Comprehensive Guide to Freight Brokers in Australia: Top Solutions

This guide offers an in-depth look at the leading freight brokerage services across Australia. Whether you're seeking efficient logistics, cost-effective shipping, or reliable transportation, you'll find top-rated brokers here.

Discover the best solutions to ensure your cargo reaches its destination smoothly and on time. Our curated list features brokers renowned for their expertise and customer satisfaction, helping you find the perfect freight management partner for your needs. Explore and choose the best solutions for your logistics requirements.

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    Freight People

    Freight People stands out in the Australian logistics market by offering efficient and versatile interstate freight and transport services. Their service model is built on providing a smarter choice of carriers, leveraging the latest technology, and relying on a team of seasoned professionals. This approach allows them to meet a wide array of freight requirements, ensuring that each shipment is managed by the most appropriate carrier. Their strong network with leading freight companies in Australia, combined with their group purchasing power, ensures that clients receive both high-quality service and cost savings.

    Services Offered:

    • Strategic carrier selection for diverse shipping requirements.
    • Access to multiple carriers for tailored freight solutions.
    • Full management of freight operations, including tracking and billing.
    • Specialised services for various types of deliveries, including fragile and large items.
    • Economical solutions through group buying advantages.

    Phone: 1800 621 036




    Loynes is an Australian-owned company specialising in international freight forwarding, Customs brokerage, and project logistics. Established in 1976, they have been supporting the businesses of importers and exporters with their expertise in logistics. 

    Loynes prides itself on offering professional services, strong international freight networks, and practical knowledge in importing and exporting. Their approach as a partner in the supply chain includes providing expert logistics advice and maintaining professionalism in all their operations.

    The services offered by Loynes include:

    • International Freight Forwarding: Coordinating global transport by sea, air, or land.
    • Domestic Freight Solutions: Handling freight within Australia.
    • Customs and Quarantine Clearance: Ensuring cargo meets all regulatory requirements.
    • International Courier Services: For rapid and secure document and parcel delivery.
    • Australian Coastal Shipping: Specialising in domestic maritime freight.
    • Bespoke Solutions: Tailored services to meet specific logistics needs.
    • Project Specialists: Expertise in managing complex logistics projects.
    • Project Freight: Handling large-scale and specialised freight projects.
    • Duty Minimisation: Advising on ways to reduce import duties.
    • Biosecurity Consultancy: Offering guidance on biosecurity regulations.

    Phone: +61 7 3393 1888



    Fremantle Customs Brokers

    Fremantle Customs Brokers, a team of fully licensed Customs Brokers in Perth, Western Australia, is part of A. Hartrodt Australia Pty Ltd, which boasts over 100 offices worldwide. They specialise in customs clearance of commercial cargo entering Western Australia and handle customs clearance Australia-wide. Their expertise extends to importing/exporting aircraft, boats, vehicles, machinery, and personal effects. 

    Known for their proficiency in navigating the complexities of customs and quarantine regulations, Fremantle Customs Brokers ensure efficient and accurate shipment clearance, saving businesses time, money, and stress. They are recognised for their ability to handle the red tape of customs clearance regulations and Quarantine clearance, making them a trusted name in the industry.

    The services offered by Fremantle Customs Brokers include:

    • Customs Clearance: Ensuring compliance with all customs regulations for smooth importation.
    • Freight Forwarding: Managing the logistics of shipping goods to and from Australia.
    • Consultancy: Providing advice on tariffs and valuation for imports.

    Phone:  (08) 9335 9910 



    TCF International

    TCF International, established in 1998, is an Australian-owned company specialising in a range of logistics services. They offer expertise in International Freight Forwarding, Domestic & International Courier, Customs Clearance, 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), & Warehousing, as well as consultancy and assistance with government-funded programs. 

    TCF International is recognised for its high-quality, reliable, and professional freight and customs brokerage services. Their approach is centred on providing tailored solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of their clients, backed by extensive experience and a deep understanding of government regulations.

    The services offered by TCF International include:

    • Freight Forwarding: Expertise in air freight, sea freight, and domestic/international courier services.
    • Customs: Providing customs clearance, customs consultancy, and duty drawbacks.
    • 3PL Services: Offering comprehensive solutions for 3PL and 4PL requirements, including warehouse management, bonded warehouse services, transport, and pick and pack operations.

    Phone: +61 (2) 8336 9000



    Fortigo, with 20 years of experience in the freight and logistics industry, specialises in providing customised freight management solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Their approach is deeply rooted in understanding their client's unique requirements, allowing them to offer services that not only streamline operations but also reduce costs and enhance customer service levels. 

    Fortigo's commitment to service and reliability is evident in their long-standing relationships with some of Australia's leading suppliers. They emphasise the importance of meticulous preparation, planning, and efficient communication, which has been instrumental in their success and the success of their clients in various industries, including automotive, home products, packaging, and textiles.

    Fortigo's services include:

    • Customised Freight Management Solutions: Tailored services to meet the specific needs of each business.
    • Cost Savings Solutions: Strategies to reduce transportation and logistics costs.
    • State-of-the-Art Freight Tracking Technology: Advanced systems for tracking shipments.
    • 5-Star Service Guarantee: Commitment to high-quality service delivery.

    Phone: 1300 766 080




    Marair, established in 1984 as Australia's first specialist in dangerous goods transport, is renowned for its expertise in handling hazardous cargo by land, air, and sea. They are recognised for their unparalleled ability to manage the complex and intricate logistics of dangerous goods, ensuring compliance with stringent standards. 

    Marair's services cater to some of the most demanding and complex industries globally, focusing on service and compliance. Their commitment to risk management and compliance has made them a trusted partner for large and small logistics providers across Australia. With a reputation built on meeting compliance standards and solving intricate logistics challenges, Marair works closely with logistics teams to integrate processes, streamline communication, and ensure full traceability and accountability.

    Marair offers a range of services, including:

    • Training and Consulting: Providing dangerous goods compliance training and consulting, approved by AMSA and CASA.
    • High Consequence DG Transport: Specialised transport solutions for high-risk cargo, complying with state and national regulations.
    • Chemical Distribution and Priority Air Freight: Efficient and compliant logistics services for the chemical industry.
    • DG Compliance Services: Outsourcing solutions for packaging and documentation compliance in air, road, and sea transport.

    Phone: +61 3 8318 4500


    AMS eGroup

    AMS eGroup, established in 2005, offers a comprehensive range of logistics services, specialising in e-commerce, warehousing, and customs clearance. They are dedicated to providing seamless and efficient services for both B2B and B2C distribution of parcels, merchandise, and bulk freight within Australia and the Asia Pacific region. With strategically located facilities near international air and sea ports, AMS eGroup ensures quick response to urgent customer collections and distribution requirements. 

    They stand out for their ability to offer flexible delivery options into multiple entry points, reducing costs and transit times for their customers. Their services are managed on a cloud-based eTrack software, enhancing their capability in handling parcels and letters, airfreight (IATA accredited), customs clearance, airport collection, processing, and multi-delivery service options.

    AMS eGroup's services include:

    • Customs Clearance: Providing customs clearance for all international shipping, including air and sea freight import and export.
    • Warehousing: Offering modern warehousing and inventory solutions across Australia.
    • Fulfilment Services: Utilising modern facilities and technology for efficient handling and delivery of client products.
    • Distribution and Reverse Logistics: Offering a variety of delivery options and handling product returns efficiently.
    • International Freight Forwarding - Air & Sea: Handling bulk and general freight requirements for imports and exports.
    • Ecommerce: We specialise in e-commerce delivery and help businesses achieve international success.
    • IT Integration Options: Offering sophisticated shipping platforms with various integration options and APIs.

    Phone: +61 8 92820000



    Tattam Express

    Tattam Express, a leading general and express freight and logistics company, is situated on the picturesque NSW South Coast. As a locally owned business with over 30 years of experience, Tattam Express takes pride in its knowledgeable and reliable team, robust infrastructure, and exceptional service quality in the region. 

    The company is dedicated to understanding the unique business requirements of its clients, ensuring that each service is tailored to meet these specific needs. With a focus on delivering excellence every day, Tattam Express operates with a customer-centric approach, offering prompt quotes, tailored rates, and professional, responsive customer service.

    Tattam Express offers the following services:

    • Express Freight Service: Providing next-day express freight services from Sydney, Canberra, Nowra, and Wollongong to the NSW South Coast.
    • Local and Independent Freight Solutions: Leveraging substantial assets to offer comprehensive freight services in the region.
    • Customised Service: Tailoring quotes and rates specifically for individual business needs.

    Phone:  02 4472 4006


    Mainfreight Wharf

    Mainfreight Wharf, operating under the umbrella of Mainfreight, specialises in providing comprehensive container transport services in Australia. They are renowned for their reliable and efficient handling of both import and export movements, offering a full suite of container transport services and associated tasks. This includes container pack/unpack, warehousing, and project logistics, catering to all national container transport and AQIS requirements. 

    Mainfreight Wharf's infrastructure and processes are meticulously designed to maximise productivity and accuracy in handling and delivering containers. With operations strategically located close to ports across Australia, they ensure quick, professional, and fully visible movement of containers.

    Mainfreight Wharf offers the following core services:

    • Wharf Cartage: Specialized in the transportation of containers from ports.
    • Depot Services: Providing comprehensive services at their depots.
    • Storage Solutions: Offering storage facilities for containers.
    • Project Logistics: Handling logistics for large-scale projects.
    • Comprehensive Fleet: A diverse range of vehicles to meet specialised requirements.
    • Extensive Network: Nationwide branch network ensuring seamless services.
    • Streamlined Service: Consistent service across the country, reducing administrative costs.


    Commercial Freight and Logistics 

    Commercial Freight and Logistics (CFL) is an acclaimed freight forwarding company that is recognised for its excellence in the Australian shipping and maritime industry. The company has achieved notable accolades, including being named the Freight Forwarder of the Year in 2021 and receiving awards for Customs Broker of the Year. CFL is distinguished by its membership in the World Cargo Alliance, which connects them with partners in 788 cities across 191 countries, ensuring a global reach and efficient service. 

    Additionally, CFL is an accredited Australian Trusted Trader, a status granted by the Department of Home Affairs (Trade and Customs Division), which acknowledges their secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. This accreditation brings benefits like reduced red tape and expedited cargo flow in and out of Australia.

    CFL offers a range of services, including:

    • Global Freight Forwarding: Leveraging their extensive network to provide efficient and reliable freight forwarding services worldwide.
    • Customs Brokerage: Recognised for their expertise in customs brokerage, ensuring compliance and smooth processing at borders.
    • Supply Chain Security: As an Australian Trusted Trader, they offer secure and compliant trade practices, enhancing the reliability of their services.
    • Industry-Specific Solutions: Tailoring services to meet the unique needs of different industries, ensuring specialised handling and care.

    Phone: 61 2 8536 7555



    Some provide or recommend software solutions for better freight management.

    Their network and expertise enable them to manage urgent shipping needs effectively.



    Reliability, network size, industry expertise, and customer service quality are key differentiators.



    Reputable brokers maintain high transparency in operations and pricing.



    Industries like manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and mining frequently use their services.

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