10+ Best Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne (2022)

There’s a reason why boxing is the workout of choice for so many celebs and models (like these celebrities who love boxing). Not only is fighting strength and cardio workout in one, but it’s also the best way to get in tune with your inner badass. If that’s not enough to convince you to add boxing to your regimen, these five punching perks will have you itching to put on a pair of gloves.

Located in Melbourne, and on the hunt for the nearest boxing gym classes before your wedding day? Look no further! To get you started at the nearest boxing gym. 

We’ve created an ultimate list of boxing gym classes in Melbourne, to achieve your perfect body figure before the wedding day.

Fit2box – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0433 115 312 

Fit2box Boxing Studio is committed to delivering results through boxing fitness. Our Trainers are all active fighters, and we take boxing from the ring to your gloves. We are passionate about what we do and strive from seeing your success. We specialise in weight loss, F2B Group Classes, Personal Training and teaching the art of boxing.

Many athletes around the world use boxing as a cross-training off-season for many different reasons. Not only because boxing uses your full body and pushes your cardio to new levels of fitness.

Boxing is a great way to keep the mind and body moving while learning the art of the sport. 60 minutes of boxing doesn’t feel like your normal 60-minute workout. You can easily smash over 1000 calories while having fun and trust us when I say time flies when you are having fun.

As you can see below from the many lists of Elite Athletes that choose to train with Fit2box Boxing Studio so you can tell we mean business.

Most of our one on one PT’s sessions are your average Mums and Dads who love throwing punches to get up a sweat, tone up and lose weight. Our member’s ages range from 4 years kids to 72 years old and everything in between.

Champions Boxing & Fitness – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0450 806 295

Champions Boxing & Fitness is the home of African Heavyweight Champion Franklin Egobi.

Franklin is a world-renowned boxer with over 20 years of boxing and teaching experience. He is a former IBF African heavyweight champion, who has sparred and fought some of the world’s great boxers including Lennox Lewis, David Haye, Kevin McBride and Danny Williams.

He has years of experience as a boxing and fitness trainer and has worked with some of the toughest kids in London as part of James Cook (MBE)s PEDRO Youth Club. Franklin knows his stuff and is THE expert to help you reach your boxing or fitness goals.

You can’t go wrong here at Champions Boxing.


  • Everyone deserves to have a go. Regardless of your level of fitness and ability level, we can help you reach your goals.
  • You deserve to receive quality training, from an expert trainer, every session.
  • We believe that it’s important to train in an environment that’s fun and friendly.
  • We value the opinion, feedback and support of everyone who enters the gym…that includes YOU.

Fitlife – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0400 957 076

The Concept for Fitlife is a pretty simple one and can be summed up in four simple words: fitness, fun, laughter and nutrition. Our goal is to provide exercise programs and nutritional advice while making our clients laugh and have a great time.

Our director Tommy Hopkins has spent a considerable part of his life way over the 100kg mark and knows what it’s like to be a fat bastard!


In 2000 Tommy decided he had had enough and began a career in marathon running. His running style and speed were likened to a turtle. But he has persevered and to date had completed 10 marathons. With regular running and gym work, Tommy now considers himself, not quite Arnie, but still trying!

With a background in martial arts and box, and 15 years experience designing pre-season sports programs, Tommy went back to school and became a fully qualified personal trainer. Fitlife was formed to provide the people of Melbourne with really practical training programs with no bull shit. Too many people waste their money on gym memberships, maybe going once a week if at all. And to think they could come to Tommy, have him or one of his trainers bust their ass, and get awesome results in a quarter of the time.

Urban Athletic – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


+61 410 686 482

At Urban Athletic, our goal is to make exercise fun, flexible and inclusive. Our gym has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and our highly qualified team ensures that everyone who walks through the door feels welcome and empowered.

In our gym, you will find people like you. People of all ages, sexual orientations, genders, and identities want to live a lifestyle that prioritises health and wellbeing.

We take pride in helping those who are new to exercise, feel comfortable and confident by providing ongoing support and advice. We educate and inspire our members to make positive and sustainable changes to their health and lifestyle.

Our training sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs, and we specialise in coaching everyone from beginners to athletes, as well as those recovering from injury. 

If you’re looking for a fun way to get fit and train with like-minded people then get in touch, we’d love to meet you.

We welcome you to book in for a free consultation, where we can chat about your goals and assist you in getting started.

We aim to make exercise flexible and easy, so at Urban Athletic, you will not be locked into a contract. There are no joining or cancellation fees and no minimum terms, and you can also put your membership on hold when you’re unable to train for a period of time.

Our Gym + Classes membership provides you with card key access to the gym from 5 am to 11 pm every day, as well as access to a wide range of classes.

The gym is equipped with four squat racks, a dedicated deadlift platform, dumbbells, kettlebells, swiss balls, TRX suspension training, prowler, chin-up bars, and rowers spin bikes, self-powered treadmill, foam rollers, bands and much more. There is also a multi-functional open space dedicated for classes, stretching and general training, as well as a boxing ring. Our bathrooms and shower are all non-gender-specific.

DMD’s Mixed Martial Arts – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0409 791 157

DMD’s Mixed Martial Arts offers a fully equipped gym located in East Brunswick. Our classes are Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Women’s Only Classes (coming soon), Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Bootcamp. We are a double-storey gym; the ground floor has a padded room where the BJJ classes will soon be a Woman’s Only Class area. 

We have a wide selection of free weights and weight machines in our separated gym area. Upstairs, is a large open matted area, this is where the majority of classes are held. There are also punch/kicking bags, two boxing rings, bikes, row machines and a plyometric and resistance training area for boxing and kickboxing. All facilities are free to use for any member. 

The head instructor Dave D’Aversa is a licensed World Boxing Council and World Muay Thai Council, trainer. David has been passionate about the sport since his late teens and now has 4 Victorian Championship belts. David teaches from experience, with a strong focus on technique. 

Martial Arts build confidence and encourage self-discipline. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get fit, learn self-defence or ultimately compete, you’ll fit in at DMD’s MMA. Don’t think that you have to know what you’re doing before you start. Everybody started as a beginner. 

If you’re interested in any of the Martial Arts, we offer, please come in for a free trial. Bring a friend if you like! If you are interested in a trial, please click on classes and schedule to find out when we are running our classes and come in! 

Hammer’s Gym – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


03 9878 9265

Hammer’s Gym in Nunawading is a unique concept in Fitness and Martial Arts, The Centre is open 24-7 and has a wide variety of state of the art Precor strength and cardio equipment, which will help you achieve your Health and Fitness goals, whether your aim is weight-loss, improved Muscle Tone, strength gain or improved cardio. Our gym equipment is of the highest quality and user friendly.

Founded in 2006, Hammer’s Gym is the premier Muay Thai and Fitness centre located in Nunawading, Victoria. Based upon a fully structured and gradable curriculum fully developed by Kru Mark Castagnini, Hammer’s curriculum is endorsed by the World Muay Thai Council and numerous Martial Arts legends. At Hammer’s, the focus is on member improvement through Muay Thai to achieve overall good health and wellbeing.

Hammer’s gym members are privileged to use high-quality Precor equipment made in the USA in a huge 1000 square foot facility.

Hammer’s Gym Muay Thai Kickboxing is the most popular fitness program for a reason – it burns calories, is excellent for strength & conditioning, builds lean muscle, tones & conditions your entire body, increases flexibility and teaches self-defence skills! Whether you want to fight competitively, learn to defend yourself or just train to get in shape, you will find everything you need at Hammer’s where we will help you get the best results possible. Our curriculum is delivered in a friendly, respectable and motivational manner, perfect for all fitness goals.

Dohertys Gym – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


+61 3 9621 1021

4 Great Locations

We have gyms in Melbourne City, Brunswick, Dandenong, and Perth!

Range Of Equipment

We have gyms in Melbourne City, Brunswick, Dandenong, and Perth!

Home Away From Home

We understand that the gym is more than just a place to get fit. It’s a place to belong. We welcome people from all walks of life and encourage a strong sense of community.

Always Staffed

Even in our 24/7 gyms, we always have a staff member available for your safety and security. Our gym is never unattended. This also means a casual pass can be purchased at any time!

We Never Close

Want to train Christmas Day, New Years Day or over the Easter break? Our Melbourne gyms are open 24/7/365. Our Perth location is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including public holidays.


We have a range of memberships and payment options to suit your budget, including weekly or monthly membership plans, upfront payment, and casual passes.

Kombat Cardio – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne



As a partner of Boxers Corp Oakleigh, we aim to provide our clients with a broad range of family-friendly training days tailored to keep you fit and motivated.

We structure each class to facilitate each of our combat disciplines’ learning whilst giving you the work out you desire.

Our classes are based on the arts of Boxing, Muay Thai & K1 Kickboxing along with incorporating Strength & Conditioning.

What sets us aside to other group fitness classes is that we provide an affordable service to allow you to train frequently with us within a family-friendly and encouraging environment.

As most of our classes are gender-mixed and we have no age or fitness level requirement, there isn’t a better time than now to get involved and introduced to our fun group of fitness & martial arts enthusiasts!

Knockout Fitness – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0420 504 262

Serious about your boxing? Or just want to box for fitness and fun?

Our boxing classes and personal boxing training are suitable for any level of experience – from absolute beginners (of any age or fitness level), right through to advanced boxers who are ready to jump into the ring and compete.

Best of all, we have a competitive pricing structure with no membership or join-up fees or lock-in contracts, and booking classes is easy via our online booking facility.

Friendly, ego-free and non-aggressive environment with fully qualified boxing trainers.

We pride ourselves on creating a friendly, comfortable and safe environment for men and women alike. You’ll be taught the art of boxing in a clean and professional boxing studio closely guided by fully qualified and experienced instructors registered with professional fitness bodies like Fitness Australia and Boxing Australia.

Intensive boxing training means quick results!

Whatever your skill level you’re guaranteed to get into great fighting shape, lose weight, tone up muscles, gain confidence, and build strength and physical stamina. Boxing targets your whole body, so within just a few weeks you’ll start to develop a super fit and toned fighter’s body and get into the best shape of your life!

Knockout Fitness and Boxing is a specialised boxing studio located in Forest Hill, Victoria. We only employ qualified personal trainers who teach a wide range of boxing and kickboxing classes, as well as one-on-one training:

  • Personal Training for Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Mixed Group Boxing Classes (for men and women)
  • Women’s Only Boxing Classes

Why choose Knockout for your boxing training?

  • Our boxing studio is a clean and modern facility fully equipped with the highest quality gear. We run a professional boxing centre including friendly, ego-free customer service.
  • The thing that makes us stand out from the pack is that you’ll learn how to box with proper technique in a safe and non-threatening environment.
  • We don’t have any aggressive or ‘macho’ vibe going on at our centre – it’s a professional business, and we understand that not everyone wants to get in the ring!
  • Online booking facility makes booking into classes fast and easy!

We work with your skill level – beginner or advanced.

pbYou’ll feel comfortable and confident that you’ll learn the skills for boxing without the risk of having to do any contact training if you don’t want to. We work with your skill and comfort level, and we’re proud to say that we have turned boxing training into something that anyone can do! But if you want to take your boxing training further and hop in the ring, then we’ll help you with that too.

Female-friendly boxing training.

We’ve created our timetable so that there is a very minimal male presence at the gym during ladies boxing classes. This means that there’s a time when the amateur fighters train and then there’s a different time when the ladies train for boxing fitness in a safe and non-threatening environment.

Every session is different!

We have hundreds of drills and combination routines that keep your training interesting, so you definitely won’t get bored with the workout. We integrate boxing combinations with resistance and cardio exercises in a way that push you to get the results you want. Our round-by-round routines target the whole body, kick-start your metabolism, and skill you up in the art of boxing at the same time.

Boxing training is interactive and engaging.

Our training involves doing a lot of pad work with a highly skilled and experienced pad holder (there is a massive difference between hitting pads with a regular personal trainer compared to working pads with us!).

We know exactly how to replicate a boxing match with pads safely so that you’ll feel the experience without getting hit. We also know how to train your body for combat sport with resistance exercises and training tools that focus on power, explosiveness, endurance, and sport-specific conditioning.

Capped class numbers give you personalised attention.

Class numbers are capped to guarantee the quality of training and to avoid over-crowding. This ensures that we pay close attention to all class participants, have time to answer questions and help everyone individually. We don’t cram people in like sardines like some gyms do! Our priority is to always deliver a top-notch quality over quantity.

The Gym Yarraville – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


(03) 9689 7705

Located in the heart of Yarraville, The Gym is Melbourne’s most exciting fitness centre. Conveniently positioned to service the western suburbs of Melbourne, we’re about real training for real people. With friendly, helpful staff, a heap of workout options and a great vibe, you’ll feel right at home from day one. Of course, don’t just take our word for it, drop by and see for yourself what everyone is talking about – even bring a friend!

At The Gym, we help people balance their desire to be in shape with the realities of modern living. We recognise that people are time poor and need to get results without spending hours working out. That’s why our highly experienced trainers only use proven real-world methods to help you reach your goals fast.

We offer wide range activities, group classes and personal training services for all levels of fitness – from our beginner’s circuits designed to build base fitness, through to our high-intensity classes for enhancing strength and conditioning. And this variety of training methods will help keep you fresh and motivated – from boxing to weights, cardio to the circuit. But no matter which style of training you prefer, we can guarantee that every time you leave The Gym, you’ll feel completely energised and wanting more.

Absolute Mixed Martial Arts – Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne



Welcome to Absolute Mixed Martial Arts — world-class Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Strength, and Fitness training in the Melbourne CBD, Collingwood, St Kilda and Shanghai, China and Phuket, Thailand!

At Absolute MMA, we strive to provide a safe, clean and enjoyable environment with a focus on modern and proven training methods, systems and techniques. This focus on effectiveness doesn’t mean that you have to be experienced to start training at Absolute MMA; we cater to students from all walks of life and can personalise training and fitness programs just for you.

From fitness and weights programs to get you in the best shape of your life, to the study of the world’s best fighting and self-defence systems — we have a wide range of classes to meet all needs at Absolute MMA. We also offer a range of personal training and corporate training options with programs specifically tailored to your needs.

A diverse, international and truly world-class array of competitors, professionals, trainers and teachers, the Absolute MMA team has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your fighting and fitness goals.

An intricate and challenging sport, boxing calls for the use of punches combined with head movement, footwork, timing, intuition, power and speed.

“The sweet science” is a simple art to learn but a difficult art to master. It provides an incredible workout along with practical and applicable knowledge for the ring or self-defence.

Absolute MMA and Conditioning have boxing classes for all experience and fitness levels, and sparring is strictly optional. We provide a safe, encouraging atmosphere with a focus on proper technique and constant improvement.

A boxing class generally starts with a warm-up involving some light bodyweight exercises, skipping, shadow boxing, stretching and drills to get you loose and ready to strike. If you’ve never done this kind of training before, that’s fine – we’ll guide you through it.

Following the warm-up, your coach will develop your skills with any number of training exercises including pad work, bag work, drills and more. The class’s content will vary from week to week, keeping the class fresh and focusing on all aspects of boxing.

In Advanced classes, you will often have the opportunity to apply what you have learned with light sparring. The objective with sparring is to test your skills, to attempt to apply what you have learned in the class and to have some fun – it is not to hurt each other. All sparring sessions are closely monitored, and we promote a safe and positive learning environment.

Boxing is not exclusive to elite athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level, can enjoy the many benefits boxing has on the body.

If you think about cardio, treadmills and ellipticals may come to mind. When you think of strength and tone, you might envision weights and barbells. So many people turn to box because it allows you to improve your endurance, strengthen your muscles, and develop an unstoppable mindset.

Why You Need to Start Boxing ASAP

Boxing Sculpts the Midsection

Boxing is a great way to develop both functional and aesthetic abs. A common misconception is that boxing is merely an arms workout. Sure, if you box with poor form, your shoulders will burn like no other, but it is also a profound core workout when you box with proper form. To generate speed and power in boxing, you need to utilise hip and trunk rotation. This requires the muscles of the abdomen such as the internal and external obliques to contract explosively (both concentrically and eccentrically) to produce torque as well as to slow down the movement so that your centre of mass remains over your base of support, i.e. midline stability.

It is also very effective at developing a muscle that many people attribute to sculpting the ultimate abdominal region – the Serratus Anterior (SA). When sculpting the midsection, most people fall short of their potential by simply focusing on the rectus abdominus aka the visible 6-pack and neglecting the serratus anterior. The SA ties the entire abdomen together and should not be overlooked. The SA is often called the boxer’s muscle because boxers tend to have the best development. This is because the SA’s action is scapular protraction (think about reaching for a long punch). It’s a functional muscle with aesthetic benefits too. It brings together the 6-pack look. Of course, if your body fat percentage is not low enough to reveal your abs, then no matter how many crunches and leg raises you to do, or how many punches you throw, you won’t be able to see what’s beneath the layer of subcutaneous fat. In other words, abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen. You need to put in the hard work in the gym to stimulate growth and then let your nutrition do the rest of the job. Sculpted abs are one of the biggest benefits of boxing.

Boxing Improves Bone Mineral Density

Boxing is a great way to improve bone strength. As an Exercise physiologist, I even prescribe boxing for elderly pollutions at risk of developing osteoporosis. The forces through the hands and arms stimulate bones to mineralise and strengthen, ultimately reducing the risk of developing osteopenia or osteoporosis and potentially even reversing the conditions in some cases. In general, resistance training is a great way to mitigate the negative effects of bone mineral loss due to sedentary behaviour. Undergoing mechanical tension caused by external loads on the skeleton (i.e. the action of muscles and tendons pulling on the bones) is an effective stimulus to promote bone mineral density adaptations. Boxing ticks this box plus one other. The impact forces of hitting boxing pads/bags transmit forces through the bones and trigger an increase in bone mineral density. Best of all, you don’t even have to get into the ring to box, and you can sign up for a class such as 12RND Fitness which covers all the bases when it comes to strength, conditioning and learning the skill.

Boxing Relieves Stress

There are many effective ways to manage stress, from breathing techniques to meditation, cold therapy (such as an ice bath or swim in the ocean), listening to music, and my personal favourite – letting out some frustration on a punching bag. I like to call this controlled aggression in a safe environment. Many people believe that combat is in our DNA. Our primal genes are programmed to do it. Now, I’m certainly not saying that we should be fighting one another, in fact, quite the opposite. I’m not condoning violence or aggression, but the martial arts gym is a great way to safely and effectively channel your energy to minimise harm (to yourself and others) and maximise the physical and mental health benefits. Plus, knowing self-defence is a great confidence-booster. Finally, the endorphin release that accompanies a strenuous workout is another one of boxing’s clear benefits. You’ll ride the high for the rest of the day.

Boxing Fires up the Heart and lungs

Boxing is one of the best cardio-respiratory workouts you can do. The fitness of a boxer is often unparalleled in sports. Elite athletes who try a stint in boxing quickly realise just how to fit you have to be. The nature of the movement is full body and incredibly taxing on the heart and lungs. There’s not a muscle that goes unworked when you smash out a boxing workout. It targets them all. As a result, your heart and lungs are forced into working extra hard to deliver oxygenated blood to the working muscles so that you can maintain a high work output. Suppose you’re somebody who does a lot of road-running and you’re looking for a change from your typical cardio workout. In that case, boxing will deliver the cardiovascular benefits without the lower body joint loading that comes with slamming the pavement on a long run every day.

Boxing Helps Build Shoulder Boulders

One of the boxing benefits for males includes the building up of shoulder muscles. It’s no surprise that the deltoids get a great workout during boxing. After all, they are the muscles that attach your arms to your body. Just look at the physique of any boxer, and their shoulders are often a stand out feature. But it isn’t merely because the muscles are contracting, rather it’s the type of contraction that counts. Boxing requires both type 1 and type 2 muscular contractions aka slow and fast-twitch contractions. Your shoulders are always being used at low intensities to keep your arms up to protect your face but when you throw fast, explosive punches, it requires a greater utilisation of the fast-twitch muscle fibres. Also, the delts are forced to work in a variety of planes of motion which helps to give you a well-rounded shoulder workout targeting all three heads of the deltoids. If you currently train your shoulders in the gym with weights, boxing might be the plateau-breaker you’re looking for give you that lean rounded look.

Fitness boxing is not for everyone. I’d say you’d have to be very careful if you have osteoporosis or osteoarthritis of the hands. In that case, you should consider shadow boxing only, and make sure your hands don’t make contact with a target. Also, with any activity that is potentially aerobic, you should check with your physician before starting.

If you’re interested in trying this exercise to change up your routine, you’ll likely find classes at health clubs, community centres, or your local YMCA. And if you do start a class, remember to take it slowly.

You’ll want to start at a comfortable level of intensity and gradually increase, and stick with it. It’s not about high intensity. It’s about consistency.

Boxing can affect your body in so many positive ways. You can increase your cardiovascular health, improve your body composition, and lift your overall mood. We want you to have that tight sexy body you’ve always dreamed of but may have felt was slightly too far out of reach.

To get results, you want to take the shortest route from point A to point B. That’s a workout that combines cardio and strength in one while helping you build the mind of a seasoned contender. Together, we can all Become Unstoppable.

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