60+ Cheapest Trademark Registrations Australia [2022]

A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. It’s how customers recognise you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors. The word “trademark” can refer to both trademarks and service marks. A trademark is used for goods, while a service mark is used for services.

You become a trademark owner as soon as you start using your trademark with your goods or services. You establish rights in your trademark by using it, but those rights are limited, and they only apply to the geographic area in which you’re providing your goods or services. If you want stronger, nationwide rights, you’ll need to apply to register your trademark with us. You’re not required to register your trademark. However, a registered trademark provides broader rights and protections than an unregistered one.

It can be expensive to trademark your brand in Australia, but there are a few cheaper options available. In this blog post, we list the top cheapest trademark registrations in Australia. So if you're looking to protect your brand without breaking the bank, keep reading!

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    Ultimate List Of Trademark Registrations Australia

    Company 123 - Trademark Registrations Australia


    03 9832 0660

    Company 123 Pty Ltd is an Australian company (ACN 169 119 242) whose aim is to simplify the company registration process for those wishing to incorporate a business. We’re here to save you the time and the stress associated with an otherwise lengthy and complicated process.

    We are a registered ASIC registered agent, and our founding accountant and solicitor have a wealth of experience incorporating companies in Australia.

    Advanced, automated and simple company registration 24 hours a day. We offer a fully automated, quick and cost-effective company registration process. By completing an easy form, within 5 minutes, you will receive full company registration documents setting up an Australian private company. We offer full customer support (telephone and email) 24 hours a day. It could not be any simpler, register your company today.

    Why register a trade mark?

    • A registered trade mark gives you the exclusive legal right to use, license and sell your intellectual asset in Australia.
    • Registering a company name, a business name, or a domain name does not give you exclusive rights to use that name.
    • If infringed, you may serve a notice to object to the importation of goods that infringes your registered trade mark.

    Why engage Company123?

    • We’re a passionate start-up and strive to provide you with the best service when it comes to registering trade mark because we understand that your business name or logo is the most valuable marketing tool
    • We have expert trade mark attorneys who are qualified lawyers in Sydney and Melbourne
    • Call our friendly team with your queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible with detailed answer

    Why Use Us

    • Quick and simple registration process.
    • Company registered in less than 5 minutes.
    • Full documentation emailed to you so you can start trading.
    • ASIC agent 34511.
    • Prepared by a qualified lawyer and accountant.
    • Full telephone and email customer support are available 24 hours a day.
    • The simplest and most cost-effective company registration process available

    Marcaria.com - Trademark Registrations Australia



    Marcaria.com is a leading web portal for the global registration and protection of trademarks and domain names. The company has over 18 years of experience and has provided services to over 120,000 clients in more than 220 countries and territories.

    Trademark Registration Process

    The trademark registration services are executed by licensed attorneys who review the applications and follow the process, reporting the progress promptly and delivering a personalised, fast and high-quality service.


    The clients have different profiles, ranging from individuals who wish to protect one trademark in one country, or intellectual property attorneys with numerous clients, to large companies that need to protect their rights in multiple countries. Marcaria.com is committed to providing its clients with an efficient, high-quality service at a competitive price.

    Trademark Elite Registrations Australia



    We provide a one-stop service platform for your business needs, including trademark registration, trademark search, patent & copyright protections, logo design, and more at affordable fees. Feel free to visit or contact us with any questions.

    Trademark Registration Service

    Protect your brand by registering your name or logo online in just minutes:

    1. Complete our simple questionnaire to begin the registration process.
    2. Select the countries you wish to register your trademark.
    3. Your mark will be searched & evaluated by our experienced attorneys; Our attorneys will prepare and file your trademark application to the Trademark Office.

    You will be informed periodically about the process.

    Shelfmark Trade Mark Attorneys & Lawyers Registrations Australia


    02 9489 4422

    Shelfmark Trade Mark Attorneys & Lawyers was established to meet the evolving need for business owners to take greater control over the protection, management and enforcement of their names, brands, trademarks, copyright, designs and other kinds of intellectual property (IP). We equip and empower you with the knowledge and tools to achieve this. 

    The director commenced his career as an employed solicitor handling general legal work before moving into an intellectual property in 1990. Gerard has over 30 years of experience and is a leading trademark practitioner and lawyer. He has worked with Patent & Trade Mark Attorney firms and an international law firm. He was a Principal of a large Patent & Trade Mark Attorney firm in Sydney for 13 years from 1999 through 2011. 

    Shelfmark Goals

    • Provide prompt and personal service with value-added trademark solutions.
    • Explain and simplify trademark registration using plain English language.
    • Give you the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the trademark registration process.
    • Continue to work with you during the registration process or represent your business as required.
    • Become a trusted trademark advisor to your business.

    Shelfmark Method

    • Listen to you and get to know your business.
    • Identify, sort and rank your existing trademarks.
    • Review existing trademark protection.
    • Prioritise trademarks requiring protection.
    • Explain and simplify regimes for trademark protection.
    • Provide a framework for a trademark registration strategy.
    • Provide ongoing support and advice, as required, during the registration process.
    • Explain record keeping requirements, including archiving material and maintaining a trademarks register.
    • Provide guidance on proper and effective use of your trademarks.
    • Explain strategies for effective enforcement of your trademark rights.

    FAQs Trademark Registrations Australia

    When you register a trademark, the amount of protection it holds will increase. Additionally, registration deters competitors from copying your trademark and affords you legal protection that will hold up in court if someone does infringe upon the mark.

    One benefit is greater protection. The benefits of Trademark Registration is in the nature of collateral security furnishing the trader with a cheaper and more natural remedy against infringers. Cancel the registration, and he still has the right, enforceable at common law, to restrain the piracy of his trademark, provided, of course, he can prove that such piracy amounts to an imposition upon the public.

    In substance, a trademark is the personality and individuality of a business. A trademark represents the goodwill of a company and its most significant asset. Therefore, if you aspire to build a compelling and unique brand for your goods and services, ensure it is distinctive.

    A trademark can be a valuable marketing tool and can increase in value over time as customers learn to distinguish the quality of goods and services carrying that trademark. The Apple trademark is an excellent illustration of this. When consumers view the Apple design on products, they immediately form an opinion about the quality and nature of those goods. 

    • The following are the advantages offered by trademarking:
    • Trademarks help to identify the source and origin of goods and services.
    • Trademarks allow a business to distinguish the quality of goods and services bearing the brand and serve as a tool to ensure that deceptively similar brands do not dupe customers;
    • Trademarks are a great marketing tool allowing investment in and promotion of a Business’ brands over time.

    Trademarks can exist indefinitely, provided that they are continuously renewed and are being genuinely used in trade. Therefore, a trademark renewal must be submitted every ten years.

    Trademarks can be renewed one year before the due date. However, if a trademark is not renewed before the renewal deadline, you will have a further six month grace period within which you can renew the trademark (extra fees may apply).

    Trademarks are registered initially in Australia for ten years. Once ten years have passed, registration can be renewed for another ten years, and there’s no restriction on how many times an owner can renew a trademark. So long as the owner keeps filing renewals, together with Declaration of Use forms, you can have a trademark as long as you like. Most jurisdictions have the same duration of registration. Therefore, keeping track of filing and renewal dates is also critically important for your trademark program.

    A trademark must satisfy the Trade Marks Act 1995 requirements to be registered, and registration is undertaken via IP Australia or equivalent bodies globally (EU, UK and USA). The two most basic grounds for the refusal of trademark registration are absolute grounds and relative grounds. Absolute grounds relate to the intrinsic aspects of the mark itself in functioning as a badge of origin — these rules enumerate some marks which cannot be registered because of:

    • the incapability of marks to be distinctive – e.g. because they are common or prohibited names
    • common surnames
    • descriptive terms
    • geographical terms
    • terms which are lewd or ‘scandalous’,
    • Terms that are against morality or public order and deceptive for customers in association with the goods and services.

    While relative grounds relate to conflicts with other marks and refer to the distinctiveness and likelihood of confusion with other marks, meaning they must not be too similar to other people’s marks. Trademark law doesn’t require a trademark to be new and novel, but it should not be similar to other marks used in commerce to be likely to confuse.

    Cooper Mills - Trademark Registrations Australia


    1300 158 737

    Work with Australia’s dedicated Intellectual Property firm Cooper Mills provides expert advice in the rapidly changing field of Intellectual Property protection. If your business has spent time and money on branding, domain names, software coding or even technology concepts, we can help you protect your investment. We provide a dedicated service for IT&T firms as we understand their needs and have extensive experience in their market.

    Trademarks, Domain Law And More

    At Cooper Mills, we cover a wide range of Intellectual Property services, including:

    • Trademarks and trademark portfolio management
    • Domain Law (including registrar and international domain law)
    • Information Technology (IT Law) and eCommerce
    • Telecommunications law and regulatory frameworks
    • Privacy Law
    • Corporate / Commercial Law
    • And more

    We aim to give you a legal experience as you’ve never had before. We’ll always speak in plain English (unless you’d like the legal version), give you advice in a timely manner so you can get on with business and ensure you’ve got the full picture of your position at all times. We take a lot of pride in what we do and promise to always look after your interests as if they were our own.

    Wynnes - Trademark Registrations Australia


    07 3399 4688

    Wynnes is an Independent Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm registered in Australia and New Zealand. We have offices in Brisbane and a team that provides a personal service to clients to protect and manage their intellectual property in the commercially important market. We have a core service offering of preparing and filing patent applications by transforming your inventions into commercial legal documents that stake out your technology area.

    • We also prosecute patent applications to acceptance and grant.
    • We prepare and file design applications and trademark applications.
    • We can prosecute these applications and obtain acceptance and registration of these applications.
    • We also prepare and file patent, design and trademark applications in overseas countries through our global network of associates.
    • We offer other services in handling and managing intellectual property matters such as infringement opinions and advice, avoidance advice, searches and dispute matters.
    • We take a holistic view and offer advice regarding confidential information, plant breeder’s rights, business name registration, domain name disputes and IP Audits.

    The firm's focus is to provide a personalised quality service to obtain intellectual property (IP) rights for our clients in the simplest, most efficient and cost-effective way.

    Our Ip Australia Trade Mark Search And Registration Service Will Put You On The Right Path!

    A Trade Mark is a sign used or intended to be used in commerce to distinguish the goods or services by a person from the goods or services of another. At Wynnes, our team of experienced attorneys can help you to navigate the process of registering and managing your trademarks.

    Jump Trademarks - Trademark Registrations Australia



    Jump is an international trademark agency with the possibility of registration in any country in the world. So not only all countries of the Madrid system, but also the countries that do not fall under it. With local partners in each country, it is possible to research and register any trademark at the lowest cost. In this way, we determine the best filing strategy for national registrations and international trademarks. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get your trademark registered at the lowest cost. 

    Our unique knowledge of international trademark law ensures that we know exactly what requirements are set for registration. That is why we guarantee that your trademark will not be refused on a distinctive character. If this does happen, you will receive a new trademark application for free.

    What We Are Proud Of


    The International Trademark Association (INTA) is a global not-for-profit advocacy association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation.


    The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property or AIPPI is a non-profit international organisation (NGO). Its members are intellectual property (IP) professionals, academics, intellectual property owners, and others interested in the subject.


    The association for Trademark- and Design Law (BMM) is a professional association of IP law experts and guarantees the professional quality of their members to make sure you are given professional consultancy and support during the registration of trademarks and designs.

    Trademark Registration

    File your trademark in any country in the world at the lowest cost. Then, find out which countries you need or choose directly from one of the most popular countries below…


    Marshall IP Group - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 (0)499 211

    Marshall IP Group is your one-stop intellectual property and technology law service.

    Marshall IP Group is the overarching brand for the intellectual property law firm Marshall Legal, the registered trademark attorney practises, Marshall Marks, and the legal services outsourcing business, Marshall Outsourcing.

    • Marshall Legal – technology and branding law firm – specialising in providing high quality, prompt legal advice on intellectual property, information technology, privacy and commercial law matters, with a technology bent. This includes preparing and negotiating contracts and dealing with disputes concerning intellectual property and technology law.
    • Marshall Marks – registered trade mark attorney practice – specialising in the protection of business’ brands by registering them as trademarks. This includes making sure your use of your brand does not infringe anyone else’s rights and obtaining registration of your brands, both in Australia and abroad.
    • Marshall Outsourcing – legal process outsourcing business specialises in helping busy law firms, in-house legal teams, companies, and corporate groups do work that they do not normally do or no longer wish to do. Operating out of the Illawarra, 80km south of Sydney, allows us to leverage a low-cost base to deliver many legal services at a lower rate and comparable quality to providers in larger cities.

    IP Rockers - Trademark Registrations Australia



    IPROCKERS is an international intellectual property services company.

    We provide a full intellectual property service to our clients, including filing, prosecution, maintenance, and enforcement of rights. With more than 25 years of experience in the Intellectual Property field, we can truly say that we are the right partner for your business. We have provided services to over 800 customers in more than 60 countries.

    IPROCKERS team consists of intellectual property experts in trademarks, designs, and patents. In addition, our team of Account Managers will guide and support you during the whole process.

    Our Services


    Design search will ensure that your new design will not infringe any existing design registrations. A registered design protects the overall appearance of your product.


    Before registering a trademark, search whether it is available for use at all. If yes, register your trademark with us. We will protect your trademark from infringement.


    Without a patent, anybody can claim your invention. So to protect your business and invention, file a patent application form to make sure that your invention stays yours.

    Legal Now - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 (3) 9068 6245

    Government Fee-Only Trade Mark in Australia Official Australian Trade Mark without the add-on charges

    Trade Mark Registration Without The Add-On Charges

    • We will review your application to ensure it meets the filing requirements.
    • Your application will be filed with the Australian trademarks office through our direct electronic connection.
    • We manage all the correspondence with the Trade Marks Office and your trademark through to registration.

    About Legal Now

    • Our company, Applied Marks, files more Australian trademark applications than any other independent online service.
    • Our in-house developed SmartSearch technology ensures knock-out issues are cleared before you apply.
    • Founded in 2008 and operated by lawyers and trademark specialists with over 23 years of experience

    AAA IP Right - Trademark Registrations Australia


     +65 8652 2788

    AAA UPRIGHT is a Singapore-based international consulting organisation of global trademark registration to especially cover trademark and IP matters in Asian Countries (including ASEAN) and the other important business countries, including the US, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. We focus on reducing the trademark registration fee for clients and making their trademark registration easier and more convenient. 

    Trademark Registration

    In order to have your trademark protected in any country, you need to file your trademark in such a country. The trademark process includes three stages:

    • Step 1: trademark search of availability before officially filing the application (optional)
    • Step 2: Trademark filing
    • Step 3: trademark certificate registration

    You could access Trademark Fees by Country to check fees in Asia, ASEAN, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Eu and others.

    Or Let AAA IP RIGHTs Attorneys help you register your trademark by filling out the following forms:

    What Trademark Services?

    – Trademark Search Of Registrability

    – Trademark Filing and Registration

    – Trademark Watching

    – Trademark Renewal

    Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 3 9614 1999

    Our full suite of intellectual property services is delivered through the skills and expertise of our diverse teams of attorneys and lawyers. Proudly independent and fiercely client-focused, our strong reputation and long-standing relationships have been achieved through our unmatched ability to identify, develop, protect, manage and enforce IP assets.

    The POF Group is made up of three key areas of operation, each specialising in a different aspect of IP:

    • Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick (POF) is a patent and trademark attorney firm specialising in obtaining and maintaining patents, trademarks, registered designs, and plant breeder rights.
    • Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick Lawyers (POFL) ­­– A law firm with a strong reputation in IP litigation and advising on and drafting IP agreements. With the majority of our lawyers being experienced registered patent attorneys with qualifications in science or engineering, our technical expertise gives us the advantage of understanding the key technical issues in patent litigation.
    • IP Organisers (IPO) – A specialist search and investigations company providing IP research and searching services, as well as IP portfolio audits and reporting services. As a registered investigation agency, IPO also has an in-house private investigator.

    Trade Mark Registration

    An effective trademark strategy is crucial to securing your competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace. A carefully chosen trademark can be one of your business's most valuable assets, boosting brand identity and helping to differentiate your products and services. 

    In Australia, trademarks can be registered for any ‘sign’ that distinguishes one trader’s goods or services from another. Of course, many of us are familiar with trademarks that consist of words and logos. Still, a trademark can also be made up of any letter, name, signature, numeral, device, brand, aspect of packaging, shape, colour, sound or scent – or a combination of these things.

    A trademark that has been registered with the trademarks office or trademarks registry is known as a registered trademark. A registered trademark is a valuable asset for the owner and provides a number of important rights, including:

    • the exclusive right to use the trademark in relation to the goods/services for which it is registered
    • the right to take action for infringement against a third party using a substantially identical or deceptively similar trademark for the same or similar goods/services
    • The right to sell and licence the trademark.

    We have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of trademark filing and registration in Australia, New Zealand and internationally. Our highly skilled trademark attorneys will work closely with you in developing a trademark strategy to ensure your commercial objectives are met, and your assets are well-protected.

    Cotters - Trademark Registrations Australia


    02 9247 8033

    A trademark can be the most valuable asset of a business or brand. Trademarks legally distinguish goods or services of businesses from others. Trademarks protect brands, providing exclusive legal rights to use words, symbols, logos or designs in Australia and worldwide. While business names and company names are registered with ASIC, they do not prevent others from using the same name. It can be difficult and expensive to legally enforce your brand without a trademark in the long run. Cotter's team has over 30 years of experience in trademark enforcement and trademark registration Australia-wide and internationally, called today for a free initial consultation.

    Specific Trademark Attorney Services

    Our Trademark attorney services include:

    • Investigating the availability of Trademarks for use and registration.
    • Providing strategies for the management and growth of your Trademark portfolio.
    • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications before the Australian Trademarks Office.
    • Filing and prosecuting international Trademark applications via the Madrid protocol.
    • Assessing the risk of infringement of existing Trademarks.
    • Advice on licensing and assigning Trademarks.
    • Trademark is searching to locate Trademarks registered in Australia or overseas.

    Trademark Works Registrations Australia



    As expert Australian Trademark Specialists, here is some advice on how and why to register a trademark name. If you do not have a trademark, you do not own your business name.

    It's a little known fact. Most people register their business or company names with the belief that they will then own that name and that no one can take it from them. Under the law, however, this is not the case. 

    The simple fact is you need a trademark. If someone else has a trademark similar to your business name, they can make you change it or effectively stop you from doing business. Every business needs a trademark to protect its name. Without a trademark, your business is completely vulnerable. All your hard work to build a brand may benefit another party. At Trademark Works, we are experts in this field, and we will ensure that your trademark has the best chance to be accepted by the Trade Marks Office. Get a trademark now, and you will never lose your business name.

    At Trademark Works, You're In Good Hands.

    • Registered Trademark Attorneys
    • Personal Service
    •  Experienced Trademark Advice
    • International Specialists
    • Cost-Effective

    Register A Design

    A registered design can be a valuable commercial asset. It is important to know why and how to do this. Registration of a design gives the owner protection for the visual appearance of a product at a fraction of the cost of a patent and a fraction of the time involved. A design relates to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation, which gives the product a unique appearance when applied to a product.

    Trademarkify Registrations Australia


    02 8599 0837

    Trademarkify is Australia's leading online trademark filing system, operated by Australian Trademark Attorneys. Trademark applicants around the world use trademark to file trademarks in a simple and efficient manner. Trademarkify is also the only trademark registration service to offer an expedited examination where we interact directly with the trademark Examiners so you can find out whether your trademark application is registrable within five days. Trademarkify is up to 80% more cost-effective as compared to the conventional manual trademark filing process using a trademark attorney.


    Trademark is an online trademark filing service for assisting trademark applicants in the filing and prosecution of trademark applications. Please read these Terms of Service carefully as they form the basis by which you can use our website www.trademarkify.com.au and our services and regulate any agreements between us. BY USING THE SERVICE, YOU ARE STATING THAT YOU HAVE THE LEGAL CAPACITY TO FORM LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACTS AND THAT YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ALL THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICE. The service is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein.

    Formation Of A Binding Contract

    By placing an order through trademarkify, you are offering to contract with us for the supply of paid trademark services. Upon receiving your order, our system will send you an automated email address confirming receipt of your order and the details of your order for your review. However, your order is only accepted by us upon subsequent review, wherein we will perform a number of checks to decide whether to accept your order or not, including whether a conflict of interest exists with any of our existing clients. 

    There may be instances where we need to discuss your order with you prior to our acceptance of your order, wherein we will contact you by email or by telephone. Only when you receive further email confirmation from us that we have accepted your order can you consider your order accepted. Our acceptance of your order creates a legally binding contract between us. Therefore, we reserve the right not to accept your order at our sole discretion.


    Please note that further fees and costs in relation to your trademark application have been made. Future costs include 1) the government application fee payable once we have reviewed your application and before we file your application with the government and 2) registration fees payable in about four months' time. Additional costs may be payable too. 

    For example, in the unlikely event of the acceptance of your trademark application being opposed by a third party and you wish to defend your application, there may be additional costs involved in defending your application. In certain circumstances, we may refer work to a third party, especially contentions matters or a local agent in respect of foreign applications. In such a case, the fees and costs are at the third parties' discretion are out of our control. 

    Maygust Trademarks Registrations Australia



    Being the most known Australian trademark in protecting your brands.

    our principles & values

    • Integrity
    • Results
    • Experience

    Our Services


    Trademarkings Registrations Australia


    03 8593 9577

    Trademarks were created by Daniel McIntosh, trademark attorney. Daniel worked as an intellectual property lawyer in traditional law firms for several years. He quickly realised that much of the work of a law firm is administrative and paralegal work. Believed there could be a way that clients only paid for legal work and not a paralegal or administrative work. And so, ten years ago, he started his firm, which has since gone on to challenge the big established law firms, at only a fraction of the costs. 

    Why Trademarks Is For You

    Trademarks are an innovative trademark service leading the charge in modernising the trademark application process. Legal services, just like many other industries, are being revolutionised by the digital age. Legal work that previously was arduous and cumbersome has now been greatly simplified through technology such as online databases, digital client management and, more recently, artificial intelligence. If used effectively, this can mean better, faster and cheaper services for clients. 

    Trademarks are at the absolute forefront of this revolution of legal services. By continuing to improve our efficiency, Trademarks (and its predecessor company) has not raised its fees in 10 years. Inflation-adjusted fees are 40% lower than they were ten years ago! In addition, our quality of service remains unsurpassed, with a 91% success rate.

    Quick Off The Mark - Trademark Registrations Australia


     1800 35 25 54

    About Quick Off The Mark® Trademarks – Quick Off The Mark Trademarks provides trademark services throughout Australia and Internationally. If you need practical trademark advice, not academic answers, Quick Off The Mark’s sound knowledge can offer businesses the best trademark advice along with the best customer experience in Australia, with low fixed fees.

    • Customer Service– We are FIRST for customer service – YOU are the most important thing to us
    • Australia Wide – we cover ALL of Australia; NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, NT, ACT & TAS.
    • Cost-effective – we are the best value company offering the best price guaranteed.
    • Quick fast processing times – we process your order on the same day for maximum protection.
    • Transparency – We offer full disclosure and transparency regarding your application
    • Communication – Always call and speak directly to us.
    • Fixed Fee Guarantee – we guarantee the price you agree to is the price you pay – Guaranteed.

    Quick Off The Mark Trademarks applies modern commercial principles in running a business and can help you develop your business whichever way you want to go. This website will give you a flavour of what Quick Off The Mark Trademarks can do, but there is no substitute for meeting the minds and working together.

    For most business people, deciding whether to call a trademark professional should be like deciding whether to go to the doctor. If you have severe chest pain, odds are you’re not going to hesitate to call your GP or make it to the emergency room. But if you just have a bad cold, you might wait a few days to see if it turns into pneumonia before you drag yourself to the dreaded doctor’s office. But in other instances, it might not be so clear. 

    Trademark Services

    Our trademark services make you stand out amongst your competitors and ensure that consumers identify your products and services from those of your competitors. Therefore, it is important to properly register your trademark in order to protect your unique brand, as well as your goodwill. In addition, our trademark services protect you from competitors gleaning business off of your success through the unlawful use of your mark.

    Your trademarks can include your business name and logo, as well as shapes, colours, scents, images, and packaging, so long as these things uniquely identify your products and services. For example, the use of the following symbols can recognise a trademark:

    • The trademark symbol can be used for an unregistered trademark for marketing goods or services.
    • The registered trademark symbol ®, which can only be used once a mark has been successfully registered with IP Australia. It is unlawful to use this symbol in association with an unregistered mark.

    We believe that providing comprehensive, start-to-finish trademark services is important in order to see clients through to the final stage of trademark applications – trademark registration. Our trademark services include trademark searches, applications, and registrations. We also offer assistance in trademark infringement cases, opposition matters, and more. Not only do we provide Australian registration trademark services: we can also assist you with international trademark registration matters. In addition, we can provide you with advice and information on adverse reports, international infringement issues, international opposition by third parties, and more.

    Some Of Our Basic Trademark Services Include

    • Conducting basic trademark searches and comprehensive trademark searches before filing trademark applications.
    • Preparing and filing both Australian and overseas trademark applications.
    • Responding to adverse reports issued by IP Australia.
    • Monitor your marks for unauthorised and unlawful use.

    Additional Trademark Services

    There is a wide range of trademark services that we can offer you, including:

    • Information concerning infringement
    • Advice and assistance in relation to opposition
    • Trademark licensing advice and agreements
    • Advice concerning the assignment of trademark ownership
    • Comprehensive trademark searches
    • Preparation and filing of applications
    • Trademark opposition and non-use issues
    • Registration finalisation and the obtaining and issue of certificates
    • The preparation, as well as filing and management, of Madrid Protocol applications
    • Prepare, file, and manage international applications
    • Responding to adverse reports
    • The conciliation and expenditure of trademark-related disputes
    • The organisation of your Australian and overseas trademark portfolios
    • Monitoring for infringement and trademark renewal

    We can also offer these trademark services:

    • Process your application through to grant: This includes providing you with advice in response to examiner’s reports or office actions and filing a subsequent response to overcome grounds for rejection.
    • Block Opposing Applications: We can assist you in preventing a competitor from registering a similar mark or help you defend your mark against a block filed against your registration application.
    • Provide advice on infringement and freedom to operate: We can assist trademark holders who want to make infringement claims or assist businesses aiming to avoid unlawful infringement against another registered trademark holder.
    • Easy payment plans: We can assist in the timely payment of trademark renewal fees.

    Trademark Angel Registrations Australia



    Trademark Angel is an International Trademark Registration Agency with offices in Canada and the UK. We offer trademark registration in multiple jurisdictions: Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, UK, EU, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Turkey on a regular basis. We can also register your trademarks in other jurisdictions. We have over three decades of experience in the trademark field! We offer free trademark re-filing with our ALL IN, and BELLS AND WHISTLES packages should your trademark be refused or rejected.

    We understand that today’s market is competitive. 

    That’s why you will get quality trademark registration at an affordable flat rate, meaning you won’t need to take a hammer to the piggy bank. If you have multiple trademarks, we’ll offer an unbeatable discount. Trademark search and the first consultation is always free. You have nothing to lose; contact us for a no-obligation chat on the phone, Skype or Zoom.

    Register a trademark in Australia; you are in the right place if you think about it. Trademark Angel offers very competitive prices and is capable of doing all types of trademark work in Australia. The Trademark registration process is similar to the Canadian process, with notable differences.

    Important Highlights Of The Australian Registration Process:

    • There are two types of applications available: Standard and Head Start.
    • With a Standard application, your application is assigned a serial number and examined after filing.
    • With a Head Start application, your trademark does not appear in the system until an examiner reviews it and you’ve decided to proceed with the publication and advertisement of your trademark.
    • With a Head Start application, your trademark will be examined within five working days of the request, and you can talk to the examiner to address any problems. It means your trademark is assessed prior to filing.
    • Your trademark is reviewed on absolute and relative grounds, and it can be refused if there is a similar mark or if the mark is merely descriptive.
    • No specimens of use or dates of use are required.
    • You are looking at a straightforward trademark application eight months before your trademark registers.

    We have a designated Australian practitioner, so we can take care of all your legal needs in Australia, from filing to opposition and litigation. We can also help with other legal matters related to registering a Trademark in Australia.

    IP Gateway - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +617 3808 3572

    When a new variety of distinct, uniform and stable plants is developed, an application can be filed for exclusive rights to commercially exploit the variety. Most jurisdictions worldwide offer a specific form of registered intellectual property right for this purpose. In Australia, registered rights for a new plant variety can be obtained under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994 (the PBR Act). PBR applicants often rely on an agent to assist with the Australian application process. Notably, PBR registration in Australia also requires the services of a ‘Qualified Person’ accredited by the PBR office. 

    While Australian patent attorneys frequently act as agents for the PBR process, a separate Qualified Person is typically engaged. We are pleased to announce that IP Gateway’s head of life sciences (with a research background in crop biotechnology) has obtained accreditation as a Qualified Person under the PBR Act. Accordingly, unlike the vast majority of Australian patent and trademark firms, IP Gateway now has the capacity to offer both agent and Qualified Person PBR services to clients.


    Navigating the processes involved with registering a trademark can be a daunting task if you are trying to navigate on your own. That’s why IP Gateway’s Trade Mark Group is composed of several expert attorneys proficient in trademark law and the processes contained therein. 

    The Trade Mark Group at IP Gateway comprises Matthew Lord, Michelle Conomos and Wayne Slater. The level of knowledge and experience within this group means that they are more than capable of handling any trademark applications from initial contact with you, the client, right through to finalising the registration and protecting the trademark for its life span.

    Cooper IP - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (03) 7037 3489

    The rights to your creations can be owned, protected, licensed and sold.


    What we make of the IP protection process. We exist to remove the IP barriers and pain points commonly faced by Australian businesses.

    Our Australian Patent Attorneys Help Businesses With:


    Securing patent protection

    Patentability assessments

    Patent infringement opinions

    Freedom to operate advice

    Patent oppositions

    Trade Marks

    Brand protection

    Registrability advice

    Trademark infringement opinions

    Clearance searching

    Trademark oppositions


    Product protection

    Certification and enforcement

    Design infringement opinions

    Freedom to operate advice

    Design oppositions

    Epiphany Law - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (03) 8640 0183

    Generally Registered Trademarks Give Australia-Wide Protection

    A key question when registering a trademark is: where will I be protected?

    Registration normally confers Australia-wide protection. This is because an Australian trademark registration will – in most cases – give you Australia-wide coverage. This means that you are normally protected across the entire nation but not protected in other countries.

    If you trade in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, a single trademark registration will be enough to protect you in all of those states. Further, if you have a highly localised business, you will usually prevent people in other states from registering the same or similar names. So, for example, if you have a hairdressing salon called ‘Xandon’, which has one outlet in a regional centre such as Mt Isa, Queensland and a highly localised clientele, you would normally be able to prevent a new salon in Sydney from opening with the same or similar name.

    Minor Exceptions

    There are some minor exceptions to the rule that registration normally confers Australia-wide protection with the law.

    Trademarks Registered With Geographical Limitations

    If your trademark is regarded as being descriptive, you might be able to have it registered after providing ‘evidence of use’ to the examiner. However, suppose your evidence of use only shows that your trademark only distinguishes your goods or services in a particular area (e.g. Mt Isa). In that case, your trademark examiner has the right to limit your registered rights to that particular area. It is quite rare for this to happen.

    Trademark Applications Giving ‘priority’ Rights In Other Countries

    While registering a trademark in Australia doesn’t give you any rights to that trademark in, for example, the US, there is also an exception here. Perhaps an example is the best way to illustrate this.

    Imagine you lodge an application for the trademark ‘BeDah’ in Class 25 (clothing) in Australia on 1 June, and then you decide to lodge an application for the same trademark in Class 25 in the United States later the same year. If you apply to do so within six months (i.e. by 30 November) and make your application using the process available under the Madrid Protocol, the United States Patent & Trademarks Office will treat your application as if filed on 1 June.

    Why does this matter? Well, it means that you get to ‘keep your place in the queue ahead of other people who might have filed the same or similar trademark in the US after they saw your Australian trademark application go in.

    Bond IP - Trademark Registrations Australia



    Bondi is a trusted patent and trademark attorney practice specialising in research, strategic counsel, preparation, and filing of IP rights applications for local and international applications through registration and clearance searches and freedom to operate advice. We are committed to helping you with your Australian or International Patent application and offer the following services and more. 

    Services We Offer to Protect Your IP​

    • How to apply for a patent

    • Trademarks registration

    • Preparing, filing, and prosecuting patents

    • Pre-lodgement searches

    • Freedom to operate and infringement searches

    • Competitor IP analysis when you apply for a patent

    • Strategic advice for local and international IP portfolios

    •. Patent Application help, design patent applications, trademark applications

    Patentable - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (02) 9199 7523

    Patentable is a boutique patent and trademark attorney firm based in Western Sydney, which offers full services nationally. We understand your business objectives and budgets and, with our technical and legal experience, guide you through the process of obtaining meaningful intellectual property protection.

    As a local to the Western Sydney Region, we seek to enhance growth by assisting local businesses in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights. We also assist businesses that may receive a cease-and-desist letter from a third-party rights holder – typically assessing the infringement risk, advising on appropriate options available, and responding to the other side.

    As a Client, we can attend your office for meetings across Sydney and through Greater Western Sydney (including Blacktown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Camden, Campbelltown, Cumberland, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Hills Shire, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith, Wollondilly) and the Blue Mountains.


    We understand the effort embedded in and intrinsic value of your brands (trademarks) – and can assist in all trademark matters. Whether an individual, small business owner or national company, we can assist with all your trademark requirements. Our client portfolio encompasses a variety of businesses with vastly diverging commercial needs. We are committed to providing high-quality, practical advice on Australian and international trademark selection and registration tailored to your business needs. In addition, patentable can provide capped-fee quotes for preparing and filing your trademark applications.

    Our Trademark Attorney Services Include:

    • Investigating registrability of trademarks
    • Trademark searching to locate Trademarks registered in Australia or overseas
    • Providing management strategies for your trademark portfolio
    • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications before the Australian Trademarks Office
    • Filing and prosecuting international trademark applications
    • Advice on licensing and assigning trademarks
    • Opposing third-party trademark applications
    • Dispute resolution
    • Advice on trademark infringement

    Patentable trademark attorney practice is based in Sydney and provides strategic and cost-effective services for securing and enforcing trademark protection for your brands.

    O’Dor Lawyers - Trademark Registration Australia


     (03) 9005 0555

    O’Dor Lawyers has a corporate philosophy of providing high-quality, professional legal advice personally and cost-effectively. We are results-driven; we leave “no stone unturned” to give you the best possible service and provide the most commercial outcome for you. You are our focus. We pride ourselves on our traditional approach, listening to you and providing practical, effective, innovative solutions. The quality of client relationships is important to us, and repeat business and referrals are the key sources of our business. As such, we pride ourselves on our efficient, responsive customer service. Our client base is extensive and diverse. We work with individuals and businesses, professional bodies, associations, charitable bodies and government agencies.

    We Prepare Applications For Trademarks And Patents Both Within Australia And Internationally. We Guide Your Trademark Or Patent Application From Start To Finish Including Preparing And Presenting Appeals As Necessary.

    Even if a registered trademark or patent protects your intellectual property, it is up to you to enforce these intellectual property rights if there is any infringement. We work closely with you to understand your business and assist you in creating a strategy to identify your intellectual property rights and protect them. Your intellectual property may be one of your most valuable assets. The cost of re-branding if you do not get it right from the start can be high and far outweigh the cost of seeking advice from the outset

    We offer the following intellectual property law services:

    • trademark services – registration and brand protection;
    • business name registration
    • protection of confidential information and trade secrets
    • intellectual-property commercialisation and licensing
    • sale and transfer of intellectual property
    • patent commercialisation
    • trademark infringement and enforcement
    • claims relating to misleading and deceptive conduct
    • advertising and marketing campaigns
    • trade promotions

    Lesicar Maynard Andrews - Trademark Registration Australia


    +61 8 8362 7222

    A patent, trademark or registered design can protect your competitive advantage, and the attorneys at Lesicar Maynard Andrews can advise you how to make the best use of registered intellectual property rights. We can also provide advice to avoid placing your business or investment at risk through non-action or poorly defined patent, trademark or design applications. Our goal is to provide quality and cost-effective advice that forms the basis for strategic management and commercial decisions. 

    Our process involves talking with you about how best to protect your innovations and business, explaining your intellectual property rights, the steps involved, and the cost of obtaining protection locally and internationally. We are specialists in Adelaide intellectual property law, and we know that such advice is invaluable and should be affordable. This is why we strive to serve our clients best. We specialise in the three key areas are patent protection, intellectual property, copyright law, and registered design. Our team of attorneys have a unique combination of skills to help you protect your business and intellectual property.

    A trademark is a sign used to distinguish the products or services of one trader from others. The time, effort, money and hard work that has been put into building the goodwill associated with your business is embodied in your brands. Lesicar Maynard Andrews have trademarked registration experts. We will guide you through the process and ensure that you have the right trademark protection for your business today and in the future.

    Our Services

    • IP Management
    • Business and Domain Names
    • Opposition and Infringement
    • Patents
    • Competitor monitoring
    • Advice and strategic planning
    • Trade Marks
    • Renewal Service

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