20+ Best Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies, Melbourne

If you're a homeowner in Melbourne, you know that termites are a big problem. These little pests can cause a lot of damage to your home and can be very difficult to get rid of. That's why finding a good termite treatment and inspection company is important. So many companies are out there, so how do you choose the right one? Here are some tips:

First, always make sure the company is licensed and insured. Second, ask for referrals from friends and family members. Third, read online reviews to see what other people have said about the company. Finally, set up an appointment for a free consultation so that you can ask the company questions and get more information to choose the right term.

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    Ultimate List Of Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies Melbourne

    All Pests - Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies Melbourne

    Pest Control & Inspection Company


     0409 523 029

    About All Pests: Pest Control & Inspections

    All Pests performs our inspections and pest management safely, dependable, and accurately while providing rapid and efficient service. The company has been in business for more than 20 years. Regarding pest management, we only utilize treatments that are safe for the environment.

    Our termite inspection and pest treatment teams in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula are renowned for their promptness and expertise. All Pests is an industry leader in providing termite inspections and treatments during the pre-construction phase of a project, which can assist reduce potential future risks to you and your property.

    Services We Offer

    All Pests has experience working with companies of varying sizes, and we will see to it that the problems you're having with pest control are fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible. This eliminates the potential for any commodities or property to sustain harm and assures the safety of the work environment. So get in touch with us to receive a no-obligation estimate on your insect problem.

    We offer comprehensive commercial pest management solutions to businesses in Melbourne, Victoria, whether they have a single location or multiple locations across the city. All Pests offers the skills and the knowledge necessary to safeguard your business and your clients from pests. Our services are available for various establishments, including restaurants, warehouses, and office buildings.

    Bayswater Pest Control - Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies Melbourne

    Bayswater Pest Control


    1300 870 477

    At Bayswater Pest Control, we place our clients and their needs first and foremost. To produce the highest quality work at the most affordable rates, we take a straightforward approach and prioritise getting the task done quickly and effectively. Bayswater Pest Control is your local pest control expert; you don't need to look any further.

    We at Bayswater Pest Control have the necessary certifications and years of experience to eradicate any type of pests from residential and commercial properties in the Melbourne area. Our service arsenal includes a wide range of options that, when combined, can effectively eliminate critter problems and produce long-term results. One of our specialities is pest control. We are fully licenced and have extensive professional training in all aspects of pest management. Bayswater Pest Management is a market leader in residential and commercial pest control in Melbourne.

    We service the CBD, as well as the Eastern and South-Eastern Suburbs, and offer a comprehensive range of treatments and services to the commercial and residential sectors. Bayswater Pest Control is the place to go if you need a local pest professional in Bayswater. They will give you excellent service. Bayswater Pest Control has been a successful family-run business providing pest control services for over a decade. Termites, rats, spiders, birds, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, bees, wasps, fleas, and ants are among the pests we control. Bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas are some of the other common pests we treat.

    Dawson's Australia - Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies Melbourne


    03 9222 2263

    About Dawson's Australia Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne

    Dawson's Australia is a market leader in pest control and termite treatment for residential and commercial properties in Melbourne and Victoria. We have an unparalleled level of expertise and experience because we were one of Melbourne's first pest control companies. We provide pest control services in every suburb of Melbourne.

    Troy Dawson, the third generation of the Dawson family and the current CEO of Dawson's Australia, has worked hard to build the company into a well-known brand name with a solid reputation in Melbourne.

    Dawson's Australia will join Flick Anticimex in 2022, assisting in the geographical expansion of Flick services in the greater Melbourne area. Dawson's can draw on the Anticimex Group's vast international expertise through its partnership with Flick Anticimex, enhancing the already high quality of services it provides to its customers.

    M&R Termite Solutions Melbourne



    Michael, the proprietor of the local, family-owned business, has lived in the area for more than 29 years and has over 20 years of experience working in the pest control industry. Michael personalises the pest management service he offers. We are fully licenced, insured, and accredited in this economy sector, in addition to always arriving on time. We never cut corners when it comes to the products we use. Termidor and Premise are examples of high-quality products used here.

    Bundoora, Watsonia, Greensborough, Eltham, Eltham North, Epping, Templestowe, Doncaster, Doncaster East, Heidelberg, Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Heights, Rosanna, Preston, Lower Plenty, Kingsbury, Warrandyte, and other Northern Suburbs are all served by us.

    M&R Termite Solutions is Melbourne's go-to termite extermination company. Termite inspection and control services are available in all Melbourne suburbs, including Melbourne Northern. Please contact us if you have a termite problem. If you have a pest infestation on your property, contact the professionals at M&R Termite Solutions. Our pest control company is fully licenced and insured, and we serve both commercial and residential customers in Melbourne. We can eliminate any signs of termites, rats, insects, bugs, and other pests because we have access to cutting-edge pest control equipment.

    Guardian Pest Control - Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies Melbourne


    (03) 5987 1782

    About Guardian Pest Control & Termite Treatment Melbourne

    Guardian Pest Management has grown significantly since then, and it is now the largest pest control company headquartered on the Mornington Peninsula. Our technicians are highly experienced and certified professionals, some of whom have been with us since our inception. Guardian's staff has become experts in the prevention of termites and other pests. They go out of their way to ensure that the methods we use as a group are always the most cutting-edge, efficient, and safe.

    Graham and his team set out to protect and preserve the neighborhood's homes and property while also ensuring that Guardian is an integrated part of the community. Furthermore, we support and participate in a number of local organisations, including the Dromana Football and Netball Club, the Boneo Cricket Club, Dromana Secondary College, and the Mornington Peninsula Beekeepers. Graham was unsuccessful in his bids to become Mayor of the Mornington Peninsula Shire in 2010-2011 and 2015-2016, but the team continued to function, with Graham serving as a Director during both times.

    Graham's leadership, our highly competent specialists, and our experienced and thorough office personnel ensure that our methods remain friendly for the local community and the environment.

    We offer pest control services to a variety of commercial establishments, such as restaurants, bakeries, vineyards, and recreation centres. We also serve sensitive facilities such as schools, which value our expertise in implementing secure procedures. Any pest problem can be investigated and treated by our highly skilled and experienced professionals.

    Exopest Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne


    1800 686 294

    About Exopest Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne

    Exopest is a well-known pest control service provider in Melbourne. The company was founded in 1985. We eliminate timber pests such as termites, borers, and fungi; nuisance pests such as spiders, ants, and fleas; hygiene pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice, bedbugs, and flies; and warehouse pests such as moths, beetles, and weevils by providing innovative pest control solutions in and around your home, place of business, or other commercial property.

    Our services, which have undergone extensive research, have been designed to eliminate pest infestations as well as pest migratory tendencies. This ensures that your entire property, not just the treated area, is protected. Exopest relies on the expertise of university science graduates and Cert III and IV Pest Managers in both field and technical support roles. We are true pest control and termite treatment experts. Exopest has been committed to providing the best advice and service in pest management solutions since its inception in 1985.

    Exopest's mission is to educate and help people protect their homes and businesses from the destructive effects of termites and other wood-destroying pests. We developed our termite management programme, term safe, as a result of our dedication.

    Positive Pest Solutions Melbourne

    Positive Pest Solutions



    About Positive Pest Solutions Melbourne

    We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing our customers and clients with services that are dependable, positive, honest, and of the highest quality. Because we have up-to-date industry information, you can count on us to work as a partner with you to create pest-free homes and businesses. We combine our expertise with competitive pricing while keeping a strong focus on you as an important and valued customer. We recommend that you treat your pest problem as soon as possible and at a reasonable cost. We can handle jobs of any size due to our affiliations with a large number of pest control professionals. By employing the most effective strategy and selecting the most appropriate insecticides, we can ensure that only the pests we want to eliminate are eradicated. We usually guarantee the outcome for at least six months, beginning on the day of treatment; however, most clients enjoy a pest-free home for longer than a year.

    Positive Pest Solutions has a team of pest control specialists who are all up to date on the most recent pest elimination developments. We use the most effective methods and products for all aspects of pest management, from spider pest control to ant pest control, to eliminate your pest problem and identify its source.

    The first step in our comprehensive pest control method is a thorough inspection of your property. This allows us to identify the type of pest that has infiltrated your home. Because of our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge expertise in the field, we can easily locate the pest colony and entry points. Following the completion of the inspection, we will work with you to develop a one-of-a-kind strategy for eliminating the pests discovered in your home.

    We will provide you with the most effective pest control solution possible by utilising the most advanced pest control technology and equipment available today. Our residential pest control services are designed to completely remove the bothersome insects from your home without jeopardising your family's health, safety, or comfort in any way.

    Flick Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies Melbourne


    1300 248 024

    About Flick Pest Control & Inspection Melbourne

    Flick Anticimex is Australia's most trusted name in pest control and cleanliness. We began operations in 1918 and are now a part of the global Anticimex network. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services in order to protect the Australian people while also reducing our environmental impact. Flick provides traditional pest control as one of many services. Other services include monthly payment plans that are flexible, environmentally friendly solutions, SMART sensor systems, and professional hygiene.

    It is necessary to take precautions to keep pests out of your home. Cockroaches, ants, rats, mice, spiders, fleas, flying insects, bed bugs, bird control, and termites are all examples of common household pests that can cause costly damage to your home and, more importantly, jeopardise the health of your family and pets. As a result, regardless of the season, keeping pests out of your home is critical all year. To keep unwanted pests out of your home, our highly trained professionals will first determine the nature of the problem before carrying out the necessary treatment with environmentally friendly and humane products.

    For over a century, we have provided pest management services to thousands of homes across Australia, earning the reputation as Australia's most reputable pest control company. Contact us right away to discuss a pest management strategy that will meet your needs both now and in the future.

    FAQs About Termite Treatment

    Depending on the quality and type of product, the soil conditions, and the maintenance schedule, a properly installed and maintained chemical termite barrier can last 5 – 8 years in the right soil conditions.

    Fipronil, the active ingredient, kills termites and has a transfer effect passed from worker termites to the colony. It is regarded as the most effective termite chemical and is used by almost all Pest Control companies. Unfortunately, it is also regarded as one of the most toxic.

    Some of the best ways to get rid of termites are to apply termite-killing products to your home's exterior, use natural chemicals on the inside of your home, set up termite baits, and spray boric acid on your floors and walls.

    Among these termite treatments includes chemical treatment to the foundation of your home. The treatment begins with a professional termite control inspecting your house. He will then drill holes in walls, floors, and the ground around your house. Once done, they will insert a chemical into the holes.

    Common signs of termite damage to a wall include:

    • Small pinholes where termites have eaten through the paper coating on drywall and wallpaper.
    • Faint 'lines' on drywall.
    • A hollow sound when you tap on the wall.
    • Bubbling or peeling paint.
    • Baseboards that crumble under slight pressure.
    • Jammed doors or windows.

    Rentokil Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne 


    1300 307 811

    About Melbourne Rentokil Termite Treatment & Inspection

    Rentokil is one of the world's most successful pest control companies. They offer innovative pest control services and solutions in over 80 countries, at over 1,800 local locations, and with over 19,000 qualified pest control specialists. We have been providing local assistance to Australian businesses and individuals through pest control treatment since 1965. With over 1,500 employees, 29 branches and depots across Australia, and a team of 680 technicians, we are one of the country's largest and most versatile pest management providers.

    Our mission is to protect people and improve lives by providing pest control solutions that protect public health and the environment through energy-efficient and environmentally friendly pest control services. This mission is accomplished by controlling pests in an environmentally responsible manner. We offer a wide range of pest control services and solutions for both commercial and residential properties. These services and solutions address a wide range of common pests, including rodents, flies, stored product insects, biting insects, birds, and other wildlife. Our pest control solutions combine preventative and reactive tactics to increase protection for your business through a dependable, ongoing pest management programme. Furthermore, these solutions are driven by customer-centric innovation.

    Crunch Pest Control & Termite Treatment Melbourne


    1300 860 438

    We have built a solid reputation over the last 15 years for providing customers with the highest quality service currently available on the market. Simultaneously, we have been conducting research and development to ensure that we remain industry leaders in developing new and cutting-edge environmentally friendly pest control methods.

    We are committed to using only the most modern, efficient, and time-tested integrated pest management (IPM) methods, as well as goods with the most effective formulations, in our work. We do not begin implementing a pest control strategy with the assumption that pesticides will do all of the work; rather, we work attentively and methodically to address the source of the problem.

    Most pest managers deal with pests on a daily basis, but only a small percentage of them approach the job with the right mindset. Far too many simply "throw a few baits around" or "throw down some spray" before hastily moving on to the next task, mistakenly believing they have satisfactorily completed the pest control job requirements agreed upon with the customer. They lack the necessary "passion for the job," which is why Crunch Pest Control has a reputation as true specialists in the field. This is why Crunch Pest Control has earned a reputation as an industry leader.

    Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control Inspections Melbourne 


    0411 448 413

    We are a dependable family business here to help you with your pest control and termite removal needs.

    Diamond Valley Termite & Pest Control places a strong emphasis on preventative measures because we understand how important your family's health and safety are. We will not only exterminate all of your pests, but we will also investigate the factors that contribute to their continued existence and collaborate with you to find solutions. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and tailor a solution to your pest control needs. Termite Inspection as well as Termite Control, Rodent Control, Commercial Pest Control, Possum Control, Bee & Wasp Control, Spider Control, Ant Control, Cockroach Control, End of Lease Treatments, Bird Control, Pigeon Control, Solar Panel Protection, and a variety of other Pest Control solutions are available from our knowledgeable staff.

    Pest Police Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne


    1800 737 878

    About Pest Police Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne

    Pest Police is the company on which thousands of satisfied customers in Melbourne have come to rely for prompt pest control and inspection services. Contact us right away for exceptional customer service assistance from a reputable, privately held company.

    Our Pre Purchase Termite Buildings Inspections team is highly qualified, has extensive training, and is extremely thorough. They have decades of industry experience between them. We take great pride in our work, and as a result, we receive numerous referrals from satisfied clients as well as property experts. Of course, this is to be expected from an Australian family-owned and operated business.

    Naturally, we have Combined Liability Insurance, and we back up our work with a variety of warranties. Thermal imagers and moisture metres are just two examples of cutting-edge technology that our experts use. We are efficient, but we never cut corners; we offer competitive pricing; we have an excellent Google Rating score; and we have received several awards for outstanding work. We have operations throughout Melbourne and a few of its surrounding suburbs. You understand that now is not the time to take any chances when it comes to purchasing a home, no matter where you are. Before making such a life-altering decision, you should consult with the Pest Police team's experienced members first.

    Tom's Pest Control Melbourne

    Tom’s Pest Control


    (03) 9034 5956

    About Tom's Pest Control Melbourne

    Tom's Pest Control Melbourne is now the industry leader in pest control services in Australia. We can lead the market in terms of providing exceptional service standards because of our commitment to delivering long-term solutions and our emphasis on service and quality.

    By providing pest control and extermination services for various unwanted critters, our company assists our clients in maintaining a clean, risk-free, and healthy environment on their property.

    We are the exterminators that homeowners and businesses turn to when they need comprehensive pest management solutions because we provide the most comprehensive range of pest control services.

    Vale Pest Group - Termite Treatment & Inspection Company Melbourne


    61 421 938 388

    About Melbourne Vale Pest Group

    Vale Pest Group's staff is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about termites and pre-purchase home inspections. We are a close-knit group of people who share a common drive and passion for providing service and expertise that exceeds expectations.

    Vale Pest Group is a family-owned and operated pest control company that has been in business for over 15 years! One of our primary advantages is that we are aware that not all circumstances are the same. Similarly, we recognise that each situation is unique and necessitates careful consideration from a team that is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about success.

    Our mission is to build strong relationships with all of our customers and clients, no matter how big or small, by providing them with the highest quality service and professionalism, as well as a personal and friendly approach. This will allow us to establish strong relationships based on open communication and trust.

    To maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves, our company employs a full-time quality control and compliance manager. This manager is responsible for evaluating all aspects of our company and ensuring compliance with the relevant and ever-changing Australian Standards, Codes of Practice (AEPMA), Environment Protection Act, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Furthermore, this manager is in charge of educating all of our employees on these laws and standards.

    Dandenong Pest Control & Inspection Melbourne 


    9707 1710

    About Melbourne Dandenong Pest Control & Inspection

    Dandenong Pest Control first opened its doors in 1976. Previously known as R. Ridd Pest Control, the company decided to change its name to Dandenong Pest & Weed Control Pty Ltd in 1988 because Dandenong was the primary location that everyone knew. Dandenong Pest Control has always been based in Beaconsfield. Nonetheless, because so few people were familiar with our quaint little town at the time, the company was originally named "Dandenong." Beaconsfield is a well-established suburb in Melbourne's south-east.

    Dandenong Pest Control, also known as DPC, is a family-owned and operated business. DPC has been owned and managed by George and Denise Knol, both of whom serve as directors, since 1990. Technicians George, Gary, and Simon have a combined pest control experience of more than 70 years. DPC will fly our customers anywhere, no matter how far away. To service all local areas throughout the Casey and Cardinia Shires, we travel to the Peninsula, Gippsland, Dandenong and Yarra Ranges, as well as the Northern and Western suburbs. Furthermore, we service all local areas in the Cardinia Shire.

    Our company performs pre-treatments on newly built homes and additions for both professional and do-it-yourself home builders. If you are building, please contact DPC so that we can discuss the various pre-treatment options.

    According to the Australian Standard, all homes should have a Timber Pest Inspection at least once a year. If you are thinking about buying a new house, we strongly advise you to conduct a pre-purchase pest inspection on the property first. An examination can provide you with the assurance you require regarding what is likely to be your most valuable asset. A thorough inspection will include all potential pest issues, such as termites and borer, that could cause structural damage. Reservations for this inspection can be made through our office staff.

    All in One Pest Control Termites Treatment Melbourne 


    0423 053 728

    All In One Pest Control & Termites, a major pest control firm that provides services at competitive prices, services Melbourne's western and northern suburbs. We can help you with pest control and termite inspection in Melbourne for both commercial and residential properties. Call us right away!

    Every member of the team has received extensive training and enjoys their work, ensuring that it is always performed to the highest possible standards. So, the next time you need an exterminator who can provide excellent pest management solutions, go to All In One Pest Control & Termites. Everything you need is available under one roof.

    Looking for pest control services in Point Cook or the surrounding area? All In One Pest Control & Termites offers pest control services in both Melbourne's northern and western suburbs. If you live in Melbourne's western or northern suburbs, we can help you with all of your pest control needs. Simply contact us if you require our services in Sunbury, Point Cook, or Brookfield. Whether you need our services in Sunbury, Point Cook, or Brookfield, our specialised exterminator team will come to your location with eco-friendly pest control methods that have been proven to be effective!

    At All In One Pest Control & Termites, we are well-known as pest extermination experts. All of our pest control services come with a six-month warranty, and we also provide long-term pest management. When it comes to controlling pests like termites, we understand the importance of eradicating them rather than simply upsetting them when it comes to pest management. Our services are comprehensive, and we use effective environmental pest control methods to protect your family, pets, and the environment.

    Perkins Exterminators & Inspection Melbourne


    1300 884 089

    About Perkins Exterminators & Inspection Melbourne

    Perkins Exterminators has been providing high-quality pest management services in Melbourne for over four decades. Providing pest control services in residential and commercial properties in order to exceed our clients' and customers' expectations. Our highly professional staff's mission is to provide the highest quality service possible to our customers, and they are committed to working with them to achieve exceptional results.

    For nearly 40 years, Perkins Exterminators has provided pest management services in Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan areas. We have a Victorian Health Department licence and are members of the Humane Industry Association and the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We are committed to providing pest management services that are both environmentally friendly and tailored to your specific needs. Perkins Exterminators works hard to achieve results in all aspects of pest management, including residential, commercial, and industrial. To achieve the best possible results, our fleet is constantly updated with the latest technology and equipment, and our drivers receive ongoing education and training.

    Perkins Exterminators has been in business for 40 years, during which time they have built a solid reputation for providing superior pest management services. As a result, they have amassed a sizable customer base. We take great pride in treating our customers the same way, and we look forwards to being handled by those who provide us with service. Our company provides our customers with a reminder service as well as excellent after-sales service.

    Termite Inspection & Solutions Melbourne


    (03) 9555 5924

    About Termite Inspection & Solutions Melbourne

    At Termite Solutions Victoria, we have the ideal team to provide you with a residential or commercial termite inspection as well as professional advice on how to repair any structural damage caused by termites. Inspections for termites can be performed in both residential and commercial settings. To ensure that our services are of the highest possible quality, we only hire licenced exterminators and use products that are at the cutting edge of their respective industries.

    Notice or experience any of the following termite or timber pest symptoms in your home. You should contact a licenced and experienced pest controller, such as Termite Solutions, and have a thorough examination performed.

    Termite Solutions' Director is also a builder and a building inspector, which distinguishes them from other companies. This means they can offer additional advice on the extent of structural damage and any termite damage repairs that may be required.

    When homeowners are renovating their homes, they frequently discover termite damage. When they discover termite activity, they may tear up floors, remove skirtings, architraves, and wall linings, or restore external timbers during this time.

    An inspection is typically the first step in treatment options, followed by the elimination of the current termite colony and treatment to establish a barrier that, if maintained, will prevent termite activity from returning. If this barrier is maintained, termite activity will not return. You must not attempt to repair termite damage before treating the colony activity. If you do, the damage will almost certainly reappear.

    Zero Pest - Termite Treatment & Inspection Company Melbourne


    1800 38 66 57

    About Zeropest Melbourne Australia

    Pest control is one of our top priorities, as evidenced by the hundreds of satisfied customers we've served over the years. We rigorously test new and innovative products using cutting-edge scientific and technological methods so that we can defend your home or place of business with a strategy that is not only effective but also safe, natural, and environmentally friendly.

    Every house or business is unique! When you have a pest problem or want to protect your home or business from invaders that are currently present or will be present in the future, we use our science-based approach to help identify the source of your problem and implement a solution tailored specifically to your home or business. When you have a pest problem or want to protect your home or business from invaders who are currently present or will be present in the future,

    Our goal is to provide you, our valued customer, with the highest level of service that is humanly possible, and one way we strive to achieve this goal is by providing you with the following benefits at no cost.

    The cost of providing high-quality service is never comparable to the amount of money saved. You can now have peace of mind knowing that Zeropest Australia technicians are fully insured, fully licenced, fully qualified, not subcontracted, not franchisees, and have passed a national police check for your protection.

    Total Control Pest & Weed Melbourne


    (03) 9703 0712

    Total Control Pest & Weed is a family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We use only the highest quality pest management products and practises and provide the highest level of competence in all aspects of pest management. Furthermore, by collaborating with reputable chemical companies such as Termidor, we ensure your safety and the highest possible quality of the end product.

    Our idea is for you to interact directly with us, and for us to come to your home or place of business to assess, estimate, and perform any necessary treatment. The primary focus of our company is to provide prompt and professional attention and service to our customers, whose business is extremely important to us. To ensure that you receive the most effective pest treatment possible, we keep you up to date on the most recent advancements in equipment, products, and methods.

    Termidor is used to create a continuous chemical dirt barrier all around and under the house. Any termite activity that is currently present will be dealt with in accordance with Australian Standards. To ensure that the entire area is effectively treated, the treatment must be properly applied by a qualified pest control professional. Termidor travels only a short distance after being applied in one location before becoming securely bound to organic materials in the soil. This shows that the concentration of Termidor decreases significantly as one moves away from the source. As a result, Termidor provides exceptionally effective and long-lasting residual termite protection. Termidor's one-of-a-kind operation not only creates a barrier that has been shown to prevent termites from entering, but it can also be passed on to other termites and eradicate the colony as a whole.

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