30+ Best Dance Class Studios in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

There are so many reasons why dancing is good for you, and it's hard to know where to begin. It's great fun and good for the body as well as the mind. Besides being a good form of exercise and having a truly positive impact on our health, a recent study showed that it also makes us smarter (something to do with remembering the dance steps, thus exercising the brain).

On the hunt for a dance class studio in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right dance studio can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many options, and prices out there to consider.

So, finding a dance studio that offers supreme service and a carefully curated selection of trainers is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your dance studio hunt, we've rounded up our favourite dance class studios from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Read on to discover where to start your search.

Ultimate list of dance class studios in Melbourne

Lily's Dance Studios - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


0416 018 201

At Lily's Dance Studio, we take all styles of dance seriously. We offer high energy Hip Hop classes, taught by industry professionals with valued experience in style. They collectively have over 20 years of experience, have been trained extensively in a formal dance setting, and have performed with numerous celebrities and dance professionals. You can view their qualifications at the bottom of this page. This amount of experience allows us to give your child the attention, professionalism, and knowledge that they deserve when learning a new craft.

Hip hop lessons require high energy and high concentration, making this the perfect pass-time for children and adults who need somewhere to positively focus their high energy level. This style of dance focuses on crisp, energetic, and refreshing choreography. Usually, our instructors will teach the student each move in "counts", and then progressively have them perform it more quickly as they become familiar with the material. This ensures that the child will retain the steps and have fun while learning, rather than becoming stressed out by the hip hop classes' quick pace.

Our hip hop classes also focus on the improvement of memory in regards to choreography, flexibility, transitions, and the ability to adapt to new styles of dance with the correct motivation. We hope to provide only the best, and most professional atmosphere as the child, young adult, or advanced dancer engages in the lively and fun world of hip hop dancing.

Our hip hop lessons range from junior beginners to advanced adults and can be enjoyed by inquiring about Hip Hop Melbourne at our Glenroy dance studio location. We encourage these classes for boys and girls and hope to promote fitness, high energy, overall good health, and having fun! Call us today to begin this expressive dance style and get fit!

Phoenix Dance Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


03 9428 7874

You can dance in your kitchen, on the beach or in a club. Dance at a street party or in the grandest ballrooms from Rio to Rome and everywhere in-between. Dancing is your passport to enjoy yourself wherever you go.

Here at Phoenix Dance Studio, we wish to share with you dances from around the world: Salsa from the bars of Havana, Tango from the salons of Buenos Aires, Waltz from ballrooms of Vienna, Swing from dance halls of Harlem and that's just getting started. At our dance studio here in Richmond, Melbourne we teach all levels, whether you are an absolute beginner or have been dancing for years and want to improve on what you already know, we can help you.

We all love to dance; that's why we are here. Tom and Miriam opened Phoenix Dance Studio in 2010 with a passion for making dancing simple and honest for everybody to pick up and enjoy. They also believe that if you're going to learn something, you should learn it right. We teach you how to understand the music, the rhythm and the movement and how they all fit together so that you dance anywhere with anybody.

Dancing is a language used all over the world, and it is universal. Learn to dance well, and then you can have the most amazing times wherever you go, no words needed.

ADDICTED 2 DANCE - Dance Class Studio Melbourne



Through casual classes of all levels and age groups, to award-winning competition crews, our studio is a place where everyone is encouraged to learn and broaden their skills in Hip Hop dance as well as discovering new friends and a second home. We are not just a dance studio; we are a Dance family. We always welcome new people in our dance family with open arm. We strive and work together to become the best we can be.

Sabrina Duchenne Director/Choreographer at A2D Studios.

Sabrina is very recognised for her work in the Hip Hop Dance scene and is frequently choreographing elite level shows for her competing crews in competitions such as the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas, Step Off, Battlegrounds and World Supremacy. Because of her endless creativity, she has received many awards celebrating her choreography, musical arrangements and costume design.

She is very passionate about dance and believes it is a great way to express herself in a fun and positive way. In opening a dance school, Sabrina has created a place where she can now share her knowledge, skills and passion with others and make her students reach their maximum potential. "Dance has made me who I am today" – Sabrina Duchenne Experience/Performances/Education Certificate 3 in Dance. Attended Melbourne School of Performing Arts.

Melbourne Acrobatic and Dance Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


0425 032 622

At Melbourne Acrobatic and Dance Studio, we pride ourselves on delivering quality Dance Education through nurturing and passionate teaching. We want your child to thrive in ability and confidence.​

Our students often refer to our Studio as the 'MAD Family, which is exactly the kind of community atmosphere we endeavour to create.

Mission Statement

In 2010 Melbourne Acrobatic and Dance Studio opened its doors with a dream of providing quality dance training in a positive learning environment. We have continued to grow each year, and available classes now include Pre-school classes, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and Contemporary.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment where your child can grow with qualified and experienced teachers who are extremely passionate about what they do.

Teachers are compassionate and understanding and work to provide self-expression and creativity opportunities whilst promoting excellence, dedication, and hard work. We strive to get the best out of each student whilst working towards attainable goals, which will leave your child feeling confident and positive.

Isolation Performing Arts Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


9338 5393

At IPAS, you can expect to create lifelong friendships, memories and a love of performing. For over 30 years, our caring, experienced IPAS team has shown its passion for providing the highest quality training and education in Dance, Singing and Music classes. When you choose either one of our fun recreational dance classes per week or aspire to be a professional performer, everyone deserves the opportunity to be guided on their journey by trusted, dedicated and loyal staff.

Our supportive and exciting environment connects you to a like-minded community of committed, happy families, making the studio feel like your second home. Dance studios can nurture personal growth and self-confidence, helping you strive for achievement outside of schools and academic environments.

We want to provide a safe and supportive space and allow excellence to shine through.

Isolation Performing Arts Studio (IPAS) celebrated our 30th year in 2019. This significant milestone caused us to pause and reflect, reminiscing about our long history training some of Melbourne's best performing arts talent. More importantly, it made us excited about our future.

Pivot Dance Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


03 93386008

Our Medal Award Classes are for students who already have some experience dancing and would like to progress further to improve the more technical aspects of their dancing. Medal classes start at Bronze Level and go all the way up to specialty awards. Please contact us for our medal class timetable.

Private dance lessons are the most personalised and effective way of learning to dance and are time flexible to suit you. You will learn skills based on the dances you would like to learn and at your own pace. We offer private lessons in Latin, Ballroom, New Vogue, Salsa, Swing and Rock & Roll. Lessons can be one on one or shared with your partner. Please contact us to arrange your private lessons. No Partner is required.

At Pivot Dance Studio we offer dance classes for adults and children in Latin American, Ballroom, Wedding Dance and Rock & Roll within a friendly dance studio atmosphere. 

Since our establishment in 2004, we have maintained a strong reputation for being one of Australia's leading dance studios. We have a credible group of professional dance teachers accredited with DanceSport Australia and all have working with children clearances. 

Crazy Feet Dance Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


03 9808 3104

Crazy Feet Dance Studio is a dance and performing arts school. We are located in Burwood, Melbourne. It was established in 1992 and is still one of Melbourne's leading dance schools. Katie Rappel, the founder of Crazy Feet, believes it is important that dance be accessible to all children. Our classes aim to bring enjoyment, confidence and coordination to our students while delivering professional dance training in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Crazy Feet caters to the recreational student as well as aspiring dance professionals. We deliver classes for all levels from 2 to 18 years old. Please head to our dance enrolment page to download our Dance booklet. This booklet contains everything you need to know, including prices, class times, uniform, term dates and more.


Crazy Feet encourages a love of dance. We believe that dance should be accessible to all children for enjoyment, confidence and coordination. We deliver professional dance training in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Catering to the recreational student as well as aspiring dance professionals.

Momentum Arts Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


0410 360 258 

Founded in 2015 by nationally recognised dancer and choreographer Jack May, "Momentum" is an Urban orientated Dance & Acrobatic school with a focus on fun. We're an inclusive family-friendly studio offering classes for everyone and anyone!

​With locations in the NORTH (11 Arcade Rd, Mont Albert) and SOUTH (44 Montrose Ave, Elsternwick) you are sure to find a class that suits you! We offer a competitive stream for those looking at training more heavily and provide recreational classes for those looking at getting some exercise and shaking their toosh - no wild uniform fees, no enforced class packages, just dance/acro.

​Momentum is a place for those interested in refining skills or seeking an alternative form of exercise. Our classes are designed to progressively develop style and technique in a positive, fun-filled environment. Having worked as a dance/acrobatics instructor for over 10 years, Jack has seen the positive benefits of movement-based exercise amongst children, teenagers and adults.

Elevation Dance Studios - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


0408 460 115

Elevation Dance Studios was established to provide children of all ages with an encouraging environment to explore, grow, develop and relish in the wonderful world of dance. We offer classes in Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pointe, VCE Dance, Musical Theatre, Tap, Acrobatics, Adult classes and Pre- Primary classes. Our Principal, Alex Andrews, has had over 18 years of experience teaching and choreographing students of all ages. Alex would love to share her passion for dance and welcome you to join our Elevation Dance Studios community.

Elevation Dance Studios was established to provide young movers with an encouraging environment to explore, grow, develop and relish in the wonderful world of dance. Our love for dance goes beyond one style, and we offer classes in Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Ballet and Acrobatics. 

After graduating from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts as the School captain and Caltex all-rounder award participant, Alex was offered a full dance scholarship to attend Point Park University PA in the United States of America. 

During her time studying abroad, Alex studied in Graham technique, classical ballet, contemporary, pas de deux, pointe, and jazz. Upon successful auditions, Alex received roles in Peter Merz's 'Ondine' and a lead roll in Douglas Bentz' Snow Queen.' 

Wendon Dance Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


03 9803 3107

At Wendon, dance is not just about how we move, and it's about how we live! Operating in Glen Waverley for over 30 years, we are one of Melbourne's leading dance schools. We are fully committed to dance and offer a range of fun and competition dance classes in a variety of dance styles for all ages.

At Wendon, dance is not just about how we move, and it's about how we live!

Operating in Glen Waverley for over 30 years, we are one of Melbourne's leading dance schools. We are fully committed to dance and offer a range of fun and competition dance classes in a variety of dance styles for all ages.

Through our dance classes, we help you gain discipline and various life skills alongside learning how to move and make new friends within our Wendon community. So why not come on down and join us to pick up a new move and let us help you with your dance goals?

Keilor Dance Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


0405 611 797

Welcome to Keilor Dance Studio,

Keilor Dance Studio is a dance school based in Taylors Lakes operating for now over 7+ years. Our dance school focuses on providing high - quality dance lessons in Ballet, Hip - Hop, Jazz, Tap and Acrobatics for children and teens! Not only we cater for the younger ones we cater for the ladies who previously used to dance or even wanting to get into fitness with our combination class Burlesque and Jazz.  

In each of our classes, our teachers help provide each child's best and help bring our their confidence, passion for dance and their outgoing personalities. We accomplish this by our classes being enjoyable & fun as well as your child still being educated about the terminology of each dance style. With the variety of dance classes we offer, we're sure you'll love being apart of the Keilor Dance Studio family!

Trial classes are available! Contact us today to reserve your trial spot. 

Clifton Dance Studio - Dance Class Studio Melbourne


+61 437 666 315

Clifton Dance Studio offers a range of classes to suit both young and mature students. Some dance styles offer a structured technique that supports the young dancer's education - others are just great for fitness, fun, and dance love. Good dance training benefits are paramount; it instils a sense of style, poise, grace, and strength. Developing musicality, artistic expression and appreciation enhances self-confidence.

Designed for both boys and girls, the program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of dance while developing confidence, coordination and creativity in a professional and safe environment. Clifton Dance Studio was established in 1980 by Alida Endrigo. Alida ran the school successfully for 38 years. In 2019 Alida decided to step down as school director but continues to teach RAD ballet.


What dance is good for beginners?

Learning to dance doesn't have to be difficult. OK, so you think you have "two left feet?" Maybe you think this because you haven't had proper instruction and enough practice. Any dance can be mastered with some good guidance and concentrated effort. Yes, even you can learn to dance!

There are many reasons why learning to dance is a great idea. The biggest reason is that dancing is loads of fun! But also, practically speaking, having a few dance steps in your pocket serves you well for social occasions, is a good way to make new friends, and is super for getting in shape!

If you are a beginner, our advice is to start with easy dance moves so you won't get discouraged. Several ballroom dances are the easiest to learn because they use a small set of steps that are repeated over and over. By counting to the beat of the music, memorising the steps, and with a bit of practice, you can look like you've been doing the dance for years!

Learning How to Dance

Dance is a wonderful hobby enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Besides being lots of fun, dancing is good for you, both physically and mentally. Anyone can learn to dance... it's a simple matter of learning how to move your body.

One of the first steps you can take is to practice finding a beat in music. The beat establishes a rhythm to which you can move, even if it's just bopping your head at first. Every song has a beat, and you just have to recognise it.

Next up is timing. This simply means that you're putting movements to the beat. Timing is key in every style of dance, and it's often best when you can just let go and express yourself freely through movements.

Choosing a Dance Style

Ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, tap... you can choose from many styles of dance. Nothing says you have to stick with one, either. Maybe you like the expression of modern dance but also enjoy the fun partner work found in swing dancing. You'll quickly discover that learning any style of dance will help you learn another, so feel free to explore.

Many dancers choose to start with ballet. It's a very formal style and good for training your body to move with a certain elegance and flow. The foot and hand positions of ballet also carry over into other styles, so it's not a bad idea to take a few ballet classes and learn the fundamentals of dancing.

Finding a Great Dance Class

Dance schools are readily available in many cities and towns, so there's likely to be one or two near you. Some are privately owned while others are run by community centres, universities, or local organisations. Check around your area and see what is available. Ask friends about their experience with a school and check to see if you can observe a class or two to get a feel for it.

Whether you're looking to take a tango class at night or enrol your daughter in ballet, it's a good idea to find out a little about the instructor. Like all professions, there are good dance teachers and those who are not as great.

Dancers should feel comfortable with their instructors. It can be an emotional experience as you're often expressing yourself in ways you haven't before, so a good student-teacher relationship is key.

The Best Type of Dance Class for Beginners

If your child is younger than six and has expressed interest in dancing, a class that incorporates acrobatics and floor gymnastics is a good start. This can help your child with the coordination, discipline and muscle strength they will need if they wish to continue dance when they are older.

If your child is six or older than ballet/pointe classes are one of the best places to start. Ballet is seen as the foundation for all styles of dance, and your child will be taught the right techniques and poise that can carry them into any other type of dance they may show an interest in down the road.

Although ballet is the best place to start, your child may want to try different dancing styles to see what they like, and there is no problem with allowing your child or yourself to do this. Hip hop, jazz, lyrical and tap are all great styles of dance and may suit your child better than a ballet class would, however, you should never discount proper form and technique when it comes to growing as a dancer.

What to Wear to Dance Class

Wearing appropriate attire allows you to feel comfortable and move freely while dancing. Every class is a little different, and your instructor may have a specific dress code or recommendations. Yet, there are a few things that most dancers have in their dance bag.

Leotards are pretty standard for many dance classes, and they come in a variety of styles and colours. Find one that you're comfortable wearing and, if you like, consider a skirt as well.

Pro Tip: Many of these dances can fit the same songs… So it is up to you to decide which dance you'd like to do. You should weigh' different factors like the song's character, How slow/fast it is, and how much space you have!

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