you get started. Ask about our Xero bookkeeping training today.


Do you need extra advice on growing your businesses? Maybe you just need the cash to make it happen. We can help with cash flow management, bank reconciliation, and data entry – Find out more here.


As Registered BAS Agents, Bookkeeping Central can help you navigate BAS, Payroll Tax, Superannuation, Modern Awards and HR Documentations.


If it’s time to fast track your business growth we can help through our strategic alliance with Web and Social Marketing expert partners

We love small and medium businesses at Bookkeeping Central. We know you are the heart and soul of the community. Mum’s and Dad’s trying to make a living for their families. Entrepreneurs looking to give their idea the spark to let it grow.

We are exactly the same. Bookkeeping Central is a family-based business providing expert bookkeeping services in Melbourne and Sydney with the bold spirit of entrepreneurism that we know makes this country great.

John and Darrell Cruse built Bookkeeping Central to help small businesses access quality and affordable accounting and bookkeeping services so they could run their business more effectively and efficiently.

SBG Accountants – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9629 6745

Looking to Grow Your Business?

Welcome to SBG Accountants & Business Advisors, an innovative accounting and business advisory firm that specializes in helping ambitious business owners.

You’ll find we do more than just ‘keep the score’ for our clients and it’s our services beyond tax returns and financial statements that distinguish us from other accounting firms. If you need assistance with your marketing including your branding, website, videos, digital publishing or social media strategies we have the skills to accelerate your growth.

Situated on the fringe of the Melbourne CBD, our clients span a wide range of industries and over time we have developed considerable expertise with franchises, the building trades, cafes and coffee shops, hotels, harness racing and the wedding industry. This industry knowledge could give you a serious competitive edge and our specialist services include self-managed superannuation and negative gearing.

Our clients are almost exclusively business owners who span the entire business life cycle, from start-up right through to sale. Having mentored hundreds of business owners through the start-up phase we have earned a reputation as business start-up specialists and developed a range of tools, templates and checklists to help fast track your business success. Our client brief includes helping you cut the time and cost associated with bookkeeping and tax compliance and we support a range of accounting software programs including cloud-based solutions like Xero. We believe, better quality records reduce our time and your costs so together we can spend more time working ON your business and your marketing.  

We view your tax return as the start of the client process, not the end and our strategic advice and practical business solutions are designed to help you build a more profitable, valuable and saleable business. No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team of accountants who are committed to ongoing professional development so you enjoy access to the best technical tax, accounting and marketing advice available. Here at SBG Accountants & Business Advisors (Southbank Business Group), you’ll experience a small firm personality with big firm capabilities.

If you’re an ambitious business owner looking to accelerate your business success we invite you to book a FREE, one-hour introductory consultation to discuss your needs. At that meeting, you’ll receive practical business, tax, marketing and financial advice that could have a profound effect on your future business profits. To book a time, contact us today on (03) 9629 6744 or complete your details in the box at the top of this page and we will contact you shortly.    

SBG Accountants & Business Advisors was established over 40 years ago to provide traditional accounting and taxation services to small business owners. Over the years we have responded to the needs of our clients and we now offer a complete range of accounting, taxation and business advisory services. In fact, we are now a full financial services firm that offers financial planning and wealth creation services through one of our affiliate partners.

Originally situated in the Southbank precinct, we relocated in 2009 to new offices in Market Street on the fringe of the Melbourne CBD. Courtesy of a high level of client referrals we are now categorised as a small to mid-sized accounting firm with around 10 staff. As such, we are large enough to handle highly technical tax and accounting issues and have developed specialist divisions within the firm including SMSF’s. At the same time, we are small enough to guarantee our clients personal service and immediate access to all our staff.

Our current Principal, Paul Dobson has led the firm since 1992 and during that time the practise has evolved from a compliance-based firm to a full financial services firm providing a broad range of services to business owners. We believe our client brief includes helping you grow your revenue, profits and business value. Of course, once you have worked hard to build a profitable business you also want to grow your wealth and protect your assets. For that reason, we have built a strategic alliance with a financial planning group and in 2009 we also formed an alliance with Chartered Accountants, Blaze Acumen to provide advice in relation to highly technical domestic and international tax matters and complex business structures. We also utilise their ‘Big 4’ style training methods and share some resources which assist us in dealing with different size clients.

The accounting landscape has changed and while we certainly offer the usual accounting, tax and compliance services you would expect from a city-based accounting firm, our real objective is to help you minimise the cost of compliance. We train you to use the most appropriate accounting software so we can complete your compliance work and tax returns on time and then focus on strategies to grow your business and your wealth.

Our typical client profile has also changed over the years. Initially small and micro business owners were our focus, however, we now service a number of medium and large size businesses as well. Technology has certainly shaped our client base as we now assist numerous clients from country Victoria and interstate locations. Our development and focus on niche services including business start-up advice and the establishment and maintenance of self-managed super funds have also been a big part of our expansion. In addition, we have also developed expertise in certain industries and have built a reputation as a specialist with real estate agents, franchises, the harness racing industry, medical practitioners and the various building trades including plumbers, electricians and carpenters.

Referrals remain the lifeblood of our business and we strive to earn your trust and ongoing referrals by delivering practical and proven strategies to solve business, taxation and financial problems. We strive to maintain the standards and professionalism that led to those recommendations and our dedicated team of accountants are committed to ongoing professional development so you enjoy access to the best technical tax and accounting advice available. No job is too big or too small and we adopt a hands-on approach with our clients including visiting your business premises whenever possible.

Our core values include expertise and confidentiality and if you’re looking for more than just basic accounting and tax compliance services from your accountant call us today on (03) 9629 6744. We are accessible, always return your calls and guarantee you personal service with a pro-active approach.

IZ Bookkeepers – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9110 1456

Bookkeeping Services Melbourne for IZ Bookkeepers

Welcome to IZ Bookkeepers Melbourne, a firm of qualified accountants providing bookkeeping services Melbourne wide. A boutique accounting firm located in Elsternwick, Victoria, IZ Bookkeepers has the experience and knowledge to assist businesses with core accountancy and bookkeeping services. With our team of experienced accountants and bookkeepers, we can resolve any bookkeeping problems your business may have and help you avoid costly errors.

Take your first step towards smarter financial management by contacting our Melbourne bookkeepers today.

Why Choose IZ Bookkeepers Melbourne?

When you’re trying to find a bookkeeper in Melbourne, it is important to choose a reliable firm that will provide you with the ongoing support that you need. Here at IZ Bookkeepers, we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service that is customised to suit your individual needs. When you partner with IZ Bookkeepers, confidentiality, integrity and professionalism are assured. Our dedicated accounting and bookkeeping team are committed to ongoing professional development so that you receive only the best technical accounting advice available. We’re passionate about helping you and your business succeed with our professional bookkeeping services.

Services We Offer

IZ Bookkeepers is proud to be a firm of qualified accountants providing Xero, MYOB, MYOB Essential and Quickbooks bookkeeping services Melbourne wide. You can rely on our bookkeepers to get the job done effectively and efficiently for your Melbourne business. We also understand that every business is different. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to suit all of your requirements. This includes bank and credit card reconciliation, BAS lodgement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, profit and loss statements, payroll, superannuation, budgets and cash flow. We provide the bookkeeping services that every Melbourne business needs to operate smoothly and successfully.

About Us

IZ Bookkeepers is a boutique bookkeeping firm, managed by a qualified accountant with close to three decades in the industry. Their experience ranges from large corporates to small business and everything in between.

We provide services on various platforms, including Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks, depending on your business’ needs and the current systems in place.

IZ Bookkeepers’ ability to provide quality service is derived from decades of knowledge and experience, assisting business’ from a multitude of industries throughout various lifecycles with their financial management.

We provide a tailored service to suit each business’ individual needs and understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Our team are committed to ongoing professional development, so you will rest assured that your business’ financials will meet current legislative requirements and that you will receive only the most accurate information.

Whilst we are a bookkeeping firm, our background allows us to provide higher-level services such as financial and management accounting and budgeting and forecasting, unlike most other bookkeeping service providers in the marketplace.

Should you require tax services and do not currently have a trusted accountant, or are looking for a change, we also work closely with a trusted Melbourne based accountant whom we would be happy to refer.

IZ Bookkeepers respects its clients’ confidentiality and provides services with integrity and professionalism.

We look forward to working with you.

Foresight Accounting – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9827 3401


We Guarantee To Effectively Integrate your Tax, your Wealth & your Finance Strategies for Growth or we will Refund Your Fees.

Our Malvern firm specialises in the following businesses & industries: business people, entrepreneurial ventures, property investors, medical professionals, tradesmen and hair/beauty salons.

We provide more than just tax services, but also international taxation, tax minimisation strategies, strategic business advice, wealth & property accumulation education, financial services, self-managed superannuation & bookkeeping services.

Based in Malvern we proudly service surrounding Melbourne suburbs including; Blackburn, Burwood, Box Hill, Caulfield, Carnegie, Glen Iris, Hawthorn, Prahran, Brighton, Camberwell, Mitcham, Toorak, Armadale, Nunawading, Windsor & Mentone.


Lawrie Carrozza began his own full-time accounting practice at the age of just 24.

Over the next 15 years, through word of mouth alone, his business flourished into a client base of over 1,300. At 40 years of age and travelling to many parts of the world, he re-discovered the future of accounting. With a team of some very rare individuals, he decided to reinvent Foresight.

Lawrie is not your stereotypical accountant, but one who thinks outside the box is enlightening and has an uncanny ability to find solutions to almost any financial, taxation, business, investment or accounting related matter. He is entrepreneurial and has owned a diverse group of businesses both nationally and internationally.

Any of his clients can provide testimony to his people skills and enhanced financial abilities.

His vision for Foresight Accountants is to change the accounting landscape by creating ideal financial integration for clients in all areas of their business & investment.


  • We are more than just accountants. We are the ideal synchronization of all areas of your financial spectrum
  • We truly care about our clients and look to build a strong, long-term personable relationship
  • Our fees are honest and itemised when we engage you as a client. We are very comprehensive with our charges so there are no surprises
  • Our priority is to provide great value for money
  • We communicate fluently with our clients, returning calls and responding to emails within a reasonable time
  • We are proactive and always look for ways to improve our client’s tax position, finances or business growth/profitability.
  • We don’t charge fees for queries and phone calls. Our goal is to encourage you to take advantage of our expertise so you can make informed decisions
  • We have truly magnificent joint venture partners such as Foresight Financial Planning, Foresight Finance & Finwizard Property & Wealth Strategies providing you with the ideal financial services network
  • We also have a great contact list of other business support service suppliers to fill the voids in your operational, financial or marketing strategies
  • We are an approachable, friendly and very social group of people. We often have one on one sessions with our clients over a coffee.

Small Business Works – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


1800 556 123

Welcome to Small Business Works, Small Business Accountants

At Small Business Works Accountants & Bookkeepers we offer a fully integrated range of Accounting and Financial products and services with a strong focus on helping business owners and individuals realise their business and personal goals. We put our clients’ needs first and we aim to work with you to make tax & finance a source of real stability and enjoyment rather than a hassle.


At Small Business Works we have a range of services tailored specifically for tradespeople; we can take care of your books, do your BAS, your Invoicing or handle POs, COCs and other paperwork.


We are passionate about tax! In all of our work, we push to get the very best possible outcome for our clients. We also do a lot of tax consulting.


We are specialist Accountants and Advisers to the Veterinary Industry, our services go well beyond the normal once a year returns and meeting. Three of our staff have actually run Veterinary Clinics and understand the issues you face every day.


Are you an IT consultant? Management Consultant? Most “consultants” or contractors face similar issues, PSI, keeping your records in as simple a method as possible, etc.


We love to import and wholesale businesses. Import duties, freight and logistics, pricing your stock accurately and sales/distribution channels are issues we deal with on a daily basis for clients.


We are specialist advisers to Dentists, particularly Dentists working as subcontractors and those wanting to establish their own business for the first time.


We love property and have a wide range of clients in the property and real estate industry, from developers to real estate agents and everything in between.

New Business

Are you thinking of starting a new business? Or perhaps you have just started a new business and need help getting on track… We can help our help clients open or expand their businesses almost every day.

Our Culture

As a family business, we believe in value for money and being friendly and approachable. We aim to be innovative and flexible in our approach as we recognize all of our clients have different needs and objectives. As a small family business, we understand the needs of Small Business and aim to provide a wide range of services to meet our client’s needs.

Our People

All of our Accountants and Bookkeepers hold relevant qualifications and when hiring we place an emphasis on hands-on industry management experience over book knowledge, this way we understand your business better and can assist you with your day to day challenges.

Think Accountants – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9428 9631

Here at Think Accountants, we deliver business strategies and solutions outside the square. We service a diverse range of clients including micro, small and medium-sized business owners from a range of industry sectors in the Burnley, Richmond and Hawthorn, as well as throughout Victoria and Easter Australia. We are expert franchises accounting, startup accountants in Melbourne and our practice is large enough to offer specialised advice and small enough to guarantee personal service to our clients. Living in the time of increasing financial complexity, we have responded to the needs of our clients and now offer a complete range of accounting, taxation, business advisory and financial services.

Specialized accounting services in Melbourne

Whether you are a small business or a large one, it is in your company’s best interests to have the best accountants in Richmond as a partner to manage your company finances. After all, strong finances are one of the most crucial assets to ensure your business growth as well as longevity, and having an accountant you can rely on is akin to having a trusted business partner.

Think Accountants offers a range of specialized accounting, taxation, business advisory and tradies accounting, franchises accounting, startup accounting in Melbourne. We help individuals and businesses to make the best financial decisions with our tailored, yet surprisingly cost-effective services. Apart from managing their accounts, our clients often come to us for an honest evaluation of their company performance as well as managing and communicating important financial information to key company stakeholders. This helps them look at the big picture, and empowers them with what they need to know to get their business to thrive in the competitive and ever-evolving business environment today.

We think differently…

Here at Think Accountants, we deliver business strategies and solutions outside the square. We service a diverse range of clients including micro, small and medium-sized business owners from a range of industry sectors in the Burnley, Richmond and Hawthorn areas.

Our practise is large enough to offer specialised advice and small enough to guarantee personal service to our clients.

Living in the age of increasing financial complexity, we have responded to the needs of our clients and now offer a complete range of accounting, taxation, business advisory and financial services.

If we cannot directly assist clients we draw on the extensive knowledge of our alliance partners to ensure they get the best solution for their needs.

Commitment to the success of our clients is foremost, and we achieve this by offering a number of services including:

  • Management Consulting Business advisory
  • Tax Planning
  • Business & Investment Finance
  • Business startups & sales
  • Accounting, including preparation and analysis of financial statements
  • Tax return preparation
  • Superannuation set up and administration (Through our associates)
  • Estate and succession planning
  • GST
  • Capital Gains Tax planning and reporting
  • Vehicle & Equipment finance

RBK Advisory – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9010 6001

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are a team of out-of-the-box thinkers who have stripped back an over-priced, over-complicated industry and have created an efficient business, where conversation, and getting to know people and their financial needs, is a priority.

We’re not regular accountants, we’re cool accountants. What does that mean? We don’t give you numbers advice and then leave you to it. The RBK Way means we’re in it for the long haul – your success is our success. Have the entire spectrum of accounting and advisory services covered for your business using technology, innovative thinking and some very friendly and knowledgeable people.

The crux of our story is much the same as any of our other business clients. We saw the room in our industry for change and knew we could incite it better than most. Through the relentless pursuit of innovation, we aim to not only improve businesses but also lifestyles. Genuine care for our community has led us to question industry norms and blow them out of the water.

What happens when you have new ideas, an inherent love for what you do, and the experience to back it all up? You excel. Don’t take our word for it – we were awarded Australian Xero Partner of The Year for 2018.

This one is self-explanatory. Why should professional service business owners put themselves in our hands? Because that’s exactly what we are. Including lawyers, advertising professionals, architects, financial advisers, engineers, consultants, and more!

We took the idea of making a difference to our people, the wider community and the environment to the next level by becoming BCorp certified. Joining our team means you’re also joining a force for good. As one of only two accounting firms to be BCorp certified in Australia, being part of the team says that you care about balancing purpose with profit, that you seek positive change in the world and that you genuinely care for those around you, and the planet that you live on.

Sky Accountants – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


1300 328 856


With our heads in the cloud, fast, streamlined and cost-efficient bookkeeping.


Your tax did quickly & efficiently. Upfront, fixed-fee pricing, no surprises.


Thinking that’s designed for maximum impact on your business, personal life and future.


Independent thinking for independent advice. Time to get into Super.


Your tax did quickly & efficiently. Upfront, fixed-fee pricing, no surprises. Pass your payroll to us and we will take care of the rest.


Cloud-based Point of Sale systems that work 24/7 to help scale your retail business.

It’s important to choose a firm that you can trust with your accounting, bookkeeping, business and financial needs. With us, your best interest always comes first.

Since 2004, Sky Accountants have helped many businesses and individuals reach their full potential, build and preserve their business and wealth through technical skills and innovative thinking. We welcome the opportunity to serve you too.

Sky Accountants leverage technology to service clients all across Australia. 

Technology is changing the way people work. Keeping ahead of this fast-paced environment and quickly adapting to new thought processes and technology can help your business in many ways.

Through integration, cloud and automation, we are able to provide big and small businesses alike with the same level of service, attention and care. 

 Why Choose Us?

Our teams specialise in hospitality services particularly in the Gaming Venue and Club industry – but overall, we have a high level of expertise and experience in multiple industries, individual and business taxation, bookkeeping, superannuation. 

We care for all clients personally and build close relationships while ensuring high standards of professionalism, service levels and technical excellence.

Tell us about your business and personal concerns. Contact us now.

Maximum Business Solutions – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9589 0129

Bookkeeping Services Melbourne

End-to-end bookkeeping services based in Beaumaris and serving all of Melbourne

Maximum Business Solutions allows businesses to regain control of their finances.

We know that bookkeeping, invoicing, and finance isn’t everyone’s favourite past time, so remove the burden and confusion – and free up some time! – by choosing Maximum Business Solutions to manage your business’ bookkeeping.

Our goal is to give you your time back – and we’re able to do it by streamlining your bookkeeping, and even taking it off your hands completely.

Why choose Maximum Business Solutions?

Our small business bookkeepers in Melbourne believe in making your bookkeeping easier through technology

The reason is simple: we understand that as a small business owner, you have an innate drive to get hands-on with all parts of your business. You started your business from nothing, and it’s hard to shake the desire to be involved in every part of managing your business.

That’s why our focus is not only managing your bookkeeping but also on empowering you and making your bookkeeping as easy as possible.

Using advanced bookkeeping software, we can effectively automate much of the grunt work that traditionally comes with bookkeeping.

Just imagine, financial transactions that record themselves – that’s just one of the ways we can streamline your bookkeeping for you.

Janina Puttick

Owner and Principal of Maximum Business Solutions

Janina began her accounting career as a Finance Manager in New Zealand whilst studying both a Bachelor of Science and Commerce, a skill set that has taught her to be analytical. After immigrating to Australia with her young family she started her own bookkeeping business in 2001.

This gave her the opportunity to complete her business degree and her CPA, which she achieved in June 2016.

Janina has been a Business Consultant for large companies and has been involved in several large IT implementations both technically and with a change management approach.

Using both her consultancy and small business experience her business has now evolved and provides cloud IT integration services, business consultancy, financial management and bookkeeping, with a personal touch.

When she is not volunteering as the Secretary for the local Community Bank, Janina enjoys a hit of tennis, walking, and relaxing with wine, family and friends.

Slate Accounts – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


1300 660 120

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services

Keep your accounts up to date, make sure you’re on time with the ATO and get visibility into your business performance.

Read more

Xero Accounting and Bookkeeping Experts

As Xero Silver Partners we’ve moved dozens of clients to Xero and our staff know it back to front. Call us to get started or to get more from Xero.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Flexible resourcing to run your accounts smoothly, pay staff and suppliers, invoice and collect and be on call for you and your team.

Accounting Systems and Processes

Save time and money, get great business insights with Slate’s expertise in the best systems and processes for accounting and everything connected to it.

Bookkeeping Services for Accountants

We deliver greater value and efficiencies to accountants when they refer their clients’ bookkeeping to us on a preferred provider basis.

Industry Expertise & Knowledge

We have specialisations across a number of industries and have enough nous to get across your business quickly.

About Us 


Capable and efficient bookkeepers led by a chartered accountant with a strong commercial background. Our passion for finance, technology and organisation will help transform your business.

How We Work

Slate seriously loves business. Our approach is modern, informed and fresh. We’ll have your accounts running smoothly in no time.


Our clients want accounting and financial systems that deliver clarity and efficiencies. We offer bookkeeping and related services to businesses of all types including architecture and design, corporate, fashion, health, hospitality, kindergartens, not-for-profit, professional services, primary industry, property, retail and more.

Carbon Group Accountants – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


1300 454 175

Professional accounting services for your business

Running a business can be stressful enough without having to worry about your tax obligations or other accounting admin tasks.

At Carbon Accounting & Tax, we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you and help you to take the driver’s seat of your business’ success.

Our aim is to give clients the tools to make informed business and personal decisions. In today’s business environment, you need more than just advice on tax compliance and liability – you need a business partner who works in tandem with you, year-round.

Professional cloud-based bookkeeping by qualified accountants.

We’re a team of qualified accountants and BAS Agents and are a Xero Platinum Partner and MYOB Diamond Partner. This means we’re at the top of our game when it comes to online bookkeeping.

We understand the headaches that business owners experience first-hand as we are small business owners ourselves and aim to relieve that stress for you. We offer the full spectrum of bookkeeping services, whether it’s simply setting up a cloud-based bookkeeping system for you to work from, lodging your quarterly BAS or paying all your bills on a regular basis. These services include data entry, accounts payable and accounts receivable, debt collection, payroll, super, GST and BAS.

Not only can we set up Xero and MYOB for you, but we can train your team on how to run it. This education piece is important to us because we want to ensure you and your staff are confident in using the systems we put in place.

Our CFO services can assist with budget vs variance analysis, growth and profit strategies, virtual CFO and advisory boards. Carbon helps you go deeper into your business insights than ever before and will continue to work with you as you grow.

Sometimes, business owners feel afraid to get the help of a bookkeeper or CFO because they’re embarrassed to share their books. You shouldn’t worry, no matter what mess you are in, we’ve seen worse (and sorted it out!).

Whatever your bookkeeping needs, we put your data right at your fingertips on any device so that you complete tasks, track progress and examine performance at anytime from anywhere.

With our team of qualified accountants completing your bookkeeping, you’ll rest easy knowing your business’ books are in good hands.

About our branch

Carbon Melbourne’s team of industry-leading accountants are passionate about guiding and empowering business owners to create profitable and self-sustaining businesses by using the latest technology and accounting software.

Our experienced team have worked with businesses of all sizes, across a range of accounting, bookkeeping and advisory needs. This includes tax planning, tax returns, Self-Managed Super Funds and the full suite of bookkeeping services.

By building a close, trusted relationship with clients, the Carbon Melbourne team provide tailored advice, as well as educate clients on how to achieve their business goals.

With access to the Carbon’s wider network of services, we can also help with finance, financial planning, insurance, payroll, R&D and grants.

with our team of experts located in our offices near you in Melbourne, we’re ready to help you, find the closest office to you:

  • Mt Waverley
  • Seaford
  • Mornington
  • Warragul

Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Our proud history

In 2019, Carbon partnered with Melbourne firms Bosker Accounting and Ross Group, opening our first office in the Melbourne CBD.

Accounting & Tax Partner Igor Hnatko and the Bosker Accounting team had over 20 years’ experience helping Melbourne businesses grow.

Family-owned Ross Group, led by Accounting & Tax Partner Ashley Ross had been providing clients with exceptional accounting and financial planning services to clients for over 30 years.

Together with Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO Services Partners Allison Gardiner, Kate Kapovic and Deb Vawdrey, Igor, Ash and the Melbourne team offer a range of accounting, advisory and bookkeeping services across Melbourne.

In 2021, Warragul-based firm, BNR Bookkeeping partnered with Carbon Group, expanding our presence to the Gippsland region. BNR Bookkeeping Managing Director, Deb Vawdrey is now leading our Warragul bookkeeping services, helping business owners in the area.

Uplift Accounting – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


03 8510 7528

Value Beyond Numbers!

Uplifting your business is about bringing the best out of your business. It’s about decluttering for clarity, order, focus and peace. Ultimately, it’s about building your confidence and helping you reach your goals. Get all accounting service according to your needs with one of the top accountant in Melbourne!

We want you to play to your strengths and run your business successfully. So we take care of the heavy lifting and free up your time so you can work on taking your business to the next level. Our aim is to help our clients grow their business by providing them with efficient accounting and taxation services.

Get acquainted with your versatile business uplifters today!

Are you a small to medium-sized business looking for tax, accounting, bookkeeping or business advice?

Is your business looking to outsource its accounting operations to an Australian-based, Australian-owned accounting firm? Are you a growing business frustrated with not receiving timely, proactive financial advice?

Do you want to achieve greater efficiency and scale by streamlining your outdated business processes using the latest cloud technologies available?

Whatever your accounting and business advisory needs are, we’re here to take care of you. Your physical location isn’t so important. We connect with our clients virtually and globally using the latest innovative technologies. We’re modern yet professional accountants looking into the future.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s talk today to find out if we’re a good mutual fit.


Our team of experienced and qualified accountants, bookkeepers, mortgage brokers & business advisors in Melbourne are passionate about helping individuals, families and businesses find integrated yet affordable solutions while eliminating the stress and hassle that comes with any business or personal financial situation.

We do this by assessing all aspects of your current business or personal financial situation, helping you to articulate clear goals, and identifying what you need to do (and how best to do it) to get to where you want to be.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to grow your business with less stress, or a wage earner/investor/trader wanting to maximise your money and build multiple streams of income for when you choose to stop working, our holistic approach to your financial situation will give you the flexibility to live life on your terms.

Contact us today to arrange a free discovery meeting so we can help you achieve your goals sooner and safer.

OneLedger – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9996 0146


OneLedger approaches accounting in a completely new way.

We come in with fresh eyes, to ensure that your business structure and systems are perfect for your current set of circumstances.

Our commercial experience and skin-in-the-game approach allow us to give you the best possible advice by reporting on past data and projecting future growth.

We’ll help you set and achieve your short- and long-term financial goals so you can trade at your full potential and achieve long-term success.


Our experienced bookkeepers and account managers are here to help you with the more mundane tasks involved in running your business.

We can help with your ongoing financial recording and transactions to keep your business running smoothly.

Whether you want to take the lead or you need someone to do the number crunching for you so you can get on with growing your business, we can support you with that.

Also, our targeted reporting will allow you to make better and more informed decisions where it matters most.

We ensure any taxation changes will benefit you in the best way possible as a business owner.

The beginning

In 2013 we were fed up with just being the corporate tax guys or the number nerds. We wanted to be more. A lot more.

So like any good Melbournian, we spent a lot of time in cafes dreaming of the future.

We dreamt of a time where we would not only provide accounting services, but we’d be partners with our clients, helping them learn and grow their financial position or business to be greater than they ever imagined.



A new way

The accounting industry is continuously changing with a clear shift to cloud-based, real-time advice.

We’ve built OneLedger at the forefront of the latest technology, offering a start-up friendly, rapid expansion service where each client can pull their latest financial position straight away.

Of course, we will always offer traditional accounting and tax services but our point of difference lies in our extended support.

We’re big fans of our clients, like KX Pilates (we love going to their classes) and Cupcake Central (yum!).

We’re all in. We provide business management and coaching services to help our clients set their financial goals and hold them accountable throughout our journey together.

For those who need extra support, we also offer full outsourcing of the accounting function to reduce overheads and streamline processes.

Start your engines

Business startups are one of our specialist services. We assist our startup clients in choosing the right company structure and funding programs.

With our focus on technology and our heavy involvement with startups, we ensure we keep up-to-date with the industry through our memberships with specialty groups such as Business Chicks and Startup Victoria.

This year, we are a proud sponsor of StartUp Victoria, cementing our involvement in the entrepreneurial space.

In just over two years, we have grown OneLedger to nine full-time staff (plus the expertise of freelancers and consultants to assist with other areas such as PR and marketing).

Although we love working with startups, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our individual clients.

We love working with families all across the globe, helping them with their tax returns and financial needs.

Reaching out

As our way of saying thanks and giving back, we have been supporting wonderful causes like the Global Women’s Project, Starlight Foundation, Kids Under Cover and RSPCA.

Our triple-digit growth year on year is a testament to our committed team and exceptional clients. To expand on our home base in Melbourne, we have established a physical presence in Perth and Vietnam, with offices soon to come to Sydney and San Francisco.

We are proud of our own achievements, and we take great pride and pleasure in seeing our clients excel and grow beyond what they thought possible. In particular, one of our long-standing clients has grown from a single stand-alone store to grow to have 50 stores across Australia in a relatively short period of time.

Our mission is to help people achieve their goals and make better choices for themselves and their businesses.

We know this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us all.

BuildGrowth Accountants – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


(03) 9028 8156

Get back to the things you love

Outsourcing your Accounting and Tax tasks to our experienced advisors at BuildGrowth Accountants gives you the freedom to spend your time on the things you actually want to do. Our Melbourne based team of accountants can help you track the numbers you need to measure and implement productivity and profit improvement strategies that actually work.

Make smart decisions with an Outsourced CFO

Want to access the expertise of an experienced financial advisor without the hefty price tag? Our outsourced CFO services give you just that. Our financial experts will dive right into your business to monitor performance, identify issues and show you how you can improve your profitability, cashflow and profit.

BuildGrowth does more than just tax returns.

We help grow your business. Our specialist Xero accounting services provide you with the most informed, strategic business advice. We are Xero accountants for busy businesses who are ready to grow.

Cloud Accounting

The only way to manage your business finances is in the cloud and the best cloud accounting package is Xero. BuildGrowth is certified Xero accountants providing expert, affordable, cloud bookkeeping and accounting services within Australia. We specialise in helping Recruitment and Staffing firms with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and more.

Business Growth

To succeed in business you need to play to your strengths, particularly in times of growth. BuildGrowth is the only Xero accounting firm in Australia providing specialised scaleable accountancy services for Recruitment and Staffing firms. As you grow and your finances become more complicated, your personal Xero accountant can progress to more detailed bookkeeping and business growth advice.

BuildGrowth Accountants Melbourne

BuildGrowth Accountants is a modern accounting, tax, advisory, cloud bookkeeping and CFO firm based in Melbourne, Victoria but services clients in the Recruitment & Staffing industry right across Australia using modern accounting technology.

Maurice Sucevic founded BuildGrowth Accountants in Melbourne back in 2012, which started with a focus on saving time for business owners through bookkeeping. As the firm grew and our resources did too, we expanded to offer accounting and tax.

Why Choose Us?

We make life easier

The team at BuildGrowth Accountants know just how important it is for business owners to have a practical, innovative advisor who understands their business. BuildGrowth Accountants offers just that. We’ll deliver tailored, strategic advice that helps you make smart decisions, without the stress.

We’re industry experts

Maurice and the team have a passion for helping Recruitment and Staffing companies and grow and improve. Over the years helping the industry, we’ve learnt a thing or two about the unique challenges of businesses of this type. Our dedicated team are here to help you through them.

We’ll save you time

Our services at BuildGrowth Accountants are designed around our clients and their needs. We take as much as we can off your plate so you don’t even have to worry about things like accounting, bookkeeping, tax or reports. Leave the finances to us and you won’t have a fuss!

We have fixed fees

At BuildGrowth Accountants, our focus is always on delivering value for our clients. We want you to be able to focus on your business while we focus on your numbers. Our “No Surprises” billing policy means all your fees are fixed. You simply pay a set fee every month, easing your cashflow and helping you avoid any anxiety over billing.

Top Class Accounts – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


1300 233 101

Bookkeeping is one responsibility that should be delegated. You’ve got more important things to do with your time.

With Top Class Accounts bookkeepers, you know that you can depend on your financial data and reports. Timely, trustworthy, actionable. You can rely on us.

Excellence in Bookkeeping

Top Class Accounts provide a superior bookkeeping service that meets the needs of Melbourne and Sydney’s growing businesses. A Top Class bookkeeper is experienced, efficient, and outcome-oriented and is committed to working with you for the long term whilst becoming an integral part of your business.

Our bookkeepers provide the advice, guidance and support you need to keep your books well managed and in full compliance with all relevant regulations. With a breadth and depth of experience in the most common bookkeeping and payroll platforms including MYOB, Xero, Reckon Accounts, and Quickbooks Online, we deliver exceptional results for organisations of every size.

  • Free 1 hour appraisal of your existing bookkeeping processes
  • 1-3 days per week onsite bookkeeping, supported by our office team
  • Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks setup & training for new or established businesses
  • End of Financial Year checklist and reconciliations to your accountant
  • Tailored bookkeeping manual for every one of our clients
  • Sophisticated procedures to maximise efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Payroll and Superannuation compliance
  • BAS and IAS lodgements – we are a registered BAS Service Provider


More than 15 years ago, Dionne Nancarrow started providing bookkeeping services to a variety of businesses around Melbourne. Her boundless energy, enthusiasm, and passion for excellence led to numerous referrals, and before long she had a number of happy clients.

As demand grew, she started recruiting more bookkeepers to help her keep up with the constant referrals and, after three years as a sole trader and already have a team of about ten bookkeepers, Dionne incorporated Top Class Accounts in 2007.

As Top Class Accounts continued to grow, we moved to an office in Nunawading, restructured our business a couple of times, started servicing the entire Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas, and now have approximately 35 bookkeepers, backed by a professional back office support team.


In the early days, our clients were still using desktop accounting applications, and we maintained our own in-house I.T. systems. Nowadays, the vast majority of our clients have moved to cloud accounting applications, and about five years ago we also invested in a digital transformation which allows us to operate in a new era of remote working and connectedness.

But even as technology creates new opportunities for us all to work more intelligently and effectively, the need for human engagement continues to be a powerful differentiator that can give organisations a competitive advantage.

That’s why, more often than not, our clients prefer to have their bookkeeper work in their business environment with them. And that’s why you’ll see Dionne whizzing all around town to spend time face-to-face with our clients – getting to know people personally and understanding the unique demands and circumstances you face in your business.

Barrett Walker – Business Accountants & Bookkeepers Richmond


03 9428 1034 

What We Offer

Our Best Services

If you are looking for comprehensive professional advice that you cannot get from a 

traditional accountant, lawyer or a consulting firm then the Barrett Walker team is your answer.


Our legal team is highly experienced and qualified to provide sound legal advice

Insolvency & Corporate Restructuring

Providing strategic and structural options that will assist our clients in rescuing businesses in financial distress


We understand that every business has different needs in relation to their accounting, compliance, tax and bookkeeping services.

About us

Over the last 25 years, Barrett Walker has developed a culture of excellence. The stability of our staff, our range of skills, our internally generated IP and the strength of our culture provides our clients with the range of professional services they need in today’s competitive commercial environment.

Our core values guide our qualified and experienced team who are equipped with our internally developed expertise and IP to ensure that we are able to provide flexible, creative and tailored solutions to our clients’ needs. If you are looking for comprehensive professional advice that you cannot get from a traditional accountant, lawyer or consulting firm then the Barrett Walker team is your answer.

Barrett Walker is led by Ray Barrett who has more than 30 years’ experience in providing professional advice.

With nearly 10 years tenure at two of the “Big Four” professional services firm combined with legal and accounting qualifications, Ray is experienced and credentialed professional advisor. Under Ray’s stewardship from the early 1990s Barrett Walker has become a well established professional services firm providing advice across a variety of clients in a wide range of industries. At the time the firm was established this was an innovative approach providing professional services and in the intervening period to now it is an approach that has been adopted by the large wealth of professional services firms.

Meet our Director 

Director Ray Barrett


Ray graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Commerce. Since 1990 Ray has headed Barrett Walker and practices as a lawyer, CPA and as a registered liquidator. 

In his capacity as a liquidator, Ray has undertaken numerous creditor’s voluntary and court-appointed windings up.   

Part of Ray’s legal work is as a commercial litigator and in this capacity Ray has acted in numerous proceedings in Supreme Court and Federal Court, including appellate jurisdictions, in relation to matters such as for suppliers in ACL claims, for borrowers arising out of the failure of the Timbercorp entities, for directors arising out of the failure of the Allens Music Group, for creditors in preference claims such as the Full Federal Court proceeding in Clifton (Liquidator) v Kerry J Investments Pty Ltd Trading as Clenergy [2020] FCAFC 5 and for directors and shareholders in oppression proceedings.

A part of Ray’s practice is forensic accounting work which includes fraud investigations and recoveries.

Additionally, Ray has professional qualifications as a registered tax agent and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Is it worth having an accountant? 

There are good reasons for hiring an accountant at different stages of your company’s growth. From a business plan to company formation, loan application to government audit, an accountant can make life easier for you at each step.

That doesn’t mean you always need to employ an accountant full-time or hire one on a retainer basis. Sometimes just a couple of hours of their time will be enough.

Like all small business owners looking to save money, you may think you can’t afford an accountant. But look at how long it would take you to do certain tasks (such as taxes), and ask yourself, is that a good use of your time?

Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself?

Recording your income and expenses isn’t a difficult task (you don’t need an accounting background or to be “good with numbers”), but it does take time and effort. How you do it depends on your personal preference. You can hire an expert to do it all, do it yourself or combine the two, using an expert to help you from time to time.

Benefits of hiring an accountant at tax time

Some 58% of small business owners and 47% of self-employed business owners hired an accountant to help with their most recent tax return. More than half paid less than $300 for the accountant’s services, and 44% said it took two hours or less to get their paperwork in order to hand off to an accountant.

Those who did not use an accountant, on the other hand, spent an average of 8.8 hours preparing and filing their taxes. How does that compute? Well, if you bill $100 an hour for your business’s services, you could either spend almost $900 of your own time preparing and filing your taxes—or you could pay $300 to have a professional do it.

How an accountant can help you all year long

Accountants can be valuable for more than just tax preparation, however. They can be vital partners in all phases of your business.

Pre-launch stage 

As you develop your business plan, you can use an accountant to help create your plan’s financial section and make sure all your numbers add up. This is especially important if you’re trying to get a bank loan or obtain capital from an outside investor. Accountants can also advise you on whether to buy or lease equipment, how to price your products and services and other vital decisions that can help you maximize your startup capital.

Startup stage 

Suppose your business is getting off the ground. In that case, an accountant can help you set up your accounting system, decide whether cash basis or accrual basis accounting is best for your business, and choose the right type of accounting software for your needs. Mainly if you are in a specialized industry, and accounting can be invaluable in helping you choose industry-specific accounting software or even customizing software to your requirements. Beyond accounting software,

Growth stage 

As your company grows, an accountant can help you implement payroll systems when you hire employees, assess the financial impact of different types of employee benefits, generate financial reports, review them with you, and advise you on improving your cash flow. Learn more about how to keep your business’s finances in good shape.

Exit stage 

You probably don’t want to think about the day when you will leave your business, but accountants can help you prepare for that, too. Hiring an accountant who can advise you on retirement plans and personal investments will help you grow a nest egg. They can also help you maximize your business’s value if selling it is part of your retirement plan.

With so many sophisticated accounting apps available today, and more on the horizon as the use of artificial intelligence grows, it may seem as if you don’t need a flesh-and-blood accountant. However, another study by TSheets found that significantly more people value accountants over accounting software.

Nearly three in 10 respondents said they feel comfortable sharing sensitive financial information with an accountant, for example, while only 1% would feel comfortable sharing it with AI-powered accounting software.

Accountants are also starting to offer more specialized accounting services, as I learned at the latest Sage Summit. Most small business owners don’t start with finance or accounting expertise, but managing your money wisely is one of the most critical factors and whether your business succeeds or fails. Having an accountant on your side can make all the difference. Isn’t that worth the cost?

Accountants can help you every step of the way.

As you can see, accountants can help you out during every stage of your company’s development. That doesn’t mean you have to hire one, but the right accountant should make life easier for you, so you can concentrate on what you love doing.

Your speciality is running your business. Leave the financial detail to an accountant. If you and your accountant use cloud-based accounting software, you’ll be able to keep track of what your accountant does, and always be able to see your company’s financial situation at a glance.

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