100+ Best Wedding Singers & Bands in Sydney, New South Wales (2024)

Sydney is a beautiful location for a wedding at any time of the year. You’re probably in the process of searching for celebrants, venues, and music providers, but how do you choose when there are so many available in the area? It’s best to look at reviews and contact each music provider you’re interested in to find one that can meet your needs and budget. You will find someone that fits into your ceremony and reception flawlessly.

One thing we hear quite a bit here, from our real brides and grooms, is that wedding entertainment can make or break a night. The ceremony is sweet, and all but the d-floor is where the real magic happens.

To help you with this crucial part of wedding planning, we have rounded up ten of our favourite entertainers in the biz. Whatever you are after, someone in this lush list is bound to have it.

As for locations, well, most of these guys are keen to hit the road! Still, we have included bands based all over Australia from Ben Fox Band of NSW through the extensive network of The White Tree Band that has musicians scattered all over Australia.

Searching for the Best Wedding Singers & Bands in Sydney, New South Wales to rock your wedding? Look no further! Here are the Best Sydney wedding music providers for your party needs!

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    The Ultimate List of Sydney’s Best Wedding Singers and Bands

    Melbourne Entertainment Company - Wedding Singers and Band Sydney

    Wedding SIngers and Bands Sydney


    1300 858 981

    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With a more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.

    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.


    When it comes to looking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most talented artists and greatest diversity of choice. Hire an incredibly talented Event / Wedding Acoustic Duo or guitarist who will knock your socks off. These Acoustic soloists and duos will serenade you down the isle, or provide the perfect chill background vibes at your cocktail event. There are vocal virtuoso’s who can play guitar, piano or use loop pedals to create a multi-instrumental soundtrack live before your very eyes. With so much acoustic talent on offer, you’ll have trouble narrowing it down to your favourite soloist. If you’re not sure sure about whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician, and don’t have the budget or both: check out our amazing complete soloists who can tick both boxes for you.


    Nothing beats the performance and the crowd interaction that an incredible live band can provide. The experience that the music is actually being made, produced & delivered live right before your very eyes! It’s encapsulating, invigorating & all encompassing.

    The most talented professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer will create a vibe that your guests will not shut up about at your hangover brunch the next day. “How incredible was that Cover Band Singer!?” “The drummer was so hot!” “What about that Sax solo in the Jazz Band?!”

    It’s our job to create the memories that last a lifetime. It’s our job to guarantee when you hire a band Melbourne Entertainment Co ensures that everyone from your grandma, to bridal party, to your niece/nephew is dancing around to your favourite requests and d-floor hits.



    This will be achieved by providing a consistent and reliable service to our customers time and time again, and fostering our strategic relationships with various venues and partners. Our youthful and professional staff are committed to ensuring each event is entertaining and enjoyable for all guests through every performance.

    We will continue to use only the highest quality entertainers, musicians, performers and staff. It is our benchmark that 100% of our clients will receive an outstanding and energetic performance which everyone will remember and talk about for years to come.


    Our core values are to be young & fresh, flexible and reliable. Our business was formed over a decade ago on the premise that nobody should have to put up with a daggy, out-of-touch has been DJ who’s playing the chicken dance to a dead dance-floor. Nothing made us cringe more than seeing some of the poorest, unprofessional budget entertainers that ruined the evening.

    Wedding Singers and Bands

    Entertainment unfortunately doesn’t have the luxury of being unprofessional and has the potential to ruin up 60-70% of your wedding if done poorly. Many couples will try to save on entertainment, willing to risk their $30-$40,000 wedding on a cheap DJ. If you’re wanting to create memories that last and have your guests raving about the best wedding of the year, then you need to invest in high quality entertainment.


    100% satisfaction is the benchmark that we hold ourselves accountable to. Our standard can be viewed across the more than 800 5-star reviews we hold across GoogleFacebook and Easy Weddings. Our vision is to have our talent going above and beyond for every single client, ensuring that we’re doing everything within our power to keep them ecstatic about the level of service they’re receiving.

    White Clover Music - Wedding Singers in NSW

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 412 330 037

    The most sought-after acoustic duet, DJ, MC, coordinator, and concierge package, Tom & Kate are Australia's most well-known wedding duos and provide more than just wedding music.

    Tom and Kate can book exceptional live acoustic music, a high energy DJ, a wonderfully personal MC, an experienced Coordinator, and a multi-talented Concierge. They travel all over Australia.

    The husband and wife team has been presiding over weddings jointly since 2011 and is committed to making your wedding a complete success. Having played at more than 600 weddings, they are currently one of Australia's most well-known wedding music duos.

    With music degrees in hand, they can quickly learn and perform your memorable moment songs while ensuring your wedding guests' comfort and happiness.

    Tom and Kate will play to welcome your guests into your ceremony space as they arrive. They will gladly learn and arrange your memorable moment songs for you.

    Evoke Entertainment: Wedding Bands, Singers & Corporate Entertainment in Sydney

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 2 9580 1468

    Let's Groove Tonight are unquestionably industry leaders when it comes to premium wedding bands for hire in Sydney, live bands for corporate entertainment, and private event bands. Let's Groove Tonight has become the go-to event band for corporate giants, while also performing and entertaining hundreds of satisfied wedding clients with unparalleled positive customer feedback. Cover bands like this are in high demand, so enquire about their availability as soon as possible.

    If you can't decide between hiring a band and a DJ, why not combine the two?! Invest in a band and a DJ! The Party Rock People are much more than just a cover band. They perform as a DJ Band Combo. Party Rock People are not your typical corporate entertainers, with a lineup that includes DJ P-Bass, Sax, the incredibly versatile Nada-Leigh Nasser, and Adam Katz on vocals and rapping duties.

    DJs are not all created equal, just like venues, caterers, and hairdressers are not all the same. Finding the ideal DJ for your upcoming event is one of our specialities at Evoke Entertainment.

    Evoke Strings are equally at home on the side of a wedding aisle, in a ballroom, or at the Sydney Opera House. Every Evoke Strings performance, no matter where or when, exudes elegance, splendour, and glamour. They are ideal corporate entertainers.

    FAQs About Wedding Singers and Bands

    The national average cost for live bands of all types ranges between $740 and $1,200. Depending on where you live and regional rates for performers, you might expect to pay between $65 and $120 per hour, per player.

    The average wedding band costs $4,019 according to a real wedding study. This depends on your budget, where and when you're getting married. In some places, couples will spend an average wedding band cost of $720. The costs can go as low as $500 and hitting up $900.

    Maybe the most famous (but definitely the biggest) celebrity engagement ring ever, Elizabeth Taylor's square diamond ring was 33.1 carats and worth reportedly $11.4 million at the time.

    Sydney Jazz Collective Band - Sydney Wedding Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 422 174 339

    Sydney Jazz Collective was founded to offer top-notch live music to complement any occasion, setting, festival, wedding, or business event.

    We use musical entertainment as a tried and true method of adding emotional richness to any situation, by providing a fantastic sounding band that matches client preferences as closely as possible.

    Yes, she said! So you've both made the decision of a lifetime, and now it's time to plan the big day. Wedding planning can be difficult, and for most people, it's their first time putting together a large event like this, so we've designed a booking process and live music product to make it easier for you.

    ABSOLUTELY! Can cover and generic party bands then play jazz music? Maybe … However, many groups regard this as "filler" music and are incapable of producing an authentic professional jazz sound that makes the room feel spectacular. Be wary of websites that claim to have a band in every state; these are not bands, but rather an agency that brings together freelance musicians who may have never met before. But don't just take our word for it; compare our dance tracks to demos from other bands or even the original artist's recording. Then listen to jazz tracks by other bands.


    Lily Road Band - Wedding Band in Sydney

    Lily Road Wedding Band Sydney


    +61 401 594 987

    Nothing beats a great live band for setting the mood. To ensure that your wedding day is a fond and unforgettable memory for friends and family.

    The Lily Road Band consists of professional musicians and cover band members, many of whom have appeared on popular television shows such as Australian Idol, X Factor Australia, and The Voice. Their repertoire and versatility are exceptional. You can trust that our wedding singers will provide the best live music and entertainment for your special day — a day to remember for all the right reasons!

    Red Soda Wedding Band Sydney

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 2 8006 2236


    Any wedding band can provide enjoyable music. However, not every band is capable of performing heart-thumping songs that sweep you off your feet, make you weak at the knees, and have you dancing all night. Each and every time.

    Our audiences loved the chemistry we had on stage. As the word got out, we started getting requests to play at festivals, weddings, and events in the Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Australia, and eventually the rest of the world.

    That kind of chemistry is impossible to fake. Unlike other bands that hire fill-in musicians, you get the infectious energy you need because we're close friends who know each other like family.

    We're not strangers meeting for the first time at your wedding; we've been performing together for years, and it shows in the bonds we form and the fun we have with you when we play.

    Slide McBride - Sydney Function & Wedding Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 415 104 235

    Music for weddings, live band – Slide McBride – Sydney, New South Wales

    Hire Sydney's best live band for wedding music in Sydney. Slide McBride is headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales, and also serves the Southern Highlands.

    As a wedding band, we have the best reputation in Sydney. No other Sydney band can compete with our versatility, adaptability, and energy - the three essential elements of a great wedding band.

    Best Live Band For Hire In Sydney

    Most live bands can perform two or three different musical styles convincingly. You get so much more when you work with us. Naturally, we have a large selection of classic pop songs to keep the dance floor full. These include songs from every decade since rock music's inception. Check out our song lists to see what we have in our repertoire. But what about earlier in the evening, at your party or wedding reception?

    I've uploaded hundreds of videos of the band performing live to YouTube. I chose fifty of these and added them to this website.

    Live footage of the band performing at various weddings, functions, and parties should demonstrate the atmosphere we can create as well as our versatility. You'll also be able to see all of the instruments I play in addition to singing. Trombone, trumpet, ukulele, and guitar are among them.

    Press Club Band - Wedding Band Sydney

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 402 405 996

    If you decide we're the right wedding band for you, you can book us and relax knowing we'll take care of everything. As full-time musicians, we are available at all hours of the day and night to answer your questions or discuss some great ideas! Of course, if you're too busy, we'll keep in touch to ensure that every detail is covered. You will always receive prompt and professional service.

    If you decide we're the right wedding band for you, you can book us and relax knowing we'll take care of everything. As full-time musicians, we are available at all hours of the day and night to answer your questions or discuss some great ideas! Of course, if you're too busy, we'll keep in touch to ensure that every detail is covered. You will always receive prompt and professional service.

    We enjoy road trips, so we'll bring the show to you! We're mobile from the Hunter Valley to the Blue Mountains, from Berry to Bowral and Wollongong to Nowra. You might be surprised at how inexpensive having us travel long distances can be! If your event is outside of Sydney and its surrounding areas, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Double Shot Music | Sydney Wedding Duo & Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 424 532 117

    With their musical flexibility, Double Shot can set the perfect mood for any kind of event, from dance parties to romantic settings, from smooth jazz to classic rock hits, and everything in between. Their ability to adapt and cater to the unique preferences of each audience is what sets them apart and makes them an ideal choice for any occasion.

    With a variety of flexible packages, Double Shot offers options for an Acoustic Duo, Trio, or Party Band to cater to your specific event needs. From setting the tone during the cocktail hour to igniting the dance floor, Double Shot is a reliable and amazing covers act that will elevate any occasion.


    Maple Creek Music | Blue Mountains Wedding Music

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 406 610 683

    Maple Creek will handle everything from the moment your guests arrive at the ceremony until the last person on the dance floor at the end of the reception. Maple Creek is a wedding band, acoustic duo, DJ, and MC wrapped up in a slick package ready to wow your guests and provide beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

    Maple Creek Wedding Band is a popular choice for weddings in the Blue Mountains. Nonetheless, they are available for hire across Sydney and frequently perform at weddings in the Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley, Macarthur, Kangaroo Valley, Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast.

    Sydney Wedding Band, Acoustic Duo + DJ

    We're a Sydney wedding band that creates music that does more than just get your guests dancing. Our mission is to assist you in planning your dream wedding and creating memories that will last a lifetime. We travel all over Sydney, but the Blue Mountains, Macarthur, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, and the Southern Highlands are our favourite places to play weddings.

    We'll work with you to create the perfect atmosphere for your big day, with a pumping 5-piece wedding band, a smooth acoustic wedding duo, and a highly experienced wedding DJ and MC. From personalised playlists to customised arrangements of your memorable songs - your musical wish is our command. We're here to make you as comfortable as possible on the big day and to keep things running smoothly so you can focus on having fun and creating unforgettable memories.

    Sydney Wedding Music

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 2 9899 2427

    An affordable wedding music service is offered by Sydney Wedding Music. The manager, Jane Hart, will work closely with you to make sure the music is suitable for your wedding or other event. She is a skilled jazz vocalist, flautist, manager, and arranger who has played at countless weddings and events. If your song isn't on our song lists, we can still arrange it for you. Let Sydney Wedding Music add a personal touch to your wedding.

    Sydney Wedding Music's highly talented and versatile musicians can play a wide range of classical, jazz, and popular music, allowing you to book a single group to play everything from when your guests arrive to your bridal waltz and dancing at your reception. The size of the group can be tailored to your preferences and budget, ranging from small intimate Classical and jazz duos and trios to a swinging jazz band, string quartet, or mini string orchestra. If you want to mix it up a little and have more than one group, Jane can create a custom wedding music package just for you.

    The Graduates - Jazz Band for Hire in Sydney

    Wedding Singers and Bands


     +61 421 636 823


    Are you organising an event and in need of high-quality musical entertainment? The Graduates is a popular Sydney jazz band and Sydney wedding band that will take your event to the next level.

    The Graduates are an exciting, all-male jazz group with a traditional sound from Sydney that combines vocals, saxaphone, piano, double bass, and drums. As one of the most skilled and knowledgeable crews for hire, we are well-known in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

    The Graduates are a prestigious jazz quartet that will deliver a sensational performance and enhance the theme and ambience of the special event, with everything from classic background jazz to more upbeat Motown and soul sets that will get people on the dance floor.

    Ben Fox Band - SYDNEY WEDDING BAND & DJ MUSICWedding Singers and Bands


    +61 427 670 347

    Ben's approach is to create the ideal atmosphere for your wedding, corporate event, or private party while making the planning process simple and enjoyable. Ben Fox Band will learn songs and take requests at your event, which, combined with an extensive song list, will ensure a fun night for people of all ages.

    Ideal for small or low-budget weddings. Ben can create an atmosphere appropriate for both casual cocktail parties and upbeat social functions as a soloist. The Ben Fox Band's favourite package is the SOLO + DJ.

    Hype Band Sydney - Wedding Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 430 021 637

    Sydney’s Most Trusted Band For Weddings, Private Parties & Corporate Events

    We understand how to use the profound power of music to create the right atmosphere. We love live music and know how to get the party started. Whatever the occasion, we have the ability to bring life to any party with our infectious energy, catchy tunes, and, of course, amazing vocals.

    We work closely with each of our customers to develop a custom set list that reflects their tastes. Depending on the nature, scope, and particular needs of your event, choose from any of our band options (Acoustic Duo - Male/Female, Trio, 4 Piece, or 5 Piece Band).

    We can customise the band lineup to fit your specific needs. Begin your event with our acoustic duo, ideal for background music during dinner (your choice of a male or female vocalist), and then dance the night away with our four-piece band. Now is the time to book our Duo, Trio, or Band for your next function, wedding, or corporate event.

    Ruby Keys Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 406 599 905

    Ruby Keys is a high-end 2-7 piece band that specialises in weddings and events. Ruby Keys can accommodate all aspects of your wedding, whether you want to hire a wedding singer or a full wedding band! From beautiful ceremony music to cocktail hour and ambient dinner music, you can rest assured Ruby Keys Band will have you covered and integrate seamlessly into your day right through to the end of night party classics.

    Ruby Keys, an eminent Sydney wedding band, is highly experienced and professional, emphasising great musicianship and client liaison. You will have direct contact with band management in the lead-up to your special day to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. This means you can relax and enjoy your wedding while we make your vision a reality! Ruby Keys band is highly adaptable (ranging from a duo to a seven-piece band) and run by industry professionals who are also the lead vocalists, as well as a selection of Sydney's hand-picked top musicians.

    Let me introduce myself: my name is Talar, and we may have corresponded via email, spoken on the phone, or met in person. I'm Ruby Keys' female vocalist, booking agent, and co-owner. I co-run Ruby Keys with James, our musical director, lead guitarist, male vocalist, and also my amazing husband - he wears many hats! Because the band is entirely self-funded, we can keep our fees extremely low. You can contact us at any time, and if you don't reach us right away, you will usually hear from us within 24 hours. To get started, please visit our FAQ page.

    Big Thanks Band - Sydney Wedding Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 408 300 407

    The BIG THANKS BAND is comprised of some of Sydney's most talented and experienced musicians. Our band primarily performs at weddings, receptions, and corporate events. We take pride in our musical versatility, spectacular show, punctuality, manners, and dedication to providing excellent service to our valued clients.

    All over New South Wales, from the Hunter Valley and Newcastle all the way down to Wollongong and Bowral, The Big Thanks Band will play. As far west as Dubbo and Orange, as well as in the Blue Mountains region around Katoomba, we also perform. Our work is done primarily in the Sydney basin. So there's no need to search further if you're looking for wedding singers or wedding bands in Sydney. By clicking here, you can watch one of our live online showcases.

    NOVA DJs - Wedding Music and Bands

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 436 478 496

    Hire a DJ who is friendly, outgoing, and willing to play the music you want to hear! Fill out the form now to enquire about our availability. Hire a DJ who is ready to make your event the most memorable of the year by playing all of the music you want to hear! You deserve it, and you'll get it with our high-quality DJ Entertainment services. If you've made it this far, it's because we all want the same thing: to make your party unforgettable! Get inspired by watching the video!

    WE ARE EXCELLENT AT WHAT WE DO! We take pride in being original and unique, as there is no other DJ company like us in Australia! We are vivacious, inventive, and creative. "Average" is not what we are interested in. We are constantly striving to achieve more and change people's perceptions of private events. Every event is unique. We believe you deserve an experience that reflects your personal style, preferences, personality, and what makes you unique! We're proud of the fact that we don't use the same cookie-cutter formula that other DJ companies do. We create unique experiences for each of our events. We are based in New South Wales and South Australia, but can travel anywhere in the world.

    We can tailor our hiring services to any occasion, whether it's a wedding, engagement party, corporate event, birthday party, Christmas party, or something else. We are prepared to make your event unforgettable. At NOVA DJs, we have our own approach, inspired by the personalised ideas of modern-day events, but without the cheesy interaction skits or pre-set playlists of the past. Our company was founded by a group of DJs with international experience who are extremely creative, talented, enthusiastic, and dynamic. For your event, we are ready and able to cater to any age and nationality. You've come to the right place if you want to make your event unforgettable. NOVA DJs brings years of experience to you, ensuring that you and your guests receive excellent service!

    Duke Music - Sydney's Premier Acoustic Duo, Trio, and Wedding Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 2 8283 7344

    Duke has grown to be one of Sydney's most well-liked acoustic groups and duos, playing at some of the city's most prestigious venues, imaginative weddings, and business events. Duke Music is well-known and praised for their renditions of both contemporary hits and timeless songs.

    With their beautiful folk and pop songs, vintage laid-back lounge, and sassy, upbeat pop tunes, Duke is renowned for setting the ideal mood from cocktail hour to the dance floor.

    Chantelle Morrell & The limited Edition Band - Wedding Band - Corporate Event Music

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 404 596 657

    The Limited Edition Band is Sydney's one-stop entertainment destination for everything live music for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Functions, and high-profile events. Our team consists of Sydney's best event coordinators, performers, sound crew, and musicians, all of whom collaborate seamlessly to ensure that every event is a smashing success!

    The Limited Edition Band are the industry leaders in quality Wedding, Party, and Corporate entertainment, having won the prestigious ABIA Awards (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) for Best Wedding Band in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

    The Limited Edition Band, which includes powerhouse lead vocalist Chantelle Morrell, who has appeared on "The Voice Australia," goes above and beyond to provide an unforgettable music experience for your special day that will truly leave your guests raving about your event for many years to come.

    Their extensive repertoire, as one of Sydney's most in-demand wedding and corporate bands, can cater to any style event, from a laid-back canapé reception to a formal sit-down Corporate Awards Night. We make certain that the music creates the ideal atmosphere for your event.

    Sydney Wedding Guitarist - Wedding Singers

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 404 368 854

    About Sydney Wedding Guitarist

    The Sydney Metropolitan region, as well as the Hunter, Illawarra, Blue Mountains, and Southern Highlands, are served by Sydney Wedding Guitarist. All bookings include free consultations, song suggestions, all necessary equipment, and venue walk-throughs (if needed). Our premium package includes special requests for an entirely customised event.

    Sydney Wedding Guitarist's lead performer has over 20 years of experience in the industry. In that time, he has performed tens of thousands of shows, hundreds of which have been weddings, at locations ranging from barefoot beachside ceremonies to city cathedrals, country estates, wineries, gardens, and all of Sydney's major wedding venues. He performs full-time all year long and is on the prefered suppliers list for several harborside venues.

    You're looking for wedding singers and wedding music ideas. Choosing a wedding musician, whether for your wedding reception or wedding ceremony songs, is a difficult task. There are numerous factors to consider, including musical preferences, event style, and location. Ultimately, you want an artist with exceptional performing abilities who takes the time to understand your wedding music requirements.

    Our couples plan their weddings for months, and we know they carefully select their vendors. It is a great honour for us to be asked to perform at such a significant life event. We appreciate the care that goes into every aspect of wedding planning. We take pride in treating each wedding ceremony with the care and respect it deserves.

    Brown Sugar Music - Wedding Band and Singers

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 417 558 897

    The most sought-after R&B and Soul band in Sydney for weddings, business events, parties, and venues is Brown Sugar. In Sydney's Soul & RnB scene, Brown Sugar is the most well-known and enduring cover group.

    We can cater to all types of events, including weddings, parties, and corporate events. We have extensive experience in all types of functions and have worked in some of Australia's most prestigious venues and bars. For over 12 years, we have had a Friday night residency at Sydney's iconic Marble Bar in the Hilton Sydney.

    BROWN SUGAR is made up of six people: MiguelGeorge and Angel Tupai on vocals, Michael Dolce on guitar, Johnny Grguric on bass guitar, Deni Di Filippo on drums, and Jonathan 'Jaycee' Corea on keys and saxaphone.

    Angel Tupai appeared on X Factor Australia in 2012, where she wowed the judges and established herself as one of the best female R&B/Soul singers in the country. All of the judges have described her as having a 'HUGE' voice and an amazing range that must be heard to be believed. She can not only mix it up with Beyonce and Whitney, but she can also rap, making her one of the best all-around artists out there. Seeing her perform live is an unforgettable experience!

    Gary Johns and Sydney Funk Collective wedding party band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    0405 173 313

    If you're looking for Sydney's best party band, you've come to the right place. Sydney Funk Collective is a multi-talented and thoroughly modern band. We specialise in weddings and corporate events as a function band.

    We play current hits as well as classics, such as Michael Buble's sophisticated background dinner music and Michael Jackson's dance classics. We play songs that everyone enjoys.

    We are a stylish and reasonably priced band with a stellar reputation that has people raving after every performance. The best thing about this band is that it is made up of some of Sydney's most talented musicians and has access to any type of instrumentalist you desire.

    We are usually a five-piece band with a guitarist/vocalist, a vocalist, drums, keys, and bass. If you want, we can add extra vocalists, horns, strings, piano accordion, and even a harpist.

    Celebrate Entertainment Sydney - Wedding Bands and DJ Hire

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 1800 453 936


    No matter how big or small your wedding is, we promise to have the perfect entertainment package for you. We specialise in professional wedding DJ hire and bring professionalism and dedication to deliver the best entertainment experience imaginable.

    You will know you have made the right decision for your special occasion the moment you book with Celebrate Entertainment. All of our DJs have over ten years of experience and conduct themselves professionally throughout the sound and AV setup as well as the event.  

    The highly skilled team at Celebrate Entertainment is dedicated to professionalism and has more than 30 years of combined experience. We provide wedding chair rental, photo booth rental, invitation design, dry ice machine rental, bridal arch rental, giant letter rental, wedding photography, and wedding videography in addition to DJ hire.

    We've all heard the horror stories that go along with wedding entertainment services. Celebrate Entertainment was founded to correct these stories by offering an all-inclusive entertainment option to assist people in planning their weddings to the best of our industry's ability.

    XO Duo | Acoustic wedding & event music

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 417 458 343

    We genuinely enjoy what we do and believe in the power of music to transform an atmosphere and bring life to any event. What is an event if there is no live music?

    We have a wide range of contemporary and vintage classic songs in our repertoire, and our passion is to produce mesmerising renditions of songs with a contemporary flair and original arrangements.

    XO Duo is a versatile, energetic, and elegant acoustic duo comprised of Natasha on vocals and Michael on guitar.

    Their diverse repertoire delivers modern cover versions of the current Top 40 as well as your favourite classic hits across a variety of genres, ranging from vibrant acoustic Pop to intimate, soulful, laid-back lounge music.

    XO is extremely adaptable and happy to cater to your musical and stylistic visions for your event, from the ceremony to the dance floor. Acoustic duo based in Sydney. XO are willing to travel both domestically and internationally.

    Kirsten Allison Sydney jazz singer and jazz band - Wedding Singers and Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 402 835 037

    Sydney jazz singer, Kirsten Allison is a vocal stylist as well as a sincere and dynamic performer.

    Expect a creative fusion of old and new as jazz standards and new music are interpreted with vocal beauty. Kirsten graduated from the University of New South Wales' School of Music before continuing her jazz studies with Kerrie Biddell and at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Kirsten and her Sydney jazz band are in high demand for corporate events, festivals, and venue bookings. She is not only a Sydney jazz singer, but also a seasoned international performer, having delighted audiences in Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Dubai.

    Kirsten has performed in Australia with Vince Jones, Emma Pask, Wendy Matthews, and Andrew Oh, and in venues such as The Basement, The Opera Bar, The Argyle Hotel, and The Tilbury Hotel, as well as at events such as the Bledisloe Cup, the Sydney Food & Wine Festival, and the Kuringai Jazz Festival. Kirsten's Sydney jazz band features the best local musicians and is a popular choice for festivals, venues, and wedding reception music.

    The Moods Band — Sydney's premiere jazz and function band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 425 262 610

    The Moods are one of Sydney’s longest-running bands with a versatility that is hard to match.

    Since their inception in the late 1990s, The Moods have earned a solid reputation for their ability to play music appropriate for the various stages of an event, ranging from whisper-quiet Jazz to upbeat pop. At the same time, guests converse while listening to Aussie rock classics, which raise the roof of the venue when guests want to let their hair down! We assist in creating the appropriate atmosphere for the occasion, and it is not uncommon for guests to approach us at the end of the night to book us for their event. We also receive several reviews from previous performances.

    The Moods have performed thousands of times, from small private functions to major jazz festivals such as the Manly Jazz, Noosa Jazz, and Thredbo Jazz Festivals. We can be as small or as large as you want us to be!

    If you want to see the band live, check out our Gig Guide, which lists all of our performances that are open to the public.

    Sincopa Wedding DJ Band - Sydney, Australia

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 433 938 272

    Sincopa ensures that the appropriate music is played from start to finish. We will tailor our show to the desired atmosphere of your wedding reception, performing any style of music in a variety of languages, genres, and themes. There are no setlist or repertoire restrictions, and any song request is welcome.

    Sincopa provides music for a variety of occasions, including corporate events, Christmas parties, weddings, and private parties. The signature Sincopa stage setup includes impressive lighting, which contributes to the band's popularity as an entertainer. They can provide customised sets because they are capable of creating new and unique music for each event.

    Performing for major corporations such as Arnotts, NAB, Kelloggs, Audi, Suncorp, Pandora, Colgate, Hitachi, CBA, McGrath, ANZ, and Lite n' Easy demonstrates the Sincopa's ability, quality, professionalism, and popularity.

    RocketPayz has joined us as a partner and sponsor. Rocketpayz.com allows you to select the best casino on the market. If you want to make a deposit, you can do so on our sponsor's page as well. Thank you for your assistance.

    Planet Groove - Sydney Wedding Bands and Singers

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    0413 263 413


    The top live cover band for weddings (including those of same-sex couples) in Sydney and across Australia for the past 15 years. Planet Groove can satisfy the musical preferences of guests from 20 to 60 years old thanks to its highly customised setlists, which can be altered on the spot while taking requests from the audience. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in the audience has no choice but to spend the entire night on the dance floor or just sitting, tapping their toes, singing along while watching the show - but the goal is that EVERYONE (regardless of age) has FUN! We also provide our DJs for music in between (that can be tailored to your specific song list), as well as a FREE MC service!

    With our unwavering dedication to all brides and grooms, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism, client satisfaction, and musical excellence in Australia. Our sole objective is to provide fantastic entertainment and live party music. Personalised boutique live wedding music with the attitude that "nothing is too much trouble."

    We strive to make your entire entertainment package SPECTACULAR. Planet Groove has been and will continue to be the first port of call for Sydney Bridal Couples seeking the best in Wedding Reception entertainment and music! Don't settle for a mediocre DJ or a pub rock band - your wedding deserves the same care and attention to detail that you put into selecting a Photographer or Videographer. Listen here or read the testimonials below - we've set the bar for high-quality live wedding band music.

    Greek Band & Zaffet Drummers Sydney - Wedding Band

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 438 279 540

    Tommy Tsonis is highly regarded as Australia’s best bouzouki player and has a reputation as a leading bouzouki entertainer worldwide. 

    Tommy Tsonis, an internationally acclaimed bouzouki performer, has been entertaining audiences and guests for over 20 years. Tommy Tsonis is renowned for his unparalleled skill with the bouzouki, personalised performance for weddings, engagements, parties, corporate events, and even festivals, as well as his impressive showmanship, having performed at over 5,000 events in Australia and on the global stage.

    Assume you want Greek wedding entertainment for your upcoming wedding, personal or corporate event. In that case, Bouzouki Player Sydney by Tommy Tsonis Entertainment provides the most innovative and customised solutions to entertain and delight your guests while giving you confidence that your needs will be met with the utmost professionalism.

    It all comes together to raise the roof off any venue, from breathtaking wedding entrances to the best wedding DJs and Greek bands in the business, Zaffet Lebanese drummers, Bongo Players, the Greek Clarinet, and show-stopping dance floor extravaganzas!

    The White Tree Sydney - Wedding Band Sydney

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 401 498 288

    The White Tree was founded by two great friends, one a musician and the other a photographer/filmmaker. They'd been making coil pots together since primary school in Melbourne (true story), but in 2009 they decided to start a more "serious" business together...i.e. one that would help them move out of their parents' house!

    They noticed a lot of cheesy work happening in the wedding and events industries back then. They saw an opportunity to shake up the market by bringing together genuinely cool live music, photography, and film concepts under one creative roof. This would be provided at a reasonable cost and with an extremely simple booking and planning process.

    So they pooled their respective skill sets and extensive creative networks, moved into a dilapidated house together to brainstorm day and night, and The White Tree was born within a few months.

    So you're getting married? Exiting!! And heartfelt congratulations! So now a tidal wave of wedding magazines, blogs, instant posts, coffee conversations, wedding fairs, and Pinterest boards seem to consume your every moment! This is a lot of fun and enjoyment, but let's be honest...also it's a little overwhelming.

    Larissa McKay Music - Wedding Solo / Duo / MC / DJ

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 435 873 363

    Larissa's easy professionalism, versatility, calm nature, and willingness to adapt to the prevailing mood make her ideal for your wedding or event. She'll interact with the audience or, if necessary, step back to allow the focus to shift where you want it. Larissa's captivating voice adds style and class to any occasion, and her unique take on covers keeps you guessing and entertained.

    Larissa has over 17 years of stage experience across three continents, seamlessly fusing small-scale backyard performances with enthralling big-stage appearances at music festivals. She has backed a number of artists, including Mark Seymour (Hunters & Collectors), Renee Geyer, Sarah Blasko, Gabrielle Aplin, and Boy & Bear. She has appeared onstage with INXS in London, won a songwriting honour from American Billboard, and made it to the finals of MusicOz twice.

    Larissa's easy professionalism, versatility, and willingness to adapt to the prevailing mood make her ideal for your wedding ceremony and reception. She'll interact with the audience or, if necessary, step back to allow the focus to shift where you want it. Larissa's captivating voice adds style and class to any occasion, and her unique take on covers keeps you guessing and wondering.

    Larissa is dependable and pleasant to work with. She can supply her PA and song list, or she can learn some of your favourites. She can sing solo for your ceremony or perform with percussionist Jake as a dynamic duo with her piano and vocals. They also MC and DJ and collaborate with you to create an atmosphere that reflects your uniqueness as a couple. Jake and Larissa are the complete packages—professionalism, fun, calm, and laid-back—with six years of wedding experience. They have all the advice you need to make your day run smoothly in terms of energy, planning, organisation, and the little things that make each moment matter.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 439 482 357

    With a stellar reputation and a talented roster of bands, acoustic artists, and DJs, Oberon Lane is a boutique booking agency for music. Get in touch with us right away to find the best act for your wedding, location, or event.

    It's a big decision to pick the right music for your wedding, but Oberon Lane makes it simple. We specialise in making the perfect soundtrack for weddings, completing your special day.

    Our exclusive roster of musicians has performed at hundreds of weddings and has been hand-picked to meet all of your musical requirements.

    Contact us today and let us take care of the music for your wedding. There are soloists, duos, party bands, strings, and DJs available.

    Sydney Acoustic Duo - Wedding Singers

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61 423 260 595

    Hire Sydney's Premier ACOUSTIC MUSIC DUO

    Sydney Acoustic Duo has performed all over Sydney in a variety of events, from a packed out festival performance in Sydney's Domain to an intimate backyard surprise engagement dinner!

    They are one of Sydney's most in-demand duos, trusted and consistently used by some of the world's largest international and Australian corporations, and have an endless list of rave reviews from many satisfied customers. They also frequently perform at exhibitions, festivals, corporate events/functions, and a variety of smaller private events such as engagements and birthdays.

    Some of the more notable Sydney venues where they have performed include: The Sydney Opera House, The Domain, The Dome at Sydney Olympic Park, The Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC), Sydney Tower, Randwick Racecourse, The Venue, and The Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA).

    There is no such thing as a small or large event. They have a fantastic (and large!) repertoire that includes a mix of modern pop, classics, and folk. Many of your favourite songs will be uniquely justified and ideal for your wedding, next party, function, or event.

    Tillee Music - Sydney Wedding Band and Singers

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    0408 828 946

    Have you ever walked into a room full of strangers and overheard polite conversation? Perhaps you've noticed that space feels a little lifeless, even a little... awkward... We believe that music has the power to change the world - or, at the very least, the atmosphere.

    With over 15 years of experience providing the soundtrack for romantic weddings and smooth corporate functions, let our signature acoustic sound give your event the life and soul it craves.

    Each of our musicians was carefully chosen because their style and quality complement what Tillee Music stands for. All of our musicians are dedicated to making the music for your event as personal and beautiful as you imagined.

    We understand the power of music to make your event not only unique, but also memorable. That is our calling. It is our passion. Allow us to add some enchantment to your special day. Below are some of our most popular packages; however, if you want something more personalised, please contact us so that we can customise your package.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9006

    Acoustic Delight is the most exciting and dynamic acoustic duo in Sydney. Acoustic Delight's repertoire ranges from quiet background ambient music to dance party songs with an acoustic twist. Live performances are available for cocktail parties, private parties, weddings, and corporate events.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    0401 673 508

    We've toured internationally and performed in front of thousands of people at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, Germany, for the 2011 International Peace Festival; Munich's Kino, Mond und Sterne Open Air Cinema festival; Namibia's Stagedoor Theatre (Windhoek); and aboard the Orion for National Geographic and the YPO's Faces of Borneo Expedition Cruise.

    Breakfast at Tiffany's brings a subtle blend of class, elegance, and luxury to a high-end event that only a polished live act can bring. Be as enthralled and thrilled by the lushness of Breakfast at Tiffany's performance as you were by the legendary 1961 film.

    The perfect marriage of guitar and vocals is at the heart of our music. Niyati Libotte, a singer/songwriter, honed her skills in France's jazz clubs, and award-winning guitarist Gavin Libotte is a member of the fiery Latin jazz fusion band Urban Gypsies. Add Bass, Saxophone, Percussion/Drums, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Piano Accordion, Violin, Trumpet, Keys...even our professional DJ, who we can jam with for something extra special.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    +61408 0808 53

    Chriso has been performing at weddings, corporate events, and private parties as a soloist and as part of small to large bands for well over a decade; thus, he has enough experience to know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to clients' entertainment needs. However, the three musicians in his Trio cover the majority of the bases.

    Chriso performs as a solo guitarist/vocalist, with the added bonus of being a truly amazing saxophonist. As a soloist, he alternates between playing guitar and vocals and sax/singing over pre-recorded backings. He has an impressively diverse repertoire, ranging from jazz and swing to Top 40 and classic hits. Of course, backing tracks aren't nearly as good as actual musicians... However, they serve their purpose when space or funds are limited.

    His Duo lineup now includes a bassist/guitarist and a backup vocalist. The duo essentially has two distinct lineups available: Saxophone and Guitar, where they specialise in classy renditions of popular tunes (with the option of sticking to jazz standards if that's your thing); and guitar/vocals and bass/vocals, which opens up all of the usual guitar/vocal repertoire with the added benefit of bass & harmonies.

    The Trio, like the duo, adds a drummer and percussion and is essentially two bands in one. For quieter sets, the drummer plays Cajon (hand percussion), while Chris and the bassist stick to guitar and sax; for a bigger, more typical covers band sound, they go to vocals, guitar, bass, and drums; this is the lineup for performing dance sets to large or small crowds.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9061

    Fection is one of the most exciting and in-demand jazz bands in Sydney. Fection performs interpretations of Classic Jazz standards with a fresh and universal charm, incorporating elements of swing, blues, and even pop at times.

    Fection performs quiet background dinner music, medium-tempo background ambience, and upbeat toe-tapping tunes in solo, duo, trio, quartet, and quintet formats.

    Fection is happy to learn special song requests and is available for cocktail parties, corporate events, weddings, and any other event that calls for classy live entertainment.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9087

    Easy Street is a collaboration of two young and aspiring Sydney musicians who began as a duo in 2009.

    Easy Street can perform in virtually any format, whether it's a duo for your wedding ceremony, an eight-piece brass band for your holiday party, or an instrumental jazz combo for your cocktail party, thanks to professional etiquette and pure musicianship.

    Easy Street ensures that your event runs smoothly by providing dependable and excellent service.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9074

    Groove Factory is a five-piece live band that performs an exciting mix of current pop and R&B, as well as classic funk and retro tunes.

    Groove Factory rarely allows breaks between songs in order to maintain a consistent groove throughout the set and keep the dance floor busy. The night's dynamics only go in one direction: from chill to ultra-funky dance hits. Groove Factory! will keep the audience on the dance floor and perform a single set from beginning to end.

    Groove Factory's quality musicians and fierce dedication to producing energetic and mesmerising performances set it apart.

    Groove Factory is one of Sydney's most energetic and exciting cover bands, perfect for upmarket venues, corporate events, Long Bay lunchtime riots, and any other venue with a captive audience. Groove Factory! is also available in duo or trio form.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    0424 257 287

    Groove Junction has extensive experience in designing the ideal Wedding Entertainment for couples. Weddings are a special time in our lives that is filled with joy and celebration.

    Every couple has a different vision for their live wedding music, which is why Groove Junction works with you personally every step of the way. With experience performing for intimate weddings of 20 people to large weddings of more than 400, our live wedding musicians can help make your day extra special.

    With our Acoustic Duos and Solo Artists, you can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere as your ceremony unfolds or as guests mingle over canapes. Music is the life and soul of any party, and nothing beats a live wedding band at your reception to get everyone on the dance floor, young and old. Then, continue the party with our wedding DJ, who knows how to keep the night going.

    The most popular option for wedding entertainment in Australia and Melbourne is the Groove Junction Entertainment Wedding Band.

    Our talented musicians recognise that this is your special day. We will work with you every step of the way to tailor your wedding music to your specific needs. Groove Junction is here to help you plan the perfect live music experience, from the ceremony to the dance floor.

    Indigo Blue

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9011

    Indigo Blue is a guitar and voice acoustic duo based in Sydney. The duo performs songs from various genres such as Jazz, Blues, Pop, Contemporary, R&B, and Funk, making them a fun and versatile option for your entertainment.

    Indigo Blue can play anything from lounge and background music to full-fledged party sets, adapting their style and repertoire to fit any occasion.

    The duo's repertoire is constantly expanding, and they welcome song requests prior to your event. Indigo Blue can perform as an acoustic duo or with a piano, drums, and bass for larger events.

    Indigo Blue is available for weddings, private parties, corporate functions, and other special events.

    Infectious Groove

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9063

    The duo's repertoire is constantly expanding, and they welcome song requests prior to your event. Indigo Blue can perform as an acoustic duo or with a piano, drums, and bass for larger events.

    Weddings, private parties, cocktail functions, and corporate events are all appropriate venues for Infectious Groove. Infectious Groove's members are cousins who recently formed a Duo. While they are only an acoustic act, they use 'looping' to create a big sound in live performance.

    Weddings, private parties, cocktail functions, and corporate events are all appropriate venues for Infectious Groove.

    Inside Out

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9014

    "Inside Out" is Australia's premier event band, featuring the best of Sydney's musical talent. Inside Out features female and male lead vocalists, lead guitar, drums, bass, and background vocals.

    Inside Out outperforms the best classic rock, 80s and 90s hits, and current chartbuster hits.

    Inside Out can perform as a duo, trio, four-piece, or five-piece band format for weddings, private functions, venues, and corporate events.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9070

    Jazz Academy is a new and exciting jazz/soul group from Sydney. Their passion for classics shines through as they perform them with honest, rich tones.

    Jazz Academy has also been influenced by musicians from the soul, hip-hop, and modern jazz genres. Erykah Badu, Gretchen Parlato, Little Dragon, Marvin Gaye, Kurt Elling, Donny Hathaway, and Prince, to name a few jazz musicians, have all had a big impact on the band.

    Jazz Academy can perform in a variety of ensembles ranging from a 2 to a 6 piece band, which are ideal for weddings, exclusive events, corporate functions, gala dinners, private and cocktail parties.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    0427 526 961

    Larger Than Lions are a cutting-edge covers band from Sydney known for their powerful mashups and inventive remixes. Upbeat, emotionally charged songs with a larger-than-life twist that will have you moving and shaking! A wide range of genres are seamlessly blended, including mainstream Pop, Funk, Blues, R&B, and Jazz. Larger Than Lions takes pride in their ability to adapt to any size event, audience, or venue, and is available as a duo, trio, or full four-piece band.

    Larger Than Lions are known for their professionalism and love of sharing music with others among industry professionals and satisfied clients. We offer ideas, suggestions, and our complete commitment to making your next event memorable and exceeding your expectations! We guarantee your satisfaction and offer you our wealth of experience and professionalism in the live music and entertainment industry!

    Larger Than Lions create catchy mashups of well-known Sydney acoustic music group and underground classics that defy categorisation.

    Larger Than Lions, one of Sydney's most prestigious acoustic bands, is available in duo or trio format and can be booked to perform for special occasions, weddings, private functions, venues, and corporate events.


    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9087

    Larger Than Lions are a Sydney-based cutting-edge covers band known for their powerful mashups and inventive remixes. Bringing you upbeat, emotionally charged songs with a larger-than-life twist that will get you moving and shaking! A wide range of genres, including mainstream Pop, Funk, Blues, R&B, and Jazz, are seamlessly blended. Larger Than Lions, who can perform as a duo, trio, or full four-piece band, take pride in their ability to adapt to any size event, audience, or venue.

    Members of Moonlight Jazz Jazz have also played in a variety of ensembles and groups that represent a variety of musical genres, which has improved their performance and stoked their passion for jazz.

    We have performed at Kirribilli House, the Art Gallery of NSW, the Sydney Museum, the Sydney Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sydney Sheraton On The Park, the Sydney Hilton Hotel, corporate functions, events, weddings, birthday celebrations, and cocktail parties, as well as corporate functions, events, weddings, birthday celebrations, and cocktail parties.

    All members of the band are accomplished musicians, and our lineup is adaptable and available in duo, trio, and quintet formats to suit any venue or occasion.

    Room 4 Two

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9091

    Room 4 Two is a jazz, pop, funk, and R&B music duo with a diverse song list that includes classics as well as current charting hits. Weddings, private parties, corporate events, and bar and restaurant entertainment are all possible in Room 4 Two Duo.

    Sonic Groove

    Wedding Singers and Bands


    02 4773 9071

    The Sydney-based acoustic duo Sonic Groove performs a traditional blend of R&B, pop Latin, and jazz-influenced songs with the intention of reaching a broad audience while providing top-notch musical performances.

    Since the invention of electricity, the duo has been unleashing their voracious appetite for earthy and organic songs on local, interstate, and international stages.

    The desire to change the song's harmonic and chordal foundations to create a great sounding tune that makes you forget only two people are performing is the key to Sonic Groove. All of the audience's favourites will be performed, with a modern R&B or Latin twist, as well as some new classics perfectly adapted to the acoustic duo format.

    The ideal choice is to create a classy, relaxed atmosphere in bars, clubs, cocktail parties, and corporate functions. This act will add a touch of class to any venue in which it performs.

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