Top 10 Lawn Mowing Companies in Melbourne

Gardens, with their vibrant blooms and lush greenery, can be enchanting havens right in the heart of Melbourne's urban landscape. However, maintaining the beauty and health of these outdoor sanctuaries is no small feat. In this bustling metropolis, where life moves frenetically, we often overlook the importance of regular garden maintenance.

In this article, we'll delve into Melbourne's Top 10 Garden Maintenance Services. We'll explore how these experts can transform your outdoor space into a piece of paradise and why it's worth your time and investment.

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    Must Have Maintenance

    Must Have Maintenance solves your gardening demands on weekends for those with hectic weekdays. Whether you want a comprehensive yard makeover or a quick refresh, the Must Have Maintenance staff is here to help. 

    They can build a plan to your personal needs and budget and offer a variety of service frequency (weekly, bimonthly, monthly, etc.). Their commitment is to achieve complete client happiness, whether it is lawn mowing, tree pruning, green trash removal, aerating garden beds, or any other garden care service.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing
    • Tree Pruning
    • Green Waste Removal
    • Garden Bed Aeration
    • Custom Garden Care Solutions
    • Hedge Trimming & Pruning
    • Garden Planning & Makeover

    Phone: 1300 687 846

    Inner Melbourne Landscapes (IML)

    Inner Melbourne Landscapes (IML) offers a comprehensive range of landscaping services, focusing on creating unique outdoor spaces that reflect the dreams and visions of their clients. Their expertise spans both hard and soft landscaping, ensuring a full-service approach to garden and outdoor area creation and maintenance. 

    IML prides itself on combining various materials and techniques to deliver exceptional results, from the construction of functional structures like decking and seating to the aesthetic and health aspects of gardens through planting and lawn care.

    Services Offered:

    • Hard Landscaping: Decking, seating, screening, exposed aggregate, concrete work, brickwork, fencing, and paving.
    • Soft Landscaping: Mulching, fertilising, soil replacement, planting, new lawns, and lawn repairs.
    • Irrigation: High-quality watering systems, service mapouts, upgrades, repairs, and automation.
    • Excavation Work: Equipped with a 1.8t excavator for various tasks, including driveway excavation, site stripping, and drainage works.
    • Garden Lighting: Installation of LED and weatherproof lighting solutions with automation
    • Rural Projects: Services for farms and equestrian needs, including fencing, sheds, horse shelters, wash and tie-up bays, and vegetable gardens.

    Phone: 0438 096 224

    Masterpiece Gardenscapes

    Masterpiece Gardenscapes is the top choice for garden maintenance in the south-east of Melbourne, catering to residential and commercial properties. They offer comprehensive services, ensuring that gardens and lawns are maintained to the highest standards. 

    Whether a residential garden or a large commercial property, Masterpiece Gardenscapes has the latest techniques and equipment to deliver impeccable results. Their services are tailored to the specific needs of the season, ensuring that lawns remain green and gardens flourish. Additionally, they prioritise safety and are fully insured and qualified to handle specialised garden maintenance equipment.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing (both large and small areas)
    • Slashing, Weed Control, and Hedge Trimming
    • Brush-cutting and Whipper-Snipping
    • Fertilising and Watering
    • Maintenance of Garden Beds (including flowers, exotic plants, and edible plants)
    • Commercial Garden Maintenance (using ride-on mowers)
    • Use of Specialized Garden Maintenance Equipment
    • Weed Poison Spraying (e.g., Round-up)
    • Mulching and Installation of Instant Grass or Artificial Turf
    • Installation of Irrigation Units

    Phone: 0415 567 888

    Ben Rickard Horticultural Service

    Ben Rickard Horticultural Service is dedicated to providing top-tier garden maintenance services, ensuring that gardens across Melbourne's inner, eastern, northern, and north-eastern suburbs remain pristine. They are committed to delivering the highest quality work and catering to various garden sizes and needs. 

    Whether clients require a one-off garden clean-up or regular visits ranging from weekly to seasonally, Ben Rickard Horticultural Service is equipped to handle all garden maintenance tasks. Their expertise extends from lawn care to soft landscaping, ensuring that every garden aspect is cared for with precision and professionalism.

    Services Offered:

    • Garden Maintenance Services
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Installation of New Instant Turf
    • Weeding and leaf collection
    • Hedging
    • Pruning and trimming (small trees, shrubs, roses)
    • Planting, mulching, and fertilising
    • Pest and plant disease control
    • Garden irrigation system installation
    • Installing trellising, garden edging, and wicking garden beds
    • Soft Landscape

    Phone: 0411 828 896

    Commercial Garden Maintenance

    Commercial Garden Maintenance, a prominent horticultural company in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, offers a comprehensive range of garden care services tailored for commercial spaces. Led by an experienced management team, they work closely with clients to provide grounds maintenance in an environmentally sound, cost-effective, and timely manner. 

    Their commitment to excellence is evident in their attention to detail, quality workmanship, and continuous efforts to enhance their services. The team prioritises safety, adheres to OH&S and quality management protocols, and ensures that gardens look their best throughout the year. Their longstanding relationships with valued clients, including aged care providers like Royal Freemasons, attest to their dedication and high-quality service.

    Services Offered:

    • Complete Horticultural Services
    • Garden Maintenance Programs
    • Property Management
    • Turf Care and Management
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Garden Design and Landscaping
    • Arborist Services
    • Pest and Weed Control
    • Fertilisation Regimes
    • Plant Selection and Care
    • Mowing and Cylinder Mowing Programs
    • Rejuvenation of Garden Beds and Problem Areas
    • Clean-up and Re-development

    Phone: Sandy: 04 1282 4843 / 04 1836 5482

    Garden A Mess? Gardening Services

    "Garden A Mess?" offers various gardening services, ensuring that gardens across Melbourne look their best throughout the year. With over 25 years of experience servicing the southeast suburbs of Melbourne, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry. 

    Their team is dedicated to providing top-notch services, from regular garden maintenance to complete garden makeovers. Their commitment to quality is evident in their work, and they have garnered positive reviews from satisfied clients, praising their professionalism, punctuality, and high-quality service.

    Services Offered:

    • Horticultural Consultation
    • Regular Garden Maintenance
    • Garden Clean-ups
    • Hedge Trimming
    • Tree Lopping and Plant Pruning
    • Weeding
    • Garden and Landscape Design
    • All Mowing and Edging
    • Soft Landscapes
    • Installation and Repair of Sprinkler Systems
    • Garden Fertilising and Pest Control
    • Soil Composting, Treatment, and Mulching

    Phone: 0419 548 931

    Regal Services Group

    Regal Services Group stands out as a leading provider of garden maintenance solutions in Melbourne. Regal Services Group offers comprehensive garden care and maintenance services for those aiming to have the best-looking garden in their neighbourhood. A well-maintained and beautiful garden enhances the aesthetics and adds value to a property. 

    Regardless of the garden's style, periodic assistance is essential to maintain its beauty and health. Regal Services Group specialises in various services, from lawn mowing, weeding, hedge trimming, and pruning to general garden maintenance and landscape designing. Their team's passion and dedication have enabled them to consistently deliver high-quality work, ensuring gardens remain in peak condition.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing
    • Weeding
    • Hedge Trimming
    • Pruning
    • General Garden Maintenance
    • Landscape Designing

    Phone: (03) 9021 3721

    Singhz Services Melbourne

    Singhz Services Melbourne is a professional lawn mowing company that has been serving the southeast suburbs of Melbourne for over 25 years. They offer comprehensive garden maintenance services, ensuring gardens look lush, green, and well-maintained. Their team is equipped with substantial equipment, from small lawnmowers to sizeable mowing machinery, to handle any garden size. 

    Singhz Services Melbourne is committed to providing quality services at reasonable prices, ensuring customer satisfaction. From lawn mowing, edging, and fertilising to hedging and pruning, they cover all aspects of garden care, transforming any open area into a vibrant leisure space.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing and Edging
    • Garden Maintenance and Clean-ups
    • Hedging and Pruning
    • Weed Control and Removal
    • Lawn Fertilizing
    • Garden Design and Landscaping
    • Rubbish Removal
    • Garden Care and Routine Maintenance

    Phone: (03) 9794 7002
    Address: 11 Macey Ave Avondale Heights VIC 3034 Australia

    Green 1 Gardening Maintenance

    Green 1 Gardening Maintenance is a renowned service provider in Melbourne, offering many garden maintenance solutions tailored to individual needs. Understanding the unique challenges posed by Melbourne's climate, soil conditions, and seasonal changes, Green 1 ensures that gardens remain vibrant and healthy throughout the year. 

    With a focus on essential activities like watering, weeding, pruning, and fertilising, they emphasise the importance of regular care to maintain the aesthetics and health of gardens. Their comprehensive range of services, combined with over 25 years of experience, ensures that gardens look their best and thrive in the local environment.

    Services Offered:

    • Regular mowing of lawns
    • Pruning and trimming of bushes and shrubs
    • Regular watering of plants and trees
    • Daily removal of dead or overgrown plants
    • Fertilising the soil
    • Weeding of grass and weeds
    • Maintenance of flowerbeds and greenery
    • Lawn mowing, edging, and fertiliser application
    • Weed control
    • Comprehensive garden maintenance tailored to individual needs

    Phone: 0413 900 511


    MowBuddy offers top-tier lawn mowing and gardening services tailored for Melbourne's South East residents. With a user-friendly online platform, clients can effortlessly obtain an instant quote and book a service in just 90 seconds. 

    MowBuddy takes pride in partnering with trained, insured, and police-checked lawn mowing and gardening experts, ensuring that each service is of the highest quality. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their streamlined booking process, transparent pricing, and the comprehensive range of services they provide. Whether it's a one-time lawn mow or regular garden maintenance, MowBuddy is equipped to cater to all gardening needs.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn mowing and regular maintenance
    • Hedge trimming and small tree-cutting
    • Weeding (removal and weed spraying)
    • Garden clean-ups
    • Commercial and owners corporation lawn mowing and gardening
    • Ride-on lawn mowing when required

    Phone: (03) 9100 3636

    To create a low-maintenance garden, choose native plants well-suited to your climate. Reduce the lawn area, use drought-resistant plants, and install an automatic irrigation system. Additionally, employ landscape fabric and mulch to control weeds and minimise the need for constant upkeep.

    Soil pH affects the availability of nutrients to your plants. Test your soil's pH and adjust it using lime for more alkaline or sulphur for more acidic conditions. Maintaining the right pH level ensures your plants absorb essential nutrients, promoting their health and growth.

    In small spaces, vertical gardening and container gardening are key. Use trellises and wall-mounted planters to maximise vertical space. Choose compact, dwarf, or bushy plant varieties and arrange them creatively. Smaller spaces require thoughtful design to create an appealing and vibrant garden.

    When you spot signs of plant disease, act promptly. Isolate the affected plants to prevent the disease from spreading. Prune and dispose of infected plant parts, and consider using organic fungicides. Good garden hygiene, proper spacing, and soil health can prevent disease outbreaks.

    Maintaining an eco-friendly garden involves using sustainable practices. Minimise water usage through rainwater harvesting, use organic fertilisers and compost and employ integrated pest management techniques to reduce chemical use. Supporting biodiversity and avoiding plastic waste also contribute to a greener garden.

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