Top 20 SEO Agencies in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Victoria is a great place for businesses to grow. If you're looking for an SEO agency in Melbourne, many options are to choose from. 

In this post, we'll list some of the best agencies in the area and provide information about each one. You can then decide which one is the best fit for your business. Thanks for reading!

Ultimate List of SEO Agencies in Melbourne

Ranked SEO Agency Melbourne

Ranked SEO & Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne


We help grow businesses that are starting up, scaling up or looking for a reboot. We build and optimise websites that please the Google Gods. Our websites rank higher locally & nationally, overtake competitors and acquire real people looking for what you do. We set up and manage Google & Facebook Ads that drive real attention to your brand, delivering calls, enquiries and new business opportunities.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

We help businesses succeed

We grow companies using advanced online marketing strategies. We build, promote and rank websites that drive traffic, enquiries, leads and phone calls.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial”, or “natural” search results on search engines.

All major search engines such as Google and Bing have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos, images or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Payment isn’t involved, as it is with paid search ads.



We’re process nerds. Every element of our businesses run on detailed, highly defined systems. This allows us to scale complicated tasks (like SEO) with minimal friction and cost. Specifically, we’ve mastered a process for cross digital marketing campaigns and have broken it down into 5 phases.


Deep analysis into marketing data, past campaigns and competitors to build the right strategy.

  • Industry research & competitor analysis
  • Understand what’s required to get results


The biggest increases in traffic and conversions come from improving your brand’s existing assets.

  • Basic improvements to social media, websites & ads create easy wins early on.


Creating new assets on (and off) your website let us spread your brand’s reach.

  • Content marketing, blogs and guide like articles
  • Social media, Google ads & acquisition campaigns
  • Additional main pages and supporting website content


Pushing your assets hard through owned, earned and paid outlets.

  • Google, Facebook and other PPC ad platforms


A review of what’s worked to date - scaling the winners, dropping the losers.

Who we are

A group of brainy marketers & code-savvy keyboard warriors that continuously reflect on the struggles of business growth, failure to secure online visibility, and the scuffles of targeted traffic.

We’ve been through the grind. We’ve experienced that feeling of required growth, coupled with the lack of strategy to achieve it. We’re all too familiar with the uncertainty of that next sale or phone call.

After years and countless hours of data research, reverse engineering & networking with some of the greatest minds in the SEO industry, we’ve developed the framework for successful organic traffic.

We’ve used this framework to rank large corporations & local businesses on the front page of Google, collectively bringing in hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, resulting in thousands of leads. We help businesses succeed.

We’re a growth agency

Our mission is to help our clients achieve growth through marketing and sales. We seek to unify the marketing and sales journey to deliver a more remarkable buyer experience and, ultimately, drive growth for our clients.

The digital space is transforming the way business is done today. Organisations need to be digital-first in order to attain an advantage. We help them.

As an agency that integrates technology, design, marketing, content, and digital strategy, we embrace hard problems and creative challenges in order to drive results.

Ranked’s process is data-driven and highly iterative. We cut through the clutter that burdens many organisations.

SEO Agency TopRankings Melbourne

1300 881 910

SEO Agency TopRankings has been trusted and proven since 2007 to deliver superior SEO results, qualified traffic and conversions across diverse industries Australia wide. With sales leads critical to your growth, our Unlimited Keyword Campaigns ditch the restrictive SEO Package models, ensuring you accelerate your business against your competitors.v

Our Track Record

SEO Agency Melbourne TopRankings is for you. If your business is searching for a proven, boutique and specialist SEO Agency small enough to care and one that represents growth motivated small to medium businesses, as well as Australia’s leading brands, we are the right fit.

Your business needs and deserves a highly customised, diagnostic and strategic approach by SEO experts for your SEO campaign. You are aware that achieving digital marketing success is only possible by engaging an agency that employs an ethical and controlled approach towards the number of clients represented in its portfolio at any given time. This dedicated stance translates to superior customer service and quality outcomes for your business growth. 

If you are interested in joining an agency that values a long term partnership approach with its clients and whose client working relationships often span for over 5 years, then get in touch with TopRankings for an obligation free discussion and website review.

Go Click On SEO Agency Melbourne

1300 442 643

Go Click On delivers top of the line IT services to grow your business’s online presence and expand your audience. We provide you with web design services and social media marketing services to create engaging content and take your branding strategy to the next level.

Website Design & Development

We create fascinating and engaging web designs that capture your audience’s attention in an instant. Whether it is an e-commerce website to multiply your sales or a responsive website for increasing your brand appeal, we serve you with a unique experience.

Digital Marketing & Graphic Designing

Leverage the power of the digital landscape with our portfolio of Social Media Marketing services and SEO services to generate and convert valuable leads into satisfied and loyal customers.

Our creative specialists will amplify your brand’s identity with eye-catchy and exquisite logo designs. We provide professional brochure design services and print media solutions, second to none in Melbourne.

FAQs About SEO

Originally developed by Moz, domain authority ranges from 1 to 100 that, determines the website’s ability to rank in search results and is used by many SEO tools.

Several factors, such as root domains and inbound link profile, determine your domain authority score. The higher your number, the better.

Google’s PageRank relates directly to the number of links your page has, among other things, and Google depends on this aspect of their software to determine the importance of a website.

The higher PageRank, the better your site will perform in search results. However, it’s important to note that while PageRank is a metric Google still uses internally, webmasters don’t have visibility to their own site and pages’ PageRank.


Pros and cons exist for both SEO and PPC, and it can be argued that a good internet marketing plan involves both.

However, while it may cost more upfront, SEO is ultimately more cost-effective in the long run and will deliver consistent results year after year.

Technical SEO is the first indication of a quality site, so optimising your technical SEO will increase your visibility to search engines.

Site speed is important because not only is it a direct ranking factor, but pages that take longer than 3 seconds have a substantial bounce rate.

Full Measure Digital SEO Agency Melbourne

03 9037 4041

Search marketing is more than wrangling data

Full Measure Digital provides more than just reports, audits, and high-level strategies. We don't believe in "good enough" or results that are only slightly above the bare minimum. Instead, we relentlessly pursue insights back to their source, understanding not only the what and when, but also the why, how, and what comes next. Because that is why you have come.

Paid Search, SEM

We understand the nuts and bolts of search engine marketing, as well as campaign metrics. Sure, we adhere to best practises... However, we are always willing to bend the curve and shape search marketing to meet the needs of our clients.

Paid Social

A strong audience segmentation strategy is essential for a successful social media campaign. When it comes to social media performance, Full Measure Digital takes a hybrid approach, combining data from multiple sources to assess the impact of social media campaigns on the business.

Digital Assembly SEO Agency Melbourne

1300 992 379

What Is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the practise of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through a combination of organic, local, and mobile search engine results. It's a long-term (but evergreen) strategy that can reach users at every stage of the purchasing process. Every day, potential customers are actively looking for your products or services.

If your website isn’t ranking on page one, then an effective SEO strategy will put you there and gift you all the rewards that come with it. We believe SEO is something all businesses should consider. And for a good reason.

Our SEO Process

Successful and sustainable SEO carefully balances highly technical expertise, engaging, consistent content and a backlink strategy focused on authority.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, our process considers every detail of your business, industry, competitors and goals.

Contevo SEO Agency Melbourne

1300 398 894

The benefits of working with a leading digital marketing agency.

Expert Team

Our digital marketing agency has a team of accomplished career digital professionals with diverse skills and experience.

Conversion Focused

Sales or lead conversions are always our goals. Our digital marketing services focus on what’s important, generating real business ROI.

Measurable Goals

The only way to measure ROI is to have clear targets. We work with you to assess your current state and create KPI’s.

Smith Brothers Media SEO Agency Melbourne

1300 721 135

It’s like marketing, but smarter.

From SBM's inception in 2012 to the present, marketing has been at the heart of how we assist our clients.It's a journey we've refined into fine art, with squads dedicated to your objectives and outcomes, working alongside you in a collaborative process to overcome obstacles and achieve results.

For us, smarter marketing means getting to know our clients, understanding what makes their business tick, then building a custom solution from the ground upwards to help them reach their goals.

PurpleSoft SEO Agency Melbourne

1300 990 382

Creating and running a successful business in the twenty-first century is difficult. PurpleSoft takes the time to understand the driving force behind your vision before developing digital marketing strategies that align with your objectives.

Our experts are adept at multiple facets of digital marketing and can help put your business on the digital map. You will benefit from industry secrets that only we have access to when you work with us. 


Google is positively teaming with prospects. Every moment thousands of searchers are looking for businesses like yours! We help to bring you to the forefront of customer attention.

We are a leading SEO Agency Melbourne

Contending for the top spot in the search engine ranking can be fierce, especially when your competitors have the assistance of a top SEO agency in Melbourne. It is an arduous task for business owners to get their business to the top of search engine results.

SEO Hacker Agency Melbourne

0488 854 749

With the growing rate of online users and digital business activity, companies and individuals are seeking SEO solutions to help them, their products, and their services to be discovered. SEO has become one of the most sought-after services in Australia.

A good SEO agency helps its clients grow as a company. This includes generating leads and conversions via organic search. Anyone can claim to be able to get you to the first page of search engine results, but what distinguishes our team is our guarantee that once you are there, you will stay there. Think of us as an extended arm of your business because we aim to increase your online visibility so that your potential clients can easily see how they can avail of your products and services.

SEO Geek Agency Melbourne

0402 992 553 

Are You Looking For an Experienced SEO Consultant?

For over a decade, I have been assisting small to a large businesses in Melbourne to build their brand and competitiveness through consistent traffic, increased ranking, and quality lead generation.

With expertise and a tailored approach, I have supported international companies across the automotive, hospitality and insurance sectors.

Melbourne SEO Services

 1300 662 970

“We treat your business like it’s our business.”

Our goal is to assist small to medium-sized business owners in maximising their marketing budget's return on investment (ROI). We accomplish this by increasing traffic to your website and then converting those visitors into customers. What distinguishes Melbourne SEO Services is that we are not bound by any single or specific method of marketing.

We seek out, systematise, and implement the most effective and profitable online business strategies available! We can assist with everything from SEO, content marketing, video, Google Adwords, and Business Catalyst migrations.

Next Gen I.T. Consulting SEO Agency Melbourne

0455 100 744


If you are looking for more and more effective means of marketing your business on the web, you may try a world of techniques, ideas and gimmicks. However, without the right. Knowledge and expertise of using those, results will still suffer. That’s where we come to save the day.

So seize it while you can. We are one of Melbourne's most result-driven, professional, and responsive digital marketing agencies. Furthermore, our prices will not burn a hole in your pocket, resulting in HIGH ROIs all the way.

Melbourne’s Trusted Digital Media Agency

Powered by numbers, fuelled by passion, NGITC delivers award-winning marketing campaigns that transform your business. Whether you want to increase conversions, build brand awareness, increase brand recognition, enhance brand credibility or make your phone ring with new customers from all over the world, our digital marketing agency in Melbourne can make that happen.

SEO Research Agency Melbourne


Would you like to get results from digital marketing but are unsure of where to start? SEO Research Agency is results driven digital marketing agency with years of experience in helping businesses succeed in maximising return on investment. Here’s what our customers say:

SEO Research Agency basically gets the results. They know exactly what they are talking about and will create a specific program of plans to achieve the target that are realistic and achieveable. They then actually deliver on time! What more could you ask for?


We look at how your business can adapt to changing Google algorithms, market demand, competitor movements and come up with a strategy to achieve your plan.


Some changes can impact the plan in the long run. It is our responsibility to come up with plans for you to improve at a point in time and achieve your goals.


We develop a plan based on the data and analysis we have derived from the research phase that fits your business and current market trends.


The truth of the matter is, there are lots of unexpected changes in the market. It is through quick adaptability you recover ahead of your competition and stay ahead of the game. We work closely with you on this capability.

Shannon Clarke SEO Melbourne



As a marketing consultant with a Melbourne office, my areas of expertise include SEO, Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Digital Strategy, and Communications. I spend my time working on marketing and SEO projects to assist companies of all sizes in developing their brands.



My content marketing services include Content Gap Analysis, Content Audits, Content Strategy, Content Reporting and Style Guides.


My SEO strategies aim to increase your businesses search visibility, ROI and efficiency. 

My SEO approach includes tasks such as Strategy, Keyword and Audience Research, Page Speed Optimisation, Content Creation, Competitive Research & Analysis, Mobile Optimisation, Technical SEO Audits, SEO Reporting, Website Accessibility and more.


I’ve helped many small businesses get online through designing and creating websites.

I can help you with the total process of getting online, including Website Design, Website Development and training with your chosen development platform. Find out more about website development through my boutique agency, Bravo Digital Marketing. 

Digital Surfer SEO Agency Melbourne

0421 119 111

There are more eyes online now than ever before – are they on your website?

It’s common practice to do your research online before making a booking or a purchase, from ordering new shoes to choosing a plumber, dentist or lawyer. The big question is, are you showing up where your customers are looking?

If you want your website to generate more sales by reaching more paying customers, then you need SEO. Get ahead of the competition with rock-solid digital marketing strategies that are designed to put your business in front of the customers who are searching for it. 

You’ll enjoy the benefits of working with our team of digital marketing, organic SEO and local SEO experts – who each have a proven track record of driving customers to your website and making the phones ring.

SEO Melbourne

03 9013 4541

SEO Melbourne Services

SEO Melbourne provides a full range of Melbourne based SEO digital marketing services. Our Melbourne based SEO services are transparent, ethical & result achieving.

SEO Melbourne Case Studies & Outcomes

At SEO Melbourne, our own SEO company results and that of our SEO clients speak for themselves. With every SEO client, Our SEO Company Melbourne team develops a unique white hat search strategy to get your business to the top of the search engine result pages. But also importantly, we increase the propensity for users to convert.

SEO Content Writing Melbourne

Our talented team of Melbourne based SEO content writers know how to speak the language of the modern-day web user and have experience writing for a variety of different industries. We write strategically with SEO and conversion in mind.

eMarket Experts SEO Agency Melbourne

1300 339 179

What Makes Us Different from Other Digital Agencies in Melbourne?

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. You need a specialist digital strategy tailor-made to suit your business. And that’s where we come in.

Working with you as a strategic partner, we’ll create a custom multi-platform digital solution designed to increase your online sales, grow your website traffic, improve your search rankings – whatever it is that’s most important to your business.

And you can forget the tech jargon. We prioritise communication. We clearly explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what results you can expect. Keeping you in the loop every step of the way, we monitor, analyse and refine our strategies to ensure you see the results you want.

Digital Search Group SEO Agency Melbourne

03 9844 5494

SEO Services Melbourne:

An SEO Company Melbourne Businesses Can Trust

It took some time for us to establish ourselves as a top SEO agency Melbourne companies are proud to endorse.  Just to give you some peace of mind, our SEO company is very different from many other Melbourne SEO companies.

The Melbourne SEO agencies that never deliver the desired results for their clients while contributing to the overall negativity that taints the Melbourne SEO industry. Instead, we put ourselves on the same level as the best SEO agencies Melbourne has to offer. We are honest, highly knowledgeable, have over a decade and a half of SEO experience, and are extremely transparent in client communication, which builds trust and credibility. To summarise, we are the best at what we do: providing an outstanding SEO service Melbourne business owners can rely on to achieve their desired search results while also providing a significant return on investment.

WooClicks SEO Agency Melbourne

(03) 7037 3400

Digital Marketing Agency Wooed for Great Results

With the aid of our cutting-edge, world-class expertise in site design, SEO, and paid advertising, we assist enterprises in scaling new heights. We have worked with Australian companies of all kinds, from start-ups to major enterprises, for almost ten years.

As your digital marketing agency partner, we help you choose the right quantity and the combination of solutions to suit your budget as well as the quality that is essential for your business growth.

Our Services

With our digital marketing services, unlike others, we cut the jargon and focus on delivering results. We don’t lock our clients into long term or complex project contracts. Instead, we deliver what we promise: the performance and the quality in a timely manner as we go, to help you reach your desired goals within your budget.

SEO Company in Melbourne

(03) 9016 9287

We are a digital Australian marketing company providing guaranteed online Google strategies.

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