Top 45+ Solar Installers in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Professionals specialising in installing solar panels in Melbourne, Victoria, are referred to as solar installers in that city. 

They have received the necessary training to install solar panels on rooftops and other surfaces. As a result, solar panel installers in Melbourne, Victoria, are ready to carry out installations for businesses in addition to domestic customers. They are also able to provide estimates for the installation of solar panels. In addition, solar panel installers in Melbourne, Victoria, are enthusiastic about using renewable energy sources and want to assist homeowners in lowering the costs of their monthly electricity bills. 

 They are also those that aim to improve the environment by reducing the usage of fossil fuels as one of their primary goals. For example, solar panel installers in Melbourne, Victoria, are accessible to answer any queries residents may have on installing solar panels. They are also able to provide estimates for the installation of solar panels.

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    Ultimate List Of Solar Installers in Melbourne

    Solar Flow Installers Melbourne

    1300 93 14 24 

    Full-Service Solar Panel And Hot Water Installers Melbourne

    Solar Flow is Melbourne's go-to authority on all things related to installing solar panels and hot water systems. We are great for the high quality of customer service and the reputation we have earned over the years. We take the time to get to know you and your unique circumstances so that we can guide you in selecting a solar power system that is customised to meet your exact requirements. 

    If you want the least expensive answer, you shouldn't employ us... We are a pleasant and competent company in Melbourne in your best interests. Hire us if you want professional guidance, bespoke installations that genuinely suit your needs, and great after-sales care.

    2 Ways We Help Your Home Or Work Save

    Solar Power

    The knowledgeable team at Solar Flow can install a high-quality solar power system in your home or place of business. This will enable you to cut down on your monthly electricity costs, lower your carbon footprint, and be friendlier to the environment.

    In order to provide your house or place of business with clean electricity, we are able to set up and install solar panels, inverters, and batteries at your location. Not only that, but in addition to that, we also provide professional guidance and recommendations, walking you through each stage of the process, beginning with planning and government rebates and continuing through installation, support, and maintenance.

    Heat Pumps

    Solar savings can be maximised with the help of hot water heat pumps, which is especially beneficial for people who do not have the financial means to purchase a solar battery. They have the potential to cut energy use by up to 80 per cent while simultaneously storing excess solar electricity.

    Solar Flow is the premier Sanden heat pump vendor in Melbourne. Sanden heat pumps are often regarded as the most effective heat pumps currently available. Sanden heat pumps receive the greatest Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) discounts compared to other brands of heat pumps, which helps to lower the cost of installation greatly. They also produce very little noise (37 dB), making them an excellent option for solar hot water systems. In addition, their warranty durations are among the longest in the industry.

    Helcro Electrical Solar Installers Melbourne

    03 8804 5776

    Professional Service

    We provide a comprehensive selection of electrical services, such as consulting and subcontracting work.

    Our personnel have the expertise and abilities necessary to exceed your expectations due to their many years of combined experience working on residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like a complete list of the services we provide or if you have any other questions.

    Affordable price

    When we provide up-front pricing and charge by the project rather than by the hour, you will know the total cost of the job before we even begin working on it. In addition, our highly experienced electricians can provide guidance on how you may enhance the energy efficiency of your home or building to reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly electricity bills.

    Great Support

    Providing remarkable service to one's clientele has the potential to set a company apart from its competitors.

    In addition to delivering superior electrical services, we here at Helcro Electrical are well aware of how essential it is to maintain open lines of communication with each of our clients. So feel free to give us a call at any time; we are always here for the convenience of our clients.

    Service Warranty

    Every one of our projects is finished in a manner that is compliant with the standards outlined by the National Electrical Code and Energy Safe Victoria. This ensures that our work, including the assembly of components and any necessary repairs, will be free from flaws for the duration of the typical lifespan of the installation.

    The terms of our warranty policy extend to cover both the parts and labour that we offer. In addition, any installation that we determine to be flawed will receive free maintenance and repair from our company, subject to the restrictions outlined in our Warranty Conditions and Exclusions Policy.

    Installing domestic

    Electrical installation of low voltage current is something that Helcro Electrical can supply.

    • Plugs and Sockets for Lighting Fixtures
    • Electric heaters and air conditioners both use electric power.
    • Connectivity hubs for voice and data calls
    • The use of air conditioners
    • Pumps and spas for swimming pools are also available.
    • Solar cells and charge controllers
    • Batteries that Integrate Solar Technology
    • Full Rewires & New Builds
    • LED Lighting External Wiring and Lighting Fault Finding Emergency Call Outs LED Lighting External Wiring and Lighting Fault Finding
    • Heating for the Floor Done Using Electricity
    • Controls and wiring for the central heating system
    • Detectors for Smoke, Fire, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide
    • Provision of Electrical Services to Garages and Other Outbuildings
    • Electrical Provisions for Swimming Pools and Spas
    • Work Done on the Interior Fittings

    Installing commercial

    Listed below are some of the facets of commercial electrical work that we attend to.

    • Maintenance that is both planned and preventative, along with repairs as needed
    • Complete Rewiring, as well as New Construction
    • Repairs Available Around the Clock (24/7)
    • Fire Equipment
    • Addressable Fire Alarms, Conventional Fire Alarms, and Wireless Fire Alarms
    • Services Available to Landlords
    • Lighting and Heating Controls for Estates
    • Building Management Systems
    • Evaluation and Testing of Portable Appliances Inspection and Evaluation
    • CCTV
    • Access Control and Entry Systems for Doors
    • Systems for Lighting Conducting, Trunking, and Trunking

    Instyle Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 133 123

    In 2014, the founders of Instyle Solar embarked on a mission to assist as many households as possible in realising solar energy's financial benefits. They believed that solar energy should be easy to use and wanted to encourage people to be enthusiastic about switching to solar power. As a result, they committed to being open and honest with clients at every stage and searched for items that would offer the greatest possible value to homeowners in Australia.

    Solar Power Product Range

    At Instyle Solar, we collaborate with our clients to develop a solar solution that considers their energy needs and financial constraints. Our mission is to build systems built to last as long as feasible and offer the most effective energy solution to meet homes' and businesses' energy requirements.

    We have faith in companies that always put the needs of their clients first in whatever they do. Clients are what make the world go round. Therefore, we aren't performing our jobs properly if we cannot satisfy their needs by providing quality, longevity, simplicity, and great performance.

    FAQs About Solar Installers

    Solar panels are a popular way to reduce energy costs and rely on the grid, but they are not without problems. The most common issue is shading, which can reduce the panels' efficiency by up to 25%. 

    Another common problem is dirt and dust build-up, reducing efficiency. In some cases, animals can damage solar panels by chewing on the wiring or leaving droppings on the panel's surface. These problems can usually be resolved by cleaning the panels or trimming back trees and bushes, causing shading.

    Solar panels are an essential component of any solar energy system, and their performance will directly impact the system's overall efficiency.

    Unfortunately, with so many different manufacturers, knowing who makes the best solar panels cannot be easy. However, there are a few aspects that you should keep in mind when making your decision:

    1. Look for a company with a strong reputation for quality and performance.
    2. Make sure that the company offers a warranty on their products.
    3. Check to see if the company uses eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

    By considering these factors, you can be sure to choose the best solar panels for your needs.

    Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most cost-effective renewable electricity sources available today. Solar is able to convert sunlight into electrical energy, which can be used to power homes and businesses. In addition, solar panels can also be used to heat water, providing a sustainable source of hot water for households. 

    However, solar energy's future efficiency depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is the amount of sunlight an area receives. Solar needs direct sunlight in order to function properly, so areas with more sun will be more efficient at producing solar power.

    Additionally, the efficiency of solar panels also depends on the technology used. As solar panel technology continues to improve, the efficiency of solar energy will increase. As a result, solar energy will likely become an increasingly efficient and cost-effective energy source.

    Solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. They are made up of photovoltaic cells, semiconducting materials that create an electric field when exposed to sunlight. The efficiency of a solar is the amount of sunlight converted into electricity, and the highest efficiency ever achieved is 44.7%. 

    Less than half of the sunlight that hits the solar panel is converted into electricity. However, the average efficiency of commercial solar panels is around 15-20%, which is still quite good. Furthermore, solar panels are becoming more and more efficient as technology improves, and even higher efficiencies will likely be achieved in the future.

    Solar panels are a popular choice for those looking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and lower their carbon footprint. However, solar panels can be susceptible to hotspots, which occur when a portion of the panel heats up to a higher temperature than the rest.

    Hotspots can occur due to a number of factors, including shading, debris, and faulty connections. While hotspots usually don't cause lasting damage to the panel, they can reduce its efficiency and cause it to overheat. In extreme cases, hotspots can lead to a fire.

    Because of this, it's important to monitor your panel for hotspots and take steps to prevent them. While hotspots are not typically a long-term problem, they can be a sign of underlying issues that should be addressed to ensure the longevity of your solar panel.

    The Solar Electrician Installer Melbourne

    1300 902 889

    Why Choose The Solar Electrician

    We collaborate with several solar retailers who have been approved by the CEC and have personally investigated and known for a very extended period. We go to locate the offer that caters most closely to your specific requirements and find it for you. Many solar companies build solar systems that are the same for everyone, even though this statement couldn't be more untrue. We provide our customers with a comprehensive, individualised service that covers all aspects of the procedure from beginning to conclusion. Referrals account for fifty per cent of all of our business, which is unequivocal evidence of the high quality of customer service and support we offer our customers.


    The capacity to install and provide maintenance for solar power systems across the state. No single retailer can meet all of our customers' demands, such as those for:

    • Installations of Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Systems
    • The Installation of Batteries
    • Rooftop and Ground Mount Solar Panels for Commercial and Residential Buildings
    • Installers operating locally and beyond state lines

    Fair Value Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 324 804

    We hope that we can effectively contribute to the world, namely to the planet we call home. For a very long time, and a variety of different causes, we have been cutting down forests. Forests that function similarly to our lungs, cleaning the air we breathe and helping us to heal

    On our planet, everyone agrees that the closest companion that man may have is the tree. Despite this, we continue to feel them without any reservations. When every last tree has been chopped down, and every last river has been polluted, we will only realise that money is not something humans can consume. This magnificent planet deserves to be honoured and revered more frequently. Let's get it done straight now.

    Solar Enterprise

    The energy that can be obtained is not expensive and is not harmful. Solar energy is a green form of energy. When solar panels are used to generate power, there is absolutely no emission of gases that contribute to global warming into the environment. Solar power is a very vital source of energy in the transition to producing clean energy because the sun supplies more energy than we'll ever need. This makes solar electricity one of the most important energy sources.

    Elite Smart Energy Solutions Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 013 875

    Finding the best solar solution for your home or company may be a difficult and time-consuming process. Elite Smart Energy Solutions is Australia's premier solar energy comparison service, and its mission is to alleviate this burden. Our ability to discover the ideal solar supplier for your home is unrivalled since we have a combined solar experience of over 30 years and a national reach into every facet of the solar industry. Please get in contact with us right now to find out more about whether or not solar energy is a good fit for you.

    Solar Brokerage Service

    We have affiliated with leading Clean Energy Council-approved solar retailers across the country to provide you with the freedom of choice and access to the best solar technology. This solution is designed to be a turnkey solar energy solution for your home or business anywhere in Australia.

    Even the installation will be handled on your behalf by our team. Researching solar energy in Australia might be difficult because the country has more than 4,000 providers. However, we at Elite Smart Energy Solutions have more than 30 years of experience in this industry, and we have used it to personally vet the solar companies that we work with to ensure that they only offer high-quality solar products, service that is guaranteed, and exceptional post-installation support whenever you it is required.

    Because of the solid relationships, we guarantee you will receive first-rate service and assistance. On the other hand, because we consider it our primary responsibility to go above and beyond what you anticipate, we will not only give you a higher level of security and certainty but also with our very own guarantee. In the event that you have any issues with the solar installation that our service negotiated for you but that you are unable to resolve with your solar retailer, we will step in and represent you until the issue is resolved in a manner that is satisfactory to you.

    Because there is a possibility of receiving rebates from both the state and the federal government, as well as the fact that it is simple to apply for green loan financing, get in touch with Elite Smart Energy Solutions right away to schedule a free solar consultation with one of our helpful Renewable energy specialists.

    Benefits Of Solar

    It is reasonable to anticipate that your monthly energy costs will drop by at least 75 per cent if you instal a solar power system that is proportionately sized to meet your requirements. On the other hand, larger systems with more storage space for batteries can bring that figure down to nearly nothing. Invest the money you save on energy into your solar system through Green Loan Finance so that you may pay off your system quickly and easily and start pocketing all of the savings you make in just a few short years (while also basking in the freedom from increasing energy rates each year).

    Sunrun Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 782 034

    Sunrun Solar – Your Trusted Solar Power Systems Provider In Melbourne

    Sunrun Solar, a major provider of solar panels in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, is able to assist you in lowering your energy bills, increasing your organisation's commitment to sustainability, and achieving energy independence for your business. We educate our consumers about the many benefits of solar power as well as the process by which it operates. 

    Because we know that each client's energy varies, we always provide professional guidance to help you choose the solar energy system most suited to your house and your way of life. Throughout the process of installing solar power in Melbourne, our staff offer exceptional support and direction thanks to their extensive knowledge and a high degree of efficiency.

    Solutions For Both Residential And Commercial Solar Systems In Melbourne, Australia

    These residential solar systems can assist you in maintaining financial control over your energy expenses while simultaneously increasing the value of your property. You can protect yourself from impending electricity costs by installing solar panels in Melbourne and reducing your dependency on the electricity that your home sources from your provider of the Local Network. In addition, if you collect and use the free energy that the sun provides, you will be able to reduce the amount of money you spend on your power bill.

    In addition to assisting your company in lowering operational costs and locking in energy rates, Sunrun Solar can also aid you in gaining control over the amount of energy your company consumes. Investing in a solar energy system in Melbourne is one of the best ways to future-proof your company against the ever-increasing cost of electricity and other fees, such as those associated with carbon pricing, network charges, and peak demand. You may be able to save your company thousands of dollars annually by installing a commercial solar system in Melbourne, and you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made an outstanding investment.

    Solar Panels For Melbourne Properties

    Sunrun Solar is an Australian-owned firm rapidly expanding, offering the most cutting-edge PV module technology to commercial and residential customers. We are dedicated to providing you with solar system goods that are extremely reasonably priced while guaranteeing their high level of quality and service. 

    We provide our services to customers in both the residential and business sectors, assisting them in lowering their carbon footprint, cutting their electricity bills by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and guarding themselves against future increases in the cost of electricity.

    We take the time to analyse each customer's energy consumption and specific requirements and then recommend the most appropriate system. To give the service of the best possible quality, we take measures to verify that a certified installation installs your system. Get in touch with one of our advisors right once, and we will do an analysis of your energy consumption patterns, site location, and other variables. After that, we will present a comprehensive proposal and recommend what would work best for your company.

    Our Mission Is To Make It Possible For Every Household And Business In Australia To Obtain Power From A Source That Is Less Harmful To The Environment.

    Sunrun Solar is an Australian company that began operations in 2014 and is expanding rapidly across the country. Its headquarters are located in Victoria. The customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are among those that utilise our services.

    We strongly emphasise providing excellent customer service and high-quality installations and work hard to do it honestly and ethically. Our highly experienced staff can comprehend the requirements of each customer, and as a result, the recommendations are individualised for each individual. At Sunrun Solar, every project we develop ensures the system's performance, as well as it is quality and dependability.

    Because all of our in-house installers, engineers, designers, and service technicians have the appropriate credentials, we can provide cutting-edge technological solutions that are also economical.

    We take great pleasure in meeting and approaching our customers' expectations, ensuring they are happy with the solar service they receive. You can rest assured that we won't keep you waiting on hold and that you'll be connected to a real person in your area whenever you call. We intend to transition away from conventional sources of power, contributing to the warming of the planet and the depletion of resources. Our mission is to make it possible for every family and business in Australia to obtain power from a renewable source that is also good for the environment.

    365 Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 365 564

    Solar power has a significant influence, and renewable sources of energy are unavoidable. Create your supply of clean energy, reduce the amount you pay for electricity, safeguard yourself against future rate increases, and put the money you save towards improving your quality of life. The payback is enormous, and you have the added benefit of positively impacting the natural world by acting responsibly towards it. In addition to being your neighbourhood provider of solar solutions, we are a member of the Clean Energy Council and a retailer approved by the Clean Energy Council.

    Our Services.

    We can provide you with household and commercial solar panels if that's what you're looking for.


    At 365 Solar Australia, our primary areas of expertise include the distribution, installation, and upkeep of solar energy systems for residential and commercial buildings. We are experienced solar installers, and we have the resources and know-how necessary to provide flawless installation services. This will allow you to get the most out of your investment. As a result, we can meet all of your requirements, whether for installing solar panels in a residential or business setting. Get in contact with us if you have any further questions.


    We will do a rooftop examination of your property using cutting-edge methods and technologies as part of our attempts to develop the most effective system possible for you. This analysis will be carried out in the best possible manner.

    We will present you with a design package, along with metrics and performance projections, for a complete solar power system that is suitable for your roof and your desired outcome, if your house azimuth (the direction the rooftop faces), roofing material, roof pitch, and shading areas are appropriate for a solar system. If they are not, we will not be able to instal a solar system on your roof.


    We intend to develop a close working relationship with you in order to plan and carry out the installation of a solar energy system that is certain to improve your company's bottom line and boost its income by lowering its operating expenses. We aim to reduce your monthly electricity bills by as much as possible, if not entirely. We will analyze your commercial space using cutting-edge design tools, taking into account all relevant aspects and paying close attention to the tiniest of particulars to guarantee an effective and productive solution.


    We at 365 Solar Australia are committed to providing you with solar battery storage solutions that will help you achieve energy independence. You can save power for times when you require it the most thanks to our solar battery storage technology, which is both efficient and effective. We want to ensure you can get the most out of your solar panels.

    With the help of our solar battery storage, you will be able to reduce the amount of energy you use from the grid while still using the stored power on cloudy days or when it is nighttime. You can count on us to do everything for your requirements, and as a dependable supplier, we are able to provide you with the most recent breakthroughs in solar technology. Get in contact with us if you are interested in learning more about the various solar batteries available.


    At 365 Solar Australia, we provide you with state-of-the-art solar monitoring tools to accurately measure the amount of energy produced by your system. Monitoring systems are an add-on that may be utilised effortlessly with other systems. They provide this function as an add-on.

    Monitoring solar panels are vital to ensuring that they are operating correctly and producing the amount of electricity forecasted. If you have placed solar panels in your home, you must check the reading on the metre at least once per week. This will provide you with an idea of the output performance of your solar panels, and if there is a problem, you will be aware of it.

    Advanced Energy Management Solar Installer Melbourne

    1800 247 985

    Independence From The Continuously Increasing Cost Of Electricity

    We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to Advanced Energy Management, your one-stop-shop for solar power solutions, including system design, installation, service, maintenance, repair guidance, and warranty information. We are here to help homeowners and business owners across Australia discover freedom from the financially ruinous cost of electricity, and we will do so with your assistance.

    Our in-house team of Clean Energy Council accredited and approved solar technicians provide personalised and tailored energy solutions so that you can experience significant long-term financial gains and relief from the grid.

    Don't Give It Up! You've Earned It!

    Your next vacation should be paid for by the sun. In approximately three years, most systems will have paid for themselves. After that, every kWh that your system generates is money saved that can be enjoyed for the next twenty or more years.

    Finance With No Or A Low Initial Deposit

    Through the ties we have established with several financial institutions, we can quickly and easily arrange green loan financing for your house and your business, allowing you to make a smooth and uncomplicated transition.

    Products Of The Highest Quality In Tier 1

    A solar system installation needs to be made up of high-quality components backed by solid, extensive warranties to have more than twenty years' lifespan. Anything less puts your infrastructure at risk of failing within a few years.

    Contact The Installer Directly For All Transactions.

    You can have the belief that you will receive the finest solar solutions from the best electricians. No subcontractors, no middlemen, just us.

    Our Expertise


    Take advantage of solar energy to cut down on one of the most significant expenses businesses must bear. You might slash up to 80 per cent off the cost of your monthly energy expenses. Get in touch with us and ask how to proceed.


    Installing a solar energy system in your home provides security against the unpredictability of the future of fossil fuels. Take control of your energy source and ensure long-term independence from steadily increasing electricity prices.


    We have provided better solutions for more efficient electricity generation and consumption for over 30 years and have seen it throughout that time. Store, reroute and store your energy for optimum savings. Because of electricity prices in the world, there is every incentive to modify the way things are done in the energy sector. 

    Solar experts from Advanced Energy Management are available to assist households and business owners anywhere in Australia in achieving financial independence by reducing the crippling cost of electricity. Don't be shy about getting in touch with us in order to get additional information on everything related to energy, including questions about solar power solutions.

    SolarHub Installer Melbourne

    03 9043 2387

    When we added the market ten years ago, one of the first things that jumped out to us was how much inconsistent information was being given.

    We aimed to make that difference. Our goal was to establish a reliable service provider who would supply our customers with only the highest quality recommendations and goods. And that is just what we have acted upon. We have effectively integrated traditional customer service with cutting-edge technology, making the entire process simpler and more dependable from the beginning to the end.

    Solar Energy

    Solar energy is beneficial for the owners of homes and businesses for a variety of reasons, including lower costs for power generation, positive effects on the environment, and possible increases in property values.

    How solar works

    1. Solar photovoltaic, or PV, panels turn the sun's rays into direct current electricity.
    2. This DC electricity is then put via an inverter, which transforms it into usable AC electricity that can be fed into the house.
    3. The smart metre records both the amount of energy that is consumed and any surplus that is produced.
    4. The added power is fed back into the power grid.

    Eastern Energy Solutions Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 755 125

    Since 2014, Eastern Energy Solutions has taken great delight in completing all of its projects successfully.

    Whether our devotion to the drive towards sustainable energy or our dedication to keeping up with the most recent technological advancements, we are always looking for methods to make the experience of dealing with our company as smooth and educational as is humanly possible for our clients.

    You may anticipate unparalleled results in every aspect of electrical, automation, air conditioning, and solar energy work. First, find out why Eastern Energy Solutions is the best Solar Services Installer in Victoria by reading up on the company's credentials. Then, get your no-obligation estimate right away!

    Our Solar Services

    • Solar power systems that are linked to the grid
    • Grid-connected Solar and storage systems (Hybrid)
    • Commercial solar and battery storage systems greater than 100 kilowatts
    • Solar power systems that are not connected to a grid.
    • Power backup in the event that the grid goes down
    • recharging stations for electric vehicles
    • Battery- and solar-powered gate motors
    • Upkeep in addition to repair work

    Why us?

    We firmly believe that using solar power will become the norm in the future. Solar power represents one of the best investments a house or business owner can make in this day and age due to the continuously rising cost of electricity. As a result, your overhead costs will go down, the value of your home will go up, and it will be better for the environment.

    As your local solar panel installers in Melbourne, we distinguish ourselves from the large solar firms by providing high-quality products and services in addition to sound advice in an atmosphere free of sales pressure. This sets us apart from the competition. Your contentment is essential to our accomplishments.

    Total Solar Solutions Installer Melbourne

    03 9729 0076

    Solar Panels Melbourne

    We spend less on your monthly energy expenses while contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Households and small businesses across Australia may be eligible to receive a benefit to assist with the purchase cost of installing a small-scale renewable energy system, including solar systems, thanks to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which the federal government runs. 

    Solar systems are included in this category. The benefits you receive will be determined by a number of factors, such as the location in which you live, the date the system was installed, and the total amount of electricity produced by the system.

    In addition, the state government of Victoria is providing solar panel and battery refunds, which will enable qualified homes in the state to purchase a solar energy system of high quality that is also reliable, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

    Give-in tariffs are an additional method to generate money off your solar system. This method compensates you for the excess electricity you feed back into the grid. Get in touch with Total Solar Solutions right now to better understand these solar rebates and incentives and discover how they can assist you in taking advantage of the benefits solar power offers.

    Are You Looking For A Business That Will Address You By Name?

    Your primary goal is to provide consumers with solar items of the highest possible quality that can be found in Australia. We are not simply another solar energy provider...

    Since its founding in 2012, Total Solar Solutions Australia has become one of the most reputable solar companies in Victoria, thanks to its unwavering commitment to putting the needs of its customers first and its reputation as a provider of high-quality products. Our goal is to supply households in Victoria with products of the greatest quality that can be found anywhere in Australia, with a particular focus on the quality of our craftsmanship and the support and satisfaction of our customers.

    What are the advantages of going solar for your family?

    • Spend less on the ever-increasing cost of electricity.
    • Make it possible for our children to inherit a more sustainable world.
    • Rebates on both the federal and state levels in Victoria
    • Raise the market value of your home.
    • Simple in its upkeep

    United Solar Energy Installer Melbourne

    1800 007 235

    United Solar Energy – Your Solution

    United Solar Energy was founded in 2009 to make the world a more environmentally friendly place in the future and reduce the number of carbon footprints left by households, organisations, and governmental bodies.

    United Solar Energy has built a name as a renowned leader in the field of renewable energy engineering by remaining committed to supplying customers with solar systems of the highest possible quality and offering various solutions. This commitment continues to this day.

    Custom Solar Solution

    Even while the requirements for power consumption in homes and places of business are constantly very comparable, each of our solutions has been crafted from the ground up to cater to the particular requirements for power consumption that you have.

    We tailor the solar panel and battery solutions we provide for you to match your unique requirements for energy, taking into account how you use it now and how you anticipate using it in the future.

    Some of our specialities are as follows:

    • Evaluation of the Land and the Roof
    • Appliance Needs to be Based on the Aspect of the Roof and the Amount of Shade
    • Review of the power metre and billing system Utility demand forecasting Business requirements analyses
    • Peak & Off-Peak Demands
    • Evaluations on the Use of Machinery
    • Professionals in Three Phases
    • Consultants to the Government on Grants and Rebates
    • Bill Assessment & Projection Metre Connection
    • Multi-Site Installations
    • Tools for Advanced Management and Remote Management of Computer Systems

    Repairs & Installations

    Our home, commercial, and government products utilise the most up-to-date technologies and products designed and manufactured to the highest standards. With all necessary certifications and compliance with ISO standards.

    We give a full 15-year warranty on all our products and stand behind our customers through every process step.

    Suppose there are any problems with your system. In that case, our certified experts will arrive on-site as soon as possible to service or repair it to function at its highest possible efficiency level.

    EnergySpec Electrical Solar Installer Melbourne

    03 9885 7834 

    Welcome to EnergySpec Electrical

    We are experts in the fields of Electrical Contracting as well as Renewable Energy. We are a corporation that places a significant emphasis on and dedication to quality. We are concerned about it, unlike many other businesses that merely talk about it. 

    This is demonstrated by our mentality, the materials we use, the quality of our craftsmanship, the design principles, and our real and trustworthy approach to all we do. We are a modest to medium-sized company with our headquarters in Melbourne, and we are completely committed to catering to the requirements of our patrons.

    Solar Services

    EnergySpec Electrical is Melbourne's go-to authority on all things solar. We work in all facets of solar around Melbourne, including in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, and our services are available citywide. We have Solar power installers qualified to work in the home and commercial settings. We will only provide you with high-quality Solar installations and power to meet your requirements.

    Take control of your power bills.

    The installation of a solar power system is an excellent financial investment. EnergySpec Electrical offers a choice of sustainable and energy-efficient technology to help you lower your energy expenditures. Only the best goods are used in the designs and installations we provide. We have a solution for you if you want a solar system for your home or company and want to lower the amount you spend on your monthly energy bills.

    • Residential Solar
    • Commercial Solar
    • Maintenance

    Solar On Panels Installer Melbourne

    1300 770 9087 

    We are a leading solar firm focused on delivering a solar system of the highest possible quality. We are well aware that the only way for us to expand is to assist you in selecting the ideal solar system; thus, we take the time to listen, comprehend your requirements, and suggest an excellent solar system that effectively lowers your payment.

    Solar on Panels is a company based in Australia owned by a family. They have a group of knowledgeable specialists on their staff, including sales executives and accredited installers. Because our crew is meticulous in their installations, you can rest confident that everything will be taken care of at each stage, beginning with the initial phone contact and continuing until the system is installed and running to the complete and utter pleasure of each and every one of our clients.

    Why Should You Decide To Go With Solar On Panels?

    • Accredited solar designer working within the company
    • Installer of solar panels that are accredited in-house
    • A-grade electricians working within the building
    • Internal professional marketing and sales representatives

    LB Solar Installer Melbourne


    Solar Installation Melbourne - Trusted Local Team, Quality Products, And Amazing Deals On Solar Panels

    Residents in Melbourne interested in installing a solar energy system should unquestionably go with LB Solar.

    We have years of experience in the solar industry and are able to provide high-quality solar goods at affordable prices alongside a network of reliable local teams. In addition, we will ensure that your solar installation goes off without a hitch and is as efficient as possible, resulting in cost savings for your monthly energy costs.

    We are able to provide you with the most competitive pricing on solar panels, inverters, batteries, and installation because of our exclusive collaboration with the leading panel suppliers in Australia.

    We take the time to perform a comprehensive pre-installation examination, ensuring that each system is installed appropriately and will deliver years of trouble-free operation.

    What benefits should you anticipate from having your solar system installed in Melbourne?

    LB Solar Melbourne is a provider of solar energy solutions and has been doing so for several years.

    Our business is well recognised as one of the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers of solar solutions in Australia. We have a long history of delivering products and services of the highest possible quality to our clients at all times.

    Installers of solar panels, which are highly qualified, accredited, and hold valid licences and insurance, are members of our network.

    As a direct consequence of this, we have an outstanding track record of customer satisfaction, as a result of which our clients routinely suggest us to their friends and relatives.

    The following are some further compelling arguments in support of LB Solar Melbourne's status as the most reliable brand name in solar installation throughout the state of Victoria.

    • You get an honest opinion.
    • You qualify for the highest possible amount of tax rebates.
    • You receive things of the greatest possible quality.
    • You get an installation certified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).
    • You will receive the best possible level of service.

    Lightning Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 009 889

    Lightning Solar is an independent solar retailer that has assisted thousands of people in Australia in making the transition to solar energy stress-free. The goal is to become the largest solar farm in Australia by the year 2022, and we now have operations in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. You can believe that we are the industry leaders since we provide a comprehensive range of solar services, including the installation of solar panels and solar batteries, commercial solar, and all solar rebates.

    Who Are We?

    Lighting Solar is an independent solar supplier that has assisted thousands of people in Australia in making a "stress-free transition to solar energy." We are conducting business in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, intending to be one of the largest solar farms in Australia by the year 2022.

    Why Choose Us?

    It is safe to state that you are in good hands with the over 150+ reviews with a perfect scores that have been left on Google, SolarQuotes, and Facebook. An area of concern is the installation of solar panels of the highest possible calibre for Australians. Because electrical experts run this business, you may rest assured that the quality of the work will exceed that of the industry.

    What Do We Do?

    We help homeowners transition to a cheaper and more ecologically friendly future by installing solar panels on their homes. This helps homeowners make a move to a more sustainable future. In addition, we are CEC-accredited, which enables you to collect solar rebates through our company. Our areas of expertise include installing solar panels, installing solar batteries, and installing commercial solar systems.

    In Australia, We Are Considered To Be One Of The Premier Solar Providers For The Following Reasons:

    Genuine High-End Solar Panel Installation

    The installation of high-end solar panels comes very naturally to us. Thankfully, the perseverance of our team has allowed our ambition to become a reality.

    We take great satisfaction in that our service has received over 150 reviews with a rating of five stars or higher. We have assisted more than 3,000 people in Australia in making the transition to solar energy without any hassle. As a result, our clients can avoid ever-increasing electricity expenses and are already living in a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

    Impeccable Customer Service

    At Lightning Solar, we always put the needs of our consumers before all other concerns. Because of this, we are taking full responsibility for supplying our customers with options that may not be available from other businesses. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with our staff from the very beginning, thanks to our service's heightened sense of personalisation.

    Because of this, they will be able to provide you with solutions suitable for your home and your needs. In addition, the breadth and depth of our team's industry expertise is something they are eager to share with you. As a consequence, you are free to relax in the knowledge that the management of your solar system is being handled by professionals with vast knowledge in the field.

    Fast, Low-Cost, High-Value Service

    Our low-cost, high-quality service has garnered us an excellent reputation. We are pleased to provide you with our service because it has consistently received glowing 5-star ratings across multiple platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Solar. So immediately give us a call to learn more about our staff and discover the specific reasons why we are so good at what we do.

    Integra Energy Group Solar Installer Melbourne

    03 8786 8764

    Solar Panels Melbourne

    Solar energy is going to dominate in Australia in the years to come. It should be obvious at this point if it weren't clear. The domestic solar panel will be the most important component of this future. Recent technological advancements in solar panels have made it possible for homeowners to instal systems that render their homes in Australia completely carbon neutral and environmentally friendly. 

    Solar power for houses can lower monthly energy expenditures and even eliminate the requirement for using electricity from outside sources. Integra Solar is now offering solar electricity to individual households, allowing homeowners to considerably cut their carbon footprints and significantly boost their energy savings. Our solar panel installers are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. We offer individualised solutions for each of our clients, ensuring that you will achieve the highest possible level of success concerning the aesthetics and functionality of your installation.

    Installers And Maintainers Of Solar Systems Who Can Be Trusted

    Integra Solar is well recognised as one of Australia's most reliable solar panel installers and maintenance specialists. Our industry-leading solar energy storage system service now offers on-site installation in numerous locations across Australia, including Queensland, Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney, Victoria, Western Australia, and many other cities and towns. In addition, we offer prompt emergency maintenance visits at every house and office we serve.

    In addition to having built-in fail-safes that are redundant, our battery packs and solar systems are states of the art, and you can have peace of mind knowing that our personnel will be on top of any situation that may emerge thanks to this. When you work with Integra Solar, you get installation services for solar batteries and panels that are among the best in the industry and have access to emergency maintenance services anytime you require them. Owners of residential and commercial property in Australia can benefit from our service's peace of mind and convenience.

    Eco Relief Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 306 0098

    At Eco Relief, we are deeply committed to preserving our natural resources' quality and working daily towards a more sustainable future. For example, we will be able to leave a more sustainable energy footprint for future generations if we work together to improve the way people use electricity around the world. As a result, we invested significant money into developing renewable energy solutions across Australia.

    Since then, our business has expanded, but the fundamental principles that guide us have not changed. Home and business owners have much to gain from working with Solar Naturally. We hope that by putting our knowledge to good use, we can assist individuals and the environment.

    We are of the opinion that putting money into solar energy is like putting money into the future. We are a customer-focused business that walks you through each step of the process of installing solar panels in Melbourne, regardless of the scale of your project. We can guarantee a high level of service because we are an accredited installer.

    Electric Solar Panels are a solution that is accessible to everyone thanks to Eco Relief's ability to provide customers with the most recent technology advancements at the most competitive pricing. Our solar power generation is among the most efficient in all of Melbourne.

    For A Solar System Australia Trusts

    We will see that all of your requirements are satisfied and that you receive the most effective renewable energy system possible. As a result of our solid relationships with reputable vendors, we are in a position to provide the appropriate solution for the project. From the design stage through that of maintenance, the experts we employ work towards achieving maximum effectiveness.

    Why Choose Us

    Save The Planet

    In addition to all the material benefits, switching to solar power allows you to pass on a healthy planet to your offspring.

    Cut Your Bill

    Installing solar panels has been shown, over and over again, to result in significant reductions in the cost of one's monthly energy costs.

    Control Your Energy

    Solar energy gives homeowners and business owners more control over their power consumption! Both residential and commercial Eco Relief solar panels in Melbourne provide you with the power to create your electricity through the use of solar panels, which are gaining in popularity all the time.

    Solar Nextgen Installer Melbourne

    1800 370 736

    The Most Reliable Solar System Installation Company In Australia, For Your Home Or Business

    Solar NextGen is your solar solution partner. We believe that a solution that utilises solar power will result in more efficient use of renewable energy and a cleaner environment. Solar panel systems don't wind up in landfills. We provide a variety of flexible solar panels and a lot more to meet our goal of providing efficient power to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

    Are you looking for the best solar installers in Queensland, Melbourne, or Sydney to meet your home or commercial requirements?

    In the end, Solar Nextgen developed into one of the solar installation businesses in Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, or Melbourne that has had the greatest expansion rate and is approved by the CEC. Our goal as solar installers in Sydney is to make your future more secure by utilising solar panels that are both affordable and long-lasting. Melbourne home solar panels, commercial solar panels, solar inverter, solar panels. Originally founded as a research and development facility.


    Using residential solar panels can help you save money on your monthly electricity expenses. Make your home run on solar energy.


    Purchasing commercial solar panels is a smart investment if you own a commercial property.


    Concerns over the environment are escalating exponentially with each passing day. Invest in future.


    Do you want your residential, commercial, or industrial space to be a part of the green energy revolution? As the contribution of industries to the total carbon footprint amount is, Do you want the number? Let's get it done as a team. We are one of the most successful solar companies in Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, and other areas of Australia, and our name is Solar Nextgen. We feel that by utilising Solar Power Solutions, we can give something back to Mother Nature in a constructive manner.

    Tesla Electrical & Solar Installer Melbourne

    0438 112 2344

    Accredited Solar Installers And Electricians

    Installers of solar power systems on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Melbourne. Solar power and solar panel solutions are our specialities at Tesla Electrical & Solar, and we serve the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Melbourne areas. That Have Spoken for Themselves in Their Results Tesla Electrical & Solar is an environmentally conscious and sustainable electrical contractor that strongly emphasises providing our clients with the best outcomes possible. 

    The solar solution that we provide for our clients has a positive effect on the natural world and is of the highest possible quality and environmentally friendly. You can expect a considerably higher rate of return on your investment as a result. Solar energy is a long-term and sustainable solution, and it may provide you with benefits immediately.

    Save With A Solar Installation

    We have over 20 years of expertise in the industry, and our clientele ranges from Melbourne to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Our company is committed to being environmentally responsible. Talk to any of our long-term customers who are happy with our service, and let us show you the outcomes of any system installations we've done. As a direct result of our high-quality products, services, and support, we have received many positive comments from satisfied customers.

    Tesla Electrical & Solar has eliminated all the challenging aspects of installing solar panels by understanding which methods produce the best outcomes for our customers and the environment. Every interaction with our clients is the beginning of a new relationship. This helps us guarantee that your monthly electricity costs will remain as low as possible.

    In addition, solar solutions of the highest quality care are available from our company for various system installations. With these kinds of outcomes, solar energy will be accessible to anyone. We are honest electricians experienced in all aspects of the solar power industry. We are concerned about achieving the desired outcomes for our clients and the surrounding environment.

    Supplying Australia With A High-Quality Product And Ongoing Service

    Tesla Electrical is a well-established business that provides electrical and solar installation services. Director Clayton Watson is in charge of the company.

    Tesla Electrical was founded in 2010 by Clayton as a response to his observations that the solar power sector suffered from a chronic shortage of QUALITY products and services.

    Clayton possesses electrical and contracting licences in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. In addition, he is an experienced Solar Designer and Installer, which means that you will get the best possible system tailored specifically to your home and conforms to national standards. In addition to possessing a comprehensive understanding of solar power and more than 20 years of experience working within the business, Clayton has earned accreditation in grid-connected photovoltaic systems with battery storage.

    We do not make concessions regarding the quality of our products or the level of service we provide, and we have conducted in-depth research to ensure that we provide our clients with the most appropriate options. According to Claytons, "any solar investment made with Tesla Electrical will have a return on investment in only three years and are built to last 20 years. One of the customers is satisfied with the outcomes their Solar Installations produce. Our interaction with consumers is the beginning of a long-term relationship, with service as the primary focus.

    Why Choose Tesla Electrical And Solar?

    • Tesla, Electrical and Solar are well-known names in the electrical and solar industries.
    • Tesla provides customers with individualised support on an ongoing basis.
    • Tesla will not make any concessions about the product. We feel our clients deserve nothing less than the best, which is why we only sell products of the highest possible quality. If you are concerned about the expense, we can assist you in obtaining financing.
    • Return on Investment (ROI) typically takes about three years to materialise.
    • The service that Tesla provides is in a league of its own, and we have customer reviews and cost comparisons to back up our claim.
    • Solar power and continuous service to our clients are where our attention is now focused.
    • Our company places a high premium on honesty and trustworthiness as core values.
    • Tesla is aware that deciding to purchase solar energy equipment can be a difficult choice for households. We provide help from the beginning to the end, and you will interact directly with Business Director Clayton Watson. Tesla does not have a "sales department" since the company is committed to offering its clients more personalised, supportive, and informative service.

    Solar Today Installer Melbourne

    1300 728 667

    Solar Today is a company that has been operating for over 12 years despite just starting in 2009. Since day one, we have been helping Victorians with their solar energy requirements while maintaining the same company name and contact numbers.

    Solar Today is an Australian-owned and -operated business that specialises in distributing and installing solar energy systems for residential and commercial properties. We only sell solar items from companies that have offices or distributors in Australia; this ensures that if there are any problems, we can immediately locate the appropriate person to help us fix them.

    Tier 1 Mono Modules

    Every one of our solar panels is a Tier 1 panel, which means that it was manufactured by a company that has a solid reputation in terms of its experience, bankability, and technical competence.

    100% Australian Owned

    Our business is conducted entirely within Australia, from beginning to end, and it is most likely that our headquarters are located in a local office not far from where you are.

    Australian Warranty

    We only sell solar equipment from companies with offices or distributors in Australia; this ensures that if anything goes wrong, you will have no trouble locating the appropriate person to help you solve the problem.

    One-stop Services

    We offer comprehensive services, beginning with the billing evaluation and ending with the grid connection.

    Quality Installation

    To ensure the highest possible level of workmanship during installation, every system is only handled by Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers.

    Active Monitoring

    Faults can happen. You can rely on the strength of patented algorithms to detect and diagnose problems or poor performance as soon as they occur.

    Warranty Promises

    We are special in upholding the integrity of our authentic, extended warranty assurances.

    Revolutionary Solar Installer Melbourne

    1300 296 003

    Solar Installers in Melbourne

    With the price of nonrenewable energy sources continuing to rise and reserves needing to be replenished, people worldwide are shifting their attention to installing solar systems in their homes and places of business. As a result of increased awareness among Melbourne residents' city residents regarding the significance and advantages of the alluring solar package deals provided by private and public sector organisations, the number of solar installers in the city has also increased significantly in recent years.

    Installing solar Power System in Melbourne

    Alternatives such as solar power are gaining more and more support recently for homes in Melbourne to consider as electricity prices continue to climb. Over two million households in Australia are equipped with solar technology, which may be solar panels, batteries, or other renewable energy sources.

    There is a growing interest in decentralising one's electricity supply in Melbourne and Australia. Because of the rapid increase in the cost of electricity and the numerous positive effects solar power has on the natural world, installing solar panels in Melbourne will only become a more lucrative business in the years to come.

    With significant years spent working in the solar installation industry, Revolutionary Solar is proud to be one of the most experienced solar installers in Melbourne, Australia. We offer the best possible standard solar products and services to customers in Melbourne as well as the rest of Australia. We work on several commercial and residential locations across Melbourne and deliver individualised solar system solutions tailored to each location's specific requirements. Revolutionary Solar is committed to aiding the people of Melbourne in realising the benefits of installing solar panels, including cheaper monthly energy bills and a smaller overall carbon footprint.

    Across Australia, Revolutionary Solar has been providing solar customers with both standard and bespoke options, resulting in customers that are both contents and overjoyed. As a result of steadily increasing utility costs, an increasing number of residents in Melbourne are expressing an interest in the installation of solar panels. In addition, solar panels can result in significant cost reductions due to their many advantages.

    The Advantages of Solar Power System

    Using solar power is a fantastic strategy for taking command of your energy consumption. Through the installation of solar power solutions that are both effective and affordable, companies and people in Australia are reclaiming power from the expensive national grid. More than two million homes in Australia have already switched to using solar energy. That number is expected to continue expanding as the price of energy continues to climb and the state of the environment continues to deteriorate. Once built, solar energy requires relatively little upkeep and can provide highly affordable and environmentally friendly electricity.

    We hope for the power of solar energy at Revolutionary Solar. Solar energy is not just an excellent method to cut costs; it is also an energy option that is sustainable and good for the environment, and it has the potential to alter how we use coal and other resources. We are satisfied to be able to assist Australian households and businesses in becoming a part of the new energy solution because we believe that individuals and communities both have the ability to contribute. 

    Revolutionary Solar is a certified solar installer in Melbourne. This means that the company is eligible and qualified to ensure that the installations follow the best practices in the industry as well as all necessary Australian Standards. As a result, in addition to providing the highest-quality solar panels, inverters, and installation services in Melbourne, we also have the most competitive prices.

    Revolutionary Solar in Melbourne

    Get in touch with our team of qualified specialists to obtain the highest certification possible from the government to implement the most lucrative solutions tailored to your spending limits and achieve your goals. From the design of residential solar panels to the design of commercial solar panels, our team of experts is able to provide you with advice and tailor the installation to be as suitable as possible for your requirements. The trustworthy, cost-effective, and effective installation provides consumers with benefits that are both immediate and long-term in nature.

    Because there is no reason not to install the best solar panels in Melbourne, given that your energy bills will be significantly reduced along with the additional benefits of free installation, a guarantee of the lowest installation price, and a comprehensive warranty, we have established ourselves as the leading Melbourne solar installers in the Australia.

    Solar power is the most cutting-edge technology that has already been used in 2 million homes across Australia. We do not doubt that you wish to be ahead of the curve and make use of the most innovative technology available to facilitate the state of the environment, cut down on emissions of glasshouse gases, and make a positive contribution to the development of a better world. Making the switch to solar solutions in day-to-day living can assist Australia in meeting its renewable energy target of 20 per cent by 2022. Invest in more advanced technologies to make the world a better place for children and grandchildren to grow up in.

    Pacific Solar Installer Melbourne

    (03) 8518 7845

    Pacific Solar is the industry leader when it comes to the installation of commercial solar systems in Australia. Businesses in every state can take advantage of our professional solar installation services, which come with a return on investment guarantee. So start saving money immediately and unleash the power of commercial solar.

    Commercial Solar Melbourne

    Melbourne businesses: insulate from power rises with commercial solar! Ten years ago, commercial solar power systems were odd when we first entered the solar business.

    However, in today's day and age, not only is a commercial solar system more affordable, but it is also, orders of magnitude, more efficient!

    Businesses of any size can realise significant cost reductions by implementing this energy solution:

    • Solar panels are at their lowest price in years.
    • Panels are the most efficient they've ever been
    • Solar battery technology is on the horizon.
    • Installers and businesses have refined the installation process.

    Regen Energy Solar Installer Melbourne

    03 9769 9065

    We are pleased to introduce you to Regen Energy, your local expert installing solar panels in Melbourne. Since 2012, our family-owned and -operated company has been successfully growing through natural means, and we have only recently expanded to build a specialised retail segment. The staff at Regen Energy can educate and motivate our customers as they install solar systems all across Melbourne since this allows us to convey the genuine benefits of switching to renewable energy. To have a conversation with a legitimate business promoting education and supplying Melbourne's solar power systems.

    Evolve And Move To Solar Panels Melbourne

    At Regen Energy, we are certain that an increase in the aggregate amount of solar electricity across Melbourne helps play an active role in the fight against climate change. This is why Regen Energy was created – to serve a greater purpose. We have had the opportunity to get some fantastic insight into the solar sector as a result of our many years of working with solar firms across Melbourne. We have installed systems for hundreds of homes and businesses during that time.

    We are unique in the oversaturated market for solar panels in Melbourne because we do not sell low-priced items, offer warranties that are good for an extended period, and place emphasis on communication and education. Many businesses are looking at solar for business in Melbourne, and all of them require a company they can put their faith in. Regen Energy is a genuine business that always acts professionally, with complete transparency and honesty.

    Why Choose Us

    Align with an ethical company

    We are here because we feel strongly about the importance of using renewable energy sources in the fight to reduce the effects of global warming. In addition to providing our customers with education, empowerment, and inspiration, we also support environmental movements and charitable organisations.

    Work with qualified electricians.

    Since our Managing Director has been installing solar panels since 2008, you can rest assured that the system you choose is technically sound and suitable for your requirements. In addition, we have a variety of in-house installation teams that are staffed by electricians who have had extensive training, are professionals, and are enthusiastic about their work.

    Reputable high, quality products

    We never sell or install anything that isn't technically advanced and of the highest quality, and all our goods come with extensive warranties. In addition, as a nation, we are moving towards the use of renewable energy sources, and as a result, we believe that the durability of a product is of the utmost importance.

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