Top 20+ Public High Schools Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Interested in attending a public high school? Not all high schools are the same, and not every institution will be a suitable fit for your child is an essential fact that you should be aware of. You may assist in guaranteeing that your child has the greatest high school education possible by conducting some research, visiting a few schools, and possibly applying to high schools outside of the area reassigned.

Your neighbourhood school and any other schools in the region are likely to be included in this category; nevertheless, you shouldn't restrict your search to the schools in your immediate community. Your youngster is in a class with other children; where are they going? Where do the children of your neighbours hang out? Instead, inquire with the community leaders about their impressions of the educational institutions in the communities immediately adjacent to and surrounding your own. If you ask around, you can find out the schools that people have been pleased with and from which children graduate and move on to reputable career-training programmes or colleges.

You can also check out the list that we have below. Here are our top public high schools in Melbourne, Victoria.

Many high schools continue to use the "traditional" schedule with six or seven periods a day (sometimes eight), lasting 45 and 60 minutes.

Every student should have an allotted time in their school schedule for a free period. Whether they need to get work done, ask teachers questions, or want a break from school work, free periods are a good way to grant students what they need to be as productive as possible.

The module follows Google guidelines and adds FAQ schema.

While being a good student might be easier for some, it is possible for nearly everyone, as long as you are willing to work. Essentially, it comes down to building good habits and making good choices. Keep reading for a few tips. Getting straight As isn't a matter of just hoping for As.

High schools aren't properly preparing students for the "college experience." If you analyze students entering college, they lack the skills necessary to be successful. Skills such as studying, memorisation, and test-taking abilities are not being properly taught to the students.

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    Ultimate List of Public High Schools Melbourne

    Auburn High School - Public High School Melbourne

    03 9822 3248

    Our goal is to become the institution of secondary education that is first-choice for students, where high-quality instruction keeps students interested and motivates them to achieve their goals in life. Facilities at Auburn High School are among the best in the area, and the school's academic offerings are both tough and forward-thinking.

    We are dedicated to providing a rigorous educational experience for all of our students, as well as fostering a desire for personal achievement, connectedness to the outside world, and a love for learning. The Department of Education and Training recognised Auburn High school as an Influence School in 2018 and 2019, based on the school's positive impact on student learning growth and accomplishment.

    Our Vision

    Our goal is to build a high-achieving school in which each and every one of our students feels both challenged and engaged by the high-quality teaching and learning that they receive and where they are also given opportunities to participate in activities that enable them to develop the competencies necessary to become successful global citizens.

    Every student at Auburn High School is encouraged to be an inquisitive and interested learner, and they are also pushed to work together with their classmates and teachers. Our educational setting is contemporary and well-organised, and we prioritise the development of cordial and considerate interactions among our students. Our school's DARE values—which stand for diversity, aspiration, respect, and excellence—serve as the foundation for everything we do and contribute to the establishment of the encouraging and inclusive environment that our school enjoys.

    Canterbury Girls' Secondary College - Public High School Melbourne

    +61 3 9830 5098

    Welcome from the Principal

    The Canterbury Girls' Secondary College has established and preserved a stellar reputation as an outstanding institution for the education it provides to young women. Students are educated in a setting that places a premium on hard work and dedication to their studies and which actively promotes high accomplishment in all areas of endeavour.

    The College places a significant amount of emphasis on students exerting their best effort, students pushing themselves to new limits, and students making the most of any and all changes that come their way. As a learning community, we have high expectations not just for the teaching staff but also for the students, and we provide a learning atmosphere that encourages the achievement of the greatest possible results for each and every student.

    Balwyn High School - Public High School Melbourne

    9819 7913

    We are dedicated to both excellence and community, and one of the ways we demonstrate this commitment is by encouraging and helping each and every staff member and student to achieve their full potential. We hold all members of our community to the highest possible standards, and we acknowledge and celebrate accomplishment in any and all of its manifestations with pride.

    Our well-known ethnic diversity not only helps us to remain powerful but also creates the most genuine educational settings for each and every member of our school's community to take advantage of.

    We recognise the importance of the trust that has been placed in us to cultivate kids who will develop a passion for learning, continue their education after leaving our school, and go on to effectively make their way in the world and have an impact.

    FAQs About Public High Schools

    Melbourne High School - Public High School

    +61 3 9826 0713

    About Melbourne High School

    The only selective state school in Victoria that admits boys solely in Years 9–12, Melbourne High School is a boys-only institution. The School continues to uphold its reputation as one of the best educational institutions in Australia, and it is responsible for the nation's most brilliant thinkers and influential leaders. ​

    The history of Melbourne High School, also known as MHS, can be traced back to 1854, when the National Model School was founded. The School changed its name to the Continuation School in 1905, at which time it also declared itself to be the first state secondary school in the state of Victoria. It is a supplier of comprehensive academic education for boys in years 9 to 12 across the entire state.

    The school has a total enrolment of 1365 pupils, with roughly 340 pupils enrolled in each of the four academic years (year 9, year 10, year 11, and year 12). The School chooses its students based on their performance on a competitive examination and a tiny amount of leeway. Additionally, in Years 10, 11, and 12, there is a supplementary intake of students. Students at this school come from a diverse range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and the majority of them are residents of the wider metropolitan area of Melbourne as well as locations in the interior of the state. The success of the School can be attributed, in large part, to the continual presence of a cultural mix that is both dynamic and varied.  

    Box Hill High School - Public High School Melbourne

    03 9877 1178

    We place students at the centre of our thriving and supportive learning community, and our excellent results are a direct result of the positive attitudes exhibited by our students, the support from our parents and community partnerships, and our dedication to providing high-quality instruction and learning opportunities. 

    As you navigate through our website, you will come across images of students from all grade levels engaging in activities that bring them the joy of learning and achieving, such as working together in the classroom, on the sports field, at camps, debating, school productions, and participating in international exchanges in China and Germany. This effort exemplifies the respect and friendliness that are so vital to the encouraging atmosphere that serves as the foundation for our culture of high standards and excellence.

    To prepare our students for success in the 21st century, we encourage them to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly and with confidence, and cultivate the optimistic mindset that is essential for such achievement. Our graduates are self-motivated students who continue their education throughout their lives, as well as ethical and responsible global citizens who are resilient and optimistic about the future.

    Suzanne Cory High School - Public High School Melbourne

    03 8734 2803

    The primary objective of the school's academic programme is to give intellectually and creatively gifted kids an academic curriculum that is both demanding and rigorous, as well as a comprehensive extracurricular programme that is meant to enhance the students' learning.

    Research that was done on kids who had high levels of accomplishment and was recognised internationally as having best practices served as the basis for the school's complete curriculum as well as the teaching and learning style that is used there.

    Nossal High School - Public High School Melbourne

    03 8762 4603

    Welcome to Nossal High School

    It was the first fully academically rigors coeducational Government High School in the state and is one of only four academically selective high schools in Victoria. The Nossal High School student body is made up of responsible adults who value education highly and have high aspirations for their future.

    The buildings have a high level of technology and information and communications technology (ICT), and they are designed similarly to those found in universities. Our community is able to gain access to programmes and facilities at both the secondary and tertiary levels as a result of our location, as well as our partnership with Monash University, Federation University, and Chisholm Institute. This allows for the development of rich links and opportunities that are both stimulating and taxing.

    We provide a diverse array of curricular and co-curricular activities and programmes, all of which are heavily impacted by the students who attend our school and who have an active and genuine voice in the administration of the institution. Alongside a rigorous academic curriculum, we provide extensive opportunities for our students to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, including artistic expression, musical performance, community service, cultural immersion, social engagement, and leadership development.

    Buckley Park College - Public High School Melbourne

    +613 9331 9993


    Since its founding in 1963, Buckley Park College has been offering students from Essendon and the suburbs in the surrounding area great educational options. The phrase "Build Your Wings" is the school's motto, and it is meant to represent the significant role that the school plays in fostering the intellectual and personal growth of its students in order to better prepare them for a successful and joyful future. A significant number of graduates have gone on to become influential figures in a variety of fields, including business, the professions, and their communities.

    Students at Buckley Park College participate in an educational experience that is both comprehensive and integrated. Throughout the course of their secondary education, students methodically build the knowledge, skills, and understandings that are necessary for them to successfully progress and continue their education at a higher level. Challenge, encouragement, and support for students to achieve outstanding academic achievements in both core and co-curricular programmes are provided by teachers who are highly qualified and committed to their work. This is done while simultaneously supporting students' growth into adulthood and citizenship.

    Vermont Secondary College - Public High School Melbourne

    +61 3 8872 6303

     This college preparatory institution is coeducational and places a strong emphasis on curricular innovation, outstanding academic accomplishment, and a comprehensive extracurricular programme.

    The motto of the Virginia State Campus, "Lift Up Thine Eyes," provides the college community with a moral purpose, philosophical guidance, and academic foundation. The college's ideals of integrity, respect, and excellence serve as a reflection of the ethos of the college. In all of our endeavours and interactions, we strive to be progressive, forward-thinking, positive, and optimistic. We are continually working to enhance not only our own methods of operation but also the outcomes of the education that our students receive.

    By focusing on these three primary objectives, our Strategic Plan for the Years 2021–2024 brings even more attention to both our mission and our purpose.

    Mac. Robertson Girls' High School - Public High School Melbourne

    +61 3 9864 7703


    Rob, or "Rob", as it is more commonly known. Mac. Rob is one of the four selective admission schools in Victoria, and as such, it performs an important and inclusive role in the state by ensuring that students with similar interests and abilities are provided with a sense of connection, belonging, and challenge.

    Mac. Rob is renowned for producing excellent results, which are a direct result of our unwavering focus on growth and the development of students who are inquisitive, motivated, and critical thinkers. This reputation goes beyond the walls of our school's neighbourhood. Our school encourages students to be actively engaged in their education, and they are aware that we learn most effectively when we work together with others and that accomplishment is most satisfying when it is shared.

    We have faith in the ability of our students to make significant contributions to the school, and we encourage them to do so by encouraging them to work together with faculty members on learning and decision-making projects, as well as by providing ample opportunities for leadership, extracurricular activities, and community service.  

    Brentwood Secondary College - Public High School Melbourne

    03 8545 0303

    About Our College

     The College has a long and illustrious history of providing students from the surrounding region and beyond with educational opportunities; in 2019, it will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. There are currently 1625 students enrolled in Years 7-12 at the institution, which first opened its doors back in 1969. Because of the overwhelming demand for enrolment, the Department of Education has set the maximum number of students that can be enrolled at the school at 1625.

    All of the school's buildings, gardens, and grounds are kept in excellent condition, which instils a sense of pride in the community of students, teachers, and staff.

    The Student Family Occupation and Education (SFOE) density were calculated to be 0.2502, which places it in the low band. The lower the SFOE density, the higher the SFO percentile; conversely, the higher the SFOE density, the lower the SFO percentile. As a result, a higher SFO percentile indicates that students come from better-off families. Brentwood's SFOE percentile ranks between the 75th and 95th percentiles when compared to the performance of students at other government schools.

    McKinnon Secondary College - Public High School Melbourne

    (03) 8520 9009

    Principal's Welcome

     It has established a prestigious reputation for both academic success and instrumental musical prowess. Among Victoria's non-selective public schools, the college is usually considered as having one of the highest academic levels.

    The number of students applying for admittance into Year 7 is growing to be more than the number of available spots. Over the course of the past few years, there have been 100 additional applications for Year 7 than there have been open spaces. The majority of McKinnon's students have their sights set on further education after high school. The instrumental music programme here attracts participation from more than half of our student body.

    Our Ethos

    The mission of the McKinnon School is to foster the academic, physical, social, and emotional development of each and every student, as well as to cultivate the kids' innate gifts. We make it a priority to establish a supportive, nurturing, and secure learning atmosphere in which each and every student is afforded the opportunity to realise their academic potential. These opportunities for achievement are made possible by a curriculum that is rigorous and all-encompassing, as well as by a robust extracurricular programme.

    Brighton Secondary College - Public High School Melbourne

    +61 3 9592 7483

    We are a public, coeducational secondary college that was founded in 1955. We currently have over 1200 students enrolled in our school, ranging in age from 7th to 12th year, and we are proud of our long history of serving the Bayside community.

    We are dedicated to giving young people access to educational options that are all-encompassing, thorough, and varied in their scope. This is evident in the wide variety of academic and artistic courses that we provide our students with the opportunity to study.

    Our facilities are top-notch and include a sports stadium, a hockey/tennis field, a library with an extensive collection of books, a drama centre, a performing arts centre, a professions room, a media centre, and several more rooms. The da Vinci Center, which houses cutting-edge facilities in the fields of science, art, and technology, is another one of our many impressive facilities.

    Albert Park College - Public High School Melbourne

    +61 3 8695 9003


    One of the most innovative and forward-thinking secondary schools in Melbourne is called Albert Park College.

    The children who live in our inner-Melbourne bayside community are held to extremely high expectations in terms of their academic success, skill acquisition, artistic creativity, athletic prowess, and personal development.

    Our courses and programmes have been developed to accommodate these requirements, and they are taught by instructors who are highly motivated and qualified. Furthermore, they take place in contemporary and architecturally distinctive settings, and they make use of the most cutting-edge educational technologies.

    Because of the success that we have had since the school's founding in 2010, there is a significant amount of enthusiasm for the school not only in the surrounding neighbourhood but also beyond it. As a result, there is a high demand for student spots.

    Mount Waverley Secondary College - Public High School Melbourne

    +61 (03) 9887 9293

    The year 1964 marked the beginning of our learning community, which now boasts an impressive track record of accomplishments. It has a strong reputation for offering an academic learning environment, which results in a high percentage of our students getting admittance to tertiary education institutions. As a direct result of this environment, our students have an outstanding chance of succeeding academically.

    Our Vision

     We are profoundly dedicated to making the school and the surrounding community a better place, and we are active participants in the fight for social justice on the local, national, and international levels. We place strong importance on fostering healthy relationships among our students, their parents or caregivers, and our faculty. The college places a strong focus on "Community, Choice, and Engagement" as three of the most important aspects of student life.

    Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School - Public High School Melbourne

    03 8644 8645

    Students of secondary school age are given the opportunity to focus on music, dance, visual art, and theatre without jeopardising their academic success, thanks to the distinctive structure and culture of the institution. We have a diverse group of faculty members that are enthusiastic about arts education, and we have students who are devoted to the work that they perform.

    As you navigate through our website, the exceptional qualities of our educational institution will become readily apparent to you. What is more difficult to pass on is the unique culture that exists inside our artistic group and the positivity of our lives together each and every day. Our students are a tightly knit group of young people who offer each other support and encouragement. Our Instagram account, which can be found at @VCASecondarySchool, was intended to be a reflection of our daily lives.

    University High School - Public High School Melbourne

    03 9347 2023

    Welcome to University High School: a school with a proud tradition of excellence and a commitment to innovation.

    University High School has a long and proud history of serving its varied local community by providing exceptional educational opportunities. This tradition continues today. Our faculty, staff, and administration are only as good as the kids and families that they serve.

    Students who enrol at University High are welcomed into an exceptional learning environment that places equal emphasis on their emotional, social, and academic growth. This environment is guided by teachers who are innovative, passionate, and dedicated and who are experts in their respective fields.

    Our kids place a high priority on studying and working hard, which, together with the unwavering support of our families and the strong community partnerships we have, allows us to achieve exceptional academic outcomes. Students at University High School are actively engaged and inspired in and outside of the classroom, proving that this school is genuinely one in which learning takes precedence over all other activities.

    Students at University High School have an engaged understanding of the global world in all of its facets, including the political, social, economic, and environmental. Students are taught through our activities and curriculum to participate in critical thinking and to become active members of their communities as young citizens.

    East Doncaster Secondary College - Public High School Melbourne

    +61 3 9842 2245

    About Us

     We have 167 staff members, including 4 Principal classes, 122 Teachers, and 41 Education support personnel. Our staff consists of 137 people working full time equivalently.

    We are pleased to be multicultural, with over 40 different nationalities represented, and our programme for international students is quite successful. Among our pupils, forty-one per cent are enrolled in English for Speakers of Other Languages (EAL) classes. Literacy improvement has been given a lot of attention recently because more than 70 per cent of our students come from backgrounds where English is not their first language.

    Our institution has a long history of achieving the highest possible academic standards, and one of our primary missions is to foster and maintain a culture of reflective learning. We hope that children will have a feeling of accomplishment and progress in their academic, social, and emotional development while they are enrolled in our classes. We are making it a priority to include the idea of teaching the "whole child" as well as the concept of reflective practice in every aspect of school life.

    The data we have on the academic success of our students is quite strong across a wide variety of data sets and year levels. Our VCE results have been consistently high, and the NAPLAN data suggests that our students are top performers in both Literacy and Numeracy. Both of these areas are important to our school.

    Melbourne Girls' College - Public High School Melbourne

    +61 (03) 9428 8954

    Welcome to the Melbourne Girls' College!

    Our pupils are surrounded by high-achieving, great female role models who defy stereotyping and have a strong belief in the leadership potential of young people since our school is recognised as a centre of excellence for education that is exclusive to girls.

     I am motivated and excited to witness the academic and personal growth of our students, which is evident daily when students are confident and connected at school as well as in their local and wider communities. This growth is evident when students have a positive attitude and are involved in their communities.

     Every single day, our group of educators is able to make a difference for the better in the lives of their students because they are dedicated, compassionate, and highly competent professionals. They push and challenge their pupils, pushing them to take educated risks in their learning and to think in a way that is creative while still focusing on finding solutions.

    Highvale Secondary College - Public High Schools Melbourne

    9803 5143

    We are delighted to welcome you to Highvale Secondary College. Highvale is a government school that caters to both genders and is located in a tranquil section of Melbourne's lush eastern metropolitan district. There are approximately 1100 students enrolled. The Highvale experience is centred on the concepts of Engagement, Positive Relationships, Leadership, and Community.

    This website illustrates, in some detail, various aspects of our educational institution. Observing a school in action is, nevertheless, the most reliable method to get an opinion about it. I encourage you to schedule an appointment, and I will be more than happy to show you around once you are here.

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