Is wearing pearls old fashioned?

Wearing pearl jewellery appropriately will help you to look sophisticated and fashionable at work. Don’t think that pearls are old-fashioned and conservative. Wearing pearls can add joy to your day and make you look forward to dressing up for work. A woman of any age can create a contemporary look for her work attire with real pearl jewellery. If you follow our guidelines for a simple yet elegant look at work, you and your pearls will be the envy of your colleagues.

The amount of pearl jewellery you can wear to work depends on your work circumstances. What kind of image do you want to project, your job type, and does your company prescribe a dress code that includes jewellery? Whatever your working environment, there are surely pearls suitable to brighten up your outfit.

The Four Basic Rules for Wearing Pearls at Work

While choosing jewellery from Laguna Pearl’s exquisite pearl ranges might be easy, it’s not always clear which pieces are suitable to wear to work. Here are some simple guidelines and etiquette to help you decide:

Keep it classic. 

One item of pearl jewellery to wear to work is usually enough. While putting on a pearl jewellery set consisting of a necklace, bracelet, and earrings are great for evening wear, it might be over the top for a day at the office.

Simple is best. 

An opera length pearl necklace, chunky bracelet, or ostentatious earrings might get in your way or distract your colleagues and customers while you do your work. Choose simple, classic pearl jewellery to accessorise your outfit.

Safety first. 

In certain professions such as a medical practice, a school, or if you work with dangerous equipment, wearing pearl jewellery on your arms or around your neck might be against the company policy or inappropriate because of hygiene requisites and the type of duties you carry out. If you’re unsure, first check with your colleagues to find out how best to wear your pearls.

Keep it comfortable. 

Like shoes that are too tight, earrings that hurt your ears or too much pearl jewellery that get in the way can become uncomfortable during a long day at work. Always keep your day’s activities in mind when you dress in the morning.

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What’s the best way to wear pearls right now?

Wear pearl earrings on their own

If you like a minimalistic style, you don’t have to wear a luxurious necklace. You can go for small pearl earrings, which look equally beautiful. But remember to wear them on their own, without any other jewellery. A common mistake is to wear the whole set of pearls, including earrings, a necklace, bracelet, and even ring. Then, you’ll be all dressed up like a Christmas tree. And that’s not your point. Delicate earrings worn to a little black dress or plain top will present gracefully and sexy. So, if you want to make an overwhelming impression on your partner on a date, that’s the best way. 

Choose long necklaces

For traditionalists who prefer wearing chains, the best tip is to choose longer ones. Whereas a short necklace may look great on women with swan-like necks, attired in a cocktail dress, a long one will work in more cases. It’s universal and can be added to different types of outfits, even to your casual clothes worn every day. Such a long necklace can be wound around your neck a few times, giving the modern-style impression. Whether worn to work, or the social event, you’ll delight everyone with your class and taste. 

Mix different types of pearls

Who said that pearls have to be boring and old-fashioned? When you mix different pearls and pile the necklaces on, nobody will tell you that you look behind the times. Quite the opposite, they’ll be shocked how creative you are, mixing different styles, sizes and colours. Such a technique can be quite extravagant, but effective, especially if you like being the centre of attention. But then, pearls should play the leading role of your outfit, so don’t eclipse them with other accessories. 

Choose avant-garde design

To avoid being stereotyped as fuddy-daddy, you can also choose avant-garde designs of pearls. Of course, they’re always around, but nowadays jewellers offer you a wide range of modern types and designs. If you’re already fed up with traditional earrings, why not try something more unconventional, like ear cuffs? Haven’t you worn them before? Don’t worry! They look like regular earrings, but you don’t need to have your ears pierced. Sounds amazing? Yes, because that’s an excellent alternative for all those afraid of piercing, but they want to keep up with the current fashion trends. 

Moreover, you can buy different pearl rings, and wear a few of them at once. They’ll nicely fill your whole outfit, giving you the informal style. And what’s the greatest about that? You can wear them at any age; whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, or forties, it doesn’t matter. You’ll always look good. 

Wear pearls with casual clothes

Many women mistakenly claim that pearls are intended to be worn only on special occasions, like a prom, wedding, or other parties. Of course, in these situations, they suit the best. But remember that pearls are the jewellery as anything else. That’s why don’t be afraid to reach for them on a weekday when you wear jeans and a shirt or sweater. They’ll only add grace to your everyday outfit, whether you go to work or shopping.  

Most celebrities use pearls that way, and they look not only stylish but also original. So, don’t be scared to experiment with your favourite jewellery. Now, you’ll probably say that you don’t have so much money as stars to afford a few sets of pearls. Of course, they are quite expensive, but even having only one set, you can expose it in a few different ways so that nobody will recognise that this is the same jewellery. 

As you can see, pearls have always been in vogue, and no matter which forms they take, they’ll stay immortal forever. Their uniqueness makes you look fabulous and shine as the most brilliant stars in the sky. And their power gives you more self-confidence and self-esteem, which are even more valuable than your appearance. 

Layer up your pearl necklaces

For a modern twist on the traditional single strand of pearls, layer pearl necklaces with different lengths in order to make a bold statement. A super-long pearl necklace can be a versatile fashion staple to own; you can layer it around the wrist to form a bracelet, twist it around the neck like a choker, or it can be worn as it is.

You can also try layering your pearl necklaces with other mixes of other materials and stones for a fresh way to update your neckline.

Make like Irene Kim and pair a multi-layered pearl necklace with a glamorous jumpsuit for an evening look, or toughen it up with a leather jacket and a pair of distressed jeans for a contemporary edge.

Try shoulder-grazing pearl earrings.

Having been featured on Marni and Prabal Gurung’s runways, shoulder-grazing iridescent pearl earrings are a great way to play to the maximalist, look-at-me lobe trend that’s huge for SS’18. For an elegant yet definitively cool vibe, opt for a pair of statement gobstopper pearl earrings as seen on Chriselle Lim.

Keep your decolletage bare and keep your hair up as these show-stopping danglers are sure to draw attention to your collarbones. Team these earrings with an off-shoulder floral print dress for spring or a strapless crop top with a pair of high-waisted ’90s jeans for an off-duty look.

Mismatch them

For an irreverent take on classic pearl jewellery, try mismatching drop pearl earrings with bold and bright sculptural pieces as seen on Marni’s Spring 2018 runway. As we’ve mentioned before, mismatched asymmetrical earrings are trending big time right now – so it’s about high time we go off the beaten track too and team our timeless pearls with modern abstract-type pieces.

Keep the silhouette of your outfit fuss-free and straightforward, in order to bring out the unconventional shape of your mismatched danglers. Don a relaxed summer dress and a pair of vacation-ready sandals with these earrings for the perfect holiday look.

Go for baroque pearls.

It is not perfectly spherical and milky white like the typical pearls loved by Coco Chanel. The irregular-shaped baroque pearls, each with their unique shape, offer a sophisticated yet femininely vintage touch to the rustic ol’ pearl. Having debuted on the Spring/Summer 2018 runways at Céline and Sonia Rykiel, these organically shaped charmers have a fairytale-esque ‘fresh from the sea’ vibe to it, yet it remains contemporary and fresh for the current season.

Pair your baroque pearl-adorned jewellery with romantic lace dresses or white tulle pieces to play up the accessories’ feminine sea-themed energy. Or, try a tailored blouse for the office and a pair of high-waisted pants next to some simple drop baroque pearl earrings with gold enamel.

How to Wear Vintage Pearl Jewelry

Consider Pearl Bracelets

Even if pearl jewellery is surprisingly easy to style, you might still have issues finding the right combination for your outfit and mood. A valuable trick that will make you look more feminine while offering you a chance to wear your long-forgotten pearls is to go for pearl bracelets. Those pieces of jewellery are extremely versatile.

Certain designs even have coloured pearls mixed-in together with classic white ones for a more modern look. Then there are those heavier ones that, apart from pearls, also have various metals and stones. Many antique pearl bracelets also feature silver inserts and pendants.

Another very useful trick is to combine your pearl bracelets with other bracelets of a different style. This way, they will add a plus of elegance to your style while also becoming a lot more versatile, even for casual, day to day, outfits. Vintage pearl bracelets are statement pieces and should not be combined with any other bracelets.

Feminine Dresses and Vintage Pearls Are a Great Mix

Don’t be fooled by modern rules of fashion when it comes to being extra feminine. Wearing a flowy, romantic dress doesn’t automatically exclude also wearing pearl jewellery. Confidence is all that matters here! So, if you want to feel very feminine go for a dress that makes you feel this way and pull out your grandmother’s favourite pearl necklace from the box. This is still a great and timeless mix that will look incredible on every woman.

Pearl necklaces are not the only pieces of jewellery that you can add in this combination. You can also go for pearl rings, earrings, and bracelets. Anything that makes you feel the way you want and completes your look works brilliantly. Remember! Fashion is ageless, and its rules apply to everyone.

Create Unexpected Combinations!

Wearing only one piece of pearl jewellery might already seem like too much for some people. However, if you want to feel and look more feminine, you can mix things up a bit. Create some unexpected combinations with your jewellery, like wearing two necklaces of different types. Be careful when doing this! Don’t choose a gold necklace and pair it with a pearl one because it won’t look good! Instead, go for a silver one. Do the same with your bracelets, as we’ve previously mentioned.

Brooches Are Your Ally

What can be more feminine than a beautiful pearl brooch that has been carefully added to an outfit? An old-fashioned accessory that still looks good today and will continue to do so for years. Pair it with your work outfit or with a fancy dress and they will work their magic.

Pearl brooches come in all shapes and sizes, and they can completely transform any outfit. It’s important to know that you don’t have to wear a real, vintage pearl brooch. Nowadays, countless brands make vintage-looking pieces of jewellery that are not that heavy and difficult to maintain.

Elaborate Vintage Chokers with Cocktail Dresses

The elaborate pearl collar necklaces and chockers of the ’20s were truly exquisite. During that time, pearl jewellery creation was elevated to a form of art, and talented hands were creating one-of-a-kind necklaces. The image below features a gorgeous collarbone necklace with pink baroque pearls in different shapes and sizes.

Elaborate jewellery such as this should be styled with clear-cut dresses in austere colours. Red, black, and velvet are precious colours that complement such a necklace.

The Etiquette Of Wearing A Pearl Necklace

We have talked about wearing pearl necklaces before, but we focused on casual outfits and pairing pearl necklaces with specific types of dresses, among others. Today we will take a look at the etiquette of wearing a pearl necklace in various everyday life contexts, including, of course, formal events, office days, date night and business meetings. Wearing a classic pearl necklace is a pride and a privilege for many women of all ages. Designers, together with fashion experts, cannot emphasise that wearing pearls in this day and age has nothing to do with you looking like your grandma. On the contrary, your grandma would be proud, as pearls are indeed some of the most precious weapons in a woman’s arsenal of beauty and seduction.

Wearing a pearl necklace in a classy design can accompany any outfit – and it has to accompany certain outfits. A mix of demure sophistication and glamorous modernity, a designer white Freshwater pearl necklace can look fabulous and modern if you pair it correctly with your clothes and other accessories. The beauty of pearl necklaces is that they can be worn every single day, giving you a different look and attitude every single time. Whether you are into more classy combinations or modern-chic ones, it is indeed your best friend. Let’s take a look together at some tips, tricks, and rules of wearing a pearl necklace and rock every given occasion!

Can You Get Away with Layers?

While a straightforward and conventional look is the norm for a day at the office, many employers realise that an informal environment is conducive to happy, productive workers. If you work in modern or creative industry, layered necklaces and stacked pearl bracelets go with the territory. Create a flamboyant look by combining several pearl necklaces or bracelets to add fun to your outfit, or layer silver and gold jewellery with your pearls to add texture and interest.

Keeping up a professional appearance and creating a good impression with your boss, colleagues, and customers are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. If you are shopping for pearl jewellery, look for simple, understated pieces and never compromise on the quality. Using real pearl jewellery to accessorise your outfit is ideal for making sure you look and feel your best at work. At Temple and Grace, our pearl jewellery’s quality speaks for itself, and we offer a range of styles to compliment your work outfit.

What are the best ways to wear pearls right now?

So to answer the question: are pearls out of style? Nope, not even a little bit. Now we all know how to wear pearl jewellery in a way that’s chic and fresh. Who runs the world? Girls with pearls! Grandmothers everywhere will be so proud.

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