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What happens at a bridal trunk show?

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    A common misconception is that all wedding gowns are the same. That's why we adore trunk shows for all the bridal gowns they provide. Just got engaged and don't know any bridal jargon? By hosting a trunk show, local bridal shops can introduce future brides to high-end bridal wear that they may not normally stock. During these brief, appointment-only events, brides can order the latest runway looks and rest certain that they will be expertly fitted and delivered in time for the big day.

    During consultations, many future brides ask us if we host trunk displays and, if so, what they include. You may already know what to anticipate if you've done bridal shopping with friends and family before, but for those of you who are completely green to the process, we'll fill you in on everything!

    The bridal shop hosts a trunk show to showcase a specific designer's wares. The bride has a unique opportunity to view and try on wedding dresses the latest runway looks and classic looks from previous seasons as soon as they hit the runway and before they hit the stores. There are many advantages to attending a trunk show, which makes it a unique event that no bride should miss.

    On a predetermined date, a wedding gown designer or one of their representatives or stylists pays a special visit to a bridal boutique to showcase their latest collections day with their entire line of new wedding dresses. Scheduled appointments just at salon throughout the event allow brides to view the selection, try on dresses, and chat with the designer.

    What do you wear to a boho party as a guest?

    When and where are they held?

    If they have a website, most salons will also announce trunk shows there. Since retailers have plenty of time to prepare for trunk shows, they should be able to provide you with a schedule of upcoming events and information on the participating designers. Appointments fill up quickly and the exhibitions can span anywhere from a single day to multiple days, so plan beforehand.

    How is a trunk show different from shopping at a bridal salon?

    Most bridal salons only carry a limited selection of wedding dresses by a handpicked roster of designers. At a launch party, you can try on a variety of dresses from a single artist, even though the store doesn't normally stock that designer's whole range. Now is the time to purchase something from your favourite author after years of ogling their work online. The experience will give you a sense of the designer's aesthetic and whether or not you like it, even if you don't wind up buying anything. Clothes can look very different on an actual person compared to how they do in a catalogue or on a model's virtual body.

    What are some of the perks of a trunk show?

    The designer will be present at the trunk show, so you may have a conversation with her about the dresses and any alterations you'd like to make. Shows are beneficial for designers because they can observe brides trying on their gowns and hear what they have to say about the designs. This is a fantastic chance for them to gain first-hand knowledge from the end user. The bridal shop gains exposure to, and potentially sales of, dresses that aren't often carried. And if a dress is purchased during the trunk show, there may be special pricing available.

    Why Attend a Trunk Show?

    If you're having trouble deciding between several different designs by the same designer, a trunk show is a great way to reduce your options and reap the many benefits that come with doing so. A trunk show is a great opportunity to see and try on dresses from the designer's new collection, which is sure to include some of the ones you've been eyeing online or in publications. You can select and try on gowns that are a little more special because they are not sold in stores because some designers send dresses that are only available at a trunk show. Designers and company reps are usually present at wedding trunk shows to provide advice and answer any questions you may have about a certain style or any alterations that can be made. At the time of the trunk show, some designers may even provide a free or heavily discounted pattern exchange. It's great fun to meet the designer in person, take a photo with them, and maybe even get a drawing made just for you during a trunk show if they happen to be there.

    Why Should I Shop a Bridal Trunk Show?

    • Knowing the answer to "What is a trunk show?" may leave you wondering about the hubbub. Wedding Shoppe Inc.'s beautiful and reasonably priced bridal gowns are very appealing during a trunk show for several reasons.
    • Find unique, stylish wedding gowns here.
    • You can find a one-of-a-kind bridal gown that no one else will have at a bridal trunk show because the dresses on display are often from the upcoming season.
    • As an alternative to waiting for the general public release, new bridal gown styles are often previewed at trunk displays.
    • Purchase unique dresses for the bride-to-be.
    • Many of the designer wedding gowns we carry at our bridal trunk displays are exclusive to these events, increasing the likelihood that you will be the only bride in your gown.
    • The best discounts ever!
    • Planning a wedding on a budget is never easy, but luckily, Wedding Shoppe Inc.'s bridal trunk shows almost always provide a special discount on our already low-priced bridal gowns. (Remember that most designers do not provide discounts on wedding gowns at any other time, and the amount of the discount offered at trunk displays is typically chosen completely by the manufacturer.)
    • Meeting the designer is a common perk of attending bridal trunk shows.
    • The designers themselves may attend the trunk exhibition to discuss their inspirations and answer questions.
    • Here's your chance to hear it "from the horse's mouth" as they say, so to speak, on topics like how to best adorn your dress.

    To get the most from a Trunk Show, here are the essentials to keep in mind:

    • Do not let too much time pass without updating your diary. Both the stores and the designers publicise their trunk exhibitions. Keep an eye out for specifics in order to guarantee your scheduled visit.
    • Don't forget to double-check the particulars of your scheduled visit. Just how long is your scheduled meeting with me? How many of your pals are welcome to come along? Even though Trunk Shows are typically more relaxed than Sample Sales, it's still a good idea to confirm your appointment time just in case it had to be cut short to accommodate the large number of brides that attend each show.
    • Again, you'll need to make a snap decision if you want to take advantage of the discounts many boutiques give on dresses ordered at a Trunk Show. Not like at Sample Sales, where you feel like you have to make a decision on the spot, but this time you can take your time.
    • Because the designer must still be contacted to order your dress, the lead time for a Trunk Show purchase is the same as it is for a purchase made at the boutique during regular business hours. Buying a dress from a sample sale is the best option if you need one immediately (or ask about express ordering at your boutique but be aware this might be subject to an additional cost).
    • The boutique's typical payment conditions will apply if you want to place an order, so be prepared to pay a deposit, especially if you want to take advantage of any Trunk Show discounts.
    • Having the designer or a member of their team present at your Trunk Show is a wonderful perk.
    • Start by looking at designer websites to choose which looks you like and which are within your price range.
    • Even though there are trunk exhibits all through the year, your options for designers will be at their best between the months of January and March.
    • Appointments are required for trunk shows, and they go quickly. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment (and if you find you can't keep it, a quick phone call to cancel will go a long way).
    • Feel free to invite a couple close friends or family members who know and trust you. Try not to bring along too many people, as there may be too many divergent points of view.
    • If you're looking for "the dress," go into the show prepared to buy in order to take advantage of any sales. But if you aren't really sure, don't feel rushed into making a choice.
    • Not everything in a suitcase show is a dress. Wedding veils, headpieces, wedding jewellery, Fashion houses not only host trunk shows for bridal gowns, but also for bridesmaid dresses and shoes.

    What do you wear to a boho party as a guest?

    What's the difference between a trunk show and a sample sale?

    When a wedding shop has a sample sale, they discount the dresses they currently have in stock and sell them to brides at a steep discount. Samples refer to the dresses that brides try on in a store before placing an order for a custom dress with their desired modifications and/or embellishments.

    If the dresses aren't marked down in any way, then it's not really a sale, and you shouldn't treat it like one. However, if you enquire, you may usually receive a discount if you place your order at the trunk show. Even if the salon doesn't provide a discount, the designer may include free upgrades (such as a longer train or longer sleeves) in the price of the dress. Although these cuts may seem insignificant at the time, they can add up to significant savings when money is tight.

    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    • Not only are they useful for bridal gowns, but trunk exhibitions have many other applications as well. Many designers of evening gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories also do trunk shows.
    • You can take advantage of limited-time discounts on dresses by the featured designer if you buy one during the trunk show.
    • Take whoever will have a say in the final decision with you to your trunk show appointment so you can get the best possible deal on your wedding dress.
    • The answer to the question "may I try on other designer wedding dresses at the salon's trunk show?" is an emphatic YES! If you'd like to try on dresses from the salon's whole collection, they'll typically be pleased to oblige.

    Do I need to say 'yes'?

    When ordering from certain designers, bridal boutiques must provide photos of the bride wearing a sample of her chosen gown. As a result, you should be prepared to make a choice at the time of your scheduled consultation. As the trunk show is the only time you can try on the dresses, you should place your order then.

    Many of our future brides attend (or avoid) wedding trunk exhibits without fully understanding what they are, what they include, or how they may aid them in their quest to discover the perfect dress.

    Through TRUNK SHOWS held throughout the year, wedding boutiques not only highlight the exquisite designs of their designers, but also introduce you to the work of up-and-coming designers and businesses that may not yet be widely available in the UK.

    It's difficult for bridal shops to carry every single dress style from every single designer in every single season.

    As soon as the trunk exhibition arrives (consisting of anything from eight to twenty gowns, depending on the designer), all eyes can be on the work of that ONE CREATOR.

    You know you're following your favourite designers on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Here's your chance to see more of the things you love most all in one place.

    Often, you may meet the designer or a stylist from the business in person, and they'll walk you through the stunning options that will flatter your body and your taste. Special discounts may be available for dresses purchased at a trunk show; however, this is not always the case and you should verify this with the store in question.

    Depending on the availability of the designers, a trunk show might last anywhere from two to six days at a given boutique.

    Due to the high cost of transporting dresses throughout the world, it is highly recommended that you do some preliminary research online before placing an order. Unless the dress is still in the boutique's inventory, it's highly unlikely you'll ever see it again once it's shipped off to the next event. Find your soulmate, commit to the relationship, and live happily ever after.

    Once you've chosen your gown, the wedding planning process may officially begin. Now that you've chosen the dress, you may move forwards with the rest of the wedding's preparations.

    How big will your bridal bouquet be, and what form will it take? Can you recommend some complementary colours to wear with your bridesmaid, mob, or mog attire? As you plan the decorations for the room and the table. Details like this are typically overlooked until after a dress has already been selected, but that's the incorrect order.

    Since many of your favourite designers will likely be advertising upcoming trunk shows online, it is in your best interest to keep an eye out for these events social media, primarily by the high-end boutiques that stock them.

    Do your homework and don't miss out on the chance to locate your dress at one of these one-of-a-kind events where you will truly be spoiled for choice; after all, it's all for you, the bride-to-be!


    Hosting a trunk show is a great way for bridal boutiques to showcase their high-end collections to potential new customers. The bride gets to see and try on a variety of bridal gowns. Appointments book up fast, and shows can last for a single day or more. Many bridal shops only stock a select few designers' collections of wedding gowns. Designers benefit from trunk displays because they get to see potential customers trying on their dresses.

    This helps the bridal shop promote and sell outfits that they wouldn't normally stock. Trying on dresses from a designer's newest collection is a lot of fun at a trunk show. To a trunk display, designers sometimes send exclusive gowns. There's nothing better than getting to hang out with the creative mind behind your favourite piece, snap a photo, and maybe even commision a personalised sketch. In addition to the already low prices, bridal gowns at Wedding Shoppe Inc.'s trunk shows are discounted even further.

    Due to the unique nature of designer wedding dresses, you are more likely to be the only bride in your dress at these occasions. Manufacturers often have complete discretion over the depth of discount offered during trunk displays. You can take your time trying on dresses at a Trunk show rather than making a hasty decision as you might at a Sample Sale. You should go into the show ready to buy if you're looking for "the dress," otherwise you might miss out on any discounts. Trunk displays are not just held for bridesmaid dresses and shoes, but also for wedding gowns.

    Dresses aren't the only items that can be seen in a suitcase. Future brides should know that a trunk show is not the same thing as a sample sale. Dresses for brides to try on before ordering a custom gown are available at trunk shows. You can save money on a dress by the featured designer if you buy it at the trunk show. New and emerging designers are showcased at trunk shows held throughout the year for brides-to-be.

    A trunk show could last from two to six days, depending on the designer. It is strongly advised that you do some preliminary research online prior to placing an order due to the high cost of transporting dresses. The wedding preparations can begin once you've decided on a dress. Most of your favourite brands will likely announce upcoming trunk shows on their websites. Invest some time in preparation so that you don't miss out on the chance to find the perfect dress at one of these special occasions.

    Content Summary

    • Hosting a trunk show is a great way for local wedding boutiques to showcase luxury bridal attire that they might not ordinarily carry and attract new customers.
    • In what ways does a trunk display vary from a visit to a bridal shop
    • It's a trunk display, so you may talk to the designer about the dresses and any adjustments you'd like.
    • The ability to define a trunk show.
    • The bride-to-be deserves a one-of-a-kind outfit, so go out and buy one.
    • Weddings on a budget are challenging to plan, but happily, Wedding Shoppe Inc.'s bridal trunk shows almost always provide a special discount on our already low-priced bridal gowns. (Attending bridal trunk displays often includes a chance to chat with the designer.
    • Verify all the information on your planned trip.
    • To compare a trunk show to a sample sale, what are the key distinctions?
    • At a sample sale, bridal boutiques offer newly purchased garments to brides at deeply discounted prices.
    • A trunk exhibition at a particular boutique may span anywhere from two to six days, depending on the designers' schedules.
    • The wedding preparations can begin once you've decided on a dress.
    • You can proceed with the remainder of the wedding preparations now that you've decided on the dress.
    • Planning the tablescape and room design at the same time.

    FAQs About Trunk Show

    Trunk shows are special events hosted by bridal boutiques or department stores in which they invite a designer to come and show off her or his new line. There are many perks to buying at a trunk show as opposed to off the rack, and also some things you should know before you head to a trunk show.

    A trunk show is an event in which vendors present merchandise directly to store personnel or customers at a retail location or another venue such as a hotel room. ... The term is derived from the common practice of merchandise being transported to these events in trunks.

    Jewelry trunk shows are most commonly held by designers or manufacturers who want to test a new jewelry design on the market. This means, if you know where to go, you can get new or unique pieces of jewelry before anyone else.

    Trunk shows bring many benefits to both brands and customers. For brands, this event is a place where designers can showcase their products, meet more customers and partners, thereby promoting their brands and helping to increase sales.

    Jewelry trunk shows are most commonly held by designers or manufacturers who want to test a new jewelry design on the market. This means, if you know where to go, you can get new or unique pieces of jewelry before anyone else.

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