15+ Wedding Dress Cleaning, Storage & Box Preservation in Australia [2022]

Preserving and cleaning your wedding dress after the big day is over is one way to ensure that the stains and discoloration that can occur naturally with time won't detract from the dress's beauty down the road. If you want your wedding dress to keep its vibrant color, luxurious fabric, and timeless silhouette for future generations, the only method to do so is through careful preservation.

To help you get started on your wedding dress cleaning, storage and box preservation hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite wedding dress cleaning, storage & box preservation shops all over Australia.

If you're not sure where to look, keep reading.


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    Best Wedding Dress Cleaning, Storage & Box Preservation

    MyDressbox - Wedding Dress Cleaning Specialists


    0477 480 325

    A recent survey found that 67% of brides intend to have their wedding gown cleaned and boxed after the big day. MyDressbox is intended to make this process as simple as possible while not breaking the bank. Welcome. Entrusting someone with your wedding gown to restore it to its former glory is a big deal, but it doesn't have to be expensive!

    If you've already had your gown cleaned and want to store it, MyDressbox storage boxes are available separately. Dress Box Company Wedding Dress Storage Boxes are available if you want a box to store your gown that makes a statement.

    MyDressbox is a dedicated group of bridal cleaners, dressmakers, and customer service representatives. In 2006, Jasmin Igglesden began cleaning Essense Designs dresses in her New Zealand boutique. MyDressbox launched as a wedding gown cleaning service in 2016, and we currently serve brides in Australia and New Zealand.

    MyDressBox was created by Jasmin Igglesden, a bridal dressmaker with 15 years of experience, while on maternity leave in Australia. Jasmin, the owner of Vanilla Bridal and a dressmaker, was asked how to care for wedding gowns. Worse, she was frequently approached by brides whose gowns had been ruined in various ways.

    It's the Wedding Dress Cleaning Service from MyDressbox. A dressmaker established a superior cleaning and storage service. MyDressbox launched in New Zealand in 2016 as a new service based on over a decade of garment washing, repair, and bridal gownmaking experience. MyDressbox Pty Ltd now cleans wedding gowns across Australia from its headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria.

    The Wedding Dress Specialists

    The-Wedding-Dress-Specialists Wedding Dress Cleaning
    screenshot taken from theweddingdressspecialist.com.au


    0433 021 511

    Bridal gowns are cleaned and preserved by us. We don't outsource anything and instead do everything in-house. We place a premium on quality. Service is available throughout Australia.

    Our scientific curiosity, combined with the most recent advances in materials technology, has enabled us to offer a new preservation approach that is superior to anything else on the market from other 'cleaners.'

    We've developed a distinct set of skills that enable us to consistently deliver superior results. Our staff uses science and materials technology in our cleaning and preservation processes like no other dry cleaner in Australia.

    Australian Bridal Cleaner

    Australian-Bridal-Cleaners Wedding Dress Cleaning
    screenshot taken from australianbridalcleaner.com.au


    0414 944 977

    Clean your wedding gown and accessories as soon as possible for the best results. Never pack it soiled, as some stains are irreversible. Whether the gown is to be kept or resold, it must be thoroughly cleaned. You carefully selected your gown, and we will do the same with your wedding photos. Your wedding gown can be cleaned and preserved by Australian Bridal Cleaners.

    Always use a professional bridal cleaning service to ensure that only experienced cleaners handle your items. Bridal wear, wedding gowns, evening wear, bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride, groomsmen, christening gowns, and debutante gowns are our specialities. We specialise in cleaning beaded, crystal, lace, trim, and silk garments.

    Stains can form and become difficult to remove over time, and improper storage can lead to mould and oxidation from existing stains, turning the fabric brown. Clean and store all gowns as soon as possible after the wedding.

    After your wedding gown has been cleaned and checked, it should be properly packaged and wrapped in acid-free tissue for long-term storage. This treatment shields the dress from insects and sunlight. Instead of boxing, hang your garment in a calico bag that you can easily remove if you want to wear it.

    We offer a free home, workplace, or hotel concierge pickup and delivery service in Sydney. Our signature service is available throughout Australia, both in rural and urban areas. Call for a free, no-obligation quote that includes pickup and delivery.

    Master Dry Cleaners  - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    Master-Dry-Cleaners Wedding Dress Cleaning
    screenshot taken from masterdrycleaners.com.au



    Wedding gowns are extremely valuable items. Many brides keep their gown in the hopes of passing it down to their daughters or keeping it as a keepsake of their special day.

    Master Dry cleaners clean wedding gowns. The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS) is a small group of dry cleaners in Australia. Master Dry Cleaners has been in operation for the past 60 years. Five Melbourne locations have Certified Wedding Gown Specialists.

    Our locations provide garment preservation, free pick-up and delivery, carpet and rug cleaning, and superior business shirt care. More information is available on our services page. Three of our locations are open seven days a week, and our Albert Park location is open 24 hours.

    Master Dry Cleaners is one of the best in the dry cleaning industry, and we hope to see you at one of our Melbourne locations to service all of your dry cleaning and laundry needs.

    Prestige Preservation -  Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    Prestige-Preservation Wedding Dress Cleaning
    screenshot taken from prestigepreservation.com.au


    1300 131 513

    Bridal gown cleaning and laundering specialists in Australia and New Zealand. It has been thoroughly examined. Trim, sequins, and lace are thoroughly cleaned to remove visible and undetectable stains.

    Wedding gowns are cherished possessions. After carefully selecting their gown, many brides prefer to heirloom it. A well-maintained wedding gown may be passed down to a daughter or family friend.

    Although a one-day-old gown may not appear dirty, it must be thoroughly cleaned. Body oils and perspiration are not visible. Long gowns will get dirty around the hemline and train, and spills will happen. Some stains oxidise with age, resulting in discoloration, fabric deterioration, and gown damage.

    Advanced moisture and oxygen control is provided by MuseumStyleTM storage boxes. Traditional bridal gown boxes do not protect against oxidation or "yellowing." Our novel method prevents your gown from yellowing or rusting, preserving its value.

    Your gown is stored in an acid-free, humidity-controlled environment. Oxidation is nearly eliminated by replacing oxygen with an inert gas.

    Baci Wedding Gown Preservation Australia

    screenshot taken from weddinggownclean.com.au


    1300 866 739

    The majority of Sydney brides have never had their wedding gown cleaned. It's critical to find a Sydney bridal dress dry cleaning service that knows how to handle delicate laces, beautiful fabrics, and high-quality beads and crystals.

    Baci Wedding Gown Preservation cleans wedding gowns exclusively. The best bridal boutiques in Sydney value our services and entrust us with their stock gowns. Baci can dry clean your wedding gown in the comfort of your Sydney home or office. Boxing or bagging your gown will keep the fabric and beading in good condition.

    Our wedding gown preservation service is trustworthy. For wedding gown dry cleaning in Sydney, contact Baci.

    Silk, rayon, and some acetate wedding gowns are dry cleaned. We only use virgin solvents. We offer several dry-cleaning services. We'll choose the most secure and effective method. In accordance with the designer's instructions and your beading.

    This technology is used in the majority of synthetic fabrics. It shields crystals and beading from the heat and chemicals of dry cleaning. Gowns that have been hand-cleaned.

    Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners  Australia

    screenshot taken from syndalsdrycleaners.com


    (03) 9824 6949

    The most enduring image is of your wedding dress. rely on an expert. The best bridal registries and wedding gown designers in Australia endorse Syndal's Bridal Dry Cleaners. Unlike other dry cleaners, we only clean delicate clothing after 5 evening wear, wedding gowns, and dresses for special occasions.

    Always hire a wedding gown specialist. Professional cleaning makes sense given the time and money you've spent on your gown. Syndal's Bridal Dry Cleaners specialises in removing wedding gown stains. Beaded laces, trimmings, silks, chiffon, and crystals are all cleaned by them.

    To remove stains, Syndal's Bridal Dry Cleaners recommends cleaning your bridal gown as soon as possible. Long-term stains can penetrate fabrics, particularly delicate silks that are natural and porous.

    A skilled bridal dry cleaner, such as Syndal's Bridal Dry Cleaners, can choose the best treatment for a stain and is more likely than a regular dry cleaner to remove it. Many stains, particularly on wedding gowns, cannot be treated traditionally because they may harm the fabric; instead, have your gown cleaned by a certified bridal dry cleaner.

    Visit their store to distinguish between a general dry cleaner and a wedding gown specialist. A dry cleaner who only cleans general clothing is not a specialist. A true wedding gown specialist only cleans and treats bridal gowns. They are capable of handling delicate objects.

    Neweys Dry Cleaning - Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Australia

    Neweys-Dry-Cleaners Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Melbourne
    screenshot taken from neweys.com.au


    07 55378 718

    The Gold Coast's go-to dry cleaners, alterations, and clothing care specialists is Neweys Dry Cleaners. Neweys has eight Gold Coast locations and is committed to customer service, quality, and environmental stewardship.

    Your clothing will look brand new thanks to Neweys' use of cutting-edge garment finishing technology and non-toxic dry cleaning supplies.

    Wedding gowns are prized possessions. Many brides keep their gown in the hopes of passing it down to their daughters or keeping it as a keepsake of their special day.

    A one-day-old gown may not appear dirty, but it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Some stains oxidize with time, resulting in discoloration, fabric deterioration, and gown damage.

    Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistsTM will provide award-winning care for your new or vintage gown. MuseumCareTM is truly eco-friendly and is supported by couture gown designers worldwide.

    Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning Australia

    screenshot taken from weddinggowndrycleaning.com.u


    9416 6128

    Your wedding gown is priceless and should only be handled by experienced professionals. Over the last 20 years, the Jeeves Wedding Dress cleaning team has received a wide range of specialist skills and procedures for cleaning blemishes and stains.

    Inadequate storage? After lining the Wedding Dress box with pure white acid-free tissue paper, our Wedding Dress cleaning crew gently layers your Wedding Dress. Tissue paper that is acid-free protects your wedding gown from discoloration and wetness.

    Boxing your wedding gown is advised if you intend to keep it for an extended period of time because it protects it from insects and sunlight and keeps it in a safe, isolated environment, avoiding mishaps, spills, or knocks. You can easily remove and repack your wedding gown.

    Because some brides prefer to hang their wedding gown, we recommend using a calico bag to protect it from airborne moisture.

    Our wedding gown cleaners carefully pack your gown in a box lined with pure white acid-free tissue paper. Tissue paper that is acid-free protects your wedding gown from discoloration and moisture.

    Clean As A Whistle Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    screenshot taken from


    (02) 9262-4823

    We offer a dry cleaning and laundry service that combines individualized attention, hand finishing, and cutting-edge microchip technology.

    Some of the industry's most experienced experts work to improve and update systems in order to provide customers with the best quality and service possible.

    Happily Ever After Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    Happily-Ever-After Wedding Dress Cleaning
    screenshot taken from happilyeverafterweddingdresscleaning.com.au


    0406 857 791

    We understand that you want to look your best on your wedding day. Happily Ever After Wedding Dress Cleaning provides dress pressing on-site. Our cleaning professionals will steam your wedding gown at your home or hotel before your wedding. Our service eliminates creases and wrinkles caused by dress shipment, storage, and handling.

    Not all fabrics can be pressed. If we believe pressing will harm the fabric, we will inform you and discuss your options.

    Happily Ever After Wedding Dress Cleaning recognises that your wedding gown is more than just a gown; it is a priceless keepsake. We meticulously clean each outfit. We offer excellent service and pay close attention to detail.

    Each dress is examined before cleaning to ensure that the safest and most effective methods are used. The cleaning method is determined by the gown's fabric, embellishments, stains, and age. Each gown is hand-cleaned and pressed. Our cleaning methods remove all products prior to preservation.

    Dresses stay fresh in boxes for years. After cleaning, gowns are stored in an acid-free window box. This method reduces fabric fading and yellowing.

    Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning - Wedding Dress Preservation Australia

    Karl-Chehade-Dry-Cleaners Wedding Dress Preservation
    screenshot taken from kcdrycleaning.com.au


    1300 850 610

    The gown is folded into an acid-free, archival-quality chest after it has been cleaned to protect it from light and oxygen. Because we donate to Carbonfund.org to help with replanting, our preservations are chemical-free and carbon-neutral.

    Each member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists honors every other Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM's formal worldwide agreement. Our members will check and press your wedding gown for free in over 500 locations worldwide.

    We'll pick up and deliver your dry cleaning and laundry for free twice a week. It's quick and simple, so you can concentrate on other things.

    Our courteous drivers will come to your home or office. If you are unable to attend, we will pick up and deliver. All accounts can be debited or billed monthly, so no money is exchanged.

    We guarantee that we will clean and finish your items as soon as possible. If one or more of your items are not cleaned and ready on time, we will make every effort to contact you. If we do not contact you, we will clean the unfinished item for free.

    Bendigo Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    Bendigo-Dry-Cleaners Wedding Dress Preservation
    screenshot taken from bendigodrycleaners.com.au


    (03) 5443 3236

    Our award-winning facility uses green energy and environmentally friendly techniques to create clothing that is brighter, fresher, and cleaner.

    Your bridal gown is made of magnificent fabric and exudes refined elegance. You've spent a lot of money on your wedding gown, and you want it to last forever. Before, during, and after the wedding, your gown demands your full attention.

    Regarding dry cleaning, seek advice from a wedding dress expert. Obtain written cleaning instructions or look for the dress's care label. Why? If a dye component is removed during cleaning, an ivory or ecru trim may no longer match the gown. Decorative trimmings occasionally turn yellow as their finishes deteriorate. These color failures are not due to improper cleaning, but to poor dye colorfastness. The cleaning process may cause beads, faux pearls, and adhesive trims to fall off.

    Apply perfume, tanning lotion, makeup, and other liquids before putting on your outfit. The alcohol content of these products may discolour or fade some textiles. Do not spot-clean your gown. Light rubbing can damage the fabric and cause irreversible colour loss. Metal jewellery and bags can harm fabric by discolouring it and transferring dye, which dry cleaning cannot remove.

    As soon as possible, clean your wedding gown. Allowing stains to mature on delicate textiles reduces stain removal success. Food, drinks, and perspiration spilt by wedding guests can dry without leaving a visible imprint. Perspiration and champagne leave sugary streaks that deteriorate and caramelise over time. Show your cleaner any stains or spills before cleaning.

    Hyde’s Quality Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    screenshot taken from hydesqualitydrycleaners.com.au


    03 5428 2313

    We hand-clean your wedding gown with stain-removing chemicals. Spills on your wedding day, such as soda, wine, and cake (often made by guests and unnoticed by you), can dry without leaving a visible imprint. Sweet stains that aren't removed by dry cleaning would otherwise caramelise. After the stains have been removed, your wedding gown is cleaned in a pure solvent.

    Press your wedding gown with care. We stuff your bridal gown with tissue and a bodice shape to keep it wrinkle-free for your wedding day or destination wedding. Our members provide free wedding-day pressing, pick-up, and delivery. If you want to keep your wedding gown, you can look at it after it's been pressed but before it's placed in our museum-quality chest.

    With our guaranteed service, you can turn your wedding gown into a family heirloom. Your freshly laundered wedding gown will be folded inside an acid-free, archival-quality chest, shielded from light and air. Without the use of chemicals. Return your preserved wedding gown to any Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM in over 500 cities around the world for a complimentary inspection and press.

    Cloud Nine Dry Cleaners  -  Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    screenshot taken from cloudninedrycleaner.com.au


    0411 479 091

    We place a premium on service delivery. Our dry cleaning prices are reasonable and leave garments and linens clean. Our dry cleaning, ironing, and laundry services are gentle and reasonably priced.

    Cloud Nine will clean your clothes whether you are married with children or single and don't want to do it yourself. Your clothes will last longer and look better for years to come if you use the best cleaning detergents.

    Top Cat Dry Cleaner - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    screenshot taken from topcatdrycleaner.com.au


    +61 2 6175 5783

    Your wedding gown is stunning. It represents a critical juncture in your life and should be handled with care.

    We clean your wedding gown with museum-quality methods and allow you to inspect it before folding it into an acid-free, archival-quality chest. On wedding gown care labels, IAWGS is endorsed by more than 70 designers. Our wedding gown preservation and restoration has been tested and approved by the Association of Bridal Consultants.

    Enter your phone number as well as your password. When dropping off your cleaning, please include your phone number. The default password is surname.

    Enter your phone number as well as your password. When dropping off your cleaning, please include your phone number. The default password is surname.

    Hand washing and ironing are essential steps. Suits and ties on the move. Soft-pressed clothing is ironed carefully to reduce shine and line imprints. Silk, velvet, cashmere, linen, and organza are all gently cleaned and dried.

    Stannards Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    screenshot taken from stannardsdrycleaning.com.au


    (08) 9381 9021

    Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. Your wedding gown, like your memories, should be stored in the same way. Stannards Drycleaners will protect your wedding gown as well as your memories.

    Stannards Drycleaners has developed novel, gentle methods for removing stains from delicate silk dresses. Our stain removal is unparalleled. We adhere to "Best Practices" in garment care and environmental management. We do not use Perchloroethylene (Perc), a hazardous chemical that is prohibited in some US states.

    Your fine clothing and furniture will be left cleaner and softer thanks to our all-natural, odorless, and non-allergenic cleaning processes.

    Because Green Earth® is inert, it will not chemically react with your clothing. There will be no faded colours, soft-hand clothing, streaky silks, degreased or broken zippers, or shrinking.

    If your clothes smell like they've been to the dry cleaner, they're probably not clean. Clean clothes should not have a "just dry cleaned" odour, and they should not be hung outside.

    UPTON Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    screenshot taken from uptons.com.au


    5591 5883

    Our professional staff will evaluate and answer your bridal gown questions. We'll talk about our cleaning method and whether you want your gown wrapped in acid-free tissue. Quotes for on-site cleaning and preservation.

    Wet and dry cleaning are required for various stains. To get rid of oil-based stains and makeup, dry clean your wedding gown. Numerous dresses, depending on the fabric, need to be wet cleaned because of drink spills and soil stains close to the hem.

    Most wedding gowns take 3 to 4 weeks to complete. This can take longer during wedding season, and we don't cut corners. Certain circumstances necessitate faster turnaround times. Contact our wedding gown specialist if you have an urgent need.

    Laundry Box Organic Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    screenshot taken from laundrybox.com.au



    Melbourne's wedding dress preservation boutique

    Due to our expertise and petrochemical-free cleaning methods, we are able to safely handle gowns with any care label, including "Do Not Dry Clean," handle even the toughest stains, and hand finish the most delicate materials. Our chemical-free process results in a superior finish, the elimination of chemical odours, and cleaner, brighter colours. Our bridal seamstress can fix, resize, or tailor your gown.

    Non-toxic chemical Melbourne Dry Cleaners

    Our Dry to Dry technique does not cause shrinkage, fading, or colour loss. Customers receive cleaner, odor-free clothing. We emphasise honest, pleasant service with a unique approach. We're passionate about what we do and committed to providing convenient, technologically enhanced services.

    Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation Australia

    screenshot taken from sydneywgp.com


    1300 866 739

    Choosing where to clean your wedding gown can be difficult. We understand that deciding whether to keep or sell your gown is a major decision.

    Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation is a bridal gown dry cleaner.

    Several factors will influence the cleaning method we will use on your gown. Because of our years of experience cleaning wedding gowns, we can determine which method is best for your gown.

    Wedding Dress Cleaning Pickup & Delivery in Sydney

    It is simple to send us your wedding gown. Following the wedding, your wedding gown is collected from your workplace, home, hotel, or reception location. After your honeymoon, your bridal gown will be packaged or bagged to protect the fabric and embellishments.

    We have ten years of experience preserving wedding gowns. For a no-obligation quote on wedding gown dry cleaning, contact Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation.

    Bridal Silver Service Australia

    Bridal-Silver-Service Wedding Dress Cleaning
    screenshot taken from bridalsilverservice.com.au


    02 9807 7210

    Bridal Silver Service is environmentally friendly. "It's critical to me to help the community and the environment through wiser operations and alternatives to traditional dry cleaning," says Director & Business Founder Vivian. It is important for our children, families, and loved ones.

    Bridal Silver Service employs cutting-edge cleaning technology as well as biodegradable chemicals. This is a green dry cleaning solution that helps to reduce pollution and health risks. It's the gentlest solution for delicate, beaded clothing, leaving no fragrance, reducing lint and fading, and extending garment life, according to clients.

    Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning machines are environmentally friendly and do not generate hazardous waste. Solvents are used in this technology to soften and extend the life of textiles. Color fading and shrinkage are prevented by water-free technology.

    Manhattan Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    Manhanttan-Dry-Cleaners Wedding Dress Cleaners
    screenshot taken from manhattandrycleaners.com.au



    Beautiful clothes are not cheap. You must properly care for them to keep them looking great. A beautiful piece is an investment; you want a good return, whether in terms of value or wow factor.

    The wedding gown is one of the most important (and expensive) items you will wear. It's one of the happiest and most important days of your life. Long days cause soiled and exhausted dresses. There are three reasons to clean and preserve it.

    Manhattan Dry Cleaners employs dry cleaning techniques that have been refined over four decades. Experts will handle your specific clothing with care. We treat your leather and suede coats and accessories with the utmost care. Receive your items quickly, in perfect condition, ready for their next adventure or to keep forever.


    Kathron Dry Cleaners - Wedding Dress Cleaning Australia

    Kathron-Dry-Cleaners Wedding Dress Preservation
    screenshot taken from kathrondrycleaners.com.au


    3268 1318

    Kathron Dry Cleaners cares about your wedding gown. Between them, John and Kathy have cleaned and preserved wedding gowns for nearly 100 years. They will inspect your garment and only use the best products and procedures.

    Family business founded in 1949. Your garments are in capable hands at Brisbane's oldest family-owned dry cleaner. This 1949 company has built unrivalled customer loyalty.

    Kathron Dry Cleaners was established by Stella and Bill Conomos. The business is now run by their daughter Kathy and her husband John, who collaborate closely with their daughter Eugenia to provide excellent service to their devoted patrons.

    John has 45 years of experience in stain removal and sensitive materials and considers Kathron Dry Cleaners to be "exceptional." Our family takes care of our customers because we work onsite every day. Each garment is individually inspected and treated. We resew missing buttons and hems. After cleaning, we remove and resew delicate buttons at no extra charge to the customer.

    Ferrari Wedding Gown Cleaners Australia

    screenshot taken from weddinggown.com.au



    All gowns are dry cleaned in a pure, fresh solvent using our Specialist Hand Cleaning Preservation Process, which keeps delicate beading, trimmings, and fabrics in place. Our cutting-edge wedding gown washing processes are both safe and effective.

    Ferrari's cleaning service will restore your gown to its original condition, whether you intend to keep it for future generations or sell it.

    We will provide you with a report on the cleaning and condition of your wedding gown after we have examined it. We'll also highlight areas where stain removal isn't possible. We cleaned the gown after explaining the procedure.

    FAQs About Wedding Dress Cleaning

    Place the dress in an acid-free container and store it in an area that is safe from harsh light or temperatures (think under a bed). You should also add silica desiccant packets inside the box for humidity control. Alternatively, you can use an acid-free plastic garment bag to hang the dress in a cool, dry closet.

    How Long Does it Take a Wedding Dress to Begin to Yellow? Delicate fabrics, such as satin and chiffon, will become a dulled yellow color after just 6 months, then slowly begin to turn darker shades of yellow over the years, finally reaching hues of light brown in just a few decades.

    Every wedding gown should be cleaned before being stored away for more than a few weeks even if it doesn't look soiled. Perspiration, food and drink stains, and makeup stains can show up later and become much more difficult to remove. Look for a professional dry cleaner that specialises in wedding gown preservation.

    Yes. One of the top reasons a bride will choose to have her wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved is to give a future family member the ability to honor her in their own wedding by re-wearing her wedding dress.

    In short, wedding gown preservation is the process of having your wedding gown professionally cleaned and preserved using museum grade cleaning agents and techniques that results in a guarantee against your gown from yellowing and staining in the future.
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