In the wedding world, there is a lot of pressure to have the perfect day. To do that, you need everything from a decent DJ to an awesome venue. If you don't want your guests' heads spinning in circles while they try and find their way out before midnight, it's best to get a good DJ early on in the planning process.

If you are looking for a wedding DJ, it's important to consider all of your options. You want someone who can keep the party going while ensuring that people have enough space on the dance floor. It may take some time and research, but it will be worth it in the end! 

To help you get started on your wedding DJ hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite wedding DJ from right across Adelaide.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding DJ in Adelaide

    Entertainment Adelaide - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    +61 448 400 901

    Weddings are our jam.

    We're not going to lie. We specialise in weddings. We collaborate closely with you, the happy couple, to achieve only your desired outcome.

    We also cover corporate events.

    The pressure to plan a corporate party or function for your entire workplace can be immense. Everyone feels the need to share their thoughts on food, drinks, location, and, most importantly, entertainment.

    Let us take care of a large portion of this for you. The most important step you'll take is nailing the entertainment and creating a vibe, so let us assist you.

    Johnny from finance and Jessica from reception might be arguing on a daily basis about whether it should be a DJ or a live band. This is where we can help. Examine the products and services we provide, paying special attention to the DJ, Bongos, and Sax package.

    JP Event & Dj Hire - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    +61 413 166 070

    You can easily organise every aspect of your Wedding, Corporate Function, Party, Festival, or Event through our company.

    With a team of incredibly talented DJs and Live Bands, our entertainment services are ideal for any event or special occasion. Want to discuss your event with us in person? Our address is 43 Beulah Road in Norwood. Complimentary site visits for elaborate events. Call us right away or send us an email right away!


    Plan your corporate event with the assistance of our skilled event planners. JP Event Management's website. Your guests will be impressed by a diverse range of Lighting, Sound, Staging, and Event Hire equipment. Make Certain That Your Event Leaves A Long-lasting Impression. Talk to our creative team about how to make your event stand out!

    Choons & Moovz - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    0408 808 386

    Tania and Jay Smith, a husband and wife team, are the foundation of one of South Australia's best DJ & MC service providers.

    Nearly 20 years ago, while Tania was DJing across the state, Jay was a part-time sound tech for many bands in Adelaide. Eventually, the stars aligned, and Tania & Jay finally met and quickly discovered that not only their relationship but their skills in the entertainment industry were the perfect match. They both have a passion for music & spend hours listening to tunes (choons) together. From classic rock, old school hip-hop to pop or deep house music, they keep their collection busy, large & eclectic. 

    Jay & Tania were only just married in November 2019 and love reliving their special day every weekend at weddings. They love and feel it’s an honour and a privilege to have a small part to play in each couples’ unique love story. 

    Wedding DJ FAQs

    They're professional.

    For those who have decided to have their friends DJ at their wedding, we would think they would also get to act like a guest at your wedding - drinking, hanging out with other guests, walking away from their DJ table, etc. However, professional wedding DJs are the opposite- they are professional, they come with a change of clothes and sometimes even a sandwich, so they don't have to get up to eat dinner (although we recommend feeding them a hot meal for all of the hard work that they do!) 

    They remain professional, relaxed and in control of any situation that may arise; you'll never see a good DJ sweat even if they make an honest mistake and play the wrong song at the wrong time. Instead, they will make the job more serious than you could imagine, and you can allow your talented DJ friends to sit back and relax - they got this!

    ​They're ready + efficient.

    A professional wedding DJ has their equipment and doesn't need to rely on the venue to provide it. They know their equipment like the back of their hand and come ready to set up. They will test the sound with the microphones, adjust as needed, ensuring you get the best sound possible from all angles. Some provide lighting, backup equipment and will have everything covered even when it comes to the "what ifs." 

    They'll come with your timeline, have your list of songs loaded, the names of those who will be introduced (they even come with name pronunciations!), their table and linen, and even lights (if included in their package). To create the ambience of your dreams! Background music will be on before your guests arrive, reception speakers will be set up will be all set, and they will just wait for the wedding planner's cue for go time.

    They listen to make it stress-free for you.

    After all, it is your wedding day, so a good DJ should listen to your wants and needs, as well as your wishes and expectations, to help create your perfect reception. Not only should they listen and engage in providing the sound to your vision, but they will ask questions and even make recommendations if need be. Weddings are stressful enough, and once you hire a professional DJ, a huge weight WILL be lifted off your shoulders. 

    It's your big day, one you've dreamed about for so long, and honestly, you shouldn't have to worry about trying to fit in the first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, anniversary dance, and announcing cake cutting after the words I do. Instead, it's your turn to hang out with your favourite people, enjoy your marriage, and let them take control of all of the important events in the evening. It's time for you both to mingle with your guests and not worry about timing and who's going to get everyone's attention for what's next.

    A Great Wedding DJ Listens to You

    A great wedding DJ will listen to your wants and needs. He understands this is one of the most important days of your life and that you trust him to help make it great. If there's something you want that the DJ doesn't quite understand, he should ask questions until he knows exactly what your wishes are and how to make them come true.

    A Great Wedding DJ Is a Great Master of Ceremonies

    Chances are you need more than wedding music from your DJ; you also need him to be a fantastic master of ceremonies. This includes engaging the wedding guests with the formal announcements and ensuring he gets everyone in the bridal party's name right. A great wedding DJ is also in charge of the timeline and flow of events for the reception, keeping things fun and running smoothly.

    A Great Wedding DJ Knows What Music to Play

    The music at your wedding sets the reception's tone, and it takes experience and preparation for a wedding DJ to be able to read the crowd. A great DJ knows this and understands how to incorporate the bride and groom's favourite songs, as well as music that gets your guests up and onto the dance floor. He plays the right combination of fast and slow songs to ensure everyone has fun, from your 7-year-old niece to your 90-year-old next-door neighbour.

    A Great Wedding DJ Works with the venue

    We believe that when you hire a DJ for your wedding, he should work with the venue, not just the bride and groom. By taking on the responsibility of contacting the reception hall before the wedding and making arrangements for setting up and logistics, a great wedding DJ reduces the bridal couple's stress and takes added worries off their wedding to-do list.

    A Great Wedding DJ Is Ready When You Are

    A wedding DJ with experience knows that it can take hours to prepare for a wedding reception. That's why he arrives well before the bride and groom to get everything set up and ready to go. He'll have his equipment tested and set up to maximise the venue's acoustics, ensuring you get the best sound and that all your guests can hear what's going on no matter where they're sitting. A great wedding DJ also has backup equipment on hand just in case something goes wrong.

    A Great Wedding DJ Is Professional

    A great wedding DJ acts like a professional in all manners. At your wedding, your DJ should be well-dressed and well-groomed, as well as relaxed and in control of any situation that may arise. He should not be drinking during your ceremony or engaging in any type of inappropriate behaviour with your guests. If something goes astray, a good wedding DJ knows how to advertise wedding disasters and act accordingly.

    A Great Wedding DJ Is Invested

    When you're looking for a wedding DJ, you want a professional, not a hobbyist. Professionals always do their best, not only because they want to make your wedding memorable, but because they have a reputation for holding up. Any professional wedding DJ knows that one bad wedding performance can ruin a good reputation and cause years of havoc with their business.

    A Great Wedding DJ Takes Stress Off the Bride & Groom

    While your wedding day should be filled with excitement, it's also a time of great stress and anxiety. A great wedding DJ knows this too and works to help reduce the bridal couple's stress by arriving ahead of schedule, taking care of the venue and helping your guests have a good time. As a result, you shouldn't have to worry about anything after the ceremony except having fun and enjoying your new marriage with a good DJ.

    How To Pronounce The Names

    When it comes to the grand entrance, one of the most important is pronouncing the couple's first and last names. Sometimes this can be challenging. That's why you might want to give the DJ the spelling of your name phonetically.

    Don't forget to communicate with your MC to let them know exactly how and when you want to do the grand entrance. This will be the first time the new couple is introduced together, and getting the names right is not an issue you want to overlook. This will also be an opportunity for memorable photos and videos. Check out these past events on our wedding videography page for examples.

    Style Of The MC

    You must communicate with your DJ how you want them to handle announcements and such. For example, do you want someone who is funny and telling jokes, or do you want someone who is more of a fly on the wall and just there to help make sure everything runs smoothly?

    As the master of ceremony, the DJ's job is to communicate information between the day-of coordinator and planner to the rest of your guests. Here in Portland, I find most of our couples would like a person who has a strong MC style and interjects as needed, but not an entertainer trying to be the star of the show.

    We like all the guests to be informed of everything happening to be ready for upcoming events and know when things will happen before they happen. I feel having a confident MC is a lot more important to the flow of the wedding than actually playing the music. This is one part of our job that is overlooked but is very important to a successful event.

    Style Of Music And Mixing

    When it comes to the style of music, some DJs are radio mix DJs, also known as nightclub DJs, and they can mix songs back to back very quickly. This doesn't always work at weddings, and you probably want a DJ who will play an entire song. Communicate this with your DJ beforehand.

    Another thing to look out for is DJ mix songs. Typically, at a wedding or similar event, guests want to hear the original versions of classic songs they are familiar with, not some new version of the song.

    Also, most DJs will have a play if possible, and I must play, and a do not playlist. Make sure you communicate what type of music you would like your DJ to play and what music you would like him to stay away from. When it comes to different genres and styles of music, the more communication you have with your DJ, the better off your overall experience will be.

    You probably don't want to pick out all the music that the DJ is going to play. You want to give them some flexibility and freedom. They are the professionals, after all. But make sure to give enough input, so they know what kind of direction you want during different parts of the evening. You'll be picking out most of the songs for the reception and the ceremony, and a portion of the dance party. But trust your DJ to fill in the rest of the songs and take requests from guests to make sure that your event is successful.

    Length Of Special Dances

    When it comes to the bride walking down the aisle, the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, and the first dance, these are all songs that can be played at a specific time and cut off at a specific time. The bride and groom often pick out a 5-6 minutes long song for the special dance. If this is too long for a one-on-one dance, the DJ can always cut down the song at a specific time.

    It's important to communicate which songs you want to be cut down and where you would like them to cut down so that you guys are on the same page on the wedding day and you're not standing in the middle of the dance floor waiting for the song to end. A typical slow dance at a wedding should be between 1 to 3 minutes long, so don't let the song's length determine which one you choose for the special dances.

    Use the DJ's expertise, and he'll be able to smoothly transition out of the songs at whatever length you feel is appropriate.

    Ask For Reviews And Testimonials

    It's always good to research if your DJ is a professional or just getting started. You want to know if they are a fraud before it's too late. You get one shot at this on your big day. Doing a little bit of research can go a long way.

    One of the best places to find DJs is through your venue. Your venue should have a preferred or recommended list that they like to use. Other places to find good DJs are through The Knot and Wedding Wire. These are great resources for finding vetted vendors who are known to be reliable.

    Once you've narrowed your DJ search down to a couple of companies, it is then time to set up a consultation meeting to get a feel for their personality. Before making that first phone call, you will want to go online and read some of their past reviews to get a better idea of the company you're about to hire. You can also ask for testimonials from past weddings so you can get a good idea of their reputation in the wedding industry.

    Does Your DJ Need Wi-Fi?

    Ask your DJ if he needs access to the internet to play music. This is a good indication that your DJ is a rookie, and he hasn't done many weddings because Wi-Fi is not reliable for events. On the other hand, YouTube, Spotify, and other online streaming services have made it very easy for people to get vast amounts of music for next to nothing.

    For me, this is a big red flag and a sign of somebody that has not been in the industry for very long. As a professional company, I would never rely on the internet or Wi-Fi when playing music at someone's event. Imagine a scenario where the bride and groom are getting ready to do their first dance, and right in the middle, a commercial comes on or the song cuts because the wife goes down.

    As a professional, that is not something that I want to rely on when it comes to offering a professional service. As a customer, I'd be very disappointed and embarrassed. Streaming services may make it easy for anyone to act as a DJ, but it's not something you should trust for an event that is supposed to be once in a lifetime.

    Griffin Alliance - Wedding Dj Adelaide


     We assist you in selecting your Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, Photobooth (or hashtag printer), Mood lighting, Staging, Running Sheets, and general wedding planning and execution on the night. Much more than simply "pushing play."

    You can relax at night, enjoying your wedding morning, day and night. By choosing your key songs and general mood for your party and allowing our DJs to do what they do best, we get YOUR dancefloor going!

    About us: Daniel Toop

    Thank you for taking the time to look us over. If you're planning an amazing event, we'd love to collaborate with you to make it a huge success.

    Funk Bros Djs - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    +61 432 585 267


    We love spinning tracks for others to groove to and enjoy. Our vinyl repertoire draws from the best Funk, Soul, Disco, Pop, Boogie, Hip hop, R’n’B and Rock & Roll influences of the past decades, featuring the tastiest cuts to get your heads nodding, feet moving, and hearts pumping.

    Our ability to read the room, interact with our audience and engage the crowd has made our vinyl DJ service a popular choice in Adelaide for festival events, corporate functions, private parties, and weddings, as well as local bars and clubs.

    Nick Dawson and Ben Graetz, brothers from different mothers, form the Adelaide DJ duo Funk Bros DJs. We create a one-of-a-kind and personalised musical environment tailored to your preferences. Allow us to tell your story through music.


    Since Nick has always been a music enthusiast and collector, DJing was a logical next step for him. With a history of playing the drums in various music projects, Nick leans towards anything with a strong beat and catchy bass-line. His musical palette is ever-growing thanks to a constant search for soulful and danceable sounds.

    Supreme Sound - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    0419 801 301

    Award-winning DJs abound in Adelaide.

    If you entrust us with your wedding entertainment, you will be guaranteed a multiple award-winning DJ or your money back! Throughout both the reception and the planning phases of your big day, we constantly go above and above the expectations of our brides and grooms.

    Throughout both the reception and the planning phases of your big day, we constantly go above and above the expectations of our brides and grooms.

    We will work closely with you on planning the perfect playlist and timeline that will keep your party flowing and the dance floor busy, and most importantly, relieve the stress from you so you can enjoy your night with family & Friends.

    Middleton Events - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    +61 400 416 992

    You’re now one step closer to an ‘Unforgettable Wedding.’

    We are pleased to offer Adelaide’s best range of Wedding Entertainment and Celebrant services, which will help you to arrange a perfect celebration with a minimum amount of fuss. Our services suit all budgets, from low-cost affordable options to the grand and elaborate. Either way, your guests will have a fun-filled night to remember for years to come!

    We are here to listen and to help make your wedding one of the best celebrations. If you see something you’d like changed, added, or want help to design the event of your dreams, then let us know. Contact us to discuss any of our event packages and pricing.

    Cruse Entertainment - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    +61 404 774 975

    Cruse Entertainment is a passionate proponent of marriage equality and can customise a package to fit your requirements and price range.

    The ideal band for your wedding is Cruse Duo, which consists of Marly Cruse and Eliza Dickson. Both of them are quite skilled performers, and their vocal harmonies are excellent. They like learning and performing your personal song choices to help you create enduring memories for your event. Together, they have a wide range of repertoire.


    Marly and Natalie Cruse, a husband and wife duo, are the owners and operators of Cruse Entertainment. Cruse Entertainment is an expert in meeting all musical requirements. Marly and Nat can perform as an acoustic soloist, duet, trio, party band, or DJ.

    DJ Stelio - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    0412 399 160

    Wedding DJ and so much more...

    We are a talented wedding DJ Business hailing from Adelaide and Greece, known for our extensive music library and fun, positive personality. We want to make people happy through music, which is exactly what we do at weddings. Professional and experienced DJ Stelio Stevie Hatz uses his excellent quality sound system to play hit after hit, compelling guests to the dancefloor.

    Self-proclaimed “music lover” DJ Stelio Stevie Hatz is a popular Adelaide DJ with impressive skills and a great attitude. Committed to over-delivering on couples’ expectations, 

    Our Mission Statement

    To go above and beyond in order to provide the best possible service. Exceed our client’s expectations. To ensure all our Add services are performed by experienced individuals and the equipment is high end making it the most reliable product in the market place.

    To DJ Stelio, this means making equipment purchases to ensure the most memorable moments are safe, really listening to each couples’ wants and needs for their playlist, turning up early, offering well-priced packages, and even offering to suss out lighting and special effects for them. 

    When you book with DJ Stelio, you’ll also have access to his extensive music library with an eclectic range of genres spanning many decades available and receive a bespoke experience tailored just to your liking.

    Starlite Entertainment - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    0430 063 818

    We pride ourselves on offering the greatest services and goods in Adelaide for weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, and private parties. We were established in 2000. We promise to give you and everyone of your visitors a memorable experience thanks to our expertise and professionalism!


    You tell us the story, and we set the tone! Our Dj’s know the perfect rhythms to make your night unforgettable.


    Our Mc's have more than ten years of expertise and are skilled in conducting mesmerising events.


    We enhance the atmosphere of the night with a full set of professional lighting at your own discretion.

    Deviation Acoustic - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    0413 310 756


    The originator, Corinna, is at the centre of Deviation Acoustic. She is a solo acoustic musician with more than 15 years of singing expertise.

    Down South DJs - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    08 8326 1213

    Greetings From Down South DJs!

    Finally, the day you've been looking forwards to has arrived. It is the day you will put on the new dress you bought from the city's high-end mall. On this day, get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily chores and indulge in some entertainment. Down South DJs, your premier disc jockey provider for weddings, parties, and corporate events, is here to help you make your special event the best it can be. Our DJ services will make an impression on you and your guests that you will remember for a long time.

    So planning to throw a party or conduct a wedding with lots of singing and dancing then hire our services to make the happy memories from your special event last a lifetime.

    Regarding Down South DJs

    DownSouth DJs was established by me in 2015. It was earlier trading as a first-class entertainment based in Morphett Vale, which I registered in July 2000. In 2002 we won the ABIA award for the mobile DJ category. I feel that my experience of dealing with people from all walks of life during the last 17 years has been quite rewarding for me. I was acting as a master of ceremonies (MC) for over 500 weddings and parties, playing the right mix of music for people from as young as 2 to folks as old as 92. Dancing and having a good time is fantastic for me personally.

    DMT Audio - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    (08) 8322 9214

    It is a South Australian owned professional DJ Company, providing a high-quality service with a personal touch. Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate functions, Social club events. It’s all about your celebration


    There are few times in our lives that provide the opportunity to be surrounded by those who mean the most to us. Your wedding is one of them. Choose DMT Audio, an entertainment company that recognises this special day for what it is - a celebration of your life!

    Master of Ceremony.

    If you prefer, DJ LX can inform, guide, and direct the event, keeping you and your guests involved throughout...

    DJ Paul Slow - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    0407 390 604


    These include hotels, function centres, golf clubs, wedding reception venues and some of South Australia’s finest wineries. I have performed as a DJ and MC at a number of Adelaide’s premier Reception Venues, including The Adelaide Pavilion, The Lakes Resort Hotel, The Stamford Plaza Adelaide, The Adelaide Town Hall Function Centre, The Stamford Grand at Glenelg, Playford Adelaide, Carrick Hill, Ayers House, The Adelaide Convention Centre, Sfera’s and The Grange Golf Club.

    I have also been DJ at a number of wedding receptions at the Clare Country Club. I play Rock, Retro, Dance, Pop and RnB from the ’50s to todays’ current Top 40 hits, together with an extensive range of music covering all styles and eras. I have Request Sheets for your guests to write down their favourite songs, which I do play on the night.

    If you are looking for an experienced Adelaide DJ to create a perfect night for your celebration, please give me a call or email me today!

    Music to My Ears - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    (+61) 0412384459

    Music To My Ears was founded in 1999 on the principles of great music, first-rate service, and unwavering dependability. We are not typical nightclub DJs and understand that your wedding is not like other corporate events, birthday parties, or nightclubs. It is, after all, a celebration that requires professionalism and expertise, which only years of actual wedding DJ experience can provide.

    Our DJs specialise in weddings and provide a complete sound, music, and DJ solution for weddings in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. Although the majority of our DJs are based in Adelaide, we will travel throughout South Australia as well as to all major Australian cities. Music To My Ears has a reputation second to none, having been trusted and recommended by brides, venues, and industry suppliers.

    JP Light & Sound - Wedding Dj Adelaide

    0413 166 070

    Our professional, experienced, and skilled DJs will set the tone and keep your guests dancing all night. You can select from a wide range of unique Lighting and Sound Packages on our website to suit your event and budget. To give you the greatest DJs, we work together with our sister firm JP Event & DJ Rental!

    Our team takes pride in having the best quality equipment at the most competitive prices, setting the standard for quality in Adelaide Weddings, parties, festivals, and Corporate Event Hire. Everything you need can be found at JP Light and Sound. Contact one of our knowledgeable event planners today by email, phone, or in person at 43 Beulah Road, Norwood, SA.

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