30+ Top Photocopier Rent & Lease in Melbourne [2022]

There are a lot of factors to consider when renting or leasing a photocopier. Not only do you need to think about the upfront costs, but also the monthly payments, service and maintenance fees, and how much printing you actually plan on doing and that means one thing - time to update the office photocopier! If you're like most businesses, you probably have a few different photocopiers or multifunction printers  in use throughout the office. But how do you decide which one is right for your needs

How much can you afford to spend on a new photocopier? Keep in mind that quality machines can be expensive, but there are also some good deals to be had if you're willing to compromise on features. What will the machine be used for primarily? copying, scanning, printing, or all of the above. If you're like most businesses, you have a photocopier. And if you're like most businesses, you probably don't think too much about your photocopier. But what if we told you that there are ways to make your photocopier work better for your business?

Top Photocopier Rent & Lease Companies in Melbourne

Abacus Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne


1300 552 424

For trustworthy and dependable office printing, we have just the service for you.

In 1981, Abacus was founded to meet a niche market demand for office supplies tailored to the needs of micro- and small businesses. Abacus started out as a small company in Western Australia, but it has since expanded to become the largest privately owned technology company in the state. Abacus is proud to say that it is wholly owned and operated by Australians.

Managed Print Service Company

The Australian company Abacus Photocopiers offers specialised managed print services for SMEs.

We have helped thousands of business owners across many different industries, including real estate, education, and professional services, gain control of their office printing needs.

Our managed print service agreement incorporates hardware, supplies, maintenance, and management of vehicles to guarantee optimal use of your print solutions. You can modify your monthly volumes and/or add apparatus as needed for your company's operations.

Abacus Rent It - Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne


0438 944 231 | 1300 55 24 24

Our specialists go above and beyond to ensure the quality of your rental equipment. Our computer equipment can be tailored to your specifications and has unmatched support and replacement policies. Our Quality Assurance Policy assures that your equipment arrives on schedule and is properly set up. From the minute you call until the last pickup, Abacus Rent IT strives for client satisfaction. 

Abacus Rent IT is an Australian-owned and -operated computer rental and audio visual hire firm with fast delivery from locations in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Intronics Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne

Intronics Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne



Intronics is a one-stop solution for all your copier needs. We provide hassle-free services for copier leases in Melbourne. Investing in a copier is an expensive affair for most businesses. Apart from investing in a copier, one also has to spend on its maintenance. A functioning workplace is incomplete without a reliable copier, and Intronics provides several options for photocopier leases in Melbourne.

You can save money by leasing a copier in Melbourne instead of buying one. Melbourne copier leasing gives financial freedom to small enterprises.

FAQs About Photocopier Rent & Lease

Leases of buildings and property would be treated like rentals, while equipment leases (including copiers and other office equipment assets) would be considered financing contracts.

A capital lease or an operating lease. A capital lease is treated much like a loan, with the equipment as an asset on your balance sheet. This means that you benefit from tax depreciation and other similar benefits.

If you are leasing a high-technology piece of equipment (copiers for your office, for example), you will probably have an operating lease. Many businesses use operating leases for car leases because the cars are used heavily and are turned over for new models at the end of the lease.

It is usually a miscalculation of the last criterion that causes copier leases to be incorrectly capitalised. What most people don't realize is that included in the monthly payment they send to the leasing company is a payment for maintenance on the copier during the life of the lease.

The two primary types of leases are operating leases and long-term leases. Operating leases are characterized by short-term, cancelable terms, and the lessor bears the risk of obsolescence.

Melbourne Print Group Photocopier Rent & Lease





Printers vary. Melbourne Print Group has 50 years of combined print production experience, so we get it. Our staff can help you print on time, within budget, and with great personal service.


Our print experience ensures each job is done correctly. You're heard. We deliver consistent quality at a fair price.


We simplify printing. Your printing is in good hands, small, medium, or large.

We guarantee quality service and products regardless of volume, price, printing method, or location. We deliver a professional printing service that exceeds customers' expectations.

Mitronics Copiers Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne



We are proudly Australian owned and have been operating since 1994.

Through our personalised technological solutions, we help companies with document security & privacy, workforce efficiency, and revenue growth & expense reduction.


MICRONICS Managed Office Technology & I.T. Services will make your office more effective and productive, allowing you and your staff to focus on your business. Managing technology changes and structural transformation takes skill, knowledge, and dedication.

Our experts can examine your business activities and offer the best solution to drive your digital infrastructure with minimal interruption while maintaining a secure, seamless, and efficient Office Technology System and addressing issues before they can harm your business.

Copier Printer Melbourne Copiers Photocopier Rent & Lease



CopierPrinter Melbourne - Printer Rentals, Service and Repairs

Melbourne's Copier Printer rents, services, and repairs A3 multifunction printers.

We sell and rent new and exfinanced photocopiers and printers with a 5-year service warranty to small, large, and government enterprises. Providing a reliable and cost-effective solution to your business, Copier Printer is an accredited and recommended service/repair centre for most commercial printers.

Free lease Copiers Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne



Lease-free Since 2001, Copiers has served Sydney, SE Queensland, and Melbourne. Two experts created Free lease Copiers to modify copier and printer leasing contracts.

Believing that client service comes first, they created multifunction photocopiers that are reliable and of high quality.

Advanced Print Scan Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne



We rent printers and photocopiers for small businesses. We believe every organisation, big or small, deserves equal service, which is why our clients call us the most reliable and professional in Melbourne.

We optimise companies' workflows. Our printer leasing services make office life easier by storing and creating documents. At APS Solutions, you'll find qualified I.T. and software experts. We lease printers and copiers to improve businesses.

Comparison Advantage Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne




Hiring a printer in Melbourne is important for any business, startup, or freelancer.

Comparison Advantage provides end-to-end business solutions in Melbourne. We can help you connect with global suppliers due to our affiliations.

Our partners rent, lease, and hire printers in Melbourne. Comparison Advantage offers a wide range of office solutions, including printers that boost productivity and output. Whatever your office needs, we'll provide it.

Minuteman Press Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne



Let us help you promote workplace social distancing safety. We'll design and print social distancing products to promote workplace safety. Please support local businesses.

We do everything in business communications. We can help you reach customers, employees, and vendors with a full range of products and services. We manage your projects using the latest printing and document management technology. Our energetic and experienced staff delivers on-time.

Enjoy our site! Tell us if we can improve your experience. We strive to improve customer service.

Digital Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne



Melbourne photocopier and printer lease

Not ready to buy an office photocopier or printer? We lease photocopiers and printers.

By renting photocopiers and printers, your firm can have a printing device without spending a lot of money. You may enjoy modern printing and scanning technology without buying new printers every few years. We offer black-and-white and color multifunction printers for various enterprises.

Leading Edge Copiers Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne



Leading Edge is a Melbourne and Australia-wide printer rental company.

Our expertise and experience allow us to recommend, deliver, and instal the right printer for hire. We offer multifunction printers, colour laser printers, and more.

Leading Edge Copiers is a Ricoh Printer dealer in Melbourne. We sell printers and rent them to businesses and individuals. Our customer-focused approach allows us to be Melbourne's leading A3 printer rental company.

You can cancel our printer rental programme at any time, upgrading or downgrading is easy, and monthly renters are not bound by a contract. Two-day delivery is possible. We provide prompt printer leases to Melbourne residents.

We offer cheap, high-quality short- and long-term Printer Rental Melbourne. 1 day to 5 years is rentable. We deliver, recommend, and instal business printers.

Copywell Australia Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne




We have both new and refurbished photocopiers and printers available for purchase, and we offer a five-year warranty on all of our machines. Refurbished machines are sold with brand-new drums and rollers and must pass a rigors 100-point inspection.

Planning to lease, if available? Then don't delay in getting in touch with us to learn more about our flexible, no-money-down copier rental and leasing options. All supplies, services, and components are included in the rental fee.

Toner Power Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne



Leasing a printer can help you improve workflow and produce important documents. We offer tailored printer lease options in Melbourne and carry almost every type of photocopier, printer, and scanner to create an ideal office setup for our clients.

Service and Support

Get Expert Advice on Printer Lease in Melbourne. We consider the number of employees, printing speed, average daily copies, set-up space, and digitisation needs when offering printer lease in Melbourne.

Our team delivers efficient and smarter workflow solutions to meet our customers' printing needs. You can digitally produce and transfer office documents with a Melbourne printer lease. Advanced photocopiers and printers help streamline and automate workflow.

We help clients create a faster, smarter, and streamlined workplace. We offer technical support and printer lease in Melbourne.

Your work efficiency and complete the work on time. You can create an effective document printing system by opting for the latest networking photocopiers and printing devices.

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