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How to create a Romantic Wedding Feel for your Wedding Reception & Ceremony

If there’s one thing that’s sure to hit us in the feels, it’s a romantic wedding. We’re suckers for twinkling lights and all the enchanting vibes! Creating a romantic wedding involves so much more than just decor—the music, attire, and even the food all help to convey that enchanting mood you’ve been dreaming of.

It can be easy for a recently engaged couple to slide from wedding planning into wedding madness. Inspiration and ideas abound; what couples need is clear guidance on how to assess this information and sort the useful from the disastrous. 

Winter is a magical time of year for weddings. With falling snow that hushes the world, frosty air that begs you to cozy up next to a warm fire, and holiday magic that lingers in the atmosphere, you’ll find the opportunity to create a winter wonderland wedding. So make sure you take advantage of this naturally whimsical time of year and add these perfectly seasonal winter wedding decorations to your events! Looking for the ultimate Wedding Reception Venue in Melbourne? Look no further, Cosmopolitan events are here.

To help you plan, here are nine romantic wedding ideas that are sure to leave you and your guests feeling like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale:

  • Bring in all the twinkling lights
  • Say “yes” to a sweetheart table
  • Choose woodland-inspired details
  • Have a candlelit reception
  • Treat your guests to a fruit-topped cake
  • Consider long-sleeve wedding dresses
  • Hire a band for live ceremony music
  • Go with a textured suit
  • Rent a dreamy getaway car

A couple of days before tying the knot, scour your garden or a local park for fallen leaves in an array of colours. Then purchase a heart-shaped punch from your local craft store and get punching; it’s as simple as that! Once you have an ample stash of leaf confetti, pour into small paper bags or drawstring pouches to distribute among guests.

 Here, author Meg Keene offers solutions to some of the trickiest décor dilemmas.

Decorations live firmly in the world of logistical reality, no matter how pretty they are. What can you afford? What can you transport? What will look good in your space? That’s why when you start planning, it’s good to get off of the Internet and into your venue, if at all possible.

Marshmallows, sleds, blankets, and sweaters – did you ever think to incorporate cozy, fun items like these into your winter wedding wonderland decorations? Well, you should consider them now.



Twinkle lights, which are sometimes called fairy lights or string lights, are the perfect touch to any ceremony or reception space. We love how these little glowing bulbs create an essence of wonder and magic.

The temperature can change in an instant so ensure your guests remain comfortable and cosy long after the sun goes down with this easy outdoor wedding hack. Source a large basket from your local op shop or favourite craft store then fill to the brim with blankets. 

To further root yourself in reality, start with your venue’s list of decoration restrictions. (Chances are, they have some.) Typical limits include open flames, attaching things to the wall, and moving the tables. Ruling those items out will narrow down your options.

I’m a little biased because this is what I did at my January Wedding, but I’m seriously still so in love with it – a marshmallow backdrop for a hot chocolate bar. What a playful and unique way to incorporate the snowfall look!

How to incorporate twinkle lights in your wedding

There are many ways you can incorporate lanterns into your wedding decor — both elaborately and more subtle. For an elegant look, consider seeing if your venue can drop lights from the ceiling or your ceremony space. If you want a more subtle twinkle, you can add a few lights to your ceremony arch or backdrop for the perfect touch of twinkle!

Mix and match colours and prints for a whimsical vintage vibe or coordinate your colour palette for a more subdued approach.

Next, think about the time of day and the time of year of your wedding. A million tea lights is a kick-ass decor idea (if you’re allowed open flames), but it’s going to be near pointless if your wedding meal is at noon in a light-flooded room.

Cozy blankets for chair covers at an intimate wedding gathering. So cute! These can be on every chair and even be given as favours after the party, or just draped over the bride and groom chairs.


If the most important thing to you on your wedding day is making sure to have unique, intimate moments with your partner, then a sweetheart table is the way to go. These little tables also open the door for some incredible styling moments since your budget will stretch a little further when you’re just decorating a small tablescape.

Candles add instant ambience to any event, but they’re hard to keep alight when the wind picks up at an outdoor soiree. Prevent the night time breeze from plunging your alfresco affair into the darkness with a DIY glow jar.

If like one of the many people in recent history, you are getting married in the social hall of your religious institution, or a local community centre, or your local veterans’ room, you are probably facing some variant of the “big ugly space” problem.

Use an old-fashioned sled for part of your winter wonderland wedding decorations, and make it a focal point like this suspended wedding cake display.

Wedding decorations Melbourne

Why we love this idea of Sweetheart Wedding Tables

We love sweetheart tables! Not only are they super romantic and stylish, but a sweetheart table allows you and your partner to have a bit of intimacy on your wedding night. You have all night to party with your friends! Take this time to enjoy a delicious meal and snuggle up next to each other.

All you’ll need to complete this project is a collection of glass jars (bulk buy empty jars or ask your friends, rellies and colleagues to save them from cooking in the lead up to your wedding)

If you’re planning a wedding in one of these big rooms, the decoration inspiration regularly dished out on the Internet can feel like it does not help you in any way. Looking for the best Melbourne Wedding Decorators to help make your day as magical as possible. Cosmopolitan events, have you covered.

I’m getting a little giddy about this idea – sweater vases! How charming are these for a cozy way to warm up your winter wedding?

There are a few words that come to mind when we think about romantic wedding ideas: fairy tale, enchanting, charming, delightful. Woodland-inspired details are all of those lovely adjectives! If you want decor that’s straight out of a storybook—woodland information are the way to go.

Place the string lights inside the jars then tape the battery pack onto the lid. This hides it from view and makes it easy to unscrew the caps to turn the lights on when you need to! Position on tables, along paths or add a string and hang from trees for a magical glow.

Social halls come with their own, particular set of decorating policies. There tend to be no “architectural elements” or “natural beauty” to highlight. Additionally, social halls are generally significant. They often have terrifically high ceilings and are big enough to fit whole communities.

Brace yourself for some truly amazing images of awe-inspiring winter wedding decorations. These ideas incorporate beautiful crystals either hung from the ceiling, chandeliers, or tree centrepieces.


How to incorporate woodland-inspired details into your decor

These details are the perfect little touch of a fairy tale! You can go big with large instillations like a bar or ceremony backdrop, or keep it simple with small bits of pine or wooden name place cards.

Outdoor games are a high icebreaker activity to help your guests get to know each other. Encourage friendly competition and create a catalyst for conversations with events ranging from jumbo Jenga to beanbag toss or lawn dominos.

This often means you have a scale problem with your decorations from the get-go. A small centrepiece is going to feel even tinier in a big space. You may not be filling up the area with your guests, and the chairs and tables that come with your venue (free, usually!) are not precisely the Stuff of designer dreams.

Bring the gorgeous snow inside – without the cold. These amazing snowflake designs are a winter wedding gold mine!

Give. Us. The. Ambient. Lighting. We’re all about setting a mood with candles and dim lighting. You may want to make sure your photographer comes prepared for the low light, but we’re sure it will make for the most dazzling reception!

 Hey, Let’s Make Stuff has scoured the Internet to find the best outdoor game DIY tutorials on the net so visit for inspiration and step by step guides.

That is what it is. If you are getting married in a community hall, your wedding isn’t going to look like the weddings you see in trendy urban lofts, or sunny gardens, or even raw industrial spaces. It’s going to look like a wedding in a hall, and luckily there is tradition and joy in that. So don’t even bother trying to work against your space.

The way you light your Wedding event can make or break the ambience you want. Here are some magical lighting options using Christmas lights or fairy lights that will have any winter bride falling in love all over again.

How to incorporate candle lighting into your wedding reception decor

First thing’s first: Make sure your venue allows candles. If they don’t—not to worry—there are lots of non-flame candle options available these days! We also recommend consulting with your planner or venue about the best options for candles. You will want to choose something that doesn’t burn down quickly so they can last as long as your party (or at least until dinner is over!).

Save a fortune on a wedding florist by decorating your ceremony and reception with supersized crepe paper flowers. Stock up on crepe paper, hot glue, floral tape and paper-wrapped stem wire at your favourite craft supplies store then follow this detailed guide by Offbeat Bride to build beautiful big blooms.

You’re not going to turn it into an Italian mansion, no matter how hard you try. Your goal is just to try to make it look festive. The one clear advantage is that these halls are generally pretty blank slates so that you can go to a lot of places with decorations.

These two entirely white centrepiece fillers are striking when used during winter! Baby’s breath is a small, white flower that is reminiscent of snow. And white feathers are a classy choice that can create that light, fluffy feeling of snow freshly falling to the ground.

Why is fruit oh-so-lovely? We’re not complaining! There’s nothing we love more than an original cake, and choosing to top yours with fruit can be a great way to bring a little pop of fun into your romantic decor.

While the results are stunning, this DIY can be quite time-consuming, so you may want to make regular crafternoons with your most enthusiastic friends part of the plan in the lead up to your wedding!

You’ll want to decide early on what you can live with and what you can’t. If your venue has bright-orange padded chairs, can you make that work, or do you want to splurge on chair covers? It’s okay to decide to pay for an upgrade here or there (or everywhere, or nowhere) if that’s going to work for you.

The seasonal pinecone—there are a million adorable ways to incorporate this natural winter decoration into your wedding. Check out a few unique ideas, such as vases filled with pinecones and fairy lights, pinecone snowflakes, pinecone candles, and more.


Wedding decorations Melbourne

What to ask for when ordering your cake

 Keep in mind that exotic fruits may cost you a little extra, so it’s essential to communicate your budget to the bakery. Trust your baker with recommending in-season fruits and what flavours pair well together! Our list of Melbourne Wedding Decorators have you covered for all your wedding day decoration needs.

From an industrial warehouse to an inner-city backyard, it’s possible to get back to nature in the middle of a concrete jungle with a stunning yet straightforward ceremony backdrop made with greenery and florals.

Otherwise, a lot of the guidelines of wedding design can still help you out. Pick some colours, pick a visual style and then think about the scale. If you want to make a big substantial social hall look festive, you’re going to need a lot more of whatever you’re decorating with than you think. So focus on decor items that you can afford to buy in bulk. If you’re doing your flowers, try to stick with lower-cost flowers that you can provide lots of (think of doing cool things with mounds of carnations).

Colourful and Magical Christmas Wedding Decorations

If your wedding is in December and you aren’t shying away from Christmas themed decor, try out some of these stunning Christmas wedding decoration ideas!

As we were preparing this post and looking back on some of our most romantic real weddings, we noticed a trend. Most of our fairytale-inspired brides wore long-sleeved dresses! And we’re into it.

Start with a large branch – keep your eye out for a good one during your local green waste collection or get a Tasker to deliver one after a garden prune – then attach long strands of foliage with twine to create a focal point for your I Dos.

And if at all possible, order some test items, get into the venue with someone in your life which is good at spatial relationships, and have that person tell you about how many you need. Because one string of whatever it is probably isn’t cutting it. And chances are, ten lines aren’t, either.

Ease your guests into the holiday season with a wintry colour scheme that isn’t the traditional red and green of Christmas; something like this stunning blue, silver, and white palette. Then, add some festive trees in the background to bring the magic of the holiday into the room.

If you’ve ever watched a Disney fairy tale movie, you probably were moved by the music. Live ceremony music can be compelling in conveying emotion and preparing your guests hearts for the sentimental moments to come.

A fragrant and frugal alternative to live blooms, this lush centrepiece idea is a cinch to assemble and can be done on the cheap, particularly if you have access to a gumtree in your backyard! Just bunch together handfuls of leaves along with the table and secure with cable ties. You can then add flowers, metallic accents or trim to decorate in whatever style you like.

 Tori Hendrix says that colour can go a long way. She likes to use cheap materials like muslin and paper in creative ways to pack a punch. Balloons are also great for filling a big space. And even though it might leave space on the edges, push your tables together and make your dance space smaller. It makes the room feel cozy instead of cavernous.

They can be used to fill flower vases, be hung from the ceiling for a backdrop, or make a unique tree design. You could even use them as an eye-catching Wedding cake decoration.

Why we love live Wedding ceremony Christmas music at

Want to make your guests cry? In the right way! Music helps to set the tone for the ceremony. If you want a passionate, emotional service, a live band will help set the mood even before you walk down the aisle.

Nothing says ‘rustic wedding’ quite like a handmade wooden sign! From displaying your personalised hashtag to directing guests to critical locations, or telling them where to sit or what’s for dinner, a wooden sign can serve many purposes.

Outdoor Spaces for your Wedding

The good news about outdoor spaces is that they’re pretty on their own. If you’re getting married outside, feel free to put some chairs down (at least for the older or less healthy folks) and then just get married already.

From wool to tweed, there are many fabulous options for your wedding suit that will have you dripping in romance. While a classic, black and white suit can also be very charming, there’s just something about texture and patterns that make an impact when you see your forever person waiting for you at the end of the aisle.

You don’t need to be a carpenter to create tree-riffic wedding signage thanks to this blog post by DIY queen Molly from Almost Makes Perfect if you’re unable to find wooden boards to suit, hire a handyman to cut sheets of timber to your desired size.

But if you are going to do some decorations for an outdoor ceremony, focus on ways to frame your space. You might want to put a table at the back of the seating, to hold programs or another decor. Creating some sort of backdrop for the vows can be beautiful, such as a wedding arch or chuppah.

They can be used to fill flower vases, be hung from the ceiling for a backdrop, or make a unique tree design. You could even use them as an eye-catching wedding cake decoration.

Your wedding vibe is communicated through every choice—yes, even down to the suit choice! Textured fabrics give us all of those cozy, storybook feels that just exudes romance.

Hand out small bags of birdseed for your guests to toss into the air after you’ve sealed the deal with a kiss to attract love birds of a different kind to your wedding celebration.

You can use two arrangements of flowers on either side of you for the same purpose. For a reception, use tricks to make space seem more intimate, like drawing the eye down to the plate or table with decor items, and using candles or lights.

When we think classic romance and wedding movies—we think of the couple riding off into the night in a dreamy getaway car. There’s just something about snuggling together in the car at the end of your wedding night (or after your ceremony) that’s oh-so-sweet!

Eco friendly, and sure to be a popular choice with the native fauna, this (cheap) cheap animal-friendly idea comes courtesy of wedding DIY specialist Something Turquoise. They’ve even created labels that you can download, personalise and print to make the process that much easier.

If your venue has particularly low light (or no light; for example, outside at night) evaluate if you’ll need to provide additional lighting for basic safety and functionality (if not for mood). If you’re aware that light may be an issue, try to see your venue under conditions similar to your wedding and assess what’s needed. If you’re working with a site that has a staff, talk to them first.

 Make sure your planner or coordinator knows you’d like to have a getaway car. You can choose to “drive away” after your ceremony or reception. Important note: If you’ve been drinking at the dinner, make sure you have a plan for a DD!

Outdoor Rustic Wedding

No rustic wedding is complete without a hessian element or three! A textile that’s synonymous with rustic celebrations, this coarse woven material is perfect for making bunting.

They’ve solved lighting problems many times and can give you advice on what works and what doesn’t. Ask about lighting rentals or candles. Consider using light-coloured decor and linens to brighten up space. And finally, remember to warn your photographer that light conditions will not be ideal, so that can be planned for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your very own decor can be a great way to destress while personalizing your reception to match your dream vision. DIY wedding decorations are a great option for people who want to handle the wedding planning themselves or bring personality into the decor.

On average, wedding decorations can range from $2,000 to $10,000. This average decor budget can include flowers, centerpieces, ceremony decor, and more. With that in mind, the average cost of wedding decorations can vary greatly, depending on where you're getting married and how opulent you want to go.

How many colors should a bride choose? The standard rule is to choose a maximum of three colors unless you're going for an ombre or neutral look. Tie up your palette with a metallic color as an accent. If you go bringing more than three different colors together, your wedding will look like a riot.

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