Top 20 Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne [2022]

Are you considering a move to a new office? If so, it's important to factor in the cost of moving your business. Relocating can be expensive, but there are ways to keep costs down. One option is to hire a removalist company. Here's what you need to know about moving your office with a removalist.     

Relocating your office can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to worry about packing up all of your equipment and furniture, but you also have to figure out how to get it all to the new location. This is where hiring a removalist can come in handy. 

To help you get started on your office mover hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite office relocation and removalists from right across Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    Melbourne Office Movers - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    (03) 8592 4738

    Office movers Melbourne

    ​Business relocation requires a multitude of preparations, and it cannot be done without a plan and professional help. Relocation is not just packing up the essentials in a box and dumping them at your new location. You have to ensure that expensive equipment is shipped only after proper packing; all the confidential documents should be properly secured or destroyed before moving.

    You have to take a lot of precautions while relocating your business. Otherwise, you will misplace important documents or incur damages to expensive equipment. Not hiring a professional may actually end up costing you more in terms of huge losses that you will suffer. So, let the professional office movers in Melbourne handle it for you. 

    ​We are the most reliable and experienced business relocation service. As professional office removalists in Melbourne, we can tell you that there is a world of difference between our services and amateur packing. It’s about smart packing and carefully securing every item with the help of specialised tools so that nothing gets damaged during transit.

    Office Relocation Services & Removalists Melbourne

    1300 100 667

    The Office Relocation Experts

    We know that moving offices isn’t as simple as shifting everything from the old office into the new one. Office relocation is often complicated, expensive and time-consuming – there’s so much to think about, and the logistics and smoothness of the transition are critical to minimising disruption to business operations. Our team of relocation specialists organise everything so that our customers can be fully operational from day one in their new premises.

    Office Relocation Services.

    Delivering strategic answers, seamless transitions and straightforward communications.

    Relocating an office presents greater challenges than a residential move. Consulting with our talented group of relocation experts is a critical prerequisite to planning your relocation. We’re all about expert advice, flexibility and customer service targeted at ensuring a well organised and stress-free move that sees our customers and their staff back at work in the shortest possible time.

    Kent Relocation Group - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne.

    1300 604 292


    Our Melbourne removals team understands the stresses of moving house, whether you are moving locally, interstate, or internationally. With Kent moving your treasures, you can rest assured that they will arrive safely, securely, and on time.


    We have a national network of branches, agencies and international affiliations, which extend our operations all over the world.

    Our nationwide operations have received the top international moving industry accreditations as well as a number of customer service excellence awards thanks to our commitment to quality, the environment, safety, and customer happiness. We will make sure that your relocation is stress-free and that your treasures are relocated and stored safely and securely for peace of mind whether you're relocating across the country or just down the block thanks to our focus on and commitment to client satisfaction.

    FAQs About Office Relocation & Removalists 

    Up Front Rates

    Your professional movers should be able to give you specific rates for their services. Read all contracts with a keen eye.

    Make sure every fee is transparent. There should be no hidden fees that could cost you later.

    Licensed Professional Movers

    Confirm your professional movers are appropriately licensed. Each state has different requirements. Your moving company should be able to show you their qualifications.

    Moving over state lines has different licensing requirements. So check out those, too.


    The moving company should carry insurance for their vehicles and your property. They become responsible for it when they pick it up. They need to insure it in case of an accident.

    Ask about the policy. Make sure it covers enough to replace the total value of your property. Think about any high-value items and consider additional coverage.

    Extra Packing Materials

    If your moving company conducts a full-service move with packing, they should provide everything to pack and move your property. This includes the following items:

    • Dollies and appliance movers
    • Furniture pads
    • Bubble Wrap
    • Tape
    • Boxes

    Do you get charged for extra materials if they run out? Be sure you understand what they expect before you hire them.

    Size Requirements

    Moving trucks come in various sizes. Make sure you hire a moving company that can haul everything you need it to. Your home moving consultant or coordinator should estimate your size requirements accurately.

    Good Reviews

    Check out online reviews about your professional moving company. You’ll get a good idea of any problems with their service. One bad review does not make a bad company, though. Instead, try to judge it based on the situation in the review.


    What’s more important than a good review? A recommendation by someone you trust! Go with a moving company that your friends have used and liked.

    Your moving company should have a good reputation around town. See which moving company your friends and family have used. Chances are a good company will stand out!


    Insurance is an important factor to go through before settling in on the right removalist organisations to move your office for you. There are times when moving furniture from one place to another can cause irreparable damage. Go for companies that pledge to solve these issues and cover the costs for the damage caused. Insurance policies should be checked and double-checked to avoid complex issues in the future.


    The organisation’s efficiency selected for your office move can be gauged from the customer reviews and the pre-planning processes that they indulge in. Is the organisation you have selected to move the valuable office furniture and supplies taking the right steps that would eventually lead to the move. Do they have the right equipment to carry out the move successfully? Have a thorough discussion and clear your doubts days in advance.


    Affordability is another factor that must be thought about. After all, there are tons of organisations that provide the same service. Settle on the one with the good rates and who would efficiently carry out the services without you having to instruct them every step of the way. Always make sure that the rates offered are reasonable for the services provided.

    Prompt Services

    If the organisation fails to deliver the services on time, refuses to pick up your calls, cooperate with you, or cannot cater to your specific needs, you should switch companies. Moving your entire office can take days, and the delay caused by the moving company itself can stall the entire process further. Ensure that such is not the case and take steps if you have to during the initial days of hiring the organisation.


    Why are you moving? There is a range of reasons you might consider relocating your office. Though it may seem obvious, it’s important to be clear about what those reasons are. Make sure the location you’ve chosen meets your priorities. You should also ask yourself if it will be cost-effective in the long run.

    Top reasons for office relocation

    • Better office space. Your new premises may better suit the type of work your company or business unit does. You may even be able to custom design your new space.
    • Moving closer to services you use or to partners or colleagues you work with.
    • Moving closer to clients or customers. You may even create new opportunities by moving.
    • Cheaper rent or more cost-effective use of space.
    • Other priorities for your business. Whatever the reasons, they should support your business strategy!


    Most of the costs for an office move occur before and after the actual move itself. The bigger the move, the easier to overspend if budgets aren’t set and managed properly. Planning for the costs from the start, and setting a clear budget based on sound estimates, is essential.

    Things to consider in your budget

    • If you’re moving to a new site, what’s the cost of rent? Are there any costs associated with leaving your current premises?
    • What services will you need to cancel or set up? This includes things like wifi, networks, and power.
    • Will there be a fit-out cost when you arrive? More on that later.
    • Are there any limits that might affect the cost? Limited resources like time and access to your building can greatly impact.
    • What kind of office relocation services do you need? Maybe you need some desks shifted to another floor. Or perhaps you’re taking your office to a new city. Investigate which services companies can offer and how much it will cost.
    • Does your company or business unit have any specialist equipment that needs careful handling? This could be anything from art to oversized furniture to chemicals.
    • Do you have a budget up your sleeve for managing unexpected events? You can plan your budget effectively if you know potential risks and mitigation costs.
    • What’s the cost of a project manager? And who else needs to be involved? The logistics of larger moves can get very complex, so in that case, proper project management will be key. It’ll help you stick to budget too.

    Your new office

    Moving to a new location means creating an office to suit your unit or company. This is a chance to design the workplace you have always dreamed of. Well, depending on your budget, you may have to skip on the swimming pool…

    Designing your office space

    • What are your priorities? These could include maximising space, working within budget constraints, and developing special facilities (we don’t mean the pool).
    • What work do your employees need to be able to do? How can you arrange the space to make it easy and comfortable for them to do that? Again, think practical things: lighting, meeting spaces, location of furniture, facilities.
    • What kind of workplace culture do you want to foster? The way a space is designed goes a long way to building a strong work culture. It also links closely with the above point.
    • What furniture do you need? You’ll likely be able to use much of your existing furniture, which an office relocation company can help with. But, budget permitting, you might also like to buy new furniture that’s more fit for your purpose.
    • How much work is involved with setting up your office? Delegating the task to specialists can save time and, ultimately, money. If you’re using a relocation company to move your office, they may provide these services themselves or recommend a good local service.


    As soon as you’ve decided to relocate, you need to think about who you’ll tell. You also need to think about what exactly you’ll tell them and how you’re going to do it. Coming up with a communication strategy will be key.

    Who you’ll need to tell

    Staff are the first people who should be on your mind. They’re the core of your company, and they’re the ones who’ll be the most affected. So, for example, if you’re moving one unit of your business, you’ll need to let the people moving know first.

    Change can be a challenge. It always creates some uncertainty. Office moves can be one of the biggest points of anxiety at work. No matter how big or small, it disrupts daily routines and causes some disruption to their jobs.

    Good communication goes two ways. Have a clear explanation for the move and its benefits, as well as a timeframe. But you also need to acknowledge the difficulties. An open dialogue will allow staff to voice their concerns and get involved. Provide opportunities for feedback and input, and keep them updated on progress. Many staff may come up with issues – and solutions – you hadn’t thought of. The sooner you let your staff know and get involved, the better.

    Customers and clients will likely need to know about your move. What will the impact be on reaching your company and using your services?

    The move’s significance to your customers will determine how much you need to tell them. It’s always a good idea to have a simple explanation for why you’re moving. Then, focus on any benefits it will bring to your customers – even if that’s just more efficient service.

    Let your partners and external stakeholders know. Again, provide a reason for the move and make it simple and positive. Let everyone know in good time.

    In some cases, your move may be driven partly by stakeholders. So provide them with opportunities for feedback, especially if it will impact how they might work with you.

    Properly box up your things.

    Unless your move includes packing service, it’ll be up to you to properly box up the majority of your belongings before the movers arrive. First, make sure you have the right boxes and supplies before packing. You’ll need multiple sturdy, corrugated boxes of every size for your rooms, as well as dividers, foam pouches and bubble wrap for fragile items. 

    Let the movers know where to park

    Parking – this simple yet oh-so-important detail is often overlooked during the moving process. However, trust me when I say it will be at the forefront of your movers’ minds on moving day. More than likely, the driver will call you on the big day to let you know they are on the way and to ask where to park. 

    Prepare and protect your house.

    Before the movers arrive, it’s up to you to properly prepare and protect both your old and new home. If the weather brings rain, snow, ice or sleet, you’ll need to keep your home free of water damage. To avoid tracking mud through the door, I suggest placing large blankets or tarps in the doorways, doorsteps, entryways, and hallway. 

    Make sure your furniture will fit through the door.

    Chances are, a professional moving company will be able to get your furniture out of your old home and into your new one without a problem. However, your movers may need a heads up if doorways are particularly small or furniture particularly bulky and large. 

    Hire a babysitter for small children

    Juggling toddlers and moving boxes simultaneously isn’t a great idea. With a crew of movers in your home, having to keep an eye on your child will only distract you from the tasks at hand. This is why, if you’re moving and you happen to have small children, I highly recommend enlisting help on moving day. 

    Plan for your pets

    Don’t forget your pets! Before the movers arrive, make sure to have a plan for your pet on moving day. Keep in mind that the movers will need to leave the front door wide open while they load and unload their trucks. Unfortunately, this will make it especially easy for loose pets to escape outside. Trust us – the last thing you (or anyone) wants is for poor Fido or Fluffy to get lost in the shuffle of moving day. 

    Have cash on hand for tipping

    Do you have to tip your movers? No, of course not. But for movers who do an excellent job, what better way to show your appreciation than with some dollar bills? So before the movers arrive, plan to have cash on hand. While tipping advice varies from person to person, many experts tell you to tip your movers either 5 per cent of the total bill (divided among the movers) or a reasonable flat fee.

    Sort out Your Belongings and Decide Their Fate

    Purging your home of unneeded items and organising your belongings is a task that needs to be done a month or two before moving day (so that you have enough time to sell or donate your unwanted belongings before the move). Making last-minute decisions about the fate of your possessions will not only result in confusion and frustration on moving day but will also delay your move and increase the final relocation cost. Therefore, you’re strongly advised to sort out your items and decide what to do with them well ahead of time:

    • Throw away damaged and worn out items that can never be used again;
    • Make a donation pile of items in good condition you don’t need or don’t like anymore;
    • Set aside fancier items you can sell to pocket some extra money for your move (See also: How to organise a moving sale);
    • Request a list of the items your movers won’t move for you and decide what to do with any such things in your possession – use up some (perishable food, cleaning supplies, etc.), give others away to neighbours and friends (paints, fertilisers, pesticides, motor oils, antifreeze, propane tanks, chemicals, and other flammable, explosive or corrosive materials), plan to take the non-allowable items you want to move to your new home with you (in your car or on your flight), arrange for the shipment of pets and plants, etc.;
    • Organise the items you want your movers to relocate to your new home – by type, purpose, priority, destination room, or any other way that makes sense for you and will help you unpack quickly and easily;
    • Put aside valuables and essentials you will keep with you – important documents, medications, basic personal care items, some extra clothes and shoes, eating, bathing and sleeping essentials, jewellery, items of high sentimental value, expensive electronics, favourite entertainment items, etc.

    Australian Business Relocation - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    1300 651 181

    Office Removalists Melbourne

    In order to minimise interference with your regular business operations, our Melbourne commercial movers will carefully organise every aspect of your move. Long-distance interstate movements as well as any form of company relocation Melbourne clients need can be handled by us. Our team is trained to handle sensitive documents and large filing systems and has years of industry experience and know-how.

    Combining this with activity-specific moving methodologies and equipment has allowed us to build solid repeat business with many extremely satisfied customers.

    Office Removalists Melbourne

    In order to minimise interference with your regular business operations, our Melbourne commercial movers will carefully organise every aspect of your move. Long-distance interstate movements as well as any form of company relocation Melbourne clients need can be handled by us. Our team is trained to handle sensitive documents and large filing systems and has years of industry experience and know-how. Combining this with activity-specific moving methodologies and equipment has allowed us to build solid repeat business with many extremely satisfied customers.

    Office movers - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    1800 91 77 67

    Relocation Services

    We are a full-service business relocation company that can handle anything from providing a couple of movers to move some items around in your office to relocating a multi-building business with hundreds of employees.


    The first genuinely dedicated office relocation firm, Office Movers was founded in 1995 and is located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. It specialises in moving office-based IT systems and infrastructure. 

    Our services range from providing a couple of personnel to relocate items within an existing office to relocating multi-building businesses with hundreds of employees across multiple time zones. Office movers facilitate local, interstate, and international relocation, and our services are tailored to meet all of your organization's needs. Our staff collaborates with you to develop a customised relocation plan.

    Movee - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    1300 244 156

    Premium Moving Services In Melbourne

    We know that moving to a new place can be a challenge. Sometimes you have lots of time to prepare, but sometimes you don’t. For example, maybe you’re offered a promotion, and it needs to start as soon as possible, or your emergencies at home mean that you need to find a new home asap.

    Our team of removalists in Melbourne know what they’re doing, and we’ll make the comparison so that we can find the best removalist in Melbourne for you, depending on cost and reliability. We’ll also take care of transport and logistics, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

    We work hard to go above and beyond to ensure full customer satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it. Our professional furniture removal company is fully committed to providing red-carpet service at affordable prices. Our customers agree!

    We have completed thousands of moves, and promise to be well-prepared, on time, organised, and efficient. Our dedicated Melbourne movers genuinely enjoy their job, care about your belongings, and handle your things as if they were their own. As a result, you can be sure that your belongings will arrive safe and secure without any damage to your new home or office in Melbourne.

    Pronto - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    0435 786 035

    Our goal is to leave you with the best impression of our performance, so we employ experienced staff and professional movers that understand our high standards and guidelines, and we trust to deliver our vision for professional removals services.

    About Us

    Our innovative approach to residential and commercial removal services is founded on years of accumulated expertise in the transportation sector and in moving homes and offices.

    We aim for nothing less than our valued customers’ full satisfaction and repeated business, and so, all we ever do is try to create a friendly and easy ‘moving experience’ for our customers. For that, we only employ highly experienced, skilled and devoted staff that not only know and understand our professional guidelines but are also very capable of delivering our professional moving services with reliability.

    VIP Movers - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    (03) 90056567


    Moving can be one of the most difficult and traumatic things you will ever do in your life. Just packing up your things in preparation for moving is a time-consuming and difficult experience. We are here to make the process of moving easier. VIP movers and packers is a company that provides professional relocation services for domestic and corporate clients. 


    If your move requires professional packing and moving, you should choose a licensed moving company with experience that can handle your relocation operations, keeping you comfortable and stress-free. Many people have a myth in their mind that hiring relocation services from the packers and movers company can cost them a lot, but this is not true at all. We at Vipmovers, the best movers and packers in Melbourne, is eminent for providing relocation services at very affordable prices.

    Numerous people relocate their home, office, furniture etc., almost every month and thereby, increasing relocation services have increased the demand for the best movers and packers in Melbourne that can relocate the home smoothly. We at VIP movers, cheap movers and packers in Melbourne have a team of professionals who better know how to pack and move precious and sensitive household items without any damage. Thus, we are to make your relocation as smooth as you need. We assure you to give you completely hassle-free relocation experiences under your budget. We help from planning relocation, reaching of valuable belongings to the new destination.

    Alliance Relocations - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    03 9681 7578

     We specialise in offering smooth, secure, and stress-free workplace relocations that cause you and your staff as little inconvenience as possible.

    Every time you use Alliance, you can count on careful preparation, seasoned leadership, and committed personnel to complete your office move successfully.

    Commercial Relocation Melbourne

    ALLIANCE specialises in providing seamless, secure, and stress-free office relocations that cause the least amount of disruption to you, the client. We meet ever-changing business priorities in today's competitive and volatile business environment, such as security considerations, data protection, uninterrupted IT infrastructure, and minimal downtime.

    With over 25 years of experience relocating offices around Australia, we know the capital cities like the back of our hands. Our knowledge of the CBD includes an invaluable understanding of the city’s many loading bays, security procedures, and height and parking restrictions, ensuring smooth relocations.

    Jay Removals - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    0435 264 551

    In Dandenong, Melbourne, Jay Removals offers full residential and commercial moving services. We constantly provide you with the most excellent and reasonably priced services that are precisely tailored to your needs thanks to our wonderful plan, which was created by our highly skilled team and removalist. Jay Removals is available to offer you skilled removal services whether you are transferring your office across town or to another part of the nation.

    What We Offer As The Top Interstate Moving Company in Melbourne

    Our interstate moving and relocation team will relieve you of the stress of moving your home or office. We take pride in making the moving process as simple and straightforward as possible, whether you are moving to or from Melbourne Suburbs. 

    Removalist Melbourne - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    03 9842 3149

    We Make Moving Too Easy

    To All Melbourne

    If you’re in the market for a Moving Company that’s not going to break your bank yet give you a service you’ll love, then ignore the rest and get the best Melbourne movers. Based in the heart of Melbourne, we bring you the services of experienced Furniture Removals catering to all Suburbs.

    Our firm name has built a solid reputation by providing thousands of customers with relocation, packing/unpacking, and furniture storage services for more than 35 years. Our aim is to provide you with quality and affordable Home Removals or Office Removals, Packing/Unpacking and Furniture Storage service.

    So your search for a competent Home or Office Furniture Removalist is over! Call us for a quote, and we will guide you through the removal process.

    Imover Relocation Group - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    (03) 8395 1215

    The Melbourne Removalists Experts are iMover.

    Our affordable and professional home moving services in Melbourne will never let you down. We relocate furniture throughout Victoria. We even disassemble and reassemble furniture! Moving house Melbourne removalists are who we are.

    We provide furniture removal services throughout Victoria! Whether you need something picked up in Dandenong and delivered to Box Hill, or something picked up in Point Cook and delivered to St Kilda, we can help! We can even assist with local or long-distance furniture relocation.

    We carry all the necessary tools to dismantle and reassemble your furniture. Please note that if you assembled an item in your home, there is a great chance that it will need to be dismantled before being transported. Our professional furniture movers will advise you on the day of the move.

    Melbourne movers and packers 24/7 - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    1800 921 248

    Let Office Movers Melbourne Assist You the Best!

    Moving an office from one place to another can be a complex and tedious job than shifting a house. When it comes to moving an office, then you can reach Melbourne movers and packers 24/7. We love to move your belongings in a safe way without causing any damage. Regardless of how large and small your things are, we take responsibility to pack, load, move and unload your belongings at your destination.

    You can reduce the stress of moving an office on your own by hiring professional office relocation services in Melbourne. Our team members make a plan before moving further, so we can save you time and money. No matter your office is small or big but can help you in moving the office.

    We have a team of professionals who can make your office move easy and secure, plus we offer reliable and on-time office relocation services in Melbourne. No matter whether you are moving your office or upgrading your office, we know the importance of time, and we value your time. We have years of experience, and our staff uses their expertise to offer you high-quality office furniture removal services. Well, you can search for the term office movers Melbourne if you are looking for office movers in Melbourne. As a result, it will show you the list of office movers, and among them, we’ll be an idle match for your moving requirements.

    MLB Removals - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    1300 017 150

    Baseball Removals like the tasks you despise.

     We offer our customers all the advice and assistance they need to relocate their belongings, waste, home, or office in a stress-free and cost-effective manner. So, if you're looking for a removalist who provides affordable removals while also providing a high level of service, MLB Removals is the removalist for you.

    We provide a premium and affordable service that meets all of your relocation needs and expectations, regardless of the size of the job. MLB Removals will gladly provide you with all of the information you require to move your belongings in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

    At MLB Removals, we treat all customers and their belongings as a priority. We not only offer competitive rates but also pride ourselves on ensuring that your belongings are transported safely, giving you that peace of mind in what otherwise can be a stressful experience. Our removalists are fully equipped with all the necessary moving equipment so that your belongings are always handled with care.

    House Removalists Melbourne - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    03 9498 1078

    Helping You Move Office Furniture The Right Way

    Offices move all the time, be it due to expansion, downsizing, cost-efficiency, or a downright change in scenery. This relocation is a material aspect for any company and can have a significant impact on a variety of departments, including administration, HR, finance, and even the employees! So it is important to hire the right removalists in Melbourne to get the job done the right way.

    This furniture moving in Melbourne problem can be overblown easily if the move is far off, be it from one end of the city to the other, inter-city or state. However, that is not to say that the movie can’t be exciting.

    House removalists Melbourne has a very vested interest in making sure that your move is just as you imagined it, if not better. We specialise in creating a positive atmosphere for you and your moving-related departments. This is reinforced by our articulated sense of furniture moving and setting up in Melbourne!

    Melbourne CBD Removals - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    13000 13132

    The Furniture Removalist You Can Trust

    We take great care in handling and transporting each item. Our top priority is always customer satisfaction. You get a hassle-free, stress-free, satisfying, and cost-effective moving experience when you hire our Moving Services.

    We have cutting-edge equipment and understand the unique needs of each removal project, allowing us to provide customised solutions every time. We are registered and insured Melbourne movers, adding extra security to your moving projects. Also, we have been in the industry for years, and handling the score of removal projects has blessed us with sufficient expertise to make your house removal, office removal, business removal, warehouse removal and other removal services a complete success.  

    The staff at Melbourne CBD Removals asserts that they will give you a smooth house-moving experience. In all Metropolitan Areas, we offer competent, trustworthy, and reasonably priced services. You may achieve the hassle-free moving you've always wanted thanks to our services.   

    Simons Moving Service - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    0488 668 465

    Save Time & Money With Experienced Office Movers.

    A well-planned relocation with the assistance of a professional office moving company can save you time, money, and headaches. When it comes to office relocation, Simons Moving Service works closely with stakeholders to meet logistical and time constraints. With much to organise and do, one of our experts can conduct an onsite visit and give an obligation free appraisal and advice on the best way to execute your move.

    Professional office movers should coordinate and be easily accessible to the moving manager and organise a strategic moving process.

    We are Australia's prefered removalists, whether you are moving locally in Melbourne or across the state of Victoria. We offer the most comprehensive and professional service in the business. Our employees are chosen for their positive attitude, professionalism, and customer service. When you hire Simons Moving Service, you can rest assured that you have hired the most dependable movers Melbourne has to offer.

    Move It Mate - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    1300 326 283

    Office Removalists And Removal Services In Melbourne

    Moving an office comes with more baggage than usual. Considering the sensitivity of the data and the fragility of the hardware, it almost seems like a bad idea.

    Don't be concerned! We at Move It Mate are a team of professional office removalists in Melbourne who provide solutions to any problems that may arise during the process of relocating your business.

    Team Move It Mate

    Move It Mate is an unusual removal company. We've hand-picked our team based on their skills and customer-service-oriented attitude, and they've gone through extensive training to ensure they know what they're doing. We strive to go above and beyond expectations, making us the best removals company in Sydney. If you want to be part of the Move It Mate family, submit your resume today!

    An essential quality that separates us from other companies is our dedication to providing an exceptional customer service experience. All of our staff have undergone intensive training, so you can rest assured knowing we have everything under control – even if it does involve heavy lifting! In addition, our team has many years of experience in the removals industry, so you can count on us as a professional removalists company.

    Kahlon Movers Melbourne - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    1800 931 834

    For any furniture relocation in Melbourne, we are available 24/7. With the most cutting-edge technological and creative relocation solutions, we are here to pack and move your priceless possessions.

    We are one of the few removalists in Melbourne who work seven days a week to meet your moving needs. Our services repay your hard-earned money as well as the most valuable time you invest in us. 

    AA Furniture Removals - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    03 9988 2845


    We can assemble your furniture and equipment and ensure the move is a stress-free process. Our removalists are friendly and efficient, so you can be sure you are getting value for your money.

     We are happy to assist with any size move, and our trained professionals will make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. You can rely on our movers to handle your next house or office move in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia with ease and at a reasonable cost.


    We specialise in various areas such as office removals, interstate removals and storage solutions. Whatever your project, we are here to help and alleviate any stress or concerns you may have. Moving can be a stressful experience, so leave it to the professionals and sit back and relax. We are removalist experts with a wealth of experience who know how to get the job done. Your belongings will be safe with us, and our public liability insurance and transit insurance will further protect them.

    We also have a range of products for you to purchase, which will make your moving process a smooth transition, such as packing material. Boxes, bubble wrap and strong tape are all available for you to buy online. 

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