Top 50 Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane [2022]

Wedding Singers and Bands bring you the best in your favourite reception and ceremony music, from the first dance to the last. Booking music for your wedding reception can be exciting. 

If you're planning a wedding in Brisbane, you'll want to make sure you choose the best band or singer to entertain your guests. There are many great options available, so how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are some things to consider when making your decision: style of music, budget, and whether or not you want a live band or DJ. With all of these factors in mind, we've compiled a list of the best wedding singers and bands in Brisbane. Take a look and see if any of these performers fit your vision for the perfect wedding day!

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    Melbourne Entertainment Company - Wedding Singer & Band

    Wedding Singers

    1300 858 981


    When it comes to looking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer, Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most talented artists and the greatest diversity of choice. Hire an incredibly talented Event / Wedding Acoustic Duo or guitarist who will knock your socks off. These Acoustic soloists and duos will serenade you down the aisle or provide the perfect chill background vibes at your cocktail event.

    There are vocal virtuosos who can play guitar, piano or use loop pedals to create a multi-instrumental soundtrack live before your very eyes. With so much acoustic talent on offer, you’ll have trouble narrowing it down to your favourite soloist. If you’re not sure about whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician and don’t have the budget or both: check out our amazing complete soloists who can tick both boxes for you.


    Nothing beats the performance and the crowd interaction that an incredible live band can provide. The experience that the music is actually being made, produced & delivered life right before your very eyes! It’s encapsulating, invigorating & encompassing.

    The most talented professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer will create a vibe that your guests will not shut up about at your hangover brunch the next day. “How incredible was that Cover Band Singer!?” “The drummer was so hot!” “What about that Sax solo in the Jazz Band?!”

    It’s our job to create memories that last a lifetime. It’s our job to guarantee when you hire a band, Melbourne Entertainment Co ensures that everyone from your grandma, to your bridal party, to your niece/nephew, is dancing around to your favourite requests and d-floor hits.


    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events, entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.


    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable, go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.

    Cool Coda Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane 

    1623 879 254

    We perform an exciting mix of classic rock covers tailored specifically for your event. We perform at weddings, parties, pubs, clubs, commercial events, and festivals. Inquire about our themed shows such as Cool Crawl - Australian Crawl Tribute Show. 4 Nations Classic Rock Show Oz Rock Tribute Show (AUS, UK, US, NZ).

    We can customise our show to your preferences and the venue. We typically perform for three or four hours, but longer or shorter performances can be arranged. You can choose songs from our song list or create your own setlist for your event. We can sometimes play songs that aren't on the song list at your request.

    We provide all show equipment, including a comprehensive, high-quality PA system and extensive lighting.

    We can provide a dedicated mixing professional to ensure that sound levels are balanced and that the sound level is appropriate for your event. We can meet your needs while still maintaining a well-balanced sound, whether you need sound levels low for part of your event or fully rocking out.

    Nathan Merriweather Singer Wedding In Brisbane

     +61 423 799 990

    Nathan discovered his voice and began to perform in his teens after learning to play classical guitar at a young age. His musical taste is eclectic, and his style is well-rounded and soulful.

    Nathan has over ten years of show business experience in South East Queensland. The majority of his bookings are for weddings and corporate functions, with clients praising his professional and gifted performance. The no-cheese factor performance and song selection are crucial to his success in the industry.

    The atmosphere is set for a memorable occasion with a repertoire that includes carefully prepared acoustic versions of hits from swing kings and queens Sinatra, Bublé, and Ella Fitzgerald, to R&B/Soul chart-toppers including John Legend, Blues/Jazz icons Ben Harper and Amy Winehouse, folk legend Ray LaMontagne, and pop hits from Maroon 5, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars, among others.

    Nathan Merriweather, a singer, acoustic guitarist, solo musician, and all-around entertainer with over ten years of experience, is available to perform at your wedding, function, or corporate event in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, South East Queensland, and the surrounding areas.

    FAQs Wedding Singers & Bands

    It's helpful to know how many breaks your band will need, how long they'll last, and the backup plan for those breaks (like playing approved filler music or having one musician step away while the others continue).

    Some wedding bands will teach the latest viral dance or verbally encourage guests to step onto the dance floor, while others will select songs that naturally get people moving. Either way, it'll be helpful for you to get a feel for how a potential band will interact with the crowd. "Keeping the dance floor full is something that becomes second nature after years of doing it. "This mostly comes down to the selection of songs, as well as keeping an eye on the energy levels of the audience." Ask about their go-to method for keeping the energy levels high will help you make a decision.

    Before meeting with any potential bandleader, have a conversation with your fiancé to figure out the overall musical vibe you’re going for at the reception. Then, ask the bandleader what type of music and genres they usually play or specialize in to determine if they’re the right fit. For example, if you’re hoping to create a glam, Old Hollywood inspired mood, you wouldn’t want to book an indie-folk band. Good Question has a wide variety of songs designed to please the entire audience, from young to old.

    Do you and your partner prefer to be very involved in the creation of your wedding playlist? Or are you OK with providing some general guidelines and then letting your wedding professional handle the rest? GQ recommends you indicate the style or particular songs you DO NOT want to be played vs creating your special playlist.

    The band is happy to connect to your phone or iPod on breaks to play your desired “setlist” during band breaks. Once you’ve decided how involved you’d like to be, make sure you ask any potential music pro this question to figure out if you guys will work well together. Pro tip: Ask them to name a few of their go-to dinner/background music tracks, pump-up jams, and slow songs to get a good feel for their style.

    The last thing you want is a drop in energy as people trickle off the dance floor. Just be sure to book a wedding pro who uses a method you like. For instance, if you want minimal chatting from the bandleader, someone who gets on the mic to encourage the crowd to boogie will not be the right fit. GQ has learned those special tips and tricks to encourage your guests to remain on the dancefloor. There is minimal time between songs to keep the flow going. Additionally, we use wireless microphones, so our singers and horn players are often on the dancefloor and out among the tables, encouraging your guests to dance.

    Michael Vos Music Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane


    It's fine; I'm still Michael Eotvos. I've just changed my company name [slightly] to make things easier for everyone. I'm excited to be a part of your special day or event. So send me an email, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Live music will be provided for your ceremony, canapés, and reception. I also provide MC services, and now that I'm collaborating with Spin it DJs, we can cover your entire day from beginning to end. I am also willing to learn any song that is not on my Song List for you. So now you have the option of having any or all of that. I've been doing weddings for ten years and am prepared for any situation.

    I offer a professional PA system (all that means is a top-quality sound system with a Sub). For your MC and speeches, you can also use my wireless microphone system. To round out this package, I also provide lighting for your dance floor and the stage from which I perform. This sets the tone, especially for the late-night party.

    Brad Stokes Music Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    0426 897 770

    I'm a wedding singer and professional musician based in Brisbane, Queensland, but I can travel throughout Australia and New Zealand. In Townsville, I began playing music at the age of five. I am a self-taught musician who began with piano and progressed to trumpet, tuba, and drums. Because my family couldn't afford a drum set, I learned to play by air drumming and hitting the couch with sticks. I enjoy a variety of instruments, but I discovered my passion for guitar when I was 12 years old. I quickly mastered the instrument and began performing as a drummer and guitarist in local bands and youth groups.

    In 2010, I established Brad Stokes Music and began entertaining in pubs. My company quickly grew, and I began accepting requests for weddings and corporate events. I've been building a diverse song repertoire for the past ten years. Over the course of my career, I've performed at over 450 weddings, engagement parties, private functions, milestone birthdays/anniversaries, and corporate events. With so many weddings and events under my belt, I can provide you with all the assistance you require to make your special event one-of-a-kind and memorable.

    Look no further if you're looking for a wedding singer to help you create the perfect music package for your wedding. We typically offer three main wedding music packages, but we can tailor one to your specific needs. We can also help you if you need live music for your next business event. For more information, please contact us.

    ​Smith Music Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    0723 870 256

    I prefer to keep things simple. In my ACOUSTIC STYLE, I use an ACOUSTIC GUITAR, a single-channel LOOP STATION, a STOMP BOX, and a MIC to recreate a wide range of COVER SONGS from various genres. Using a simple LOOPER allows me to be more creative with my LIVE MUSIC and add depth without the need for extra band members or phoney backing tracks. First, record the rhythm guitar and then add a beat by tapping on the guitar or stompbox; from there, you have the freedom to add multiple layers of sound that all come together to produce a more dynamic and engaging feel to the MUSIC.

    There are numerous occasions during your wedding day when music can be used to set the mood for you and your guests and make it even more memorable. Walking down the aisle- Signing the registry- Walking out and greeting the guests- Pre-Reception- Drinks and Canapés - Reception- Bride and Groom entering- Meals- First dance- Celebrating late into the evening.

    Acoustic Fever Wedding Bands In Brisbane

    07 3350 50008

    Acoustic Fever is the most up-and-coming and energetic new act on the live circuit. Acoustic Fever, created by some of South-East Queensland's most seasoned professionals, combines years of touring experience with a renewed passion and energy for live performance.

    Beginning as a duo and expanding to a trio, quartet, and full live big band spectacular, 'dinner-to-dance,' Top 40's to Jazz, R'n'B to Rock, or even a Musical Theatre showstopper.

    Acoustic Fever's repertoire is quickly becoming known for being one of the most eclectic, allowing for seamless adaptability throughout your event to steer it in the right direction. Every Acoustic Fever show is hard-hitting and exciting, with audiences left with no choice but to have the time of their lives thanks to top-tier musicianship, first-class sound, perfect song selection, and the utmost professionalism.

    Blue Planet Entertainment Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

     1300 738 8745

    Blue Planet Entertainment and Events is a company with 30 years of experience and expertise in the performance, entertainment bookings, and event management disciplines. Blue Planet Entertainment and Events provides exceptional personalised service that ensures the highest level of quality and satisfaction. Blue Planet Entertainment and Events has established long-term relationships with Coles, PricewaterhouseCoopers, GlaxoSmithKline, ANZ, Linfox / Armaguard, Westpac, Qenos Australia, Corporate Express, Mercer Australia, and many other companies.

    Engaging a team or an individual from Blue Planet Entertainment and Events to manage all aspects of your event will relieve a lot of unnecessary stress that would otherwise be placed on an individual or group within your organisation, and individuals who frequently lack the skill sets required to run or organise an event.

    Blue Planet Entertainment and Events Management has long-standing relationships with specific production companies, venues, and a plethora of suppliers and performers, and can provide you with ideas you may not even be aware of. Because they use their suppliers on a regular basis, they get a wholesale price, similar to buying in bulk.

    Danny Dyson Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    0401 960 4886

    The musical progression of a wedding is something magical. We enjoy being a part of it all, right down to the acoustic looping vibes we create. However, guests arrive at the ceremony to the intimate ceremony songs we learn for each couple, to the relaxed acoustic dinner vibes, after-dinner dancing upbeat acoustic vibes, to the DJ dance party vibes, where we'll occasionally cut the music and let everyone sing at the top of their lungs. It's a lot of fun making their special day one to remember.

    Radio Club Band Wedding Bands In Brisbane

    0402 405 220

    Seeing us live is the best way to get a sense of what we can do for you, our vibe and professionalism, and to see for yourself the level of quality you can expect at your event. It will also assist you in determining which band size is best for you!

    Are you organising a mixer event, a Christmas party, an awards ceremony, or a product expo? We'll present all of your options, supply PA if the scope allows (we can save you a tonne on AV - ask us how), and collaborate with you to ensure that the sound, lighting, and music are all perfect.

    Kris Wason Flipside Wedding Singers In Brisbane 

     0412 504 449

    Flipside Band is an organic grouping of musicians, each of whom is multi-talented in his own right, who perform on a regular basis at corporate gigs, weddings, and venues that value the added ambience and experience that live music provides. Kris Wason, frontman and band manager, is a singer-songwriter who has been performing professionally full-time for many years. FLIPSIDE, comprised of skilled and seasoned musicians with second-to-none vocals, deliver high-quality performance and outstanding entertainment, whether with a 3 or 9-piece band playing all the hits from the 1950s to the present.

    Midnight Groove Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    0400 755 476

    Midnight Groove is the ideal solution for providing your guests with an unforgettable musical experience. Whether it's music for a dinner party of ten or a dance floor party for 1000s. Midnight Groove is the ideal option for you!

    Midnight Groove is one of Australia's best musical acts, having entertained audiences all over the world for over ten years. Midnight Groove's heart is formed by Multi-Instrumentalist Scott Browne and Lead Singer Sarah Browne's combined musical talents. They can perform as a duo all the way up to a six-piece spectacular! Midnight Groove has performed at thousands of Corporate Events, Weddings, and Parties over the years and has the Experience, Talent, and Diversity to make your event a success.

    The Soul Collective Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    0407 271 990

    Soul Collective provides wedding entertainment in Brisbane as well as corporate events, special events, private functions, and festivals. We cater to our clients' needs and tailor our set to what they want to hear. Our wedding musicians in Brisbane excel at providing the live entertainment you need to liven up your wedding reception. On our playlists, you'll find Jessica Mauby, Dame Edna, The Veronica, Kylie Minogue, Pink, Ava Max, The Neville Brothers, and many more. Of course, we are happy to include your favourite songs.

    Between The Covers Wedding Bands In Brisbane

    0458 180 2004

    Becky Rhodes and her team of high-calibre musicians lead the Brisbane-based cover band and entertainment agency Between The Covers. Between The Covers is available for weddings and events throughout Queensland as a soloist, duo, band, or DJ.

    If you want an all-inclusive music package for your wedding, look no further... Who wouldn't want to get their hands on Between The Covers?

    With a wide range of quality artists and musicians at our disposal, we can tailor our band to fit whatever vibe your event requires. We have everything from a trio with guitar and saxaphone to a four or five-piece band with keys, bass, and drums. The Between the Covers Band is a polished, professional, upbeat, fun, and funky live band ready to elevate your function, party, or event.

    Janda Events Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    0425 721 8398

    The 'janda Fem' Is A Fantastic Collective Of Wedding Musicians Who Rock Gold Coast Weddings As Well As Byron Bay, Tweed Coast, Brisbane, And Beyond.

    A fantastic Male Wedding Celebrant who isn't cut from the same old school cloth, or a talented and natural Female Marriage Celebrant with whom you'll want to bestie. Jake and Lei are from Janda Events.

    Make your wedding feel epic. Janda Events can provide you with a Wedding Celebrant, Wedding Soloist, Wedding Duo, Wedding DJ, or Wedding Band to make your best day ever look, sound, and feel amazing!

    This is a family-run business and a group of good people who happen to be incredibly good at what they do. (That is, it makes your day better!) Let's talk!

    RJ Unplugged Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    0433 082 777

    RJ is passionate about live music and its ability to bring people together and create positive vibes. The mood and atmosphere are elevated when an artist can combine quality vocals with an energetic, bright, and rhythmic sound. Furthermore, RJ believes that having just enough presence to get the audience's attention without overpowering and impeding their ability to interact and mingle is critical.

    RJ grew up in a musical household, listening to LPs and singing along to classic hits by Fleetwood Mac, Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, Elton John, The Pretenders, Cold Chisel, and Billy Joel. This early exposure to music sparked an interest in learning to play the guitar and sing. However, after seeing Johnny Diesel perform solo in 2002, RJ's desire to find his own 'unplugged acoustic' sound became somewhat of an obsession.

    Weddings are the ultimate event and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone involved. RJ Unplugged will tailor a music package to your special day to ensure you and your guests have fond and lasting memories of your wedding.

    All wedding packages include high-quality sound and lighting systems that are appropriate for any venue. For locations where power is unavailable, battery-powered speakers are also available. A wireless microphone system is also available upon request for speeches.

    Lanis Music Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane 

    0431 690 123

    Lani's ability to elicit emotion in an audience is only matched by her stunning vocal range, bringing passion and inspiration to every performance. Lani discovered her love for singing at a young age and has spent her life pursuing her musical dreams, including educating others and sharing the gift of music.

    Lani is currently the director and primary singing teacher at Lani's Music Studio, which caters to Brisbane's rising vocalists.

    Resignation Band Wedding In Brisbane

    0466 879 2444

    The boys are guaranteed to get the dance floor pumping with hits from the 1970s to today, covering everything from Pearl Jam to Fleetwood Mac, Metallica to the Doors. Resignation is the ideal act for your venue, wedding, or private party, with over 20 years of industry experience.

    Graham Hobson Entertainment Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    0404 878 001

    Graham Hobson Entertainment is a Brisbane-based boutique live music company. Our award-winning singers, musicians, and DJs will elevate your special occasion.

    Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for your dream wedding that you and your guests will remember for years to come. THE MUSICIANS are all extremely talented and have at least ten years of wedding performance experience, so they know what it takes to create the ideal atmosphere for both your elegant dinner and your dancefloor party. Our award-winning, friendly customer service will also make the planning process as simple and enjoyable for you as possible. One of the things that distinguishes us is that Graham is also a member of each act, so the person who works with you to plan your wedding music will also be present on the day to bring it to life.

    Steve Carlyle Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    0455 879 994

    Hello, my name is Steve and I'm an Acoustic Soloist based in Brisbane, Queensland. I enjoy assisting couples in setting the right tone for their special day, from the first glimpses at the ceremony to the drinks and mingling at the canapes, to the bridal party reception entry, formal dances, and into the night. When your favourite songs accompany your wedding moments, they become unforgettable. If you'd like to talk about the atmosphere you want to create at your wedding, please contact us using the form below!

    Rhythm & Gold Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    0423 879 233

    We can create the ideal soundtrack for your wedding, special event, award ceremony, conference, or public event. Nonetheless, we can tailor an event entertainment package to your specific needs and budget.

    Rhythm & Gold specialises in live music for weddings and other special occasions. Jason and Mandy Pickering, talented musicians, have been performing together for over 12 years and know how to collaborate with you to make your wedding day entertainment perfect.

    Mandy is a skilled singer and pianist, and Jason is an accomplished guitarist and sound technician. They perform a variety of timeless classics in their own distinct and captivating style. In addition, when a larger band is required, Mandy and Jase collaborate with talented local musicians to create a wedding entertainment experience tailored to your needs and budget.

    Mandy Pickering's singing career began with her victory on New Zealand's previous Stars in Their Eyes series. Since then, she has released an album, toured with her band, headlined concerts with audiences of up to 3,000 people, and appeared on a variety of television interviews/performances, including The Living Room, TVNZ Breakfast Show, Good Morning Show, TV3 nationwide fundraising Telethon, and others.

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