Top 20+ Universities Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Because there are so many programmes to select from, it might be challenging to find one that meets all of your prerequisites and interests. The quantity of research that needs to be done is enormous, and it can be easy to become confused about which aspects should be prioritised over others.

Keep in mind that you are looking for a university that is a good fit for you when you are making your decision. You should select a university that corresponds with who you are and the things you place the most importance on. There are some well-known ones and others less well-known ones, but they are all deserving of your attention.

You have the opportunity to personalise your education so that it aligns with your aspirations and career goals by attending one of the many specialised universities and colleges, historically significant institutions with a global reputation, cutting-edge innovative facilities, or pioneering and progressive research centres located throughout the country.

We have compiled a list of the top universities in the local area of Melbourne, which is located in Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Universities in Melbourne, Victoria

    La Trobe University Melbourne

    1300 135 077

    About learning and teaching

    Our learning and teaching philosophy and practice are designed to help both our students and our teachers, and we are working to create an exceptional experience for our kids.

    We are the most successful university in Australia at combining accessibility and excellence, and we take pride in our long and illustrious history, which was established on a commitment to developing knowledge and learning in order to impact the future of our world. Students from a wide range of backgrounds benefit from the world-class instruction provided by our enthusiastic faculty.

    Our Values

    Our early reputation as a radical and demanding institution continues to influence the way in which we strive to enrich the experiences of our students and engage with the communities in which we operate as well as the partners with whom we work.

    We outlined a set of values in 2017 as part of the process of creating the Strategy Plan for the years 2020–2030 (which will be updated in September 2020).  We have been successful for tens of thousands of students who, in the absence of our efforts, would not have been able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a university degree.

    Charles Darwin University Melbourne

    1800 061 964

    Charles Darwin University is an institution that cannot be compared to any other.

    Our multi-campus structure, dual-sector status, virtual and online competence, course profile, research activities, delivery methods, and overall operation are all direct results of our dedication to the regions in which we conduct business.

    Although it covers nearly one-sixth of Australia's geography, the Northern Territory is home to only one per cent of the country's total population. Of this one per cent, thirty per cent are comprised of First Nations Peoples.

    Because of our location, we are in a unique position to contribute to Northern Australia's future opportunities, as well as those of our Asian Pacific neighbours, by providing cutting-edge and consequential education, training, and research.

    University of Divinity Melbourne

    61 3 9853 3172

    The University

    The University of Divinity has been educating its students and conducting research in the fields of theology, philosophy, and spirituality for more than a century in order to prepare them for vocations in ministry, leadership, and community service.

    It is a reflection of the high quality of the University's curriculum and the dedication of its faculty and staff to working with small classes that the University is consistently ranked as the best university in Australia by its student body in terms of overall student satisfaction and learner engagement. The University has its headquarters in Melbourne, but its operations span the entirety of Australia. It collaborates with more than thirty different churches, religious orders, and other connected organisations to create an innovative ecumenical business.

    Students and staff members join the University through one of its Colleges, which are distinct academic communities that each offer their own educational opportunities.

    FAQs About Universities

    In contrast to the majority of other types of classes offered at universities, lectures often include very little audience interaction.

    You have no way of knowing the format that a certain lecture will follow, but in most cases, you will be expected to take a seat and listen to a presentation on a single topic for the amount of time that has been set aside for the lecture.

    The answer is no; going to college is not a waste of time. There is no such thing as wasted time when it comes to education.

    Learning does not have to take place in a college setting, but there are a lot of life lessons that you pick up while you're there that are really helpful.

    These learning experiences take place both within and outside of the classroom.

    College students frequently face stress as a result of increased obligations, poor time management, altered eating and sleeping routines, and insufficient time spent on self-care and breaks.

    For the majority of first-year students, making the adjustment to college life can be a source of stress.

    Students are able to learn most effectively in active social classrooms where they can negotiate understanding through interaction with one another and a variety of teaching methods.

    Learning occurs when students connect new information with information and concepts that they already know.

    How much do you agree with this statement? Education is one of the most important components necessary to achieve success in one's life.

    It has been a topic of debate for a very long time that having a higher level of education makes it more likely that a person would be able to get a better job once they have finished their education.

    Australian Catholic University

    1300 275 263

    About ACU

    ACU stands for education that counts, research that matters, and community service that has the potential to change lives in a world where mass manufacturing is the norm.

    As a Catholic organisation, the essence of who we are can be summed up in two words: our mission and our principles. Learn about our past, our current organisational structure, and how we got to where we are now as a university ranked in the top 2 per cent of universities worldwide. This is a goal we have already achieved!

    Study at ACU

    Learning is only one aspect of the research, though. In addition to this, it is about creating an impact for the larger good while simultaneously building a meaningful career and contributing to a higher purpose.

    The goals you set for yourself now might become a reality tomorrow with the help of our courses. You only need to contribute your natural inquisitiveness, the drive to make a difference in the world, and the experiences you've had in the past. We will provide you with strong linkages to the industry, with an emphasis on learning through practical application, and with a dedication to assisting you in developing as a whole person.

    RMIT University Melbourne

    03 9925 2032

    Schools and Colleges

    The programmes of study we provide are distributed throughout a total of fifteen academic schools and four academic colleges.

    Governance and management

    Our portfolios and colleges operate in accordance with the relevant regulations and laws, and they are governed by Council and the Academic Board. The Interim Vice-Chancellor is in charge of directing their activities.

    Torrens University Australia

    1300 575 804

    About us

    It was founded on the shoulders of giants, and its reputation precedes it around the world. We have formed partnerships with illustrious educational institutions in order to build a novel, cutting-edge, and international perspective for higher education.

    Our focus

    We provide high-quality vocational and higher education undergraduate, graduate, higher degree by research, and specialised degree programmes in a wide variety of academic fields. Our programmes can be taken on campus or online, depending on the student's preference.

    Our work is bolstered, magnified, and given greater impact as a result of relationships with organisations in several fields, including business, research, sports, the government, and non-governmental organisations.

    Monash University Melbourne

    61 3 9902 6003

    Who we are

    We are making a positive impact on today's global concerns, whether that be through reducing the effects of climate change, reducing the level of geopolitical insecurity, or encouraging the growth of healthy communities.

    Our people

    More than 9,000 academic and staff members, 86,000 current students, and more than 385,000 alumni are actively working together to create significant change.

    Our global reach

    To make a global impact, we need to be embedded in the communities we serve. We have more than one hundred partner universities, six campuses, and three teaching locations located in other countries.

    CQUniversity Melbourne

    03 9616 0554

    We are now at a point where we must build on our past achievements by designing and implementing a strong strategy that will deliver a meaningful impact to our students, staff, alumni, communities and partners.

    Deakin University Melbourne

    03 9244 6199

    Deakin University is one of Australia's most prestigious educational institutions, and as such, it offers students a personalised experience complemented by world-class programmes and cutting-edge digital interaction. We are industry leaders because we provide people with opportunities to live and work in a connected and ever-changing world.

    Deakin, at a glance

     Our culture places a strong emphasis on students, and our reputation among them is that we are approachable and kind.

    Diversity and inclusion

    Deakin has made a commitment to diversity and inclusion in our community in order to protect the worth, rights, and well-being of our faculty and students.


    Our goal is to incorporate sustainability into everything we do in an open and honest manner. Our performance in environmental, financial, and social sustainability is prioritised based on what we consider to be the most important factors.

    Federation University Australia

    1800 333814

    Five years young. 150 years experience

    We make a difference in people's lives in a variety of ways, ranging from the research that helps people all over the world to live better lives to the efforts that we put into helping our students achieve academic and personal success.

    We are one of the oldest universities in Australia, having been established in 1870, and as such, we blend the enthusiasm and hope that comes with being a youthful institution with the knowledge and experience that comes from our long history.


    People and communities are able to flourish on a local, regional, and global scale as a direct result of the creative and integrated learning that we provide for lifelong learning, employment skills, and influential research.

    Victoria University

    61 399196109

     You can begin your education at any moment, from certificates to diplomas, degrees, and postgraduate courses; you can also move between courses to attain your goals, regardless of where you begin.

    Our adaptable method of learning and instructing contributes to the success of our strategic plan. In the future, one of our primary goals is to maintain our tradition of producing beneficial outcomes for the fields of education and industry, as well as for our community.


    Learning can be accomplished in a number of different ways for successful students at Victoria University. We make it possible to earn an education of the highest calibre and launch an interesting career through a variety of pathways.

    Melbourne Institute of Technology

    03 8600 6703

    The Tertiary Education and Skills Quality Authority (TEQSA) is an independent national regulator of the higher education industry in Australia. This includes the country's public universities. TEQSA is responsible for ensuring that all public and private higher education providers fulfil the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework or the Threshold Standards in order to be licenced to conduct tertiary level programmes within Australia's higher education system.

    Our corporate and academic governance mechanisms make sure that MIT is running efficiently and sustainably and that we uphold the highest possible standards in terms of the quality of our education and the skills we pass on to our students.

    Both the Melbourne and Sydney campuses of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can be found in the middle of two of the world's most liveable cities. Both of the campuses have convenient access to public transportation thanks to their central locations in the centre of the respective CBDs.

    University of Melbourne

    03 9035 5567

    Every structure, every department, and every era all have their very own unique histories. There are still many of these tales that have not been committed to writing, despite the fact that some of them have been told numerous times.

    The university began as a collection of buildings located in a big park on the outskirts of the city. At the time, there were only four teachers and 16 students enrolled. Now, it is located smack dab in the midst of a bustling international city that is home to a large number of students and educators.

    Today, more than 8000 members of the academic and professional staff provide assistance to more than 48,000 students. This includes more than 13,000 international students who come from over 130 different nations.

    Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne

    1300 794677

    Our university

    Swinburne is a huge institution that welcomes people from many different cultural backgrounds and has a strong ambition to innovate and bring about constructive change. Because of this, our organisation continues to mature and adapt with each passing year.

    In addition, we have a campus in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The National Institute of Circus Arts can be found in Melbourne's Prahran neighbourhood. In addition, we provide a variety of credentials through Swinburne Online and Open Universities Australia, both of which are accessible online.We recently built a new office in Nanjing, China, which further connects us to some of the fastest-growing regions around the world. Our new campuses in Sydney and Vietnam both provide a modest suite of highly-desired Swinburne courses, and our new campus in Vietnam also offers a few courses in English.

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