20+ Best Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shops Melbourne (2024)

If you're a bridesmaid and looking for the best shops in Melbourne to find your dress, we have some great suggestions. Not only will these shops help you find the perfect outfit, but they also offer formal wear rental options as well. 

This means that if you don't want to buy an expensive dress or suit for just one event, then renting is a good option. Plus, this way you can also get something new without spending too much money! 

Melbourne is the city of love, and with the perfect venue, the wedding day will be one for the books. But there is more to it than just finding a dress for yourself! With your best girls by your side, you need them all in dresses that make them feel like princesses. 

They must be comfortable and confident during this nerve-wracking time in their lives.  

Here's the list of the best shops that cater specifically to bridesmaids, coming complete with beautiful gowns at affordable prices.

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    Ultimate List of the Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shops in Melbourne

    Ginger Pins - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    03 87957515

    Ginger Pins is a South East Melbourne clothing alterations specialist. We specialise in bridal alterations, but we also do bridesmaid alterations, deb dresses, and formal wear. Ginger Pins is here to help if you need expert clothing alterations.

    The addition of a dart can sometimes make or break the fit of a shirt or skirt. We are most emphatically not all created equal.

    However, because shirt and skirt patterns vary, cuffs may need to be taken up, length adjusted, and a dart added. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. Even minor changes can mean the difference between looking frumpy and fabulous.

    Michele's Bridal - Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    03 5831 2288 

    We are not your typical bridal store; you will find us with our coffee in hand, barefoot, ready to assist you in falling in love with, without a doubt, the most important gown of your life. It is critical to us that you have the best possible experience.

    We want it to be relaxing and stress-free, with you naturally falling in love with what you're looking for. We're all about those sensations you get when you can't stop thinking about the one!

    Our bridal collection is by far the best I've seen, though I may be biassed because we handpick all of the gowns that end up on our racks.

    The collection features over 200 gowns from seven different designers, each with their own distinct style, which we adore.

    Maria’s Bridal Studio - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    0438 483 502

    Our gorgeous boutique, located on the beautiful Bass Coast, has everything you need for your wedding. We have a large selection of wedding gowns, debutante dresses, and bridal accessories.

    Maria, a bridal stylist and designer for over twenty-five years, understands that each bride is unique. Maria will help you choose the perfect gown and alter it to fit you with her knowledge and passion for her work.

    Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you in selecting your gown. We can alter your gown to fit you perfectly, giving you the luxurious experience you deserve on your wedding day.

    In our Bass Coast Studio, we provide a variety of alteration and tailoring services. No job is too big or too small, from wedding gowns to trousers.

    Please allow 30-45 minutes for bridal and debutante alterations. We are happy to provide fitting and tailoring for gowns purchased elsewhere as well as at Maria's Bridal Studio.

    Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear FAQs

    What you wear as a guest to a wedding will depend on the dress code. A black-tie event is the most formal and requires a tuxedo, generally in black, with a white shirt, Oxfords, and a bow tie. 

    At cocktail events, you’ll still need a suit, but you can have a bit more fun with details and patterns – it’s a more contemporary feel. Semi-formal can be ambiguous, but a suit and tie are still required. For daytime events, choose a lighter shade, and go dark for evening occasions. 

    Finally, smart casual requires you to wear long trousers, a button-up shirt, and a blazer. You don’t necessarily need a tie, and you can wear more casual shoes such as loafers.

    Being a bridal and tuxedo store, the bride comes first. Once the bride says yes to her wedding dress, you are good to start looking at tuxedos and suits.

    Some of our brides like to make sure the bridesmaids have chosen and ordered their dresses before the guys start looking, but that is entirely up to you.

    Generally, give a range of looking at tuxedos and suits from 3 to 9 months before your wedding. 

    Six months before the wedding is usually a very good starting place. However, the 3 to 9-month range helps the bride and groom make decisions and give the groomsmen enough time to get measured.

    When selecting a dress for your pregnant bridesmaids, remember that they'll likely want something breathable, lightweight, and easy to alter at the last minute. 

    Pregnant women generally tend to be more comfortable in a longer gown as shorter dresses may be a bit too short in front.

    Be sure to order a few sizes up to cover belly growth in the time between purchasing the dress and attending the wedding.

    Not necessarily. If you're not interested in trying to please all the different body types and styles in your group of bridesmaids, you might consider selecting a length and range of colours, then letting the ladies choose their outfits to wear. 

    You can tie it all together by adding a matching shawl, a flower crown, or other matching accessories.

    If the bride can afford to, it's a very thoughtful gesture for her to pay for the dress or a portion of the cost for each of her bridesmaids.

    Generally speaking, bridesmaids are expected to pay for their dresses and accessories, as well as potentially hair and makeup appointments and transportation to the wedding.

    Weddings are expensive! You may want to prepare for the possibility that one of your chosen few will have to opt-out for financial reasons. Try to be understanding; it truly hurts her more than it hurts you!  

    If you insist on a friend being at the wedding party, consider paying for her bridesmaid dress as her bridesmaid gift.

    Let her know that attending the bachelorette party is not mandatory. Believe it or not but the bachelorette party can be one of the most expensive wedding events.

    If you cannot afford to pay for the dress or other bridesmaid obligations, consider having your financially stuck friend a part of your House Party.

    A House Party is a group of your close friends assigned to help man wedding day tasks like handling the guestbook, passing out programs, serving cake, etc.

    Le Louvre - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    03 9650 1300

    It was the year 1923. Miss Wightman first opened the doors of Le Louvre in a small arcade called Howie Place, which became famous because 'doing The Block' (a series of lanes connecting the main city streets) was the only way for society women to shop.

    We provide the entire look, including veils, headpieces, and accessories. As well as assistance with styling and outfit selection for other pre-wedding events.

    Because we only work by appointment, the bridal salon will be exclusively yours. Attention to detail is critical, and our intimate and quiet space provides the ideal setting for making important selections and decisions.

    Pearls and Roses - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    5222 2191

    Pearls & Roses Bridal specialises in couture as well as ready-to-wear bridal and evening gowns. Our Geelong-based dressmakers source the finest fabrics from around the world to create a truly one-of-a-kind gown for your special day. We also have mother-of-the-bride gowns, Brownlow dresses, and much more.

    Suits Online - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    0425 750 181

    Men's Suit Melbourne online and Menswear Warehouse Sale Online Melbourne.

    Men's Suits Melbourne Online.

    Open 24 hours.

    Business Hours

    Mon: Open 24 hours

    Tue: Open 24 hours

    Wed: Open 24 hours

    Thu: Open 24 hours

    Fri: Open 24 hours

    Sat: Open 24 hours

    Sun: Open 24 hours

    Nancy Leung Couture - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    04 4736 7357

    Our brides serve as our creative inspiration. We are inspired by the bride's personality and style and work hard to make her vision a reality.

    "Produce locally made and designed Couture gowns (Bridal and special occasion) within a warm and collaborative environment, brought to life with traditional couture craftsmanship," we maintain as our ethos.

    Each couture gown is handcrafted in our studio to our clients' exact measurements and style, and anything is possible. As seen on our NLC brides page, we enjoy breaking the mould of tradition. We adore women who move to the beat of their own drum!

    We prefer to make custom-designed gowns 6-10 months before the wedding date, as couture takes time and attention to detail.

    Lady Stardust Boutique - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    61 39388 9900

    Lady Stardust Boutique is a family-owned and operated business with friendly and dedicated bridal consultants ready to help you find the perfect gown for your special occasion.

    We have a large selection of gowns from various collections and fashion houses all over the world.

    Styles ranging from classic to modern, with exquisite embellishments and silhouettes tailored to your figure.

    Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of dressmakers with over 45 years of experience who offer alterations on all of our garments and will ensure that your gown fits perfectly.

    Rachel Gilbert - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    03 5924 9105

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    Oglia-Loro - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    61 0 3 9866 7999

    Oglialoro is heavily influenced by the combination of complementary design elements such as luxury and simplicity, delicacy and strength, classical lines and contemporary styling. An OGLIA-LORO creation is synonymous with all of these; it is the pinnacle of exquisite fashion and sensuality, designed for the woman who epitomises glamour and sophistication.

    With a growing national and international clientele, Oglialoro has dressed some of the most beautiful and fashionable women for The Academy Awards, TV Week Logie Awards, and BAFTA Awards, forever connecting OGLIA-LORO with the glamorous world of show business and entertainment.

    Anthea Crawford - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    04 8824 9001

    Proudly Designed. Made. Australian.


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    Orné - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    61 0 3 8252 9285 

    Orné Trendz began in 2013 with the label "Orné," which aims to cater to ladies' special partywear needs, particularly when it comes to dressing up in style and being unique.

    They have something for everyone and all ages, from sophisticated to contemporary.

    They have one exclusive designer piece that no one has seen, ranging from ballgowns to mini dresses, mermaid to A-line, strapless to full sleeves.

    OrneTrendz also caters to custom design and sizing requirements.

    We love spending time with you to understand your needs and provide the perfect makeover for your event, so stop by our store.

    Marea Bright - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    03 9034 6078

    For the past 55 years, I have specialised in exquisitely handcrafted hats for all occasions and tastes, and I offer my services from MAREA BRIGHT - Exclusive Millinery, my Melbourne salon.

    I have a Diploma in Millinery and Design and take pride in the long-term relationships I've built and maintained through my business.

    I not only have a long career, but also a strong reputation based on my love of quality artistry and innovative custom-made headwear.

    With an eye for the beautiful and elegant, you can expect nothing less than the most stunning headwear to complement your individuality.

    Lola Varma - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    0493 242 539

    Courtney Oilfield created LOLA VARMA, a line of minimalist bridal wear. Courtney discovered as a fashion and wedding photographer that many women didn't connect with the common sweep of garments, traditional details, and dated silhouettes. She created a collection of unconventional bridal wear for these individuals, who are edgy and unconstrained by convention.

    The separates and gowns aim to reflect the air of our era, the desires of the modern woman, by fusing high fashion and everyday wear. The garments are minimal and elegant, and they honour a subtle beauty. The ivory tones of a sun-bleached plain, the sheer drapes that ripple with a warm breeze, the contours of a woman's form.

    The clothes encourage a woman to reveal rather than conceal who she is. The Lola Varma woman is easygoing and quietly confident, grounded in the essentials rather than immersed in the immaterial. She embraces her womanhood with grace and ease. She personalises the gown.

    By Kinsman - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    61 438 928 325

    Melbourne couture and custom dresses are lovingly handmade.

    Each piece is meticulously crafted with exquisite textiles and genuine passion, the love child of design and identity.

    By Kinsman is a celebration of today's women, from daring to demure, simple to intricate.

    Aldo Terlato - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne



    When you enter the world of Aldo Terlato Couture for that special event, whether it's your wedding day or any other special event, you can be assured that you've entered the world of a leader in Haute Couture design in the fashion industry.

    The journey begins with a one-on-one consultation to create your special event design collection. Once you've begun your journey, fabric selections ranging from the finest silks and laces are made, and the calico fittings begin, and your dream begins to take shape in front of your eyes with each fitting.

    Deb Dress - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne



    In Melbourne, Australia, we design and stock deb dresses and wedding gowns. We also provide customised services to meet your specific requirements. We will create the newest style for you, beginning with drawing dress pictures. We process urgent orders the same day. We can make the change on-site.

    We provide high-quality dresses at reasonable prices beginning at $100. For your debutante and wedding, you will find the highest quality services and products!

    Every dress is made from high-quality fabrics. Many of our dresses have beading and hand-made embroidery. Furthermore, our hand-made appliqués will add the extra detail that elevates a dress from lovely to breathtaking.

    All debutantes and brides-to-be are welcome to order online and pay via PayPal or bank transfer. We do not accept returns. If you change the height of your shoes or redesign them, we are not responsible for any changes.

    Raggatt - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    61 464 478 074 

    RAGGATT's bridal collection features sculptural silhouettes and bold lines.

    Traditional couture techniques and a modern approach to volume combine to create one-of-a-kind and eye-catching gowns for the modern woman.

    The RAGGATT atelier is a supporter of the local, with all gowns designed and made in Melbourne.

    Many pieces are embellished with beading inspired by the unusual beauty of our Australian native flora to celebrate the Australian bush.

    Annette of Melbourne - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop


    03 9687 3981

    For over 45 years, Annette of Melbourne Couture has created one-of-a-kind gowns exclusively in their Seddon, Melbourne store. Rose, the head designer, meets with each bride and creates a bridal gown for her. Rose and her team then handcraft a bridal masterpiece out of the most exquisite fabrics and laces.

    Rose, Annette of Melbourne's Head Designer, creates a stunning one-of-a-kind couture gown for each bride.

    Rose will accompany you to each appointment if you choose Annette of Melbourne Couture. To help make your dreams a reality, you will select from the highest quality silks, intricate and unique laces, and matching hand-made beadings.

    The Ready to Wear Collection was inspired by a desire to bring beautiful gowns with exquisite yet simple designs, as well as meticulous artistry. We intend to expand this collection to meet the needs of our clients worldwide, and we intend to include both modern and classical genres.

    We offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of measurements, so your gown may only require minor final adjustments, if any at all.

    Peony House - Bridesmaid Dress & Formal Wear Shop in Melbourne


    61 3 9311 6252

    Peony Wedding We take pride in transforming wedding gowns and suits from sketch to masterpiece. Our handmade custom designs will satisfy each customer's authenticity in the most elegant and stylish way possible, thanks to the art of tailoring and craftsmanship.

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