What Is The Difference Between Wedding Sparklers And Regular Sparklers

Sparklers are necessarily mini-fireworks that send off showers of brilliant sparks for about 40 seconds to about one minute and a half. The length of burning time depends on how long the sparklers are.

Sparklers also come in many beautiful colours. There is a wide selection of gold, silver, pink, blue, yellow and many other rainbow coloured sparklers. At Wedding Sparklerswe always anticipate your every need. We provide only the best quality sparklers for all occasions.

If you’ve ever bought fireworks for occasions such as Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve, it’s highly likely you purchased sparklers. Simply put, they are easy and fun to use. With the growing interest to use sparklers for other events – including engagement party sparklers and wedding sparklers – it’s essential to understand the differences in sparklers. Here’s what you should know.

As you start planning your sparkler send-off, you may begin to feel overwhelmed by the number of sparkler choices. When you start your research regarding grand exit sparklers, begin by learning the differences between wedding sparklers vs traditional sparklers.

Our sparklers are guests at your wedding, and as such, should help make your event flawless. With our in-depth knowledge of the different kinds of sparklers out there, we can honestly explain the great benefits and differences between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers. When shopping for wedding sparklers, the most critical detail is the steel wire core; it is fundamental to use wedding sparklers made with steel wire cores as it will yield a nearly smokeless and ash-less display. On the other hand, the majority of traditional sparklers are made of wood or bamboo cores. Unfortunately, these sparklers will contain a smokey spark with some debris. The burn itself appears uneven and sloppy. Pictures would definitely lose the great value it would usually have, and there is a small risk of dresses and clothing being stained. Being in the wedding industry for over ten years, we have heard some unfortunate stories of brides that used regular sparklers. Regular sparklers tend to give off a sulphur smell with an abundance of smoke. In turn, you will find incredibly smokey photo’s that don’t come out as envisioned. Our goal at Grand Wedding Exit is to inform our brides so they can find the proper wedding sparklers for the end of their big wedding night. Steel wire cores can eliminate any of these issues and satisfy your expectations.

Many couples are interested in having sparklers as part of their ceremony or reception. However, most people are only familiar with sparklers found at their local stores. Unfortunately, choosing the right sparklers for a wedding celebration involves features they don’t have. So, are wedding sparklers different than regular sparklers? Here is a rundown of how they are different, how they are the same, and when you can realistically use the proper type in a wedding scenario.

VIP Sparklers Has True Wedding Sparklers

With VIP Sparklers, you will receive set burn times and a clean smokeless and ash-less sparkle for your wedding night. VIP Sparklers carries three sizes of wedding sparklers, the 10-inch wedding sparklers, 20-inch wedding sparklers, and 36-inch wedding sparklers. Our two most popular wedding sparklers happen to be our 20 ­inch sparkler, which has an estimated burn time of two to two and a half minutes, these wedding sparklers are typically used for wedding sizes of 50 to 125 wedding guests. Our 36-inch wedding sparklers have an estimated burn time of three and a half minutes. Wedding photographers have been able to capture utterly perfect sparkler shots with the ideal wedding sparklers created at VIP Sparklers. Our desire is to make sparklers that will help commemorate an unforgettable night, so please remember to choose a sparkler with a stainless steel wire core, and you won’t be disappointed. VIP Sparklers has wedding sparklers that are considered right wedding sparklers, so you’ll want to make sure when planning to purchase wedding sparklers you check off these essential facts when adding an extra spark to your big wedding night!

Wedding Cake Sparklers

After seeing the great success in our wedding sparklers, we thought of yet one more way to add to your fantastic night. We have added our wedding cake sparklers to capture the same fun and excitement of your wedding cakes. These sparklers are completely smokeless and ash-less and are guaranteed not to leave any residue on your wedding cake. These wedding cake sparklers steal the show during the reception. Our wedding cake sparklers create a fantastic display of sparks that shoot up to six to eight inches in the air. These wedding cake sparklers will steal the show and create some tremendous photographers pictures during the cutting of the cake. These sparklers have a burn time of forty-five to fifty-five seconds, leaving plenty of time for photos and to enjoy the sparks! For any questions or concerns you may have regarding our wedding cake sparklers or wedding sparklers, please feel free to email us at sales@vipsparklers.net or call our main offices.

Difference between Wedding Sparklers and Regular Sparklers

Before purchasing sparklers for your storybook wedding, it is essential to remember that there is a paramount difference when using wedding sparklers as opposed to traditional sparklers. We never want to see a bride ordering the incorrect type of sparklers and not realizing it until something goes off not as planned. Being in the wedding sparklers business for over ten years, we have unfortunately heard many stories of the wrong type of sparklers being ordered for wedding nights. The most crucial detail is always in the core, and it is no different in this situation. Always look for a stainless steel wire core when shopping for wedding sparklers. It is of utmost importance to use only sparklers made with a stainless steel wire core which will help create a nearly smokeless and ash-less display. The majority of sparklers are made with wood or bamboo, which create a tremendous amount of smoke and will see debris flying off the sparklers. This is the last thing you want to see at your wedding, as not only will this ruin your idea, but may create an unsafe situation. Aside from the safety issues, you will not receive any set of desired burn times with the sparklers. This will ruin your timing as some sparklers will burn out extremely fast while others stay lit longer. Nearly all of the sparklers you will find online are your typical 4th of July pyrotechnic sparklers. You will absolutely want to make sure when you are planning on using wedding sparklers for your big wedding night you take the proper time to research and purchase the right sparklers.

Regular sparklers are the style of sparklers that most people have in mind when mentioning the subject. They are exclusively constructed with a bamboo stick or steel wire as the foundation. Regular sparklers are held in hand and usually resemble the form of a stick. Regular sparklers come in several different lengths starting at 8 inches and going all the way up to over 50 inches in diameter. Additionally, they are available in a large variety of colours such as red, blue, green, or even neon colours; but most commonly you will see sparkles in gold colour. Lastly, they can come in a variety of different shapes other than the standard stick-style such as hearts, stars, or numbers for a variety of applications.

There are many great uses for regular sparklers out there, and there are even designs to accommodate those specific uses. For instance, there are sparklers that have specially designed packages for birthdays or weddings. Another feature of wedding sparklers is that they are low smoke so they can be used indoors, a trait that they share with bottle sparklers. Overall, there are hundreds of different types of regular sparklers on the market ranging from regular gold-coloured ones to fancy shapes that make vibrant neon colours. Knowing how you plan to use them is vital when deciding between bottle sparklers vs. regular sparklers.

When purchasing sparklers for your big wedding day, you should absolutely be aware that there is a massive difference between wedding sparklers and traditional sparklers. The last thing we want to witness is a bride ordering the wrong type of wedding sparkler and having their grand wedding exit not as planned. When looking for wedding sparklers, the very first thing you will want to make absolutely sure is your sparklers are made with a steel wire core. It is imperative to use only wedding sparklers made with steel wire cores as this will help create a nearly smokeless and ash-less display. Majority of regular or traditional sparklers are made with wood or bamboo which will generate a tremendous amount of smoke and sparkler debris flying off. The last thing you want at your sparkling wedding exit is a smoky setting, let alone staining your wedding dress.

Regular sparklers made with bamboo or wood will not have set or desired burn times, some sparklers may burn out extremely fast while others stay lit. With steel wire core sparklers you will have a steady set time every time you light a group of sparklers. VIP Wedding Sparklers offers three different sizes for their wedding sparklers of 10 inch, 20 inches, and 36 inches. The two most popular wedding sparklers happen to be our 20-inch wedding sparkler which has a burn time of 2.5 minutes and the 36-inch wedding sparklers which have a set time of 3.5-4 minutes! At VIP Sparklers, we have specially created the ideal wedding sparklers. Wedding photographers have been able to capture absolutely flaw-less sparklers shots with our wedding sparklers. We wanted to make sparklers that would help create a fantastic memory to the end of an unforgettable night. Please remember when placing your order for wedding sparklers you choose a sparkler with a steel wire core to help ensure a sparkling night! 

 With the great success of wedding sparklers, we wanted to continue to add to the wedding tonight, that’s why we said our wedding cake sparklers! At VIP Sparklers, we tried to capture the same amount of fun and excitement on your wedding cake as the wedding sparklers. These wedding cake sparklers are smokeless and will not leave any residue on your wedding cake! If you ever have any questions with our wedding sparklers or cake sparklers, please feel to email us at sales@vipsparklers. com or call our main offices.

Regular Sparklers are safe to use indoors and outdoors, but the general rule is to use smaller sized sparklers indoors. More massive sparklers (over 16″ Inches in length) are best lit up outside the venue, in order to prevent any unforeseen accident, which may detract from the occasion (and incur an extra bill from the owners of the site).

Regular sparklers are basically sticks, made of a durable material, which are between 7″ Inches to 20″ Inches long. They are then coated with a chemical solution on their top third sections. This coating is then lit with a butane flame, and it starts off on a chemical reaction, creating dazzling sparks. Sparklers are perfectly safe to be held in a persons’ hand, provided the person does not touch the burning part of the sparkler, before or after burning.

Your sparklers must be safely disposed of, so make sure you have a bucket of sand prepared for your guests, marked with a clear sign that indicates where to put the sparklers once they’ve burnt out.

Generally speaking, sparklers for weddings are much the same as regular party sparklers. The colour choice of wedding sparklers is gold, rather than silver or rainbow colours. Gold sparkles give off an enchanting ambient light that is optimal for photography shots and creating a romantic vibe.

Wedding sparklers also come in heart shapes and star shapes which are perfect for decorating the wedding cake, as centre-pieces on the guests’ tables or creating unique photo ops.

If you are planning to have 50 guests (or more), we suggest that you bulk buy wedding sparklers at Wedding Sparklers. They come in a gold colour, which will be perfect for your soft yet glowing lighting. Wedding sparklers in bulk are your best bet to make considerable savings on your wedding budget.

 Wedding sparklers are made with a steel wire core making them smokeless as supposed to regular sparklers made with a wood or bamboo core, causing them to leave behind a thick cloud of smoke and debris (which you don’t want ruining your beautiful white gown). Because regular sparklers are made of wood, they also tend to burn out quicker and in many cases have an uneven and sloppy burn compared to the steady and consistent burn of the steel wire sparklers. 

How are Wedding Sparklers Different from Regular Sparklers?

There are a variety of ways that regular sparklers and ones made specifically for weddings differ. To contrast them completely, I’ve broken it down into a few criteria. Within each, I’ll compare the attributes of regular ones versus those for weddings.


The most apparent difference between the two types is the packaging. The ones you find at your local stores will likely be labelled for the 4th of July. That means generic looking packaging or worse; ones plastered with the American flag all over them. That doesn’t exactly fit with what most people want on their reception tables.

The most apparent difference between the two types of sparklers is what they are packaged in. The ones you find in your local stores will not be packaged for weddings. They’ll most likely have graphics on the boxes (like American Flags) that you don’t want clashing with the theme of your wedding.

Sparklers packaged for weddings are in much more elegant packaging and generally feature neutral colours on the packaging that will fit within any wedding theme.

Meanwhile, the ones that are packaged for weddings will look elegant and feature neutral colours that are fitting for the occasion. They will blend seamlessly into any décor, which gives them a severe leg up over the regular version.

Size Options

If you are planning to use sparklers for your wedding exit, then size is another crucial difference. Most versions sold at your local store will be around 8 inches long and last for 20 seconds or less. This is simply not enough time to perform a wedding exit unless you have only a handful of participants.

It may seem cliche, but in the case of wedding sparklers, size matters. For instance, if you are using sparklers for your reception send-off, the more guests you have at your wedding, the larger the size of sparklers you will need.

Local stores only sell one size of sparklers (generally 8-inch sparklers) that will only last 15-20 seconds. That is not enough time for a wedding send-off.

Wedding sparklers, on the other hand, come in a variety of lengths to fit your needs. The more guests you will have at your wedding, the longer the period of the wedding sparkler you are going to want to purchase. Wedding sparklers generally come in 3 different sizes, so you should be able to choose the exact correct size to suit the number of attendees at your wedding.

Wedding sparklers, on the other hand, come in a variety of lengths to fit your needs. If you have fewer than 50 guests attending, you can use the 10-inch version. Or, if you have 75-100 guests expected, then the 20 inches will work well. Any event with over 100 guests in attendance should opt for the most extended option at 36 inches. Size choices are just another way that wedding sparklers are different from regular sparklers.


There are many sparkler colour options available on the market today. The most common colours are red, green, blue, or gold. For weddings, it is widely accepted that gold is the best colour choice. Any other hues can throw off colour in your pictures, and that is something you definitely want to avoid. On top of that, gold ones usually perform the brightest because tints or pigments don’t cloud them. Having bright sparks will always yield the best photograph.

Special Shapes

Some versions designed for weddings take things up a level by bending them into unique shapes. Some examples include stars, hearts, or numbers. There are all sorts of fun uses for these types of items! Stars and hearts make excellent props in your photos, while the numbers allow you to write out your wedding date. With so many niche-specific designs, it’s essential to look at all the different types available before making a final decision.

Smokeless Sparklers

The last difference lies in the chemical composition and manufacturing materials. If you want to use them indoors or want to avoid smoke for any reason, smokeless sparklers are your best option. The only way to achieve this is by selecting ones that are gold in colour and made using steel instead of wood. Any other type will create smoke. This is one of the most significant differences between wedding sparklers and regular ones.

The last (and possibly most important) difference between regular sparklers and wedding sparklers lies in the chemical composition and manufacturing materials. If you want to use them indoors or want to avoid smoke for any reason, smokeless sparklers are your best option. 

The only way to achieve this is by selecting sparklers that are gold in colour and made using steel sticks instead of wooden sticks. Any other type will create smoke. This is one of the most significant differences between wedding sparklers and regular ones. 

In general and sparkler, you are going to purchase at a local store will have a wooden stick and a different chemical composition than wedding sparklers. This is a critical consideration.

Overall, deciding whether a regular style sparkler or one designed just for weddings is the right fit depends on a variety of factors. Intimate gatherings or outdoor events are the most flexible. However, if you have your celebration indoors, choosing a smokeless option is a necessity. It is essential to compare the difference between the two and decide what makes the most sense.

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