25+ Best Souvlaki in Melbourne

Souvlaki is a type of Greek fast food made from meat, typically pork. The meat is skewered and grilled before being served in a pita bread with vegetables and tzatziki sauce. Souvlaki has been eaten since ancient times and can be found all over Greece especially at lunchtime. It's usually served as a quick meal that can be picked up on the go but it also tastes delicious when cooked at home for dinner parties or BBQs!
Souvlaki originated in Greece so it would make sense to have this dish while you're there but don't worry if you're not able to travel because many cities around the world offer their own versions of this classic dish!

Souvlaki Melbourne is the best place to eat in Australia! If you're looking for a restaurant that has delicious food, great prices and a friendly staff then this is the perfect spot. When I first walked into Souvlaki Melbourne, one of their staff members greeted me with open arms and welcomed me inside. We were seated at our table right away and had menus before us without even asking for them! The menu was filled with tons of options from souvlakies to salads. They have something on their menu for everyone which makes it really hard to make a decision because they all sound so good!.

Ultimate List Of Souvlaki in Melbourne

Vanilla Cakes & Lounge Souvlaki Melbourne



Vanilla Lounge is located among the hustle and bustle of this fantastic hub. In August 2008, we opened our doors and hearts to the community, and everyone returned our love. Vanilla, as a coffee and dining lounge, has something for everyone. It is a gathering place, a place where you can come to experience a distinct European vibe right here in Melbourne.

Vanilla's founders have been hospitality industry innovators and pioneers for over 45 years. Oakleigh witnessed the emergence of a new dining culture with the opening of Vanilla Lounge. What is especially exciting for Melbourne is that it now has another leading patisserie that truly celebrates the best aspects of its cosmopolitan heritage. Vanilla was named one of the top ten patisseries in The Age Good Café Guide 2012.

We are dedicated to improving our patrons' experiences by offering our boutique coffee brand, Dukes, extraordinary music acts on Thursday nights, an extensive menu made with local and fresh ingredients and free of preservatives and additives, a world-class standard of cakes and biscuits, and our newest venture, Vanilla Upstairs, which serves amazing pan-Mediterranean cuisine and invites people to come together and share in the simple pleasures.

Melina on the Rooftop Souvlaki Melbourne



The name "Melina" was inspired by Melina Mercouri, a Greek actress. She achieved international acclaim as an actress, most notably for her roles in Never on Sunday. At the 1960 Cannes Film Festival, she was named Best Actress. She was nominated for an Academy Award, a Tony Award, three Golden Globes, and two BAFTAs.

She was Greece's first female Minister of Culture in 1981, and she was a passionate and political activist. She devised the European Union's European Capital of Culture Programme, which has been in place since 1985. She represents everything that Melbourne stands for: passion, culture, fashion, and entertainment. Melbourne would have been perfect for Melina, and we adore Melina!

Lemnos Taverna Souvlaki Melbourne



Lemnos Taverna serves authentic Greek cuisine. Using traditional cooking methods on a flaming charcoal grill, we offer daily fresh seafood and quality meats. Decorated in traditional colours and prints of Greek islands. The atmosphere at Lemnos Taverna is friendly and welcoming. In the winter, there's a fireplace, and in the summer, there are open bifold windows. Our speciality is seafood, and we like to spoil all of our customers with a variety of high-quality ingredients and friendly, professional service.

Theo Kolliniatis bought Lemnos Taverna in 1999. The restaurant's inspiration and vision are a direct reflection of Theo's childhood. He spent a lot of time at his Uncle's restaurant on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Lemnos Taverna honours his Uncle's passion for food and all that it entails. The restaurant was recently revitalised and now has a new modern vibe while retaining its authenticity.

Souv It Up Souvlaki Melbourne



Welcome to a taste of Greece in the heart of Melbourne. Since 2009, I've specialised in souvs. We are a second-generation Greek family-owned mobile catering business that takes pride in providing excellent service and using fresh, authentic souvlaki. Our meat is marinated in a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation. It'll have your taste buds dancing and asking for more.

Freshly marinated, tender spring lamb and chicken fillets skewered on the spot. We have falafels for our vegetarian friends, and we also cater to all dietary needs. Souv It Up specialises in corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, engagements, weddings, bucks and hens parties, and other special occasions.

Mykonos Restaurant Bar Souvlaki Melbourne



Mykonos is a Greek island bursting at the seams with passion, creativity, and love. A truly inspiring and spiritual setting. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm for the island with everyone who visits!

Mykonos Taverna is in Oakleigh, close to Eaton Mall. Bringing you all of Mykonos' comfort and atmosphere. In a lovely courtyard where you can (for a while) escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Lets Meat up Souvlaki Melbourne



Our Authentic Greek Souvlaki Trailer story begins with Harry and Dimo as children growing up in Thessaloniki, Greece. Harry arrived in Australia in 2001, followed by Dimo in 2012. Back in Greece, both boys had their fair share of Authentic Greek Souvlakia* and have a list of their favourite souvlaki* hot spots in and around Thessaloniki.

Tsindos Greek Restaurant Souvlaki Melbourne



The Tsindos Greek Restaurant, which serves traditional Greek fare, is proud to be situated in Melbourne's Greek Precinct in the city's central business district. A meal at this restaurant is a wonderful way to get a taste of Greece and its vibrant culture. Tsindos is the ideal restaurant because of its welcoming atmosphere, friendly Greek-speaking staff, and selection of traditional Greek dishes.

Destination Greece: There's no shortage of good food on Melbourne's Lonsdale Street, and Tsindos Greek Restaurant is no exception. For decades, Tsindos has served traditional Greek cuisine. Tsindos' relaxed atmosphere makes it ideal for catching up with friends over a bottle of Greek wine. If you order the banquet, make sure you're prepared. There's a lot of food. A lot! "Banquet 2" includes a variety of dips, saganaki, grilled octopus, dolmades, whitebait, Greek salad, a seafood platter, a meat platter, dessert, and coffee or tea. Order one of the traditional chargrilled meats, such as the lamb souvlaki, if you're feeling less adventurous. To begin, there are seafood options and a tempting array of salads, as well as all the appetisers you'd expect in a traditional Greek restaurant: halloumi, grilled artichoke and feta, fried zucchini, and more. There are so many wonderful options. How will you make your decision? Our marinated lamb cutlets are a must-try.

Hunky Dory Souvlaki Melbourne



Since 1927, my family has been a fishing family. Everything we do at Hunky Dory revolves around family. Greg, the man behind the Hunky magic, grew up on the water, standing proudly alongside his Greek father and grandfather on their commercial fishing boat. Greg could be found behind the counter at his family's fish and chip shop during the school holidays. Greg's father, who adored seafood, was a familiar face at the Melbourne Fish Market for many years. Greg's family was present when Hunky Dory first opened its doors in 2004. They've all proudly worn a Hunky's t-shirt along the way; Greg's Grandfather wore one in-store until he was 91!

Mega Yeeros Souvlaki Melbourne



Mega Yeeros is dedicated to serving traditional Hellenic cuisine. Hand-picked ingredients, traditional spice and marination recipes, and experienced cooking techniques take you on a Mediterranean journey.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is made up of experienced professionals who specialise in achieving the highest level of flavour.

Dry oregano, garlic, Greek yoghurt, olive oil, and high-quality meats are just a few examples. Mega Yeeros' cuisine bears the responsibility of attempting a type of cooking that is only available in a few Greek resorts, such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Nafplio, and the Greek islands.

The Greek Spot Souvlaki Melbourne



Greetings from The Greek Spot Tavern! For more than 25 years, our family-run restaurant has satisfied the hunger of the residents of Melbourne and Hawthorn. We offer scrumptious, authentic Greek food that is modelled after the dishes that can be found in small Greek taverns. Numerous seafood, chicken, lamb, beef, and vegetable dishes are available on our menu.

Our chefs are grill masters, cooking prawns, octopus, snapper, lamb cutlets, and chicken ribs to chargrilled perfection. We only use high-quality local produce that is both fresh and flavorful. At The Greek Spot Tavern, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and warm hospitality. Our restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, so bring your family or friends and enjoy each other's company while eating and drinking. Visit our Burwood Road dining room to experience authentic Greek cuisine in the heart of Melbourne!

Flame Greek Tavern Souvlaki Melbourne



Flame Greek Tavern has offered a delightfully warm and welcoming environment since 1987, and you will always be greeted with a smile. Flame provides a distinctive experience in addition to real cooking.

Our home-cooked cuisine is a must-try, with Sophie making everything from the dips to the desserts from scratch every day using only the freshest ingredients.

Our succulent spit roasts, cooked over hot charcoal in the traditional manner, are very popular. Our authentic Greek cuisine includes popular dishes like moussaka and pastichio, as well as a variety of seafood and charcoal grills. We also serve Greek and non-Greek desserts such as baklava and delectably sweet creme caramel.

Stalactites Souvlaki Melbourne



We can deliver hot, fresh, and on-time stalactites right to your home, office, or other location! Before we deliver your order, we slice and prepare each Stalactites order in our store. All of our dips and desserts are homemade using a 40-year-old recipe, and we only use premium-quality, A-grade meat and ingredients.

As the only Greek restaurant in all of Australia to receive Coeliac Australia Accreditation, our gluten-free menu options are completely risk-free for those with the condition. Additionally, we can satisfy vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary restrictions.

Kalimera Souvlaki Art Souvlaki Melbourne



The only way to pass on the voice of truth is to have heard it yourself and allowed it to become a part of your life. Thomas Deliopoulos listened to this voice from his parents, a loving couple of deaf-mute. Their physical disability, rather than being a curse, became a blessing as they developed a special bond with the land and the cattle.

Growing up in an agricultural family that was also involved in stock breeding, young Thomas recognised the gift of being in contact with mother nature from an early age. He learned how to respectfully collect the best of what it had to offer. Young Thomas quickly developed a passion for cooking; it was more than just a pastime for him. His family background taught him the importance of selecting the best raw materials and that authentic good taste is found in simplicity and excellent quality... This frequently outperforms sophistication, which can obscure rather than enhance taste.

Philhellene Souvlaki Melbourne



In November 2008, Philhellene opened its doors with the goal of offering a rich experience centred on Greek cuisine, culture, music, and history. We are currently one of only four Greek eateries in Melbourne that have consistently been listed in the Age Good Food Guide from 2009 to 2015. Our food is regional Greek with a heavy Cretan flavour. At Philhellene, we use premium ingredients and follow traditional cooking techniques that were passed down to us from our mothers. This results in an authentic style of food and drink. A memorable and possibly even emotional occasion results from this! The Philhellene staff is made up of John and Susie Rerakis. They have won the title of "best Greek restaurant" multiple times in the Age Good Food Guide and have been highlighted in Vogue Entertaining and other well-known foodie publications. Every day in the kitchen, their mothers cook, stuff, mix, and bake, infusing the variety of foods you are served with their love and stories about their homeland. An exceptional dining experience is produced by Susie and John's more than 30 years of combined cooking and hospitality experience. The closest you'll get to dining in a traditional Greek home in Melbourne is at Philhellene.

Elyros Restaurant Souvlaki Melbourne



Elyros began with a dream, an idea to bring an island's cuisine with so much history, passion, and love for food to a wider audience. Sharing moments and making memories with the people we care about. But, after six wonderful years in our beautiful restaurant on Burke Rd, we have sadly decided not to reopen.

We'd like to thank all of our wonderful customers for their support over the years as we've worked to bring the food of our beloved Crete to Melbourne. Thank you to our past and present hardworking employees, as well as our suppliers, for making it all possible.

Blu Olive Greek Kitchen Souvlaki Melbourne



Everyone is welcome in our Greek home... The most important thing a person can do to demonstrate 'Filoxenia' is to show hospitality, generosity, and friendship to any guest, God or mortal, in their home.

Blu Olive Greek Kitchen is a traditional Authentic Greek Restaurant where everyone is treated as if they are dining at home. Our menu, like everything else we do here, is a small homage to life and its simple pleasures. Our passion for high-quality ingredients and seasonal produce stems from our desire to combine traditional cooking methods passed down through generations with exceptional service in order to provide the best of Greek hospitality. We believe in living a healthy, sustainable, and balanced life in which happiness is prioritised and one's heart is truly followed.

Venus & Co Souvlaki Melbourne



The cuisine at Venus & Co is inspired by provincial Greek Cypriot cuisine with a modern twist. Cypriot cooking is a harmonious blend of Greek, Lebanese-Syrian, and Arabic cuisines and spices derived from the island's centuries of cultural influences.

We welcome you to our beautifully designed restaurant, which seats 80 people and serves delicious food made from fresh ingredients. Our authentic food, friendly service, and relaxing ambience provide the ideal setting for you and your guests' dining experience.

In line with current restrictions and limited seating, our dinner menu is a “Semi à la carte” - what that means is that although most of the dining scene will be moving towards a fixed banquet style menu, we’ll at least give you the freedom to choose your dishes to share with your table 🙂 

Hollywood Hill Souvlaki Melbourne


01 8320690

Hollywood Hill is located on Bridge Road in Richmond, Victoria, right in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. Hollywood Hill is the ideal pit stop between a busy day of shopping in the city, an escape from the office, a corporate lunch, or the ideal location for a function. Hollywood Hill is open 24 hours a day, starting at 7 a.m. (early morning coffee) and serving special breakfasts. It has a seating capacity of 100 people and offers an exclusive Breakfast, Dinner, and Lunch Menu, as well as fast Souvlaki and burgers.

Our cuisine has a Mediterranean flavour. Breakfast, lunch, and our famous and tasty souvlaki are all available 24 hours a day. Our most popular dishes are mousaka, pastitsio, lamb and chicken gyros, as well as our chef's daily soup and yam coffee and cakes.

Lambs Restaurant Souvlaki Melbourne



Lambs Northcote, which has been family owned since 1994, continues to provide authentic, affordable Greek food in a traditional and welcoming atmosphere. We take pride in providing something for everyone to our diverse customer base. You're likely to see tradesmen grabbing an early lunch in the morning, families looking for good affordable food in the evening, and young people grabbing a bite to eat after a night out. Our Lamb Gyros, marinated in our blend of traditional herbs and spices and cooked over a charcoal flame, is the secret to Melbourne's best gyros souvlaki.

Euro Kebabs & Grills Souvlaki Melbourne



Nothing beats sinking your teeth into kebabs from Euro Kebabs and Grills Williamstown. We are a short distance from the Mario Paul Del Grosso Hair Studio at 203 Nelson Place, and we provide dine-in, pick-up, and delivery services throughout Williamstown. Begin your meal with Saganaki Cheese or the Veggie Meal, followed by your main course of Lamb Cutlets or Mixed Grill. Enjoy our authentic Souvlaki, Open Souvlaki, or Falafel Wrap. Finish your meal with a delicious Baklava or Greek Biscuit dessert. At Euro Kebabs and Grills Williamstown, we have something for everyone.

Trapezi Souvlaki Melbourne



Allow Trapezi Restaurant to spoil you. At its best, authentic Greek cuisine. With our new modern renovation, which includes a 3D wall of Santorini, a custom waterfall, and a bar, we will be able to set the mood for any occasion. 145B STATION STREET, FAIRFIELD, VIC 3078.

We have received heartfelt testimonials from our customers who have thoroughly enjoyed their dining experience each time one of our traditional Greek dishes from our menu is tried. We've also created a custom bar menu with cocktails made especially for Trapezi with infused and natural ingredients, as well as a full range of drinks imported from Greece, including Tsipouro's and Ouzo's, and a full wine menu imported from Greek wineries.

Yassas Souvlaki Melbourne



We're here to serve you traditional Greek street food with a Melbourne twist. The YASSAS Experience begins when you enter any of our restaurants and we feed you the Greek Way.

Plus 5 Bar Souvlaki Melbourne



To bring wood-fired tapas & pizza to the centre of South Wharf, Plus 5 draws a little inspiration from the culinary customs of Spain, Italy, & the rest of the world.

Theodora's Bar And Grill Souvlaki Melbourne



In our restaurant, we will not compromise on quality. That is why we get our fresh ingredients from farmers' markets in our area.

Gracie Greco Souvlaki Melbourne



Two brothers who share the same passion are the subject of the book Gracie Greco. We had the good fortune to work in the family business from a young age. Although we have always had a love and passion for food, nothing is more important to us than seeing friends and family come together.

Our goal was to compile all the knowledge we have acquired throughout this life journey. We've always wanted to start our own restaurant. And in this manner was Gracie Greco born.

Nikos Tavern Souvlaki Melbourne



Do you adore the subtle and delectable flavours of authentic Greek cuisine? Are you looking for a Greek Restaurant in Melbourne that serves delectable Hellenic cuisine? Visit Nikos Tavern to enjoy traditional Hellenic cuisine. Nikos Tavern is a family-run Greek Food Restaurant that has been serving traditional and delicious Hellenic dishes since 1987. We serve the Greek community in Melbourne.

Our talented chefs prepare Greek cuisine with seasonal and fresh ingredients. Our delectable delights range from succulent charcoal-grilled meat dishes to fresh seafood and traditional Greek sweets. Enjoy the vibrant and fun atmosphere, which includes exquisite Greek food, live Greek music, and Zorba dancing.

Frequently Asked Question

Souvlaki History

Souvlaki is considered a Greek food, and historians cite references to the dish in the writings of Aristotle (384-322 BC), Aristophanes (446-386 BC), and Homer, their senior by 400 or more years. The fact is, souvlaki was over a millennium old by the time Homer came along.

From 1450 to 1100 BC, Minoan culture, based on Crete, dominated the southeast Aegean Sea and was the most advanced civilization in the Mediterranean. A major outpost was Akrotiri on Santorini, some 90 miles north. Somewhere between 1645 BC and 1500 BC, a massive volcanic eruption sent the center of the island into the sea and buried Akrotiri under layers of ash and debris.

Minoan civilization went into decline and was gradually absorbed into what eventually became Greek culture. It’s now thought that Plato, writing about Atlantis a millennium later, was referring to legends that grew out of the Santorini explosion. Akrotiri was unknown until 1867, and modern excavation did not begin until 1967. Among the numerous artifacts found there were racks clearly intended for grilling skewers of meat over heated coals, proving that souvlaki dates back at least 2,500 years and is probably much older.

Souvlaki shops began appearing in Greece in the early 1950s and quickly became the reigning fast food of the region. The dish was introduced to America by immigrants who arrived in the early 20th century, many of whom were restauranteurs who settled in New York, Chicago and other urban areas. Souvlaki and all things kebab got another popularity boost when suburbs, patios and backyard barbecuing reshaped American culture and cuisine in the postwar years.

How To Make Souvlaki

Souvlaki is a snap if you have access to an outdoor grill. Since the marinade and method are the same no matter what meat you’re using, all you need is hot coals and a good souvlaki recipe. For those of us in city apartments, it’s a bit trickier. In fact, writing this article left me in such a state of souvlaki longing that I set out to see if I could make reasonable indoor chicken souvlaki that wouldn’t set off my smoke alarm.

How to Make Souvlaki Indoors

To make souvlaki indoors, I immediately ruled out the broiler as too smoky. I also dispensed with the idea of skewers, which would be an awkward fit for my frying pan. What I did use, and what I highly recommend is a gas stove, a cast-iron frying pan, and a cast iron griddle large enough to set on top of the pan like a lid.

First I mixed a marinade of oil, lots of lemon juice, dried oregano, minced garlic, salt, and pepper. I cut skinless, boneless chicken breasts into 1.5-inch cubes, tossed them in the marinade and put them in the fridge for about five hours. When I was ready to cook, I cut chunky slices of onion and did the same with red bell peppers. Then I heated the skillet until it was hot and threw the onions, and grape tomatoes then covered the skillet with the griddle. I opened the skillet just once to give the veg a stir and made some quick tzatziki while the onions finished charring.

After I pulled out the vegetables, I used the same method on the drained chunks of chicken. Again, I only took the griddle lid off to turn the chicken pieces, then slammed it on again. Creating this sealed heat chamber and keeping it closed as much as possible was the secret of getting a charred taste with no smoke.

When everything was done, I wrapped the chicken and vegetables in a homemade flour tortilla and ladled on a bit of tzatziki. The result was delicious, satisfying, and definitely worth repeating.

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