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Affordable Bomboniere Ideas

If you are looking for an extra special wedding favour that your guests are going to love, say no more and look no further, cause we’ve gathered seven modern Bomboniere ideas to surprise your guests. Looking for the ultimate Wedding Reception Venue in Melbourne? Look no further, Cosmopolitan events are here.

Hope you are ready to move over from the days when wedding favours were just items that collected dust in your house, now, creativity and innovation play a significant role in the wedding game.

Who doesn’t love ideas that can help in more than one way? Creativity can be your best friend when trying to stick to a budget while planning your dream wedding, and when those creative ideas tick more than one box, they are a must! So feed two birds with one seed with these seven place cards ideas that can also be Bomboniere!

Ready to get inspired? Save time and money by using a place card that doubles as a wedding favour. Also, take advantage of the discounts and special offers that some of these options have to offer!


Affordable wedding Bomboniere that won’t break the bank

Because who doesn’t love treats! Personalised homemade cookies will be a delicious treat for your special day. The guys at The Cookie Stories will work very hard to match your wedding theme and colours. Also, they have vegan and low-gluten options.

How gorgeous are these little guys! Agate geode slices with your guest’s names handwritten in calligraphy that will look beautiful on your table setup. Also can be a cute small decoration item for your guests.


Luggage tags

There’s no much worse than getting to the luggage carousel at the airport and realising you can’t tell the difference between your suitcase and the dozens of other travel bags on there. Who would have thought that black would be such a popular colour? One useful and practical gift that your guests will love our travel-themed luggage tags. Not only will your guests be able to tell their bag apart, but it’s not going to gather dust in a desk drawer somewhere.

The best part about gifting luggage tags is that they’re already travel-orientated, so you can make them as straightforward or as themed as you want. You can go for traditional cards, something with a map on, or even something themed or shaped like a plane. The possibilities are endless!

To make them even more personalised write each person’s name on the tag with a sweet message. Or display them on a communal table together so each person can choose their design.

Get guests to DIY

There is something enjoyable about candy buffets that brings guests back to their childhood (and also provides a much-needed sugar injection for dancing the night away). And better still, if you give some cute little boxes, Chinese containers or jars, guests can choose which sweet treats they’d like and pack them as well. Because lollies and chocolates can come in all colours, this is an easy Bomboniere to tailor to your wedding theme, and you can guarantee it will be a hit with guests of all ages.

Another emerging trend is the Bomboniere buffet, where you display a range of gifts that your guests can choose from. But be careful if you venture down this path, as some items may be more popular than others and there is potential for a budget blow-out!

These cuties will share all the love and happiness through a short story. Give some meaningful gifts and share stories with your guests. Click here for a limited time discount!

These rustic designed place card holders are a practical wedding keepsake for your guests to use afterwards, and a handy way to display photos, cards, notes. Get a special gift with Aussie Wedding

If you are looking for the perfect gift to thank your guests for their attendance, we guarantee you’ll find it at Giftware Direct.

This five-star supplier specialises in unique personalised gifts and wedding favours that perfectly complement your chosen colour scheme and complete your table settings.

Popular gifts include engraved glassware, personalised shot glasses, custom coasters, engraved hip flasks, and so much more. Other decor items available include custom cake toppers, wooden guest books and table numbers.

Click here to find out more about Giftware Direct.

Mini travel kit

Another practical gift your guests will love is a mini travel kit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling overseas, interstate or just a few hours down the road, there’s nothing to say that a mini travel kit won’t come in handy.

Fill your personalised kit with little features you’ve found useful on your travels. This could include items like a mini sewing kit, portable clothesline, safety pins, small comb, tissues or even an eye mask.


On the same theme as personalised stamps come notes. If you have a destination wedding, you can buy in bulk for the destination and place them out for each person to remember their time overseas. Or collect them as you travel yourself to give each person or table a different location.

These are another gift that can be beautifully personalised with a sweet note for each person. If you’re a couple that already lives, or is moving overseas, you can also write a special letter with your address, so your nearest and dearest know where to keep in touch!

Personalised stamps

Some people argue that marks are one of the worst hidden costs of planning a wedding. So why not just embrace them and make yourself some personalised stamps instead? There are plenty of designs to choose from, just make sure you’re getting a legitimate stamp rather than a fake!

You can add a personalised stamp to your table name cards for a cute gift for your guests. Plus, if you order too many, you can use them when sending out your thank you cards!

Melbourne Wedding Bomboniere

Mini globes

Presuming none of your family or friends is ‘flat-earthers’ grab a collection of miniature worlds to go on each table. This is a beautiful gift that can be displayed at home or in the office. There’s nothing quite like a mahogany desk with a globe on it.

Globes can also be particularly useful the next time one of your loved ones forgets where a particular country is or wants to plan a holiday of their own.

Stuck for the perfect gift for your guests? Check out our extensive list of Bomboniere Ideas here.

Soup can Stubby Holders allows couples to thank guests with a gift they’re likely to use again.

This supplier offers personalised stubby holders designed to complement your wedding theme and colour scheme. Guests can use their stubby holders and coolers at the reception and take them home to cool their drinks for many years to come. Winning!

Local maps

Another great idea if you’re having a destination wedding is to grab a bunch of plans from the area you’re visiting and mark off different recommendations for your guests. When most guests travel some way for a wedding they usually make a holiday out of it as well, so make the most of their extra time overseas by giving them some personal recommendations. It could be where to find the best whisky bar for your best man, or where the closest museum is for your mother-in-law. Plus, most hotel lobbies will have maps of the area so it can also be a cost-effective way to give each of your guests a gift.

Maps can be used for local weddings as well. There’s something magical about being a tourist in your city. You can highlight your favourite restaurants or shopping centres for family and friends. Or even where you first met or celebrated your first anniversary as a cute map of your relationship.

Make a donation

If you really can’t decide on what to give your guests, you can present them with a warm and fuzzy feeling by donating on their behalf to a charity you support.

This will not only fill your guests with a great glow but will also allow you to donate an amount that is within your budget.


How to make Bombonieres more affordable?


Couples planning their wedding often get stuck on the topic of Bomboniere. They want to thank their guests with something personal and unique, without completely blowing their budget. If you are based in Adelaide, South Australia, here are ten Bomboniere suppliers we recommend you check out.

There’s nothing quite like packing your suitcase and jetting off somewhere new. Particularly if you have a partner who loves travelling just as much as you do, but if you are ‘settling down’ together and getting married – though let’s face it, neither of you will be quite satisfied without a passport in your hand – there are a few great ways you can celebrate your passion for #wanderlust with your family and friends.

Wedding Bomboniere is one of the easiest ways you can say thank you to your guests for coming along to celebrate your special day, and if you are having a large affair with dozens (or even hundreds) of guests, it’s an element that can quickly add up.

But don’t despair! Like anything, there are some tricks you can use to make sure your Bomboniere budget stretches as far as possible and you can still wow your guests with the gift they can take home with them.

What a great idea! Gorgeous wedding cameras designed to complement your reception venue. This option will allow your guests to snap those fun moments at your wedding. You can choose from modern to classical and customise your cameras with your names and wedding date. Click here for a limited time discount!

Edible place cards? Yes! A more sustainable (if you place the cookie without a bag) yet delicious way to put your guests on the proper seats. Get a 10% discount with Ally’s sweet treats here!

This fantastic supplier offers delicious custom rock candy, personalised lollipops and designer lollipop bouquets for weddings.

Designer Candy is the sweetest addition to any wedding dessert table, or can alternatively be gifted to individual guests as a thank you for attending.

To find out the excellent ways you can customise your Designer Candy, click here.

You might be having a destination wedding or want to have a wedding without going all out with the travel theme, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to share your love of travel with your nearest and dearest.

One great way is to incorporate travel-themed Bomboniere into your big day. Not only do you get to make the travel theme a bit more subtle, but you also get to give your guests something they can keep for years to come.

For the couple that loves to travel, here are a few ideas for travel-themed Bomboniere to incorporate into your wedding day and leave your guests with a little bit of travel envy as well.

Wedding Bomboniere Melbourne

Become a packaging guru

If you have your heart set on a specific item, but the budget just won’t stretch to include the packaging, there’s an only solution. Do it yourself! The main element of paying extra for packaging is not the boxes or bags themselves, but the hours put in by the staff to tie the perfect bows and position the items correctly.

Anyone can do that. And with the help of suppliers that specialise in organza bags of all colours, boxes of any shape and size and ribbons that will match any wedding theme, it’s straightforward to save money and still be able to give the gift you have fallen in love with.

Bomboniere Ideas are sometimes hard to come by. Check out our top 35 Bomboniere Ideas here.

We can’t get over this beautiful custom branded cocktail in a vintage bottle! Choose the cocktail that best represents you and your soon-to-be wife or husband, and they will make it, bottle it and custom label it. All cocktails are ready to drink, straight from the bottle! Click here for 33% off!

A colourful natural alternative that keeps growing! A lovely plant that your guests can nourish. Also, a beautiful symbol of growth and prosperity. Get a 10% discount on Flourish Bomboniere here!

Two for the price of one

You can always get satisfaction out of combining beauty with functionality, and when you can use your Bomboniere as a reception place card, you will be onto a winner.

There are several ways you can do this, including having coasters with the guest’s names on them, photo frames with the guest’s name or photo inside, personalised candles, or even piccolos of champagne.

Anything you can think of that would suit your theme and look lovely on a table is an option and remember, if you cannot engrave or put a label on it, you can always make some cute handwritten name tags for a personalised touch.

Your guests will be super happy with these customisable handcrafted bath, body and candle products. Made only from the finest ingredients, organic, plant-based and eco-friendly, these beauties could be the perfect option for your wedding day. Click here for a limited time discount!

Another good option! A thoughtful treat that your guests will appreciate. Simple yet elegant, you can also personalise the wrapper to match your wedding theme and colours.

If you are in the market for elegant gift guests are likely to use again and again, Engrave Works has you covered.

This highly popular Bomboniere supplier offers engraved champagne flutes, shot glasses, beer mugs, bottle openers and custom stubby holders – the perfect way to thank guests for attending.

Simply make your order on their website and relax knowing your unique wedding favours will be delivered to your door well ahead of the wedding.

Sharing is caring

When the majority of your guests are couples or families, it seems wasteful to be gifting a Bomboniere to each individual. What would one family do with four bottle openers?

Instead, you can consider giving one gift per couple or family, while single guests get one all to themselves.

Want to give something that brings joy to your friends and family? An eco-friendly living Bomboniere could be the right choice for you. Unique green gifts from mini potted succulents to organic seeds and teas. Click here for a special offer!

These timber coasters can match many wedding styles and themes, from modern to rustic; your table will look amazing while serving two purposes, helping your guests find their proper seats and taking a little personalised gift with them.

Bomboniere as a centrepiece

This is another idea to give your Bomboniere another purpose to keep costs down. Creating centrepieces out of gifts your guests can take home is also a great way to cut down on wastage.

You can use things like succulent terrariums, a jar of colourful lollipops tied with ribbons, bouquets made from mini-poses or a vase of individual flowers that guests can take home.

Groovy Glass is the perfect way to thank guests with a gift they will use again and again into the future.

This highly rated Bomboniere supplier has been delighting guests with personalised gifts for the past ten years. Groovy Glass has a wide range of glassware and tips that can be designed to suit your specific requirements and needs, allowing you to thank your guests in your unique way.

Other decor items available include cake knife sets, toasting flutes and custom cake toppers.


Make a donation

If you really can’t decide on what to give your guests, you can present them with a warm and fuzzy feeling by donating on their behalf to a charity you support.

This will not only fill your guests with a great glow but will also allow you to donate an amount that is within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Western Australian couples put an average of $320 toward bomboniere, while South Australian couples will spend an average of $310. In this case, Australian Capital Territory couples are the most modest, only forking out an average of $300 for their wedding bomboniere.

What Do You Give as Wedding Favours? It's all about small gifts: think a little candle, scented soap, packet of seeds or a bottle opener. Edible ones, like chocolate truffles, pick n' mix sweets, or biscuits, go down a treat; as do little bottles of alcohol.

Your wedding favours are a way of saying thank you to your guests; a small token of your appreciation for their sharing in your special day. Traditionally guests would receive a small bag or box containing 5 sugared almonds representing the five blessings of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.

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