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Affordable Bomboniere Ideas

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    Say no more and look no further; we have compiled seven (7) cutting-edge Bomboniere ideas to surprise your guests with a wedding favour they won't soon forget.

    We hope you're ready to leave behind the days when wedding favours served no purpose other than to gather dust in a drawer; these days, originality and imagination play a pivotal role in the wedding industry.

    The best ideas are the ones that help in more than one manner, and everyone appreciates that. When it comes to arranging a wedding on a tight budget, creativity may be your greatest friend, and when a concept can serve many purposes, it's a must-have. Use these seven ideas for place cards and Bomboniere to kill two birds with one stone.

    Are you ready to be motivated? Using a place card that may also double as a wedding favour is a great way to save both time and money. Don't forget to benefit on the deals and promotions that many of these alternatives provide.


    Wedding Melbourne Bomboniere

    Wedding Bomboniere That Won’t Break the Bank

    Because, obviously, everybody loves sweets. Guests at your party will love munching on these custom-made cookies. The gentlemen from The Cookie Stories will go above and above to ensure that your wedding cookies complement your theme and colour scheme. Vegan and low-gluten choices are also available.

    What a cute bunch of kids! Calligraphy-written names affixed to agate geode slices make a stunning addition to a tablescape. It can also serve as a charming ornamental touch for your company.

    1. Luggage Tags

    Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at your destination airport's baggage claim area only to realise that your suitcase blends in with the rest of the pile. A decade ago, who would have guessed that black would be the most sought-after hue? Our luggage tags with a travel theme are a great, functional gift for your guests. They'll be easily identifiable by your guests and less likely to end up in a dusty corner of a desk.

    Luggage tags make excellent presents since they are already travel-themed; this means you can personalise them in any way, from the most basic to the most elaborate. Whether you're looking for typical playing cards, something with a map design, or perhaps something themed or fashioned like a plane, the options are endless. The potential is enormous.

    Add a special touch by including a sweet note and the recipient's name on the tag. Or put them all out on a table so people can pick their favourite design.

     2. Engage Your Guests in Some Do-It-Yourself

    Candy buffets are always a hit since they remind adults of simpler times (and supplies the energy boost required for a night of wild dance). If you also provide them pretty jars, Spanish containers, or miniature boxes, they can select and take home any sweets they please. Candy and chocolates come in a wide variety of colours, making them a versatile Bomboniere that will be appreciated by visitors of every age

    The practise of providing guests with a "Bomboniere buffet" from which to select their own small favours is another modern innovation. But tread carefully if you want to go this route; some products may prove better known than expected, which could lead to a budget overrun.

    These wooden place card holders feature a rustic style and can be used to hold photos, cards, or notes after the wedding. The Aussie Wedding package comes with a unique freebie.

    To show your appreciation for their presence, we are confident that you will discover the ideal present at Giftware Direct.

    This five-star supplier is a go-to when you need one-of-a-kind, personalised presents and wedding favours to round out your event's table decorations and accent your colour scheme.

    Glassware, personalised shot glasses, custom coasters, hip flasks, and so much more are all popular options for engraving. Custom cake toppers, wooden guest books, and table numbers are also available.

    3. Mini Travel Kit

    A little travel kit is another great idea for a present that will be appreciated by your visitors. There's no reason why a little travel kit wouldn't come in handy whether you're going across the country, across the state, or just down the road a bit.

    Get creative and pack your own kit with travel essentials you couldn't live without. Miniature tools like a sewing kit, portable clothesline, safety pins, a comb, tissues, and even an eye mask could fall within this category.

    4. Postcards

    Notes are similar to custom stamps in that they can be made to reflect a person's personality. You can save money by purchasing in bulk for the location of your destination wedding and setting out individual favours as mementoes for your guests. Get them at a party supply store or collect them while you travel to give each guest or group a unique experience.

    The addition of a kind note to each one makes them an exquisite gift. If you are an international couple currently residing in, or about to relocate to, another country, you may want to consider composing a unique letter with your address so that your friends and family can continue to remain in touch with you.

    5. Personalised Stamps

    Marks are considered by many to be one of the most undesirable unanticipated expenditures when arranging a wedding. Instead of fighting them, why you manufacture some stamps with your own design? There is a wide variety of stamp designs available; nonetheless, it is important to choose an authentic stamp.

    Table name cards can double as a thoughtful keepsake by being stamped with each guest's name. In addition, you can always use the extras for sending out thank-you notes if you find up ordering more than you need.

    Melbourne Wedding Bomboniere

    6. Mini Globes

    Assuming nobody in your immediate circle believes that Earth is flat, you can decorate the dinner tables with scale models of various countries and continents. Gift recipients can proudly show off their thoughtfulness by displaying this lovely item in their living room or office. Having a globe perched on a mahogany desk is one of life's little pleasures.

    And if a member of your family ever forgets the location of a country or wants to arrange their own vacation, a globe will come in very handy.

    7. Local Maps

    You can also get a variety of local plans and highlight the places you think your visitors should check out if you're having a destination wedding. Give your out-of-town guests a reason to extend their trip by recommending some of your favourite places to visit so they can make the most of their vacation time while they are in your country of choice. It may be the location of the nearest museum for your mother-in-law, or the best whisky bar in town for your best man. You can save money by giving each of your guests a map of the area, which is available in most hotel lobbies.

    Weddings on a smaller scale may also benefit from using a map. Being a visitor in your own city may be a very fulfilling experience. Favorite places to go out or go shopping might be highlighted for friends and family. That charming map of your relationship might even include the sites where you initially met or celebrated your first anniversary.

    How to Make Bombonieres More Affordable?

    Put Your Minds Together

    The question of what to do for wedding favours, or "Bomboniere," sometimes causes a snag for engaged couples. They want to find a way to show their appreciation to their visitors with something special, but they don't want to break the bank doing so.

    There's nothing like grabbing your bags and jetting off to an exotic locale. Even if you're'settling down' with your spouse and getting married because of your shared love of travel (though, let's be honest, neither of you will be entirely pleased without a passport in your hand), there are still plenty of ways to show your loved ones how much you value your wanderlust.

    While wedding bomboniere are a simple way to show appreciation to guests, the cost can rapidly add up if you're hosting a large event combined with a large number of attendees.

    Not to worry, though! There are, of course, ways to make your Bomboniere money go farther while still providing your visitors with something very memorable that they can bring home from your special event.

    Wow, that's brilliant! The stunning wedding cameras are a perfect match for the decor of your reception hall. Guests can take pictures of all the memorable moments at your wedding with this option. Your wedding cameras can be personalised in a number of different ways, from a sleek and sophisticated design to one that harkens back to a more traditional era.

    Is it possible to get edible place cards? Yes! A more environmentally friendly (assuming you don't use a bag) and tasty method to direct guests to their seats. Delicious personalised rock candy, unique lollipop favours, and beautiful lollipop bouquets are all available from this exceptional vendor.

    If you're looking for the perfect finishing touch for your wedding dessert table, or favours to thank your guests with, Designer Candy is the way to go.

    Wedding Bomboniere Melbourne

    Master the Art of Packaging

    There is just one option if you really want something but can't afford to buy it in its original package. Get your hands dirty! The time and effort it takes employees to carefully wrap gifts in ribbon and place them in boxes is the primary reason for the high cost of packaging.

    Literally anyone can accomplish it. It is simple to save money without sacrificing the ability to offer the gift you've fallen in love with thanks to suppliers who focus on making colourful lace bags, a container of any form or weight, and ribbons that will complement aessentially any style of wedding.

    It can be challenging to think of suitable bomboniere. Check out our top 35 Bomboniere Ideas here.

    Two for the Cost of One

    Having your Bomboniere double as a place card at the reception is a beautiful and practical touch that will make you happy.

    Among the many options for doing so are customised coasters, photo frames with each guest's name or image, individualised candles, and mini bottles of champagne.

    If you can't find a way to engrave or label the item, you may always make some charming handwritten name marker for a unique touch, and you can use anything you feel will suit with your theme and look gorgeous on a tabletop.

    Guests will greatly appreciate these unique, handmade candles, soaps, and body scrubs that can be personalised just for them. These stunning options are handcrafted using premium materials and could be the best choice for your wedding day because they are organic, plant-based, and environmentally friendly.

    Another credible alternative! A nice gesture that will be appreciated by your visitors. The wrapper is simple and beautiful, and it may be customised to match the colours and style of your wedding.

    If you're seeking to give your visitors an elegant, practical gift, go no farther than Engrave Works.

    This well-liked Bomboniere supplier has everything you need to show your appreciation to your guests, including a set of wine glasses, a decanter, a bottle opener, and a personalised stubby holders, all of which may be engraved with a special message.

    The gifts for the wedding ceremony that are truly one of a kind you ordered from their website can be sent directly to your house in plenty of time for the ceremony.

    To Share is To Care

    It would be inefficient to give a favour gifts to individual guest if the bulk of them were coming as couples or families. Can you imagine a household needing three to five wine openers?

    Alternatively, you could buy one for each spouse or family.

    You want to offer your loved ones something that will make them happy, right? You may find that an environmentally friendly Bomboniere is the best option for your lifestyle. Unusual eco-friendly presents, such as organic tea bags, seed packets, and little planted succulents.

    These wooden placemats are adaptable to a wide range of wedding aesthetics, from ultra-modern to down-to-earth, and will not only make your reception table look fantastic, but will also serve as a thoughtful takeaway for your guests.

    The Bomboniere Is the Showpiece

    This is yet another method by which you can stretch the useful life of your Bomboniere and thus reduce its overall cost. Create centrepieces from gifts that guests can bring home to further minimise waste.

    The recipient can choose from a cactus aquarium, a bottle of colourful lollipops tied with a bow, a bouquet made from miniature positions, or a glass of a single flower.

    Offering your guests a set of Groovy Glasses is a great way to show your appreciation while also providing them with a useful item they may put to good use in the years to come.

    For the past decade, our go-to source for Bombonieres is surprising and pleasing guests with unique, customised favours. In order to show your appreciation in a style that is uniquely you, Groovy Glass offers a variety of glasses and tips that may be customised to meet your preferences.

    Knives for cutting cakes, champagne flutes, and personalised cake toppers are some of the additional ornamental items on hand.

    Contribute to a Cause

    Rather than stressing about what to get your guests, try giving to a charity that means a lot to you in their name.

    Guests will be filled with joy, and you'll be able to provide a generous amount without going over your financial limits.


    A bomboniere is a small gift (also known as favours) which are given to guests attending a special event eg. wedding, christening etc. It’s a way for the hosts to say thank you for their attendance and for sharing their day. Bomboniere also makes for great decoration for the tables.

    Western Australian couples put an average of $320 toward bomboniere, while South Australian couples will spend an average of $310. In this case, Australian Capital Territory couples are the most modest, only forking out an average of $300 for their wedding bomboniere.

    It's all about small gifts: think a little candle, scented soap, packet of seeds or a bottle opener. Edible ones, like chocolate truffles, pick n' mix sweets, or biscuits, go down a treat; as do little bottles of alcohol.

    Your wedding favours are a way of saying thank you to your guests; a small token of your appreciation for their sharing in your special day. Traditionally guests would receive a small bag or box containing 5 sugared almonds representing the five blessings of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.

    According to traditional wedding etiquette, favours are not a must-have item. From delicious food and fabulous entertainment, there will be a lot of things your guests will enjoy at your wedding, so an additional gift isn’t always necessary. If you are planning a destination wedding, you may want to treat your guests with a welcome bag instead and if the reception venue is far away from accommodation, you can offer your friends and family complimentary transport.


    These days, a bottle stopper, a small potted succulent, or even a custom-made box of matches might serve as a bomboniere. You can't decide whether you want to go with traditional wedding favours or try something new. You can have one or two sorts of wedding favours to represent both families. Or, honour the past by sharing a family favourite, like jam or cookies prepared by Grandma or Mom. And if you want something that will add a touch of class to the tables at your reception, consider getting guests gifts that reflect your wedding's aesthetic. Make sure that anything you decide to present to your guests as a token of your appreciation will be both meaningful and convenient on you to organise.


    • Bomboniere ideas to surprise your guests with a wedding favour they won't soon forget.
    • When it comes to arranging a wedding on a tight budget, creativity may be your greatest friend.
    • Wedding Bomboniere that won’t break the bank.
    • Guests at your party will love munching on some custom-made cookies.
    • Luggage tags with a travel theme are a great, functional gift for your guests.
    • Candy and chocolates come in a wide variety of colours, making them a versatile Bomboniere that will be appreciated by guests of all ages.
    • A little travel kit is a great idea for a present that will be appreciated by your visitors.
    • Consider composing a unique letter with your address so that your friends and family can continue to remain in touch with you.
    • Table name cards can double as a thoughtful keepsake by being stamped with each guest's name.
    • Decorate the dinner tables with scale models of various countries and continents.
    • Have your Bomboniere double as a place card at the reception is a beautiful and practical touch that will make you happy.
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