Wedding photo booths are the newest trend in wedding entertainment. They're a great way to get guests involved and excited about your big day! There is no need for any fancy setup; just set up some props, pose for a few pictures, and voila! You've got yourself an awesome party favour that will bring you back down memory lane every time you look back at these photos years later. 

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but having a photo booth at your wedding can give you priceless memories from one of the best days of your life. These booths go beyond serving as fun activities for guests because they also provide incredible keepsakes from your special day. 

We've created an ultimate list of Wedding Photobooths in Adelaide, South Australia to save you time and money.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    ALOHA Photo Booth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    +61 415 409 335

    Adelaide photo booth hire

    With a touch of grandeur, we aim to deliver a fun and contemporary photo booth experience in Adelaide so that you and your guests may take home high-quality prints and photographs.

    Because to our slick and fashionable installations, dedication to photo quality, and print design, we are happy to be one of South Australia's most in-demand photo booth rental businesses!

    Red Carpet Photobooths - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    0438 174 470

    Australian Made

    Our Photobooths, as you can see, are unlike anything else on the market. We have a distinct sense of style and refinement. Custom made and designed to enhance the atmosphere of any occasion. Our photo booths are a fun and sophisticated addition to any Adelaide event. Our affordable and classically stunning photo booths are the perfect attraction for any event, whether it's a milestone birthday, wedding, work function, or engagement.


    Every party has a budget, and we do our best to work with yours. Despite our photo booths being custom made and making use of the highest quality equipment on the market, we can still beat the competition on price.

    We want to ensure your wedding, birthday party or event is awesome, so our prices are heavily reduced, and our professional and reliable attendants will guarantee your guests have an enjoyable and memorable event.

    SA Photobooth Hire - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    08 8380 8634

    Photobooth Adelaide

    SA Photobooth Hire has a range of technologically advanced open-air as well as enclosed photo booths. Our photo booths come equipped with automated digital touch screens, state-of-the-art computers and HD cameras for an extraordinary photo experience. You can arrange that perfect shot with our live onscreen viewings – no more getting caught in embarrassing poses! Furthermore, SA Photobooth Hire’s booths offer a unique reprint feature – a plus for big groups. Now, you won’t have to go through the hassle of arranging for reprints. We can do it for you on the spot!


    SA Photobooth Hire’s booths are designed to accommodate the photographic requirements an event demands. High definition cameras capture professional images against a backdrop of diffused lighting. This enables us to produce our signature studio-style photos! If you want a different coloured background to match your event theme, we can do that too!

    At SA Photobooth Hire, we strive to provide you with a comfortable yet fun setup for your photos. You can get photo strips cut to size in as little as 16 seconds. Each strip has 4 images, with space at the bottom for customised text (go wild personalising it)! We can even upload the images on Facebook if you so wish! Once the event is over, you get to take all photos home on a USB or CD without a cent extra!

    Wedding Photobooths FAQs

    Cocktail Hour Entertainment

    Photobooth during the cocktail hour gives your guests the chance to have something to do while there is downtime while you take your beautiful portraits. This is especially ideal if you want to have a long portrait session with your photographer and want your guests to be entertained.

    We are at the entrance, so guests snap beautiful playful pictures and sign the guest book with good wishes for the special couple. At this time, your guests love their perfect photobooth pictures with their perfect makeup. This is why they make awesome wedding favours.

    On the arrival of the Bride & Groom for the formal reception, we invite guests to be seated, and you get the opportunity to take photos with the couple and the bride squad.

    Wedding Reception Party

    All the fun starts when the dance floor opens, and having the photobooth after dinner is ideal for getting the party started. This is the time when most guests socialise and go from table to table to meet and greet beloved friends and family; to some, this is one of those perfect moments to start posing for the camera with all those props and start capturing those wacky and crazy pictures.

    Some guests will be a bit camera shy; however, when alcohol is served, these guests start to get more relaxed, and all their inhibitions start to disappear and start making crazy-fun poses inside the photo booth.

    Instead of having all the guests sitting around and slowly becoming bored, why not start the ball rolling and announce that the photo booth is open. Remember that people will surely leave the party without a little entertainment after sharing the feast because not all people are into drinking alcohol and loud music.

    When you're organising an event that you want your guests to enjoy and remember for years to come, a photo booth is a perfect way to make those memories. Not only does the idea of taking a special photo give people the inspiration and motivation to get creative, but the pictures are the perfect keepsake from any special event.

    Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular with people who want to add something special to their event. Hiring a photo booth for your wedding or party is a great inclusion and can be a great way to create memories. They make great additions to charity events, proms and team-building events as well.

    Photo booths were once the life of the party and for a good reason. It led to some wonderful memories captured in the form of immortalised photos. Photo booths have returned, not just because they are fun but also because they allow people to be themselves. 

    Unlike the scrutiny often felt on social media, you can express the real you while creating and capturing beautiful memories at parties. 

    Whether it's a graduation party, wedding, or corporate event, the magic of photo booths allows you to be you – or even an exaggerated version of you! 

    Hence, without a doubt, photo booths are here to stay.

    Photo Booths for Parties 

    Photo booths truly add life to your parties. You can use your photo booth business to host memorable birthday parties, wedding receptions, or bachelor's parties. Using photo booths for parties offers a unique experience that's not the same when using mobile phones.

    Photo booths will continue to gain popularity. What might change are the style and trends of these photo booths.

    Photo Booths for Weddings 

    Photo booths for weddings are a great way for different people to express their personalities – unashamed and unabashedly. Not just that, you get to meet people who may offer you more business in the future. 

    In the wedding reception, photo booths are placed in an area that doesn't hinder other activities like dancing or cutting the cake. As a result, guests are more likely to be themselves during the cocktail hour. 

    They Serve as Great Entertainment!

    One of the best reasons to have a photo booth is to entertain your guests. It's important to consider that weddings have downtimes, and you have to think of a way to keep your guests entertained during those times. For example, at most weddings, normally, the formal wedding photos are taken right after the ceremony during the cocktail hour. However, sometimes guests can get a little antsy waiting for the cocktail hour to end and the reception to start. Photo booths are perfect for this part of your wedding day! Guests can be goofy and stay entertained while waiting for the bride and groom to return and the reception to start. As they say, time flies when you have fun, and time will be flying for your guests if you choose to have a photo booth!

    They Make Great Memories!

    With most photo booths having the ability to print out multiple copies of photos, it ensures guests get a copy and the bride and groom! Some photo booth companies even can make a photo guestbook from the photos taken at the booth, which makes for a great keepsake for the bride and groom! After the big day, they can look back and see all the photo booth photos and remember how much fun their guests had at their wedding!

    They Are Fun!

    Wedding photo booths are fun! The best thing about them is that they are great for all ages! I've seen everyone from kids to grandparents enjoy a photo booth! A photo booth provides endless entertainment from the beginning of the night, all the way until the end!

    Are you having your reception in a traditional ballroom or event space? Try to make room for your photo booth in the back or either end of the ballroom. You'll want to keep the photobooth away from the head table or sweetheart table and the podium. Anyone wanting to use the booth or enjoying it may cause a distraction during the reception. Plus, your photographer won't want to catch it in key reception shots of the head table, dance floor and more!

    Supreme Photobooths - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    0419 801 301


    We can guarantee that having a photo booth is a terrific way for your guests to have fun at your upcoming Adelaide wedding, birthday, corporate event, school formal, or other special event in Adelaide! Being able to capture multiple funny and unique moments in your own personal booth is sure to make your event extra special.

    It is Supreme to hire Supreme Photobooths! We offer the Royal Treatment Experience. You won't need to look any further. Our focus is on fun, high-quality images that capture the moments you might otherwise miss.

    Click on the photos below and see how clear, colourful and vibrant our photo booth prints are!!


    The greatest quality images and photo strips are produced by Superior Photo Booths using professional tools and a strong focus on excellent customer service.

    Our booths are controlled by a 22-inch touch screen that allows the user to select from colour, black-and-white, or sepia strips or 64 photos.

    The photos are displayed after the shots are taken and give the guests an option to leave a video message.

    Atlas Event - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    08 8297 2367

    You Dream It, We Create It!

    Indoors or outdoors, backyard or venue, sit down or cocktail, whatever you desire for your picturesque wedding, we are here to help you deliver.

    Working within your budget and style requirements, we can discuss everything from the ground up. From ceremony to reception we have all you will need to celebrate your special day. 

    Plan Your Day With Kristen

    Kristen, our wedding consultant, has over 20 years of experience in Adelaide wedding planning, organisation, and setup. She is well-versed in the wedding industry, dependable, and well-liked. She pays close attention to your ideas for the perfect wedding day and works with you to make them a reality.

    Your Event Photo Booth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    0413 069 238

    Adelaide Picture Booth Rental

    Come to the party and enjoy the best photo booth hire Adelaide has to offer. From your 18th birthday party to your 50th birthday party to the ideal wedding photo booth, we have you covered. We've got you covered.

    The whole thing. The whole thing. The whole thing. The whole thing. The whole thing. In prestigious locations all throughout Adelaide, South Australia, we've provided photo booths for a number of occasions that were a success.

    There is nothing quite like the Enclosed Photo Booth for the traditional photo booth hire experience. Sit down in the sturdy full metal cabinet, close the curtain, choose your photo option such as colour, black & white, or fun frames from the easy-to-use 22″ touch screen and smile. 

    OPEN Photobooth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide


    0407 731 251


    Your photo booth will be set up before you arrive and will only be dismantled after you have left. There are no hidden fees. Just a few extra hours.


    No need for your guests to agonise over who gets to take a printed copy home and who misses out. There are plenty to go on the fridge, in the guestbook album, and anywhere else they’d like them… And yes, the total points for the event are unlimited, too.

    In the Booth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    +61 1300 026 685

    Welcome to In The Booth

    Dances on Saturday nights. Movie theatres on wheels. Arcades on the beach. Above all, there are photo booths. You'll understand the joy if you've ever squeezed into a booth at your local arcade with the boy or girl of your dreams and pulled the curtain closed. Perhaps you keep a dog-eared, black-and-white photo booth strip in your wallet as a keepsake from your youth.

    Don't you agree that the best things in life are often the most straightforward? For instance, the smiles on your guests' faces when they pick up their "magic" photo booth prints will make you cry! For your guests, the entertainment at your wedding or special event must be quite easy. They're definitely enthusiastic! They are gathered in a room with friends and relatives. In other words, our booths capitalise on the fervour with entertainment that will keep guests returning all night long!

    SNAP/SNAP - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    +61 416 325 110



    We support fair pricing because renting a photo booth isn't cheap, but with our rates, you can get the greatest service without going over budget.


    With up to 6 hours of hire, our most popular package is twice that of the industry-standard - Your guests will never miss another photo-op!


    Your experience with us will be completely unique. We’ll custom design your print template based on your digital invitation so that everything looks consistent.


    All of our awesome props are environmentally friendly and hygienically prepared - Say no to sharing hats with strangers!


    We’ve been in the industry for a long time, and simply put, we know what we’re doing - You can count on us!


    Your happiness is our highest priority. Our team is always happy to assist and inform you in any way we can - Ask us anything!

    SA Boutique Photobooths - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    +61 432 838 157

     We think a photo booth can be a terrific way to connect with guests at any event while also producing some hilariously amazing professional images, and we love getting the party started in style!

    We want you to have a luxurious experience with us, so we provide a variety of designer options and personalised accents, styling our photo booths to fit your event and creating a seamless immersion. With over 6 years of experience as wedding photographers in the wedding and events industry, we know what it's like to take a professional photo, and our mirror does just that and more.

    Let our professional attendant guide you through taking the ultimate selfie in front of our mirror!

    SvenStudios - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide



    In contrast to other Adelaide photo booth services now available, the SvenStudios photo booth solution is a straightforward substitute that offers an identical product in a format that many other photo booth providers do not. In comparison to standard booths, our photo booth is far more inclusive and enjoyable because of its distinctive open-air design for your party.

    Generally, this means we start packing up around 11:30 pm most nights, however longer can be negotiated! The photo booth is also super simple to use with a touch screen interface; all the included attendants will need to do all night will be changing the printer ink and paper as required.

    Slapstick Photobooth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide


    Our professional photo booth equipment includes a DSLR camera, a dye-sublimation printer and professional lighting, which is a must to produce great quality photos.

    Our Open Photobooth is wheelchair-accessible, quick to modify in height to accommodate individuals of all sizes, and far more versatile than most other photobooths.

    After every photo booth session, the photo strips will be instantly printed, ready to go. Your guests will be thoroughly entertained as they go back for another turn over & over again. Photobooths are so much fun for all ages, from the little to the grandparents, from the shy to the overconfident.

    Photo strips are collected all over the world, people love to stick them to their fridges, walls, in frames, on desks, in scrapbook albums, plus they make beautiful bookmarks too. We, as humans, prefer to keep our memories on paper as well as digitally, so we also provide a USB containing all of the original size digital photos, photo strips, and even gifs of every photo taken, with no watermarks and copyright free, so you can share online and print extra copies after the event.

    FOTO Machines - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    0422 252 872

    We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we’ve been doing the photobooth thing for a while now, and through our own trials and triumphs, we have become ‘PHOTOBOOTH EXPERTS ‘and know what works well and what doesn’t.Our photo booth and GIF booth packages were created to accommodate a variety of situations, spending levels, and events. When renting a photo booth in Adelaide, choose us!


    We are so happy that you found our tiny website, and we would adore attending your event with one (or more) of our booths! They'll be well-liked!

    All Night Photobooth Hire

    Choose neither the 3-hour nor 4-hour photo booth package! You have up to 7 hours to use our photo booth, so you can take pictures all night long!

    Exceptional Service

    Quick responses, helpful emails, everything laid out clearly for you – just some of the things we do to make sure your experience with us is one you’ll want to rave about!

    Bliss Images Photography - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    (08) 8464 0163

    We are a small team of Adelaide wedding photographers and videographers who have had the privilege of documenting numerous exquisite nuptials throughout South Australia and elsewhere, including the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Tanunda, Clare Valley, Coonawarra, The Fleurieu Peninsula, The Riverland, and more. We love any chance to head out of the city, so please ask us about our very competitive travel rates for wedding photography and videography both in Australia and overseas.


    Up to 12 people can fit in this really unique open photo booth, which has a backdrop that is around 2.5 metres wide. The best part is that everyone else can enjoy the fun as it happens. Props or no props, varied backdrops and size, it's all your option and included in the fee.

    It's a professional photographer-run photo booth, but it's considerably less formal and much more enjoyable than a conventional photo shoot.

    Entertainment Adelaide - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    +61 448 400 901

    Photo Booth Hire Adelaide

    Everyone is aware of the enjoyment a photo booth can bring to a gathering. Everyone of your guests, young and old, will be drawn to the photo booth throughout the night.

    The moment you receive the photos that were shot of your friends and family has to be the nicest part of our Adelaide photo booth rental service. You now have enjoyable, unique, and sentimental memories to cherish for the remainder of your long and happy life together.

    Wedding Packages

    Entertainment for weddings is a given. It's common knowledge that there are a few details you must master for the ideal wedding. meals, beverages, and entertainment! We firmly believe that to be the case, which is why we are here to assist in making your event one to remember.

    Olympic Party Hire - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    (08) 8346 5546

    Our photo booths will capture the excitement and fun of your event, allowing your guests to take as many photos as they want to remember your wedding, corporate function, engagement party, or milestone birthday. Our new GIF and Snapchat booth allows you to take Snapchats and print them instantly, as well as send GIFs, photos, and Boomerangs - a great addition to any corporate event or special occasion.

    Another popular item is our Instabooth, which is #hashtag enabled, which means that any Instagram post with your chosen hashtag will be printed immediately. Ideal for increasing social media coverage of your event, particularly for business events and weddings.

    About Us

    Olympian Party Rental is a family-run company that works hard to give your event high-quality products and services. Three brothers started the business, which expanded from a small backyard gathering to offering services for weddings, sizable festivals, and events. Together with the classic must-haves, we take pride in offering fresh and exciting products at affordable pricing.

    Today’s Photobooth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    1300 638 930


    These days, interactive photo booths are all the rage. Pick up a prop, strike a pose, and then immediately get your print! Grab a friend or two and have fun with our vintage-style open-air photo booth or our really stunning mirror booth. With endless photo prints at their disposal, your visitors won't get bored, any way!


    We use high-quality props and supply you with the highest quality photo booth prints on the market. There’s no room for second best around here!

    Being a professional photographer at many events, Michelle has seen all manner of booths. From the manual “person holding a camera” booth to the “attempt-a-booth” DIY options, and of course, some amazing professional setups too.

    Michelle figured out the key ingredients for a successful photo booth experience after years of research and analysis.

    When you hire a booth with Today Photobooth – you’re getting the best of everything. You’ll get completely customised service from beginning to end. We give you and your guests service with a smile. We ensure high quality every step of the way.

    Modern Party - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    +61 8 8351 9902


    Our passion for innovative products combined with our desire to stay ahead of the crowd sees us constantly sourcing the latest items from around the globe.

    At Modern Party, we believe it’s all about you, doing our service next to none. We want to make sure your wedding or event goes off without a hitch and are happy to work out a package that best suits the needs of you and your event. 

    While many of our products are exclusive to us, we strive to offer competitive prices so that you can have the latest products at no additional cost. While we offer pick-up on a number of products, we are happy to handle all aspects of delivery and set up, leaving you to relax in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

    Ever After Entertainment - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    0432 033 770

    Ever After Entertainment strives to make your special occasion even more memorable. We only offer high-quality products and take pride in being the best in the industry. We guarantee to bring the party to you, whether you need a customised package or the full experience.

    What better way to ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful night than with INSTANT memories? At Ever After Entertainment, we are committed to making sure that your night is unforgettable for both of you and your guests. Our premium'mirror photobooth' and 'classic photobooth' take care of everything, so all you have to do is grab a prop, strike a pose, and let us do the rest.

    MiskSA Photo Booth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

    0452 631 284


    To create a purpose-built company focused on using our products & services to give back to the community, inspire & provide education, funding, and other resources to students in South Australia.


    You deserve the best, and MiskSA will provide you with just that. MiskSA is an experience with a host, not a rental booth with a technician. In fact, our business is to entertain, delight, and provide exceptional quality photos and customer service.

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